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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 6, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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media focus on how they recruit on the stories that matter the most impact is a free palestine listening post on al-jazeera. this is zero. and you're watching the news hour live from doha it is good to have you here with us coming up in the next sixty minutes on the out of birth story of the death of hugo chavez venezuela's president and opposition leader compete for the loyalty of the people. on an ounce is the tension of dozens of suspects linked to the recent violence and kashmir. as u.s.
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senators called for more sanctions the european union will urge saudi arabia to cooperate with the investigation into the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi . and south korea takes emergency measures to curb its problem with air pollution. we begin in venezuela where the president nicolas maduro is valid to defeat the opposition despite mounting pressure on him to step down he's accusing one guy joe and his supporters of destabilizing the country both leaders have called for rival demonstrations on saturday manuel apollo has this report from cook at that's near venezuela's border with colombia. if one is going to become the interim president of venezuela he needs to win the backing of those who have up until now supported
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president nicolas maduro on tuesday he met the leaders of one of the most significant power blocs in venezuela the public sector union that has you. know forty public workers are being kidnapped by the dictatorship it's being kidnapped by the regime today as a result of this meeting of this great event we will not continue collaborating with the dictatorship so public workers are no place to cooperate ever again no be forced to do anything. on monday why don't return to go back as after wrapping up a tour of some of the south american countries supporting his campaign he was greeted by thousands of people called on to the streets of caracas by the thirty five year old opposition leader. for his part president addressed military leaders on tuesday he acknowledged the demonstrations taking place on the streets of the capital but said the protesters should be ignored. while
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a crazy minority continues with their hatred with their bitterness it step problem we will not pay attention to them come patios we are going to stop them in their tracks there were the national you know let the crazy minority continue with their bitterness we will defeat them president mahmoud i was speaking during a ceremony to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the death of former venezuelan leader hugo chavez the glow of the bowl of varian revolution which brought who good job is to power twenty years ago has dimmed with venezuelans now face is the fallout of a power struggle between a determined president and an equally unwavering opposition leader. who could. david's followings he was the mayor of a district in caracas venezuela before he was removed from office by maduro he now lives in exile in washington d.c. and joins us live from there thank you very much good to have you on the program.
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so what is your assessment of the situation there right now are is there a move to words pushing out or as he says. this is he not in danger of having to leave or are being pushed out by. thank you very much for having me or we are. witnessing in venezuela these moment is historical we are close never to restore democracy and freedom in my country after twenty years of dictatorship that has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the region the worst refugee crisis in the region there's no turning back at this point in venezuela the transition has begun . we have interim president one way though on his goal the support of the vast
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majority of them as well and everything that he has done has been through the parliament has been through the constitution so he's completely legal and also he's got the recognition of fifty four countries. already said that he's the interim president of venezuela so i think in the days of moderate in power are counted on the we're going to formalize a transition very soon there was able to return to venezuela without problems without being arrested threatened. says that's because it's insignificant and he's not a threat what do you make of that. why i think a model very weak at the moment is completely isolated nine out of ten bennett's way loans. want him out of power. i mean everyone knows in venezuela he's to responsible
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because of the shortages of food shortages already seen there hyperinflation there will be more than ten million percent of these years according to the response hold on more than three million than this one ounce of lead the country seems to fifteen so venezuelans one's a country with democracy with freedom with role with plenty of fortunately sophy's he would have detained president well you know or just today i mean he would have more and more people on the streets on obviously there pressure from the international community would have increased let's talk about the power structure of that that exists right now what do you know about the chain of command under mud and is it weakening. it is broken the chain of command in venezuela it is broken. and approved of the bodies that are in just days more than six hundred soldiers and police. go into colombia they
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said they're not. anymore they recognize why all the interim president commander in chief they my your each of the soldiers even as well are suffering from the same problem any citizen so the only piece of the possible we need to. finish are to finish articulate them to become institutional without we're going to have. one hundred percent transition in venezuela yet at the same time we see that the military is firmly or seems to be firmly behind my daughter and these are the people in the higher echelons of power so what will it really take for a moderate to be removed or for him to lose the support happening right now. well i think it's important to understand especially for international community that better so it has more generals on the whole nato in
