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of a roof now this facility as you mentioned it was there was an undertaking verbal ie between kim jong un in his meeting with donald trump in singapore last year the dismantling were of this facility would go ahead this was then later put in writing in what became known as the pyongyang declaration between north koreans and south koreans last september when north korea did commit itself to dismantling this facility and and the monitoring of international law letters so new is the actual work has been done on restoring part of this complex has taken people by surprise to say the least it's difficult to know how much exactly to read into this though the yes there has been this restoration work but it doesn't necessarily mean that we are anywhere near the resumption of testing i think that is still too far too much of a stretch and rob how is all of this being interpreted in the context of the failed
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summit and hanoi could this be part of a negotiation tactic. i mean one of the questions people here are asking is just when this work was carried out it may well have been carried out in fact before the summit in hanoi so this is not necessarily a negative reaction to failed diplomacy and it's got to be remembered of course that there have been other reports of north korea continuing to work on its nuclear facilities on its warheads on producing fissile material we had reports late last year about satellite intelligence indicating that at a number of sites around north korea you have to bear in mind that this is a very large industrial complex that supports its weapons and nuclear program and there has been nothing signed specifically banning any parts of that program there has only been a fairly very commitment last last june in singapore to denuclearize the korean peninsula what people here do take store from and of to mystic about is the
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continued dialogue between north korea and not seeing any returning to the war like namecalling of the past and of course to this point the verbal commitment from kim jong un not to resume any missile testing still stands. out as al-jazeera is right mcbride there live for us and sell thank you rather well and north korea is facing more severe food shortages after what's been called its worst harvest in more than a decade u.n. figures show production of staple crops like soybeans and potatoes are down by more than a third last month north korea's government warned it's facing a shortfall of one point four million tons of food this year the country has a long struggle to feed itself nearly half the population is in need of humanitarian assistance but benjamin saw the stein as a templeton fellow at the foreign policy research institute and editor of north korean economy watch he's skeptical about the extent of the food crisis. i'm not
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sure that it's as bad as the u.n. and the north korean government have been saying and the reason is that it's very difficult to calculate the north korean food situation most people get their sustenance from markets in the country and the circulation on these markets while it does depend to a great extent on domestic food production we don't know exactly how supply will change on these markets so i suspect that thanks to the markets things won't be as bad as some people fear so i think a much more important sanctions is it was the bad weather of last year or the summer and fall last year sanctions have a relatively minor impact on food production of course with less fuel imports it's more difficult to power up the machines and whatnot but use for agriculture but at the same time north korea i recall trysts mechanize to such a low degree anyway that sanctions are probably not the main culprit here if the
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leadership had been primarily concerned about people's access to food they could have upped imports a long time ago they could have prioritized reforms and agriculture and while they have done some of that they just haven't done enough of it at least sixteen people have been killed in a suicide attack on construction work is in eastern afghanistan had happened near the airport in jalalabad the four attackers were also killed and no group has yet claimed responsibility flights have been canceled from kenya's main airport following a strike by aviation wakas riot police have been deployed to dispense protesters outside nairobi's jemma canal to airport the strike follows a labor dispute between a wet his union and kenya airways. venezuela's president is vowing to crush what he's described as the crazed minority that wants to remove him from power nicolas maduro is also urging his supporters to turn out in large numbers to challenge protests planned by his rival this weekend al jazeera as my new republic reports
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from kuta near venezuela's border with colombia. if one is going to become the interim president of venezuela he needs to win the backing of those who have up until now supported president nicolas maduro to on tuesday he met the leaders of one of the most significant power blocs in venezuela the public sector union. as you know when the embryo aborted public workers are being kidnapped by the dictatorship it's being kidnapped by the regime today as a result of this meeting of this great event we will not continue collaborating with the dictatorship so public workers are no place to cooperate ever again no be forced to do anything. and monday why don't return to go back as after wrapping up a tour of some of the south american countries supporting his campaign he was greeted by thousands of people called on to the streets of caracas by the thirty five year old opposition leader. for his part president addressed military leaders
