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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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asians of blackmail hit men and the billion dollar for. people in power investigates moldova and the puppet masters on al-jazeera. celebrations in algeria to the president decides not to run for a fifth term but he's also postponed elections. this is al jazeera live from also coming up bowing under pressure as more airlines ground their fleet of seven three seven max a tough to sunday's plane crash in ethiopia. the british prime minister says the e.u.
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has agreed to last minute revisions to break the deal just hours before a crucial parliamentary vote. united states withdraws all of its diplomats from venezuela as the opposition pushes for a national emergency declaration. to weeks of mass demonstrations algeria's president has bowed to protesters demands and abandoned his bid for a fifth term but added as he's beautifully has also delayed next month's elections and appointed a new prime minister he said a national conference will be held by the end of the year to schedule an election and draft a new constitution richard martin reports. the celebrations sprang up across algeria from the capital algiers to constantine and beyond within minutes of hearing the algerian president abdulaziz beautifully but caved into
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mounting pressure and announced he would not seek a fifth time protesters took to the streets over the past weeks asking for his departure and cooling the political reforms. i am optimistic that the voice of the people and especially young people has been and that this pave the way for a new and constructive period can solve many of our problems i believe that the young people who took to the streets in cities around the country acted responsibly which impressed people both locally and abroad we must continue and work together with this responsibility. mutual respect and ten this crisis into a constructive process. will continue to run the country for the time being he's reshuffle his government appointing his interior minister nurdin badly as
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prime minister and his advisor rahm tamla mamre as his deputy. the army chief general. salah retains his post. has outlined a series of steps which he hopes will shape algeria's future. such as launching a national dialogue on reforming the state's institutions and drafting a new constitution. but it's unclear if beautifully good decisions will contain the anger of the anti government movement key opposition figures were either banned by the constitutional council from running against the president all pulled out of the race describing the april election as a farce most people to not think that would be if the guy himself is pulling the strings of power but with think that is in their interest so we have just been appointed as prime minister. has departed prime minister and this is these are
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faces that we know from from the from the this regime and these are not people we want and the protest is insisting they will continue their rallies until their demands are met they want a new president democratic reforms and a government capable of tackling rising unemployment poverty and corruption richard martin al-jazeera. the u.s. aviation regulator has also boeing to modify its seven three seven max eight crossed off to crush me if you killed all one hundred fifty seven people on board the f.a.a. has given the company until april to make the changes but says it still believes the plane is. boeing's new model has had two fatal crashes within five moments in the past few minutes australia's civil aviation authority has announced it will also suspend the aircraft on monday boeing's shares fell by more than five percent off to china indonesia and the theo ordered their laws to ground the croft kristen
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salumi has more from washington. boeing's most popular jet is now coming under scrutiny as a result of the ethiopian airlines crash it's the second deadly accident involving the seven thirty seven max eight in less than six months and similarities between these two accidents have prompted airline carriers more than a dozen of them in countries like china indonesia and mexico to ground their fleet while the investigation is going on now that's not the case here in the united states here the federal aviation administration says that the boeing plane is airworthy and that it's too soon to draw conclusions about what happened it's been working with boeing ever since the last crash the lion air crash that happened in indonesia last october it says boeing is expected to make a software update to the plane in the next month that should help with some issues
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but again insisting that the airline is airworthy and safe now that's not enough for some people here in the united states airlines have been facing questions from passengers and travelers who are worried about flying on the seven thirty seven max we've heard from senator die. and feinstein in california has called for grounding the fleet temporarily until the cause of the accident is known flight attendants association and one pilots union have also called for further investigation boeing for its part issued a statement saying that their plane is safe and that the software update will only make it safer they have however suffered in the stock market their stocks dropping more than five percent on monday a memorial service is being held for the theo lines crew who were killed in sunday's crash the boeing seven three seven eight came down shortly after takeoff
