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lost them in the work of their. least seven people have died in cross border shelling between india and pakistan in the disputed kashmir region indian officials say a mother and her two children were killed when pakistani artillery fire had a house in indian and ministered kashmir i stands military says indian fire has killed two civilians and two soldiers along the line of control tensions remain high after islamabad in new delhi said they'd shut down each other's jets on wednesday so ho raman is live for us from new delhi so it sounds like kashmir is anything but deescalated. indeed so it's been anything but for the last seventy two two hours especially since the aftermath of the air force dogfight that we saw both between india and pakistan on wednesday mean of most of the focus has actually been on that indian
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pilot that was captured by the pakistanis and handed back over late on friday night but even joining that period as you say the shelling continued across the line of control that separates the two sides in the area of kashmir as far as the indian authorities are confirming concerned the shelling has been quite intense and we talked about one woman who died on thursday her burial a funeral was on friday then late on friday night at the same time that the indian air force pilot was being handed over across the india pakistan pakistan india border. the shelling can started again from the pakistan side according to indian officials hitting one particular area bunch and their one man's living nightmare became a reality. northstar now got them first i don't know about them it was around nine o'clock at night when the heavy shelling started we were sleeping inside our room my kids got scared so i picked them up and ran to the other room i opened the door
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and as i was about to enter the room the shell landed destroying the house and killed the girl the boy and their mother. a nightmare the reality is all merging into one family people who live in that area many a leaving the area when the shelling begins others don't know where to go for safe haven because the shelling is so intense that across the whole of indian administered kashmir and officials there even have to go fifty kilometers north of bush to a small village called early which is much closer to the line of control sadly and there they have to evacuate local residents to much more safer areas but the big question is where are those safe areas when the conflict and the shelling continues unabated and there's no sort of specific time when these things happen sometimes it happens during the day sometimes it happens in the middle of the night and it is a very difficult and uncertain time for those people living in india the minister in the bunker understand that thanks so much for how raman there saudi activists
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arrested on accusations of undermining security and harming national unity last year will be put on trial prosecutors say they've completed investigations and are preparing court for roles rights groups say the cases include mostly detained women activists who campaigned for the right to drive. u.s. president donald trump has asked china to lift all tariffs on american agricultural products he says it's because trade talks between the world's two biggest economies are progressing well the us president also pointed out he didn't impose a twenty five percent tariff on friday as he'd originally planned china and the u.s. trying to negotiate a way out of a trade war that sea did for tat hikes and tariffs and last year. drilling is a china affairs analyst he says the u.s. isn't the only country concerned by china's trade practices china's trade model
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is regarded as preparatory and then some of the practices translate into perceived intellectual property theft and force intellectual probably transfer and there's their perceived to be a lack of recent prosody in the opening of markets so all these worries have been aired and they are central to the negotiations and i think that both sides are coming closer to one another. that china. is seeing that these concerns will. is affecting the investment environment and trial and also risk the reputation of china's economy so i think that even before the trade war you know so china already introduced legislation protecting the lecture probably in foreign investors and opening up certain sectors so i think that both sides are coming together but all the other hand. the trauma administration i think is doubling down on the demand so we will see you know
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that's what will happen eventually but i think that the process is has been good so far. why waste chief financial officer will appear in court next week after calendar allowed an extradition request to proceed joe was arrested at vancouver airport in december the request of the us government it accuses mung and the chinese tech giant of conspiring to violate sanctions on iran the case triggered a diplomatic route between canada and china aging says it will be watching the case closely to their justice will prevail in the end zone now in fact not only the chinese and canadian citizens but the whole world is extremely interested to hear how the canadian government answers this question in france yellow vests demonstrators are marching for the sixteenth weekend in a row calling for president emmanuel micron to resign the protesters began in
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november over a proposal to raise fuel taxes the government later scrapped the plan but the movement has since grown into an anti government rally. and support for those rallies has fallen recently as president my crowning gauge is people across the country in a national conversation known as the great debate the strategy is to gather ideas to form a more inclusive government david chase who reports from the city of cancer it's gaining support from one of the toughest crowds. when the gate closes behind you at number twenty three boulevard robespierre in rants you might lose your freedom but you don't lose your vote the champagne city's only prison is the latest venue for president macaroons attempt to outflank d.l. a vest rebellion and listen to the voice of the people we can't identify the inmates but we can bring you their opinions simonis your life things that you love as demonstrations were beneficial as a guise of not a political party but to people to french regard and young the differences it was
