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the national average rewind on al-jazeera. a captured indian fighter pilot is released from pakistan after the biggest eruption in hostilities four years between the two nuclear armed countries. no i'm maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program are a show of defiance in algeria thousands protest against plans by president beautifully to seek a fifth term. north korea promises further negotiations with the u.s. despite the failure to strike a nuclear deal in vietnam. and
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a gun battle in the somali capital between police and al-shabaab fighters is over at least twenty nine people were killed in the attack. welcome to the program our top story this hour pakistan returned a captured pilot to india on friday in a move many people hope will deescalate tensions between the two countries as even optimism that will lead to talks between the nuclear neighbors but shelling continues between the two sides and those living in the disputed region of kashmir say they are caught in the crossfire reports now from new delhi. at the walk a border crossing in punjab wing commander i'll be in london bart man is released from pakistani custody back to india two days after his aircraft was shot down. as i was going to go to work was. going to really don't want to go that was not
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there all day and then i want to go over to see if you're not going to get bearded men under the desk i'm not going to. take up with a man good particularly because the officer. from an arab. group would have already i don't know. is happy to have i mean i got him back a former colonel in the indian army says at best the decision to hand him over so quickly has been begrudgingly welcomed by india but that doesn't do enough to overcome this lingering mistrust of mistrust that have been generated by this pakistan for men to terrorism and support to the insurgency in kashmir these are the real key issues mean terrorism. the celebrations at the border are unlikely to last long as the roots of the kashmir dispute remain deep seated as attempts are made to deescalate tensions between india and pakistan continue to complain they're
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the ones caught in the middle and those from indeed in mr kashmir accuse the indian government of not doing enough for them not just now but over many years just before the pilots release there was a funeral in indian administered kashmir it was for woman killed by shelling between india and pakistan that began on wednesday across the line of control that divides kashmir people here complain they always suffer when pakistan and india fight and there is renewed concerns about the indian government's policies in india did mr mir the new crop of young educated people have taken to the stands but this is something which is unprecedented that this former kashmiri civil servant made news for resigning from his post. to protest against the government in new delhi's policies policies he says are far more militaristic leaving no room for peaceful negotiation but we have seen the old institutions of dialogue negotiation those being kind of becoming very relevant and nor important but no significant political
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initiative from delhi has been there for the last few years. the indian government has long complained that pakistan supports groups who promote violence and kashmir whoever is to blame for the under arrest in the disputed region all these indians want to do for now celebrate the release of their pilot as jamil al jazeera new delhi. come on hide as more now from is on a bot. bulger's gone has handed over the indian violated toward shore down by a progress. pakistan saying that the indian aircraft were drying the while aid role and flying into pakistani airspace. idea indian pilot bailed out there were not mauled that almost killed him however it was no progress on the military run to the sport and rescued the indian pilot afterwards he was in august arms military custody. prime minister emraan khan in a gesture of goodwill i sent
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a signal to india that they would release this pilot he had been handed over now. and budgets gone and now hoping that there will be a gesture from india also to be escalated the crisis at the moment the bloggers on the military forces are on red alert the aircraft are flying. to ensure that did it no element of surprise from india again and of course the military on a heightened state of alert the situation is still critical and many people here in pakistan fear their dollars now in india gold and red or they will also come up with the overthrow. large demonstrations are underway in algeria against president bush if he has plans to run for a fifth term protests have been held in several cities across the country including
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the capital algy is demonstrations are demanding the eighty one year old leader who's been in power for twenty years withdrawal from elections scheduled for later this month neve baka reports. running battles on the streets of the algerian capital algy is the protesters throwing rocks and police firing tear gas. since last friday thousands of joint rarely seen anti government for. tests. at the a large crowds gathered in algiers in the biggest demonstrations in the country in decades there were similar scenes in several other cities that demanded the country's ailing president abdulaziz beautifully co withdrawals from the country's forthcoming presidential election in. the student led protests have been growing in recent days ever since the eighty one year old leader issued a statement announcing his intention to run for a fifth term algerian journalists have also joined the growing demonstrations
