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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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the return that could help wind down tensions over kashmir the indian pilot shot down in pakistan is now back on its side of the border. and this is all just in a live from doha also coming up in frustration in algeria as protesters fed up with their president demonstrate against his bid for the fifth time. canada says it will allow the extradition case against what ways i could have been one to go ahead
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a decision china firmly opposed to use. u.s. politicians give the white house three days to turn over documents on security clearance to reports that president donald trump's son in law received special treatment. about pakistan has been to hospital for a checkup after being freed been undone vaught the man was welcomed at the border two days after his plane was shot down in the disputed kashmir region pakistan says his release is a gesture of peace india's prime minister has praised the pilot for his exemplary courage reports from new delhi. at the walk a border crossing in punjab wing commander i've been on the environment is released from pakistani custody back to india two days after the aircraft was shot down.
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as if to do were it was the last one hundred percent you're all going to never want to get an obvious they couldn't afford to do the mission they didn't ever going to take up the credit card you know to me because the officer has had to take from an arab in ridgewood have orders and dad already on ok interest. is happy to have i mean i got him back a former colonel in the indian army says at best the decision to hand him over so quickly has been begrudgingly welcomed by india but that doesn't do enough to overcome this lingering mistrust of mistrust that have been generated by this pakistan for men to terrorism and support to the insurgency in kashmir these are the real key issues kashmir terrorism. the celebrations at the border are unlikely to last long as the roots of the kashmir dispute remain deep seated as attempts are
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made to deescalate tensions between india and pakistan continue to complain they're the ones caught in the middle and those from india and mr kashmir accuse the indian government of not doing enough for them not just now but over many years. before the pilot's release there was a funeral in indian administered kashmir it was for woman killed by shelling between india and pakistan that began on wednesday across the line of control that divides mere people here complain they always suffer when pakistan and india fight and there is renewed concerns about the indian government's policies in india administered kashmir a new crop of young educated people they have taken to. this is something which is unprecedented that this former kashmiri civil servant made news for resigning from his post to protest against the government in new delhi's policies policies he says are far more militaristic leaving no room for peaceful negotiation. the old
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institutions of dialogue negotiation those being kind of becoming irrelevant and no important and no significant political initiative from delhi has been there for last. the indian government has long complained that pakistan supports groups who promote violence and push mir whoever is to blame for the under arrest in the disputed region all these indians want to do for now celebrate the release of their pilot as jamil al jazeera you delhi which of stacy is a former u.s. state department official and he says both sides need to act to diffuse the situation and that the u.s. has taken a backseat role this time. india might try something else i mean they seem to be celebrating it in their pilot back but they lost two aircraft overall for this thing to resolve you know moving forward pakistan has to rein in joshua homage in a couple of other groups in the indians need to pull back some of their troops in you know respect human rights
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a little better both have nuclear weapons now yet they do things that the u.s.s.r. and us would never have done during the cold war in gauge each other like this and that's what the international community has been so concerned about you've got things like the u.s. sitting this one out which is a big surprise normally the u.s. is right in there with secretaries of state even presidents getting on the line with both sides and that's been virtually absent in this instance partly because the trumpet administration is so neglectful in state department terms and partly because they're probably sitting this one out you've seen the u.s. south asian strategy target pakistan in a way that node ministration has done before except in private so there's that sort of amateurish element that we've seen on display in north korea recently washing say vietnam and pakistan's foreign minister is boycotting a meeting of the organization of islamic cooperation because india was invited shot mahmoud question he is skipping the owaisi the events in abu dhabi he's sending the
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lower rungs officials instead it actually says india is not a member of the fifty seven nation organization india's external affairs minister is attending as a guest of honor she wants pressure to be put on countries that support what she's calling terrorism. if you want to see if they can meet. and friend that gets to dismantle the infrastructure that they're just can't. stop thinking in shape they're that get it. based in that country under it's of thousands of people have rallied across algeria demanding that their eighty one year old president calls out next month's elections abdelaziz bouteflika has been in power for twenty years and plans to run for a fifth term but protesters across the country say he is unfit for the job and he barker reports. they are the biggest demonstrations in algeria in decades
