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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 60  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2019 3:32am-4:00am +03

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abdulaziz beautifully does plan to run for a fifth term police fired tear gas at some protesters in algiers but the demonstrations were mostly peaceful. he was president donald trump's asked china to lift all tariffs on american agricultural products because he said trade talks between the world's two biggest economies are going well china and the u.s. are trying to negotiate a way out of a trade war that seemed to it for tat increases in tariffs since last year canada has begun the process of extraditing a top of to the u.s. among one joe's under house arrest after being detained at washington's request accused of conspiring to violate sanctions on iran and saudi activists who were arrested on accusations of undermining security and harming national unity last year it will be put on trial rights groups say they are mostly female activists who campaigned for the right to drive headlines inside stories next.
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benjamin netanyahu remains defiant speirs way the prime minister is facing corruption charges fox says it's a witch hunt ahead of the election. prosecution and what does it mean for his political career this is inside story. this is inside story welcome to the program he's the first sitting israeli prime minister to put on fishel notice of planned prosecution on charges of bribery fraud and breach of trust but benjamin netanyahu says he's innocent and will stay in his
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post israel's attorney general says he plans to indict on corruption charges if convicted he could face up to ten years in prison as you know he dismisses the allegations as a political witch hunt designed to oust him from power and a hearing to decide if the prosecution goes ahead won't take place until after israel's general election in april so what's likely to happen by then netanyahu has won a fifth term as prime minister. to our guests in just a moment but first let's take a closer look at the possible challenges for the attorney general is recommending nessun yahoo be charged with using his influence to help a friend at the country's largest internet provider in exchange for positive coverage on its website and also of colluding with israel's top selling newspaper for favorable. coverage that now he's also suspected of receiving more than a quarter of a million dollars worth of lavish gifts from business tycoons and its t.v.
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address on thursday in the snow he said the case would quote collapse like a house of cards. for three years they have been carrying out a political pursuit against us an unprecedented hunting expedition with one goal to topple the right wing government led by me and to bring to power the leftist party of lap and dance they have put inhumane pressure on the state attorney general and . i tell you the citizens of israel this house of cards will collapse i'm absolutely certain of that i'm certain of it four thousand percent i plan on serving you and the state as prime minister for many years let's take a look at all the high ranking israeli officials who have been indicted in the past in two thousand and eleven israel's former president mushy katsav was convicted of rape and sentenced to seven years in prison and two thousand and fifteen former prime minister ehud olmert was jailed for six years for bribery that was later
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reduced to eighteen months and dairy was convicted of taking bribes while serving as interior minister and given a three year jail sentence in the year two thousand. well let's bring in our guests now and joining us from tel aviv is akiva eldar israeli economist for the out and co-author of the biography of former israeli president shimon peres from zagreb professor in international relations at regents university in london and associate fellow in the middle east and north africa program at chatham house and from western islamists will baraka c.e.o. of keeping global research and a speechwriter for former israeli prime minister ariel sharon and former israeli president shimon peres a very warm welcome to all of you mitchell how much damage is this intent to indict by the attorney general it's caused benjamin netanyahu. well it really depends
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who you ask because for the faithful of netanyahu this is going to embolden a lot of them to get out to the polls the prime minister and this was not so much of a surprise i mean i think he would have liked to get off on one or two of those cases but it's not so much he's prepared everyone that this is going to happen and what he successfully done over the last few weeks is he's actually made this into a political issue not a legal one that the elections they're trying to steal the elections even before the elections take place they're trying to influence and what you know the left that they call the left it can't do in the ballot box they're trying to do with the legal you know with legally bringing him down and a lot of people believe that so the people that you know support natanya a lot of them are sticking with him and say it's a conspiracy because a lot of those people are still convinced that the left of center labor type of leadership is running the country even though likud has been really running you
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know in the government the last forty years and i think what happens is is up until now for a lot of people we knew that the emperor or the prime minister didn't have any clothes and now when you see it that he doesn't have any clothes he actually borrowed clothes from someone else it looks really bad for everyone else but do you think i keep that nest neal who genuinely believes that he's not in the thing wrong here that's a great question and then you know according to experts the psychologist who i'm not ised his personality is a clinical not says. it's all about him and i think that he convinced himself that he is the ultimate victim here and it's the left after him and i think that this can turn out to be a double good sward because if it's about politics people there are people even glee could devote to this the ever. ridgeley could
