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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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and so we traded places took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. this is al jazeera. and this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes more death and devastation in kashmir after indian and pakistani troops exchanged fire. signs of a for the u.s. china trade standoff could a deal on towers be imminent. three you right here.
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landmark live. test launch that will pave the way to resume manned spaceflight in sport pacific island plans are set to vote on whether to boycott this year's rugby world cup or reactions for a proposal that samoa and fiji could be excluded from the new globally. least seven people have died in cross border shelling between india and pakistan in the disputed region of kashmir indian officials say a mother and two children were killed when pakistan the artillery fire has a house in indian administered kashmir pakistan's military says indian fires killed two civilians and two soldiers along the line of control tensions remain high after islamabad in new delhi said they shot down each other's jets on wednesday. the
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indian pilot captured by pakistan during those strikes has had a medical check up after being released wing commander of the man was welcomed at the border on friday two days after his plane was shot down in pakistan administered kashmir. reports from new delhi. at the walk a border crossing in punjab wing commander. on his release from pakistani custody back to india two days after his aircraft was shot down. as. the word was. passed. that you're all going. to go over. this pick up with particularly because the officer. from an airplane bridge would have orders and died aboard. is happy to have you gotten back a former colonel in the indian army says at best the decision to hand him over so
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quickly has been begrudgingly welcomed by india but that doesn't do enough to overcome this lingering mistrust years of mistrust that have been generated by this pakistan for men to terrorism and support to the insurgency in kashmir these are the real key issues kashmir terrorism. the celebrations at the border are unlikely to last long as the roots of the kashmir dispute remain deep seated as attempts are made to deescalate tensions between india and pakistan continue to complain they're the ones caught in the middle and those from india and mr mayor accuse the indian government of not doing enough for them not just now but over many years just before the pilots release there was a funeral in indian administered kashmir it was for woman killed by shelling between india and pakistan that began on wednesday across the line of control that divides mere people here complain they always suffer when pakistan and india fight
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and there is renewed concerns about the indian government's policies in india administered kashmir a new crop of young educated people they have taken to. this is something which is unprecedented that this former kashmiri civil servant made news for resigning from his post to protest against the government in new delhi's policies policies he says are far more militaristic leaving no room for peaceful negotiation but we have seen the old institutions of dialogue and. those being kind of becoming eleventh and nor important and no significant political initiative from delhi has been there for last few years. the indian government has long complained that pakistan supports groups who promote violence and push mir whoever is to blame for the under arrest in the disputed region all these indians want to do for now celebrate the release of their pilot jamil al jazeera you delhi.
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in the package no let up so the tensions in kashmir then so heigho. no not at all certainly not tension continues and we expect more sort of cross border skirmishes in terms of the military shelling in the coming hours i mean it hasn't really let up since wednesday when those fighter jets force a cross the region and i was as you mentioned in our faces report also told us that captured indian pilot released by the pakistanis late on friday will also on thursday we saw shelling that ended up and resulted in the death of one woman on the indian side of kashmir her funeral was on friday then later on friday we had the shelling that's just been alluded to again in june. and of course a mother and two young children were killed she was survived by her husband and
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this is what he said. north are now got them first i don't know what it was around nine o'clock at night when the heavy shelling started we were sleeping inside our room my kids got scared so i picked them up and ran to the other room i opened the door and as i was about to enter the room the shell landed destroying the house and killed the girl the boy and their mother. terrible time for that father to come to terms with not only does he has two children but also his wife and yet fifty miles around about fifty kilometers north of a small village of coolie it's much closer to the line of control that separates indian administered kashmir from pakistan administered kashmir and there the shelling is so severe or was so severe on friday that you're already there had to evacuate a number of people to a safe location so certainly the tension is not eased despite the fact that the focus might have been on this military pilot captured by the pakistanis and
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released back into india's care still a very tense location will be keeping an eye on it in the coming hours. all right sir raman there thanks so much for that us frozen dog trampas asked china to lift all tariffs on american agricultural products he says it's because trade talks between the world's two biggest economies are progressing the u.s. president pointed out he didn't impose twenty five percent tariffs on friday as he the originally planned china and the u.s. are trying to negotiate a way out of a trade war that seemed to catch hikes in tariffs since last year and drilling is a china affairs analyst joins us now from hong kong good to have you with us so the talk now is about how to remove tariffs is that a sign that this trade war is perhaps reaching an end. well i think that. the trade. disputes have or have already been you know sufficiently
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by the united states you know these worries are shared by some of the america's western allies in the sense that china's trade model is regarded as preparatory and then some of the practices translate into perceived intellectual property theft and force intellectual probably transfer and there's perceived to be a lack of resupply city in the opening of markets so all these worries that we had and they are central to the negotiations and i think that both sides are coming closer to it to one another. that china. is seeing that these concerns will. is affecting the investment environment in china and also risk the reputation of china's economy so i think that even before the trade war you
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know so china already introduced legislation protecting the lecture probably to foreign investors and opening up certain sectors and of course the recently undertaken to buy huge quantities of soybeans and other agricultural products as well as gas to balance the. kind of trade between the two sides so i think that both sides are coming together but on the other hand the trama administration i think is doubling down on foot of demand so we will see. what will happen eventually but i think that the prognosis is has been good so far. i wonder how long do you think the u.s. administration can double down use your words looking at some of the official us figures from the u.s. census bureau about the state of play with trade it does look like according to these official u.s. figures that the u.s.
