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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 21, 2019 8:00am-8:33am +03

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join us for this historic shift in american politics to bring you more winning documentaries and life moves on and on line. fire rips through an industrial area in the bangladeshi capital and the number of dead is rising. hello i'm mr and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up governments across the wilds face a decision whether to allow. their families to return her. these creatures dictionary are still actually have a weekly therapy session seeking answers from the pope the head of a catholic conference on sexual abuse. it's compact and perfectly portable.
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but. when the device opens up. it's called the fold but it'll cost you plenty of the folding stuff. a devastating fire has raced or several buildings in an old part of the bangladeshi capital dhaka at least seventy people are now confirmed dead but that number is expected to rise media reporting that the building where the base started was home to at least seven families as well as plastics and chemical warehouses alexia bryan reports. firefighters in dhaka struggle to bring the inferno under control battling a wall of flames amid the chaos of crowded alleyway i the blaze broke out late on wednesday evening in the area of the bangladeshi capital and in the crammed old
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city it quickly spread to surrounding buildings by plastics and chemical warehouses . witnesses told local media that gas cylinders in the buildings exploded one after another. and vehicles gridlocked in nearby streets were soon caught up in the flames. i saw with my own eyes that a sudden massive bang with fire and shock waves totally destroyed the right side wall i was on a rickshaw when the explosion took place i don't think my rickshaw driver is a log an evil. this mangled wreckage is all that's left now as emergency workers calm the rubble for bodies they don't expect to find any more survivors. in the hospital nearby distraught families crowd around lists of the living and the deed it's a scene that's been repeated far too often in bangladesh where large building fires
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a common because of holy enforced regulations for hundreds have been killed in recent years this latest only adding to that tally. on al-jazeera. well bangladesh has been criticized for its poor safety record most buildings are used for residential and commercial purposes at least twenty seven people died and more than one hundred were injured after a fire engulfed the high street retail gaps factory just outside dhaka and twenty ten two years later one hundred twelve workers were killed when another clothing factory caught fire in twenty thirteen a building collapse on the outskirts of dhaka killed more than a thousand in twenty fifteen thirteen people perished in a plastic specter a fire and a year later twenty four people died and dozens more were injured when a blast ripped through a packaging factory president donald trump has directed the state department to stop an american born woman who joined by still from returning to the u.s.
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thomas said she made a mistake joining the armed group and wants to go back with her eighteen month old son but secretary of state mike compares says the twenty four year old has no legal basis to claim american citizenship arsalan iftikhar is a human rights lawyer and senior editor at islamic monthly he says madonna is entitled to due process. there have been several people who have been repatriated back to the united states to face trial for supporting isis several books young men in the minneapolis st paul suburbs have been brought i don't know if tribe is trying to p. backed off the show me one big gun case and the u.k. which is quite different and that our american constitutional legal system provides for due process under the both for the fourteenth amendment and most importantly to renounce american citizenship you basically need to walk into it and embassy somewhere and publicly were not sit in front of people and that's none of it which
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she did then she wants to face the american legal system again you know she doesn't want to freak she wants american justice and you know there's no indication that she took part in any military hostilities and so again we're going to you know pay the piper and there's a great deal of hypocrisy from the top administration as you know if you weeks ago he said that europe should repeat three or eight hundred european isis fighters back to their own countries to face trial because he would so that it would create chaos in the region if they don't if he isn't really and say why don't you know twenty something year old girl from alabama back into the country to face trial again is just another piece of the ocracy from donald trump well bangladesh's fine minister says a british teenager who joined i sell will not be allowed into bank had a s. on chase day the u.k. government may have to strip him in the back and that has citizenship believing she also holds and actually nationality if the has more from london is finding clothes papers that relate to a decision taken by them this is how nineteen year old should be but that she was
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being stripped of her british citizenship from a copy of a letter from the british home office. begum is in a refugee camp in syria where she was discovered earlier this month and. in twenty fifteen she and two friends left the u.k. to join i saw in syria she married a dutch eisel fighter soon after arriving and to be living in. stronghold before arriving at the camp can i say tonight i think the british prime minister said the decision to revoke begum citizenship had been carefully considered the overall point of the friend makes is absolutely right which is how important it is for this government and this country to make very clear that we will take action against those who are involved in terrorism the british government can withdraw
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a person citizenship if they deemed a security risk providing it doesn't leave them stateless it's believed begum has bangladeshi heritage and is eligible for citizenship but when asked about the case the country's foreign ministry said teenage begum is not a bangladeshi citizen there is no question of begum being allowed to enter bangladesh bacon's infant son is a british national by birth the british government says his rights are not affected . this is bethnal green where she grew up an area with a large bangladeshi community in london's eastend the case is divided opinion here . there's just so many factors in this and i'm actually quite bit torn to that one hundred it was the truth but this is a ship i want them to bring her in the baby ava but the other hand i'm like she did go away and she did join you know terrorist group. only fifteen when she left for syria. including the former head of britain's foreign intelligence service m i six
