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house about left the people's music on al-jazeera. this is the opportunity to understand a very different way where there before something happens and we don't leave the. refusing to back down tens of thousands of algerians continue to put pressure on the ailing president who plans to run for a fifth term. hello i'm adrian finnegan this is i was there a life from doha also coming up the power is back on and parts of venezuela off the country suffered its worst blackout but for some families the damage has already been done. abused rejected and humiliated we meet the nigerian woman promised
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a better future but now a victim of human trafficking and there are thousands like. and barely scraping by a drop in demand leaves thailand's rubber industry facing an uncertain future. they are the biggest nationwide protests seen in algeria in nearly thirty is the target of the protest as anger isn't even in the country he's receiving treatment in switzerland president abdelaziz bouteflika suffered a stroke six years ago demonstrates a say the eighty two year old isn't fit for the job at all to twenty isn't that a month ago he doesn't run for a fifth al-jazeera reports. friday protests for the third successive week nationwide in algeria. and this time they appear to be bigger than ever. demonstrators demanding president eyes ease with the clique abandon his bid for
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a fifth term in office in next month's elections. just a day earlier. eighty two year old beautifully who suffered a stroke five years ago and is in switzerland for what are described as routine medical tests urged algerians not to demonstrate and warned about the risk of chaos if they did. protesters didn't listen. to me now i am here today with my daughters with the country's children to take back our last algeria we want to take it back so that our children find work so that they don't see and drown in the mediterranean sea. they love the system and please leave us look at the people the action is here the people are here from all social classes from the youngest to deal just everyone is saying no to a few third please leave you won't even be judged. and local media reports say that nine politicians from with a clique is ruling f l m party resigned to join the revolt. train and metro
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operators halted services to try and stem the tide of protesters a strategy that clearly didn't work across algeria demonstrations have been staged daily for the past two weeks since beautifully could confirm he would stand for another term in office on april the eighteenth since the protests began opposition groups have been attempting to come up with a viable plan on how to remove with a flicker from office in an open letter on monday the president said if he's reelected he will call for a referendum on a new constitution and another election at some point. algeria's armed forces are under mounting pressure to find a solution but so far the response has been cryptic while alluding to the demonstrations algeria's army chief at the civil war of the one nine hundred ninety s. urging protesters to be aware of history but the rallies continue with no signs of abating any time soon. and just. power has been restored to parts of venezuela after the country suffered its worst blackout president nicolas maduro has accused
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the us of sabotage and urged his supporters to march on saturday against what he calls imperialism opposition leader is also called on his backers to take to the streets to zero stories about reports now from caracas on how the power outage is affecting the country's collapsing health system. and for the last few months she's been involved in a battle with bone cancer. she's already had part of one leg removed because of a few more. when. her scheduled treatment on friday she was told it had been postponed the recent and electricity blackout affecting much of the country. i spent three months waiting to begin my chemotherapy because the equipment was in working now because of the blackout again the equipment is not working so i get my chemo. the source of the blackout
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has been traced to the electric dam in the state of. almost every corner of the country has been impacted by the power cut. but it is in hospitals like this one where the situation becomes critical this is one of the most effective but nobody got back and look pretty have been gone already for fifteen hours and initially the hospitals power plants failed and that's why the government was forced to bring in other power plants but we're told that they're only able to supply some rooms within the hospital. loudy annie is twelve years old and suffers from hydrocephalus she has been in the hospital for a week and live in a moment or not any more there's no electricity and because of that there's no water there are no syringes no goals we were told the power plant failed last night so i'm not sure how the situation here will continue. without electricity most of
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the capital remain closed on friday the metro railway systems have shut down so have schools and businesses. the political opposition blames the massive power cut on corruption and mismanagement. in two thousand and nine they declared an electrical emergency ten years ago they paid one hundred billion dollars into the electrical system find ourselves in this disaster today. has blamed the sabotage by the united states government has not provided evidence to support his claim but his backers including captain. are convinced he's right. there are people who are planning to destroy the revolution we're talking about international opposition and donald trump and his puppets are trying to guarantee people get that gas. electricity came back in some parts of. the government supporters celebrated and
