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tv   The Peacekillers  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2019 6:33am-7:00am +03

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business updates brought to you by qatar where it's going places together. to lawmakers from india's ruling bharatiya janata party said to be disciplined after a fight using a shoe as a weapon went viral on social media and the incident caused embarrassment in
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a country where shoes are considered on clean and using one as a weapon is seen as especially offensive footage of the old cation in the north. shows a. state assembly member reckon. with his slipper often argument over the placement of names on a foundation stone for a new project. facebook says it's working to tackle vaccine misinformation when people come across the subject on its site and this includes not showing or recommending hash tag pages that include wrong information as well as providing people with authoritative information on the topic this comes as facebook's boss mark zuckerberg has outlined his vision for improving privacy and security on his social media site in a blog post he wrote that facebook would not store people's data in countries with a weak human rights record facebook is under pressure to reform after it was revealed in twenty eighteen the data from fifty million users had been harvested
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and passed on to a political consultancy thailand is asia's new hub for international art fairs but away from the glitzy galleries censorship laws and five years of army rule making it tough for local artists in the lead up to this month's general election which is intended to restore civilian rule away very young artists are finding new ways to push the boundaries to ambrose reports from bangkok. made headaches tensile a street artist who uses spray cans to satirize thailand's ruling army since the twenty forty military coup he's led a movement of political artists who are farming ways to avoid the country's strick censorship rules. a pro army party of former generals is heavily to do with response general election but headache hopes his message will shake up the establishment where you are without one man or current government has stayed longer
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than normal i've seen many military supporters are now unwilling to support them and i think this is a turning point. the public is starting to listen thanks to bands like rap against dictatorship. their anthem condemning corruption politically impunity and the growing social divide went viral with close to sixty million views but. the rap troupe believe their songs popularity is the only reason they are gyal. full and went on a little discussion is good and should be free no one should fear being arrested or getting thrown into jail for talking about politics. laws which protect the ruling military and mana key from criticism have been used on an unprecedented scale since the army took over shortly after the coup a crisp wanted man kong was imprisoned for two and a half years for performing in a university play that was interpreted as criticizing the world family i'll pray is
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very dangerous for them because we talk about. something that they don't want people to know about in this climate of crackdowns and censorship on artists thailand is actually hosted for big got exposed in the past year including the bangkok being ali. but curation say they operate in a climate of fear with soldiers have righted galleries and removed artworks critical of the military government officials argue censorship is needed to maintain peace in a polarized political landscape coal. type people have a lot of freedom there's barely any problem but whenever you're leaning towards one side slandering someone and present false information as fact when we take it seriously. but local artists say repression will only lead to more rebellion rap
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and rhymes true ambrose al-jazeera bangkok. and you can watch the full documentary thailand's rebel artists on one i want at twenty two thirty g.m.t. on thursday night here on jazeera. and after all that his fortune use over to joe in your heart. lauren thank you european football's governing body you a for has confirmed it's open an investigation into manchester city over possible breaches of financial fair play rules the english premier league champions were at the center of allegations published by a german sports magazine claiming that city's m. rotty owners shakman saw injected funds into the club to top up sponsorship income u.a. fizzles have a limit on how much money an owner can add in a statement mentions city responded by saying it welcomes the opening of a formal u.a.e. for investigation is an opportunity to bring to an end the speculation resulting from the illegal hacking and out of context publication of citi e-mails the
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accusation of financial irregularities are entirely false the club's published accounts are full and complete and a matter of legal and regulatory record christe of winter back is a journalist for dish people who first broke the story about possible irregularities he says the leaked emails from manchester city which prompted the investigation are genuine. this is now the first time that they actually say the x. rays ations are faults and what they're also saying is they will come the you if investigation which we all do because now there's actually a framework and a possibility to to. put more discoveries out in the open meant to see what's actually wrong and what's actually right in this situation we work together with a whistleblower called we've been to from the football leagues that for many ended over seventy million documents to dish the eagle and to our european media partners for us as journalists it's very important to see that the files are authentic and
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that what we publish about is of public interest and both of those things were right and were accomplished in this case so we decided we have the right to publish those articles you gain a huge advantage over the other competitors if you don't follow the rules but the others do so if you're funded by somebody or even by a states which can put in unlimited amounts of money there's a huge imbalance in european football because other clubs who don't have these powerful and those rich supporters they will lose in the future and there were they will get a huge disadvantage to compete so this is a fundamental principle of football it's a sport it's a competition and usually the teams that work the best and that have the best together they should be the most successful and it shouldn't be only the teams we have the most money and who are willing to break the rules surprisingly one of the men backing a punishment for manchester city if they're found to have violated spending rules
