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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 18, 2019 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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new fighting in the disputed kashmir region soaring tensions between india and pakistan. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. thing to brazil tell us how unbearable that lives have become even before the latest crisis. a spanish warship accused of ordering commercial vessels to leave. is challenged by the british navy . and horsing around look at the ancient sport of tent in iraq.
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tensions between india and pakistan after a suicide bombing in india in kashmir last week at least forty one indian security personnel were killed both countries have called the ambassadors home to india accused pakistan of having a hand in the attack on denies that meanwhile there's been more fighting in the troubled himalayan region for indian soldiers have been killed as well as two rebels and a civilian but overall this the international court of justice is hearing a case about a former indian navy officer who's been sentenced to death in pakistan. let's go live now to fez jamil he's in new delhi for us sometimes first will just tell us a bit more about this latest violence.
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well laura this latest violence began late on sunday when security forces engage in a gun battle with armed gunmen who are holed up in a house in india that mr bush near that's when four soldiers and one civilian the man who's the owner of the house were killed security forces then pursued the gunmen and then later on monday there was another gun battle where the two gunmen were killed and security forces are saying now at least one of the men may have been responsible in their belief for the attack last week that killed at least forty paramilitary soldiers and what's this case in session court of justice all about what to expect saying from that today. well the timing of this court case that the i.c.j. is completely coincidental the decision was made by the court in december to hold it now this revolves the case of bush on job that he's
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a retired indian naval officer and india says he's a businessman who was kidnapped taken to pocket stand where he was then arrested at baucus john says he's a spy now currently india and pakistan this week will be giving their submission their version of events and each side will be able to give their rebuttal but it will be some time before we get a decision because that won't happen until the summer meantime both countries at least baucus on his says they will abide by the i.c.j. ruling but happening right now is only added tension between the two countries ok thanks for joining us there from new delhi. he's wanting developments from pakistan's capital. danger in the running high between india and bog it's done over the disputed kashmir day india is of course blaming the guest on for masterminding the deadlier dagg on an indian corn voyager story could go and also of course of aiding the kashmiri militants however bugger son had said all along
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that day needs to be edgy lucian's of the cue ball gets on ready to draw on any difference said red india across their day by the india of course refuting and what many people say as by have ploy by the indian government which one are you did issue because of the upcoming election and the budgets on these every quarter day high commissioner in new delhi for consultation this was a move prompted by the indians recalling their high commissioner for consultations however although the indians and august arnie's have been ordered over this issue india warns that the issue of kashmir should be something guided by laterally between the two countries however the so do foreign minister weighing in on that saying that day really tried a level best to try to deescalate tensions between the two nuclear armed
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neighborhood. then inside its government has blocked members of the european parliament from entering the country it's been invited by opposition to one guy day to meet the national assembly quite dead is also trying to enlist a million volunteers to head to the border on saturday to see foreign aid being stalled in neighboring countries. we're being expelled from venezuela our passports have been withheld we've not been informed of the reason nor do we have any document that justifies it because they have just thrown us out we came to venezuela with an official invitation from the national assembly a body that is recognized internationally and even recognized by the venezuelan president we are the first international delegate. that was visiting the interim president one guy do when in a country a dictator closes the windows and turns off the lights that is when he goes from words to actions long live a free venezuela. as the standoff intensifies to present the door of venezuelans continue to leave the country in droves the crumbling economy has already forced
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more than three million to seek a new life abroad on time james back to some of them in the brazilian border town of packer rymer one hundred a crossing every day. on brazil's border with venezuela the migrants continue to arrive many of them relieved at least for the moment to have seemingly put their desperation behind them back home jackson maria just twenty three years old had quit school to work in a bakery and a lot of innocent young people like us couldn't achieve our goals of it as well i had to stop my academic studies because it became a choice between studying and eating. but even that choice difficult as it may have been didn't make things much easier they left another the money i made from one week before was only enough to buy me one kilo price. his friend i modified also twenty three tells me things were unbearable well before the current political
