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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 5, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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hardest hit the military rescued hundreds of families stranded by flood waters relief camps have been set up but those at high altitudes dealing with heavy snow back in afghanistan most people were hurt as their homes collapsed around them others was swept away in the waters in kandahar those who could travel maybe away from faraway districts tomorrow i say hospital those who couldn't wait it is half a dozen medical teams trying to reach flooded areas. but we have received in this hospital twelve dead bodies which include six men one woman and five children as well as thirty five injured so far many people remain missing and in such remote areas of afghanistan and pakistan it is going to take some time to assess how many lives and positions have been lost shiela bellus out is there a couple of the venezuelan opposition leader is expected to arrive in the capital caracas sometime on monday to lead more protests against president nicolas maduro
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why don't supporters have gathered in the city after he appeared on social media calling for venezuelans to hold new demonstrations what has been touring latin american country seeking support to topple material right since the failed effort to get u.s. aid into venezuela just over a week ago duros governments threatening to arrest quite when he returns but the u.s. has warned that would bring consequences. or manuel rapido joins us live from kuku tall that's near colombia's border with venezuela manuel how much of a risk is one why don't taking by returning to venezuela. hello felicity yes it is a risk that he was anticipating we did know that he would run the chance of being arrested upon his return to even the supreme court in venezuela had issued a travel ban against him before he embarked on that tour of several south american countries including but dina but i why as well as
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a lot as you mentioned unfortunately we can't confirm whether or not bill is actually back in venezuela just yet we did hear that there was a increased military presence at the airport in that access but there are we are also hearing reports that there is that there are protesters that there's demonstrators that are also arriving at the airport to receive why do upon his return on sunday evening took to social media broadcasting over several channels on social media calling for more demonstrations calling for protests against the government of the little there was that that statement in a recent interview from nicolas maduro saying that that would face justice upon his return to get access but said in that protest in that broadcast last night apart from calling on the on the demonstrations to take place on monday at eleven am he said he would be there at those demonstrations and warned that it would be the final mistake for nicolas mother if he were to be arrested these are this is
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a sentiment that was echoed by u.s. national security advisor john bolton who took to twitter early on monday saying that if were to be arrested there would be a strong and significant response by the united states and the international community we are already seeing hundreds of people gathering in quetta acas taking part in these demonstrations we know that is a holiday in venezuela so there is an expectation that these protests against the government could be quite large there could be even thousands of people in the streets but at the moment we still don't know where one is so we're waiting to see the latest within bring us up to date with the latest on the aid bill kate is that aid still waiting there at the border. we are in colombia right on the border with venezuela where there's tons of international aid sitting in containers still hasn't moved in fact the last time that aid was that aid workers tried moving aid across the border it was burned
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there was one truck full of international aid that was that was simply burned by authorities on the other side in venezuela during that broadcast that social media broadcast on sunday one by bill called on venezuelan military officials to allow that humanitarian aid to make it across into venezuela we know that diplomatic ties between colombia and venezuela are cut there are no diplomatic relations so that border is officially closed so people are having to find alternative ways of getting humanitarian aid to to venezuela that means crossing the bridge into colombia gathering food from international workers and then sneaking it across into the country so we still don't know exactly what the fate will be of that humanitarian aid that continues to sit here on the colombia venezuela border all right manuel rapinoe in thanks so much and still ahead on the program less than a month off to it was signed the century in central african republic speech still looks at risk of collapse. the prominent egyptian photojournalist and
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a shawl can ease released optimal been fine he is impressed. hello there we've got to know for a lot of wet weather over the southeastern parts of china at the moment we take a look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud as it gradually edges its way eastwards and that cloud is was giving us a heavy rain at the moment so plenty more of a as we head through the day on tuesday with a particularly heavy outbreaks of rain lightly around the who now province gradually then sings its way southwards as we head through the day on wednesday working its way towards home kong so we're likely to see a few shout particularly later on during the day i mean a lot of we had out towards the west and the area of rain here is just noting its way eastward so it's over the eastern parts of india and stretching across into parts of bangladesh as well those outbreaks of rain
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a lot need to stick around as we head through the day on choose day and then as we head into wednesday they will begin to break up elsewhere it should be largely fine and dry new delhi's getting a bit warmer will be offered around twenty four by wednesday and further south a bit of cloud there over parts of sri lanka but not too much in the way of wet weather for the arabian peninsula well here the winds are still firing down from the northwest so it is feeling quite cool particularly at night but if we head through tuesday night i think things will change the winds will begin to come up from the east and that will change things a little bit that might be a bit more in the way of cloud on wednesday and it will also be not quite as cold in here in the evening as well so temperature twenty four. on counting the cost this week the secretive money working to influence the u.k.'s exit from the european union good morning vietnam will get to grips with one of southeast asia tyga cup economies plus who really benefits in the five g.