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a good movement as it actually triggered his debate a debate that was needed. a thirty one year old m.p. from the president's party was the heart of the debate with the prisoners she passionately rejected their cynicism about politicians and they want to believe i think we are living an excellent democratic exercise as of today we have received more than a million contributions to this debate and that is a success it was time to give back the word to the french people that you do see the big debate is meant to reach every now and every level of society even here behind bars and it is beginning to work present a manual mackerels ratings are beginning to climb once again. the same can be said for the conditions in french prisons they have one of europe's highest rates of overcrowding. and only one of the friends is sacred to be the homeland of human
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rights but the penitentiary system is not given the means to guarantee the inmates human rights european regulations require we are to in a cell have a shower and a landline but sometimes we have four people in one square metres. must be debates go straight to the key point it allows the detained population to be fully recognize the citizens as french citizens but radicalization is flourishing in french prisons the debate about how to tackle that has barely begun yet and scores of ice all fighters may soon be repaired treated from syria david chaytor al-jazeera runs. well it's raining heavily again in pakistan and afghanistan the second time in a week and rob's here to tell us all about it yes these are the three wettest month journey from the march for western pakistan afghanistan but it never rains lightly last week's episode coast some deaths i hope this one doesn't but when you look at
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what's developing now it's a similar sort of story is winding up here the head of the low is somewhere over the high ground ignoring afghanistan and these sharp edged back edges to the cloud suggest heavy downpours that we scenes record so far in herat in western afghanistan about sixty millimeters of rain in under twenty four hours but of course it doesn't take very much to lift this and make it snow in fact i've got catherine here quite there because that is where it was snow in the city itself now it's been hovering between snow and rain to be honest but a little bit more height outside the city and it's playtime not for all some have to work admittedly current position is it is raining but it's turning back quite a nice showing a good part of pakistan but you can see where the snow is quite happily featured that we're about to peak now i suspect give it another twelve eighteen hours in a whole lot disappears let me run this forward for me from now the green is rain the wind he's clearly snow and it will move slowly northwards and disappear this is
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overnight picture levy you with tomorrow the temperatures should be above freezing in quite a while in the afternoon so whatever form will to into mush and then rain the risk of course is that it's forming fairly heavily further north and the risk of landslides is always recognized and still recognizing that islam about weather is indeed a warning out for everybody something. well still ahead on al-jazeera. was. a win for worshipers after a long battle over the a lots of mosque compound but there are more problems inside a hard slog we look at why it's taking so long to clean up one of the world's most polluted rivers. and installed to develop and suffer a setback in their effort to secure a champions league qualification for us here with that story.
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the fact. this morning place on the planet money could soon be lost forever it's an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention give the i would say here to a vast now it's a race against time to try and save a species take a crisis that's in the meshes he plans to stave off extinction techno. one of the really special things about working for others here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be very. liberally particularly because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are with the people believed to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now level talks between the u.s. and taliban of resume didn't tell us and boys on my side says an earlier round ended with unprecedented progress to end this year war with the taliban is refusing to directly negotiate with the afghan government. hundreds of thousands of people have rallied across algeria over the president their fleet has planned to run for a fifth term next month police fired tear gas at protesters now here's what the demonstrations were mostly peaceful. kurdish forces in syria say they expect the
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battle to retake eyesores last held areas be over soon u.s. backed syrian democratic forces launched their final push. on friday. the white house has been given until monday to hand over documents giving details of security clearances it follows reports u.s. president ordered his son in law. be given top level access trump has previously denied he had any role in question security pass she has he reports. appointment as a senior advisor to president trump was controversial the president had tangled business affairs but no political or diplomatic experience yet he was given some of the world's most complex issues to oversee on behalf of the u.s. failed to report various contacts with foreign officials like the russian ambassador to the u.s. on his initial security clearance application but was granted an interim security
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clearance nonetheless that allowed him to view top secret information as well as even more confidential resources known as sensitive compartmented information he could see the president's daily intelligence report and in terms classified briefings security of the white house was tightened them in february of twenty eighteen and those with interim clearances were no longer allowed to view top secret and above information pending review and that included at the time the president said it would be up to his chief of staff to review question of status so that will be up to general kelly general kelly respects share a lot and general kelly will make that call i won't make that call and earlier this year i don't trump said the eventual granting of top secret security clearance to krishna had been out of his hands and jarrett i. i was i was never involved with the security i know that he you know just from reading i know that there was issues back and forth. about security for. the numerous people actually but i don't want to get involved in that stuff we just wore in general kelly but
