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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 61  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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nine points were scored as the chicago bulls took on the atlanta hawks it was a marathon game that went into a fourth period of overtime goals eventually ran out one hundred sixty eight to one hundred and sixty one winners the game was also one of the highest scoring of all time. it ranks third on the all time list and surpasses the one nine hundred ninety game between golden state and the denver nuggets friday's match is however still some way off the highest total in n.b.a. history the three hundred and seventy pointer in one thousand nine hundred three where the detroit pistons the tender one hundred eighty six to one hundred eighty four world rugby have denied claims they played to exclude pacific nations from being part of a new global leak the sport's governing body has suggested the formation of a twelve team competition that would exclude samoa fiji and tongs are in response to players from the three countries are set to vote on whether to boycott this year's rugby world cup in japan concerns about a player welfare have also been raised with leading names fearing an overload of
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international matches. world rugby says any plan is yet to be finalised but they're hoping to have a new international global league in places early as next year the initial proposal involves twelve teams including the usa and japan but exclusive excluding the pacific islands countries would play each other once the are culminating in semifinals and a final in december fiji samoa and tonga have all qualified for this year's world cup and around quarter of the players at the events will be of pacific islands heritage or rugby writer alan demarc says the threat of a world cup boycott will have a big impact. pacific rugby player welfare group released a statement willie said that they had the support of internationally players and present rugby players in condemning that proposal world rugby no idea was that they said that this is exactly what's been happening for years but it's always been shut and they would just die desires the pacific rugby disaster two point two so there's
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talk of boycott they've asked senior players you play for these test nations who have qualified for the rugby world cup. are openly discussing the idea of meeting and deciding on whether or not to boycott the road we woke up this is something that would terrify. simply politicians within the game pobre office within the game because the rugby world cup is to go and get. it keep it's the engine that keeps the global game going there's no hiding away from the fact that if you play tennis in the pacific islands you're not going to drop huge crowds it's going to be logistically difficult it's going to. be a hard sell the timing wise in terms of t.v. deals but by no means is any reason why you shouldn't try one of the world's most controversial mixed martial artists john jones steps into the octagon later for a title defense in las vegas
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a light heavyweight champion takes on anthony smith at u.f.c. two three five and insists his troubled past is behind him it's a thirty one year old's first fight since winning back the belt in december as previous titles runs have ended in controversy jones's first rain from the us the strip him of his involvement in a hit and run incident he also had titles taken away from him until cations for failing drug tests man i'm so blessed to be in a situation that is so good and i would sever got to use a bit of our. and that's all you sport for now has them back to you great thanks for now african cinema is being celebrated at the top festival in but kino is nicholas hark. it's. comedy. and forbidden love. drama. and even animation. the world's biggest african
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film festival is celebrating fifty years of the continent's cinema. beyond the pomp and ceremony in brick enough asas capital an opportunity to discover and showcase some of the best storytellers on the continent. among them a director. with their film their last set during the ivory coast civil war it's a story of a father in search of his wife and son the unlikely hero the film is is twelve year old daughter hyla who saves her father from despair and self-destruction. kali could be making history this year as her film is shortlisted for the prestigious prize of the jury never has a woman when the award show me. where i minorities there are only four women directors and. there have been many times when i've been the only woman and so we need to fight so that our peers finally recognize the roles we have and send out
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just like the character illustrated and i think. while there is the increased threat of attacks from rebel groups in the style we're trying to overthrow the government targeting public gatherings people came out in numbers to watch the one hundred sixty movies being played out across all nine cinemas in ouagadougou. cinema continues to be a weapon for freedom it's our way to defend what's most precious to us and express our changing identity. a love story between two women was temporarily banned in kenya but it was saved a warm welcome from critics at the festival and is also a favorite to win a prize. african cinema as. a growing market estimated to be worth two billion dollars a year and yet filmmakers struggle to find funding unfortunately once private institutions that come from that stay here after america finance our cinema we are not able to voice what we need to was we're not able to have the political activism
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and social activism families to say in our train was for and now we african cinema is like any other cinema it's funny and gritty and offers a fresh social commentary on society well for some of these movies are a moment of escaping discovery for others they're an expression of wrong unfiltered emotions depicting people too often ignored. nicholas hawk al-jazeera. that is it for this news and for me as i'm sick of our colleagues in london will have more news.