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on tuesday he acknowledged the demonstrations taking place on the streets of the capital but said the protesters should be ignored it annoys them out of so they're going to this saturday we are going to the streets on march ninth and t.m. paralysed march to commemorate the day of boulevard and anti imperialism the people take to the streets to fight this saturday people take to the streets president mahmoud abbas speaking during a ceremony to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the death of former venezuelan leader hugo chavez the glow of the bola varian revolution which brought who good job is to power twenty years ago has dimmed with venezuelans now face is the fallout of a power struggle between a determined president and an equally unwavering opposition leader. who could. germany is expected to decide in the coming hours if it will extend
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a ban on all those exports to saudi arabia chancellor angela merkel is under pressure from powerful european allies france and the u.k. to lift the ban imposed after the matter of saudi journalist. paul brennan has the story. there had already been enormous international concern over the tens of thousands of civilian deaths caused by saudi led coalition air strikes in yemen since twenty fifteen. and when saudi agents murdered the journalist in istanbul last october germany finally cried halt temporarily freezing existing arms deals and banning any new weapons contracts with the kingdom yet it offers act of defiance and it's often said that it is a dilemma between morals and rail politic i think that's wrong the german government has had political principles since the year two thousand which say that we do not exporting countries in gauged in war zones. germany was not alone in its
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concerns last september spain counsel the sale of four hundred laser guided bombs to saudi arabia but unlike germany spain reinstated its deal a week later fearing the saudis my council a two billion dollar order for spanish build corvettes. germany's and has even bigger implications. the typhoon eurofighter the saudi air force has more than fifty already and uses them in yemen the cockpit from fuselage spine fin and part of the refuse a large a made by b.a. systems in the u.k. the right wing and left leading wing edge made by spain allana and italy make the left wing and part of the refusal but the central fuselage is manufactured by germany and germany's export ban means britain can't live on a thirteen billion dollar deal to sell the next forty eight typhoon aircraft to saudi arabia. ever says chief executive vented his frustration at the recent munich security conference that we're just going over to off did you come to the
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conclusion to the germans are of the opinion the only day responsible arms export policies and others don't. analysts warn that the dispute is damaging strategic alliances all the claims of defense cooperation in europe. is it is it's fairly run the disowned by the idea that there is no real cooperation on and on and on the level of defense but. i at the root of it all though is that germany imposed a moratorium not because of yemen but because of the night of jamal khashoggi and saudi arabia's ongoing failure to adequately explain the full circumstances of the killing in the absence of a full explanation riyadh house so far given beilin no reason at all to reverse its original decision brennan al jazeera the weather is next to that and the harrowing wait for details about who is buried in sri lanka's largest mass graves and where
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in a flood ravaged corner of afghanistan where hundreds have been destroyed families with no way. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast we have been talking about the wildfires here across the northwestern part of spain now on monday we were dealing with about ninety nine wildfires today it's down to about forty five they have been getting better control in the good news is as we go towards the end of the day we do expect to see some more rain coming into play across much of that area take a look the forecast here is that frontal boundary right there so today rainy conditions as well as windy conditions across much of that area but it's really only going to last one day by the time we get towards thursday we're going to be seeing some dry conditions there much of the rain is going to get it heading up here towards much of the area up to the north we're going to be seen some windy
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conditions across much of the u.k. also into the northern part of europe as well snow across parts of the alps now here towards the east it is going to be quite nice with key of about ten degrees for you here across the northwestern part of africa though we are going to be seeing rain across morocco that's all dealing with that same frontal boundary that's going to be making its way towards the east we're going to see some clouds across parts of algiers twenty six degrees here on wednesday but by the time that front goes through we do expect those temperatures to come down just a little bit down to eighteen tunis is going to be a cloudy day at twenty four degrees you know here towards the east we could be seeing cairo with attempt a few about twenty three degrees. the wells pollinate says are in decline. in this episode of thrice we meet entomologists on opposite sides of the planet protecting insights of all sizes crucial to preserving food chains. i've come to the u.k.