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chanted that the socialist revolution started by chavez won't be defeated any time soon. but outside the hospital there was silence as mothers waited for any update on their children's condition their primary concern is not who's to blame for the blackout it's the hope their child gets the treatment they desperately need. sudan's president has released at least thirty eight women who were detained during recent anti-government protests the demonstrations began in december initially in response to a decision by government to effectively triple the price of bread the government says that thirty one people died during the violence but human rights watch puts that figure at fifty one let's go live to. start with the release of these female detainees what more do we know. well we do know is that
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thirty eight women have been released so far according to the da for lawyers association but let's remember that we don't know how many women were arrested in the first place and we divide into categories there are women who have been arrested and released as per the directives of the president there are also women who have been sentenced to jail or jail terms because of their participation in protest of eleven weeks there are also women who have been basically held in detention with their whereabouts basically unknown so these women also have been arrested have been released we've spoken to family members during the past ten weeks and they were very concerned about their well being but some of them this morning also tweeted out and said that they are very relieved that they're glad that the women have been. released following the directives of the president but let's remember we don't know how many women were arrested in the first place it's not clear if the thirty eight women who have been released represent all the women who have been detained over the past eleven weeks and what about these protests that have been going on since just. are they still ongoing yes
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there were protests yesterday police once again used tear gas to try to disperse the people who have been protesting against the government but they have been called for more protests the more they say that they're going to march from the opposition headquarter from the party headquarters to the parliament to try to once again voice their demands and make it known that they want the president to step down let's remember they said he's not going to step down and that nothing will remove him from power short of elections coming next year and he's also announced a state of emergency that that is set to last for a year now a part of that emergency measure. not protesting on public protests. that has not deterred the demonstrators they say they will continue until the president steps down so basically sudan is right now at a crossroad protest it's very determined continue to keep going and to keep demonstrating and voice their frustration and the government that's set to try to introduce new measures to try to as the president said pave way for dialogue but at the same time as the state of emergency that makes it very difficult for people to
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try to voice their demonstrations though right now it's not clear how long this will go on for and where the end will be zero zero civil morgan reporting live from khartoum had many things u.s. backed fighters in syria say they'll resume their assault on eyesores last pocket of territory if no further civilians come out of it by saturday afternoon the syrian democratic forces the s.d.f. has slowed its offensive on the village of drug use to allow thousands of people to leave the u.n. says that more than sixty thousand people who fled the area and are crammed into a nearby camp thousands more children separated from their families at the us mexico border could soon be reunited with their parents following a court ruling initially a judge ordered nearly three thousand children could be handed back to their parents but now families who've been split up since july twenty seventh teen will also be included in his decision the u.s. government says that it doesn't know the exact number of kids affected rights
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groups criticizing the u.s. government for storing a database of journalists covering the migrant caravans from central america leaks documents show that customs and border protection compiled a list of dozens of people to be screened more thoroughly at the us mexico border as rob reynolds reports now from los angeles. the until now secret list of fifty nine immigrants rights activists journalists and attorneys who are being tracked and monitored by border agents has infuriated civil liberties groups and prompted an inquiry by the u.s. congress the database was compiled by u.s. customs and border officials and obtained by n.b.c. news it contains names photos and other personal information photojournalists already on addressed or is one of those on the u.s. government's list it was interesting to see the level of questioning here being asked almost the same question on you giving the same answer. i think
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to find out this information for yourself and why do you have to stop me and i see some of the people listed were subject to heightened scrutiny such as being stopped for questioning and in some cases refused entry into mexico at a crossing near san diego dressler says she was repeatedly stopped for questioning and just asked me about what i was seeing on the ground i asked for all my personal information but i dress like i was shooting for who i work for. and one of the editors phone number ninety mile the database was apparently compiled near the end of twenty eighteen as large groups including many families from central america traveled to the u.s. border seeking asylum the u.s. customs and border protection agency issued a statement saying in part criminal events such as the breach of the border wall in