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a voter in my age who remembers menachem begin and is comparing now i'm beggin who has built this party and was the first prime minister from the likud. his his claim to fame was that it was the mock receiver alice its democracy first and the wall of law he will remember his phrase he said there are judges in jerusalem and he respected the law and people who remember him will compare netanyahu to him and say ok if it's politics we don't like this kind of politics do you think you see that the timing of the attorney general is announcement has been fair i mean it does come before these elections and to be fast nest no you do get a presumption of innocence don't you until otherwise found guilty. well the presumption of innocence is there but you know division
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a long time to have justice and it's not the only general decided to declare the election it was netanyahu serve that brought it on him served by declaring a really really elections but i think the choice now for these early voters it's i didn't attend you know all democracy there is no third third option because what we see in front of us is the previous speaker saying this is someone that elects an integrity it's not only about the legal side of feet this is for coulter and everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence but it's about standards of behavior in government it's about i think when you really listen to his speech tonight and yell speech from yesterday it's almost as well as then actually what he's accused of because you try to sleep easily democracy or any substance by by vicious attack on democracy on the media on political opponents so actually it
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exposes him in front of the voters for who we really are but how much of the voters actually care about that michel. well i mean a lot of them do and like i said in the beginning the ones that do were going to vote for him anyway and the ones that don't what a lot of voters focus on in every election has really been run on this is security and foreign policy mostly security either security or peace whatever side of the coin that is but for the right of center voters it's all about security it's about the land of israel it's about the jewish character of the state of israel so they're willing to overlook some of this i mean israel is a middle east democracy it's a democracy in the middle east where everyone votes so a lot of them have the attitude what's a little buck sheesh between some friends in the middle east marc recy and they're willing to overlook that absolutely because his message is that israel needs him
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that he is mr security correct correct not only do they need him but no one else can do the job and he's successfully convinced many many israelis can or a long period of time that he is the best guy for the job and you know i will give him credit on this there's not a lot of people world leaders today that are very close with trump and they're not a lot of world leaders that are very close and have a good relationship with putin and he's probably only one that has both of those things so that is appealing and that is attractive to israeli voters who have a geo political sense of what's going on and security is very much on their mind in the region in israel itself and in the region he mentioned trump and it's hard isn't it akiva not to draw parallels to donald trump who is also coming under fire in d.c. but has a very strong support base at that listens to chums message which is some less netanyahu is that he's the victim of some liberal conspiracy to get rid of him.
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actually there even using the same language the same phrases like that n l said yesterday about fake it it wasn't a file one thousand it was a fake one thousand fake two thousand this is you know only the numbers that follow the investigation but following previous question are it's very important to say that it's not only to voters because newton you know will have to form a coalition and what happened yesterday not only the allegations not only the statement in the indictment but his behavior his conduct after that made mr gunson the blue and white party that was a potential partner for legitimate coalition that a balanced coalition that could deal with the peace process and other challenges fourth gallants to say netanyahu is not going to be my partner in netanya zero is
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illegitimate and this is now the israeli voters know now that it will be very very difficult if not impossible for an attorney how to form a coalition he will have to maybe to form a coalition with the garnished with you know those ultra extra large radical right this is a look at the centrist candidate so as you mentioned that benny gantz will say yes paid their pay is some sort of significant challenge haven't they are seen to a nest now in these upcoming elections how freston should he be by that. and i think this is those of crucial elections for reserve to make a real decision with which direction the country's thinking is it taking than that and you know that action which is morally co-opts it's tainted by this kind of allegations and also with. sharply to to divide and includes in
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government extreme racists people that believe in the towns fell of it is really palestinians and then are seen from the west bank to other countries all em all consider it i won't call it left as nathaniel it's at best the center is a polity like the one led by benny gantz and paid that see in under certain circumstances is of a day to make the compromises needed for peace with the palestinians is a smaller. more mobile leaning towards social justice and you know need to be tested in government i think this is the choice i gave to the previous speaker you know these early voters are quite conservative in attitude then they take their attitude that's their revenue taniela didn't know that any and tested commodity but i think this is this is the time probably to we consider i think that idea that sin that any always a replaceable i think the graveyard of his stories. of leaders that believe that