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from madison and its way to nairobi kenya victims came from more than thirty nations and included twenty two united nations staff on monday investigators recovered the plane's black box recorders the british prime minister's brags that proposal is up for a second vote in parliament after the first one was rejected in january to resume a would present a revised version of a withdrawal deal to m.p.'s later on tuesday may says she secured legally binding changes after last minute talks with the european commission president. opposition labor party leader the jeremy corbyn tweeted the changes do not come close to what was promised and is urging m.p.'s to reject the deal. let's take a look at the likely brings it scenarios then scenario one m.p.'s approve may's deal and britain leaves the european union as planned on march twenty ninth scenario two they rejected deal like they did in january by two hundred thirty
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votes the largest vote against the us government in history in that case the m.p.'s will come back on wednesday but this time to vote on britain crashing out of the european union without a deal in other words a hard brags that if the m.p.'s reject the possibility of a no deal then they may have to vote on whether to ask the prime minister to buy more time from the e.u. to delay brigs it brussels will have to agree to an extension or another possible scenario is holding a second national referendum on may's deal and the choice of remaining in the e.u. journal has the latest from london. which reason may well be hoping against hope perhaps that what she's achieved with e.u. leaders on monday night easy enough to change the minds of enough and peace to be able to reverse that historic defeat in january of her deal by a margin of two hundred thirty votes the problem may be the not enough n.p.c.
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in front of them now anything significantly different to what they saw in january albeit couched in different legally sounding language there is a sort of three part deal on the table here the first part of it a joint interpretive instrument so-called it's basically a document attached to the withdrawal agreement though not contained within it that in forces reinforces commitment already made in january by both sides to work as hard as they can to get out of the backstop the northern ireland backstop if indeed they ever get into it there is now fresh wording as well in the political declaration alongside the withdrawal agreement itself not politically finding that both sides would work towards alternative technological arrangements to negate the need for a backstop by the end of twenty twenty and then there was this rather bizarre unilateral statement made by theresa may in the presence of john paul but with no direct input from the e.u. setting out the ways in which britain might seek to unilaterally exit the backstop
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if they decide it is all becoming a bit too permanent when there's no sense whatsoever how legally binding that may be in the big question today this morning certainly will be the extent to which geoffrey cox the attorney general is persuaded to change his legal advice to government he was the one who said the backstop of course would be a trap potentially in which the u.k. would link it definitely close to be used truck shows but with no say in them upon his advice some m.p.'s may be encouraged to change theirs but the early signs on not good figures on the right of the tory party and indeed senior figures in the labor party both saying that all of this forms well short of the commitments the government gave essentially to neutralize the backstop well together. the u.s. plans to withdraw all its remaining diplomats from venezuela the state department says the presence of u.s. embassy staff is limiting its policy options the opposition dominated national assembly in venezuela described widespread power outages as a national emergency the power cuts of lead to water and fuel shortages and caused
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the deaths of dozens of hospital patients who were unable to receive treatment stories about reports. water is running short in the capital. as the country continues to struggle with the effects of power shortages costa by a failure in the largest hydroelectric plant in the state of. people who are trying to get it from wherever they can there used to be a small force set right next to the haven't you but they say it has been cut off. the only thing we need is water we can't continue like this we haven't had water for weeks and now there's no electricity the government has been trying to restore electricity around the country a task that is becoming more challenging as days go by. this power station in eastern canada blew up in the middle of the night there's still
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a mall here because of the fire the government opposition and the united states are trying to sabotage. electrical grid. all of the options which are on the table. and one of these options includes the electric war the electric shock and the sauber attack if it is one of those options and a high tech cyber attack has been made against venezuela the united states is the only government with the technology. she was woken up by a strange sound in the middle of the night. it was like. and then i watched the sky there was a big flame it was like fireworks that you can see in disneyland with the princesses and all that was so afraid that we're all going to blow up the workers from the state electric company told us two transformers exploded. for the opposition it is an example of the corruption and mismanagement that has been