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a solo. house more than two thousand generals and thus the elite protect my little they my you know to have them have the privilege on the political aspect and also economically and also model has been protected by irregular groups as we saw all of the twenty third those are regular rules were the ones that blocked and burned who money tyrion aid for the middle and lower angelfish ols from the armed forces i mean they don't want to lose or i mean they don't want to because they are suffering from the same problems any venezuelan so we need to understand the models regime is not only affect in venezuela model of regime has become a threat to the region so the sooner we have democracy in venezuela the better for been a so i don't say on the better for the region david sklansky good to get you on the program good to speak to you thank you well earlier we spoke with paul
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dobson who is a journalist as venezuela analysis sought common even as president maduro doesn't see why though it's a real threat well today president maduro said he basically was not going to pay much attention to one right there belittling him if you like my reading of the events of yesterday when he when why the return to the country is that if you had been a real political threat to the government if the government had seen him as a political threat they probably would have taken measures to i rest in there definitely plenty of legal groundwork there and to justify that decision the fact that they allowed him into that country freely and openly really indicate that he is not a political threat he is losing momentum very quickly and i think the government are happy to let it burn itself out. in other news germany's government is expected to decide if it will extend a ban on arms exports to saudi arabia six imposed after the murder of the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi but the deadline expires on saturday france and britain
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are urging for the ban to be lifted paul brennan explains. there had already been enormous international concern over the tens of thousands of civilian deaths caused by saudi led coalition air strikes in yemen since twenty fifteen. and when saudi agents murdered the journalist in istanbul last october germany finally cried halt temporarily freezing existing arms deals and banning any new weapons contracts with the kingdom yet it offers actors the fact that it's often said that it is a dilemma between morals and rail politic i think that's wrong the german government has had political principle since the year two thousand which say that we do not exporting countries in gauged in war zones. germany was not alone in its concerns last september spain counsel the sale of four hundred laser guided bombs to saudi arabia but unlike germany spain reinstated its deal
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a week later fearing the saudis my counsel a two billion dollars order for spanish build corvettes. germany's and has even bigger implications. the typhoon eurofighter the saudi air force has more than fifty already and uses them in yemen the cockpit from fuselage spine fin and part of the refuse a large a made by b.a. systems in the u.k. the right wing and left leading wing edge made by spain allana and italy make the left wing and part of the refuse a large but the central fuselage is manufactured by germany and germany's export ban means britain can't deliver on a thirteen billion dollar deal to sell the next forty eight typhoon aircraft to saudi arabia. airbus's chief executive vented his frustration at the recent munich security conference we were just going over to after you come to the conclusion to the germans are of the opinion that only they responsible arms export policies and
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others don't analysts warn that the dispute is damaging strategic alliances all the claim of defense cooperation in europe. is it's fairly run the disowned by the idea that there is no real cooperation on and on and on the level of defense but. the recently told is that germany imposed a moratorium not because of yemen but because of the murder of jamal khashoggi and saudi arabia's ongoing failure to adequately explain the full circumstances of the killing in the absence of full explanation riyadh has so far given the lynn no reason at all to reverse its original decision brennan al jazeera. well top u.s. senators are pushing for new sanctions against those behind the murder of the saudi journalist. bob menendez on the senate's foreign khamees foreign relations committee as among the many politicians who say they are frustrated with the lack of progress made by trump administrator and on an investigation into the killing
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and october the senators gave the president one hundred twenty days to determine and investigate the perpetrators under the global magnitsky act the white house failed to meet that deadline let's get more now from our white house correspondent kimberly house in washington. well i think we can take what a couple of senators who have a lot of power in the senate are saying collectively not just bob menendez but also senator tim kaine both democrats but it is important to note that there is unity rare unity on this issue in the u.s. congress with respect to the notion that the administration has essentially flouted the law when it comes to the trigger of the global magnitsky act you'll remember that that was triggered in twenty eighteen the administration was required to come up with a report to congress a few weeks ago with regard to who it believed was responsible for the killing of
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shows you have to remember this ministration said very specifically that it would pursue this to the highest echelons of the saudi government so many congress are very unhappy when the state department simply sanctioned just seventeen individuals but did not point to the saudi crown prince a conclusion that the u.s. senate certainly has come to after it was briefed by the cia director gina housefull there was another briefing that took place on monday where senators had hoped they would finally get the information that they were looking for as a result of the trigger of the act but they were in a word disgusted with what they were told according to not just bob menendez but also senator tim kaine essentially the senators knew more about this case than those that were put forward by the administration well european countries are expected to be arabia to cooperate through the u.n.