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calling for greater press freedom and political reform. buttafuoco was elected president in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. but after suffering a debilitating stroke six years ago he's rarely seen in public and hasn't given a speech in years here he is in twenty seventy two frail to cast his ballot without health. demonstrators say it's too weak to leave. that's why they believe the country's really run by a group of military and civilian advisors who fail to find a successor to ensure the continuity of the country's leading polity the national liberation front the parties repeatedly said the elections will be free and transparent beautifully kept presided over the end of the bloody algerian civil war in two thousand and two and a return to international affairs following decades of isolation. but demonstrators say it's time for algeria's longest serving head of state to retire from politics
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leave barca al-jazeera. north korea's leader kim jong un has received an official welcome in vietnam's capital hanoi a day after nuclear talks with the u.s. president broke down says the u.s. had to walk away over demands that lift all sanctions on pyongyang but north korea says it only os for partial sanctions relief and diplomatic editor james bays has more from the summit from hanoi. kim jong un has stayed all in vietnam meeting with the country's president as his isolated nation needs all the friends it can get with the global sanctions now likely to stay in place following the failure of the summit what's happened has been a textbook example of the benefits and the drawbacks of top down face to face diplomacy bringing trump and came together last year in singapore worked they built
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a report and moved the world back from the brink of nuclear war. but in hanoi relying on the two leaders to conduct complex negotiations on the issues of north korea's nuclear program and the wide ranging global sanctions wasn't a success the north korean leader took a tough position calling for all the most recent sanctions to be lifted it was a step too far for the u.s. he actually had papers ready to be sad but it just wasn't appropriate i want to do it right i'd much rather do it right and do it fast an expert on the korean peninsula told me why he believes kim pushed hard to get so many sanctions lifted so early in the process for the north koreans they see an opportunity to in the trump presidency to achieve some goals that they really wouldn't expect to achieve with a quote unquote normal president in the white house so for them there is
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a little bit of urgency and of course sanctions relief is a relatively urgent matter for north korea as a purely as a matter of economic expediency there have actually been two similar ten years diplomatic process is south korea's diplomacy with the north led the way of the winter olympics almost exactly one year ago and when u.s. diplomacy with north korea faltered at the end of last year it was president moon jay in of south korea who rescued things. minutes after boarding air force one leaving vietnam the first person president trump phoned was president moon it's clear south korea is now being given the job of cleaning up this mess jamesburg. are now sunnis from somalia security forces that have shot dead three hour fighters in the capital mogadishu ending in an overnight standoff following a bomb attack on a city center hotel the fighters held out for several hours in
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a building next to the hotel before being overwhelmed by special forces and the army at least twenty nine people were killed in a suicide bomb attack on the market hotel on thursday evening. was the government has failed the security of the city as they did not stop this attack they should not be happy to see people dying especially after they fired security experts and recruited young inexperienced replacements more now from catherine so i . it's been an intense battle between somalia special forces and the gunman since that attack started on fast day night we are being told that gunfire rang the air of most of the night and throughout friday and this happened at a very busy streets one of the main streets in mogadishu at the hotel that was targeted is very popular with government officials and and and politicians
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as well we have offices there people at this time are of the night are out in the hotels on terraces having coffee socializing eating so you can imagine how difficult it was and how chaotic it was when this attack started. being told that there's been a huge damage on the hotel and other buildings that are just sent there who tell rescuers have had a very difficult time trying to get people out of this buildings but they're trying the best they can and the best for constance's the situation is still very tense indeed all shabaab has claimed this attack and it has been able to carry out a brazen attacks in the last few months in areas in mogadishu that are protected remember back in twenty seven thousand five hundred people were killed in a car in a truck bomb attack and it's also able to carry out attacks in neighboring countries like in kenya and in january twenty one people were killed when van men
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attacked. and office complex in the capital city nairobi so the group remains a very big threat to the region and a very big concern to the region. so bad for you on the program as one wideout prepares to travel to argentina russia shows venezuela's vice president a full support hours after the telling a u.s. led bit at the u.n. calling for fresh elections. not counting on it and striking at the president's electoral heartland the first major industrial stoppage and u.s. manufacturing since donald trump came to power. hello the weather type of north new york that at the end of february was warm sunshine record breaking this is clearly different the clouds moving at some speed now being driven by strengthening wind that being the main difference it's windy in