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telecoms they are counting the cost of al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's what this jobs bill. and again i'm reminded of the top stories here on al-jazeera there are reports as many as five hundred people have left the syrian village of buckaroos the last pocket of land held in syria they are thought to include one hundred fifty fighters from the group who've surrendered. and the government protests have continued in algeria with students boycotting classes after the president submitted his
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candidacy for next month's elections eighty two year old abdul aziz but flicka has offered to step down after a year if he is reelected. venezuelan opposition leader who is expected to arrive in the capital caracas later more protests against president nicolas maduro supporters have gathered there for demonstrations. now less than a month off to it was signed central african republic speech still is under threat of collapse that's off the fighters from the democratic front of the central african people and another group quits the paks group say the move is in protest against cia awls new government calling it fall from inclusive to syria's nicholas hot joins us live now from dhaka nicholas bring us up to date how big a risk is that to this deal. well this deal was brokered just a few weeks ago by the king notably of the russians who came into the country just
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a year ago at the call of president. who was annoyed by the fact that the un security council and france the former colonial power weren't giving him the tools in order to regain control of his country fourteen armed groups are battling it out in a country bigger than france belgium luxembourg united it's the size of texas at best and it's a real sure goal for him for this president to to to to regain control so this peace deal that was really backed by russia and sudan back back in february was really supposed to be the success because there's been eight previous attempts but chu of the main factions two factions that control large parts of the country notably the neighboring area with chad and the neighboring area with sudan have have walked away from this deal saying that the government is incompetent. is
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acting in bad faith amateurish at best and this is really a blow to the to this peace deal the reason why they're walking away from this deal is they say that as part of the deal they were supposed to be included in this government and out of the fourteen factions that are that signed this deal only six are part of this government and they have minor portfolios none of them hold the economy finance foreign min foreign affairs or interior defense ministries one of them has the energy and hydraulics ministry and of course most of central african republic don't have electricity or access to water so this is really a blow and what what many people fear now in the central african republic is that others will walk out of this deal and that they will have to be another set of negotiations felicity yeah i mean is that nicholas any thoughts about how they steal could possibly be rescued. well
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really the government needs to include and stick by what was signed back in february first on twitter at the time said history will judge severely if we fail perhaps an ominous speech because just weeks later it seems that this peace deal is now into question the way that the way forward is to address key grievances of the armed groups and some of the key q. rinses not just about being part of a government or being part of ministries the issues are much deeper the issue of for instance nationality a lot of people in benghazi or part of the central government describe these armed groups as foreigners people coming from outside the borders perhaps from chad or from neighboring sudan so the issue of nationality is one issue that needs to be address another issue the the the conflict that there is between farmers and traders over land and there is a large swaths of land that are in control of these armed groups some of them feel
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that they are held hostage by these armed groups and the situation is quite alarming for the city we were there in november and the united nations representative at the time told us that the country was on the verge of a humanitarian crisis just months ago we were talking about famine famine in the twenty first century and this is really something that is affecting millions of central african republic and it's something to take in the light of the region that whole as a whole because the central african republic borders countries like south sudan cameroon chad uganda and what happens in that country will affect the region at large so there's a lot at stake with this peace deal for the city because hawke with elections there in dhaka thank you. i just want to bring you an update the way hearing about the venezuelan opposition leader one why don't we told you he's expected to arrive in caracas later in fact we're now hearing from the venezuelan capital that has now
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arrived in the airport in caracas he spoke in the airport and said we are here in venezuela and will continue moving forward some speculation of course about whether or not the dura government would have him arrested after he returned from the trip across latin american countries that say his support to try to to oust the president nicolas maduro now back in the country back in a caracas of course last week it's at least twenty three people have been killed and dozens more are missing off to a series still tornadoes hit the american state of alabama rescue crews a searching through the wreckage of homes and businesses destroyed in the county they describe the damage as catastrophic and expect the death toll to rise how small this is what is left of lee county in eastern alabama after several tornadoes struck on sunday the u.s. national weather service says the first tornado packed winds of up to two hundred
