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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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tell you where to go explore an abundance of programming designed to inform. and inspire presuming people will be afraid. and celebrate as president. he will not run for the term and also. watching our desire live from also coming out. the british prime minister says she's won the support for changes to. just hours before
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a crucial vote. the u.s. aviation regulator asks boeing to modify its seven three seven plane off to a second crash in just five months. and the world wide web turns thirty but with a warning from a. serious president of the has abandoned his bid for a fifth term in office after weeks of mass demonstrations he has delayed next month's election and appointed a new prime minister difficult to set a national conference will be held by the end if they are to schedule an election and draft a new constitution richard martin has the details. celebrations springing up across from the capital. and beyond all within minutes of hearing
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the algerian president abdulaziz beautifully that caved into mounting pressure and announced he would not seek a fifth time protesters who took to the streets over the past week asking for his departure and calling for political reforms. and have it help if. i am optimistic that the voice of the people and especially young people has been and that this pave the way for a new and constructive period that can solve many of our problems i believe that the young people who took to the streets in cities around the country acted responsibly which impressed people both locally and abroad we must continue and work together with this responsibility. mutual respect and ten this crisis into a constructive process. it's beautifully will continue to run the country
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for the time being he's reshuffle his government appointing his interior minister nurdin badly his prime minister and his advisor rahm tamla mamre as his deputy. with the army chief general. retained his post. has outlined a series of steps which he hopes will shape algeria's future. such as launching a national dialogue and reforming the state's institutions drafting a new constitution. but it's unclear is beautiful because decisions will contain the anger of the anti government movement key opposition figures were either banned by the constitutional council from running against the president all pulled out of the race describing the april election as a farce most people to not think that would give the guy himself is pulling the strings of power but with think that is in their interest so we have just been appointed as prime minister and. his deputy prime minister and this is these are
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faces that we know from from the from the year of this regime and these are not people we want and the protesters insist they will continue their rallies until their demands are met they want a new president democratic reforms and the government capable of tackling rising unemployment poverty and corruption richard martin al jazeera. history professor ben brower says he sees a profound generational shift in algeria. the group of people who centrally control the country a group that is generally known as the power or the poor war in french are are a generation that came of age in one nine hundred sixty two for the most part and have built their entire careers credibly long careers based upon their proximity to the algerian revolution and so these are people who are in their seventy's and
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eighty's at this particular moment here. when we speak. had a very young population so in terms of age of incredible disconnect then i think also we have to speak in terms of class of social experiences in the horizons that the most of the people of an algerian experience now generally speaking this is not a country that has understood has experienced the worst sort of oppression poverty and so forth that would see in the world but this is a even though even the middle class is a very very narrow horizons on on where they might be going in the world they can they can receive their education in some cases an incredibly good education but then after what comes after that what are the possibilities for for career where the possibilities for a family one of the possibilities for you know the basic sorts of things that we need in our lives today and young people here i just don't see those horizons opening up for them and it's been a long long time that these rises have been close you know this this moment that
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we're in now on many ways dates back to the one nine hundred eighty s. october of one nine hundred eighty eight young people took to the streets as then and also claiming many of the same to sort of things that were that they're asking for today and they were fired upon the streets and so a great loss of life at that point. the british government says it's reached an agreement with the e.u. on legally binding changes to the regs a deal now the announcement follows last minute talks between prime minister terry's of me and the european commission president john clarke younker the revised plan for the u.k.'s departure from the games to resolve the key sticking points of the irish border it will be put to a vote in britain's parliament on tuesday. having an insurance policy to guarantee that it will never be a hard border in northern ireland is absolutely right it only has the u.k. solemn commitments in the belfast good friday agreement but if we ever have to use that insurance policy it cannot become
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a permanent arrangement and it is not the template for our future relationship the deal that m.p.'s voted on in january was not strong enough in making that clear and legally binding changes we needed to set that right today we have agreed to them by the head of the european commission says there will be no more chances for the british government to renegotiate if this latest version of the deal is voted on by m.p.'s in london you critics sometimes you get the second chance you'd use what we do. come because. there will be new for them to look into that they should look for the reassurance in other news boeing says it will update the software on its seven three seven max eight planes in the coming weeks the federal aviation administration has given the airliner until the end of april to make those changes as safety concerns about the
