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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 10, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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on his way to state oil company at a vesa knesset to cut off funding to the duros government there is to raise a boat gave us this update from an opposition rally in the capital caracas. out of the people of a rival leaders who are ready to have a. cadillac up at the marriott that used to be controlled most by the government by government supporters but now long wide all the opposition leaders have asked people to gather year to protest here initially it was expected that people would meet in three different points in caracas but the minute that they were at the river the tension here were three people early in the morning they were trying to set up a stage and they were detained by the government saying why are you the last people to come directly to this place to protest against the government on the color muddled up with that he had started to be restored in some parts of the country in neighborhoods like this one for example still has not returned it has generated a critical situation not only here in the capital but around the country are you
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when you and you were a doctor union is reporting that at least sixteen people have died because of this power outages mostly affecting hospital people on life support among other things that heavily dependent on electricity but what then trying to get that on their people over here right here in any of the victoria government opponents are protesting but not far away right towards the end of crackers there is another demonstration of those who are defending the government defending me for saying that the changes that need to happen in venice will lead me to happen with chavez socialist revolution well as under a p.s.c. is live for us in the city as quickly tell on the venezuela colombia border so the country is in a blackout that has continued into a third day but nonetheless we did see rival protests in the capital caracas what do you know about developments there. well i can
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tell you that people have also come out. here on the border behind me in the capital of the touchier states. also were met with force there by national guard and venezuelan troops as they try to set up a stage in the city. they were stopped and the people were dispersed by here gas so attempt at a protest here close to the border seems to have mostly failed also because not a lot of people showed up more most of the venezuelans who live close to the border were trying to cross to colombia we've seen housings of them just a couple of hours ago crossing through the legal paths the main bridges connecting the two countries remain closed i've asked them why they were not participating in the protests they said they had to think about their family that they needed to
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fight the food or medicines that they can find back home some cross into colombia to sell venezuelan goods at a profit inside the country and they said that they hoped that u.s. military intervention could change things because they don't believe that protesting will do much that seems to be the situation here at the border that overall is calm as people try to cross into colombia but they asked to do it through illegal which are dangerous they often have to pay paramilitary groups on the venezuelan side to cross into colombia it's evilly armed by colombian troops on this side of the border but that's the reality here saturday morning. of course we know that millions have fled the economic turmoil in venezuela. i mean is it getting more difficult for them to do that what have we been seeing in terms
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of activity on the venezuela colombia border. it has become more difficult because the legal crossings are closed we've reported many times on the bridges that connect to colombia where up to thirty thousand venezuelans cross every single day most of them just cross for the day again to find food madison or sell stuff on the colombian side. thousand to two thousand and they are crossing to staying here to begin a journey often by foot to other latin american countries fleeing the social and economic situation back home colombian i was given the situation here and now that the border is formally closed to trying. to open a humanitarian corridor for sick people trying to reach hospitals on the colombian
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side and the hundreds of in a sweat and children in the study in colombia and schools they've been doing so for a few years now as the situation in venezuela became worse many students are using these illegal routes these their paths along a river which divides colombia from venezuela to reach their school many other are not able to do so so this is definitely having an effect the as a decision made by the colombian authorities just yesterday was to essentially accept expired passport some part of venezuelans that want to move to colombia the office has been open and they're doing so to be able to monitor the people to come here and give them a temporary. way at least knowing who is inside. the migration these are telling is that that is much better that for them is better
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to know how many people are here and who they are instead of just living in. without being able to monitoring them or offered them assistance and a temporary id thank you very much alessandra preeti joining us there from the colombia venezuela border town of calcutta. now colleges and universities in algeria have been ordered to close their campuses two weeks ahead of their spring break in an effort to diffuse student protests on friday one hundred ninety five protesters were detained as tens of thousands of algerians protested against the government the demonstrations held in algiers and several other cities have been described as the largest of their kind in twenty eight years the unrest now in its third week was sparked by president abdul aziz but if he is announcement that he is seeking a fifth time in power is rarely been seen in public since suffering
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a stroke in two thousand and thirteen so let's now speak to rania who is a student protest she joins us from algiers thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us university holidays in algeria appears to be starting early can you describe for us the reaction to this move from the government to close the campuses . yes so earlier today it was announced that the holidays are going to start tomorrow which is a decision that is absolutely unexpected the students so far are still confused however are the leaders of universities i have spoken and have decided to go out tomorrow in a manifestation so and protest to express their discontent with this manipulation that the government is trying to put on. and interestingly the timing of this move coming after the biggest nationwide demonstrations we've seen so far against the
