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and female were arrested but we do know is that thirty eight women so far have been released that number does not include the women who have been sentenced to jail for their participation in trials and that number does not also include the women who are pending charges because of their participation in protest over the past few weeks now again we don't know how many women were arrested in the first place but activists say that the number could go as high as one hundred fifty women who have been arrested we've spoken to family members over the past few weeks and they have expressed concerns about the well being of their female relatives who have been detained some of them tweeted out on social media and on facebook that they are very relieved to have their family members back and that they are very happy to know that they are doing well and that they will be taking them for basically medical check up to make sure that everything is ok with them but again this is not mean the end of the process the president has repeatedly said that he wants dialogue and this could be part of his initiative to try to show the protesters and the demonstrators that he's trying to pave way for a dialogue but people are saying that they don't want any talks with them we have
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spoken to many demonstrators over the past few weeks and they say that a dialogue is not going to be the solution their calls for more protests tomorrow and in the coming weeks and they say they will not stop until the government steps down something the president said he's not going to do and he's already announced a state of emergency that is set to last for a year and most of the people who've been arrested over the past couple of weeks have been charged have been charged and tried in the courts in something called emergency courts which were set up to make sure that the people who've been protesting have basically are being charged and due process takes its course so it's not clear how long this will go and where it will end but at the moment we have protesters and demonstrators will very determined to continue until the president steps down and we have a president and a government that seems to be very defiant and not willing to step down until elections come next year all right still ahead when we come back another attack on an ebola treatment center in the democratic republic of congo.
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hello once again a similar areas at risk from severe thunderstorms we're talking about mississippi valley but actually strong winds have been spreading from the texas panhandle slowly northeast was this storm develops we got a mixture of snow to the knolls winter warnings rain to the south and this whole lot is moving fairly rapidly isa's that by injuries it will be the dangerous when it does ease daytime on sunday is a pretty cloudy picture but the still risk is more or less gone by this time but look at the temperatures were fifteen and eighteen in washington this wards tucked up in here and the real cold we brought in from behind is nothing like as cold as it was the pacific coast coast itself the low not as much quiet and still snow falling in the rockies you'll notice in series of hours to some degree and even l.a. could see some daytime rain come monday by which time still cloudy coonass still
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eunice in texas down to thirty but new york's above freezing washington still at fourteen as i said the real cold isn't there i think east encounter ontario quebec are we seeing a lot of snow out of that still the caribbean still though breezy quite quiet the cloud is building up against the coast of costa rica and panama we will see more showers here i wanted to run his daniella increased me coming up through columbia as well. africa's most populous nation the bloodiest economy has a youth unemployment problem in a bid to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital i am told so this fall that we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on ounces era.
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and again you're watching i do see a reminder of our top stories this hour rival demonstrators have filled the streets of venezuela's capital for and against president nicolas maduro after the country remain without electricity for a third day in one of the worst blackouts in decades. u.s. backed fighters in syria say they're about to launch a final offensive against isis is the last area and i suppose control the kurdish led s.d.f. recently pause fighting to allow civilians to leave. algiers government has all of
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the closure of universities as the largest anti-government protests in decades continue their shops on sunday two weeks ahead of schedule for spring break student protesters say the move will not deter them william lawrence is a professor at george washington university he described hearing government's decision as counterproductive. it's a poor decision and it will likely backfire there is about one point seven million university students and a little over six hundred thousand of those live in university housing two the idea was if you close the housing and sent them home maybe their parents prevent them from joining protests but if you know anything about students when there is a mass mobilization of students going on in the campus is literally letting out into the streets students cutting classes and joining protests the likelihood that the parents will be able to prevent the students from joining these the ever growing protests is very unlikely so in fact one point seven university students were just told you're on vacation we've had more than two million protesters
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according to crisis group in the streets and that is likely to grow basically what we have in algeria for some years now is a direct action by by protesters towards the state which leads to most political outcomes and so you have thousands of protests every year in algeria at the micro level and then direct response from the state and so this is just that on a much larger scale and it's being driven by social media it's very youth driven but one of the interesting thing about these protests is that we have slogans from the sixty's from the eighty's from the two thousands two thousand tens it's a real mortgage bourg of the greatest hits of algerian protest over the last sixty years which are bringing together the quasi totality of the algerian population against a fifth mandate for the president and for systemic change the problem is that the crowd is not articulating what its vision is for systemic change of tunisia's