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probe into merger the joint statement is scheduled to be released on thursday it will also demand that priest detained activists know of our is a commentator and columnist on gulf affairs and he says europe is helping keep the pressure on the murder murder case. when you look at the european countries bringing this issue to to forefront of the un human rights council it essentially underscores stat for europe human rights remains a top priority and concerns over what happened to jamal khashoggi has now become a lightning rod if you will for detainees across prisons in saudi arabia and elsewhere in the broader middle east so this is only going to continue to pressure of the saudi government to take the steps that they have promised that they would take to hold those responsible for his murder to account democrats and republicans
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remain united on the need for the administration to not only pressure saudi arabia and the crown prince to hold those responsible for their murder to account but also to share with the congress the details leading up to the murder and to see whether or not u.s. intelligence organizations had advanced intelligence about what was about to happen to him so this is a story that today plays out both in europe now and at the u.n. and here in the united states and i think that the president trump amid all the chaos that his administration is is facing is continue will have to continue to to navigate through this very difficult environment and intelligence officer from saudi arabia has tried to hold an anti qatar lecture and switzerland. claimed four of the speakers at the event in geneva or qatar is deprived of their
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citizenship now in journalism how they were allowed to travel without passports it emerged that they were in fact saudis saudi arabia the united emirates bahrain and egypt have all imposed a blockade on qatar since twenty seventeen. now we'll have plenty more ahead this news hour including. jury is defined students keep up the pressure on the president to step down. the battle for the last remaining pockets under eisel control intensifies in eastern syria. and ryall shock in madrid as the title holders are knocked out of the champions league by acts that's coming up in sport.
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pakistan has detained dozens of people as part of a crackdown on armed groups they include people india suspect of being behind an attack that killed more than forty soldiers in the disputed kashmir region last month a group called jaish e mohammad said it was responsible and the brother of its leader was one of those detained bombing triggered the moves cheery a standoff between india and pakistan. protests are getting louder in algeria but its army chief vows he will let the country go back to what he calls years of pain students have fled the latest demonstrations there calling for eighty two year old president abilities with a flicker to stand down from next month's elections and here word has this report. they've known no other leader in the one country for twenty years. but there appears to be a groundswell against algiers abdelaziz bouteflika in the capital algiers the
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message from thousands of demonstrating students was clear they want him to leave office now. we are against beautifully karna gets a regime we are fed up twenty years are enough we want change mr millennium that. they've been in power for twenty years we've overlooked the situation for too long to process it's time now for people to wake up and not just citizens. some students were forced to cover their faces suffering from the effects of take ass this outpouring of anger began when algeria's ailing leader announced he would run for with term as president the cry for politically cut to step aside has been growing louder every day spreading beyond the boundaries about ca's. the military which helped lead and shape the country during and after the bloody civil war in the one nine hundred ninety s. wields power here and its military chief says it wants to guarantee algeria
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security lynn real that. some parties which feel annoyed to secure and stable do not like it do you want to take back to say years of pain during which people suffered all kinds of suffering and paid a heavy price the great people who lived through such difficult times were never given the bounty of security. president beautifully suffered a stroke six years ago and has rarely been seen in public since then he's offered to shorten any new term in power but many here believe that doesn't go far enough. said. days of protests against his rule have led to movement two hundred people being injured. can say constitute the right to free expression is part of the algerian constitution we expect that those rights be respected where there is peaceful demonstrations under the rule of law. the military has warned that some
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people want to take algeria back woods returns to say they hold looking ahead to trying to secure a better future and after twenty years it is time to change and he would just there are. hundreds of i still fighters defending the last pocket of territory have surrendered to u.s. backed forces in eastern syria now more than six thousand people have left the village of our goods in the past twenty four hours and mainly kurdish syrian democratic forces are trying to push ice allowed it's clear that hundreds of civilians could still be in the area near the iraqi border now the white house has rejected a request by democratic leaders for documents related to security clearance of the president's son in law gerard kirshner door trumps counsel has called house democrats request on presidents and intrusive and there were questions raised about how question or whose trump syria senior advisor got