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this is the country's capital algeria's. a similar scenes in several other cities that demanded the country's ailing president abdulaziz beautifully co withdrawals from the country's forthcoming presidential election. the student led protests have been growing in recent days ever since the eighty one year old leader issued a statement announcing his intention to run for a fifth term algerian journalists have also joined the growing demonstrations calling for greater press freedom and political reform. was elected president in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. but after suffering a debilitating stroke six years ago he's rarely seen in public and hasn't given a speech in years here he is in twenty seventy two frail to cast his ballot without help. demonstrators say he's too weak to leave. it's widely believed the country is really run by a group of military and civilian advisors who failed to find
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a successor to ensure the continuity of the country's leading party the national liberation front the parties repeatedly said the elections will be free and transparent beautifully care presided over the end of the bloody algerian civil war in two thousand and two and a return to international affairs following decades of isolation. but demonstrators say it's time for algeria's longest serving head of state to retire from politics leave al jazeera the taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack on an army base in afghanistan which killed at least twenty three afghan soldiers the shit about base in helmand province is shared by afghan and american troops though the u.s. says it's sector didn't come under threat the afghan defense ministry says twenty attackers including eight suicide bombers were killed i level talks between the u.s. and taliban are expected to resume in doha later on saturday u.s.
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president donald trump has asked china to lift all tariffs on american agricultural products he says it's because trade talks between the world's two biggest economies are progressing well trump is also pointed out that he didn't didn't impose the twenty five percent friday as you know regionally planned china and the u.s. are negotiating their way out of a trade war that seen tit for tat hypes in tahrir since last year. a canadian judge will decide next week if a top white way executive should be extradited to the u.s. canada as government has approved an extradition hearing from main ones to the chief financial officer of the chinese tech giant is under house arrest after being detained three months ago at the request of the us government mangan weiwei faced charges of conspiring to violate sanctions on iran the case triggered a diplomatic row between canada and china roslyn jordan has more from washington d.c.
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. there are four countries involved in the case of joe the chief financial officer of the chinese high tech firm hawk way huawei has a subsidiary based in tehran called sky cop but ms money is alleged by the us government of lying about what sky com did and what sky comms relationship to is she also is accused of lying to us banks about the relationship between way and sky com it's so much so that these banks were at risk of running afoul of u.s. sanctions and possibly being fined and it's officials being jailed for allowing iranian money to come through the u.s. financial system the situation is this the u.s. wants to bring this monkey to brooklyn for trial on these charges the canadians have detained ms monk who has two homes in british columbia and they're trying to work out when she can actually be extradited there's
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a hearing coming up on march sixth however just because she has this hearing to try to fight her proposed extradition doesn't mean that money will be coming to the united states any time soon for its part beijing is disgusted and upset that the canadian government is trying to move ahead with efforts to extradite ms monk to the united states it says that not only other charges against. unfounded they're accusing both canada and the united states of engaging in a kind of political witch hunt and they say that they are going to do what is possible to try to release ms monk from this legal complication as well as to try to clear walkways name. still ahead on al-jazeera venezuela's opposition leader continues his tour of latin american nations trying to shore up support to oust the president. and warnings that decades of progress in the fight against measles could be undone as a number of cases souls worldwide. halloway
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it may now be march when to prevent use in a good part of the u.s. all the northeastern states the great lakes and back to the the plains this is cold enough any to drop snow and of course in california story's been a huge amount of rain and snow but the rain principally producing flooding in there's more to come on saturday night this line that runs across colorado and towards us was rough in new york the coldest to the north and that cold is sinking slowly sag and i but it is all the same so it's bringing the snow sas as well you know as far south as kentucky and certainly up towards d.c. so huge amounts of snow the temperatures dropping behind minneapolis a high by day of minus sixteen in chicago has dropped to
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a high have about minus three on sunday winter's not finish for the u.s. after all the caribbean is seeing slow changes here but all clad in a daily basis showers more likely in jamaica and cuba and increasingly costa rica as an example nicaragua and maybe honduras not greatly but more cloud generally speaking in the area and the fairly familia shaper of rain takes the biggest showers from northern bolivia sue brazil down towards rio and sao paolo where they have been heavy. lost and abandoned. found and say. one on one east reveals how one char she is giving pakistan's lost children a new chance along. and this was different not that whether someone is going for someone's favorite but this kind of thing it's how you approach an