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sixty six kilometers an hour carving a path at least a kilometer wide people tried to leave the area before the tornadoes hit i got it. for my kids. live which is. going to my mother in law as we were just trying to get out of this area right here coming up around the corner over there was making a left right up there around thirty eight. zero area right. there is very much it is going. the scattered debris is hampering rescue efforts in certain areas we've done everything we feel like we can do to save the area is just very very hazardous to put anybody into at this point in time debris everywhere it is just as it has mentioned previously this evening just some mass damage to structures and residences in the area catastrophic is toward being used by many to describe what's
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happened here more than ten thousand people are without power across the state of alabama cold weather is forecast for the area after tornadoes with temperatures predicted to drop to near freezing the state governor has warned people there could be more extreme weather to come and there are tornado warning still in place in parts of alabama and the neighboring state of georgia door such a pari al-jazeera israel's prime minister has a lot of the demolition of the homes of two palestinians killed by israeli forces in the occupied west bank the israeli military says the pair was shot dead when they tried to drive a call into a strain israeli soldiers in. west of ramallah but local say it was merely a car accident when other person in the vehicle was seriously injured israel demolishes the homes of alleged palestinian attack us to deter future incidents need to abraham has more from ramallah in the west bank. the palestinian health minister says that two palestinians were killed and third was wounded in the
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village of west of from a lot israeli forces say that the three palestinians have branded a car against israeli soldiers in the area wounding two of them and the israeli army has also said in a statement that they're found fire bombs in the car however the palestinians say that they contest the version of the israeli forces and they say that the area in which the incident has happened has witnessed so many car accidents in the past the israeli army has closed off the area and many palestinians have suffered tear gas inhalation after a confrontation between the palestinians and the israeli army the u.s. consulate in west jerusalem which had been providing consular services to palestinians has been absorbed by the new u.s. embassy to israel but controversial decision to turn them into a single diplomatic mission was announced in october by u.s. secretary of state my compay i consulate has been in place the nearly one hundred seventy five years and acts as a defacto u.s.
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embassy for palestinians many palestinians consider the move a downgrade in diplomatic relations the egyptian photojournalist. better known as short hand has been released after more than five years in prison he posted this picture on his twitter account with the hash tag house files used by egypt's political prisoners when they're free she was arrested in twenty thirty while taking pictures of military protests and was later convicted with seven hundred others or challenges taking part in a protest murder and membership of the banned muslim brotherhood group but in journalism we are taught to report the story and not be part of the story and unfortunately what happened with me was i was the story. i am not the first or last journalist to be detained journalists were detained and resumed their work when they were released i hope to follow the same path. there is a market hussein has been in an egyptian prison for more than two years he's been
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held without charges or trial or conviction he was detained by egyptian authorities on december twentieth twenty sixteen while on holiday visiting his family egypt accused him of broadcasting false news to spread chaos and zero to noise those charges and continues to call for his release more than fifteen hundred lives rare turtles and tortoises have been discovered stuffed inside luggage at manila airport in the philippines the animals were found inside four suitcases which had been left behind by a passenger on a flight from hong kong customs officials believe the reptiles may have been sold as exotic pets they've now been handed over to wildlife authorities. undermined at the top stories on al-jazeera venezuelan opposition leader one goh i don't know has just arrived at caracas airport as new protests are held against president nicolas maduro whiter supporters have gathered in the city after he
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appeared on social media calling for venezuelans to hold new demonstrations he's been to ring latin american countries seeking support to talk with since the failed effort to get u.s. aid into venezuela just over a week ago there are reports as many as five hundred people have left the last pocket of land held by eisel in syria the thought to include one hundred fifty fighters from the group who've surrendered earlier the kurdish led syrian democratic forces said they'd slow down their offensive to take back the village of booze as eisel had been using civilians there as human shields saying hold on has more on that story from beirut. i still fighters surrendering up to one hundred and fifty eisel fighters many of them foreigners is what we understand but what we also understand from the us backed syrian democratic forces is that i saw fighters remain in this enclave in buchholz's but that they don't know the numbers the numbers is unclear what will happen are these men going to put up fierce resistance
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are they going to make their last stand or are they going to surrender like the others until government protests have continued in algeria with demonstrators holding mass rallies over night eighty two year old president abdulaziz beautifully has offered to step down after a year if he is reelected next month the president has rarely been seen in public since suffering a stroke at twenty thirty. less than a month after it was signed the central african republic is under threat of collapse that softer fighters from the democratic front of the central african people and another armed group quits the paks they say the movie is in protest against sales government. and regional peace and economic ties are top of the agenda in south sudan that's where the leaders of there are try and ethiopia on an official visit the prime minister met eritrean president. whose country's