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a high level security clearance it was in new york times reports suggested that trump went against recommendations by security officials and ordered his former chief of staff to clear a questionnaire. let's not go live to she had britain see in washington d.c. she had what more can you tell us. well actually in fact in the last hour or so c.n.n. of that the only organization reporting this that are reporting that this is also the case with vika trump donald trump's daughter that donald trump tried to put pressure on both his chief of staff john kelly on the white house council at the time. to give her security council security clearance but they refused and in fact in the end all tried and gave her personally the security clearance not slightly different to the reporting we had last week from the new york times and washington post that general kelly john kerry the chief of staff was called he was ordered to give security clearance eventually to gerard last year another point is look no one
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doubts that don't trump it's doldrums right to give anyone he wants security clearance that is the president's right when to all the obvious questions of why did security officials have concerns about giving. security clearance out of c.n.n. as to be believed ivanka trump security clearance perhaps why do they need to develop a trust need security clearance and then why did they feel that he had to lie about this because again he does have the right to give security clearance to have a he wants but certainly in jared's case those case he was saying to the new york times in january that he had no idea we had nothing to do with giving him security clearance and was the one sure that he had the power to do so if these reports are correct then those are the truthful statements from the president so congress the house oversight committee wanted more information on this they were already looking into security clearances anyway and now we have as you say the white house response which is no we'll give you a general briefing on how security clearances are given to people but we're not going to give you any specific information on individuals because that will violate
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the privacy now congress the house oversight committee has replied saying all right we're going to figure out on next step and it's not clear yet whether the next step will be to demolish the information through the subpoena power or whether this is actually part of the negotiations it's just really beginning as you have donald trump has called this unprecedented better what's also unprecedented is the american president bringing in members of his family to such high level positions why hasn't that been more scrutiny into this it's been two years. why not necessarily rubber bill clinton brought in hillary clinton to india very important roles in the government but she did have some some experience of legislation jarred cushion i guess the point is an avant garde others out the experience in political no political experience or diplomatic experience and we know certainly the judge question had very tangled business affairs. there haven't been because in part because the democrats have that control over congress all this time now that they have control over the house of representatives at least they're beginning to take
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that oversight role very seriously with a view to twenty twenty and now they've launched all sorts of investigations most recently the house judiciary documents from some eighty people and institutions and entities connected to donald trump to help their inquiry their various other inquiries to they want to keep this drip drip drip off of news stories about scrutinizing doll trump ahead of twenty twenty the danger they face though is that they'll be a general sense of wariness some fatigue over all these investigations that it may lose some of its power by twenty twenty comes around she had get to speak to you thank you. and still ahead in august there are war have the latest on the rescue efforts in afghanistan's kandahar province are flash floods have destroyed homes and displaced many. and in sport joe what's the fallout after turkish football are suspected of slashing drive old players with
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a razor blade. the. the in. and out there for many of us in the southeastern parts of china there is yet more wet weather on its way here's the last system that we saw working its way away towards the east but it's being replaced by yet more cloud and yet more rain as well say for many of us on wednesday it will be a role the soggy affair and those showers will be pushing for the south and as they do so they'll take down the temperatures so a maximum temperature in hong kong just of nineteen degrees and do expect to see a fair few showers around as well they will be further towards the south and for many of us here there's plenty of dry weather looks like it should be largely fine again for us in the philippines but the showers there for the south as you can see on the satellite picture working their way through parts of java and into borneo in this again is where we see the majority of the showers as we head through wednesday
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and into thursday for the west and for many of us in samoa trade there should be a good deal of dry weather but there's still a risk of one or two showers times most of the cherry weather over india has been in the east and that's also been affecting us in bangladesh but all of that is trying to clear away so they'll be more in the way of drawing weather as we head through wednesday and into the day the showers gradually fizzling out then for most of us on thursday she looks like a fine and settled day the temperatures are now rising for us in new delhi will should get up to around twenty six degrees but colombo as usual is hovering around thirty or thirty one. who want to sponsor you tony. in germany's capital there is a barber like no other. strong. but as he said he changes he's moving with the time. and going on the road.
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this. year. by the people in. the past. this is. where the online. for them. to join us on sat all of us have been calling. this is a dialogue we are talking about. you have seen what it can do to people using multiple drugs including the phone and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice from the twitter and you could be on the street join the global conversation.
