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the russian backed syrian government offensive that turkey wants to prevent so as not to cause a humanitarian crisis on its border. syrian people especially in our brothers and sisters are trying to stay alive they've suffered enough and the pizza difficultly we will continue to do what we should be doing based on the memorandum we're determined not to make the situation worse the strategic interests of russia even in turkey not just in syria means their differences are unlikely to affect their alliance but turkey's feeling the pressure. to hand out hundreds of isis fighters have surrendered to syrian democratic forces in the eastern region of the. buds where kurdish fighters of launched a final push against the group in the village of burgos the area is the last three that i still controls in syria thousands of people in bottles of fled to s.t.'s health positions to escape the violence the s.t.'s has been sorting civilian men
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from the women fearing i saw fighters are hiding among them and one car has more from gaza and tap on the syrian border. those patrols between the russians and the turkish forces began on thursday president of the one the turkish president has actually spoken and said that as a sort of corp russia and turkey to agree to start joint patrols in order to contain radical groups his words not ours so this comes as the syrian democratic forces are still fighting the last on clay all of i still fight with in the village . and there now what we're hearing is at least two hundred forty one leisel fighters have surrendered to the syrian democratic forces the estee f. the fighters will actually be taken to a prison just outside of the village and that's well they'll be held for processing but they're all women and children women who have been married to isis fighters
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will be taken to a separate town we have been hearing from women and children in the past few days to get from the women who say that they want to return back to their hunt countries we've heard from some french women and some british women in the last coming days speaking to the media organizations now because all of a negotiation that's reportedly taking place between the s.t.'s fighters and leisel flights is about establishing a few rights very in croydon to allow people out yes yes we'll see some actually move into the village there in the village a few days ago fighting but now they're on the outskirts where there is shelling taking place they are putting pressure on those isis fighters claim that person as well and that's why we say number of isis fighters reportedly two hundred forty one i survived just giving themselves up. and still ahead and i'll just zero counting down till saturday is like nigeria where with the presidential contenders on the final leg of campaigning. every day it feels like the shooting is happening and are
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happening yesterday are will happen tomorrow. one year afterwards. hello tom of the next batch of what i suppose you can still call winter weather it's spinning up again in the eastern med much of that type will turn into rain the snow it's some height now it's going to be turkey really for the most part those rain it dips as far south as northern egypt it spreads across quite happily lebanon syria and northern iraq of course friends into iran the differential between snow and rain is entirely due to heights the air is not particularly cold or once it's
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all gone show you still left one thousand in baghdad nine eleven which is above freezing at least very disappointing and showers to follow in devon berries is a fine example of that so the rain comes south but probably skips across most of the northern part society and kuwait this might just end up being plowed ahead of it quite warm to twenty nine hundred twenty four and i heard the wind increases certainly but it hasn't yet turned back into the north and they say even by saturday you've got clout with the rain on the rainy and side of the gulf and probably behind it just cloud and increasing breeze a southerly breeze big rays recently have shown up particularly in south africa eastern side i think the sea more on both friday and saturday big enough to cause some local flooding a repeatable event. the weather sponsored by cat town was. all dizzy right explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how why
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will recent influence the course of history beginning with the giants of the struggle for civil rights the amount of nonviolent resistance they've miles over the world bearable belief of oppressed people haven't much look at me and continue to think that negroes would be different that what you mean by that about malcolm x. and martin luther king face to face on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap the headlines the u.s. house of representatives has passed a bipartisan bill to avoid another government shutdown but it does not include money for don't transport a war with mexico trump is expected to declare
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a national emergency to secure the funding. the senior democrat on the u.s. senate foreign relations committee wants the trumpet ministration to hand over documents related to the killing of saudi journalists. it wants records about whether any senior saudi official was responsible for his death. president nicolas maduro has invited donald trump's new special envoy to venezuela to visit caracas it follows a pledge of support for all who do or why about fifteen member countries of the united nations on wednesday. the u.s. senate has confirmed william barr as the new attorney general bringing the lawyer back to a job he held more than twenty five years ago the position means barr will head the u.s. justice department overseeing special counsel robert mahler's inquiry into possible russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election the senate voted largely along party lines could be sworn in