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official and not that it is a certain way of doing it you can't just five story and fly out. you're watching our visitor a reminder of our top stories this hour the indian pilot taken captive by pakistan has been released in what islamabad is calling a gesture of peace going commando i mean and on the vote the man was welcomed at the border two days after his plane was shot down in the disputed kashmir and. hundreds of thousands of people have rallied across algeria over president abdelaziz bouteflika is planning to run for the fifth next month police fired tear
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gas at some protesters in algiers but the demonstrations were mostly peaceful. a canadian judge will decide the next week if a top huawei executive should be extradited to the u.s. but once who is under house arrest up to being detained at washington's request she's accused of conspiring to violate sanctions on iran. venezuela's opposition leader is in argentina rallying support across latin america to have president nicolas maduro removed bill has already met the leaders of brazil and he's vowing to return to venezuela as early as next week that he's a boat reports. one way though is touring latin america to thank those leaders who have come out in support of his bid to replace me as venezuela's president they're members of the so-called group and why though says their support is crucial in this i want that i will be returning to caracas soon to continue carrying out the judy
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that i swore to and that all of venezuela swore to we're going to continue mobilizing in the streets of venezuela despite the risks and even the death threats the opposition leader was banned by the government from leaving venezuela on a tour that's already taken him to brazil imperiled why but while he's away the united states is promising to keep up the pressure on the government of. this time new sanctions on those who prevented food and medical supplies from the united states entering venezuela but the united states has imposed new visa restrictions on individuals responsible for undermining venezuela's democracy we are applying this policy to numerous. law and officials and their families. enduros supporters the abuser violate human rights steal from the venezuelan people or undermine venezuela's democracy are not welcome in the united states but if the us tries to
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isolate my woulda been a swell less leader is turning even more to russia for support he's ordered the european union based office of the state oil company to move to moscow in an attempt to bypass recent economic sanctions imposed by the united states we saw me watching just the sort of rudeness should we cooperate closely and coordinate our actions in the international arena and at the moment our cooperation is gaining special importance on the circumstances of venezuela facing a frontal attack on a shameless intervention into its internal affairs we will categorically counteract such attempts and will be defending the ideals norms and principles of the united nations. with why though out of the country the big question is when he will be able to return to doing so will allow him to continue challenging the calamitous legit ima see inside the country with a united opposition front that was divided until he came along. when i cited.
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security forces in somalia have shot dead three al shabab fighters wending a standoff following a bomb attack in a hotel in the capital the fighters held out for several hours in a building next to the central city hotel in mogadishu before being overwhelmed by special forces and the army at least twenty nine people were killed in the suicide bomb attack on the market hotel on thursday night. a group of u.c.d. women and children have returned to iraq after being held by eisold in syria for four years three women and eighteen children were welcome back to an easy town north of st john mountain community leaders say more than three thousand jeezy's remain unaccounted for the u.n. says i suppose campaign of murder and sexual assault against the zs amounts to genocide the white house has been given until monday to hunt over documents detailing security clearances and follows reports u.s. president donald trump ordered his son in law's shadow cushion or to be given top
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clearance trump has previously denied he had any role in coach and security pass shihab rattansi reports. question his appointment as a senior advisor to president trump was controversial the president had tangled business affairs but no political or diplomatic experience yet he was given some of the world's most complex issues to oversee on behalf of the u.s. failed to report various contacts with foreign officials like the russian ambassador to the u.s. on his initial security clearance application but was granted an interim security clearance nonetheless that allowed him to view top secret information as well as even more confidential resources known as sensitive compartmented information he could see the president's daily intelligence report and attend classified briefings security at the white house was tighten them in february of twenty eighteen and those with interim clearances were no longer allowed to view top secret and above information pending review and that included at the time the president said it would be up to his chief of staff to review question