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top stories this hour. that israeli president. vowed to defeat the opposition he's accusing the. supporters of destabilizing the country others calling for an aerialist demonstrations on saturday to coincide with an opposition march. pakistan has detained dozens of people as part of a crackdown on groups think that suspected suspects linked to an attack about killed more than forty indian troops and the disputed kashmir region last month. and countries are expected to oss saudi arabia to cooperate with the un investigation into john mark karr showed the murder now this comes as u.s. senators push for new sanctions on those behind the saudi journalists killing. south korea's president has ordered his government to take extraordinary measures
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to combat record level air pollution seven major cities including the capital seoul have recorded high concentrations of fine dust particles several cities and provinces have imposed emergency measures for a sixth straight day let's go live to rob mcbride who's in seoul for us rob i can see pretty murky behind you what's it like there how has the situation deteriorated over the past few days. for the best part of a week now the people of seoul other cities in south korea have been breathing this as you mentioned there the last few days the government has been holding a number of emergency meetings just trying to figure out what to do about it they've been putting in place a number of special measures such as controlling the number of vehicles on the roads putting controls on construction sites power stations also giving
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instructions to things like schools not to have outdoor activities while we're having these record levels of air pollution just to put some numbers on the problem the definition of clean air by the world health organization is anything with less than twenty five micrograms of all to find particulates these that the very fine particles that are hazardous to health now twenty five grand micrograms is considered the upper limit in spaces like soul of the cities we've been seeing four times that well over a hundred so we have been seeing people really very concerned about this we've seen the face masks that it's also a roaring trade in purifies for people's homes to the general fallback is to blame china for this air pollution but how much does this really have to do with south korea's neighbor. it's a very good question it's an ongoing debate here certainly there. concerns that some of this is homegrown but i think increasingly people do look to china as being
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the main source of this and in fact the president of south korea just this wednesday morning has given instruction that south korea should be doing more with china to tackle what's seen as a shared problem things like false rainstorms in the yellow sea separating the korean peninsula from china as a way of trying to wash out some of the pollutants but i think it is generally agreed that much of this is the fine dust from china's deserts being sucked up into the atmosphere also mixed with pollutants from its factories its power stations and then the prevailing winds that we've had in the past week or so winds that have been strong good enough to get these toxic cloud to the korean peninsula but then it seems not strong enough to blow it any further and so it's sort of hung over the peninsula there's also a theory do that a lot of the problem they have been exacerbated by the current trade war between the united states and china the argument going that with the because chinese
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factories are having a tough time of it right now the authorities in china haven't been as strict as they should be on environmental controls whatever the truth of it cities like seoul given all of its sophistication and so on can do little about the problem until there's a change in the wind direction it seems to allow it to have a breath of fresh air if you have mcbride in seoul for us thank you. now eight has been rushed afghanistan's kandahar province after some of the worst flooding in years residents are salvaging what they can after ten days of heavy rain at least twenty people have died while another thirty were killed by flash floods in other parts. and neighboring pakistan shallot bellis has this report from kandahar. press ration runs deep and searches quickly through this crowds much like the floods swept through here last week it's nine am and they want aid from the u.n. distribution point they say they have lost everything and need help. lost their
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houses your basic. supplies or services they had in those small they all were they are in need of assistance. but there is a list only those who have been verified as a named and don't pose a security threat coming into the sixty year old abdul k u s one. but the world food program gives some fortified wheat pulses salt oil he receives tain't some blankets it is meant to last him his wife and nine children for two months until they can get back on their feet. he has come here to pick up the supplies with his neighbor we follow them hard. and this is what is left of it after a creek near here on friday night. this was your home can you show me what it was is a bedroom was this a living. whether or not one room is here and one here there were three rooms and
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one toilet here and then all gone now we were over here sheltering in my shop and i was hearing things falling down and then my home collapsed you know my friends were flooded washed away from some film this video is light broke the next morning was the first time that seen the extent of the damage that i'm not upset this is from god and i have to accept that if i find the money i will rebuild the house but if not then we will live in the tent. kandahar got half of its annual rainfall in just thirty hours from friday into saturday resulting in a lot of water overflowing from creeks like this one and surging into residential areas and damaging or destroying homes like these ones made out of mobs and clay in total across kandahar province fifteen hundred homes were either damaged or destroyed. kandahar's police chief says the number of displaced families could be
5:36 am
