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tv   Hamilton Mourao  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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by afghan and american troops though the u.s. says its sector didn't come under threat because president donald trump has asked china to lift all tariffs on american agricultural products he says it's because trade talks between the world's two biggest economies are progressing well china and the u.s. are trying to negotiate a way out of a trade war that started last year a canadian judge will decide next week if a top weiwei executive should be extradited to the u.s. when one jew is under house arrest after being detained at the washington's request she's accused of conspiring to violate sanctions on iran. seventeen palestinians have been shot awarded by israeli security forces during protests along gaza's body of friends a day earlier the un human rights council accused israel of committing crimes against humanity but. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world
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so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. and. you can watch it all. see. brazil the largest country in south america home to the amazon rain forest and one of the most famous carnivals in the world it is now ruled. he was elected after the worst political scandal in brazil's history known as operation car wash that saw dozens of businessmen and politicians arrested and accused of corruption among them former president. in a cold war cool georgia thought that are so near to zero who do their job softly because i live in the city they're tired of it so if you follow this.
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loser don't dismiss the told don't call it's got to go out. even though he was a member of congress for almost thirty years or so neither was seen as an outsider who promised to fight corruption and crime and help brazil recover from a deep economic crisis now his challenge is to do that without angering crucial allies like china and the arab world with his new foreign policy agenda that's taking his country closer to israel and the united states. still recovering from a knife attack last year is hoping to pass crime and pension rick. orms but many question his lack of policies to fight inequality and protect minorities. in brazil yeah we've come to the brazilian capital to talk to the man who feels himself as the sword and the shield of president. vice president of rescue time moves on without top flight zero. zero zero
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a first question this political crisis in venezuela right now. we know that you're in a military attaché in the country do you believe the armed forces will remain loyal to an equal i don't know well what happened is that the army forces in venezuela they are part of this process that's happening there ok my infusion that they are trying to find a solution. because. not only the armed forces have weapons and been as well they are do believe. we have the drug gangs so the armed forces are right moment they are trying. to find a solution a peaceful solution ok so that the country can be back on its tracks again but that leadership remains noir why is that. well i don't have enough
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information to tell you why. i just can't understand that the lawyer because they see mr mudd who is to the man in power. how do you see i mean do you believe that there should be a change in government for many. well. only for you know who was born with the later presidents who shot his. well proved to be not good for the country stronger the oil industry destroyed their internal production. they put people against people and so today given israel an economy stupidly shattering their social tissue shattering so of course they need a change of government right now i think rationing the building up there is not tension what you agree or how do you feel about the possibility of united states
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intervention well brazil as a long tradition we don't intervene in town or firs of other countries because we don't like aus they have our internal affairs be subject to intervention of now some of the people so i think the united states will stay in and push and proceed position like he is today ok making their politics go in economic sanctions and waiting for divan as well as to resolve a problem but right now the us is having an active role in what's happening in venezuela you do not agree with that well they are making the pressure that they can to the oppression and the political sides like i said recognizing mr gwadar. presence ok make an economic pressure. freezing the assets that have been as well
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as have in the us and now zeus' ryan by pressuring of the you many times in eight ok to search for a breakpoint in the stalemate that the venezuelans are leaving right now and that tension has cost mostly by getting aid into the country. how do you see in the next few days unfolding i mean once you agree for brazilian soldiers to take that aid into venezuela we must of course not we're not going to inspect the border ok what are the what are you can do we can put supplies on your board and if they've been as well as want they can come and get it but i don't think this will work ok because as you see from road i am a river it's almost a thousand kilometers and all these is that empty space in venezuela so there is not enough population there to come to brazil when to to reach for supplies i
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think that the main points for g.'s humanitarian aid would be the ports and hours of the border was colombia. and just announced that they were shutting down the border with the president why do you think they're doing this well i see what you want to stop venezuelan people that are coming to brazil now so if for instance if they see that we're going to put supplies in their size of border going to stop this to happen but they can be and they can be real real cool because this is not going to happen so there is only going to stay on the brazilian side of avoiding war those who want to cross of course if you if you pass the border it is that act of aggression we are not going to do this verbal good you are moving to the laws with the laws of the law so it is not so nice. but was it good to live with. you possible as it was there's been several changes in brazil
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foreign policy. the president and yourself took office one of them is also in the relationship with the united states and at some point there were talks about the possibility of a base a military base here in the country is that still an option no this is not an option we never sought to buy. use it what mr bush will not have said is there were bays in the current that are can be used or rented for diminishes but not an american base and is a deal that has to pass by congress so it's nonsense just another changing foreign policy is the relationship when asked well now we're also talking about moving the embassy to jerusalem is that still the case well what happened is the president wants to have a different kind of relation to see israel and relations from state to state they always search for mutual benefit that's what you want so this question of the