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health minister has resigned after the sudden death of eleven babies at a hospital they died in the capital tunis between thursday and friday else ministry says early indications suggest the babies were killed by a blood infection. of for the third time in a month and ebola treatment center has been attacked in the eastern democratic republic of congo the center in wood tembo was targeted hours before a visit by the head of the world health organization the latest outbreak of the virus has killed five hundred seventy eight people since august barbara and gopal reports. soldiers drag a suspected attacker through the forest close to the temporary bella center in democratic republic of congo is one of several men said to have fired shots into the buildings where medical teams battling to contain the spread of it after finding myself a reaction while i was washing glasses when i heard bullets i wondered what's going on one of our colleagues who was busy burning the garbage began shouting but the
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attackers were already entering the treatment center from the main entrance. it's less than a week since the potential center reopened after it was attacked in february is said north kivu province source of the republic's latest to beller outbreak saturday's attack came just hours before a visit by the head of the world health organization. the. dozens of groups are reported to be operating in the eastern congo some allowed health workers to deliver vaccines and track people infected with bella but others are hostile to outsiders. some aid agencies have criticized the military's response
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to threats they say intimidation and violence is making it more difficult for medical staff to contain the virus and the number of cases is increasing barbara and out to sara. are satellite images released in the united states by the news outlet n.p.r. suggests north korea could be preparing for a new missile launch the pictures suggest increased activity at the site near pyongyang talks between leader kim jong un and president donald trump ended without an agreement two weeks ago kim had stopped missile launches as relations between the two countries improved. well time will tell but i have a feeling that our relationship with north korea kim jong un and myself chairman kim i think it's a very good one i think it remains good i would be. surprised in a negative way if we did anything that was. not her our understanding but we'll see
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what happens but when i came in. under the obama administration north korea was a disaster i inherited a mess with north korea had right down you have no testing you have no nothing let's see what happens but i would be very disappointed if i saw a test that. aden fos the cartel is a senior research fellow at leeds university he says north korea will be well aware its reconstruction is under surveillance there is no definite evidence that north korea's it is depressing that the north koreans presumably to show that they are not happy about the way the homeowner summit and the agreement that the old game of cost of keeping us guessing so they know perfectly well now that satellites overhead all the time and take further off such that everything and so they obviously they want us to see some stuff that makes us worry that they're going to
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do things this doesn't necessarily mean they all get to do those things it doesn't rule out they'll do them so you know they take the north koreans tolerate what they say and do very carefully unlike the current us president was tempted to say so i'm not to argue with it was a little bit on easy it is sixty years since tibetans rose up against chinese rule but demonstrations on sunday marking the event are not expected to be held in tibet and china has put restrictions on tourists and journalists who want to visit the area critics say it is another sign that china is repressing the rights of tibetans rob math and reports. on march tenth one thousand nine hundred fifty nine chinese soldiers poured into tibet china says it was liberating the himalayan country it had ruled since one nine hundred fifty one but it was also suppressing protests against chinese authority which had grown and were becoming more violent tens of thousands of tibetans were reported to have been killed monasteries were destroyed
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tibet's spiritual leader the dalai lama was forced into exile in india where he remains every march tenth since then demonstrations have been held around the world in support of tibetan independence eternal case and for many he any verse three at timothy's represent the anger and the sentiment of that could happen again six decades of political suppression. they have been denying religious cultural and language right china has placed restrictions on foreigners including journalists visiting to bet when you go back to those you know six years ago the cia was actually involved in training people radio operatives who were dropped back into tibet to kind of stir up trouble so from the chinese perspective they don't look or they don't see that foreigners are necessarily bringing gifts. regarded as
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something that is only means trouble and. more headaches for beijing. china says it's held sovereignty over tibet for centuries it describes the dalai lama as a separatist supporters of the dalai lama say he doesn't want independence just more autonomy for tibet what we're seeing now is this a different kind of repression. making short friends can't communicate with the current protest this sort of suffocating atmosphere on sunday the streets of tibet may stay quiet. well demands for tibetan independence are heard around the world rob matheson al-jazeera. at least fifteen people have been killed in a shooting at a bar in mexico local media say group of armed men pulled up to the club in three vans and opened fire it took place in the town of salamanca in one of those states the protesters have been out on the streets of paris for the seventeenth straight