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within the next few days. before a devotee director of the f.b.i. has revealed top u.s. justice department officials had meetings in two thousand and seventeen to discuss removing president trump from office mccabe says the move was considered because he and colleagues were so alarmed by it trumps decision to fire james komi the f.b.i. director at the time our white house correspondent kimberly health reform. it's the first time anyone working on the investigation into u.s. president donald trump's alleged campaign ties to russia has publicly stated there were discussions on whether he should be removed from office the work of the men and women of the f.b.i. andrew mccabe was the deputy director of the f.b.i. and was fired from his job last march for misconduct the white house denied any involvement in the decision even though trump has repeatedly claimed mccabe was out
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to get him i was speaking to the man who had just run for the presidency and a cheat and won the election for the presidency and who might have done so. with the aid of the government of russia it is first interview mccabe says the discussions over trump's removal came up just after trunk fired f.b.i. director james comey in may twenty seventeen for his involvement in the russia investigation i was very concerned that i was able to put the russia case on absolutely solid ground in an indelible fashion that war i removed quickly or reassigned or fired that the case could not be closed or vanish in the night without a trace mccain says there were conversations about possibly removing under the twenty fifth amendment of the us constitution he also confirms deputy attorney
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general rod rosenstein had offered to wear a wire around the president but their claims the justice department disputed on thursday calling mccabe's recollections inaccurate and factually incorrect mccabe's public statements have been rage trump who last out on twitter writing disgraced f.b.i. acting director andrew mackay pretends to be a poor little angel would in fact he was a big part of the crooked hillary scandal and the russia hoax a puppet for a leak in james komi mccain's account comes as the f.b.i. investigation led by special counsel robert mueller continues ridiculous partisan investigations trump has repeatedly criticized the probe into whether russia meddled in the twenty sixteen election calling it a witch hunt if there is going to be peace and legislation there cannot be war and investigation
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a senate committee is reportedly wrapping up its own russia probe a report this week said they've uncovered no direct evidence of a conspiracy between trump's campaign and the kremlin kimberly held at al-jazeera washington. for every the fourteenth is known as valentine's day in some countries but for the people of parts and florida in the u.s. it marks a day when a shooter killed more than a dozen high school students in india since the debate over gun laws and whether this type of them is continued but little has changed al-jazeera is highly joe castro has more. it's been a year since valentine's day turned into a day of horror at stoneman douglas high school a former student armed with an assault rifle opened fire on his classmates and teachers killing seventeen right here samantha grady dove behind a bookcase and lived but her best friend died beside her i do feel the question of
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why am i still here but because i know that i have some sort of purpose that kind of loops me going that purpose for many parklane survivors manifested in a student led movement calling for stricter gun control laws in the u.s. marches in washington and around the world garnered close to a million supporters president donald trump met with park and survivors in the days after the shooting and pledged to make american schools safer and said he was unafraid to take on the powerful n.r.a. gun lobby to do it but since that washington has done little to change gun laws and now the number of americans who want stricter gun laws has fallen from seventy one percent a year ago to fifty one percent today historically we have seen after any one of these big mass tragedies that draw a lot of media attention we see a spike we see people start to care we see people say we need better policies we
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need better action we need more than thoughts and prayers but then as time goes on people just lose interest meanwhile twelve hundred more children have died of gun violence in the u.s. since parkland a project. by team journalists tell the story of each a six year old shot while playing video games a three year old in a drive by shooting how many more children have to die before we take even the most basic of steps to limit the bloodshed democrats in congress reintroduced legislation in recent days to ban the sale of high capacity magazines but in florida a new state law mandates more weapons in schools not less an armed guard is now present on every campus five mass shootings a week that is but current average in the united states according to independent data collectors the unrelenting case begs the still unanswered questions why do
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they keep happening and what can be done to stop them. castro al jazeera washington. british m.p.'s have handed out another defeat to the prime minister to resign may after rejecting a motion to endorse the government's approach to bragg's its m.p.'s voted against continuing to support may's plan to see changes to our brains it deal from brussels a proposal from the opposition labor party which would have forced the government to give parliament either of those on a revised gregg's deal. the vinyl campaign rallies have been held in nigeria out of saturday's presidential and parliamentary elections the youth vote is likely to be key for employment and high inflation is left many young nigerians frustrated. absalom mohammed says he's voting for the first time in saturday's election but he is frustrated the twenty year old