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plane have been growing after sunday's crash of a needy european airliner that killed one hundred fifty seven people at least two u.s. senators are urging aviation regulators to ground the planes as a safety precaution kristen salumi has more on this from washington. boeing's most popular jet is now coming under scrutiny as a result of the ethiopian airlines crash it's the second deadly accident involving the seven thirty seven max eight in less than six months and similarities between these two accidents have prompted airline carriers more than a dozen of them in countries like china indonesia and mexico to ground their fleet while the investigation is going on now that's not the case here in the united states here the federal aviation administration says that the boeing plane is airworthy and that it's too soon to draw conclusions about what happened it's been working with boeing ever since the last crash the lion air crash that happened in
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indonesia last october says boeing is expected to make a software update to the plane in the next month that should help with some issues but again insisting that the airline is airworthy and safe now that's not enough for some people here in the united states the airlines have been facing questions from passengers and travelers who are worried about flying on the seven thirty seven mts we've heard from senator dianne feinstein in california who's called for grounding the fleet temporarily until the cause of the accident is known flight attendants association is one pilots union have also called for further investigation boeing for its part issued a statement saying that their plane is safe and that the software update will only make it safer they have however suffered in the stock market their stocks dropping
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more than five percent on monday. well the new the o.p.'s investigators have recovered the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder cuts and soy has more from nairobi. a moment of silence at the united nations environment assembly in nairobi some of the passengers in both the theo pin airlines flight that crashed on sunday but delegates enterprises and other stuff men this coming for this meeting this is also a regional u.n. hub with several agencies and two u.n. headquarters based here u.n. workers in the affiliates were on the flight some of the u.n. workers were coming for this conference some of these were u.n. workers are actually on the frontline of humanitarian and development work in kenya and in the region so they were coming forward from from from different perspectives but certainly there were certain subject matter experts their language experts etc who were coming here for the conference itself so it's been a setback you know in on all counts but most of those who died were kenyans like
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benson be room to stoughton and coming back home from vienna where she is pursuing a doctorate and whom they had just spoken to in the morning it is so painful to lose a young guy. who has. lived. life. in a blink of an eye that is to blame if. at the crash site just outside investigators have found the plane's black box that's an important evidence to help understand what could have gone wrong back at the u.n. the agency's flag flies at half staff to or now those who were killed talks that will be going on throughout the week are why she would security police and other issues that are back to the environment the tragedy of this shuttle on. many
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delegates say despite the sadness the reason resilience and heads of state arriving here in the coming days must make strong commitments at the end of it all catherine soy al-jazeera nairobi. kids mackie's and aviation consultant and former airline captain and he says the new engines have changed the aerodynamics of the plane. the engines were mounted a little bit further forward consequently if you were aborting a landing for example an added power the nose would pitch up further than the standard seven four seven three so the software update puts a correction in there and a brings the nose down a little of the pilot and virtually stall the airplane normally the software would never be activated and if it was a pilot probably wouldn't even notice that it was being activated i think the software update will probably just make it easier to recognize if this
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input comes into play and if it does the pilot can easily disconnect the system of a creates problem this puts a lot of pressure on boeing boeing has a lot of orders funding for the europe line if passengers are not comfortable that they're not going to want to ride on airplanes boeing could lose orders airlines could be used as a lose business so it's very important that the problem be resolved and the changes to needed to make the airplane even safer be implemented so that the industry can go on and resume its normal operation with us air. and still ahead tonight is there . more shouting on but good is as us back sources close in on myself last on folding syria. and a warning of a new crisis farther ahead jeff mustn't take refuge in but there's.
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and i know that there's more severe weather on the cards for parts of north america are over the next few days the later system is still pulling away it's still snaking its feet towards the west giving us more cloud a few outbreaks of rain but then we've got this system that's making its way from parts of california as well and all of this gradually mixes up its way eastwards over the next few days and it's that that's going to bring us the worst of the weather so some heavy outbreaks there likely during the day on choose day and then that system gradually pushes eastwards and you can see this dark blue here that indicates some very heavy rain and they could be some more thunderstorms out of this so giving us some more severe weather like large hail very gusty winds and maybe some tornadoes as well so watch the northwest some more snow working its way in there but seattle should be brighter as we head through into wednesday even
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further towards the south and for the central americas is largely fine and dry there's just the occasional shall perhaps force in parts nicaragua but largely for most of us here it is fine unsettled a bit of the towards the south and there's more disturbed weather here recently the showers over possible until have been very very active and it looks like they're going to get going a bit for the south as we head through the day on tuesday so if it's some of us in paris and the extreme south of brazil it looks very very wet during the day there and that pushes a little bit further north woods for wednesday. morning
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. again you know what you got desire and here is a reminder for top stories this hour. the president. has abandoned plans to seek a bit after a week of mass demonstrations he's postponed the april selections of his promise social and political reforms. the british government says it's reached an agreement to be legally binding changes to the exit promise it's resume has been in strasbourg for last minute discussions with the e.u.