as high as by fells and his officers responded across the province over the weekend . with they can sort of we were able to reach all parts of the province and evacuate people out of the water and transport them to government buildings or mosques we saved a lot of people's lives especially on friday night. the military assisted also the afghan air force sealift to twelve hundred people trapped by the rising water is a risk with those stuck in here the snow at high altitudes it was risky because this syria is a taliban stronghold every rescue in far flung districts could lead to a five fight. first we block the area and want team secured it another team started helping the affected people we all knew our duty of who would secure and who needed to help the locals in the rescue operation. wasn't risk use that he must risk you himself now at sixty he must start again. his children playing
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livia's to his burden what was the floor of the horse charlotte dallas al-jazeera kandahar. it's up un official is asking china for access to singe on the region where we're going muslims are being kept in what activists call mass detention camps the un is religious freedom and boy are made shahid road to beijing forcing good sir not a program targeting so-called extremism our rights activists say one million a week another muslim minorities engine john province being deprived of any legal rights and subjected to mistreatment china has denied the accusations and defended what it calls reeducation and training centers. it's being hailed as a potential breakthrough in the fight against hiv a london man appears to have become the only the second person to go into long term remission from the virus that causes aids well the patient was seeking treatment
5:38 am
for cancer when he received a stem cells transplant three years ago because he was also a positive doctors decided to give him bone marrow from everywhere hiv resistant donor three years later he stopped taking drugs to control the virus and tests show he's still in remission i would say take your time in if you if you want to become public do it it's been very useful for science and for giving hope to. each of you probably people to martineau works at un aids and he says while scientific research should be encouraged government should also support treatments that are more readily available. this functional cure as we as we are calling it is obviously a significant step forwards we're not clear there's obviously a lot of a lot of further work that needs to be done in terms of the past ways and what's what it what is behind that cure and i was it is further work before we can
5:39 am
definitely say there is a full you know. we really want to recognize that there is a lot of the work that is needed to be done to develop a cure overseas stem cell transplants are highly complex that significant interventions are not something we can use for the twenty seven million people living with hiv so there's a lot more work we need to do to make this a plan to build more generally as as a successful. solution for the problems at the moment we have highly effective antiretroviral medicines that. are very very effective they have low levels of resistance that have low levels a toxicity and they are a key key aspect of what we would encourage countries to continue to invest in but i do want to stress we also say this is a great step forward and it is really important that we continue to invest in and
5:40 am
scientific innovation such as this. teenager who got vaccinated in defiance of his mother's wishes has appeared before a congressional committee to defend the national vaccination program the senate panel is trying to find out why a growing number of americans are refusing to back so that their children are preventable diseases such as measles which is now making a comeback in some states castro has this report from washington. when ethan linden burger turned eighteen key rebelled he went to a doctor and got the childhood vaccine shots his your mother had denied him since birth i grew up understanding my mother's beliefs that vaccines are dangerous and she was speak openly about these views both online and a person should voiced her concerns and these beliefs were met with strong criticism over the course of my life seeds of doubts were planted study after study that he read finding vaccines to be safe and effective he says he tried to show them to his mother but she responded with that's what they want you to think the paranoia is growing and so too are the consequences the centers for disease control
5:41 am
and prevention reports two hundred six cases of measles in the u.s. this year more than a third were in the pacific northwest where the movement to not vaccinate has taken root fueled by social media and anecdotes of children who suffer after receiving vaccinations robin sharon says her son was injured by back scenes he received as an infant i thought only conspiracy theories didn't vaccinate their kids i vaccinated mine in two thousand and nine i picked screaming brain swelling head went up to the ninety fifth percentile from the fiftieth in just a couple of weeks old body eczema followed by a diagnosis of twelve allergies to a very deadly my little boy has almost died by times and there hasn't been a definitive study whether vaccines can cause enduring and life threatening allergies but the scientific community has concluded that vaccines the measles vaccine in particular is not linked to autism we need federal leadership for
5:42 am
a national vaccine campaign spearheaded by c.d.c. in partnership with states that counter the anti vaccine messages but the momentum is in the other direction now seventeen states allow parents to opt out of vaccinations due to moral or philosophical beliefs and these parents are convinced vaccines are hurting their children spilled out into the hearing room. hallway tuesday angry the committee chose not to hear from anyone representing their side the hearing lasted a mere two hours with senators leaving no indication of whether any policy proposals are to come and leaves us at the status quo the scientific community united in its campaign to vaccinate and the anti that's nation parents who claim their voices are going on heard joe castro al-jazeera washington. federal prosecutors in the us will open a civil rights investigation into the shooting of an armed black man in california
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california's attorney general says two policemen won't be charged over the shooting in sacramento so far clark was shot dead in his grandmother's backyard officials say he ignored their commands and approached them with a gun but investigators found the twenty two holding a mobile phone the decision follows a year long investigation again nothing can bring back stefan clark and nothing helps and the pain that his family carries i did i know that this is not house to quit clark and stefan clark's loved ones wanted his story to end i know actually i saw how hard this has been first the tragedy then the weight she and her family have been patient through out through the grief through the anger through the uncertainty the spittal increase and knife