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to see how old industrial sites are being turned into bug reserves in an attempt to reverse this worrying trend. fighting insect to get on on al-jazeera. hello again i'm just a reminder of the news this hour north korea is reportedly restoring facilities as a long range rocket launch site that it dismantled last year the reports in south korean media follow the failed sign that last week between donald trump and kim jong un. at least sixteen people have been killed in a suicide attack on construction workers in eastern afghanistan it happens near the
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airport in jalalabad the four attackers were also killed. and germany is expected to decide certain if it will extend a five month ban on all those exports including plainness to saudi arabia. the results of tests conducted on a mass grave found in sri lanka last year are expected to be announced soon the remains of more than three hundred people were discovered in the northwest of the country in elfin and as reports from manalo which was part of a battle zone during the nearly three decades civil war. instruction workers phone human bones was digging foundations of a former government supermarket it led to the discovery of this month's grave in many. detailed excavation of the site on the court supervision as on earth the remains of more than three hundred people around thirty of them children the judicial medical officer in charge of the investigation says this site is being
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treated as a crime scene if you could for my burial site. what's more stuff the symmetry is. having that. that coffin been. for my average heart but here it is somewhat different because you know that there are all up in here so i don't know of a crime or any. any other thing but to get it properly six bone samples were sent to the united states for carbon dating tests to find out windows in the green die the medical office saying charges have received the official results on monday they will be known when they're submitted to court the island of manner was famous for its fisheries in sion times and still boasts foot fishing grounds but many of its residents escaped of these
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areas during the civil war. fighting between government forces and the regular time of tigers began in one thousand nine hundred three and lasted for twenty six years with hundreds of people still missing after the end of the war the discovery of this mosque grave in the heart of man out of town has led to despair and hope hope the families of those missing will finally find on says so hi i'm mary last saw her husband soon the right figure are due in august ninety ninety she believes he was detained by the navy at sea but doesn't know for sure and i don't think are they going to get out i laugh and smile with everyone but i'm sad inside it's an unless sadness wondering when my husband will come back whether i will see him at least once before i die or find out what happened to him. but the judicial medical officer will not speculate on whether the remains in the months grieve are those of poor victims services see that was no sign of
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a clothing but some of the bodies may have been found with metal shackles and it suggested some of those buried there suffered trauma investigators say they would continue to dig until they are confident all the remains have been recovered minutes fernandez jazeera mannah shouldn't. pakistan has arrested senior members of jaish e mohammed as part of a crackdown on armed groups and follows an attack on indian troops in february that sparked the most tense standoff between india and pakistan in years to has more from lahore where some of the armed groups are based. the last time we came to the march the men send for the job. it was brimming with activity but we have now been getting reports that the government is clamping down on many groups were jeff already being brought scribe by the united nations as stated groups although
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to jump. on the foundation the f.i.f.a. have been and was and match their strategy judge as an ambulance service that did run across the country the government is not taking any chances because it has to comply with the un regulation. is a compound all of the drama don't dollar and also turning to t.v. ad said several organizations guarding their ledgers their borders dozens of others have already been made that people have been digging into prevent their custody bugga son wants to send a signal to the united nations that it will comply with the rules and regulations the bugger tunney milegi very saying that they did not and reaction to the. all the indian pressure buggers on. gold and the military is ready for any eventuality but the government and islamabad also keen to throw the rest of the
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word that it wants to follow through with the national action plan where drugs are adopted in britain. after a deadly attack on an army public school in virginia get over one hundred thirty students demand for goods from the government move is to ensure that these groups are not able to operate outside the ambit of the law and of god many of them are now facing abroad sprayed some acid seizures and also are today. hundreds more eisel fighters defending their last pockets of territory have surrendered to u.s. backed forces in eastern syria more than six thousand people have left the village of bug who is in the past twenty four hours mainly kurdish syrian democratic forces trying to push us well out evidence is emerging from iraq that juveniles are being tortured into confessing to crimes including being involved with eisel natascha going to him in northern iraq spoke exclusively with the family of one teenager.