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san diego are routinely monitored and investigated as democratic members of congress called the database alarming unacceptable and an assault on press freedom the congressional committee that oversees border agencies demanded a copy of the list and an explanation of why individuals were included as well as any others. secret dossiers that may exist the american civil liberties union called the government's targeting of journalists and activists quote an outrageous violation of americans constitutional rights the department of homeland security's inspector general will conduct an internal investigation into whether officials behind the database violated policies and the law rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles we're going to weather update next houses in iraq that will tell you why measles in madagascar is proving deadly to so many children. and taking on
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their employer why the women's world cup champions of filing a lawsuit against the u.s. soccer federation. hello again and welcome back we are cross of asia we are watching one disturbance that's particular down here across the southeastern portions of indonesia over the next few days this area of low pressure could be making its way down here towards the southwest and it could be intensifying as well we could be watching some flooding across parts of those southern islands of indonesia very carefully so that is something we'll be kept tracking as we go through the weekend and into the beginning of next week up here towards north though manila is going to be mostly cloudy we do expect to see attempts there of about thirty three degrees well here across the southwestern part of australia we have been seeing
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a lot of clouds in the forecast there has been keeping the temperatures across perth fairly lower than average for this time of year but what we're going to be seeing over the next few days is clouds remaining here on sunday with the temperature few of about twenty six degrees as we go towards monday a lot of those clouds begin to dissipate and that's going to allow more sun in the forecast and as you can see we do see those temperatures going up to a temperature about thirty two degrees there over here towards sydney it is going to be a rainy day with a temperature of twenty eight degrees what we are going to be seeing a mixed bag of weather across much of new zealand over the next couple days we are going to be seeing auckland at twenty two in christ church mostly rain if you attempt or a fifteen. africa's most populous nation a blah just economy has a youth unemployment problem in a bit to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital i until today is folding we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
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and. hello again this is al-jazeera let's remind you of the main headlines this hour hundreds of thousands of algeria it states the largest tactic of protest demonstrations in nearly thirty years the country seen seven weeks of protest against president optimises pounds of sheikha since he announced that he would seek a fifth term in office. the power is back on in parts of venezuela's capital after
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the worst blackout there in decades past the outage continues elsewhere with some areas now without electricity for more than twenty four hours. at least thirty eight women involved in anti-government protests in sudan at the least they were detained during a crackdown on demonstrations against a lot of the shias presidency saddam's government system thirty one people have died in the violence because human rights watch puts that figure at fifty one. every year tens of thousands of people are smuggled by human traffickers across africa armed conflicts in some parts of the continent have led to increased cases of trafficking the united nations office on drugs and crime estimates that fifty one percent of the victims are women. women from nigeria often go through mali and the nigerian government is repatriating nearly twenty thousand girls who've been trafficked to its northwestern neighbor in january nigeria's national agency fighting human trafficking said that many of these girls have been tricked with
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ourself. up thank you. so much credence any if you truly want to set it period if you do moderately clear or remove rogues no point in its path. doctors in madagascar blame a shortage of vaccines for their struggle to contain the worst measles outbreak in decades close to a thousand people most of them children have died from the disease of the past five months from tamara reports this family is in mourning for four year old and his cousins martina and mario who were both age three they all died within days of each other in january young victims of the measles epidemic in madagascar and if my child had been vaccinated it received the first injection but he died because we didn't have enough money to get him the second post a jab. at least nine hundred twenty two islanders mostly children have succumbed to