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officials the new plan will be put to a vote in britain's parliament on tuesday. and boeing says it will roll out modifications to seven three seven max eight aircraft just days after crashing. one hundred fifty seven people died in sunday's disaster the black boxes from the ethiopian airlines plane have been recovered. not u.s. backed forces in eastern syria are bombarding the last pocket of trees for a second night. but mainly kurdish syrian democratic forces resumed their assault on sunday after a deadline for fighters to surrender expired they say they're making advances on the enclave that's near the iraqi border an estimated five hundred fighters are believed to be inside and up to four thousand civilians our correspondent has more from on the turkey syria border. a deadline to surrender
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has come and gone and the battle to retake battles has picked up once again kurdish forces on the ground backed by coalition airstrikes increasing the pressure on the remaining fighters in eastern syria in the middle of the church which was once controlled by isis because they were in the beginning part of the camp which is very low should produce large area this is not confined into a small area under the mantle of the horse itself dippers advance into one part of the large encampment once used by the fighters and their families all that remains is i mean nisshin weapons and a car rigged with explosives but further away some fighters could be seen milling around the pomegranate orchards that surround the holes it's been a long and tough battle hindered by the presence of civilians among the fighters their numbers took everyone by surprise so far about sixty thousand people have streamed out of the place among them i still wives and children and surrendering
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fighters many seem broken bowing their head in shame and between them some of them or has the rule of foreign fighters. and as well this one says he came from china and he says he is from chechnya russia. the evacuation came after negotiations between the kurdish s.d.f. which guaranteed that women and children wouldn't be harassed and treatment for doing good fighters. this man says there was nothing left no fuel no food no water we were completely beseeched he added but whose is the last sliver of land remaining of the so-called caliphate the advance of the kurds is also slowed down by land mines and booby traps but i still fighters are cornered stuck between cliffs to the south do you features river to divest and kurdish positions to do
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north and east. soon i still would have lost its last bastion of territorial rule. but many among those evacuated remain defiant vowing that this is only a set back and one day the caliphate would flourish once again that hamid al-jazeera in gaziantep. well israel as opposition dominated national assembly is calling for a state of emergency over the ongoing power outages as schools have been suspended and businesses shut for a second day that as a boat has this report. water is running short in the capital. of the country continues to struggle with the effects of power shortages costa by a failure in the largest hydroelectric plant in the state. people are trying to get it from wherever they can there used to be a small force such right next to the haven't you but they say it has been cut off.
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the only thing we need is water we can't continue like this we haven't had water for weeks and now there's no electricity the government has been trying to restore electricity around the country a task that is becoming more challenging as days go by. this power station in eastern canada blew up in the middle of the night there's still some smoke here because of the fire the government says the opposition and the united states are trying to sabotage. electric grid but neighbors in the area that they were here are very strong before the explosion. says she was woken up by a strange sound in the middle of the night. it was like. and then i watched the sky there was a big flame it was like fireworks that you can see in disneyland with the princesses and all that was so afraid that we were all going to blow up
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a lot of the workers from the state electric company told us to transformers exploded. for the opposition it is an example of the corruption and mismanagement that has been ongoing for years in venezuela. that's why opposition leader said it was time to declare a national emergency. so he said we are requesting today the chamber approve a decree to call for a national emergency of emergency of tragedy of catastrophe the venice whale is in today. the government is trying to contain the situation on the streets trying to prevent violence. and the security forces were unable to control the looting in this mall. store was destroyed when dozens of people entered to loot his shop many were detained. maybe they said this makes me very sad that this is happening to our society people coming in here and destroying everything they took food but
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also chairs tables and other things. but on the streets there are those who are struggling for almost everything and till now the government has been unable to fulfill their most basic needs. severe flooding and killed thirty people and left thousands without shelter officials say more than two hundred thirty thousand people have lost their homes. began last week. that's an area seriously affected by the floods. that people have gathered here after the river burst its banks flooding the flood around it for up to three kilometers the people living in this area of subsistence farmers are. many of the few possessions that they have.