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crisis and can't help but laugh when describing the dark absurdity of the past few weeks ok even the so in the say made though so he said no ok so people are now saying we have two presidents one issues in order the other refuses it one last for eight the other says the eight one pos it's public disorder in politics and neither of them is looking out for the welfare of the people but at this processing center in the town of pocket i'ma run by brazil's federal government and supported by the united nations refugee agency exhaustion is also palpable officials tell us that today alone over six hundred venezuelans cross from venezuela into brazil and many of those migrants will be applying for asylum and many of them will be seeking medical care so now we see more people arriving in very bad conditions arriving in urgent need of medical attention so a lot of people coming to arrive here because we need to immediately transported to
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board these different medical care some people arrive if we actually do nothing but there will still be wearing stefania decided to leave when she realized it would be too expensive to have another baby in venezuela a little eccentric with a medicine but a surveillance and my sister said she couldn't believe i was leaving i said yes i'm going i took my child and left time i got here by getting rides and travelling for two days and. like many others here she's happy for a brief respite. in this very temporary setting where children play with soldiers and things do albeit fleetingly seem a little bit better. and dizzier in parker dima on brazil's border with eunice wheeler seven members of britain's opposition labor party have resigned in protest against german goldman's leadership but politicians say his failure is a break says anti semitism and a culture of bullying that left them no choice of space often to an independent
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group but will not be forming a new party roman says he's disappointed by that decision a spanish warship has been accused of ordering commercial vessels to leave disputed waters ned to bolton before being challenged by the british navy the government of the british overseas territories says the spanish ship sailed way off to brief confrontation states of gibraltar a tiny piece of land just sing out and spain's southern coast has long been disputed between spain and the you came let's take a listen to an excerpt of the radio conversation that took place between the ship's issues. forty four through our t.v. aside spanish territorial waters writing conditional you know state russia which i suggest to you thank you dearest early for starting to reorder.
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you wherever you are. already challenge has been monitoring developments from london. so the government of gibraltar says that a spanish warship radioed commercial vessels anchored at gibraltar and told them to leave spanish waters now according to the governments of gibraltar these are foolish games only of nuisance value played by those who don't accept unimpeachable british sovereignty over the waters around her brother as recognized by the whole world in the united nations convention on the law of the sea now gibraltar is a british overseas territory and it was ceded by the spanish to the united kingdom in seven hundred thirteen in perpetuity so the british say it's ours now and it will be forever more but of course with the u.k.
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trying to leave the european union at the moment relations with spain are important and gibraltar becomes a pressure point essentially that the british fear the spanish are going to use because they've always wanted gibraltar back against the u.k. in its negotiations with the european union essentially what it becomes is another example like northern ireland of britain's complicated colonial history and its territorial legacy coming back to bite it basically in the here and now and making things very complicated as breck's it unfolds and the u.k. tries to leave the european union whether is next and then israel implements new law that will withhold millions of dollars in palestinian funds. and we'll tell you why migrants are being ordered to leave an italian town that was once a model of integration.
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hello eastern siberia it's still minus fifty five which is a huge contrast to everywhere around to be honest and that's more or less be on the top of the shot you can see here and the if this as if anything is warming up so one of the tiles next m m's minus five at beijing this plus eight this massive cloud here covers developing rain that's going to china is moving towards southern japan server of the miserable day quite possibly to start your day at least jury wednesday and then the sun comes out afterwards we're up in the teens a represents in pyongyang says you could call it a rapid rise in temperature but the rain itself is quite unusual you should see quite so much rain in central southern china not during february but there it is again and if anything it's patchy virtually anywhere in central and southern china
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where the northern limit still and i see one in her none of which is part looking beautiful at the moment because of that snow and delays are yes and he has a forecast for hong kong back in the warmth by wednesday twenty five degrees and it should be dry which is the story throughout fifty everywhere further south until you reach sutton borneo sort of way see bits of java and maybe occasionally in sumatra you'll see a decent shot but mostly it's dry. part .