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is the chairman of the u.a.e. sports authority speaking as he launched a campaign to become the next president of the asian football confederation mohammad had fun and roommate they said any cub violating you a fizzles should be punished he's vowing to implement financial fair play across asia if he paints the current incumbent shakes element. of. meanwhile world governing body fee for will discuss plans to expand the twenty twenty two world cup in cattle and next week's council meeting in miami they'll unveil the results of feasibility study on increasing the number of teams from thirty two to forty eight for president jenny in francine or has been talking up the idea for months and is now said to be considering sharing the tournament with them on and kuwait but the concept of sharing football showpiece with capitals neighbors is complicated by geopolitics qatar is under blockade by saudi arabia the u.a.e. and egypt robert harris is a football journalist for the associated press he says jenni and containers looking
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to leave a legacy. well you can look at it from a sporting perspective in the fact he wants to give more countries more hope of going to the biggest football tournament on the planet and there's another thing at play as well potentially his own credentials if he can be seen as someone who perhaps brings the region together you know there's a distant possibility of a nobel prize potentially that's been always talked about by his predecessor set blatter so if he can see himself as this figure beyond sport which is something he does like to consider him as you see speeches at the g twenty and other political gatherings it would be a considerable achievement if he could spread the world cup in the region to make it a tournament beyond the katter but you know this is been talked about for so many years now and probably it is something that would have been logical at the time of the vote to actually use multiple countries rather than it just being in cats are given the burden on resources and the number of stadiums need to be built from scratch the key thing is it's rewriting the rules of the game has been played the fact
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cattle won the bed but even yesterday the u.a.e. government sports chief our mathy told me actually qatar deserved to win it was a great success comments that were particularly striking given the severance of ties between the u.a.e. and qatar but it did leave be a number of factors in play here if additional countries are brought into the hosting particularly given cattles when there was an increased focus on human rights within fee for cats i was required i was lead to raise its standards and when it came to the twenty twenty six votes the potential host had to submit really detailed risk assessments over human rights and it's a point i made to in france in a few months ago which he saw as the fact actually if you do bring new hopes into the plan for twenty twenty two that will be demands for those host to be subject to human rights scrutiny and to check their standards are up to fevers what fee for my
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argue is the fact if no building work is required to keep the top. that might be a way of certain navigating but it will actually of complexity the human rights of any additional countries brought into the hosting arsenal have suffered their first loss in france as they went down three one to read in the europa league last sixteen elsewhere chelsea have beaten dynamo kiev three no four five time champion severe were held to a draw by slavia prague and villareal picked up a win over is that it's peter cook a turkish footballer accused of injuring four rival players with a razor blade has been banned for life turkey's football federation handed down the ban after months of chela attacked the players during a third division game on saturday a separate police investigation is underway. it's been less than a week since roger federer clinched his one hundred eighty title in dubai now the world number four is looking for his hundred and first federer is at indian wells where he's been given a buy in to the second round the swiss is looking to take the record with his faith
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crown in california he admits he hasn't had much time to celebrate reaching the one hundred mark having flown around the world this is it's taken some of the pressure off him. winning and getting to number a hundred and not having to carry that ninety ninth title with me for the entire season and talking about it every week are you going to win your hundreds title here and there and so out of the way and i just think it was a perfect week for me struggle little bit at the beginning and then ended up really playing some great tennis and so i think it's going to give me a lot of good vibes you know moving forward. now the current leader of the weld rally championship has suffered mechanical issues ahead of rally mexico yesterday and was forced to park his car during testing for the season's opening probably around their hate stages to be run on friday on the high altitude roads in the center of the country. and terry novell face some serious opposition before he was able to tackle it makes
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good writes the high and dry but was successful in sending the richard o's flying as he tried out some traditional mexican wrestling. all right that is all useful for now it is back to lauren in london. thank you very much indeed to and that's it for me for this news hour i'll be back in a man with another full roundup of the day's news thanks very much indeed for watching i have. over a hundred and sixty years ago a musician started a valiant in an arty street in cairo and the brass band was so popular it gave
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birth to an entire musical genre. a century and a half later the sound still resonates with many egyptians today house of allah the people's music on al-jazeera. with bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera has correspondents live and bring you the stories they tell you that this was not a good use of us nothing unless you. were at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian al-jazeera fluent in world news. dizzier explores prominent figures of the twentieth century and how libel rinses influenced
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the course of history was the cuban revolution communist or wakefield castro is a feudal east the not a communist that custer wanted his country che wanted international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera . chinese tech giant huawei sues the u.s. government for banning its products. this is on jazeera live from london also coming up the herschel g.