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finish school and can't find work to try and survive he sells water on the street taking the law does the law here i want the government to look after the poor and give us jobs i also want to pull titian's to deal with insecurity in the country. when president mohammad you bihari won the election four years ago he promised to fix nigeria's economy it's an important issue. ninety million nigerians are extremely poor they're not four extremely poor it's a major concern and. millions have been out of jobs in the last four years so it's an important conversation for two thousand and ninety. or oil rich nigeria is africa's biggest economy but that hasn't translated into jobs the majority of voters in africa's most populous nation are thirty five or younger presidential candidates promise to create more jobs if they win by some
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nigerians say they are tired of the promises they want action. you mohammed is one of those losing patience he repairs motorcycles but there are days when he has no clients and that means no money to take home. are so illiterate only toll roads property in busy. he's waiting for someone to give us that is why we always remember there's a lot. the twenty five year old like so many unemployed young people is hoping one day he will find a steady job how to al-jazeera up which are thirteen gay couples in japan have launched a lawsuit to try to force the government to recognize same sex marriage they say current laws violate their constitutional right to equality and legal status japan is the only nation from the group of seven industrialized democracies that doesn't recognize same sex unions. at the berlin film festival movies based on real events
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are rare but two new films are telling the little known stories of three four who are risking their lives to record crimes against humanity but the barber reports. every twenty third. street looks like. everywhere you go you see is an entry from emanuel ringle bloom's diary he was instrumental in jews hiding a huge cache of documentation in the warsaw ghetto during the nazi occupation. to write. the largely young told story forms the basis of who will write our history showing at the berlin film festival. this documentary mixes contemporary interviews with dramatize ations to make the individual characters more vivid. the germans are
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spending. to. succeed at the not only wiping out the jewish people but wiping out their memory and. to bury the truth so that one day. the story of what really happened told from. moscow one another genocide story which had its world premiere in berlin is mr jones it stars james norton as well as journalist garrett jones. proud again this time arranging an interview with style in the one nine hundred thirty s. the reporter battle to reveal what's known as the whole lot of the manmade famine under soviet leader joseph stalin which killed millions of ukrainians. the director says just as jones felt compelled to get the story out she felt
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compelled to tell his tale and she sees clear parallels with current events you know building it. this of the politicians the corruption of media and the indifference of the general public the society as it is something creates opens the door are far of the disaster we can see on the screen and waits happened in twentieth century nowadays there's no shortage of reminders of the crimes of the nazis like this memorial to europe's murdered jews but the message from the filmmakers is that people remembering what happened shouldn't be taken for granted. and that's why they're hoping works like this get seen by as big an audience as possible. al-jazeera.
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and let's take you through some of the headlines now the u.s. congress has passed a bipartisan bill to avoid another government shutdown it does not include money for the border war with mexico though instead he plans to declare a national emergency to secure the funding john hendren has more from washington d.c. the opponents of the president's now have two options they could pass a bill forbidding him from using these funds for a border wall that would likely pass the house of representatives where democrats are in control but it would likely not pass in the senate in even if it did the president could veto it and then there would have to be a two thirds majority in order to override that so they're unlikely to succeed in that route the other option they can take is to go to court and say this is not a national emergency. the senior democrat on the u.s.
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senate foreign relations committee wants the trumpet administration to hand over documents related to the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi he wants records about whether any senior saudi official was responsible for his death president nicolas maduro has invited donald trump's new special envoy to venezuela to visit caracas in an interview with associated press he also revealed venezuelan officials have been holding talks privately with the us despite the standoff it follows a pledge of support from the dura by about fifty member countries at the u.n. on wednesday haiti's president has addressed the nation after a week of violent protests at least eight people died since the rallies broke out in capital out of print last thursday protesters are calling for juvenile noise to resign rival meetings have taken place to address the ability in the middle east to russia's president hosted the leaders of turkey and iran for talks on ending the war in syria in warsaw the u.s.
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urged dozens of nations to further isolate iran is the stream now stay with us. we. personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case listen you want to be a solution but in new york that's not exactly my point we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter just zero. i give you here in the stream live on al-jazeera and you tube today our second extended episode on nigeria why aren't more women in politics the strain speaks of women about their political aspirations and their thoughts on the country's upcoming elections you can join us with your questions and your comments what more can be done to improve political representation for nigerian women let us know via our you tube chat or on twitter.