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government is this likely to effect the how many students might participate in ongoing demonstrations. obviously are so far the leaders i've spoken to do not seem to be scared or willing to even it because the demands of refusing the fifth mend it or stop nobody is reconsidering those so actually yesterday's protest was the largest and it has only made us stronger and made us more insistent on getting those demands to be to come to reality how would you describe the feeling amongst students that you've been speaking to what is the feeling in schools and universities particularly among the younger parts of the population do they think that this could really be a moment of change for the country. absolutely and whole
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is the dominant feeling that everybody is feeling and the more it however the students are to an extent confused and because as i said the governor and is is a point of this plot twist so confused but very hopeful and very determined so i was on the go or we are not backing down this decision did not change anything for us tomorrow we will have protest we will speak our mind will continue to deliberate and will continue to build our future when you say that the students are confused tell us more about what you what you mean by that might this will this move by the government do anything to affect the way the students are able to organize and mobilize themselves. so the reason that i say what they were confused is because they were already planning a strike to go on a straight to. you know express their discontent and then they're nouns that you
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know what we don't want you to got a strike you're already on holidays so i think this is a move that anybody was expecting and you know here in the confusion however just because they are confused is not mean they are organized that we have very intelligent students who are not what they're doing and they're not going to let this instant affect their strategies thank you very much very interesting to hear from you and get your perspective hearing there from rania a student protest or obviously taking part in those demonstrations in algeria joining us there from algiers. now the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces have again delayed their final assault on the village of whose i sales last enclave in syria they say they're expecting more civilians to be evacuated from the area thousands of people many of them the wives of ai self isis and their children have been streaming out of battle is more than sixty five thousand people are currently seeking shelter in the kurdish on the whole camp which is now said to be a breaking point well the un's refugee agency chief has been seeing firsthand what
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life is like the syrians who fled the fighting filippo grandi visited refugees in lebanon and says the u.n. what pressure them into returning. they're worried they're they're fearful of security they are thinking about their destroyed houses of their lack of jobs in all these are very important human factors that need to be addressed but i think that if we continue to work on the syrian side maybe more people will make this decision in more confidence it is very important you know very well our position that any return be not only safe and dignified but also voluntary that people have to make that decision by themselves and should not be pressured or pushed and i think that it continues to be our position but of course for those who return they will be they will be supported by us and we're certainly not as has been said in the past but he's not being said any more we're not blocking any return we would be
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it would not be our job to do that. north korea suspected of planning another missile launch based on new satellite images of military facilities pictures taken over the course of two weeks of a factory at san moon don't show a flurry of vehicle and train activity which has died down but it suggests that items have been transported elsewhere the facility produced north korea's first intercontinental ballistic missiles and it comes days after set for imagery showed rebuilding what could a rocket launching site it's so high in the west of the country this facility had been partially dismantled after donald trump and kim jong un's first summit last june with the latest what began before trump second meeting with kim two weeks ago in vietnam which ended with the u.s. president walking out early speaking on friday president trump said he would be disappointed if people young would resume weapons testing. well time will tell but
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i have a feeling that our relationship with north korea kim jong order myself chairman kim i think it's a very good one i think it remains good i would be. surprised that in their get away if he did anything that was. not her our understanding but we'll see what happens look when i came in. under the obama administration north korea was a disaster i've heard in the past with north korea right down you have no testing you have no nothing let's see what happens but i would be very disappointed device or test that. we spoke to and false to cause for an honorary senior research fellow in multan korea at leeds university he says north korea will be well aware that its conspire reconstruction is under surveillance. there is no definite evidence but the north koreas it is depressing that the north koreans presumably to show that they are not happy about the way the homeowner summit ended with no agreement are
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back to the old game of cason mousy keeping us guessing so they know perfectly well now that satellites overhead all the time and take photographs but shoot everything and so they obviously they want us to see some stuff that makes us worry that they're going to do things this doesn't necessarily mean they are going to do those things it also doesn't rule out they'll do them so here they think the north koreans tolerate what they say and do very carefully i'm like the current us president was tempted to say so i'm not to our media but obviously a little bit on the easy still ahead for you on the program the founder of a private military contract a admits meeting trump's election team in two thousand and sixteen despite telling the u.s. congress he had no connection with them that story and more coming up very shortly .