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effect saudi arabia's human rights record comes under attack by thirty six countries at the u.n. for. a catholic cardinal offers his resignation after receiving a suspended jail sentence for failing to report accusations of child sexual abuse in france. and more trouble for president trump as his former campaign manager appears in court for sentencing of bank and tax fraud. and of chinese telecom giant huawei is taking the u.s. to court by restricting federal agencies from using its products the u.s. considers four ways products a security threat and says china can use its equipment for spying always says the u.s. has failed to provide any evidence to support its claims adrian brown has more from war ways home city of shenzhen from the wall ways success is clear
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just part of it sprawling complex in the special economic zone. while weighs name literally means the achievements of china but the trumpet ministration says those achievements more to cheating and stealing than the sort of innovation on display here allegations its top executives deny on thursday they held a news conference inviting selected media organizations including al-jazeera to confirm that while way has filed a lawsuit against the u.s. government over a ban which restricts federal government employees from using its equipment we have and there is no us. challenge to all of. these men only. but i also owe this i we and us she was once more they insisted while ways not in the pocket of china's government
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and accused the us of hacking its servers. and ran here so. it has carried our service and this story you know since while ways top officials were once like china's leaders they rarely spoke to the foreign media but the arrest of the firm's chief financial officer in canada where she's now fighting extradition to the united states has changed all of that and the firm has now begun an extraordinary legal and media offensive. huawei is a success story that chimes with many chinese people's sense of patriotism and pride it's not clear who's behind this music video now circulating on social media praising its smartphones the firm insists it had nothing to do with it. while way is fighting another legal battle in canada where its chief financial officer
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mongering joe appeared before an extradition court on wednesday she's accused of breaking u.s. sanctions and money laundering monks lawyers argue her arrest was politically motivated while way is trying to weather the storms on many fronts the copycat european architecture is not a theme park but the firm's new research and development campus the company's critics continue to argue that it's not just the buildings here that have been cloned adrian brown al-jazeera shinji and cybersecurity journalist gareth corfield says the case raises questions over whether united states is exercising its soft power or huawei prez's a genuine threat to cyber security its there's been a consistent position from the americans that it is foreign interference and foreign ultimately control over their mobile phone networks and over their computer networks and i think we still keep on coming back to the same more question of
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where's the evidence show us the evidence you know yes why weigh those operate from a communist party country and they do have laws there which compel them to cooperate but so does the western world we know for example with france the america american edward snowden revelations that u.s. security agencies are also able to legally place back doors and interception capabilities into the mobile phone mast into any computer network equipment they want to do so so really the question becomes is this america exerting its soft power and trying to force rest the world away from something that america perceives is not in its own interests or is a genuine side was a curative threat. thirty six countries including all twenty eight member states of the european union have signed a statement criticizing saudi arabia's human rights record but at the same time attempts by the e.u. to add riyad to a money laundering blacklist have been rejected by member states and even baba has
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more from brussels. at the united nations in geneva a rare rebuke to saudi arabia it came in the form of a statement backed by all twenty eight european union countries as well as canada and australia and called on the saudi government to release prominent women's rights activists from jail and cooperate with the u.n. investigation into the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi at the saudi consulate in istanbul at almost the same time each justice and interior ministers meeting in brussels formally rejected a new blacklist of states not doing enough to stop money laundering in terrorism financing that list compiled by the european commission last month included new names not least of which several u.s. territories and saudi arabia germany has taken a tough stance against saudi arabia since the killing of jamal khashoggi and has just extended its freeze on arms sales to the country but when asked by al-jazeera about the blacklist its interior minister refused to engage in english or in german