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passing through the checkpoint was supposed to bring the seventeen year old we're calling them closer to a future with hope instead his family says kurdish security forces in northern iraq snatched any chance of that he was arrested eight months ago as the family was trying to cross into erbil to escape a tribal feud back home in mosul should you and your security forces blindfolded handcuffed and hit him when they slapped him he had to say he joined eisel for three days the interrogator said it's not enough if you don't confess to more we'll hand you over to other security forces my son was very young at the time and afraid . azzam is now serving a sentence for joining i saw here at the reformatory for females and juveniles his family says they managed to keep him out of reach of the armed group during its
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control of mosul and he's an innocent boy tortured into making a false confession since twenty sixteen human rights watch says forty one juveniles have reported being tied in stress positions given electric shocks and being beaten by kurdish security forces with electric cables plastic pipes and rods in order to extract confessions and the alleged torture continued here at this facility designed to rehabilitate juveniles. and we have tolerance of those fighters who have confessed already there isolate members on pietist i don't believe there's any need any sort of touch to take with couple of children and make sure they have to become first on the torture so this is very much you will reject according to human rights watch several juvenile inmates say some of the guards beat them for misbehaving subjected them to death threats and verbal abuse and kept them in their
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cells for long periods of time these are victims and as victims they should be given every opportunity to reintegrate rehabilitate and rejoin society although we were given access to interview inmates there was no way to protect their identities from the staff. we work in a transparent way and don't intend to keep a lid on bad things if these things took place in our facility we would be preventing media and local and international organizations from visiting. a service supposed to be released soon but his family worries if he returns to mosul which is under the jurisdiction of the federal government in baghdad he'll get arrested again this time by iraqi forces will be that a general hof the genius of the this isn't justice my son is stigmatized for the research of his life and he'll carry the fear of being arrested at any time as with many victims alleging torture the teenager may also be
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a life long struggle with the psychological trauma natasha going to zero. the united nations is asking china for access to the shin john region where weak and muslims are being kept in what activists describe as mass detention camps the un religious freedom envoy ahmed shahid is the latest official to publicly voiced concern rights groups say more than a million weak is an all the muslim minorities in being denied legal access and badly mistreated china has rejected the the accusations and defended what it says re education and training centers for poor people in the region nissen's former boss carlos corn has been released after more than three months in jail gone left the tokyo detention center wearing a mask and cap after posting almost nine million dollars bail he was arrested in november accused of falsifying financial documents which he denies the judge
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ordered that go and remain in japan and that his residence be placed under a video surveillance. aid has been delivered to afghanistan's kandahar province after some of the west flooding in years at least twenty people have died while another thirty were killed by flash floods and other parts of afghanistan and neighboring pakistan al-jazeera charlotte dallas reports from kandahar the us. yet press ration runs deep and searches quickly through this crowd much like the floods that swept through here last week it's nine am and they want aid from a u.n. distribution point they say they have lost everything and need help. they are in need of assistance. but there is a list only those who have been verified as a nice and don't pose a security threat. sixty year old abdul k u s one. the world food
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program gives him fortified wheat pulses salt oil he received some blankets it is made to last him his wife and nine children for two months until they can get back on the feet. he's come here to pick up the supplies with his neighbors we follow them home. and this is what is left of it after a creek burst near here on friday night. this was your home can you show me what it was this a bedroom was this a living. whether in about one room is here and one here there were three rooms and one toilet here they're all gone now we were over here sheltering in my shop and i was hearing things falling down and then my home collapsed all my things were flooded washed away from the press some filmed this video as light broke the next morning was the first time they'd seen the extent of the damage that i'm not upset
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this is from god and i have to accept that. if i find the money i will rebuild the house but if not then we will live in the town to. kandahar got half of its annual rainfall in just thirty hours from friday into saturday there's olding in a lot of water overflowing from creeks like this one and surging into residential areas and damaging or destroying homes like these ones made out of mobs and clay in total across kandahar province fifteen hundred homes were either damaged or destroyed kandahar's police chief says the number of displaced families could be as high as five thousand is offices responded across the province over the weekend gear with. we were able to reach all parts of the province and evacuate people out of the water and transport them to government buildings and mosques we saved a lot of people's lives especially on friday night. the military assisted also the
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afghan air force he lifted twelve hundred people trapped by the rising waters of the army risking those stuck in here the snow at high altitudes it was risky because this syria is a taliban stronghold every risk you in far flung districts could lead to a firefight. first we block the area and want team secured it another team started helping the affected people we all knew our duty of who would secure and who needed to help the locals in the rescue operation. risk use but he must risk you himself no it's sixty he must start a game his children play oblivious to his burden what was the flaw of the whole charlotte bellows kandahar. sudan's parliament his reconvening to discuss the state of emergency declared by president al bashir it was an attempt to contain protests which began in december about the rising cost of living here has banned