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trade deficit with china has increased over the last you know compared to last year not decreased surely that's going to weigh in well i think that this kind of balance is is in fact a misplaced kind of emphasis because even if there is a balance of risk being restored it doesn't mean that the kind of products china selling to the united states. would be produced by the united states themselves because they're they tend to be kind of the low end kind of products and if the united states is not buying from china for the sake of the u.s. consumers the united states have got import from other countries so it's not going to address the the crux of the problem but i think the main problems have been highlighted to be china perceived intellectual property theft the lack of resupply
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the for market access for american companies as i said before even before the trade war china is already introducing areas. to try to address that the concerns good to get your thoughts on that thanks so much andrew along there well thank you very much. chief financial officer will appear in court next week after county that allowed an extradition request to proceed among one joe was arrested at vancouver airport in december the request of the u.s. government it accuses monkey and the chinese tech giant of conspiring to violate sanctions on iran the case triggered a diplomatic route between calendar and china beijing says it will be watching the case closely to the north very few justice will prevail in the end now in fact not only the chinese and canadian citizens but the whole world is extremely interested to hear how the canadian government answers this question now
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kurdish forces in syria say they expect the battle to retake eyesores last held area to be over soon u.s. backed syrian democratic forces pushed the final push against i saw in the village of booze on friday the last remaining group of civilians was evacuated just hours earlier thousands of people have left in recent weeks being taken to a camp near the iraqi border or sam nader is the director of the levant institute for strategic affairs he joins us now from beirut good to have you with us do you share the optimism of kurdish forces that this will be over soon. i mean yes this is the final battle i mean this is the ground operation that will clear what is remaining from. military forces but this does not mean that the isis threat is over let's keep in mind that isis is mainly an
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ideology. and the root causes of that led to the emergence of this. group are still there when it's comes to all the political settlement that still pending whether in iraq or in syria so that would courses that led to the emergence of this group remaining this is why the military operation is may be over however that is then and the chances are high that it will change the type of tactic that that he will be using and he will resort in my if you get ill type of operation instead of that classical type of food to warfare that we have been witnessing in syria lately so hang on sami basically what you're saying is that even if they
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take the goods this will not be the end of lysol they will just reform themselves into a different kind of existence instead of trying to hold fixed positions. definitely yeah definitely definitely not this is not and of isis at all and we have seen how isis and this kind of similar terrorist groups are now thriving in africa and i won't be surprised if these same groups will target. will target civilian or. military meant they would have military operation inside europe or the united states of america because all the grudges and political crisis that are still open that led to the emergence of this group are
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still there so definitely you cannot win the war against the system of military means only you need public diplomacy you need. restructuring it bought a restructuring of the education system and you need most of all economic development and in this area that saw the emergence of this group because what led to the emergence of this is the lack of economic development. lack of job opportunities and lack of hope when it comes to. the aspiration of large swathes of the population to a large participation in the political system and. a large swath of population wanting to be master of their own destiny
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so now what's what are the chances our how the political settlement look in syria this is the. unknown. political participation or a sunni community in iraq for instance this in a crisis unless this crisis come to a sustainable sacrament i don't think that that ice is then sure will be over will be over all right thank you very much sami now that is where chlorine was used as a weapon in the syrian town of duma by the investigation into last year's attack doesn't lay any blame the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons says it found reasonable grounds for toxic chemical was used while cannot say who was responsible duma was the final target of the syrian government's campaign to regain control of the eastern hold or suburbs of damascus from opposition fighters
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that have a device all in the northern iraqi town of sin jar in two thousand and fifteen has left a power vacuum the area is rife with competing armed groups vying for control lack of agreement among them is preventing thousands of people from the minority is the the community you fled i saw from returning home charles stratford reports from more. there's a piece of fears eisel either killed his wife or like many young women sold into slavery she disappeared in two thousand and fourteen when along with tens of thousands of other families from iraq's minority easy community they tried to flee the eisel offensive on sin john i saw was defeated in sin jar in november twenty fifth dean now his children and sick father are among a few use e.d.'s who have returned. with some of their wise advice a ruled over everything they sabotaged the lads and killed our relatives and