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they survive on the crops that they grow those crops now being destroyed a little bit of food aid being handed out people are cooking beans in pots but there's really not much to go around tens of people were killed hundreds were injured thousands have been displaced people here now just sheltering in these this is farm warehouses waiting for help they desperately need food shelter and sanitation. the united nations is warning me and mar syringe minority muslims may be about to face another crisis un special rapporteur yang has told the human rights council that a plan by bangladesh to relocate twenty three thousand will hinge refugees to an uninhabited island is a bad idea she also said that up to ten thousand i had to have fled violence in that me and martial kind states since november he wants the un security council to refer me in march to the international criminal court over the persecution that
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there were have endured that's an action that me and mark rejects the barkers more from geneva. lee's report is a damning indictment of the treatment of ring of people both in myanmar and outside as well in her report she says from last november ten thousand have fled the country many of them ending up in bangladesh and cox's bizarro now the world's largest refugee camp we know that a team from the international criminal court the united nations highest court is on the ground cox's bizarre investigating the possibility of future legal proceedings but as young at least said it is early days right now i think as we speak there are people in. still taking doing a preliminary examination they're not interviewing victims of the persons per se and this is not the first visit i understand there have been if you mind past maybe
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one mind the past also here the united nations was a rocking the victim a woman who has lost both her parents she thinks also a husband too she fled myanmar ended up in a refugee camp in bangladesh where she spent three months searching for her son she says many people who fled. looking for one thing citizenship and rights. another thing. i'm here to request all of you for three things first we seek justice we want justice with compensation second we want to return to our home with safety and dignity and we want to have full citizenship and third we want to have access to the education system. for young ladies report is the work of many people over many months she was barred from visiting my armor itself the authorities there said that it would not be conducive to the public good to allow
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her into the country instead she's been able to gather evidence both in thailand and also in bangladesh she feels that the consequence of international inaction when it comes to the ring of people is only more suffering for them so believe it or not the world wide web has turned thirty it has transformed the way we access and share information it was created with a vision of free access for everyone but the man who invented it is warning that that ideal is under threat our technology editor mariana reports. it may be hard for many of us to imagine a time when you couldn't just log on to the internet and search the web it's how many of us stay in touch make friends talk search and share information but thirty years ago none of that was possible electronically at least wow all this as this is british scientist timber nearly because back in one thousand nine hundred nine he
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and other scientists were frustrated unable to share the experiments and data stored on the many different computer says he proposed a system with by information in one part of the globe was connected to every other pot easily searched available to all and not controlled by anyone he published how to do it on this the very first web page that vision of universal connectivity became the world wide web the web works because you can actually read into anything the web works but because it is actually an independent country when you're reading a blog you don't know where the up this grows. at the moment and it shouldn't matter i think that's really healthy thing you might think of the internet on your computer or a device like this as a ken to a library some way you go to get information but instead of books you access data
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more than a billion web pages problem is the world wide web is so vast you don't always know as a find what you want so much like asking a librarian you use a search engine to type in your query it's processed using a set of rules known as algorithms to the intro through the messes of data on the web and find the best matches click on the link and it's like being taken to a book and that library a global digital library that been asli envisioned would be accessible to war. but the web has brought new challenges concerns such as cyber crime bullying misinformation and breaches of privacy and a growing number of governments are now blocking content and monitoring what we search this is of course a very big threat to the web good value of it as a global open platform is hugely great the that what it would be if it were broken
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into national or continental chunks thirty years on half of the world is online for berners lee that's a job half done connectivity for all is a human right he sees and he's calling on governments to sign up to a global contract to protect people's rights and freedoms in the digital age medium hardened al jazeera. hello again you're watching our desire and here's your mind of our top stories are various president abdelaziz bouteflika has abandoned plans to seek a fifth term after weeks of mass demonstrations he's postponed able to lecture them as promised social and political reforms. the british government says it's reached an agreement with the e.u. on a legally binding changes to the brics a deal prime minister terrorism a has been and strasbourg for the last. last minute discussions with the e.u.
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officials the new plan will be put to vote in britain's parliament on tuesday. having an insurance policy to guarantee that there will never be a hard border in northern ireland is absolutely right it only has the u.k. solemn commitments in the belfast good friday agreement but if we ever have to use that insurance policy it cannot become a permanent arrangement i just not the template for our future relationship. the deal that voted on in january was not strong enough. and legally binding changes we need. to we have agreed. boeing says it will roll out modifications to seven three seven eight aircraft just days after a crash. hundred fifty seven people died in sunday's disaster the black boxes from the ethiopian airlines planes have been recovered severe flooding in southern
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malawi has killed thirty people and left thousands without shelter officials say more than two hundred thirty thousand people have lost their homes since heavy downpours began last week villages were left underwater after rivers broke their banks while other areas were without water and power. back forces in eastern syria are bombarding the last pocket of territory for a second night mainly kurdish syrian democratic forces resume their assault on sunday after a deadline for fighters to surrender expired the u.n. has confirmed the killing of twenty two civilians in northern yemen. and twelve children died in a province with the rebels are blaming the airstrikes by the. coalition fighting alongside government forces. those are the headlines stay with us now for with us. they were searching for a sanctuary in australia but instead time for use on
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a pacific garment. the journey of two refugees as they did your new life in north america. morning martin morning are you going to jail are you out. when you hear. the thirteen's. embarrass. war but. little finger.


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