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changing of the embassy in my opinion some minor question if the president will decide about the is it will be after i next sauced if this thirty of the many problems that can happen we still because it could generate tensions with allies to with arab countries along on a fad this is one of the points but there are some other points too we tire well we have some agreements now and also the problem of the u.n. break of the nation of both countries ok the palestinians and israelis i think this is not a big issue today but the lead story is the divorce arc you know out of all the a good. yeah for those who are as it does who knows. if those storekeeper has gone there if my is about this new computer that is twisted is if you do more does your do like our barcode there was yet you defend your budget is
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it given that he is apologize. or because you obviously have no mere to do this if you lose you do put there due to the regret is not good your view does divorce it is just twenty five years it was eleven she would have thought those little guys not separately but so so like i said whatever the space was you being you are going to your budget is that you brought up that you see the legitimate their fears are one of the reasons why you were elected was because the brazilian people want tired of corruption. we were talking to many people in brazil and they said that things needed to change but yet one member of the cabinet cabinet was recently fired because of corruption what do you think should be the response by the government to phones are engaged in corrupt act for example well i think that the member of the government that was fired was
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not for cover ups and exclusively the problem was a question of confidence in the relationship that he had with our president but our government like to say it was elected to fight and compete against bad administration and corruption we are not going to deal and pass our hands in the heads of people that commit this kind of crime and as you see you know mr morris sent out a very have package dealing exactly this kind of crime we are not going to to accept this what you know where he joined the military during that question what's your opinion about those times and. well there are very good times ok i say we didn't have a dictatorship we had a period of military presence ok people that came from the army they had screen
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some years an instrument had gave them a bigot for. the we were in the middle of the cold war we had people here they wanted to install in brazil another kind of dictatorship let them see it is ok to believe the indian marxists. and marxists. who often meant ok so. during that period ok in the fight that happened. so in both sides some five hundred people died in a county of ninety million so it was a very soft problem when you see two dated sixty thousand people were murdered in brazil. what a people were tortured and they weren't counted and couldn't vote for president. well that was the moment they could vote for their representatives in congress for instance in the one nine hundred seventy four elections the opposition won almost
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every place in the congress ok then in early eighty's when we had elections for governors every state was ruled for a position in government so i think it's history we underlies this in some more for twenty thirty years when most actors will be gone when the president and yourself are electronic form factors and brazil are afraid and they were saying and military's coming back and again and eight members of your cabinet that are former members of the military do you think that they are a threat to democracy. of course not out them ocracy is a very strong our democracy survived the p.t. governments because they want to stay forever in power ok our democracy. has the balance of powers very very straight ok there is active does his job
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there's just lots of does the job they do charge system does the job. the president chose military people for his cabinet this is normal. and these guys are here working civilians not military the ahmed force they are doing only their job loss and more than that i don't see an spread for democracy in brazil. one of the rule of now and the president has said in the past that. he. unworn members of security forces that count criminal. have policies such as this one well what happened that we are dealing with so war in brazil drug war ok you have a lot of narco guerrillas here a this state is not doing its paper it's the state was born ok so that people could have an umbrella for them so that security would be if
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ok in the streets in the house so we have to deal with this sometimes the president uses strong words for the fight that we're having you see that every year more than one hundred two hundred policemen are killed here in brazil. that's not happens in other kinds in other countries of the ward so we have to work hard in this it's not all. we did the repression was the police the police work we have to deal with. the our provisional system and we have to do with our law enforcement system and and we have to work with the social system to the government has is now proposing afghans and reform to save three hundred billion dollars from the economy what other things they need need to happen to jump starting the brazilian economy well what happens is we have a deficiency budget ok and our fiscal problems very heavy we have today some forty
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billion dollars ok of depth to every year we are paying a marshall plan every year of just deb's almost one hundred billion dollars a year and is split the country completely tie it in the country stop it so. and we have this pension system reform we have to have a tax system reform we have to. capes. brook. system ok things in brazil are very regulated we have to work and regulate brazil i think once we can do this the country will go to a moment of good progress for many many reforms that had crime corruption and do you think you'll be able to pass at a congress well we have to deal with this is not easy but if was easy it
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was not for us ok i can tell you this so we have to convince the congress we have to talk with forever congress member we have also to create to convince the population of been assessed you would use reforms you know this is democracy democracy works that this way. if was a dictatorship where you should say ok it's a deal send all we have to talk with everybody when the stand is there as i think you said before many we form has to be made but still no meaningful legislation to address the problems that affect minorities black people women indigenous communities do you believe that they need special legislation or for the government to start thinking of legislation that will protect them in some way while they are protected because our constitution is a very huge one. there. are echoes to sion ok but that's everybody here discuss the problem of human rights and the minorities
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i don't feel i'm protected here in brazil. and their government he looks very. it has a very good look for do this nobody is going to be produced here in brazil. so what what do you think off there for example we have been talking to some people from the gay community one of them is that lawmaker that says that he had to leave the country because of death threats and many people said that they were leaving the country because they were afraid about many of the comments that president what would you tell them well first of all they had to prove that. they were affected by this kind of pressures second i don't see i walk in the streets i don't see anybody ok fighting with gay people ok these have their lives i think
