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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 33  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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as well as an unidentified aircraft had also gone down again since there's no confirmation officials we don't know whose aircraft that was but we're also hearing now that there is a lot of fear and tension in the region people are worried there's been shelling going on which always happens between india and pakistan whenever tensions are this high but residents in the capital local hospital staff have got onto the roof of hospitals and came to the red cross symbols there they're worried there could be another air strike and they want to show that hopefully that putting the red cross logo there means they won't become a target right now india's opposition parties are meeting discussing the current situation and that may push the government to release some more statements very soon we know that they have for the main time it means to feds closed ranks of the and the administered kashmir is that correct. on last information they have these three major airports there one in german city
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one in srinagar and one in the last confirmation from the airport authorities of india was what that region was closed there were reports that other airports were closed as well but again no official confirmation and says just remind us how we've got here the start of the latest round of tensions of course started with that suicide bombing and the administered crush made on i think february fourteenth and forty one had a military soldiers were killed the pakistani armed group jaish e mohammad took responsibility for that and yesterday we heard from the foreign ministry the indian foreign ministry saying that they had to carry out a preemptive strike in pakistan in pakistan administered made on jaish e mohammad because they had alerted the pakistani government many times to where the group was operating what it was doing and that the pakistan pakistani government wasn't doing anything about them.
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well that's exactly it india didn't want to actually get to the situation that really having today they said they're strike on tuesday was actually preemptive they had intelligence of the armed group jaish e mohammed as you mentioned carried out the suicide bombing earlier this month that this was a preemptive attack against them and also that it was a nonmilitary they use that specific word a non military air strike saying that it was not targeting any pakistani military or civilian infrastructure or installations and they've been scoping that that would have been enough to kind of deescalate the situation to keep tensions from going up even further but as we've seen from today's events that didn't quite happen is what they wanted fast thank you very much for that for now that says jimi and with the latest lines out of new delhi let's go to enron he's standing by for us and the pakistani capital islamabad it's been a very confusing picture of the last sort of twenty four to thirty alice and ron
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what again completely different narratives depending on who you're talking to it started with the pakistanis saying that the indian if force had released a payload on pakistani territory and that no one was injured that there was no damage no casualties we heard from the indian foreign ministry saying that many feiss were killed and now this latest incident with the pakistani government saying that they have shot down two indian fighter jets so what is the pakistani government doing about all of this now. well the pakistani government is about to issue a statement that. is going to give a televised address to the nations were addressed everything that's going on so far with a military i absolutely insisted that they did shoot down two. indian administered
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kashmir. and pakistani administered kashmir and that they have captured two fighter pilots they've released pictures of one of the fighter pilots and also the site itself so this is a very serious escalation of tensions it all depends where this goes from now if there will be a military response then that's one thing if they'll be a diplomatic response that's another now they have allegedly this pilot in custody will be a lot of backstage negotiations between the two countries trying to get that pilot back to indian soil and not give both sides a way out of this the military has said that they don't want this to escalate into a war a war will be bad for both countries so they are looking at ways of getting out of this but let's see what. we'll be giving that televised address for. iran thank you very much for that. and we will be
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back on in just a couple of minutes with the al-jazeera news how we'll have all the latest again from india also from pakistan and we will be live also in pakistan at. all the updates on developing an on going story can be found on our website. detentions and you can find that and much more at al-jazeera dot com. pollinators are in decline. why. in this episode of arthritis we meet entomologists on opposite sides of the planet protecting insects of all sizes crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to the u.k.
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to see how all the industrial sites are being turned into bug reserves in an attempt to reverse this worrying trend. fighting insect to get on on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera.