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according to the new york times john kelly felt he was wanted to get a question about top secret security clearance and was so worried he wrote a memo to that effect the white house counsel donegan also put the concerns that the cia and other intelligence agencies had about caution into writing the white house says it doesn't comment on security clearances and following donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen's testimony this week about how trump interacts with his subordinates there are questions as to whether kelly was actually ordered or just felt he was being pressured to grant question about security clearance but congressional democrats are vowing to pursue this further and are demanding answers as to what derogatory information officials had on kirshner that made them reluctant to give him parents and why president trump concealed his role in overruling their recommendation they have been multiple reports that various foreign powers including the u.a.e. china israel and mexico have been intercepted having private conversations about their hope to exploit cushion his inexperience and business debts to their
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advantage the crown prince of saudi arabia was once quoted as saying he had cushion a quote in his back pocket cushion himself has been in the middle east this week as he prepares his long talented deal of the century for the region friday's news will be another blow to his authority if you ever can see al-jazeera washington. the parents of an american student who died after being detained in north korea are blaming the leader kim jong un for his death they've spoken after lavished praise on him during the summit orto one died shortly after returning to the u.s. in two thousand and seventeen his parents accuse north korea of inflicting unimaginable cruelty and inhumanity on their son kim denies any knowledge of warm beer trump's been criticized for saying he believes north korea's leader. well as well as opposition leader is drumming up regional support to have president nicolas maduro removed from office his latest stop is argentina after he met the leaders of brazil and paraguay is vowing to return to venezuela as early as next week despite
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the threat of arrest threats about reports from. one where you go is touring latin america to thank those leaders who have come out in support of his bid to replace as venezuela's president there are members of the so-called group and why though says their support is crucial in this i want that i that will be returning to caracas soon to continue carrying out the judy that i swore to and that all of venezuela swore to we're going to continue mobilizing in the streets of venezuela despite the risks and even the death threats. the opposition leader was banned by the government from leaving venezuela on a tour that's already taken him to brazil imperiled why but while he's away the united states is promising to keep up the pressure on the government of. this time new sanctions on those who prevented food and medical supplies from the united states entering venezuela but the united states has imposed new visa restrictions
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on individuals responsible for undermining venezuela's democracy we are applying this policy to numerous. law and officials and their families and supporters the abuser violate human rights steal from the venezuelan people or undermine venezuela's democracy are not welcome in the united states but as the u.s. tries to isolate my would've been if we left leaders turning even more to russia for support he's ordered the european union based office of the state owned company pay they were to move to moscow in an attempt to bypass recent economic sanctions imposed by the united states recently which is just the sort of rudeness we cooperate closely and coordinate our actions in the. the international arena are not the moment our cooperation is gaining special importance on the circumstances of venice waiver facing a frontal attack on a shameless intervention into its internal affairs we will categorically counteract
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such attempts and will be defending the ideals norms and principles of the united nations. with weibo out of the country the big question is when he will be able to return doing so will allow him to continue challenging the legitimacy inside the country without united opposition front that was divided until he came along. with us itis. worshippers of the log some mosque compound a back in control of a meeting hall that's been closed for sixteen years by an israeli court order days of tension over who controls the area led to the arrest then release of the cleric who helps and minister the compound burns smith reports from occupied east jerusalem. was was this was a rare success for muslim worshippers who'd faced down israeli police over access to a hole in the x. a compound the mercy gate was sealed by the police sixteen years ago because
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a court had banned a hamas affiliated group that met here the group was long ago despondent says alexis custodians but the police have consistently refused to unlock the chains so the worshippers did. the mercy gate is an integra part of a and we sacrifice everything we have including ourselves including our children to the mosque the trust or walk says locking the gate is another example of israel trying to assert itself inside the axa compound at the root of this dispute these who controls the holy site beyond that gates now israel claim sovereignty over all of east jerusalem but includes here in the old city on their x. a compound but in nineteen sixty seven jordan and israel agree that the jordanian managed islamic trust would look after affairs inside the compound while israel would manage security outside. groups of jewish ultranationalists escorted by
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police regularly visit the site and in increasing numbers to them this is the temple mount non muslims are allowed to visit but not pray the ultranationalists want that rule changed. and earlier this week the israeli agriculture minister paid one of his regular visits to the mercy gate. told israeli radio he'd like a synagogue built here i was to me and see all. this is provocative. every muslim has the right to enter and pray in the midst of gate who for many years the occupations unjust measures have stopped us praying here thank god today we prayed and held the friday prayers in it. untouched for sixteen years the mercy gate hole now needs extensive renovation but will also need approval from the israeli police were inspected the site this week only they can grant permission for building materials to be allowed in bernard smith al-jazeera in occupied east jerusalem.