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neighbors what i saw was kicked out they left nothing behind we still don't have much left to eat or to drink. it's estimated around seventy percent of sin job was destroyed in the battle against isis but it's not just the delay in reconstruction that's preventing people from returning to their homes. there are various military forces and armed groups in the area but according to commanders little cooperation between them. what remains of the town of sin jar is in that direction behind the tile and you have a p.k. k. forces in control of that area to my left over those mountains there is the iraqi army and pro iran armed groups known as hash of a shabby i'm standing on a peshmerga position one of the main reasons why thousands of people cannot go back to singe are to try and restart their lives because of the lack of coordination between the various armed forces operating in this area. the us either you in
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turkey consider the kurdish p k k to be a terrorist organization it's been fighting for an independent kurdish state for more than thirty years. and there's been tension between the iraqi federal government and the semi autonomous kurdish regional government of northern iraq over disputed territories for decades. the various forces in and outside cin jaw aren't reaching consensus to better administer the town's political and security situation people are not returning to their homes because there's no long term solution being implemented by the authorities around two hundred thousand you c.d.'s have little choice but to live in poli equipped camps in the kurdish regional iraq who obama want this issue ation is critical that the political bickering and security tension among the various forces is overshadowing on the
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town's future the only solution to move forward is to pull all these forces out and let the people of the town decide their fate these edis often called iraq's forgotten people of the suffering some of the worst atrocities on the eisel political violence and distrust means they are now also struggling to rebuild their lives. more northern iraq. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including. hundreds of thousands of algerians take to the streets demanding their president should not run for a fifth term. more tell you why women in afghanistan taking advantage of peace talks to have their voices heard. in small roger federer is one win away from a historic title victory at the white championships.
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north korean leader kim jong un is on his way back home after four days in vietnam kim took a train from the china vietnam border he stayed on in hanoi for an official visit after denuclearize ation talks broke down with us for us from vietnam's relationship with the us was supposed to be an example for pyongyang it too was once considered an enemy of washington. diplomatic heritage james base is more from hanoi. well he stayed on here in vietnam for an extra two days because he has to take advantage of the fact he is here he runs an isolated country there are the most comprehensive sanctions on north korea of any country ever in the world so being here in the port and asian country one that's an economic powerhouse have seen growth well in the double figures for more than twenty years he needs to make
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relationships in places like this he has having gone to the tomb of coach him in to the more severe paid his respects to a man who was a contemporary of his own grandfather headed back to china and back on that train a very long journey all the way across china i think time for real reflection from the north korean leader did he overplay his hand by asking for so many sanctions to be lifted something that the americans thought was a step too far under step two this unlikely diplomatic process has been going now for a year since the winter olympics in that time there's always been a next step right now because of the collapse of these talks there really isn't a next step but i think it now falls to the south koreans and president moon he's talked about another summit with kim and they've talked about having that summit in seoul to build on their own. relationship between the two countries that summit if
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it takes place i think is now going to have to try to rescue the process. the parents of an american student who died after being detained in north korea are blaming leader kim jong un for his death this folk and after trump lavished praise on kim during the summits. died shortly after returning to the u.s. in two thousand and seventeen his parents accuse north korea of inflicting unimaginable cruelty and inhumanity on their son kim denies any knowledge of one be heir trumps been criticized for saying he believes north korea's leader. the white house has been given until monday to hand over documents giving details of security clearances it follows reports u.s. president donald trump. be given top level access trump has previously denied he had any role in question a security. council reports. question as appointment as a senior adviser to president trump was controversial the president had tangled
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business affairs but no political or diplomatic experience yet he was given some of the world's most complex issues to oversee on behalf of the u.s. failed to report various contacts with foreign officials like the russian ambassador to the u.s. on his initial security clearance application but was granted an interim security clearance nonetheless that allowed him to view top secret information as well as even more confidential resources known as sensitive compartmented information he could see the president's daily intelligence report and attempt classified briefings security of the white house was tightened them in february of twenty eighteen and those with interim clearances were no longer allowed to view top secret and above information pending review and that included at the time the president said it would be up to his chief of staff to review question a status so that will be up to general kelly general kelly respects share a lot and general kelly will make that call i won't make that call and earlier this year i don't trump said the eventual granting of top secret security clearance to