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ongoing for years in venezuela. that's why opposition leader said it was time to declare a national emergency. so we are requesting today the chamber approve a decree to call for a national emergency of emergency of tragedy of catastrophe. today was the government is trying to contain the situation on the streets trying to prevent violence. to the security forces were unable to control the looting in this mall. was destroyed when dozens of people entered to loot he's shot many were detained the moment they did they said this makes me very sad that this is happening to our society people coming in here and destroying everything they took food but also chairs tables and other things. but on the streets there are those who are struggling for almost everything and till now the government has been
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unable to fulfill their most basic needs. still ahead on al jazeera trying to drum up support against washington iran's president is in baghdad to mend relations with iran. the world wide web turns thirty but amid the celebrations comes a word of warning from its inventor. hello again and welcome back to your international weather forecast we have two area of stormy weather to talk about down here towards the southeast as well as up here towards the northwest first of all to the northwest watching a front about to push into parts of the u.k. bring some very very gusty winds now the fronts going to push through but behind it
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the winds are still going to be very very gusty through the evening we do expect to see a lot of power lines coming down as well as probably airport delays across much of the area take a look at the forecast map here on tuesday here is that front about it coming across parts of london in the afternoon so rainy conditions there looking quite nice anywhere from the northeastern part of europe all the way down towards the central part of europe we're looking a little bit cooler but lots of sun in the forecast there down here towards the southeast though it is still stormy we're watching this area of low pressure turning bring some very heavy rain across the region and that is really going to continue and stay in that same location as we go towards wednesday bring some rain across parts of southern greece as well as into turkey appear towards the north though that storm continues across much of the north we're going to be seeing some rain in very heavy rain at times and winds across parts of most of northern europe well also we're going to see some rain here across parts of northern africa over the next few days particularly libya as well as into egypt with clouds for ghazi.
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if the war where on live t.v. and it's taught us is to be able to be concise in expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it means. or if you join us on saying israel is an apartheid state engaged in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from he'll join the colobus conversation amount is iraq .
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you're watching al-jazeera time to recap our headlines now algeria's president has abandoned plans to seek a fifth term after weeks of mass demonstrations abilities beautifully call so delayed next month's election and appointed a new prime minister promised political reform the u.k. parliament will vote on whether to accept the prime minister's breaks that deal later on tuesday to resume a says she's reached an agreement with the e.u. on legally binding changes regarding the irish border. the u.s. aviation regulator has asked boeing to modify its seven three seven max eight aircraft after a crash in ethiopia killed one hundred and fifty seven people straight here has joined a growing list of countries which have temporarily suspended the cross. is that the crash sites he joins us now from jerry near the town of the shelf to mohamed you've been speaking to eyewitnesses around the crash site where you are
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tell us. a little bit about what they're saying and what you're seeing. also i mean i'm in a jerry t. is a farming community actually aware that ill fated flight rushed now villages who witnessed the plane go down have been telling us how they were first obstructed by strange banging noises coming from a low flying aircraft and then they said that they watched as the pilot tried to lift off several times without fail and every time they would bring the nose down before it came crashing into the ground with a huge bang and then the. mungle wreckage of the craft and the possible effect of the passengers who were on board including the cloth thing and all kinds of stuff are strewn around in an area that is the size of
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up to five football fields right now. as some work going on in terms of investigations also in terms of the red cross workers trying to find as many of the body parts that are strewn around as they can also been distraught relatives of those who died in the time who've been visiting. the crash site we met the mother of one of the crew members of the thirteen airlines flight one hundred twenty four year old daughter of their only one of our children who works and supports the family died in the crash and what she's been saying is that she is desperate to find the body she cannot find it because there are not any bodies start or found only tyrants and walk out of the way involve the box if europeans have to bury their dead within
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five days and one of the things that my mother was really worried about was not finding the body of her child and bringing closure to the whole thing. mohamad investigators are also now getting some international help where is that taking the investigation. well the past forty eight hours this place has been filming with investigators not for the moment once they found the black box most of them have taken back to the capital addis ababa where they are continuing with investigations and trying to find as much information as possible from the black box readings the if you open investigators up in your sister by u.s. and kenyan on monday they were joined by forensic experts from israel and together they are trying to piece together what actually might have brought these aircraft