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nigeria is africa's largest democracy but it has one of the lowest percentage is female political representation on the continent women make up only six percent of the country's national assembly and no nigerian woman has ever been elected president vice president or governor so what should be done to increase women's participation in government well joining us to discuss that in. rio doing to see it she is a politician and gender activists and already nigeria christina she's a social democratic party candidate running for a seat in the house of representatives also and. she founded an organization whose objective is to promote female politicians in africa and in lagos isabella i can say she is the host of the nigerian politics program political politike that lets. good chatting hand ladies and christina do you remember that moment when you
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feel i am going to run i am a politician when did you know. i've known that for many years ago. i wanted to make i knew i wanted to sing make a difference in the world i knew that i want to be stressing but i just didn't know how and when or if it was going to be on the governmental level or on the non-governmental level but. what i didn't know. what i didn't really think about was what i was what i have experienced as a female politician do you want to give us one story that's very vivid that explained that experience was. my story had many souses but i guess that this one when i came out to run for office i first of all i worked as an assembly for two years and i worked very closely with the later and while i was
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there i had developed a strong interest in becoming a lead grader because most of the legislative their work there are either incompetent or not really sure what they're they're really not sure what they're doing some of them are not there for the right reasons. now when i decided to run i joined the. political party in office if he sees. what i joined. the governor of the state had a mockery and he told me that will me what do you think he would give me. what do you think and what did he say how did he tell you to step down. were there was a mockery there were three one primary but the first two went well he was very happy with my background and the way i introduced myself and what i said i wanted to do
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for the people why i was running for office but the third one didn't go down well with me. called all the candidates in the state and when i got my card he called me up i stood up he called me by my name and i stood up and he said to me i scored seven percent and he looked at another guy and said you scored ninety percent and i was standing there wondering how the court what if you put us on to court and you've got to be are you going to accept the decision of a balcony christina let's come and say honey because he said you know you'll say he had many chances why do you think he still can't quite be candid conference because i think i think you have to be honest i think marty i was i feel i said that the governor felt that the other guy had more money than myself all right good story bad story. abdiel. for you getting into politics when you
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told you will strengthen your family that this is what you were going to do was a reaction. i was crazy to going to politics or the young woman who has young keep the thought i was in wasn't she was we what i was doing. the folks i was crazy so why do you want to go into. it don't need one man who has a kind heart like you important politics has a lot of people but actor won't question if we don't john politics as good people then how can we change the game of the politics how can we bring to our people to deep end up democrats so that was a major reason and when they went to start their hearts the question said they were going to support me the have a good heart i have the mind of the people at heart. so i wanted to share one of the perspectives from our community and it kind of echoes what you were saying
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there about what people first told you when we asked our community why do you think there are more women in nigeria in politics low any is one of the people that responded and he said women are meant to bear children not to injure themselves in politics so bad said we got lots of people who disagree with him and i want to play a video comment from one of those people she sent us this is the executive director of step one theory and she's also an author and a job. and she explains some of these thinkings that lead to women not wanting to go into politics have a listen there is no way we will not one day we visited named you and politics lies in our culture. for example i have a friend who is willing for the house of representatives and she was asked if she had to keep permission from my husband before only four years this is the situation we find here. and i think to improve this we need to. begin to get the image of my digital political parties to ensure the world has additional women in key
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political positions as well as the continual goes on the buttons of to leadership positions and the rule to come in this. so in do you are working to tell the stories of women in politics and of course you also ran in your primary to talk to us about that the things that you face and link it to that first tweet that i read there because there's a lot of people that feel the same way if you did. well i mean the conversation when you're running for office my family where i come from. my family my mom supports my brother did not and then back home if you're not married i'm not married it's a problem oh you're not married yet you're still young why you're doing this and then if you're married as a nigerian woman and your husband does not come from where you come from are trying to run for office in the like or your husband is not from here it means you or your loyalty to your husband's people and then if you're married to you know your
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husband is not from there you are running your husband the husband's place so no issue to oh you don't come from here so we just do not have a place this so much does the talk of your lose your prostitutes there's the whole mansplaining every time you're trying to get something done someone who is not really as intelligent as you are trying to tell you this is how to go about it you're meeting with people and you know i would mean obviously i know audience would love to hear a little bit of the mansplaining you've experienced can you remember i like my signing or if things were here in the shack you know you come i came from the national. i walked at the head office of our party course after presented my party in the media have done a lot of work like that you go to the village and you go oh and a young man's his young minute he goes you know this politics thing ha let me tell you what about the i'm like no i've been here for a while i've done this have done that yes but you know you're