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the disease since october the world health organization says only eight percent of the twenty six million malagasy people are vaccinated against measles and the government says it's three million dollars short of the seven million it needs to buy in a fax nations for every one children from poor families who catch measles are often given cheap traditional treatments seven year old doreen was only brought to this health clinic when her condition worsened. you know every time i tried to heal her with traditional medicine using natural herb but it didn't help at all. madagascar is hoping to rule out an emergency two dose vaccination program for children the first injection will be free but the booster won't if. we shouldn't stop there the main challenge is how to plan for what comes after for the last twenty five years madagascar hasn't been successful in immunizing its children against measles we can only hope that after this campaign it will have all it needs to vaccinate as
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routinely as possible. so. doctors say ninety five percent of the population needs to be backs needed to stop mutual spreading but without extra money it's likely more malagasy families will be forced to live with the devastating consequences vinton monahan al-jazeera brookings prime minister is warning that brings its may not happen at all if a deal is rejected by parliament again next week to reason these negotiations with the european union stalled over the impasse over the irish border e.u. leaders had given until friday to come up with a new proposal to end the deadlock may is now urging m.p.'s to back her brings a deal on the vote again on tuesday. next week members of parliament in westminster face a crucial choice whether to back the bricks that deal or to reject it back in the u.k. will the european union reject it and no one knows what will happen we
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may not leave the e.u. for many months we may leave without the protections that the deal provides we may never move at all the only certainty would be on going. the new york times is reporting that one of the largest talent agency the united states has returned the four hundred million dollar investment to saudi arabia the newspaper says that william morris and his terminating the deal to protest against the blood of the journalist jamal khashoggi the money was meant to boost saudi business in the entertainment industry as part of the crown prince's reforms now take a trip in southern thailand it won't be long before you travel through a forest of rubber trees tie farmers export more gold than anywhere else in the world as global prices for all the suffering scott hyla reports now from the southern province of crumby critics say the government subsidies gain is too little
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too late. for generations the landscape of southern thailand has been dotted with rubber plantations it's known as the white gold that is tapped from the trees but now and probably province like many others the farmers have been dealt a double blow by world markets and one dispute in particular. global oversupply has driven the rubber price down forty percent over two years and the months long trade war between the united states and china has severely cut china's need for thai rubber. rubber farmer since he was a boy prop is struggling but is skeptical of a subsidy program recently put in place by the military government the nato could give them and try to help us but they just do it just to save face and fix the problem in the short term they don't think about the long term they subsidise the fifty eight dollars to fifteen hundred square meters of course we want money but we
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do not agree with his program some economists see the subsidies as a quick fix as they are only a short term benefit for some of the local farmers here it does nothing to lessen their reliance on the global price of rubber and what needs to happen next they say is more of a focus on innovation advancing the industry here less on export raw rubber. as thailand heads towards its first election since the military coup five years ago some question the government's motivation behind subsidies rather than investing in the future of the industry they don't have enough incentive and don't have. the code to do that they detest doing something that is evil and then get the because you're doing. so and then you go but the government defends the subsidy program as the only way they can work with the farmers how many who got in yet if we don't have this program the farmers don't
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come to talk with us with. the government it probably is traditionally a stronghold for the democrat party members campaigning out in the plantations they say the current program is bad for the farmers and will bring it to an end if elected although they'll guarantee a minimum price for rubber. but offer little detail of how they'll keep the industry going in the long term and how the people here will continue to live off their white gold it's got harder al-jazeera thailand the defending women's world cup champions filed a lawsuit against the united states suck a federation claiming that they've been the victims of gender discrimination all twenty eight members of the u.s. women's national team when named in the lawsuit that was filed in los angeles on friday the legal move comes just three months before the team is due to defend its world cup title in france i'm just here as gable is on the reports now from new york. a massive ticker tape parade in the streets of new york to welcome