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recently ended decades of war have promised to play a key role in helping south sudan return to peace and that's the latest headlines here on al-jazeera counting the cost is next. hello i'm adrian finnegan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your wiki look at the world of business and economics this week we'll speak to open them ocracy about the secretive money working to influence the ukase exit from the european union also this week a tiger economy in the making why vietnam is struggling to be recognized as an
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emerging market plus who really benefits in the five g. telecoms era. less than a thousand dollars until the u.k. leaves the european union and people living there still have no idea what's going to happen or no deal a long delay a short delay or heartbreaks it or indeed no briggs's at all are still possible outcomes as the clock ticks down hospitals are preparing for shortages leave parker reports. breaks it in all its possible forms is bad for britain's health services putting lives at risk. that's the conclusion of months of research looking at different breck six scenarios from leaving the e.u. without a deal to a slow managed departure one of the biggest worries is about recruiting and retaining staff under no deal breaks it the government proposes a minimum salary threshold of forty thousand dollars which could limit immigration
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of vital health workers to the u.k. including nurses and new to qualified doctors there's already a critical shortage of medical staff the report's authors say breaks it will deepen the problem there is an argument that you could say that the people who are no longer coming from the e.u. can come from the rest of the world and that's fine but then you lose all the safeguards that the u.s. has built up the mechanisms so there are going to be a lot of problems with staffing the n.h.s. of course we can train more people but it takes about ten years to train a doctor so that's not a short term solution the report also warns that in the event of a no deal british citizens living in the e.u. in the united was in britain will no longer be able to access each other's health services for free raising fears for older residents including thousands of brits who've retired to spain sunny coastline without new laws and imports and exports supplies of medicines blood products vaccinations a medical equipment are also at risk some medicines can be stockpiled but others
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such as radioactive isotopes used to detect cancer has cannot. the health of a national health service remain central to the break to debate in the run up to the twenty sixteen breaks that referendum the vote leave campaign claims that every week three hundred fifty million pounds four hundred sixty million dollars would return to the british economy if the u.k. voted to leave the e.u. the claim was even put on the side of a bus but it wasn't true despite that a lot of people still believe it whatever happens here in the u.k. the health of the economy matters if it contracts as it has been doing over the past few months but it's likely to put the n.h.s. under increasing strain. the u.k.'s health secretary matt hancock has written to doctors and hospitals outlining the government's plans to ensure britain has an additional six weeks of supplies in the event of a no deal breck's it thousands of extra fridges have been bought to stockpile drugs
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the u.k.'s preparing for a possible national emergency many of the country's leading doctors say the diagnosis isn't good joining us now from edinburgh adam ramsey adam is the coeditor of open democracy u.k. good to have you with us adam we hear a lot about project fear surrounding iraq how did i suppose you could argue that the report we've seen is perhaps a classic example of that even though it's based on the government's own findings what do you make of project fear. i suppose i think that often they're not afraid of the right things with me the big concern about the n.h.s. with brax it is that one of the stories we've been following democracy dot net is the way that a key think tank which has been influenced in government policy very heavily around brac system which is pushing very hard it is funded by an american trust call the templeton foundation in order to from a privatization of the n.h.s. and i would see that as an attempt by american health care companies to buy up hold sway the british health care so for me it's not just about the sort of the fears
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that the government talks but i'm worried about the whole dismantling of the n.h.s. through the process of it and in your investigative journalism it open democracy focuses on in particular dark money that influences politics particularly surrounding briggs' it's been described as a cancer that's eating away at politics what is dark money where does it come from and what is it being used for so don't money is any money which is used to influence politics a much comes from a source which is hidden so we don't know where it comes from to want your second question and we spend a lot of time trying to find that out but what we do know is that many millions of pounds was spent during the referendum for moshing alleve and that when we trace where that money comes from it very quickly goes back to britain's network of tax havens and secrecy areas and then it disappears and so we don't know if we lose the scent we don't know where it's who it is pumping this money into our politics but
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it also funds a lot of the main think tanks as i was just talking about and the groups trying to influence the process as a whole network of very prominent think tanks in the u.k. groups like the institute for economic affairs who refused to reveal where their money comes from but who often feel like they're promoting the interests of very rich people or particular business groups that pretend that they're just doing it as a kind of intellectual exercise rather than as a lobbyist this dark money mean that democracy is under threat should people not just in the u.k. but elsewhere in the world be more aware of how the politics is being funded. absolutely i mean you know politics is shaped by money we all we all know that and if we don't know who's paying for what then there's a massive threat to our debate you know huge chunks of political debates are shaped by people who pretend to be there a source of innocent intellectuals or think tanks but in reality are being paid for by some secret source some business lobby group so for example in the u.k.