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a woman let me teach you and it's very condescending there's a nature to it and when you try to tell them look i know what i'm doing you are you're taught to be rude of course your terms for women was strong you know there's the b. word that i can't mention here you be called rude you're trying to be a man you're. a lot of people also tell you belong in the kitchen what i mean is because you're not married that's why you have the time for all of this when you marry us about and then there's the f. word where they think that. and it's about being on the sea or you know one of those families yes i am one of those feminists exactly why i'm here is that i married when and you are saying it is very true because cultural conditioning and the media that's the space i play in is also complicit in portraying women in politics so the even things like movies things like soap operas those are particular one i watched and a woman was running for office and the men around her in her party told her she
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needed to get married just so she could have a better chance at running so i think the media doesn't always portray women who are in politics give them enough space give them enough mileage but that being said some of these women also have the restaurants ability to push themselves forward so i host a political program called political politica and i made it a conscious decision to be to as many women as possible but i have had instances where our reach out to a woman and she will tell me that her husband said she has to be back at home at a second time and he doesn't want to on the roads another woman has told me she was doing a photo shoot and i said this is only going to take thirty minutes of your time i'm coming with my crew to record you to give you an opportunity to speak about what you're offering people but yet you're finding excuses so i will tell you about the nine you saw tell you about child so i think the media can do all knots more by
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given ample opportunities for these kind of conversations to happen if you don't only be a special edition for women in politics with men in politics should become the norm and i think women themselves need to call themselves for what they can't always blame anybody and the other thing is that some of the other women don't believe in supporting women they put a glass ceiling and that's ceiling and at senate i've had people tell me that look if you're going to run for. the best you get deputy governor all household for you into senate but presidency forgets about governorship forget about a woman can only do well at sending a woman can do lots of people who have started. isabella it's interesting yeah because i just saw a tweet that said the same thing this is al has done this is a man saying it has and says women in a jury are the enemy of themselves they don't vote a woman candidate we saw in the past when a woman president got only one vote during party primaries while many women were
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among the delegates so that's one person echoing that intimate that there is not i don't port i just want to give you one more for just one second there wanted to give one more perspective because i want to share this this is from who writes ingrained prejudice against women is deep rooted in one theory or no matter how subtle you find this even happens in some purse world countries that are guilty of this she belongs either in bed or in the kitchen and not in an office and it will take a long time to get over this so i bring this one up gas and audience because we know that this same type of thinking has been seen even the highest levels of nigerian politics a passive one over to you in the indian avenue and i know you want to get in here but let me just play this because then you can balance on the back of this this is your president president bihari back in twenty sixteen talking about where women should be where their place should be have a less. indi
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go ahead. i would say that i do not think that president will hire is the person to talk about women's participation in politics or to sound off on him but one thing is very clear his wife did show up that does not belong to any of those rooms and she's not campaigning for him so that's an issue for the day now going forward that statement women hate each other or do not support that with any doesn't mean their social conditioning of course a lot of women in one two are on that be tricky and do not believe that they belong in sets and spaces it's not out of reach for the next woman i mean mill politicians when ogun state this we can deal with the western in each other and that does not come out as men hate or the men men mill politicians arrest themselves all the time it doesn't come out as men thought i meant but does not it is a very easy to true out for disadvantaged groups primarily being women it's very
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easy to trust women and one woman does not agree with the other or we men hit all the women these we men are not conditioned even i was not socialized no conditions what's leadership not to see women you know as neat as if my mom did not end up breaking down more than becoming a professional herself i don't think i'll have seen it most of her sisters were married off before they even touch ten years old that is the norm where i come from you know so women don't know what there is that socialization there is that socialization to see that and your husband is telling you these young men on sweet sound that writing this kind of writing those things are not in your fifty's or sixty's they've been lots of my generation so girls like me who are seen as i remember is that understood many girls are coming just what with many wild ideas you know wanting to take over the war but by the time to get to jess to god as we does with our conditioning we meet them and then you start hearing them talking about their husbands houses so that's the situation now but we had many a day let me point out yeah you know i think. that because she's here i think we're
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impatient. thank you very much i mean i think you know what to india said it's a mind we what happened might i think we should talk denarii saying women don't support women and i think it's one of the tactics of the men and the maid to be the issue we have is where we should lies our children you know we do what economics for a picnic said you know in twenty so we're today to take on ready is for us to close the gender gap because you know some of this is as children play the structure. i think. of our culture are ok go ahead christina can i just add something to what you said in terms of. i kind of agree with her in terms of we should stop this thing about women who are a woman but if we want to look at it critically. how come we don't have we were we were boys where the boys who are the boys who are running for office how come we
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don't have that woman we don't have answers. christina you can start and i can't have any career and i think they're not also going to hang with him and ask her man in politics for a better a fender and a lot of what are we men i help a lot of. women and one hundred line nance's but indeed there are women as well and each other that they're most likely going to talk about their children and their husbands before they start talking what is now no women in politics at a golden corral you know when i just find out that i. just let him have to strafe because no one can hear you can talk all over each have a beyond your guide. yes thank you very much i think we need to change the narrative of the where we should shall i go to ground and i said i was speaking according to the water economy forum in twenty eight in the i report shows that the why good political leadership because we have not we went up to.