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weekends and this time it was women leading the march they've been calling for equal treatment just a day after international women's day the protests were mostly peaceful but the turnout fell to its lowest level since demonstrations began in late november as anger over president emanuel micron's economic policies they followed when the women are on the front lines of the demonstration because there is no democracy without women's rights there are no women's rights without democracy we are essential to the proper functioning of society. people do not want more of this financial globalisation french people will not go back they do not want to go back between ten to fifteen million preacher in misery even in a survival state so we don't know where we're heading to but we won't go backwards that's for sure in serbia thousands of demonstrators have rallied against the state broadcaster protests this surrounded the headquarters of r.t.s. in the capital belgrade demanding greater press freedom many accuse the station of
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bias reporting after directions from the government it's the third straight month of rallies calling for an end to the rule of president aleksander which. i with another crew sure bragg's a vote on tuesday millions of u.k. citizens and other european countries about to be watching closely portugal is one of the most attractive destinations for britain's working abroad but as lawrence li reports from lisbon uncertainty over the u.k.'s exit from the block as begun to take its toll on business. one of the myths about british people in europe is that they like to live in places like portugal so they can get a round of golf in before moving on to gin by lunch time but very many more move to places like this for work we brought this group together they all have different questions they cannot get answers to me and many many other people will see you it's the same concern. about health care will that continue obviously with people
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wanting to move between countries and. not knowing whether i'm going to be able to take people's goods between countries having already why business is running rental apartments and my concern is that we as a large chunk of the forty percent of our market which is currently a bridge from a. residence you info people are going to be able to come across here and see the value of the pound and what's going to happen there is in speculation so we're not really sure the moon will many but what's going to happen more than twenty percent of all people who fly it's a portugal the british such is the love affair with the place so it's hardly surprising the portuguese government has raised the possibility of special lanes at passport control the british tourists so they continue to come after all would be a massive dent to the economy if the golf courses were half empty. like other
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european countries portugal is trying to ensure the rights of british citizens who want to live in their country as well as simply visiting but that only works if portuguese citizens in britain have the same rights and that is still not guaranteed we decide that we're going to give all these rights to the u.k. citizens resident in portugal in the expectation that there will be resupply city so all the contingency measures that are being taken that the you level are you know lateral mass or. unilateral measures they are temporary measures and we hope this will be sorted out soon will. i would ever a real answer for that british consular officials in portugal are accused of being vague in their advice to u.k. citizens living here nobody was made available to speak to us but you can reasonably suggest it's hardly their fault the repeated complaint from british
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people who live and work in continental europe is that the british government is making it their responsibility to find out what their rights should be after the u.k. leaves the european union has just three weeks to go now until that supposed to happen as with so many other things it all smacks of complete uncertainty more recently al-jazeera in lisbon the bodies of two european climbers have been found in northern pakistan gilgit about this town region nearly two weeks after the pair went missing they were attempting a route that has never been successfully completed tensions between pakistan and india over the kashmir region made the search for the men difficult as pakistan's airspace was partially closed. this is al jazeera let's get
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a roundup now of the headlines rival demonstrations have been held on the streets of venezuela's capital caracas between supporters of president nicolas maduro an opposition leader one guy does to protest took place just blocks away from each other parts of the country remain without electricity for a third day in one of the worst blackouts in decades a president maduro called opposition leader go i don't a us puppet. we have defeated their coup they tried illegitimately to turn a person into a president and now today it is obvious to the world he's not a president not anything he's a clown a puppet a delinquent citizen. who i don't know is calling for more protests. you said it before the regime wants to wear us out once to wear us out brothers and sisters and yes the road has been very long the road is worn out but we will never
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tire in the search for freedom and we will stay in the streets. algeria's government has ordered the closure of universities as the largest protests in decades continue their shot on sunday two weeks ahead it has shed for the spring break season protesters say the move will not deter the. lawyers in sudan say nine women protesters have been sentenced to twenty lashes and a month in jail for rioting it comes a day after president obama had bashir ordered the release of all women detained over demonstrations their students have continued to protest in the capital far too despite a state of emergency they're angry with the government for detaining protesters during the last three months of demonstrations. u.s. backed fighters in syria say they're about to launch a final offensive against eisel loses the last area under eisel control the kurdish led s.d.f.