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down of course if european ally and management is saying that they're not taking anything to chance and they're not ruling out anything of the moment. thanks so much mohammed out there. iran's president hassan rouhani is set to meet tribal leaders and hold business meetings on the second day of his visit to iraq the honey and the iraqi prime minister discussed strengthening security and economic ties government is one of the halls strongest allies iran is seeking regional support in the face of increasingly hostile hostility rather from washington more now from the touch of a name who's in baghdad. iranian president hassan rouhani visited a shia shrine in baghdad during his first visit to iraq since taking office despite being neighbors this is only the second visit by an iranian president it's intended
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to send a message to the trump administration iran and iraq have a bond that won't be shaken by u.s. sanctions. there is no doubt we're exerting all efforts to enhance this relationship in order to secure these interests and not abandon them president rouhani is facing pressure at home the economy continues to deteriorate after the u.s. reimposed saying sions last november the iraq is also facing pressure iran and the united states are its two closest allies iraq relies on iran to meet its electricity and oil needs the united states provides iraq with three billion dollars a year in security funding and has a military presence the us has given iraq a waiver to continue buying electricity and oil from iran but that expires on may fifth the iraqi president barham saleh must try to appease both allies without angering either while the country tries to rebuild after years of conflict much of
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may i felt sure that the more we have visits by iranian officials the more we get structured by the us administration it's better if we slam shut our border with iran and don't accept anything and anyone because we. did not benefit from them at all. rouhani doesn't care about iraq's welfare there must be mutual respect among regional countries to iraq and its sovereignty and no interference or meddling in our internal affairs we need to rebuild iraq from our own resources. that you president are hoping to establish a free trade zone along there more than fourteen hundred kilometer border build a railway link and increased political cooperation the neighbors say the stability and prosperity of the region depend on it but the trumpet ministration views iran as a destabilizing influence iraq is in the middle struggling for normalcy and depending
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on both countries natasha going to al-jazeera baghdad iran has sentenced a leading human rights lawyer to at least seven years in prison but a family says the real jail term is much longer not seen so the day's husband says she's been given a prison sentence of thirty eight years as well as one hundred forty eight lashes she was arrested in june and charged with spying insulting the country's supreme leader and spreading false information about the state last year the fifty five year old defended several women who were arrested for appearing in public without wearing the headscarf several investigations are underway after eleven prematurely born babies died in tunisia from blood infections the health minister has resigned there is anger after the remains of some infants were returned to their families in cardboard boxes but i am a gem june ports at the other up the hospital in tunis there's shock and grief the
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tunisian health ministry announced the sudden deaths of eleven newborns last week. according to the ministry preliminary findings revealed they were likely caused by septic shock resulting from blood infections this bereaved father says he hasn't even been able to get his child's body yet. in this school to tell you everyone is a vital responsibility and i have one to only i have no idea in the wake of the outrage over the deaths the health minister resigned tunisia's prime minister has ordered an investigation and says anyone proven to be negligent will be penalized a small cog in the show next week we'll have joint meetings held among all the various departments within the health sector in order to identify all the problematic issues and how to work them out once again i express my condolences to the families of the victims many tunisians complained their health care system has been in decline for several years saying a recent economic crisis has severely impacted social services but the acting health minister insists the investigation will be credible when he was just that we
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will honor the outcomes of the investigations and those who found to be negligence will be held to account. but for now there is no let up for grieving family members as they wait for answers. and. a state of emergency in sudan will be reduced by six months president bashir declared last month to stop protest against his three decades rule it was originally set to last for a year but parliament has voted to cut it by half protesters are vowing to continue their rallies. the world wide web is celebrating a birthday thirty years on the internet has developed rapidly along with the web's advances come problems its inventor says he doesn't always like what he sees thirty years ago i submitted a vague but exciting proposal for