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no address the issue of women in politics in the way that you know they are so many things are practically just part of it was just the lies are too great is also one of the foundation also in the mix imo the economic oppressed of revenge also being a job for them it's a shock to our progress so we need to change american and also we plan what it's called we need for women get more women involved into the practice structure will have more women occupied people who sean what it's called leadership in political practice then we cannot talk about change you know bridging the gap in political leadership and also a change in the mindset of our would be just the doesn't matter what your money does about to put sanchez the women and the people called the only gripe was that there would be grown up part of what the bipod run us said about the potential for women is that women cannot be double women correct that are you know that's why it's on women why is there not going to be ok we want to go out of representation i
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represent the people if you can get caught governorship was the sean or chairmanship position which some articles have been so i think you know we have a lot of usuals all sectors that need to be thought of where we want to address ok women empowerment ok yes i mean i'm going to live on a little bit thank you thank you is that the way you're going i want to show you this picture keeping following on nigeria the sign twenty nineteen special programs and special coverage in order that twitter tweets going out that you will see this site is here this was a former candidate for this time and a lot of shit so her name is bobby and i could feel a and she dropped out. in january she's very prominent she's a former minister very well known she talks about the barriers to competing in politics in nigeria have a listen because of. where we. or the party to.
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or the party platforms part of what happened was it was impossible for them to be primaries or when the fact. they were asked for. counterpart. different political parties very important for you to actually kind of electoral breed. so the running. sweetly was one thing that actually really was all over very excited about it but of course when she left that race there was a lot of talk have a look at this here this is being circulated online this week one person says what happened is a major setback in the possibility of a female president in syria she has set a bad record for female politicians and it's very unfortunate this is coming after accusations of wrong during during the campaigning you do here please let's not
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downplay the efforts of more courageous and genuine female presidential candidates and the names one right here who are willing to fight until the end madam. really is not the s i unit of nigerian women in politics is about when i walk us through that what are the views of some people that you've talked to at this moment in nigeria politics. so i have interviewed dr is a quick sleep before she quit the presidential race and also the lady mentioned in the tweet you need to a.j. and i feel that sometimes women go into this race without counting the cost i'm not realizing that as a woman people will fast judge you on your agenda so anything you do or don't do they will say well it's because she's a woman and i'll give you an example when we had the vice presidential debate that was an opportunity for the vice presidential candidates the female candidates present to really make
1:42 pm
a case not just for themselves but for the gender because we are not starting at the starting block was thirty hundred meters from the starting blocks but sometimes they don't leverage those opportunities and the cultural conditioning like in dimension it's still an issue is still an issue because they're not enough role models they're not you know people coming out to say this is my story and i just wanted to touch on something which is you will see men sponsoring other men you see men coming out to endorse men but how many women are doing the same we talk about political godfather as men one montreal that well we don't talk about political godmothers i can mention my political ad because i don't have an i can talk about political godmother so yes it's one thing to say women support women but i think so courting them in the open i think coming on house they find i'm. not it's not enough to know i don't either i know we can all put our money together if such is such an important thing all of us we do when we put
1:43 pm
a little money little money little money if everybody did that you have no you have to the next election cycle i just thought it would be money to watch a female candidate that you believe in that excusable money or we have rich women who are ok and so different in quality at their friends during some during like during my campaign there in my home thing yes during my campaign for state house of assembly a lot of bread. money what we have to understand how we manage. yes let's take the journey of because of money politics you know many women who mentor you who will be there for you and have all the good intentions for you are really not on the same financial comic standing remember where clinical. sites for us now these women started in politics one thousand men of the meant is that it would have gone on to govern us and it was king because these women do not have the same opportunities and with this opportunities come the ability to give you this ball to want is that most of these young men are going to see that it was going to go for
1:44 pm
margo and the whole network three men do not do this we men can support you and mean so well for you put your names in many things were you to go to but did you not have that i want to give you we have to look at this look at the reality of what is on the we men do not we men in business i would not mention one juror women's names were you threat that every time they have to apologize for you. so every time. a bank executive is called to talk about anything in the media she has to tell you instead of telling young women are. going to hell so how indian is about i guess i mean there's so much more to talk about which is really good because we have another show that is starting online the moment that we finish on t.v. many. in this part of the conversation with this week from deborah who says that one thing is common amongst all of our guests today is that they have stepped out of the norm they're still so much work to be done to reach into the mindset of other women but i'm positive that it's ok so this conversation isn't over we aren't
1:45 pm
going to go from t.v. on to online to do this with me computer laptop this is the u.r.l. of even need al-jazeera. dot com forward slash nigeria stream and if long as i spelt it correctly we will magically be taken to you tube show which is starting pretty much right now to do a dot com forward slash nigeria stream and see you there online in less than sixty seconds see you say. the area. the area. the area.