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irreplaceable in the story prove them will ok so mitchell who might be way see in the wings to replace netanyahu. well it's hard to say at this point i mean the godsend lefty the the tag team or the duo the dynamic duo of guns and libby is certainly making a play for but you know they are lacking experience in the area meaning you know god has never really sat in a security cabinet other than when he was chief of staff he never voted on these things he doesn't have experience in government let pete has minimal experience in government so again you can be elected president united states and i'm not just talking about this one but the previous one and ones before that that don't have military experience and get it and are able to do a good job for israelis you also have the likud meaning what may happen will is having to the election is. correct there is jagow well that's that's the
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interesting thing also about that party they're calling it a center party but it's really like a center left party dressed up as in wolf's clothing meaning they've taken some netanyahu as x. lovers if you will meaning his former defense minister his former communications are and his former cabinet secretary and say we are protecting the right which is really a good way to go to the voter because you want to be seen as the left but have the dressings of someone that's right and it's going to protect security but i think the that the real question is not going to be believed or not it's who people vote for in the election but what happens after april tenth because as a kiva said if it's an it's and you know there's a moral problem right now everyone has come behind him and said they're not going to sit with guns in the peed and they stand behind it ok after april tenth it could be that he is not able to form a coalition and where as gunson the peter trying to break away those those right wing voters now they'll break a few away what they need to be do is break one of the parties away afterwards and
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they'll go for either cost loans party or one the ultra orthodox parties and then they may be able to form something or the likud throws out its own you and says listen not throw them out but says we're not going to go sink on the ship with you we need to put someone else and either join the government or have elections within our party that was going to be my next monday's question then they could possibly mean they've they've been baffled enough so far have been it's trying to block the attorney general from announcing his decision how much longer are they going to be willing to stick behind this and yahoo. well and actually we're looking forward to toddler that will be willing to say oh it will have the courage to say that the king is naked can and can you know is naked that. he is tainted was bribery and you know the it tony gentleman is anything. but left you know it was a point in by nathaniel as well as the former chief of police was appointed and
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they are a bunch of i could say points who are playing according to the directions that are coming from the king and from the queen and there is you know what you need one perhaps it can be good and sour that will tempt forward and we'll say well netanyahu is becoming he was in essence for many years and now netanyahu is a liability for the likud and we have others and they may go for primaries and the other thing is that you know the president has to appoint the next member of knesset who will be it will meet the challenge of forming a government and perhaps the president will say that you know he's is hand is shaking before he will shake it on the aus hand and will say this man needs to form
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an israeli government i am not going to be part of this yes he said should netanyahu step down now. well i think if he has any source of integrity any of lefty name if there is any but yes he should step down because this so serious allegation you just need to follow the advice you gave previous. israeli prime minister dawn minutes when he was in similar situation that the call and you can stay in power do you count on such a complex country while there are serious allegations of corruption against you so he just should follow his own advice and i do if. it became the ten year old becomes a liability the quick of that we could spot he would realize that he's a liability if old them and they start looking for the day after after the netanyahu and stand yes he delivered the goods for them full for more than
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a decade now it's time for him to go and now also for the country to move on because as long as it looks like outside the country is a complete farce if nathaniel keeps his position now michel because the injury people be looking at him saying look even if you win i guess i had akiva i just wanted to jump in and say that right now anything that he will do if for instance he will open another attack on gaza nobody will believe i mean nobody of course his point followers but decent people will ask themselves is it doing good because this is what is the interest of israel right now oh it's his interest to distract the attention of the public opinion from his own problems yes i come back to that said you know events in don't really know how strongly it is there's a long way to take a hand he retained the numbers to get back into power in april so he has the full support of his party right now the thing is because it's
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a parliamentary system he only really needs about twenty twenty five percent of the vote and it's the other parties that are going to fall in line meaning it's the right. of center parties and it's the religious parties it's the block and that's what this whole thing is and that's all the messaging that's going on right now is he's all that every time he mentions a name got sloppy to its left and then he'll tack on the arabs they're going to use the arabs which is really sort of a racist comment because there's a one point two million arab citizens in israel and if you're saying they can't be part of the government that's really not the right thing to say in a democracy and he's been saying that so he's scaring the people that might consider going to guts and lobbied by saying the only way they're getting into is a with those israeli arabs and we know those israeli arabs they don't have our best of interests at heart so again there's a reason he passed the nation state law a few months ago it's successful very successful among most israelis but specifically among the likud voters and everyone on the right and he's going to