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and again you're watching al-jazeera has a reminder of our top stories this hour pakistan has called its ambassador home from india during a move by india's government as tensions escalate across india and to kashmir at this for indian soldiers have been killed in fighting between suspected separatists gunmen and security forces in the disputed region after a suicide bombing on thursday. members of the european parliament have been refused entry to venezuela by the government they were invited by the national assembly an opposition leader. who has declared himself into a president. and
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a spanish warship has been accused of ordering commercial vessels to leave to special forces there gibraltar before being challenged by the british navy government of the british overseas territory says the spanish ship sailed away after the brief confrontation. israel has implemented a new north that will take way millions of dollars of tax revenue from the palestinian authority a move it's assigned to penalize the authority for supporting the families of palestinians serving jail time for said reports from west jerusalem. benjamin netanyahu began his weekly cabinet meeting insisting that he would follow through on the course he said we could go to start with holding money from the palestinian authority. today i will submit to the cabinet for approval the deduction of the salaries of terrorist from the palestinian authority money the cabinet will hear a detailed report regarding the money from security officials issues important legislation that we've advanced and today we're going to implement it as i promised
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the money in question is taxes raised by israel on behalf of the palestinians and sent to them every month for years netanyahu and his allies have attacked the palestinian policy of paying prisoners families calling it incitement to terror pointing to the fact that the longer the sentence the more serious the conviction the higher the payment last july those. it assumes were translated into israeli legislation now in the midst of an election campaign in which the right wing vote could prove crucial netanyahu is implementing the law withholding one hundred thirty eight million dollars in palestinian taxes in the face of widely reported warnings from his own security establishment suggesting such a move could in fact increase instability and violence. the palestinian prisoners club says about ten percent of the nearly six thousand inmates in israeli jails have been involved in deadly attacks the rest jailed for lesser offenses their families all deserving of support its president says the israeli move won't change a necessary policy. that the aid money that we give to the palestinian families is
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not for the prisoner or for the martyr who is dead we give the money to the family israel wants to practice collective punishment for most palestinians the system is a consequence of life under occupation abandoning it under israeli pressure is politically all but unthinkable the palestinian authority has condemned the israeli decision as piracy saying it's part of an effort to increase the pressure on the head of the publication of the trumpet ministrations peace plan expected some time after israel's april election ari force at al-jazeera western reserve. roving passive spectators. described u.n. peacekeepers deployed during days of violence last year and central african republic doctors without borders says the force did not protect civilians in the city of a tank of at least fifteen people were killed in the violence there has asked the un mission for a response but so far we haven't received any credit has more on the allegations.
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of these homes unbutton of food we're trying to show to people displaced by conflict in central african republic but now these houses stand as a reminder of six days of murder arson and looting that began last october. there were six days that brought what the un described as an unacceptable humanitarian tragedy. it began as isolated attacks by the mainly christian groups and mostly muslim fighters did stash aid agency doctors without borders says the four were celica fighters soon at least a wave of violence civilians at aid workers caught the middle it says you had peacekeepers deployed to protect civilians at the time didn't do much you can well imagine sneaking since the un battalion which is supposed to protect the civilians has been inefficient when confronted with this violence we used to military and
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workers had to open the gate of our hospitals or the population could take shelter because they found no other shelter. allegation group petered by the city's mayor and witnesses a lot. so we were watching these elements at the gate and i was just filming and they were smiling it's not serious. the blue helmets were in their vehicle and they were following the extra work of fighters they were on the roads and they were watching the rebels burning down the i.d.p.'s site. the un peacekeeping operation said lapham public has had more than twelve thousand members from several nations says twenty fourteen it's aimed at protecting civilians were abducts control eighty percent of the area earlier this month the government side peace deal with forty rebel groups after holding direct talks for the first time it's the eighth attempt to begin to end the six year conflict. al jazeera.