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we know for years that the sit back you know industry paid for people like the institute for economic affairs to promote the idea that tobacco didn't cause cancer we now know that it did but millions of people died because of delayed action on that issue we know the same about climate change it turns out that lots of the people who have been telling us that climate change isn't real turn out have been funded by the fossil fuel industry to say that and again delayed action on the issues will lead us towards the climate the three we're now facing and we see the same story with brakes a huge amount of the money that paid to the brakes that referendum turns out to have come from unknown sources and from very powerful business lobby groups who want to know it was in the process but who as far as i can see seem to be very keen to take britain away from the regulation of the e.u. and drive it towards the kind of unregulated space of america so they can do things like privatized the n.h.s. so they can slash regulations so they can keep britain the world's money and rich
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of course is what it is now for many of the billionaires across the planet and your work has led to the end of the secrecy in northern ireland it's provided evidence for three electoral commission investigations in the u.k. with briggs it as it is at the moment everything still up in the year is dark money still at play. absolutely i mean one of the stories revealed on open democracy dot net just recently is that there's huge amounts of money millions of pounds pouring into facebook promoting a heartbreaks it so no deal breaks it from the so you know most of the serious think is see that as a calamity for ordinary people in the u.k. but of course if that happens then there are people very rich people who could make huge amounts of money from that crash and also from the kind of deregulation that's likely to follow from it so absolutely dark money play right now promoting these sort of quite extreme ist ideas right across the internet in the u.k. facebook is full of adverts right now i don't know who's paying for them and as far
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as the elections that at that are coming up it's the same troop that is the more simply not up to the task when it comes to things like digital manipulation wellstone the elections we're working on that right now and i can't reveal everything but absolutely i'd say i'm very worried from what i've seen so far that there's a lot of money coming from very rich people across the world who are very keen that the far right parties across europe do very well in that election they want to dismantle the sort of regulated space which they see is holding them to account and they want to imprison ordinary people like us in borders and stop us from being able to capture these people who like to fish around between offshore spaces these kind of multibillionaires if you want to go and so absolutely this is you know state of play still is still a major concern something we're still working on very hard on it and with all of these vested interests at play here i can imagine that there are people who don't
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like what open the box is doing a have you received threats over your work. i'm very accustomed to billionaires sending legal letters we absolutely used to tell you know pointing out that you know we report facts and if they really want to stand up in court and deny the hard facts we report then they're welcome to do so and you know we we stand on those facts we have been lucky with not received any physical threat stressing that most people aren't stupid enough to take on journalists who people are reporting on them so nothing physical but we certainly received many illegal that you know and i'm glad to say you know so far that that's not stop trusting our work from open the moxy don't know many thanks steve really good to talk to you still to come on counting the cost the price of drugs why lawmakers in the u.s. are demanding answers from the big pharma companies. but first
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a train journey away from north korea hanoi vietnam was in the spotlight this week the city played host as u.s. president donald trump met north korea's leader kim jong un for their second face to face summit vietnam's being showcased by the u.s. as an example of a foe turned friend can really help reports. a quarter of a century after the war in vietnam ended jim garcia has traveled to the vietnam veterans memorial wall to honor those who fought and died in the conflict. i think . garcia's father was a marine who served two tours in the vietnam war the conflict cost more than fifty eight thousand american lives most of them moralized here in washington d.c. u.s. president donald trump avoided military service during vietnam citing bone spurs something he's been heavily criticized for. but the vietnamese capital of her
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noise was chosen as the venue for trying to meet north korean leader kim jong il and for their second face to face summit the country serves as an example of how old photos can become friends. from the nine hundred fifty s. through to the early one nine hundred seventy s. the united states sent its men to fight vietnam a generation later a nine hundred ninety four bill clinton and other u.s. president who avoided military service lifted a trade embargo on this communist country completely changing vietnam's relationship with the united states since then the vietnamese economy has been. the us is now one of vietnam's biggest trading partners like vietnam after the war the us and north korea have no formal diplomatic or economic ties we think that north korea.


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