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of bushfires in the astray and state of victoria have led authorities to issue an emergency warning for the area people living around state park east of melbourne have been told to leave their homes so more than three hundred firefighters trying to control the fast moving blaze is believe the fires were started by multiple lightning strikes on friday the season is already the hottest autumn the region is seen in thirty years. a clean up of one of the world's most polluted rivers is taking longer than expected every day about twenty thousand tons of waste and three hundred forty thousand tons of waste water i've dumped in the indonesia florence louis reports from bandung in west java why it's such a tough job. cleaning up indonesia's most polluted river is a huge undertaking even the military's involved machines have been brought in to bury the tons of rubbish fished out from the cheetah it's been
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a year since the government launched a program to clean up the river. but one military commander tells us progress has been slow with an action plan only put in place recently but they were number of the school we were supposed to have four thousand six hundred military personnel working on this last year but we only had one thousand six hundred this year because of a lack of funds four hundred of us involved thankfully the villagers see the benefits of this program so they've been helping us so. the cheeto river flows through northwest java and provides eighty percent of the water supply for the capital jakarta this photo taken in january by a local environmental group shows untreated waste from a textile factory dumped directly into the river runoff from farms upstream also contribute to the contamination a government agency that routinely tests the quality of water in the cheeto room
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says it went from bad to worse last year. the slow progress is even more apparent in other areas this looks like a landfill but it's really part of the river the surface is completely covered with all kinds of rubbish plastic bags bottles but here you get a sense of the scale of the problem and just how massive the cleanup effort is the plan to rehabilitate the river isn't only about improving water quality floating garbage clogs up drainage the river frequently overflows during the rainy season. people in the village of cheap have had to endure floods year after year and some. in the. very minute when you look at this this happens every time it floods our streets and homes get covered in mud and trash and i worry not for myself but for my children and grandchildren. the newly appointed governor of west java
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indonesia's most populous province has been tossed to the cleanup we make. much progress. the perception we didn't fight for years stephanie years given from the decree we will show the world from the dirtiest further we can become one of the most livable. for in the world was. to make good on his word he'll have to ensure that the river is cleaned up but that the laws that punish those who pollute the river on forced florence. indonesia so the head of al jazeera from reel to reel telling the african story in one of the continent's oldest film festivals roger federer is one win away from a historic title victory at the divine champion.
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art. examining the headlines setting the discussions a warning from air bust over the risks of a no deal breaker sharing class and all stories with a global audience you have your own intelligence network on the ground to tell you where to go and don't go explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform monckton fate and inspire brazilian people are truly afraid the world is watching on al-jazeera.