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astray as government says political parties are being targeted in a cyber attack carried out by a foreign state a breach of the palmers that was detected on february the eight the government says the attack was just a gated but investigators have found no evidence of interference in upcoming federal elections under thomas has more from survey. the prime minister scott morrison didn't name any particular country when he talked about a sophisticated state actor being behind this cyber attack but most people think the security service is most suspect china although russia is another possibility as is indeed the united states or even israel now this all started ten days ago when the prime minister said the security services detected a cyber attack on the parliamentary computer system including the e-mail accounts of some m.p.'s and it's been joining the investigation into that cyber attack ten
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days ago that has revealed that political parties computer systems have also been attacked now that's significant because the major political parties here hold huge amounts of personal information about voters they use that of course when it comes to targeting votes is in the run up to elections and there's a national election here jew probably in may now the prime minister said there's no evidence yet that there's been any electoral interference by the state actor but the concern of course is that that could come. some of the jarius leading presidential candidates have condemned the decision to postpone elections by a week the delay was announced just hours before polls were supposed to open and it's adding to economic uncertainty and it just reports from my degree these days the only thing that we could know how much does is it a tool for the children. he wants to work but no one is hiring because of the
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uncertainty around the elections to add to his problems is all the children have been sent back from boarding school until the vote is taken place. just trying to feed the families tough enough for someone who depends on daily earnings it's been made had now because no one is true of what will happen the disruption doesn't stop with people like you. trade in borno state had been picking up over the last two years following attacks by boko haram fighters and the security clampdown to stop the violence centuries old trade routes between neighboring countries had reopened but if you want to do business during election season this is a major reminder market it's worth progress from come with. me here to public and beyond come to find bargains but in the past few days not much transactions after you can place here the ones we talk to say most of the buyers from across the border i keep him waiting until after the elections. most of us has
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seen his weekly earnings grow from eight thousand to a few hundred dollars. a lot less we know about the hope now is for a quick and peaceful conclusion of the vote. when i think there's. a limit and it is that abuse here no income it's going to be just as it is not too difficult i think it will impact on the house the election commission as richard will national elections for saturday with state elections coming two weeks later the cost of the delay and the insight or so she added with it is difficult to estimate but businesses expect to be hit hard and any recovery will depend on who gets elected. al-jazeera. nigeria residents of the southern italian town of it's been decimated by an old of hundreds of refugees moved out this is spend it mayor
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is now awaiting trial for aiding and legal immigration from some of. these quite streets where once bustling with activity people and purpose but reaction has become a shadow of its former self. raffia has been living here for four years she came from pakistan her family made this place their home and they are one of the few families that remain here because before the project is everything's good they give us everything's to help us. finish project is finished crumbling buildings were turned into shops restaurants and homes now lie empty again the occupants left after pressure from the authorities those that lived his say riyadh she had once been full of optimism now no more.