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here in brazil we have the biggest gay parades of the woods and have against the biggest death and killings off of members south and g.t.t. also because we have a lot of them to our population is more than two hundred million we have a lot of gay people here in brazil and they are not killed because they are gays we are cool because all the crimes that happens is. a kind of people want sixty thousand people were killed here in brazil some of them from the gay community i don't see a gay persecution here in brazil so you don't think that lawmakers are unwilling laughter and that the death threats lee received when real mr john we should have stayed here in brazil and represent the people that voted him he should be in congress doing his work. what do you think i mean poverty is a vacation inequality is a vacation in brazil what is going on and what is this government i don't know in order to to resolve it well to resolve poverty here in brazil we are going to need
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a lot of time but we have to improve already investments in education and has helps a. social security system because what we believe we believe the two to suppress poverty we have to put everybody in the same point at the line of the portrait ok for people who receive a good education if they had assess a good health ok they can get a good job and so he can get progress through their lives that's why we have to do . of course that some of them has to be assisted by the states i think so you don't think that there needs to be special programs in order to fight inequality i mean it's just government assistance but no you know in a quite it's a serious problem i think the major. issue and many of the status especially northeast the country what happened in the equality is just what i've seen to do if
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people don't have access to education if they don't have at excess to help us be a going to stay in the lower side of this so show a resource show or a part of me it's ok so we have to give them. education we have to give them health once they get access to these ok they can get a good job they can progress because if they don't have this they will stay in the lower parts of our society is one of the laws that are you going to plan on one of the programs that you're planning to present to congress and finally this is not a problem of laws laws we have we have enough laws or we need to do is to enforce that this happens because you see money flows to every party in the world in brazil ok so that they have schools they have teachers they have hospitals ok but what happens with this money the corruption took it so what do we have to do to stop
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corruption and the money has to reach where it has to reach during the campaign there were talks that the government was planning to open up the amazones in some areas for agribusiness if they still make a stand something like that. our government were enjoying the campaign we never talked about this what happened we haven't laughed leant is able to the agriculture these newest ok we can be the barn of the world like they used to say we can feed the world we still and that we are already dealing with them as an rain forest is going to be preserved i've been there a lot of time and she's there and she's going to be there for centuries and i'm on indigenous communities where many say that they're under threat. they have their limits what do you want that they have jobs ok that they can produce to feed
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themselves ok to have access to or what they need they can't be preserved like animals in a zoo they have to have jobs. there are reports almost constantly about members of indigenous communities that are being killed by. a different type of our many terror groups among others i mean it's you know that this is happening about is this doesn't happen in brazil it doesn't happen this doesn't happen here in brazil you're going to have some problems in the area of part of where and we had the point where they had the culture of the border reaches the forest ok and we have a lot of let me see some fights between people who are trying to get to land that was not there ok with people that were trying to explore the woods woods in that in every forest ok but the police. system is dealing with us but
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the other states every single. turn campaign of president asked you not to talk to the press but you're still talking why in fact now the president didn't ask me not to talk was depressed the president just told me to be careful. and your are you being careful was. one last question and most vice presidents have a decorative role but your says in the not you have very strong opinions about many many things wanted to be president of a country and you know you don't want to be oppressed by very good as vice presidents ok the point that's what i was chosen by mr bo'sun are i'm ok with my position what is the most important role you play as vice president during this administration to be in this ward of my president i mean from now vice
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president of brazil and for talking to lunches here nice to meet you there is a. macho outages e.l.o. . maggi house on debates discusses and dissects the big issues of our times and head to heads five years after the revolution focuses in ukraine will have a chance to offer a verdict on what's come since. in a powerful new film residents of occupied east jerusalem share their thoughts on its past present and future. leaders will gather for the thirty s arab league summit in china ziad join us for coverage and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military in million mom march on i'll just sierra.
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the farts are. zero. where ever you are. the fact. the smallest place on the planet and one that could soon be lost forever with an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention to give the big i would say to a vast now it's
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a race against time to try and paint a species i think chrysler has in the measures the plan they've all extinction tag no zero. when the news breaks a few minutes ago we were able to hear a huge explosion fifty people are still missing when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told we need to invest in development me to invest in making sure the people are not left behind al jazeera has teams on the ground join us for this historic step in american politics to bring you more room we need documentaries and life on it and online it does look more and more like bangladesh is becoming a one party state give me one good reason why the opposition should have been voted to do party isn't the problem the human rights watch describes how opposition members have been arrested killed and even disappeared maybe have goes head to head
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with a gal who is going to fuck you do you want to do it develop and they don't is disputing the economic credibility you want on record as saying this is a development is not the same as democracy head to head on al-jazeera. the return that could help decrease tension over kashmir the indian pilot shot down in pakistan and is now back on his side of the border. about this and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in frustration in algeria as protesters say their president should not run for a fifth. says the extradition case against weiwei executives.


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