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i don't welcome to the news out of life from my headquarters in doha with me coming up in the next sixty minutes the loss of at least. the disputed region. of. areas of india and. we go through very good about having this very important summit. with north korea's kim jong un and hanoi. president but the main opposition rejects the result. and the syrian highway that the focus of president assad. and i am we are as spain gears up for the first of two. days barcelona hope lionel messi will work his magic as real madrid played down talks of a rift in their camp all that coming up and. down
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to indian fighter jets while they were. they've arrested one indian pilot and another is receiving treatment in a pakistani hospital it comes one day off to india to launch strikes close to the border of pakistan and pakistan administered kashmir india says it's down one path as funny and confirmed the loss of one. indian administered kashmir has been shot down and pakistan has also closed its airspace to commercial traffic the military says it had no choice but to respond to india's attack but added it didn't want to escalate the crisis. the government of pakistan the armed forces of pakistan and the people of pakistan we have all is conveyed a message of peace to india and the route to peace goes through dialogue
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burgundies had the capability and capacity but wagner is actually the failure of policy which india needs to understand. the latest round of tensions began with a suicide attack that killed forty one indian paramilitary forces on february fourteenth the pakistan base on foot claimed responsibility new delhi blamed islam a bad allegations it rejected well as we mentioned india says it shot down one pakistani fighter jets and lost one of its jets to pakistan the pakistani air force was addicted and the indian air force responded isn't. in that elimination one pakistani of course. was found down by you. or the indian you force. your car was
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seen both on the forces. on this go on the boat is nothing. in this ng is. we are going fortunately the last one we're going to go on the pilot is missing in action pakistan has claimed. that he is in their custody. your mail is standing by for us in the indian capital new delhi but first let's go to iran khan he is live and then we are waiting to hear from pakistan upon this to amman consarn in the meantime all space close to commissioner croft in pakistan and iran how serious an escalation is this. well that's a very serious escalation and it just goes to show you the how seriously the pakistanis are taking the security situation in the country the fact that they have shut them but i have to say it is standard operating procedure when tensions this high between india and pakistan the idea behind this is to simply keep control of
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the airspace and try and get as little traffic as possible in the air so the pakistanis can monitor any indian activity that might be coming across the border but it's not just the aspace there's been a lot of clashes on the ground over the line of control in pakistan i've been to kashmir and indian administered kashmir as well so it's not just the. flying over from india but the conscious on the ground as well the pakistani army salute the insistent that they did shoot down two fighter jets two pilots in custody one of them they've released pictures all of the votes are released pictures of the site itself and they say that this is a very serious escalation by india now as you say real waiting to hear from the pakistani prime minister in iraq he's going to give a televised address to the nation take a look at all of the issues where the hill used diplomatic language which he has done in the policies always been he doesn't want a war with india or whether he's going to criticize the indians and the devolve
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things much more to the military we don't know but let's see what he says in the coming hours and ron thank you very much for that for now that's the latest live in islamabad let's go to friends to me and he's joining us from new delhi we finally heard something from the indian foreign ministry says off to. they were as you've been reporting very tight and that done what the pakistanis were saying about the shooting down of these two fighter jets just bring us up to speed with the information the indian government is really saying. elizabeth like you said it's coming down pretty much to a trickle all we've heard is from that press briefing that happened just a short time ago and india actually that's part of the reason is that is because they want to avoid the situation that we had today they want to avoid an escalation after tuesday's airstrike where india attacked the armed group jaish e mohammed in their camps inside box territory they use words like preemptive
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strike nonmilitary preemptive because they had intelligence showing that the group was going to attack india again with another suicide bombing as they had on february fourteenth and they used the term nonmilitary lives meaning that no pockets down the military or civilian installations were targeted they tried to show this as a self-defense to try to downplay this much as possible into the international community and especially to pakistan because this kind of response is exactly what they didn't want now right now india's opposition parties are meeting to try to discuss the situation and see what their response should be and people analysts are saying that could push the indian government to make a more more statements later today because this cap this. is exactly not the situation they wanted it all and in india to minister to sheer right now the airspace is closed and the people have told al-jazeera that they have a lot of fear residents in srinagar have told us that hospital staff have gone on to the roofs and painted the red cross logo because they're expecting there could
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be more airstrikes so tensions are very much high and the shelling is still continuing on both sides as thank you very much for that for now that says to me with all the way slimes out of new delhi and he was of course monitoring this developing story for us we are back to him for any developments but let's move on. moving on to other news and the next hour the u.s. president to north korea's leader for a second time donald trump has hailed vietnam as an example for north korea saying it can become an economic powerhouse. well more now from adrian. u.s. president donald trump is used to the limelight. leaders less so. but trump summit with north korea's leader kim jong il has changed all
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that before his first meeting with kim on wednesday he met the host of this summit the country's prime minister and president on behalf of the united states i want to thank you very much for hosting and hopefully great things will happen later on with our meeting like north korea vietnam was once an enemy of the united states yet in spite of their history their relationship is no good with vietnam regarded as a strategic partner of the u.s. in asia. but it's trump's relationship with kim that's now the priority the hanoi summit aims to build on a historic meeting in singapore in june where they made of a commitment to rid the korean peninsula of some of the most powerful weapons created this time they need to agree a framework for how that'll happen vietnam was an acceptable choice to kim for this summit it's one of the few countries with the north korean embassy which came visited on tuesday night. and like china vietnam's achieve strong economic growth
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while preserving one party rule thriving like few places on earth according to trump who also tweeted that north korea's potential was also also there is both curiosity and excitement about the two leaders this city is now playing host to and i hope that a city once synonymous with war could perhaps become a symbol of something else i feel very happy because world leaders are coming to vietnam to talk about peace to see each other and to shake hands call i think this is a good opportunity for hanoi and it can help us in many ways i'm proud because i was born here and i think the fact that donald trump and conjunction are in hanoi shows it's a safe city i think it will change the way the world thinks about the it out.


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