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this playground used to be full of children now nothing no one's left here. last year the mayor the when he was arrested for allegedly encouraging illegal immigration the main accusation that he arranged a marriage between an italian man and a nigerian woman who had been forced into prostitution so that she could remain in the country. reaction is integration model breathed new life into this village but it became a target immigration politicians including the deputy prime minister. who frequently voiced his antagonism towards this project so now once again the actual lies practically deserted and all the effort that went into rejuvenating this place is now wasted while the mayor was praised for pioneering a model of integration that benefited the area matteo salvini led
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a campaign to stop the movement of humanitarian rescue ships out of italy's ports and revelled on social media what mr mcconnell was arrested. no longer allowed to set foot in riyadh mr lucado is awaiting trial and says he is being used as an example for those who do not heed the new immigration policies. the message that came from here was that for once it was possible to create a diverse multi-ethnic society and that wasn't allowed. instead they created political success from propaganda which turned the least fortunate people against each other. the quietness hit a reflection of the new normal immigration is no longer an issue of assistance but of control those who remain say it is a sad place hope of new life has been abandoned and the welcome it once promised no longer allowed sunny diagonal al-jazeera southern italy. war and political
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instability and iraq of held by his economic development the decades and surprisingly investments in forces. one discipline in particular has great cultural significance for iraqis on the wider region ten pegging went to baghdad to find out more. it's called tent to taking an ancient horse riding skill believed to be practiced by armies around the world over two thousand years ago. and some of these iraqi reuters a rather good at it. is a member of the iraqi equestrian team he writes an eight year old arabian far abroad called she has our old. says the fall of saddam hussein in two thousand and three until now i have one around forty five medals and four of them were gold but the equestrian sports here are no longer taken seriously they suffer lack of government support and of private investment iraq's equestrian federation
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used to be a sporting institution that the country was proud of his club was a favorite hangout for saddam hussein's sons to show off their wealth both owned horses worth millions of dollars which they kept at the stables years of war the political instability means the club's facilities for foreign on hold times. iraq's a question federation was set up in one thousand nine hundred twenty two during the year is of iraq's short lived monarchy the six thousand horses here that scion were raby and sorra braids the envy of the questions and breeders around the world now during the war that toppled saddam hussein all the horses here was stolen and even today the federation still struggles to survive. but a few of iraq's elite who didn't flee the country still come to ride secondary school students in shell assad harmeet rides an eleven year old horse called nivo
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in show low represented iraq could be used to limp pigs held in argentina last year she came twenty fourth out of thirty participants in the horse jumping event i feel comfortable i feel i am there i am going to heaven and when i am writing courses because it's my honest because it's a culture of our town because the horse is far ahead for the killings it's my history which strict international quarantine rules prevent iraq you reuters like in shallow taking the whole seas abroad to compete in events instead they have to write animals supplied by the host nation the world health organization says iraq relax sufficient expertise to deal with infectious acquiring diseases that we cannot participate properly need to national tournaments because of these quarantine laws cannot show our true potential this is the biggest challenge we face. the writers here say despite the ban they will continue to strive
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toward international success and recognition and preserve a cultural tradition so intake to iraq in the arab world. you're watching our top stories pakistan has called its ambassador home from india mirroring a move by india's government to escalate across india. at least four indian soldiers have been killed in fighting between suspected septa's gunmen and security forces in the disputed region after a suicide bombing on thursday members of the european parliament have been refused entry to venezuela by the government ever invited by the national assembly and opposition leader. who was declared himself interim president.
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we're being expelled from venezuela our passports have been withheld we've not been informed of the reason nor do we have any document that justifies it because they have just thrown us out we came to venezuela with an official invitation from the national assembly a body that is recognized internationally and even recognized by the venezuelan president we are the first international delegation that was visiting the interim president one guy do when in a country a dictator closes the windows and turns off the lights that is when he goes from words to actions long live a free venezuela a spanish warship has been accused of ordering commercial vessels to leave disputed waters near gibraltar the for being challenged by the british navy the government of the british overseas territory says the spanish ships sailed away after the brief confrontation the status of gibraltar a tiny piece of land just southern coast has long been disputed by the two countries. seven members of opposition labor party have resigned in protest
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against leadership the politicians say his failure that anti semitism and a culture of bullying had left them choice. into an independent group but will not be forming a new policy. he's disappointed by that decision under strain is government says political bosses have been targeted in a cyber attack carried out by a foreign state the breach of the pollens that work was detected on february the eighth the government says the hike was sophisticated but investigators have found no evidence of interference in the upcoming federal elections it also hasn't said which country it is responsible for the attack. updates with all the headlines the news continues on the al-jazeera. inside story.
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u.s. president donald trump is promising to announce victory over i feel inferior but what should be done with the foreign fighters who've been captured this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. called caliphate that's according to u.s. president donald trump who says.


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