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hello march is infamous for its strong winds certainly in northern europe and they have been strong but so far the models with the wind directions change to a northwestern which means things are getting colder all these clouds which bring some rain with it increasingly bring snow look at the north notts for example overnight and the picture for sunday is one of still fairly windy weather temperatures drops down below the teens the most part watches your excess teen for sunday gets much colder we're right in spain and portugal twenty three in madrid but the north coast will be windy and still in the bottom right hand corner but to me here i said watches iraq there's the snow that really shows itself on monday xerox max is not far if the snow likely no ground in germany as well and the temperatures now low single figures stock has gone below freezing ankara's all right bill crystal a little bit cooler at seventy and madrid were you down to ninety but it's in the sunshine so this looks like a bit of
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a comeback in tight winter weather but it's windy it's getting colder for a time it won't last however that's all taking place in mainland europe in north africa now the winds are taking or showing themselves to be quite strong as very dust in the middle of algeria but that directional so brings waltz further north and some tribes. over a hundred and sixty years ago a musician started a band in an arty strait in cairo. the brass band was so popular it gave birth to an entire musical genre. a century and a half later the sound still resonates with many egyptians today. the people's music on al-jazeera.
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welcome back just a quick look at stories making headlines now opposition protesters in venezuela have clashed with police during protests calling for president the duro to step down a large part of the country is now in its third day without power. colleges and universities in algeria have been ordered to close their campuses two weeks out of their scheduled spring break in an effort to quell student protests against the government a new satellite images show increased activity around the facility when north korea assembled most of its ballistic missiles leading to fears of another test launch. erik prince the founder of the private u.s.
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security company blackwater has admitted to missing members of the presidential campaign in august two thousand and sixteen this despite him telling congress he had no connection with trump's team at the time when questioned by mehdi hasan on al-jazeera as head to head program the blackwater c.e.o. said the public transcripts of the congressional hearing could be wrong what you didn't tell congress is on august third twenty sixteen you were at a meeting during the campaign up trump tower don't do new trump some which steven miller than a company advisor to trump with george nader a former blackwater colleague of yours who works as a back channel to the saudis their morality is you're supposed to be convicted paedophile and also joel's imo an israeli expert on social media manipulation how come you didn't mention the meeting to congress given it so relevant to their investigation. i did as part of the part of the investigations i certainly disclosed in the ne meetings the very new i had on the congressional testimony you gave to the house we went through you didn't mention anything about august twenty
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sixth meeting in trump tower i specifically asked you what context you have and you didn't answer that. i don't believe i was asked that question you asked whether any communicate for communications or contact with the campaign you said apart from writing papers putting up yard signs no what you said i've got the transcript of the conversation here. i might have been i think it was at trump headquarters or the campaign headquarters twenty sixteen usable an israeli dude a back channel to the emirates on the saudis down in judea and even militant were there to talk about iran policy through that about iran policy do you think that's something important to disclose to the house intelligence committee while you're under oath you did you didn't we just went through the testimony there's no mention of the trump tower meeting because twenty sixteen were not i don't know if they got the transcript wrong.


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