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question or had been out of his hands and jarrett i was never involved with the security i know that he you know just from reading i know that there was issues back and forth. about security for. for numerous people actually but i don't want to get involved in that stuff we just warring general kelly but according to the new york times john kelly felt he was wanted to get a question about top secret security clearance and was so worried he wrote a memo to that effect the white house counsel don mcgowan also put the concerns that the cia. and other intelligence agencies had about caution into writing the white house says it doesn't comment on security clearances and following donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen's testimony this week about how trump interacts with his subordinates there are questions as to whether kelly was actually ordered or just felt he was being pressured to grant question about security clearance but congressional democrats are vowing to pursue this further and are demanding answers
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as to what derogatory information officials had on kirshner that made them reluctant to give him clearance and why president trump concealed his role in overruling their recommendation they have been multiple reports that various foreign powers including the u.a.e. china israel and mexico have been intercepted having private conversations about their hope to exploit cushion his inexperience and business debts to their advantage the crown prince of saudi arabia was once quoted as saying he had cushion a quote in his back pocket cushion himself has been in the middle east this week as he prepares his long talented deal of the century for the region friday's news will be another blow to his authority if you have or can see al-jazeera washington. hundreds of thousands of people have rallied across algeria demanding their eighty one year old president pulls out of next month's elections abdulaziz beautifully guy has been in power for twenty years is planning to run for a fifth term but protesters say he's unfit for the job they've barker reports.
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they are the biggest demonstrations in algeria in decades this is the country's capital algiers the error similar scenes in several other cities that demanded the country's ailing president up to lizzie's political eco withdrawals from the country's forthcoming presidential election. the student led protests have been growing in recent days ever since the eighty one year old leader issued a statement announcing his intention to run for a fifth term algerian journalists have also joined the growing demonstrations calling for greater press freedom and political reform. flicka was elected president in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. but after suffering a debilitating stroke six years ago he's rarely seen in public and hasn't given a speech in years here he is in twenty seven t. too frail to cast his ballot without help. demonstrators say he's too weak to lead . it's widely believed the country's really run by
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a group of military and civilian advisors who failed to find a successor to ensure the continuity of the country's leading party but national liberation front the parties repeatedly said the elections will be free and transparent. the standard is not here who really is the. it's the group behind the group in the presidency backed up by the cynical economic burns the leading business. and the army and the security. who are trying to force their own choice to guarantee no continuity in power and that's a large areas really object to beautifully kept presided over the end of the bloody algerian civil war in two thousand and two and a return to international affairs following decades of isolation. but demonstrators say it's time for a serving head of state to retire from politics. well
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in a moment we'll have all the weather still ahead on al-jazeera but as white as opposition leader continues his tour of latin american nations trying to shore up support to oust president nicolas maduro and how the french president is going to an unlikely source says he tries to quell the protest movement against. his fortune interval and suffer a setback in the after disappearing champions league qualification and these here with that story. hello today the thermometer in hobart exceeded thirty nine agrees today second of march the fastest ways of forty or more right of privacy interior australia have to say this because summer time slot is officially over that is of course well
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significant you think thirty nine looks high in hobart it's thirty nine point one and yes it was a new record for the month of march and that follows of course the summer months of december january and february which has many records its second yeah second hottest on record at as many years now and this is subject to winds that keep it cool in the constant zoho it has been the hottest on record for those three months for west australia new south wales victoria and northern territory now the heat easterly dreamy way because remember you saw the cold front on there they usually gets hot just ahead and then cool afterwards well the hot just ahead unfortunately in this case is also hot and windy and you know of course sparked wildfires again in both tasmania and victoria now they were mostly started by the thunderstorms ahead of this cold front not hopeful aggressively but unfortunately being fanned by winds up to seventy kilometers per hour and it may well take at least
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a day for those winds to die down. the weather sponsored by qatar and. it does look more and more like bangladesh is becoming a one party state give me one good reason why the opposition should have been voted to do part isn't the problem the human rights watch describes how opposition members have been arrested or killed and even disappeared maybe house and goes head to head with a gal who is free to fuck you too you want to do it develop they don't is disputing the economic revolution what i don't recall saying this is the product of development is not the same as democracy head to head on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks after the explosions to the point you say the city is safe and the civilians one targeted. with details coverage despite the high cost young men are still volunteering to fight this partly out of a sense of touch you'll see. from around the world it must see it different now
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that is a view that speaks four to five many many people here in the past to rip up the. welcome back you're watching our dessert time to recap our headlines now at least seven people have died in cross border shelling between india and pakistan in the disputed region of kashmir tensions remain high off to islamabad in new delhi said they shot down each of the jets wednesday. u.s. president trump was asked china to lift all tariffs on american agricultural products he says it's because trade talks are progressing well. kurdish