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the area. the air. on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go from all the dungy and this and that this is a plus ism and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims a vicious beatings. as helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is zero on al-jazeera. called the
1:47 pm
must much the same as now being held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he said charnel us as journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence weiss's of truth we will continue i news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of our colleague mahmoud to say and all journalists detained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom. the two thousand mile trip across europe seems impossible. as the balkans route
1:48 pm
begins to close for refugees it has become a race against time for one syrian family. it's a perilous journey from greece to germany but there's no turning back to the ravages of war left at home. sky and ground a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the yankees have it us politicians possibile to avoid another government shutdown. i'm sam is a that this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a potential olive branch venezuelan president nicolas maduro invites the u.s.
1:49 pm
special envoy for talks in caracas. leaders of iran russia and turkey meet to decide how to tackle and end the war in syria after u.s. troops pull out. taking its business elsewhere find out why amazon no longer wants a by thousand the big apple. u.s. congress has passed the bipartisan bill to avoid another government shutdown but it does not include money for donald trump's border war with mexico the white house says trump will declare a national emergency to secure the funding john hendren has more from washington d.c. i actually think it's bad politics as president trump ended one showdown with congress he set off another the yeas are eighty three. naser sixty ending the threat of
1:50 pm
another government shutdown the senate and house of representatives passed a spending bill that does not include the five point seven billion dollars president trump wanted for a border wall with mexico but as the president signaled he would sign that measure the white house said trump will also declare a national emergency on the border giving him access to contingency funds that congress has already approved he will also be issuing a national emergency declaration at the same time and i've indicated to him that i'm going to prepare the port the national emergency declaration democratic leaders immediately promised to challenge president trump couldn't convince mexico he couldn't convince the american people he couldn't convince their elected representatives to pay for his ineffective and expensive wall so now he's trying an end run around congress in a desperate attempt to put taxpayers on the hook for it make no mistake.
1:51 pm
congress will defend our constitutional authorities in every way that we can democrats say it's hard to argue that illegal immigration is a crisis when border arrests are at a forty year low we will review our options we have to respond appropriately to it i know the republicans have some unease about it no matter what they say because if the president can to clear an emergency on something that he has created as an emergency and in the illusion that he wants to convey just think of what a president with different values can present to the american people democrats and even some republicans warn the president is setting a dangerous precedent opening the door for future presidents to achieve unilaterally what they could not get out of congress a future democratic president could one day declare global warming or gun violence to be national emergencies the democrats who control the house have already signaled they will vote on a bill to block emergency funding for
1:52 pm
a border wall but in the republican controlled senate that measure is unlikely to pass if trump can overcome a certain court challenge that would give him the chance to fulfill his promise to funded two thousand mile wall if not the promise that mexico would pay for it john hendren. washington. president nicolas maduro has invited donald trump's new special envoy to venezuela to visit caracas in an interview with the associated press he also revealed venezuelan officials have been holding talks privately with the u.s. despite the standoff the trumpet ministration has repeatedly called the moderates resigned and recognized opposition leader. as the interim president the venezuelan opposition's envoy to the united states is trying to shore up international support to help bring aid into the country he made the appeal it's a conference of the organization of american states and washington follows a pledge of support from a duro by about fifty member countries at the u.n.