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a status so that will be up to general kelly general kelly respects general lot and general kelly will make that call i won't make that call and earlier this year donald trump said the eventual granting of a top secret security clearance to question a had been out of his hands and. i was never involved with a security i know that he you know just from reading i know that there was issues back and forth. about security for. the numerous people actually but i don't want to get involved in that stuff we just swaraj general kelly but according to the new york times john kelly felt he was wanted to get questioned about top secret security clearance and was so worried he wrote a memo to that effect the white house counsel don mcgowan also put the concerns that the cia and other intelligence agencies have about krishna into writing the white house says it doesn't comment on security clearances following donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen's testimony this week about how trump interacts with
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his subordinates there are questions as to whether kelli was actually ordered or just felt he was being pressured to grant question about security clearance but. congressional democrats are vowing to pursue this further and are demanding answers as to what derogatory information officials had on kirshner that made them reluctant to give him clearance and why president trump concealed his role in overruling their recommendation they have been multiple reports that various foreign powers including the u.a.e. china israel and mexico have been intercepted having private conversations about their hope to exploit cushion his inexperience and business debts to their advantage the crown prince of saudi arabia was once quoted as saying he had cushion a quote in his back pocket cushion himself has been in the middle east this week as he prepares his long touted deal of the century for the region friday's news will be another blow to his authority shihab rattansi al-jazeera washington. the seventeen palestinians have been shot and wounded by israeli security forces during protests along gaza's barrier fence gaza's health ministry says three paramedics
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and a journalist were among those hurt by tear gas and rice came a day after the un human rights council accused israel of committing crimes against humanity during last year's protests. some mosque compound are back in control of a meeting hall that's been closed for sixteen years by an israeli court order is a tension over who controls the area led to the arrest then release of the cleric who helps administer the compound but ends with reports from occupied east jerusalem. this was a rare success for muslim worshippers who'd faced down israeli police over access to a hole in the x. a compound the most a gate was sealed by the police sixteen years ago because a court had banned a hamas affiliated group that met here the group was long ago despondent says alexis custodians but the police have consistently refused to unlock the chains so
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the worshippers did. the mercy gate is an integra part of a and we sacrifice everything we have including ourselves including our children to the mosque the trust to walk says locking the gate is another example of israel trying to assert itself inside the x. a compound of the roots of this discrete he's who controls the holy sites beyond that gates now israel claims sovereignty over all of east jerusalem but includes here in the old city on the now ex a compound but in nineteen sixty seven jordan and israel agreed that the jordanian managed islamic trust would look after affairs inside the compound while israel would manage security outside. groups of jewish ultranationalists escorted by police regularly visit the site and in increasing numbers to them this is the temple mount non muslims are allowed to visit but not pray the ultranationalists
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one rule changed. and earlier this week the israeli agriculture minister paid one of his regular visits to the mercy gate. told israeli radio he'd like a synagogue built here i was to me and see all this as provide. but it never every muslim has the right to interfere and pray in the midst seagate who for many years the occupations unjust measures have stopped us praying year thank god today we prayed and held the friday prisoner. untouched for sixteen years the mercy gate hole now needs extensive renovation will also lead approval from the israeli police who inspected the site this week only they can grant permission for building materials to be allowed in burnet smith al-jazeera in occupied east jerusalem. you know there is warning of a global surge in the number of cases of measles the agency says complacency and conflict are threatening to undo decades of work to contain the disease it says
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that in two thousand and eighteen ninety eight countries reported a big increase in cases compared to previous years ten countries contributed three quarters of the increase including conflict crane and yemen but also wealthier nations like france according to the world health organization one hundred and thirty six thousand people died from the virus last year the global health body blamed what it called vaccine hesitancy my cannas got more from the united nations . it's a disease that's more contagious than a bolo influenza but it can be prevented by a simple readily available vaccine. and yet in a number of countries including some once declared measles free cases of the disease on the rise unicef and its partners are supporting governments urgently to reach millions of children in countries around the globe milesians is a highly contagious viral disease which remains an important cause of death among
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young children globally despite the availability of safe effective and in the expensive vaccines some health workers contend that the increasing cases of the disease now is a direct consequence of successful vaccination campaigns in the past as a result we relaxed and the general population began thinking that the vaccination was perhaps not necessary so the uptake in vaccinations dropped which means the number of the vaccinated population declined and with that we lost protection in a number of regions some are posed to vaccinations for personal religious or medical reasons this is the case in our a gun in the u.s. described as an anti vaccination hotspot last month health officials declared a public emergency after at least fifty cases of measles were confirmed in january alone and the situation is more critical in war zones like yemen where diseases