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play on those themes up to the election and all he wants is the block right now so you'll see the extent that people are they going to buy into that and overlook the fact that this case is going to be hanging over him if he wins this election it's going to be hanging in the best part of this year we don't know when the indictment if it actually happens will take place but it's going to be that it's going to be a distraction for him and he's got an awful lot of other issues to deal with no doubts we do see in the next forty days that in the time you know it's well it's a inciting against may know we've been citing is the media. what he calls the left but i think this is the time for the center least in the center left to to unite to send a very clear message that they want all of a. full full for the legal system that's one total of eight hundred sites meant against minorities against
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a political opponents and maybe it's time that this debate is going go on to say yes the present a tip of the minorities. in the news there. with partners in the future government they're not aliens they're not against the country they're part of the country they're equal citizens and maybe there is a chance here though that i believe much that is going to happen but maybe there is a chance here to start in changing the discourse of incitement into something more constructive i think that's what the country needs at the moment you know somebody may view this in the context of the palestinian issue people who still take a step back and akiva they would perhaps be illegitimate question which is why would a prime minister be indicted for accepting bribes and drinking lots of pink champagne but not on the other hand killing hundreds of palestinian protesters the brilliant question laura. i would first of all i would like to say that hopefully you know what's happening now with the incitement will be
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a real wake up call for the jewish minority as you know unprecedented there was the d.d. statement coming from a park and i'm very curious to see how many standing ovations he is going to get there when he will be one of the keynote speakers two weeks before the elections in the apex convention in april but i am afraid that the great damage than ateneo is doing is removing the most crucial issue these rarely palestinian conflict the occupation the settlements the breach of international law and this has been removed from the discourse and we are going to pay for it and well i hope that perhaps. president trump will save us and will put forward his blueprint and the israeli public will have to make up his mind as
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trump said few months ago if you don't go forward if there is no progress in a two state solution you will going to get a bill mollison as your prime minister so perhaps you know he will save us from ourselves indeed i mean that's the thought isn't it mitchell trumps deal with a good deal of the century for signals that you back on the terry table at the what extent do you think this is all a distraction for israel. the deal i mean you know it's they're going to use it it's and you know will again use it because he successfully campaign the last time as being the one who said i can counter obama because they're going to put pressure on israel now so he's going to say the same thing what i would like to go back to is it was something that yossi said is you know we did polls among israeli arabs israeli arab citizens for the konrad adenauer foundation a year and a half ago and we asked them specifically what conditions would you go into the government we presented the results at tel aviv university with member of knesset
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i'm an o. did there and he was very encouraged because a third of israeli arabs said under the right conditions an israeli arab parties should go in the government and another ten percent said you know we don't want to go in but we could support it from the outside so that's a considerable amount of people that are ready to participate so i think that you know if we're talking about a middle east democracy democracy means everyone not only everyone is equal everyone can and should partake and has a responsibility to partake and that includes being government and if they are going to different disenfranchised people before that's a problem it's been a really interesting discussion we have we do have to finish that it's going to be that we have very interesting and that action to keep an eye on as well thank you very much to all of our guests today you'll see michael back and mitchell back. and thank you to you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting a website. called and of a discussion to go to all facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j.
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inside story you also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me laura kyle and the whole team here by fanaa. modish on our new jersey. maggi haasan debates discusses and dissects the big issues of our times and had tags five years after the revolution focuses in ukraine but have a chance to offer a verdict on what's come since. in
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a powerful new film residents of occupied east jerusalem show that to its own its cost present and future. leaders will gather for the thirtieth arab league summit in china ziad join us for coverage and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military in me and ma. ma ch on i'll just sierra. last and abandoned. found and say. what i want to east reveals how one shower is giving pakistan's lost children a new chance at life on al-jazeera. this week's price a new method of cremation is helping him to transition become more environmentalists friendly and we visit a danish community in to have taken sustainability to new heights just over there on the rise in the sun so i only know they are officially one hundred percent
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renewable. and look at that this is. the energy right generated. on al-jazeera. santa maria here in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera the indian pilot taken captive by pakistan has been released in what is all about scoring a gesture of peace wing commander the man who walked back across the border two days after his plane was shot down in the disputed kashmir region. one of you all of us all indians on how freaking hard and dark so was he to be back on his country .


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