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saudi arabia be on this money loan if no other language. has an idea out here after the meeting the ministers insisted their stance wasn't him fluids by any third party office that my the drafting of the list has not been procedurally transparent therefore the twenty eight member states have this point of view so any action taken needs to be based on dialogue from now on but for some intense lobbying clearly led to the list being blocked is going to put a considerable pressure from both the saudi and u.s. governments have been very vocal about their criticisms of the u.s. even said that it will ask u.s. banks to ignore the back blacklist so the pressure has been intense but this is a sad day because what we're seeing is diplomatic interests of member states winning out over the fight against argument in europe meanwhile the european commission's promising to keep pushing for tougher action. each scandal panama papers all the terrorist attacks. we had
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a lot of bakeware it's about how we need to strengthen our fight against these things so now it's time to do it the european commission is sticking to its message if the e.u. wants to be serious about fighting money laundering and the financing of terrorism it has to be ready to displease governments including saudi arabia's ministers meeting over the road here have given a clear red light to the commission's plans where this goes next could depend on how quickly the saudis respond to growing criticism but al-jazeera brussels. disgraced french cardinal philip barber house says he will offer his resignation to the pope after a judge in leon found him guilty of failing to report child sex abuse to authorities the case has shed light on the catholic church is declining influence in a process that has more. from his diocese in the city of law french cardinal philip
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announced his resignation. i have decided to go and see the holy father to tender my resignation he will receive me in a few days. it was an unexpected twist often already dramatic morning in court in his absence the judge found the cardinal guilty of failing to report child sex abuse to authorities giving him a six month suspended prison sentence but our had known the priest bernard paina had abused boys from the one nine hundred seventy s. to ninety's but he allowed him to work with children until his retirement in twenty fifteen the victim's lawyer said baba has resignation was sudden but welcome the son would exhaust symbolically make sense you needed to respond to the verdict in some way because the code is moral and legal responsibility. may well be resigning from his position within the catholic church but his lawyers say in terms of this case he is likely to appeal the verdict for the victims and the campaigners who've
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been here during this trial they say this has been a true fall from grace one of france's highest clerics phosphor davao is head of a victims' association in leo yet. it's david against goliath it sends a powerful symbol of hope for the victims it's colossal i'm convinced that many others will now speak out. the case is shaken france's catholic church and inspired a film that won a top prize at the berlin film festival by the grace of god follows the victim's campaign for justice because contributors who should use enterprise. just. you treat as an actor for somebody. for more than a decade the catholic church in france has been dealing with a declining number of followers and new priests after the cardinals trial it faces an additional battle won for its credibility and reputation natasha butler al jazeera france there are calls for an investigation into how i saw was able to
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launch a complex attack in the afghan capital that killed eight people and injured dozens more are still fighters attacked a gathering of ethnic hazaras and politicians in western kabul shot by this report from their. from a city to a battlefield kabul becoming the frontline of a battle between i saw an afghan forces i saw launched an attack on senior politicians a more than one thousand has hours gathering to commemorate his our leader abdul alim azhari. it began peacefully broadcast on national t.v. the c.e.o. of dollar bill or the former president hamid karzai listening to speeches then rockets were heard in the distance commented on by dr dunston your places the incidents are far from here your running creates a lot of risk but the rockets got closer some politicians flared others tried to calm the crowds though she was telling them to leave quietly but.
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then the first explosion in the elder followed witnesses reported rockets mortars landing in and around the gathering explosions and heavy gunfire i thought it was the us that has our leader mohamed hockey said on the microphone the betar getting a gathering and told us to escape from there as i was fleeing i was hit with shrapnel on my back. there was confusion as hundreds of people try to find safety. i don't soldiers and police unaware of who was attacking and from where. afghan special forces or in general a building began a clearance operation to stop the remaining attack its. ambulances ferry dozens of people to hospital most injured by rockets and mortars are fewer of them.


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