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embracing the stars and stripes off to a failed summit in vietnam and damaging testimony from his former lawyer donald trump returns to the warmth of his core support. i'm maryanne demasi in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program a push for peace in afghanistan talks take place in doha but on the ground attacks by the taliban continue. tightening the noose u.s. backed forces advance on five fronts in the battle to retake eisold last helped village in syria. three you right here. and landmark left off a successful test launch that could pave the way and now set to resume manned space flights.
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it's been a week that saw a failed summit with north korea and an explosive testimony by his former lawyer. of criminal conspiracy the us president has now returned home to a far more friendly setting donald trump is addressing some of his core supporters at the largest annual gathering of conservatives in america the conservative political action conference known as c pac he's using the platform to criticize democrats for questioning his personal finances in congressional inquiries the ante gallagher joins us now live from the conference just outside of washington it's been an uncomfortable week the president has met what's he been saying to his supporters that today. well it may have been an uncomfortable week but it certainly isn't uncomfortable in this room a very warm welcome for the president he's talked about the love among the crowd and the love he has for his core supporters he's been talking now for almost two hours one of the longest speeches i've ever heard the president makes it longer than the rallies that i've been to but the themes are the ones we would expect to
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use talks about his relationship with china the economy immigration very little has been said about that meeting in vietnam over north korea or what michael cohen his former fixer was saying in congress last week this is really about donald trump energizing his base as a sea of red my guy behind me you can probably see that he only very briefly mentioned a model report but let's just listen to what he had to say. they fight so hard on this which chant this phony deal that they put together this phony thing that now looks like it's dying so they don't have anything with russia there's no collusion so now they go and morph into let's inspect every deal he's ever done we're going to go into his finances we're going to jackies deals we get a check these people are sick. this year. i saw
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a little shifty shift yesterday i know it's a first time he won a joint meeting. and he shared were gorgeous look into his finance i say where did that come from he always talked about russia collusion with russia the collusion delusion. so this is a relaxed president a jovial president certainly he knows he's getting lots of support from the crowd here but a serious message non the less one of those is heading into the twenty twenty company is identifying his opponents the democrats as socialists even talk about that over and over again i didn't talk about that a couple of weeks ago in my meeting was talking to venezuelan extract that will become a theme of the twenty twenty election and he's talked at length here about some of his opponents and how he wants them to go ahead and talk about the green deal the crowd laughing that sort of material up so he is at this point in time a very confident president ever in his chanting four more years means that he's
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going to be in office for another six years so expect over the next year those campaign themes to expand that theme of his his opponents being socialist to expand but certainly what the president is doing here is energizing his base and they are very happy people his running in for almost two hours listening to this president speak. thank you very much johnny gallico with the latest there from oxon hill. my level talks between the u.s. and the afghan taliban have concluded in doha with no agreement that's despite the u.s. envoys saying earlier that a previous round of talks made unprecedented progress to end the seventeen year war the taliban is refusing to directly negotiate with the afghan government and it wants foreign forces to withdraw its delegation is led by the co-founder of the.