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to believe the british society should be strong enough to give her a second chance. to come to the u.k. to stand trial to possibly face a prison sentence and enter into a deal radicalize ation program. but she doesn't regret traveling to syria she's also described the twenty seventeen bunches to read a bomb attack is justified retaliation the comments have much sympathy but one former senior police officer believes begum should be seen as a victim you know we took sexual exploitation we were talking about individuals that were on the on the internet being radicalized parents had no idea whatsoever what was happening. an estimated nine hundred british nationals have joined i saw but only forty of being prosecuted the government wants to send a tough signal to others hoping to return to the u.k. but every right or wrong decision the government makes sets a precedent for others. al-jazeera london well controlled most of eastern
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syria and a third of iraq but now it's on the brink of defeat with its territory reduced to just a sliver u.s. backed syrian democratic forces have started to move civilians from syria. it's a crucial sign the standoff that's lasted more than a week could soon end several trucks have left the besieged area with men women and children. civilians as human shields. well returning to our top story now the fire that's ripped through several buildings in the bangladeshi capital killing at least seventy people al-jazeera is tanveer child he joins us now live from dhaka tell us a little more about how this fire started and how it spread. ok we spoke to a lot of local people who stay here and they were witness to the event i spoke to some people who were in the mosque some people who are staying here you can see barely the side of the building it's called how do you want to mention which is got the car of the barn and it's somewhere out on local time ten thirty to ten forty at
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wedding procession was going through with cars this is normally a very busy total fare lots of rickshaws even cars go through barely fourteen feet wide a lot of restaurants shops people living quite are it's an all part of the dhaka capital city so lots of people here what happened according to the witness was one of the caught in the wedding party that the cylinder a lot of the cars run on natural gas here they said the cylinder exploded on the car went out few feet high and that explosion spread to the restaurant in that building you had cooking still and that exploded and there was a storage underneath for part film chemical and the fire spread is only and destroying at least four houses and at least a dozen people in that wedding procession or people in the street rather who are in the rickshaw has got burned and according to the witness some of them died on the
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spot a few to the explosion i spoke to a major shock in disaster expired for fire management he pretty much said that that possibly is the case but they don't know for sure whether that cylinder was from the restaurant that explosion was due to the car they're still investigating but people are devastated he had many people lost their dear ones air by that can go in this is restricted normally this whole area is full of rickshaws a very vibrant place a lot of shops clothing shops in the restaurants and people living in this but top off and most importantly this sort of incident happened in two thousand and ten hundred twenty three p. . died in a plastic molding factory despite all the promises the government made there are still issues related to chemical and plastic within the living quarters of the old city and people are concerned about that i'm sure they'll be a promise that things will be better but it's just the way of the economy runs and
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there's the old city it's difficult people to stay with their businesses. without summer assistance. speaking to us live from dhaka thank you for that. the head of the catholic church has angered survivors of sexual abuse the four a four day conference of the basque and even begins the pope was jews and made to victims on wednesday ahead of the meeting of senior clergy but he didn't show up for a challenge reports from. each of these people have stories to tell their own stories or other people's stories of years of suffering in the hands of catholic priests bishops and cardinals. on the eve of an unprecedented meeting on sexual abuse at the vatican they brought their stories to tell francis. speaking to journalists and earlier in the day survivors explained what they wanted but zero tolerance if you've abused a child you're not going to be
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a priest anymore and if you've covered up for that abuse or. you too are not going to be a priest anymore. starting from when he was seven peter saunders was abused by three different men it was it was sexual assault i don't i don't i don't need to go into a graphic detail but i was sexually assaulted by these characters and i have recovered in the physical sense it didn't have any. effect on me what these creatures did to me i still actually have a weekly therapy session because it messes your mind up it's abuse like this that the vatican says it's determined to put a stop to the four day meeting is vital in impressing on senior clarity who've come from around the world that it's their responsibility to do so but cardinals and bishops will hear video testimony from victims of sexual abuse no survivors of being given the chance to speak there in person so they were putting great
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importance on their expected separate meeting with the pope but it didn't go as planned first of all pope francis wasn't there but made it very clear some of us that's not ok where as a victim see it as a sign of disrespect that the leader of the catholic church sent bishops instead this vatican summits on sexual abuse may be unprecedented in its size and its scope but survivors have still told us that they are skeptical that it's going to lead to any meaningful change and their experiences on wednesday have only reinforced that feeling for them the summit has got off to a bad start before it's even begun. al-jazeera the vatican weather is still ahead on al-jazeera from. the elements. but the tech giant says it forgot to tell customers.