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home u.s. women's football players after their two thousand and fifteen world cup victory. a sign of their success on the field which they say has not translated off of it all twenty eight members of the team filed a class action lawsuit against their employer the u.s. soccer federation in a longstanding grievance over gender discrimination at the heart of the twenty five page lawsuit they are asking for equal pay they make on average just a quarter of the money the men do the settlement could reach tens of millions of dollars in back pay for current and former players in a statement u.s. soccer said they would not comment on pending litigation but critics of the lawsuit argue that some of the money like the world cup bonuses which are four hundred million for men and only thirty million for women are set by fifa world football's
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governing body and not u.s. soccer. and they say comparing salaries of men and women is not fair since they are two separate entities separate budgets and contracts. but for the women what makes matters worse is this they win and the men don't u.s. women are four time olympic gold medalist and three time world cup winners that two thousand and fifteen victory attracted the largest english speaking t.v. audience in u.s. football history the u.s. mint haven't come close to winning a title or gold medal. the women get a chance to defend their title at this year's world cup in june and it's unlikely that is be resolved before kick off in paris might the u.s. women not even attend the world cup perhaps they go on strike they almost did in two thousand and sixteen before the summer olympics in rio but that work stoppage was avoided when they got
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a new contract. a new american space capsule has returned from orbit paving the way for the first manned mission by a private operator space x. hopes to blast astronauts into orbit for the first time later this year that would allow nasa to resume launching human space flights from u.s. soil francisco diego who works at the department of physics and astronomy at the university college london and he says the test flight went without a hitch. i mean he was really really fantastic mission with no problems at all very very straightforward with challenging challenging operations specially built them up the docking. to the space station also the. coming back and the heating in the atmosphere and the deployment of parachutes and finally landing only a couple of hundred miles from from the cold that was an amazing achievement and
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now we expect that everything will follow some proceed yourself for safety. inspection of the car to the tetra before the. affair give the green light for astronauts to be launching to the space station not an important thing actually it's got to be useable the drug will come through this reusable they don't want to reuse it exactly they're going to be using for test later on this year but to carry astronauts we will see a couple of asteroids going into the space station in the next few months the pending on how quick nasa can give the go ahead but they were talking about sending two astronauts to a space station in july. it is good to have you with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines from al-jazeera hundreds of thousands of algerians have staged the largest anti-government demonstrations in nearly thirty years there's been
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a wave of protest against president obama's easterns if she can for the past few weeks since he announced that he'd seek a fifth term in office. the power is back on in parts of venezuela's capital after the worst blackout there in decades past the continues elsewhere with some areas now without alex wristy for more than twenty four hours. several women involved in anti-government protests in sudan have been released they were detained during a crackdown on demonstrations against obama alba shares presidency sudan's government says that thirty one people have died in the violence but human rights watch puts that figure at fifty one zero is what morgan reports now from khartoum. we do know is that thirty eight women have been released so far according to the dar for lawyers association but let's remember that we don't know how many women were arrested in the first place and we and if they got into categories they're women who have been arrested and released as per the directive of the president there are also women who have been sentenced to jail jail terms thousands more
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children separated from their families of the us mexico border could soon be reunited with their parents after a judge expanded a reunification ruling initially the judge's order allowed nearly three thousand children to be handed back to their parents but now families have been split up since july twenty seven twenty seventeen i'm sorry will be included in the new york times is reporting that one of the largest talent agencies in the united states has returned the four hundred million dollar investment to saudi arabia the newspaper says that william morris endeavor is terminating its deal to protest against the killing of the journalist jamal khashoggi the money list said to boost saudi business in the entertainment industry as part of crown prince but haven't been selma this reforms quite quick change of studio i'll be back with counting the cost next. we
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understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call her. algiers the internet will bring in the news and current trends that matter. out easier. hello i'm adrian finnegan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week recharge your batteries under pressure from trade tariffs new c o two rules that even briggs's carmakers around the world are electrifying. how power outages in south africa putting livelihoods at risk. plus why connecting young people to jobs and training is so important for middle east economies. back in one thousand eight hundred eight the electric car was.


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