5:44 am
attacks on young people in the u.k. the murders of two teenagers over the weekend has ignited the public debate over the issue and the barker reports from london this is the brazen face of british crime boss gang members descended on the college day a month just seven threatened students the seventeen year old was wounded six people were arrested since the start of the year ten teens have been fatally stabbed twenty seven have been killed in the past twelve months. seventeen year old jody chesney was murdered last week she had never been involved in crime she was with a group of friends in this park when her killer approached he stabbed her in the back and left he didn't say a word knife crime is no longer confined to criminal gangs in deprived areas it's everywhere. judy chesney charlotte huggins chewed a cement off the names of some of those killed were read out in parliament this
5:45 am
week and this opposition labor m.p. stella creasy wants says from the government this is an emergency that requires an emergency response here. in recent years police are experienced deep funding cuts leading to the lowest police numbers since the one nine hundred eighty s. the british prime minister denies the resource problem is to blame there's no direct correlation between certain crimes and peace numbers what matters is how we ensure that the police are responding to these criminal acts when they take place that people are brought to justice but what also matters is as a government that we knock at the issues that underpin that underlie this use of knives britain's most senior police officer disagrees in the last few years police officers numbers have gone down a lot of there's been a lot of cuts in other public services i agree that there is some link between violent crime on the streets obviously and the police and police numbers of course there is no i think everybody would would see that mohammed has she is
5:46 am
a youth worker on the front line in communities most affected by violent crime he's also a victim i was stabbed an attempted robbery and i was in a watch on a break up a fight with some young people but for me again i was someone that was well qualified i was never involved in gangs of violence etc however that kind of reinforcing the dice is not really a choice for a young person to be a victim or or necessarily a perpetrator if the environment kind of pushes you in a certain direction. for us as i don't have really let down our young people and you actually bear the scars yeah so i've. got shot in the show six stitches in my chest and i had another ten rifle. steel warriors is a charity that wants to take all the lives off the streets and turn them into something positive a ton of weapons is confiscated in london every month. this is the result an outdoor gym in an east london park made entirely from recycled weapons allowing
5:47 am
young people to refocus their bodies and their minds as police politicians and charities agree and disagree on new ways to tackle the symptoms and causes of knife crime children are killing children of britain streets the barca al-jazeera london and police in britain and ireland are investigating three mail bombs sent to two airports in a main station train station in the u.k. the devices were discovered at london's heathrow airport and city airports as well as waterloo train station no one was injured though one cost a small fire in an office building at heathrow. the french president manuel micron has called for reforms of the which would pave the way for a quote european renaissance ahead of crucial european elections in may you wrote an open letter published in newspapers across the e.u. and he warned citizens of all twenty eight states he said never has euro been in
5:48 am
such danger and breaks it stands as a symbol of that suggesting that the british people were not properly informed before voting to leave the e.u. . accord to turkey has granted bail to innocence former boss carlos go on it's ruled against a prosecutor's appeal and second bail for about nine million dollars going was arrested in the vendor for allegedly falsifying financial documents he says he's innocent and will fight the accusations the executive has been denied bail twice over fears that he could tamper with evidence. the worlds.
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hello there it's time for sports and here's joe. thanks very much real madrid the team that is one of four of the last five champions league titles has been eliminated in the last sixteen staged by i.x. it is the first time in eight years that royal have failed to make at least the semifinals the dutch side went into the match with a one goal deficit but that was quickly raised when keane's the edge schooled in the seventh minute as strike in the eighteenth minute put into an unlikely lead at the bird a bow marker asensio pulled back for the defending champions but the four one upset on the night's gave i.x.
5:51 am
the incredible five three aggregate when tottenham a series of the quarter finals for just the second time in their history with a one though when dortmund hurricanes go in the forty eighth minute putting the tie beyond doubt spurs winning four nil on. wednesday robot will look to hold on to their one goal advantage against poor so the big game though is between p.s.g. united who will be looking to overturn a two goal deficit the premier league team lost two nil at old trafford and face a challenge to make it into the quarterfinals against the french league champions but their case they can manage it insists that united can do it especially if they school first. never mission impossible force more difficult but. as i said here really we've got to get the first goal then anything can happen. yes it's a technical and tactical game but it's also a mental game suddenly. goltz always change games and if we get the first
5:52 am
one. we'll be believing even more so and might they might start doubting themselves so what is important we get the first one. over in the asian champions league japan's caution antlers got the defense of their title off and running they beat debutantes to hold their all texan of malaysia brazil and legend zico was in the stands as taking opens because she was accurate in the forty third minute. said jean your then doubled their advantage after the break and despite the malaysian side grabbing a consolation goal kashima won this group the match two one. melbourne victory couldn't live up to their name in their group opener with the south koreans came from behind with goals from two senior one soon min and ed good to give them a three one winning start to their debut campaign keisuke honda had a header saved in the seventieth minute to catch a disappointing night for the hosts. a footballer in turkey has been released on