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hello there the weather is all coming down for many of us in the middle east at the moment we've had one very active system that's working its way eastwards at the moment it has given us a fair amount of snow and rain to some of us in afghanistan and that's gradually clearing as we head through into thursday so for kabul the temperatures should get to around five degrees so we will see a lot of that snow melting further west and it should be calm and settled for many places here i think we'll see a few will showers as we head through the day on friday but nothing too significant a bit further towards the south and here in doha it's going to stay cool as we head through thursday so a maximum temperature of twenty three degrees and you can see the winds firing down from the northwest so that's why it's feeling a little bit fresher than it might to as we head through into friday no major change for us but i think for some places in saudi arabia that wind will be coming
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up from the south and that will drag in some milder air as we head down towards a southern parts of africa or plenty of showers in the northern part of our map stretching down towards madagascar madagascar expecting more in the way of heavy rains the southern part there is drying up there is should be an improvement and across the southern parts of southern africa there should be some dry weather to be found to devon twenty seven degrees will be our maximum temperature there on thursday and cape town at twenty five. with. every dude he's been it's been really measure to support those insurgencies all the time to do things in secret that are a little small or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that are you knew chose to retire from. he could not stand by and see all the work that they had to
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be used for mass surveillance digital dissidents on al-jazeera. hello again i'm just. a reminder of the news the salah fire has destroyed several buildings in an old possum the bangladeshi capital dhaka at least seventy people are dead but that number is expected to rise the buildings housed residential apartments as well as plastics and chemicals. western governments are ruling on whether i still fighters and their families can return home nineteen year old bag of a has been stripped of british that citizenship and donald trump has directed the state
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department to stop american born hold on we tun up from returning home. the head of the catholic church has angered survivors of sexual abuse before a four day conference in the vatican even begins the pope failed to show up to a meeting with victims on wednesday ahead of his summit with. britain's exit from the european union has been thrown into further chaos after three m.p.'s quit the ruling party over the prime minister's strategy they've joined eight m.p.'s from the opposition who formed a new political group meanwhile to reason may has wrapped up talks in brussels where she's been trying to break the brics a deadlock paul brennan has more. britain and the e.u. are careering towards a bracks a deadline in less than forty days and the political tempo is only becoming more frantic and more uncertain and the british parliament internal party divisions have accelerated into full blown resignations three conservatives now joining eight labor m.p.'s in going independent i also hope it gives courage to members of the
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government who are deeply concerned about this no deal becoming a real a real possibility and it will give them the coverage next week to do it but frankly some of them should on a long time. in their joint resignation letter the three former conservatives say that their final straw was the government's disastrous handling of it it was unconscionable they wrote that a conservative government was recklessly marching the country to the cliff edge of no deal and they lamented the failure of politics in general the resignations of the elephant in the room at the weekly session of prime minister's questions despite the eleven new independent tempi sitting very noticeably in new seats in the chamber by the theresa may not jeremy corbyn acknowledge that here mark hurd. this place as at war with itself the tories and the labor party are employed to scotland deserves better we. are hearing from the right but
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if the british prime minister's way out was to travel from london to brussels to meet the european commission president. and his chief negotiator michel barnier they did not shake hands for the cameras and in fact the fancy dress unicom protesters outside looked more optimistic than the diplomats inside. no breakthrough was predicted and by the time the prime minister's convoy departed no compromise had been reached but there is a growing sense of time running out and some suggest that the emergence of the independent group will embolden other dissenters we don't know how it will impact how it all turns out. it does make it look but now there is a new independent group but they'll make more independent action from other m.p.'s moreover the less likely perhaps the most interesting aspect of the resignations of these eleven m. peace is not the individual grievances but the collective grievance that politics in the u.k. is broken and that the political landscape dominated by just two main parties is