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much of north and central europe the clouds increase and some rain coming in still not cold in a fourteen to fifteen degrees the early march is pretty good twenty in madrid we're single figures still in germany and poland and subzero in kiev even that is going to change as this wind does drive everything eastwards including generally speaking a rise in temperature where it's being cold recently but this cold wet heavy snow still going to fall in scandinavia sweden in particular differing dian through the baltic states and of course into moscow now all this is taking place in northern europe in the sas with the exception the eastern med it's not quite quite as interesting breeze which isn't allowing the sun to warm things up very much yes we've got twenty now jeanne is by the same in most of america but it's middle teens otherwise and the eastern med is increasingly windy and likely to wet once again now if you come further south you're picking up up coming showers in the sun's moving quickly north and then when the showers of over the reached nigeria and
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cameroon you know we're there for a few days yet fairly heavy. it does look more like bangladesh is becoming a one party state give me one good reason why the opposition should have been able to do far some of the problem with human rights watch describes our opposition members have been arrested killed and even disappeared. he goes head to head with. do you want to do it develop. this is a development is not the same as democracy. on al-jazeera.
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come back a quick look at the top stories now pakistan returned a captured island to india on friday in a move many people hope will deescalate tensions between the two countries. large demonstrations are underway across algeria against president abdul aziz beautifully because plans to run for a fifth term. and security forces in somalia have shot dead three al shabaab fighters in the capital market issue ending an overnight standoff following a bomb attack on a city center hotel. now the new york times is reporting that u.s. president donald trump ordered his former chief of staff to grant his son in law jared cushion a top security clearance back in may the newspaper says john kerry wrote an internal memo confirming the fact after senior officials in the white house were troubled by the decision krishna's clearance was suspended in two thousand and eighteen former property developer has been tasked with bringing peace to the
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middle east as part of the trump ministration so let's. see who's been following this story from washington and so shall we now know that there are objections from some of those around president to question a security clearance do we have much more information on what those concerns were based on. no we don't have that information about something that congress is now demanding congress actually have been looking into the whole process for giving and granting security clearances within the trump of ministration actually they have concerns of nine a high level white house officials who they say there are questions about how you know whether they should have security clearance jarrad question was one of them anyway. so now the question is i mean obviously the president is allowed to decide who gets access to top secures top secret information but why was he lying about it if john kerry's account is correct that the donald trump's told him look must have top security clearance but why repeatedly when aust they don't trump say he had
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nothing to do with it it was entirely up to john kelly as to whether the got that security clearance so given that there is a clear contradiction here between that the denials you mentioned by president. and these concerns from the intelligence agencies how damaging could this possibly be for the president particularly if congress decides to pursue this. well it's all entirely driven the president does have a tough lot of quality a lot of this stuff just slides off him it is another indication of how the administration works and we have the more congressional you have another congressional investigation that's likely to become a big media circus with various documents and memos being subpoenaed to get more of an understanding of how this administration works it seems very damaging for george bush never given that anyway there are questions about his security clearance we've had lots of reports of various nations have been intercepted governments have been deceptive having private conversations i was trying to remember that actually
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u.a.e. china is robots so i look this is great jared christian is one of the senior advisers old trum george bush who has business problems you have business debt add he's completely inexperienced in diplomacy we can use that to our advantage we also out of saudi arabian crown prince mohammed bin salma boasting that we have george bush in his back pocket according to according to reports so it's pretty hard just as he's getting ready to unveil his deal of the century in the middle east especially also when we just don't know why it was taking so long for george bush to get some sort of security clearance without the president's intervention what was the security agencies apparently so worried about so these are all the questions that we'll be know being asked now thank you very much from washington chapter ten. well that is well in opposition to and self-proclaimed interim president is traveling to argentina for a meeting with president knight see a mockery is been traveling across south america with trips to brazil and colombia
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to gain support for a change of government in venezuela he now says he's due to visit aquittal on saturday meanwhile the united states says it will continue to take appropriate action against venezuelan president nicolas maduro on friday the state department impose new sanctions against six venezuelan government officials. meanwhile russia is saying that it stands behind venezuelan president nicolas maduro despite growing international pressure for him to resign as follows talks between russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov and the duros vice president delsea rodriguez in moscow number of said present riddim of putin it expressed support and solidarity from the duo who he referred to as a colleague and friend step boss and has more from moscow. the timing of the visit of the driggers the vice president of venezuela is interesting because it comes only one day after russia lost a resolution of vote basically asking for support of nicolas maduro and his control over international aid this resolution got only four votes in the security council