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recently pause fighting to allow civilians to leave satellite images released in the us by the news outlet n.p.r. suggests north korea could be preparing for a new missile launch pictures suggest increased activity at the site new pyongyang a second round of talks between leader kim jong un and president donald trump ended without an agreement last month those are the headlines counting the cost is next. as women's rights and again acceptance across the world we ask what's the status of global gender equality and how can progress be made executive director of un women. challenges there are. a low i'm adrian finnegan this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week recharge your batteries under
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pressure from trade tariffs new c o two rules that even briggs's carmakers around the world are electrifying. how power outages in south africa are putting livelihoods at risk. plus why connecting young people to jobs and training is so important for middle east economies. back in eight hundred eighty eight the electric car was all the rage but the discovery of large petroleum reserves worldwide and the combustion engine quickly killed it off electrification was very much the theme at this year's geneva motor show but consumers are yet to be convinced of the eighty million cars expected to be sold this year just two billion of them will be electric but that's not stopping the big car makers from making the switch our technology editor mariana hold as more most of us drive around and gas powered by fossil fuels they pump out cabin dockside but take
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a step back in time and it could all have ben so different. back in the icy ninety's the streets of london were humming with the sound of the world's first electric txi the humming bird was quiet and clean but out of reach for most people and then along came henry ford not only did he invent a car that ran on an oil powered combustion engine he also worked out how to mess produce them on an assembly line suddenly cars were affordable and the electric cow that's expensive battery and limited range the sapir and more than one hundred years later our modern comes a still burning fossil fuels and contributing a quarter of global c o two new emissions rules trade tariffs and innovations a part of what's now driving cummock is to make the switch to electric asia is leading the way more electric cars was sold in china last year than the rest of the world combined but what's not clear is the real cost of going
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a little trick the automotive industry in its current form employs millions of people around the world and then there's the question of who is going to buy them many consumers remain unconvinced that the electric cars will be as claimed easy to use and affordable as they have been told but they are well economics that it's a bit early caught up with linda jackson who's the c.e.o. of citron earlier this week at the job even though to show he began by asking her if electric cars switched take fewer people to assemble can't shoulder the what will it mean for jobs. well that's a very very good question so i don't know whether it's the question of whether it takes less. less people to make the cars it's about how many manufacturers will be able to afford to make the cars and how many of our customers will be able to buy our cars of course because electric cars do mean the terp attention to that will be an increase in price so there's a very many factors playing in the fact in terms of what the future is for the
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automotive industry and i think one of the other things that we never talk about of course is not just about the electric cars but of course all of the infrastructure that we need to be able to run then and actually move about in our electric car so that's another factor that will impact our society so we are moving towards electric cars i think that's the general opinion of most automakers but in the wake of the diesel emissions scandal is there a reluctance for consumers to step forward and buy electric cars no i don't think there's a reluctance it's a fact because all manufacturers are now in the race to make sure that we get and introduce our electric cars i for example it citron make sure that i have a black plug in hybrid vehicle next year and every vehicle for next year will have an electric version so all of the manufacturers are making sure that the product is available the next question is customers are reluctant to buy it but what they're obviously very keen on understanding is making sure that they're able to use their cars they're able to charge their cars they're able to move around and be charging
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them while they're on the move and that's something that hasn't really been considered generally i think so that's one concern apart from that i mean everything will be available for customers but of course we have to realize as well that the cost of the batteries etc will mean that there is a an increment for being for having an electric car and i'm not sure that all customers currently realize that there will be an increment so deuced trying to have an advantage when it comes to let cause and batteries. well china of course has in terms of availability of batteries of course china is the lead so i mean it's clearly every manufacturer is trying to find ways to be able to support the supply of batteries in the future because that's absolutely fundamental nephew but he's looking at there are other ways but clearly china is for in a very strong position and clearly in terms of their own market is moving quickly towards electric and in and obviously wanting to encourage electric obviously on the back of the fact that they are the major battery supplier so clearly it's