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ill equipped to deal with the polarizing nature of the brics it debates the real test will be how many more m.p.'s they can persuade to join them ahead of the meaningful vote or the next step for brics it next week. brennan al-jazeera westminster french president emmanuel macron has announced new measures to fight anti semitism after a series of high profile incidents mccrone was attending the annual dinner of the jewish organization saying anti semitism has reached its worst level since world war two in some parts of europe he says legislation to fight hate speech on the internet will be introduced in may it comes a day after thousands of people rallied in cities across france to denounce hostility towards jews donald trump says the u.s. could tax european car imports if it fails to broker a fair trade deal with the e.u. the american president gave the warning after musing austria's chancellor us about cuts at the white house the commerce department has been investigating whether
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imported cars and parts are a threat to u.s. national security it could clear the way for a tax on european cars of up to twenty five percent. iran has accused the u.s. of hypocrisy after it emerged that members of the trump administration sought to share nuclear technology with saudi arabia the white house pulled out of the landmark twenty fifteen nuclear deal with the wrong in may last year the democrats have launched an investigation into whether corporate interests will push ahead of the law in dealings with the saudis. that israel an opposition leader says he'll go ahead with plans to bring in us medical and food aid defying nicholas majoris military backed government the lack of supplies and medical staff has left the health system close to collapse forcing many people to travel to neighboring countries for care manager spoke to patients in the brazilian city of boa vista near the venezuelan border. free
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a live body but full of spirit roughly oh my organ exudes the kind of calm determination most people in his condition would find hard to muster. before being transported to this hospital in neighboring brazil the thirty year old venezuelan was at death's door and while he's still extremely weak he's also much improved. by the just sexy he had skin rashes pneumonia and all of his conditions would derive from his diabetes which was uncontrolled that's most probably because access to things like insulin is real and venezuela is insulin a medication for diabetes patients readily available in most countries the world over but rafael whose aunt watches over him now just as she had prayed over him when he was in a coma wasn't so lucky i've been afraid in venezuela we can't get anything life just isn't good we can't get medicine we can't get insulin and nothing else stayed
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there he wouldn't be alive today. for the time being roughly zero is unable to speak but he is communicative his doctor who studied medicine in venezuela still finds it hard to believe things have gotten so bad in her patients homeland. when i was a student venezuela had to acknowledge that we couldn't find in brazil not just equipment but also medicine we now see that in only a few years the house system deteriorated to the point that they don't even have the most basic needs. in this relatively poor part of. the influx of so many even israel is in need of medical care has put further strain on the area's already stretched healthcare facilities walking through crowded corridors of her i'm a general hospital the director general shows me how they no longer have space for all the patients sadly rafael is one of many venezuelans at this hospital suffering from a medical condition that should have been easily treatable another stark reminder
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of the near complete collapse of the health care system in venezuela. before coming to brazil thirty four year old ricci cordoba kept going to see the doctor about the pain in his abdomen he was assured many times it was nothing serious but months after arriving here in the city of boston he got the proper diagnosis appendicitis and an all sore and i mean that it in my job in a salon it's a shame venezuelans have to leave the country we will born because of the economic situation and because of the lack of medicines for the illness and go to other countries who receive us with a friendly embrace. some may call it an embrace others may call it treatment for many ailing venezuelans though it's a much needed road to recovery they simply cannot find at home mohammed atta. in what i am a state resume tech giant google it says its failure to inform uses of a hidden microphone inside its nest god home security device was
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a quote era on its pos it emerged the product had built in microphone so when google announced it would soon start supporting the phones voice command assistant google says the microphones have to be activated and are included to work with future updates and it has hancock is a stuff technologist at the electronic frontier foundation she says consumers should voice their privacy concerns. if a company hasn't had a good track record with privacy i think along the way is being more cognizant of what you actually buy as a consumer and whether or not you're comfortable with products in your home that are internet connected regardless of what company it comes from so i think that's a great takeaway to take inventory what's going on and also being able to voice when there is a privacy concern to the companies in making sure that you alert to them that you are not comfortable if there is something that you found out about a device later on before you even bought it when it comes down to hardware that's