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which is quite a dramatic loss but still the foreign minister laffer here in moscow has sat that he stands firm behind nicolas maduro and he says he is against any cynical attempt as he describes it to topple a legally elected government he also says that he knows that the united states is trying to militias remember intervene in venezuela and they are basically by an arms in an eastern european country to say to be sent there and plant some kind of syria skin area for venezuela as well he says there's not a single country in latin america who's supporting this kind of military action and that russia is basically supporting a peaceful solution for venezuela of course russia has a lot at stake in venezuela not only militarily politically but also economically billions of dollars have been put in the country in recent years especially also in the oil industry to most concrete results for the meat of the meeting today is that
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the office of european head office of the state oil company of venezuela will be moved to moscow from lisbon because venezuela said we can't get any guarantees in europe anymore to defend or state assets also russia has said that they have sent seven a half tons of medicine and also agricultural products like wheat to venezuela to support the population there but nothing else concrete has been announced so far the spokesman of president putin bass called has said there has not been any agreement between mcdougal and put into land more money to venezuela and also they have planned a high commission meeting in april to discuss more agreements between the two countries which basically gives it gives russia a few male more weeks to decide and look at the situation in venezuela which is happening very rapidly. for margin time president carlos menem has been cleared of
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involvement in a cover up after a notorious one thousand nine hundred four bombing that killed eighty five people but the court jailed the now retired judge who led the investigation into the attack on a jewish center along with a former intelligence chief iran was blamed for carrying out the bombing but denies any involvement stories about reports on this now from what is iris. for twenty five years they demanded justice they accuse the arjan ten state of failing them the prison sentence issued on thursday gave them something they had so long been after. said here was danes wife was killed in the attack on the jewish community center in argentina. i have a bit more peace now because we knew we were being lied to they always ignored the victims for them it was all about politics and trying to hide what really happened but destroyed all the evidence so we still don't know whether anything they say is true. the one nine hundred ninety four attack against the army i was argentina's
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worst terrorist attack eighty five people were killed and more than three hundred injured. argentine judges had always claimed iran was behind the attack a charge it long denied. but the cover up operation carried out by the administration of then precedent meant em has prompted even more questions about what really happened. during the trial prosecutors attempted to prove that a four hundred thousand dollars bribe was paid to a police informant witnesses were and there was a failure to investigate what is known as the syrian lead that lead involved a close friend of former president cattlemen him who was originally from syria meant him was acquitted in the trial. that son was also one of the victims in the attack. i'm not happy with the result the sentences were too short and menem was
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acquitted i was hoping for a lot more because they harm the investigation every day that passes our chances of seeing justice become small this sentence confirms that not only members of the administration of the catalogue man i'm back in the one nine hundred ninety s. but also prosecutors and a judge were involved in ms directing the investigation into the attack some of the relatives are saying that they're hoping that a new investigation will begin now that will help them shed light into what happened twenty five years ago. vesta geisha has been filled with irregularities a prosecutor investigating the case with a shot in the head four years ago. the lawyers say the trial sends a strong message to the argentine judiciary who has been accused of being driven by political motives in the past. this is a message to the justice system that everything that has gone wrong with the army cannot happen again you cannot invent false cases you cannot coerce witnesses
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intelligence officers cannot be involved and it continues to happen all the time. thursday sentence does not help those who lost their loved ones find closure. but it certainly shows the failure of the argentine state in finding the truth. kurdish forces in syria saying they're about to launch the final push against i still in their last stronghold in the country suspected members and their families have been surrendering to the u.s. backed kurdish forces close to the village of a final settlement held by the armed group around forty thousand people have left i still held territory in the past three months. well now to sudan the president tomorrow bashir is step down as leader of his ruling party but is staying on as president despite months of demonstrations against his rule but she reportedly made the decision to bow out of party matters so he could instead concentrate on running the country.