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a free open permission of space for all of humanity to share knowledge and ideas today half the world's population is still unconnected and those of us who are in line feel that our rights and freedoms are not fully protected and respected our technology editor mariana hond has more. it may be hard for many of us to imagine a time when you couldn't just log on to the internet and search the web it's how many of us stay in touch make friends talk search and share information but thirty years ago none of that was possible electronically at least wow all this as this is british scientist timber nearly because back in one thousand nine hundred nine he and other scientists were frustrated unable to share the experiments and data
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stored on the many different computer says he proposed a system with by information in one part of the globe was connected to every other part easily searched available to all and not controlled by anyone he published how to do it on this the very first web page their vision of universal connectivity became the world wide web the web works because you can lick cement into anything the web works because it is actually an independent country when you're reading a blog you don't know where the uk this growth at the moment and it shouldn't matter i think that's really healthy thing you might think of the internet on your computer or a device like this as a ken to a library somewhere you go to get information but instead of books you access data more than a billion web pages problem is the world wide web is so vast you don't always know we said find what you want so much like asking a librarian you use
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a search engine to type in your query it's processed using a set of rules known as algorithms to the intro all through the messes of data on the web and find the best matches click on the link and it's like being taken to a book and that library a global digital library that burn asli envisioned would be accessible to war. but the web has brought new challenges concerns such as cyber crime bullying misinformation and breaches of privacy and a growing number of governments are now blocking content and monitoring what we search this is of course a very big threat to the web good value of it as a global open platform is shuji great that what it would be if it were broken into national or continental chunks thirty years on half of the world is online for
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bareness lady that said job half done connectivity for all is a human right he says and he's calling on governments to sign up to a global contract to protect people's rights and freedoms and the digital age medium hardened al jazeera and you can get much more know all those stories we've been telling you about if you had over to our wives. let's take you through some of those stories now that algeria as president has abandoned plans to seek a fifth term after weeks of mass demonstrations and then as these beautifully it also delayed next month's elections and appointed a new prime minister and promised political reform. the u.s. aviation regulator has asked boeing to modified seven three seven max eight aircraft after a crash mediocre killed all one hundred fifty seven people on board the f.a.a.
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has given the company until april to make the changes but says it still believes the plane is there worthy boeing's new model has had two fatal crashes within five months straight as civil aviation authorities announced it too has also suspended the aircraft monday boeing shares fell by more than five percent after china indonesia and ethiopia ordered airlines to ground the aircraft. the u.k. parliament all vote on whether to accept the prime minister's brags that the old days from tuesday to reason may says she has reached an agreement with the e.u. on legally binding changes regarding the irish border having an insurance policy to guarantee that there will never be a hard border in northern ireland is absolutely right it's on as the u.k. solemn commitments in the belfast good friday agreement but if we ever have to use that insurance policy it cannot become a permanent arrangement i did is not the template for our future relationship the
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deal that m.p.'s voted on in january was not strong enough in making that clear and legally binding changes we needed to set that right today we have agreed to them venezuela's opposition controlled national assembly is calling for a national emergency similar to a state of emergency over power outages schools will be suspended and businesses shut for a second day the blackout began on thursday iran's president has said rouhani is said to meet tribal leaders and hold business meetings on the second day of his visit to iraq rowhani and the iraqi prime minister discuss something security and economic ties baghdad's government is one of the iran strongest allies iran is seeking regional support in the face of increasing hostility from washington those are your headlines is the stream now. talk to their own.
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person and one of the main beneficiaries is that the case we listen for you want to be a solution within your that's not exactly my point we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter just zero. for me ok and you're in the strain today how am i going to make the next generation of fake news but first my co-host make of all our spending this week at the south by southwest winds in austin texas. with more. the annual conference than festival celebrates the latest in film music and interactive technology merging the innovative with the air reverend in the latter category a hands on exhibit showcasing the president of the united states preferred medium for addressing the nation and the world.


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