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something that you place in your home you know and consumers who place things their home there's a greater amount of trust that you encroach upon the user themselves in a consumer themselves when it's a difference between using an application and using a web site versus putting something into your home that you trust so that's concerns a lot of users and i think in that way because of the fact that it feels like someone has invaded their home and there's something existed there that they didn't realize what was already there they claim that you know that the microphone was disabled and that you can enable it on your own but is just a matter of having that knowledge of what's in your home is most important and there's now a smart phone and then you can bend in hoff samsung has just unveiled its next generation of devices and treating the galaxy fold but will it be enough for the industry needed to overcome a shrinking market kristensen amy has more from new york. the next generation
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samsung smartphone will also serve as a tablet just fold it has a four point six inch display it's compact and perfectly portable but. when the device opens up your world does too not surprisingly samsung's newest device is called the fuld and it was unveiled with all of the fanfare you've come to expect from the world's leading smartphone maker. but shares with things we call it goes on sale in april but it and samsung's new as tannen as ten plus are being released amid faltering worldwide sales people have a little bit of phone fatigue all the phones look the same they feel the same this new galaxy s ten is not really going to break the mold but we've seen some hints of things that are coming in the future that might get people really excited the issue whether buying samsung or an apple device is increasingly price with the fold costing about two thousand dollars samsung will have to convince consumers that
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they just have to have it pretty much all of the price to perform the performance to date on looking for. a replacement phone every three or four years i'm not within the eighteen to twenty four month update cycle i'm not rich enough or that the global smartphone market is shrinking after years of rapid growth with consumers waiting for the next game changing feature in major markets like here in the united states that saturation still smartphone sales are a vital part of the global economy. in two thousand and seventeen smartphone sales reached nearly four hundred sixty billion dollars but the rising price tag for the better known smartphones is not just an issue in the developed world and there is heavy headwind against the high and smartphones we saw that i phone in the sales but not that great some macro issues as well china slowing down. but europe is slowing down with the release of the full industry leaders seem convinced
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that continuing innovation and the ability to access five g. data networks in the near future will be enough to keep smartphone consumers coming back from. christian salumi al jazeera new york. hello i'm mr doha with the headlines on al-jazeera a fire has destroyed several buildings in an old part of the band additional capital dhaka at least seventy people have died but that number is expected to rise the buildings housed residential apartments as well as plastics and chemicals tanveer chattery has from dhaka. what happened according to the witness was one of the car in the wedding party that the cylinder a lot of the cars run on natural gas yet they said the cylinder exploded on the car went off two feet i have explosions spread to the restaurant in that building you
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had cooking cylinder that exploded and there was a storage underneath for chemical and the fire spread easily and destroy it least four houses at least a dozen people in that wedding procession are people in the street that there were in the richest got burned. according to the witness some of them died on the spot due to the explosion western governments are ruling on whether ice will feiss and their families can return home nine thousand year old me i'm a vegan has been stripped of her british citizenship and donald trump has directed the state department to stop american born from returning home u.s. backed syrian democratic forces have started to move civilians from syria's eastern village of bug who's the s.d.f. says a number of civilians and i still fight as a still inside the groups remaining on play the head of the catholic church has angered survivors of sexual abuse before
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a four day conference at the vatican even begins the pope failed to show up to a meeting with victims on wednesday ahead of his summit with senior. the u.k.'s prime minister has been in brussels for more talks aimed at breaking the brakes at deadlock to reason is because it came as three pro european union politicians broke away from her ruling conservative party over her bricks it strategy tech giant google says its failure to inform uses of a hidden microphone inside its nest got home security device was a quote error on its paws and emerged the product had built in microphones when google announced it would soon start supporting the fans a voice command assistant who says the microphones have to be activated those are the headlines witness is next and then they'll be more news to stay with us. the week began with news of a ninety day truce in the to protect us china trade all the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you
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the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on which is either a. digital media empire and the real risk is the founder of online site rock records he is they can use it is whatever power doesn't like the president of the philippines broad rico to take says he wants to kill as many people involved with drugs just possible and lists his critics as a public enemy.


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