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forces in syria say they expect the battle to retake isis last held areas be over soon u.s. backed syrian democratic forces launched their final push in the village of babus on friday. the taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack on an army base in afghanistan which killed at least twenty three afghan soldiers sure about base in helmand province is shared by afghan and american troops the afghan defense ministry says twenty attackers including eight suicide bombers were killed meanwhile high level talks between the u.s. and taliban are expected to resume on saturday and. u.s. envoys are my fellow is that says an earlier round ended with unprecedented progress when the seventeen year war the taliban is refusing to directly negotiate with the afghan government and it wants foreign forces to withdraw. thousands of
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women have met in provinces across afghanistan to ensure their rights are protected during peace negotiations their demands were voiced at a conference in kabul in the shadow of taliban u.s. talks they listed their concerns should any deal be successful charlotte ballasts reports. afghan woman a refusing to be left behind in political negotiations they say they want to present a unified front as the taliban in the united states hold talks to end seventeen years of who today there are four women behind them a fifteen thousand other ground i spoke after the largest ever national women's jirga council as the taliban met with the u.s. and doha this was a parallel meeting except men were replaced by woman home i did everyone came to see their perspective it was a proud moment for me among these women we cannot travel to other provinces because
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of security but this allowed us to be united the national women's jirga was the result of a grassroots movement that began in kabul in august and spirit to all of afghanistan's thirty four provinces influential women from each province late the meetings the format included a question and answer session where they discussed women's legal and constitutional rights their role in islam and afghan culture then each province wrote a statement of their demands for peace these declarations are blind what they want and will fight for should the u.s. and taliban agree to a deal a scene a sufi is the acting minister of information and culture the government backs the woman's jirga but she denied they were all president danny supporters they were not all government. they were all women who believed in who have analyzed their involvement from different social economic and political. government non-government civil society
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addresses where they would. see that we have federal there is concern the taliban could roll back kurd for women's rights but many women say it's conservative afghan values that they're rallying against and need protection from the provincial meetings were held in secret to protect women from any backlash the woman's jirga highly guarded circus and most people are not among the taliban but they are like taliban just suited ties we can understand from their words that we are in danger they have the old conservative mentality that it's a threat for us and we feel they may try to kill us president danny is organizing a lawyer jirga in mid march with four thousand people men and women it's a national council to discuss their priorities in future negotiations these women will be there to determine that their voices are not forgotten shalah ballasts
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couple for as well as opposition leader is rounding up regional support to have frozen nicolas maduro removed from office his latest stop is argentina after he met the leaders of brazil and part of why is vowing to return to venezuela as early as next week despite the threat of arrest risible reports from. one way the law is touring latin america to thank those leaders who have come out in support of his bid to replace nicola as venice where less president their members of the so-called group and why they are says their support is crucial. will be returning to caracas soon to continue carrying out the judy that i swore to and that all of venezuela swore to do we're going to continue mobilizing in the streets of venezuela despite the risks and even the death threats. the opposition leader was banned by the government from leaving venezuela on a tour that's already taken him to brazil imperiled why but while he's away the
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united states is promising to keep up the pressure on the government of. this time new sanctions on those who prevented food and medical supplies from the united states entering venezuela but the united states has imposed new visa restrictions on individuals responsible for undermining venezuela's democracy we are applying this policy to numerous law and officials and their families and girls supporters the abuser violate human rights steal from the venezuelan people or undermine venezuela's democracy are not welcome in the united states but as the u.s. tries to isolate my woulda been a swell less leader is turning even more to russia for support he's ordered the european union based office of the state or company to move to moscow in an attempt to buybacks recent economic sanctions imposed by the united states we saw me watching just the sort of rudeness should we cooperate closely and coordinate our
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actions in the international arena are not the moment our cooperation is gaining special importance on the circumstances of venezuela facing a frontal attack on a shameless intervention into its internal affairs we will categorically counteract such attempts and will be defending the ideals norms and principles of the united nations. with wife out of the country the big question is when he will be able to return to doing so will allow him to continue challenging my buddhist legit ima see inside the country with a united opposition front that was divided until he came along. worshippers along some mosque compound are back in control of a meeting hole is being closed for sixteen years by an israeli court order days of tension over who controls the area led to the arrest then release of the cleric who helps administer the compound burn the smith reports from occupied east jerusalem.
