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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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not clear if the pipeline which carries crude oil to the nearest export terminal has been shut down u.s. president donald trump azhar asked china to lift all tariffs on american agricultural products he says trade talks between the world's two biggest the biggest economies are going world the us president also pointed out he didn't impose the twenty five percent tariffs on friday as originally planned china and the u.s. are trying to negotiate a way out of a trade war that seen tit for tat hikes in tariffs since last year hallways chief financial officer will appear in court next week after canada allowed an extradition request to proceed more on joe was arrested a vancouver airport in december at the request of the us government it accuses hmong and the chinese tech giant of conspiring to violate sanctions on iran. the white house has been given until monday to hand over documents over its security clearances and follows reports u.s.
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president trump ordered his senior adviser jared kirshner top level access against the recommendations of intelligence officials she had returned see reports. question as appointment as a senior advisor to president trump was controversial the president had tangled business affairs but no political or diplomatic experience yet he was given some of the world's most complex issues to oversee on behalf of the u.s. failed to report various contacts with foreign officials like the russian ambassador to the u.s. on his initial security clearance application but was granted an interim security clearance nonetheless that allowed him to view top secret information as well as even more confidential resources known as sensitive compartmented information he could see the president's daily intelligence report and attempt classified briefings security of the white house was tightened them in february of twenty eighteen and those with interim clearances were no longer allowed to view top secret and above information pending review and that included at the time the president said it would be up to his chief of staff to review question
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a status so that will be up to general kelly general kelly respects general lot and general kelly will make that call i won't make that call and earlier this year i don't trump said the eventual granting of top secret security clearance to question a had been out of his hands and. i was never involved with his security i know that he you know just from reading i know that there was issues back and forth. about security for. the numerous people actually but i don't want to get involved in that stuff we just swap. general kelly but according to the new york times john kelly felt he was ordered to give a question about top secret security clearance and was so worried he wrote a memo to that effect the white house counsel don mcgowan also put the concerns that the cia and other intelligence agencies have about krishna into writing the white house says it doesn't comment on security clearances following donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen's testimony this week about how trump interacts with
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his subordinates there are questions as to whether kelli was actually ordered or just felt he was being pressured to grant question about security clearance but. congressional democrats are vowing to pursue this further and demanding answers as to what derogatory information officials had on kirshner that made them reluctant to give them clearance and why the president trump concealed his role in overruling their recommendation they have been multiple reports from various foreign powers including the u.a.e. israel and mexico have been intercepted having private conversations about their hope to exploit cushion his inexperience and business debts to their advantage the crown prince of saudi arabia was once quoted as saying he had krishna quote in his back pocket cushion himself has been in the middle east this week as he prepares his long touted deal of the century for the region friday's news will be another blow to his authority. washington. in france yellow vest demonstrators are marching for the sixteenth weekend in a row calling for president emmanuel mccraw to resign the protest began
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a vendor over a proposal to raise fuel taxes newman has since grown into anti-government rallies . former president of brazil luis inacio lula da silva has been granted temporary permission to leave prison to attend the funeral of a seven year old grandson who was transported in a helicopter to south paolo after leaving his jail cell for the first time since he was imprisoned in april last year. is serving a twelve year sentence for corruption and money laundering space x. has launched its astral capsule for the first time the end manned test flight is a major step forward for the company owned by billionaire long musk hyundai but d.c. has more. it's said that. nasa describes it as a historic moment that could pave the way for a new era of space exploration vehicle down here at kennedy space center in florida billionaire elon musk's company space x.