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dosage of bari. they four has wrapped up here in doha without any specific agreement being reached between the taliban and the u.s. but the taliban spokesperson is optimistic that they're on the right path he said that the have made progress but they haven't finalized any kind of agreements and of course at stake here is the future of over thirty five million people in afghanistan something the taliban wants to make sure that they are involved in their future and their governments that is the issue here is the idea of u.s. withdrawals there's a u.s. troop withdrawal that is there's a lot for ten thousand u.s. troops in afghanistan and the taliban wants them to leave their country the other main issue is that the taliban does not recognize the current government in office . as legitimate they are not negotiating with them they're not being represented here and that is something the americans hope they can work on to bring the two sides together to have a dialogue that will discuss the future of their country with all parties involved
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. but inside afghanistan the violence is continuing the taliban has claimed responsibility for an attack on an on the base which killed at least twenty three afghan soldiers the shura buck base in helmand is shared by afghan and american troops the afghan defense ministry says twenty attackers including eight suicide also killed shot at dallas has more from the capital kabul. this is attacked again at two o'clock on friday morning and lasted some sixteen hours information was incredibly difficult to get out of home and about what exactly was going on afghan military sources was saying yes we are taking casualties but we can't tell you how many your sources are saying we do not have any casualties but like the afghans to speak for themselves but then as the day wore on we started to see that this actually was quite a large attack on those flags eventually the u.s. off to saying this isn't a big deal they did say we are supporting afghan troops on the ground and also
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through airstrikes not great optics providing us taliban talks on. top u.s. commander general miller has been meeting with the taliban command. in doha shaking hands trying to figure out how to come to some kind of consensus about a withdrawal on the taliban side this attack in helmand was not a coincidence timing wise because they do the support for asia on the negotiations this is what we can do if you do not play ball and. talk with us and and actually get serious about us about pulling out of afghanistan they did this in january on the very first day of talks in doha bin and they take to india space and wardak province complex attack truck bomb and they killed forty afghan military people would be a uninjured another forty. at least seven people have been killed by artillery fire
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as indian and pakistani soldiers continue to target each other's posts along the volatile frontier in the disputed kashmir region tensions remain high after both sides said they shot down each other's jets on wednesday the indian pilot captured during that as strike as had a medical check up after being released so rahman has more now from the delhi. bar the beers missing military pilot is back home and people are celebrating on the streets the the birth of man's fighter jet crashed in pakistan administered kashmir on wednesday after being shot at by pakistan's false bucket stands prime minister it brought car and ordered his release as a goodwill gesture which was welcomed by new delhi it's the only story and turn around yet the government's message is clear pakistan is not off the hook. in the past twenty four hours there's been ongoing challis give the kashmir region it indian administered kashmir officials claim three members of one family were reported to have been killed in the area. at six in the evening pakistan started
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firing and shelling the shelling was going on for about three hours one of the shell fired by pakistan hit a house in which three members of a family were killed including two innocent children. fifty kilometers away and three civilians were due to temporary accommodation after coming out to heavy shelling from pakistan's forces the suicide bombing that killed more than forty paramilitaries last month prompted the latest escalation of violence in the disputed kashmir territory it's one of the worst attacks a decades and odd group operating from inside pakistan claimed responsibility india's foreign minister speaking at the organization of islamic conference in abu dhabi as its guest of honor was clear about her country's approach to terror groups they have to go. because this newspaper editors says the government is keen to play a bigger role of the international stage they want to be of the process of decision making in the muslim world because if you are there on the idea well then
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you go and influence things and also there are. some outside linebackers than. who somehow as you are going to a leading role in the muslim world india is heading towards a general election in twenty fourteen the issue of relations with pakistan was not high on the election campaign agenda with weeks to go just before that date is announced politicians are trying to work out how to internationally isolate pakistan while domestically build consensus that will help them with the election so whole raman al jazeera delhi. where india's prime minister narendra modi has called for unity over the dispute with pakistan he is also defending his leadership and the current crisis. donna summers. these are those people who listen to statements from pakistani generals pakistan right and sighing there is evidence
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against india that they are against maybe against modi and now they are damaging the country india and turning against the country i want to ask the people who do you believe us or not or do you believe those people who assume going to arrest and to a country. kurdish forces in syria say i sell has almost been defeated in the last territory it controls in the country the us backed syrian democratic forces and a final push against the armed group in the village of a goose on friday but while the group may soon suffer a territorial defeat analysts say it's too early to declare victory after schapelle reports. exhausted hungry and sick thousands of women and children have fled their resort in southeastern syria in the last week ahead of a u.s. backed assault on the last piece of ice was so-called caliphate the town of bugaboos . the mainly kurdish fighters of the syrian democratic forces the s.d.f.
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say only those they call terrorists remain there now as fifteen thousand troops advance on the town and incendiary munitions rained down from the sky.


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