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was. this was a rare success for muslim worshippers who'd faced down israeli police over access to a hole in the x. a compound the mercy gate was sealed by the police sixteen years ago because a court had banned a hamas affiliated group that met here the group was long ago despondent says alexis custodians but the police have consistently refused to unlock the chains so the worshippers did. the mercy gate is an integra part of a and we sacrifice everything we have including ourselves including our children to the mosque was a trust a walk says locking the gate is another example of israel trying to assert itself inside the axa compound at the root of this discrete who controls the holy site beyond that gates now israel claims sovereignty over all of east jerusalem but includes here in the old city on their x.
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a compound but in nineteen sixty seven jordan and israel agree that the jordanian managed islamic trust would look after affairs inside the compound while israel would manage security outside. groups of jewish ultranationalists escorted by police regularly visit the site and in increasing numbers to them this is the temple mount non muslims are allowed to visit but not pray the ultranationalist want that rule changed. and earlier this week the israeli agriculture minister paid one of his regular visits to the mercy gate. told israeli radio he'd like a synagogue built here palestinians see all. all this is provocative some of every muslim has the right to intervene pray in the midst of gate for many years the occupations and just midges have stopped us praying year thank god today we prayed and held the friday prayers in it. untouched for sixteen years the mercy gate hole
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now needs extensive renovation but will also need approval from the israeli police who inspected the site this week only they can grant permission for building materials to be allowed in bernard smith al-jazeera in occupied east jerusalem. now security forces in somalia have shot down three fighters ending a standoff following a bomb attack on a hotel in the capital the fighters held out for several hours in the building next to the hotel in mogadishu ventured the they were overwhelmed by security forces and the army at least twenty nine people were killed in the suicide bombing on the. hotel on thursday night britain's looming exit from the e.u. is wiring the u.k. science community say it's carrying off students and academics who normally come to study and teach them hayward reports from the university of cambridge which voted
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overwhelmingly to stay in the union. this is a team effort to because it's it works well with two people mattie islamic gratitudes originally from germany is teaching the next generation of the scientifically he's lived in the u.k. since nine hundred eighty nine and want to cambridge university for more than twenty years the prospect of bricks it has left him feeling depressed about what the future may hold for the scientific community and society as a whole important people have left other people who normally would have come to take up jobs here are not coming students are worried some students are worried about coming we get increasingly questions about what you know what does it mean for us. yeah you know this the greatness of british signs comes from english as an international language and therefore inviting and people from all over the interface of different ways of thinking come together that's where your creative seventy three percent of people in cambridge voted to remain in the
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e.u. in twenty six states many people from all over the world live here it is affluent and has one of the fastest growing local economies in the u.k. this part of cambridge the highest percentage of remain voters in the u.k. that's in part down to the largest student population really poor many who thought i think inside there. cambridge of course is steeped in history but it's developed a multi-billion dollar science and technology sector it's a springboard for designing life saving medical equipment they're sold globally but the company has a large customer base in europe keeping trade as open as possible in a post breaks it world is vital to the sector value of customers by contrast because we're about what we do and we can solve problems really quickly and effectively if that becomes slightly. less good or slightly more hostile.