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successfully launched an unmanned test flight bound for the international space station. what to what today really represents is a new era in space flight and an era where we are looking forward to being one customer as an agency and as a country we're looking forward to being one customer of many customers in our in a robust commercial marketplace in low earth orbit so that we can drive down costs and increase access in ways that historically have not been possible. the crew dragon capsule atop the falcon nine rocket is the first space shuttle intended for commercial use the only passenger on this demo one mission is a dummy named ripley carrying with him four hundred pounds of supplies for the space station it's expected to arrive on sunday and if all goes well the next mission could put two astronauts in space as early as this july nasa wardy contracts to space x. and boeing to develop cheaper methods of going to space since retiring its shuttles
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in two thousand and eleven thus ending its reliance on russia so use spacecraft which cost more than eighty million dollars a seat what it means for the space program is it's really opening up much more regular access to the space station redundancy right now we're relying on just one system the russian soyuz system we also have boeing starliner vehicle coming later this year so so we really will see a lot more capability in terms of our ability to launch humans into space space x. and boeing own and operate the spacecraft and will be leasing them out to nasa and other clients one struggle is and regular fraƮche and i think we will. rules seek crucial customers. which the best mr and that nasa has been very supportive of of that idea so but we've been very focused on just making sure the vehicle worked and
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backspacing secure liability. elon musk's ambitions go far beyond shuttling astronauts he says it won't be long before the dragon starts taking commercial customers to space some of the d.c. al-jazeera. this is. the top stories u.s. president donald trump is speaking on the last day of a major conference of american conservative so far he's talked about his trade negotiations with china and their dispute over tariffs to talk others cannot come into our country and steal our wealth and steal our jobs and build their country and not defend our country we can't do that we can't ever allow that there have been filed. high level talks between the u.s.
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and taliban have resumed in doha the taliban is refusing no to directly negotiate with the afghan government and it wants foreign forces to withdraw at least seven people have died in cross border shelling between india and pakistan and the disputed kashmir region indian officials say pakistani artillery fire killed a woman and her two children thirty forces in syria say they expect the battle to retake isis last held the area to be over soon u.s. back syrian democratic forces launched the final push against arsenal in the village of black who's on friday thousands of people have left in recent weeks they have been taken to a camp near the iraqi border. more than fifty people are missing after an oriole pipeline exploded in southern nigeria the blast caused the stampede and resulted in a huge field on the niger delta it's not clear if the pipeline which carries crude oil to the nearest export terminal has been shut down in france yellow vest demonstrators are marching for the sixteenth weekend in
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a row calling for president emmanuel markram to resign the protest began in november over a proposal to raise fuel taxes space x. has launched its astronaut capsule for the first time it's a bit but. nasa has asked the space x. and boeing to come up with technology to allow it to resume manned space flights the unmanned test flight is a milestone for the company owned by billionaire long mosque nasa suspended its manned flight program in twenty eleven due to rising costs those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now it's inside story.
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down but not out ailing algerian president and jealousies for the week that insists on running for a fifth term injuring three protesters demanding an end to his twenty year old who's really in charge in algeria what is at risk for the region and its attention and schooling this is inside story. i'm richelle carey and this is inside story welcome to the program unfit for the job that's how hundreds of thousands of algerians describe president jealousies beautifully and in large scale protests rarely seen in algeria they poured on to the streets demanding he pull out of next month's elections many say beautifully go who was eighty two on saturday is unable to perform his duties as president so will
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he step down or is algeria heading towards political instability we'll speak to our guests in a moment first name parker has this report. they are the biggest demonstrations in algeria in decades this is the country's capital out of gas' literary character similar scenes in several other cities that demanded the country's ailing president up to lizzie's beautifully co withdrawals from the country's forthcoming presidential election. the student led protests have been growing in recent days ever since the eighty one year old leader issued a statement announcing his intention to run for a fifth term algerian journalists have also joined the growing demonstrations calling for greater press freedom and political reform. flicka was elected president in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. but after suffering a debilitating stroke six years ago he's rarely seen in public and hasn't given
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a speech in years here he is in twenty seventy two frail to cast his file at without help. demonstrators say he's too weak to lead. it's widely believed the country's really run by a group of military and civilian advisors who failed to find a successor to ensure the continuity of the country's leading party but national liberation front the parties repeatedly said the elections will be free and transparent when he's not on the stand it is not him who really is the general. it's the group behind the group in the presidency backed up by the cynical economic burns the leading business. and the army and the security. you are trying to foist one regarding their own choice to guarantee no continuity in power and that's a large areas really object to beautifully kept presided over the end of the bloody algerian civil war in two thousand and two and a return to international affairs following decades of isolation. but demonstrators