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unauthorized public gatherings and granted sweeping powers to the police since imposing the stage and legends the last month security forces have used tear gas rubber bullets and live ammunition and batons against demonstrators. the white house has rejected a request by democrats in congress for documents related to the security clearance of the president's son or jared kushner donald trump's counsel says the request is unprecedented and intrusive there were questions raised about how question or who is trying to senior adviser was granted the high level clearance a recent new york times report suggested trump went against recommendations by security officials and ordered his former chief of staff to clear questioner. hello i'm the star doha with the headlines on al-jazeera north korea is reportedly restoring facilities at
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a long range rocket launch site that it dismantled as part of disarmament steps last year the reports in south korean media follow last week's failed summit between donald trump and king john king kim jong un in vietnam a web site specializing in north korea studies called thirty eight north says it has satellite imagery showing efforts to rebuild some structures at the launch site started sometime between february sixteenth and march second al-jazeera is robert bryant has more from seoul. site that's normally used for satellite launches but it has been used for the testing of engines for ballistic missiles so it is potentially significant to north korea's missile development weapons program the. satellite images seem to show that some restoration work has taken place drawers replaced in the section of roofing replaced on one of the buildings at the site. at least sixteen people have been killed in a suicide attack on construction workers in east in eastern afghanistan it happened
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near the airport in jalalabad and the four attackers were also killed no group has claimed responsibility flights have been canceled from kenya's main airport following a strike by aviation workers riot police have been deployed to disperse protesters outside nairobi's drummer can yasser airport the strike follows a labor dispute between a workers' union and kenya airways venezuelan president nicolas maduro is calling for and he imperialist demonstrations on saturday to coincide with a march led by his opponents the opposition leader who has been holding talks with labor unions in a bid to organize strikes germany is expected to decide soon if it will extend a five month ban on arms exports including planes for saudi arabia it's under pressure from its european allies france and britain to lift the ban imposed after the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. sudan's parliament is set to
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discuss the state of emergency declared by president omar al bashir in february protesters have been taking to the streets since december angry about the rising cost of living those are the headlines they'll be more news here after earthrise do stay with us. i was really still on the bridge as a journalist was. going to the truth of it all. that's what this job. insects make up eighty percent of the species on earth through over two hundred million of them for every human they play
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a critical role pollinating crops decomposing waste and supporting food chains. but a german study from twenty seventeen has caused worldwide alarm showing that in some areas flying insect numbers of food and by over seventy five percent in the last twenty seven years and humans are to blame if development and pesticide use continue we could soon face what some experts are calling insect to get in the ecological collapse of the insect population whether to how can it would change life on earth as we know it. i mean our beloved home in new zealand where an enterprising group of scientists are bringing a dinosaur era insect back from the brink of extinction and i'm guillory to robbie in great britain to see how overlooked industrial waste lands are being turned into bug reserves.
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new zealand is rich in wildlife and because of its isolation there are hundreds of plants and animals that evolved here that have found nowhere else but human introduced pests have threatened and even want to. not many space suits one of those in the navy but a congo it's one of the world's heaviest in six and has been around for one hundred ninety million years even out leaving the dinosaurs they used to be found all over new zealand and now big close to extinction. these amazing aging creatures play a financial role in the system and without them other native plants and wildlife could also disappear forever. the oakland zoo has launched a set of programs to save the. starting with a new interactive exhibition that aims to excite the next generation about in six.
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i like to run their. feature in giant tree model in six weeks educational games and puzzles bug lab shows just how fascinating it's excellent. to double what do you like about these really easy peasy but these are really cool. these children have never seen a way to punk yet had they lived several generations ago they would have spotted them in the garden. reading center guide coast to big family explains why we should all kids bored out on beaches in six there was a mayday and people just dismissed them and i knew that they're really really important for the environment may as how everything works together like that and sticks with me here how important is it to take its young people about insects
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whatever fits right for everyone for going to have to be helping her and the kids and fix and stop her coming in danger i can really connect with them fix it and i use them and been ill for a number of my view it's been that kind of a bright proud expression i thank. exhibitions can be great for raising awareness for causes but it's just on the other side of the zoo that some really significant work is being done to protect and revive the threatened with a punkah i'm meeting ben good with an entomologist at oakland. breeding program hey ben page hi thanks this is where i want to. ask you. this is one of the world's only industrialized insect conservation programs providing the optimum line temperature conditions which upon go to these are the ones that you bred so some adult would appear in here it's incredible. they're one of the heaviest and six in the world. so they don't get too much bigger
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than us which upon the can weigh up to seventy grams that's the equivalent of three small bites to think i can only. hope service. that's incredible do they do they why not so they're totally flightless they're not really good kind of they're not turn.


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