5:53 am
bail after being accused of wounding opposition players with a razor blade it happened during a third division game force a courteous ball players claim that amid sport midfielder months are challenged targeted them with a sharp object on the pitch a police investigation is under way his club deny the allegations chelsea of appeals to fee for against a one year transfer ban the english premier league club has handed the ban which runs until january next year after breaching features rules to protect teenage players if he follows previous examples chelsea could see their ban frozen which would allow them to sign players until their appeal is heard. a court in hungary has ordered the extradition of a portuguese whistleblower behind some of the biggest exposé he's in european football rui pinto established the football league's website in two thousand and fifteen which is uncovered stories including christiane of an elder and josie merinos tax avoidance on tuesday he was told to be sent from budapest back to
5:54 am
portugal but he's charged with extortion violation of secrecy and illegally accessing information he denies the charges. you can see that a lot of european investigations were opened thanks to the revelations brought by football leagues and the media has evolved into football weeks. so it's obvious that now there is a euro just initiate if they are interested in the data in the four weeks per se. part of it seized by the police because they are museums off euros that hopefully the european authorities can can get back now a group of former british soldiers aiming to become the first all the sable team to compete at the twenty four hour motor race they're called team brit which stands for british racing injured troops because especially doubted with hand controls to allow drivers to compete pool fund or reports. the road to recovery has brought
5:55 am
a group of former soldiers together looking to compete in the world's toughest sports car race. national was working as a bomb disposal expert in afghanistan where he lost both legs and in the explosion our job was to go out and search for i.d.'s and on the ninth of july two thousand and ten i found one slightly odd white enough standard on that result within reason by my legs from an fingers from my left hand fractured pelvis broken by passing flaps along such. as on. this teammate masson compton is also lucky to be alive he suffered burns to seventy five percent of his body when his tank was blown up in afghanistan as i was going to the village i said been waiting such an idea was really as we drove in and that pretty well i got and how. fortunate in the go isn't it. because it out
5:56 am
eventually recognized me. and. somehow managed to climb out of with the rubble arriving me and see then off. and get into cover shut off. the team took part in a forty five minute race at lamont last year in a support category both drivers are convinced they can be on the start line for the twenty four hour race within two years it's definitely. the team has come on leaps and bounds from its inception in lots of fifteen we start off with one call and i garridge two people the teams growing to race truck. b.m.w. to see behind me the pirate and the flagship of the team yes i'm on g t four get into the money it's not a question of a basic question of one of the team boss told out zero the opportunity to race is providing the drivers with fresh motivation some guys with mental health issues
5:57 am
with depression. and p.t.s.d. . just. they don't have the motivation to face the world in more shoes or get a taste of racing it's almost like a drug they'll do they'll do anything just to go racing. allows us to teach. all the skills they need. having already overcome so much in their lives the members of the team are also a mentor in the next generation of drivers the newly launched the cademy for disabled drivers allowing people to access motor sport or interim level and use it as a tool for rehab and recovery better with sarah and that's all this for for now more later. and i want to remind you that you can always log on to our website and get more information burial find in-depth coverage of our top story that's a political deadlock in venezuela the address for that is zero dot com that's it
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for me but stay with us terry that's up next. march on al-jazeera. maggi husain debates discusses and dissects the big issues of our times and head to head five years after the revolution is in ukraine will have a chance to offer a verdict on what's come since. in a powerful new film residents of occupied east jerusalem shared their pool on its past present and future. leaders will gather for the thirtieth arab league summit in tunisia join us for coverage and we examine the development of an unusual alliance between radical buddhist monks and the military in million man. march on i'll just sierra. the world's pollinators are in decline.
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in this episode of arthritis we meet entomologists on opposite sides of the planet protecting insects of all sizes crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to the u.k. to see how old industrial sites are being turned into bug reserves in an attempt to reverse this worrying trend. fighting insect to get on on al-jazeera. i mean this is different whether someone's going for someone's favorite. tree i think it's how you approach an individual and that's it is a certain way of doing it you can't just. story and fly out. a nation where corruption is endemic embroiled in a battle to hold the power to account. has this radical transformation occur. i mean nobody to me that if you were shedding light on the
6:00 am
romanians pressing for change and the unconventional methods to eliminate corruption remain people on al-jazeera. gathering their forces the power struggle as nicolas maduro and why don't call for rival protests in venezuela. watching al-jazeera life from a headquarters in doha i'm daddy navigate also ahead. protesters refuse to cave in but there is a warning from algeria as army chief for the people who want the president to quit . these.


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