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say it's time for algeria's longest serving head of state to retire from politics leave al-jazeera take a look at some of the key events in algeria split a call history and nine hundred sixty two the country gained its independence from france and more than one million french fled the country in one thousand nine hundred eight thousands of algerian youth took to the streets against the country's economic conditions during a major recession a decade long civil war began in one thousand nine hundred one between the algerian government and various armed islamic rebel groups tens of thousands of people were killed and then in one thousand nine hundred nine adel izzy's beautifully who was elected president in the civil war ended three years later. let's bring in our panel now in algiers via skype journalist paula in new fall a buddha executive director of the nordic center for conflict transformation also
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in al cheers on the line is a melba book or a socialist and researcher at the paris based school for advanced studies in the social sciences welcome to all of you on the i'm going to start with you you say that these protests were a long time coming how so. what's your response been frustrated with the way the government that has areas that late for a long time. widespread corruption incompetence in all areas of life. but i'm curious have kept mainly silent. for twenty years ago under the table mainly because they were going to the situation was a little bit better the violence through was the announcement that. would have let us bid for reelection in the next april. well judy i don't want to be going well i'm not saying. no more not just what people are protesting but of little
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hasn't been able to normal hasn't given us shorter insists over and over again and not just boy. just enough even though they were first created with the government there with. so little do you agree with that as well that this has been brewing for a while yes this is what has been going for a while and i think the jury people true it was the moment and then claim you know i think that there are sharp assume metric positions here between a new generation that does not necessarily lived the atrocities of war of independence and the civil war as well and the deep state that has been there for a long period of time i think the people chilled this moment they chose. their fight and they believe that this time they can actually win over
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a beautiful if they have one claim it's beautiful and they chose their their fight . before i go to mel actually follow me follow up on something you said explain how you mean the term deep state because it means different things and different countries explain what you mean when you use that term. well deep state as we understand it here in the case of algeria is also all agreed that the claim of people is not necessarily against bush would. govern them does not really govern the country there are people around who support a state of power they're pushing towards some kind of. some kind of continuation of of a state of power the way it is now so all of those deep state in my opinion in algeria are those who are behind the scenes that push in and hiding behind the beautiful to say that whatever it is in the country is because of what for what i believe the
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deep state here will try to do in the end if they see the protests of the jury in people who will be strong enough they are i think ready to let go but they will negotiate some kind of power settlement with the people ok. a male same question to you did you feel like that was something like this just a matter of time ari surprised. bronson that's the result of the loneliest of course but what we have witnessed so far it's really a myth forks to control chanche you know it's trying to hold your hands have been asking for a chance in sixty to eighty eight months you on whatever demands of chance were taken from them to set the rigid interest in eighty eight it was like to launch free elections well then relax where where ever you want to but then we will stop their victory post as you want no more military important than a little grand vicksburg of the so-called fifth of presidents you want to mold
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social justice and we will have a run tire distribution so really self control with a keyboard in the during the construction the best weeks and that could be seen in the willingness to met the pope of self you could see family families are there in the ranks of the protesters on the most reaches happy that is very very chilly i mean you could look him really that's not a revulsion from sion everybody should their retention some of that you could feel the tears are a real joy for a better than independence they. would feel the force to control improve the relationship between the protesters and the police you could see a lot of citizens and discuses with guns men trying to argue with them trying to comfort them that they should join the ranks of the of the developed nations. as an i haven't business and i haven't so sorry even so even so probably fairly heavily and both of us could tackle in order to dissipate the chaff days to post one for
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example gave effect that could be seen also in the first show though the external money play sion i think does put and also taken called by the other algerian something approaching two to good to restore the image that the rest of the words has a has of them so they really wanted to give many of them of the major people of a major political image or people that is able to control its demands for change so one day about this this energy that she is describing why are some algerians not afraid anymore. i don't think missourians were afraid. of the government i think it was your insulin or most serious war try.


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