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meanwhile thirteen protesters are set to go to jail for between six months and five years they have been sentenced under the country's recently impose state of emergency law earlier this week outlawed public gatherings in a bid to stop demonstrations. now over one and a half hours and workers at a factory in the u.s. state of pennsylvania that makes railway locomotives have gone out on strike they're unhappy it changes to their pay and conditions it's the first major strike in the manufacturing industry since president donald trump came to power gabriel is all know has been to meet some of the striking workers in the city of airy. david plato works the factory floor assembling train locomotives he said third generation from his family who has worked at the plant but today he's out in front
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of the factory on strike one of more than one thousand seven hundred welders and machine operators who are fighting to keep their jobs report for america no longer a race to the bottom we're tired of it so we're making a stand right here the general electric plant is now under new ownership web tech a conglomerate that generates eight billion in revenue is the new owner protesting workers picketing and all the entrances to the plant say the new company wants to cut pay for new workers and force overtime something webb tech says is standard practice for the industry and that's exactly the problem according to the union boss workers' wages and rights are being stripped every day from country to country location location state to state here in the united states and at some point you know american workers are going to have to take a stand and say we've had enough the last time union members here at this plant in
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erie one on strike was fifty years ago right now this is the biggest strike in the manufacturing industry anywhere in america in the last three years so for the strike has not gotten the attention of president donald trump this election victory was largely thanks to his popularity in places like erie fueled by campaign promises to protect good paying manufacturing jobs according to a local economist the number of manufacturing jobs in erie have been cut in half in the last decade reflecting the trend in the industry across the united states the trends from technology that affect the labor market with the competitive pressures do to cope with zation that affect the labor market fortunately those are. we see the major reasons why we see lots of the swaptions but for david goyer and his factory floor coworkers this is a stand that they won't back down from post they are here for as long as it takes.
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years whatever it takes for workers determined to protect their jobs no matter what . erie pennsylvania. well there is more in everything we're covering right here the latest on our top stories but also plenty of features there and don't forget you'll find blogs as well from our correspondents on the ground al-jazeera dot com. just a quick look at stories making headlines for you now pakistan returned a captured pilot to india on friday in a move many people hope will deescalate tensions between the two countries when nandan vitamines plane was downed on the pakistani health side of kashmir on wednesday. well we're going to. hear all of.
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this. because the officer. did wrong at. ridgewood. and our other headlines large demonstrations are underway now ceria against president abdelaziz beautifully because plans to run for a fifth term protests have been held in several cities across the country including the capital algiers demonstrators are demanding the eighty one year old leader who's been in power for twenty years withdrawal from elections scheduled for later this month. security forces in somalia have shot dead three fighters in the capital mogadishu ending an overnight standoff following a bomb attack on a city center hotel at least twenty nine people were killed in the suicide bomb attack on the. hotel on thursday evening the new york times is reporting u.s.
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president donald trump boarded his former chief of staff to grant his son in law jerry cushion a top security clearance in may the newspaper says john kerry wrote an internal memo confirming the fact off to senior officials in the white house were troubled by the decision krishna's clearance was suspended in two thousand and eighteen and venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president goes traveling to argentina for a meeting with president might see a mockery why doe's been travelling across south america with trips to brazil and colombia to gain support for a change of government in venezuela meanwhile the united states says it will continue to take appropriate action against venezuelan president nicolas maduro. you're up to date with all of our top stories this hour i will be back with more news for you in about twenty five minutes time to join me then by finale.
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this is the fact the smallest porpoise on the planet one that could soon be lost forever. with an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen now it's a race against time to try and save a species without intervention how long do you give the i would say year to about us to this is the hail mary or potatoes. this is a tax never a show about innovations that can change lives we're going to explore the intersection of heart and humanity and we're doing it in a unique way this is a show about science by scientists.


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