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welcome back african cinema is being celebrated at the top festival in booking a fast so more than one hundred sixty pictures of being featured in this year's lineup nicholas hogg has more on the pad african film and television first of all of what we do go. comedy. and forbidden love. drama. and even animation. the world's biggest african film festival is celebrating fifty years of the continent's cinema. beyond the pomp
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and ceremony in brick enough asas capital an opportunity to discover and showcase some of the best storytellers on the continent. among them a director. with their film their last set during the ivory coast civil war it's a story of a father in search of his wife and son the unlikely hero the film is is twelve year old daughter hyla who saves her father from despair and self-destruction. kali could be making history this year as her film is shortlisted for the prestigious prize of the jury never has a woman when the award show me. where i minorities there are only four women directors and especially there have been many times when i've been the only woman and so we need to fight so that our peers finally recognize the roles we have and send it just like the character illustrated and i thought. well there is the increased threat of attacks from rebel groups in the south we're trying to
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overthrow the government targeting public gatherings people came out in numbers to watch the one hundred sixty movies being played out across all nine cinemas in ouagadougou. cinemas continues to be a weapon for freedom it's our way to defend what's most precious to us and express our changing identity. a love story between two women was temporarily banned in kenya but it was saved a warm welcome from critics at the festival and is also a favorite to win a prize. african cinema as. a growing market estimated to be worth two billion dollars a year and yet filmmakers struggle to find funding and fortunes even private institutions that come from that say here after america finance our cinema we are not able to voice what we need to of was we're not able to have the political activism and social activism is that we have to say in our train was for and now we need african
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cinema is like any other cinema it's funny and gritty and offers a fresh social commentary on society well for some of these movies are a moment of escaping discovery for others they're an expression of wrong unfiltered emotions depicting people too often ignored. nicholas hawke al-jazeera. or follow we know that millions. of people back we thank you family the n.b.a. has seen its highest scoring game in nearly three decades three hundred and twenty nine points were scored as the chicago bulls took on the atlanta hawks it was a marathon game that went into a fourth period of overtime the bowl vengefully ran out a hundred and sixty eight to a hundred and sixty one winners the game was also one of the highest scoring of all those hines ranks third on the all time lists and surpasses the ninety ninety game between golden state and denver nuggets friday's match is however still some way
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off the highest total an n.b.a. history the three hundred and seventy pointer in one nine hundred eighty three where the detroit pistons beat denver one hundred and eighty six to one hundred and eighty four were elsewhere the toronto raptors edged out the portland trailblazers kawhi leonard for thirty eight points including the go ahead basket with just three seconds remaining as the raptors held on for a hundred and nineteen one hundred and seventeen went. there's a huge darby going on right now in the english premier league tottenham are hosting london rivals arsenal at wembley stadium the game is into the second half a win would take arsenal within one point of third place spurs a win later would take manchester city top of the table head of liverpool they face bournemouth away around madrid and barcelona are set to meet for the second time in just four days relm were beaten three nil by barse and the copa del rey semifinals on wednesday this time they meet in the league with relish sitting in
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third and nine points behind bars found who top the table. interland suffered a setback in their efforts to secure champions league qualification for next season enter would be in two one by calgary it means they could finish the day outside of the top four if millen beats us although and roma win their derby against a lot c.-o. . german the cleavers brasier dortmund have suffered only their second defeat of the season they were beaten away by oxburgh two one the result means byron mina can go level with them on points if they beat russia munchen gladbach later this saturday dortmund are trying to win germany's top division for the first time since two thousand and twelve. players from pacific island nations are set to vote on whether or not to boycott this year's rugby world cup in japan it's a reaction to the idea that samoa tonga and fiji could be excluded from a new global leak the sport's governing body has suggested the formulation of
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a twelve team team that would exclude nations from the pacific islands concerned about player welfare has also been raised with leading names fearing an overload of international matches world rugby says any plan is yet to be finalized but they are hoping to have a new international global league in place as early as next year the initial proposal involves twelve teams including the u.s. and japan but excluding the pacific islands countries we played each other once a year culminating in semifinals and a final in december fiji samoa and tonga all have all qualified for this year's world cup and around quarter of the players at the event will be of pacific islands heritage or rugby rider alan demarc says the threat of a world cup boycott will have a big impact. pacific rugby player welfare group released a statement willie said that they had the support of internationally players and perceptually players and condemning that proposal world rugby no idea was that they
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said that this is exactly what's been happening for years the door has been shut and they destroyed this as the pacific rugby disaster two point two so there's talk of boycott they've asked for senior players you play for these technicians you have qualified for the rugby world cup. are openly discussing the idea of meeting and deciding on whether or not to boycott the rugby world cup this is something that would terrify. simply politicians within the game pobre office within the game because the rugby world cup is to go and get. it keep it's the engine it keeps the global game going there's no hiding away from the fact that if you play tennis in the pacific islands you're not going to drop huge crowds it's going to be logistically difficult it's going to. be a hard sell the timing wise in terms of t.v. deals but by no means is any reason why you shouldn't try this
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c.e.o. world rugby brett gosper tweeted this response the world rugby has pushed for relegation promotion which is not universally supported the two extra tier two teams funded to enter the rugby championship will be selected on merit filling out pacific shot at roger federer is just one win away from clinching the one.


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