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like measles are made even worse by widespread malnutrition nearly sixteen thousand cases of the disease were reported last year at least two hundred sixty children died yet despite the ongoing conflict there more than eleven million children were vaccinated last month alone the stress the beginning in a new global fight against an old and deadly enemy. mike hanna al-jazeera united nations. nearly two thousand workers at a factory in the u.s. state of pennsylvania have gone on strike there are unhappy it changes to their pay and conditions it's the first major strike in the manufacturing industry in the u.s. since president donald trump came to power there were others on the report some easy and sylvania. david plato works the factory floor assembling train locomotives he said third
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generation from his family who has worked at the plant but today he's out in front of the factory on strike one of more than one thousand seven hundred welders and machine operators who are fighting to keep their jobs report for america no longer a race to the bottom we're tired of it so we're making a stand right here the general electric plant is now under new ownership web tech a conglomerate that generates eight billion in revenue is the new owner protesting workers picketing and all the entrances to the plant say the new company wants to cut pay for new workers and force overtime something web tech says is standard practice for the industry and that's exactly the problem according to the union boss workers' wages and rights are being stripped every day from country to country location location state to state here in the united states and at some point you know american workers are going to have to take a stand and say we've had enough the last time union members here at this plant in
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erie one strike was fifty years ago right now this is the biggest strike in the manufacturing industry anywhere in america in the last three years so far this strike has not gotten the attention of president donald trump whose election victory was largely thanks to his popularity in places like erie fueled by campaign promises to protect good paying manufacturing jobs according to a local economist the number of manufacturing jobs in erie have been cut in half in the last decade reflecting the trend in the industry across the united states the trends from technology that affect the labor market with the competitive pressures do to cope with zation that affect the labor market unfortunately those are what we see as the major reasons why we see lots of disruptions but for david paletta and his factory floor coworkers this is a stand that they won't back down from well if they are here for as long as it
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takes. mind years whatever it takes for workers determined to protect their jobs no matter what. erie pennsylvania. lots more on the web site al-jazeera dot com. here are these are the top stories from the indian pilot taken captive by pakistan has been released in what islamabad is calling a gesture of peace. the man was welcomed at the border two days after his plane shot down in the disputed kashmir region on earth you all of us all indians are happy to have him back so. can you when he. comes to his country you're going to i think he was. very emotional.
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happiness in his eyes. wandered to thousands of people of iran laid across all geria over president abdelaziz bouteflika plan to run for the fifth term next month police fired tear gas at some protesters in algiers but the demonstrations were mostly peaceful security forces in somalia have shot dead three fighters ending a standoff following a bomb attack in a hotel in the capital of fighters held out for several hours in a building next to the central city hotel in mogadishu before being overwhelmed by special forces and the army at least twenty nine people were killed in the suicide bomb attack on the. hotel on thursday night. the taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack on an army base which killed at least twenty three afghan soldiers the base in helmand province is shared by afghan and american troops though the u.s. says it sector didn't come under threat. a group of years eve the woman and children
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have returned to iraq after being held by iceland syria for four years the three women and eighteen children were welcomed back to a new zealand town north of sin john monckton community leaders say more than three thousand eight hundred eighty s. and remain unaccounted for i can a.d. and judge will decide the next week if a top weiwei executive should be extradited to the u.s. while one zoo is under house arrest after being detained at washington's request is accused of conspiring to violate sanctions on iran u.s. president donald trump is china to lift all tariffs on american agricultural products he says it's because trade talks between the world's two biggest economies are progressing well china and the u.s. are trying to negotiate a way out of a trade war those are the headlines coming up next on al-jazeera it's one or one east wife and i. and monday put it well on the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west
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africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to full drive. five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. thousands of children are abandoned. every. other countries want to. babies born out of wedlock considered shameful. some even left to die. one woman is trying to save the children no one wants.


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