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a major concern and question for all manufacturers to be able to find solutions to make ensure that we have the continued supply of batteries in the future and you plan to move into india what's behind me well what's behind that movie festival in india is a very big market and it's we know it's a growing market so you know currently today it's about three million passenger cars and it will double in by twenty twenty five so we know it's a big market it's a markets which we are not present in and you know sichuan wants to become more international we have very successful results in europe but now we want to grow we want to take the recipe that we used in europe to be able to conquer and go into new frontiers india is a very important market for it because of the size and also because we think that the citron brand with our values which is about being inspired by our customers close to my customers a mainstream brand unique styling and all of the services that we might offer we believe that will be able to offer something different to our indian cars potential indian customers so we're going in there we know it's
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a very complex market but we going in there making sure that we understand what our indian customers would like and we hope to be offering our first because before the end of twenty twenty one now you are a british executive living in france working for a french company can you explain what bracks it is. can anybody explain what breaks it is no all i can explain to you is is that you know the impact on our business is you know the u.k. . i might be british and i might be dating a french company but the u.k. is my fifth most important market in terms of volume it's a very important market for me can i explain what happened because at the moment we don't know what's going to happen and i think that's the most important we don't know what's going to happen so we're all looking for clarity we all have. different maybe but until we know exactly what is going to happen we are in this
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very difficult stage of. course. i'm interested in what the terrorists might be if there are any single market is an easy market for a supplier i mean so many questions are needing so many ounces when the jackson the c.e.o. of said from now in many parts of the world a reliable electricity supply is still very much a problem in south africa for example rolling blackouts are impacting many businesses ability to operate eskom is one of the biggest power utilities in the world buss it's technically insolvent and the crisis there is putting livelihoods at risk as malcolm webb reports from johannesburg. it's a problem for most all businesses from mines to shops to factories like this one didn't really think that production any. need to see some of those people coming to work. not doing the way the people just coming to work when the
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power cuts the machines stop the lights go out and then the factory depends on this generates it be able to run it become a common sight in south african factories and businesses but it's not powerful enough to run all of the machines and it guzzles fuel that slows down production and pushes up costs power stations have been struggling to keep up with demand economists and opposition politicians say years of corruption and mismanagement at the state endemic tricity company called eskom are to blame he was at the center of numerous corruption scandals throughout the nine year rule of former president jacob zuma investigators say he was corruption that caused stagnation of the whole economy it's come in many ways a microcosm of that there is a lot of you know policy uncertainty in this country and it's policy uncertainty
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which is generated by in effect creating a policy environment that suits the looting of the economy rather than investment in the economy and its foreign investment one hundred billion dollars of it the president said will run oppose the promised since he took over just a very year ago along with tackling corruption in creating jobs we recognize as do or south africans that i want greatest efforts to end poverty unemployment and inequality well i know unless we tackle stagecraft and corruption in all its very first stations and in the areas of public life. general elections it due in two months time oppose their needs to convince people his a.n.c. government is succeeding its perceived ability to revive the economy tackle corruption and blackouts will be crucial still to come on counting the cost bragg said twenty
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four hours later what happens if there's no deal we have a story from the spanish portuguese border. but first five million young people will be entering the job market every year for the next five years here in the middle east counting the cost has been following one organization and its efforts to connect young men and women with jobs al-jazeera karim reports in arabic the words like means your connection it's also the name of a cutter reorganization that aims to connect young people with employment opportunities in places such as yemen somalia and palestine so far so lot of has helped one million young people across the middle east in north africa find meaningful work it's chairperson her highness she. was in geneva this week to mark the tenth anniversary of the law tax founding and to announce an ambitious new
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target in addition to the one million young people we have already connected with drops we now have committed with in place to connect another two million young men and women by twenty twenty two days three million meaningful jobs and businesses thanks to silicon supporters but we must do more. i read for. the boys that we set a new target and it is the board of five million wired we're going to do. so a lot of acts as a bridge connecting often disaffected youth with apprenticeships michael financing initiatives and partners who can teach them how to run a business. the hope is it will help them become financially independent to achieve their aspirations and make a positive contribution to the economic and social development of their communities
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so a lot of wants to combat marginalize ation in extremism it says young people who have jobs feel more connected to society bringing security and peace to neglected.


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