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a lot of choices many here in this remain stronghold hope the brics it can still somehow be avoided with just a month to go though they know that time is running out and the heywood al-jazeera in cambridge. the vast protesters are expected to rally in france for the sixteenth weekend in a row on saturday but support for the anti-government movement is dropping its president mike rawlings gauges people across the country in a national conversation known as the great debate the strategies to gather ideas to form a more inclusive government chato reports it's gaining support for one of the toughest crowds. when the gate closes behind you at number twenty three boulevard robert spear in rants you might lose your freedom but you don't lose your vote the champagne city's only prison is the latest venue for president macaroons attempt to
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outflank d.l. a vest rebellion and listen to the voice of the people we can't identify the inmates but we can bring you their opinions simonis as you say things you love as demonstrations were beneficial as a gathered not a political party but to people to french regarded williams or differences it was a good movement as it actually triggered this debate a debate that was needed. a thirty one year old m.p. from the president's party was the heart of the debate with the prisoners she passionately rejected their cynicism about politicians and they want to be i think we are living an excellent democratic exercise as of today we have received more than a million contributions to this debate and that is a success it was time to give back the word to the french people that you do see the big debate is meant to reach every and every level of society even here behind bars and it is beginning to work present emmanuel mackerels ratings are beginning
1:47 pm
to climb once again. the same can't be said for the conditions in french prisons they have one of europe's highest rates of overcrowding. on the news while the france is sacred to be the homeland of human rights but the pain. our system is not given the means to guarantee the inmates human rights european regulations require we are two in a cell have a shower and a landline but sometimes we have four people in nine square meters. that's the debate go straight to the key point it allows the detained population to be fully recognized to citizens as french citizens but radicalization is flourishing in french prisons the debate about how to tackle that has barely begun yet and scores of ice will fighters may soon be repatriated from syria david chaytor al jazeera runs unicef is warning of
1:48 pm
a global surge in the number of measles cases it says complacency in conflict are threatening to undo decades of work to contain the disease mike hanna has more from the united nations it's a disease that's more contagious than a bolo or influenza but it can be prevented by a simple readily available vaccine. and yet in a number of countries including some once declared measles free cases of the disease on the rise unicef and its partners are supporting governments urgently to reach millions of children in countries around the globe milesians is a highly contagious viral disease which remains an important cause of death among young children globally despite the availability of safe effective and in the expensive vaccines some health workers contend that the increasing cases of the disease now is a direct consequence of successful vaccination campaigns in the past as a result we relaxed and the general population began thinking that the vaccination
1:49 pm
was perhaps not necessary so the uptake in vaccinations dropped which means the number of the vaccinated population declined and with that we lost protection. in a number of regions some are posed to vaccinations for personal religious or medical reasons this is the case in are a gun in the u.s. described as an anti vaccination hotspot last month health officials declared a public emergency after at least fifty cases of measles were confirmed in january alone and the situation is more critical in war zones like yemen where diseases like measles are made even worse by widespread malnutrition nearly sixteen thousand cases of the disease were reported last year at least two hundred sixty children died yet despite the ongoing conflict there more than eleven million children were vaccinated last month alone the stress the beginning in
1:50 pm
a new global fight against an old and deadly enemy. mike hanna al-jazeera united nations space x. has launched its astral capsule into space for the first time it's said that. nasa has asked space x. and boeing to come up with technology to allow its resume manned space flights the unmanned test flight is a milestone for the company owned by billionaire you know mars. has been seventeen years see at this point in two thousand seater now. and incredible amount of hard work and sacrifice for a lot of people at gunther's point. and. yeah sure frank i'm i'm a. little emotionally exhausted. because. the survey stressful. but it worked so far we have to dock a station or
1:51 pm
a come back for us so far as work. still ahead on al-jazeera in spalled photo he sent the paces they made to end a twelve year wait to win the formula one drivers title. in the final version.