1:53 pm
on wednesday on the reports from washington. a ballroom full of diplomats to show support for venezuelan opposition leader one white though billed as the first daniel global conference on the humanitarian crisis in venezuela and hosted by those washington advisors diplomats from sixty countries attended most of whom recognized as president the interest in the meeting was high the organizers announced they reached one hundred million dollars in pledges in aid money but it's unclear where that money will go but one of those top advisors rejected claims that the aid is being used for political means by all sides. we're now looking there because of a teacher. maybe so much information for these. many issues we are working today this was very much a day about competing diplomacy here it was about showing support for one but in
1:54 pm
new york at the united nations the scene was much different. flanked by ambassadors from several countries that support president nicolas maduro in russia china and iran venezuela's foreign minister. struck a defiant tone in venezuela there's only one government the government of president maduro. so no one can give that line specially this man who was self-proclaimed who self proclaimed himself as president of venezuela in the middle of a street of a demonstration was without any constitutional framework that as well as foreign minister met with the un secretary general on monday the un recognizes maduro but is calling for talks the clearer and even more serious needs to find a to start serious political negotiations but it's increasingly clear both sides are committed to entrenching themselves with countries that support them rather than talks with the other side gabriel's andro al-jazeera washington haiti's
1:55 pm
president has addressed the nation answer a week of violent protests at least eight people have died since the rallies broke out in the capital port au prince last thursday protesters are calling for java to resign the angry over rising inflation and the allegations of government corruption . has more from port au prince. the president spoke on national television here in haiti condemning the violence on the streets of port au prince that has claimed the lives of several people within the context of this political crisis but he failed to allen any concrete steps toward addressing the root causes of the unrest the root causes of the discontent that many people here other than saying that it's now going to be up to haiti's judicial body to find a solution to the crisis there was no mention of the corruption scandal that sparked the protests in the first place in fact there's more questions now over what the president didn't say now the reaction on twitter here in haiti already has
1:56 pm
been quite negative we can confirm that the president's political opposition has already called for more demonstrations to take place on the streets of port au prince tomorrow people here want answers for what happened some more than two billion dollars in development funds that are unaccounted for there was no mention of that in the president's speech today and what we're hearing from protesters on the streets is that they want the president to resign they've lost all faith in the government they've lost confidence in the governmental system in haiti and they want the president to resign but we're also hearing from more moderate voices who say that the only way the only path toward a lasting resolution to this crisis is a national dialogue but it has to be a dialogue that includes the voices of haitians from all sectors of society. two rival meetings addressing stability in the middle east have wrapped up in poland the u.s. and its efforts to isolate iran as a conference attended by sixty nations and russia's president hosted turkish and
1:57 pm
iranian leaders for talks on ending the war in syria they now hold the reports now on the summit. the so-called guarantors of the syrian peace process the president of russia iran and turkey are partners in the astronaut negotiating framework the leaders met to find consensus on how to carve up syrian territory following the planned u.s. withdrawal of american troops from an area under the control of the kurdish group the wipe it was clear even before the summit began that they didn't agree russia and iran told turkey that the syrian government should we gain control of north east syria wants u.s. troops leave at any plan to set up a safe zone in syria along its borders would need the consent of president bashar assad's government the turkish government's concern should be taken into consideration we believe cooperation with the legal government of syria and deployment of syrian soldiers alongside international borders is going to be more
1:58 pm
sustainable iran continues to be willing a long side russian friends to play its role in order to ensure friendship between syria and turkey turkey's president or the guard once a close friend of the syrian president has been a staunch supporter of the opposition since the uprising began in two thousand and eleven or to guard it recently acknowledge that there have been low level contacts between turkey's and syria's intelligence agencies the turkish government wants a safe zone to push the u.s. ally kurdish armed group the wipe from its border it considers the group a terrorist organization and a threat to its national security iran and russia are acknowledging what they are calling turkey's security concerns but they want the agreement of nine hundred ninety. to be revived which means damascus will reign in the y p g and provide the guarantees turkey seeks russian iran also have another demand they want turkey to clear a demilitarized zone from fighters in
1:59 pm
a province the province is under the control of hypothetically to sham a group many of the international community consider linked to al qaida but you're trying to drum up the question i'd like to stress the creation of the it lives on of deescalation is a temporary measure the rest of the rebels shouldn't go unpunished that may be a threat of a russian backed syrian government offensive that turkey wants to prevent so as not to cause a humanitarian crisis on its border i r top syrian people especially and our brothers and sisters are trying to stay alive they've suffered enough and the pizza difficultly we will continue to do what we should be doing based on the memorandum we're determined not to make the situation arse the strategic interests of russia iran and turkey not just in syria means their differences are unlikely to affect their alliance but turkey's feeling the pressure said. to her. the u.s.
2:00 pm
and israel have singled out iran as the main obstacle to peace in the middle east during two days of talks in warsaw the us vice president also said he was saddened by europe's stance on wrong called on the e.u. to withdrawal from the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal sheil reports from the polish capital. the u.s. may have changed the title of the warsaw meeting but that's had little impact on its focus from the outset it was clear that this was a gathering game that's garnering support for american and israeli policies against iran here she says to build a middle east from iran just not there but one in. syria and iraq. three weeks from us as far.


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