1:52 pm
finding six continents across the deal. al-jazeera is correspondents live in the stories they. have that was you know. not limitless you know. we're at the bridge of the russian camp for palestinian refugees al-jazeera through didn't world news. by football fans and these here now thank you so much sami will players from pacific island nations and sets of eyes on whether or not some boycotts this year's rugby world cup in japan it's a reaction to the idea that summer song and fiji could be excluded from
1:53 pm
a new global league with the sport's governing body has suggested the from a should have a twelve team league that would exclude nations from the pacific islands concerns about player welfare have also been raised with leading names fearing an overload of international matches. or world rugby says any plan is yet to be finalized but the hoping to have a new international global league in place is early as next year the initial proposal involves twelve teams including the usa and japan but excluding the pacific islands countries would play each other once a year culminating in semifinals and a final in december fiji samo and hunger all qualify for this year's world cup and around a quarter of the players at the events will be of pacific islands heritage or the repeal writes alan dimmick says the threat of a world cup boycott will have a big impact. pacific rugby player welfare group released a statement willie said that they had the support of internationally players and present rugby players and condemning that proposal world rugby new idea was that
1:54 pm
they said that this is exactly what's been happening for years the door has been shut and they described this as the pacific rugby disaster two point zero so there's talk of boycott they've asked for senior players who play for these test nations who have qualified for the rugby world cup are openly discussing the idea of meeting and deciding on whether or not to boycott the row we woke up this is something that would terrify. some of the politicians within the game power brokers within the game because the rugby world cup is to go and get. it keep it's the engine it keeps the global game going there's no hiding away from the fact that if you play tests in the pacific islands you're not going to drop huge crowds it's going to be logistically difficult it's going to. be a hard sell timing wise in terms of t.v. deals but that by no means is any reason why you shouldn't try. roger federer is
1:55 pm
just one win away from clinching the one hundredth title of his career the thirty seven year old beat one occurrence in the semifinals at the dubai championships in the twenty time grand slam champion winning this one in straight sets federer is aim to become just the second man after american jimmy connors to win a century of titles will face the pharmacist's a pass in saturday's finals it. sits just did be federer in this year's australian open the twenty year old a going past france's german facing the other semifinal the great and now i'm in the back to back titles after winning in last say last week. in the n.b.a. the chicago bulls beat the atlanta hawks one sixty eight one sixty one in the third highest scoring game in league history elsewhere the it's one our raptors edged out report the trailblazers while it's cool thirty eight points for losing the go ahead basket with just three seconds remaining as the raptors held on for a one nineteen one seventeen. in science suffer
1:56 pm
a setback in their efforts to secure champions league qualification for next season into beats in c. one by calorie that means they could finish the day outside of the top four if milan beats a swallow and roma win dobby gets what. german leaders pressure though it may have suffered only their second defeat of the season they were beat in a warehouse spoke to one of the result means by i mean you can go level with them on points if they beat russia munching blood back later on this saturday dortmund trying to win germany's top division for the first time since twenty twelve or a madrid barcelona sets meet for the second time in just four days rebel base and three nil by boss are in the cockpit all right sami's on wednesday this time they meet in the lead in israel sitting in third nine points behind bars it's up to say . the i don't know him for going to a little bit of the year but oh some of the chance of that should have gone a little didn't go in the us but this is football that's the way it is i don't need
1:57 pm
a theme thing that i said the other day. but we do have another chance if another chance to score the shot that can go in. running f one world champion lewis hamilton believes his rivals do have an advantage heading into the new season despite this breakdown on the final day of testing in barcelona sebastian vettel ferrari has been consistently quicker than hamilton's miss avies a ferrari driver hasn't won the world title since two thousand and seven while hamilton was one for the five for the last five sorry championships the new season gets underway in melbourne this is going to be the toughest battle yet so it which is exciting for all of you and excited for the for the fans. but as i said we are currently we're not you know for ari the pace is very very good at the moment so the challenge is going to be harder than ever. looking for now sammy fang so much and the same for this news out of a standstill way back though in a moment with more two days to do so do stay with us.
1:58 pm
the fact. this morning coffee place on the planet and one that could soon be lost. it's an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention give the big i would say here to a vast now it's a race against time to try and save the species take a chrysler that's in the majesty plan to stave off extinction techno on al-jazeera
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. examining the headlines setting the discussions a warning from the air boss over the risks of a no deal brags sharing personal stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the globe to tell you where to go and build explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire resilient people are really afraid the world is watching on al-jazeera by making it to every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the world's journalists that's right out of a hamas group that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most him better use a free palestine
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a listening post on al-jazeera. more death and devastation in kashmir after indian and pakistani troops exchanged fire. on a saucy attain this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the final push us back to forces say i sell is on its way out of syria. a push for peace in afghanistan as attacks by the taliban continue. and how the french president is going to an unlikely source.


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