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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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but the fish are on there this year zero two of those in march and demonstrations in order to force him to negotiate a peaceful way forward because that's really the main question here is the army going to respect and the peaceful character of the of the demonstrations next try this so that will be one step and the second step will be to well not to disconnect and not expecting those issues even to offer what i think i believe that we have going here you know we are. this is what we have going to see emerging we are going to see some kind of parallel and initiatives you were mentioning left and right he mean that they are in some name circulating related within civil society the name of who stepped up and she for example the president of the human rights nick in the area and these names and is proposals have not been overheard are even included by the bedouin if you mean it's in it's an incident olivier we heard
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a male there talk about prove why that's the powers that be i think is the nearest . way to translate that very soon to be the shady couple that a governing this country while you see that president in a wheelchair unable to talk give us your idea of who they are and whether they are actually agree on the way forward right now. look at its triumvirate if you will we mentioned earlier say beautifully. villa's is beautifully as brother. head of the army we have also the head of the security services but but i think that one point that is crucial to to understand in this framework of of the domestic issue is didn't a national issue that is coming to the fore. we had the arab spring and i think that western government now understood the mistakes they made during the arab
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spring but also at the same time algeria is different from other countries because of what happened in one thousand nine hundred one. the free and fair elections where the slum missed one and the army stepped in and it was the beginning of a of a bloody civil war that that killed hundred fifty thousand people i think you have to highlight this at the same time as washington and especially paris being extremely worried about some kind of this the bill is ation of algeria and i think that as we've seen in the past unfortunately foreign powers i have intruded in some of. the country's history and that's something that we have to reckon with when we're looking at the domestic opposition somebody will have to come in to
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basically as a model put it. stop washington in paris from from wearing about the transition m l what should the international community do about this not a lot of comments so far from the international diplomatic community a comment from france that didn't say a lot would you like to see the international community involved france which used to be the colonial power currently the president of the u.n. security council would you like them to get involved. oh ariens kiran clearly reject this possibility during the last trade in march we have seen you slogans that are emerging such as especially targeting international interference so they are really reluctant to see any international and your friends and that's also a trait that still has human has been used in order to have trade from the out jerry and for the past there for the best years be careful do not talk to the streets on
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the winds we want to have any more stability and then foreign countries will invade algeria and two can take hits resources and so on ok i might add like i'd like to just because we're coming to the end of the discussion and clearly friday is going to be the big moment potentially with more protests i lost you each in turn whether you're optimistic come out. abilities yeah i mean according to what we see here people are i am a bit stressed to be honest but still determined because of course it's actually adding to tensions not to have done it in offering you know we're forward for the transition but that is that they asked the other terence to take to streets on friday as if we're not going to see their most important demonstration since the beginning of all of this of this movement and there and they are the only thing i hope is that they are not didn't destress trash enough of did this to be
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a frustration because they're not the last to participate directly deceased and it's still ignoring that it's not going to turn into something that it will be modifiable and they will have to keep on no where this fall character of the of the demonstration and into will be done here is that the place you still chill chose to to keep silent really and not try to negotiate in real terms with the r.j. and think ok let's see a very quickly are you optimistic that this can stay peaceful or come to transition quickly please it could sit peaceful in the next few weeks yes but the regime will have to give in something because if it's business as usual as we said the streets it is not going to be a happy soul with need to see what the plan b. is going to put forward and what are the the future of free and fair elections in ontario well thank you both very much for joining us our guests are mel baba care and livia go to events in algeria will continue to be covered on our
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news bulletins around the clock on al-jazeera you can watch those bulletins and view this program any time you want by going to our website al-jazeera dot com we want to hear from you to post your comments and off facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story or on twitter our handle is at a.j. . inside story i'll be reading all your comments until next time. i. this part of south london is home to people from all over the world you might assume this multicultural pockets of the capital is entirely against a brick so it's often portrayed as a defense of whites brits i'm. not so but this material restaurant there is
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a quiet satisfaction of the prospects of the u.k. cutting its ties with europe i raged on for a lot of. african british. bricks and not because i've been the finnegans the ruben whites would give was this leveraging some sort of treatment opportunity. before because the riches of this it derives to me that you know i can go after just a whim. but when people come from europe to come to the country to live that is that they're going to. feel cheated i feel jealous about. these everywhere and it's choking our planet very toxic and very dangerous and we could spend years meaning if i along with breakthroughs all being made showing that it is possible to change our relationship with the snow in
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a substance we simply running on. things that we pick up on the beach to try to move on plastic waste fraud case on al-jazeera how do you turn this into this. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just as we all come to different places but it's one that gives us bank of the us the ability to identify people when the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera.
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we're in for you. so she again leaving without and for an extension this note solve the problems we face. the british prime minister faces a critical vote in the u.k. parliament a day after advisors breck the deal went down and then love accumulating defeats. the bigger problem you're watching out is there live from doha also coming out as
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a global backlash against the seven three seven max grows boeing insists it's playing it safe and for now the u.s. government is one of the few that agrees. on the saudi activists is set to face trial after campaigning for women's rights. plus six years in prison for a man who wants to near the top of the roman catholic church. so only sixteen days from may remain before the united kingdom is scheduled to leave the european union and the uncertainty surrounding breaks it is only grow. let on tuesday britain's parliament overwhelmingly rejected prime minister terrorism a revised draw deal it was the second crushing defeat from ace plan politicians are gathering for another day of debate and a vote on a possible no deal exit later on wednesday will begin with this report from london
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. the hour is to the right two hundred forty two with the nose to the left three hundred ninety one so the no use having the news have it on the heavy defeat for the withdrawal agreement this was slightly better for prime minister to resume even the previous meaningful vote but still resoundingly struggling with a sore throat she told parliament it now faced tough decisions does it wish to revoke article fifty does it want to hold a second referendum. the. i . doesn't want doesn't want to leave with a deal but not this stick and these are an enviable choices sake's to the decision that the house has made this evening they are choices that must now be faced yeah. just hours after she'd arrived back from strasburg with new legal assurances
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over the withdrawal deal base position had been undermined by her own top legal advisor attorney general geoffrey cox said the tweaks by the e.u. didn't alter his legal opinion over the possibility of the u.k. being locked into a customs union as part of the so-called backstop the mechanism to prevent a hard border between islands and northern ireland as a result she was never going to win over hardline euro skeptic members of her own party they'll be a commons vote on wednesday on whether to rule out leaving the e.u. without a deal then thursday could see a vote on whether to ask brussels for an extension to the article fifty period of negotiations the leader of the opposite. shinn is clinging on to the hope of a fresh general election the primaries has run down the clock on their caucus rain run out on her maybe it's time instead we had a general election and the people get to thank you thank government should pay. but
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what now for to resume a the size of her defeat is too large to aim for a chance of getting a tweaks deal through with another vote in the very near future. after this week's vote in westminster attention will turn to an e.u. summit next week brussels has said it might give britain more time if a reasoned request for an extension to the timetable of leaving by march the twenty ninth is made meaningful concessions though from the e.u. appear most unlikely it seems the road may be running out for the british prime minister the dean barber al-jazeera. john howell is live in london for us so john are quite simply what happens next. yes well m.p.'s gearing up for a series of votes in the next couple of days trying to take back control of a process from a government that seems to have run out of options and run out of ideas that government meeting as we speak in cabinet chaired by the prime minister who may or may not have got her voice back and ready no doubt in that cabinet meeting for
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a pretty fierce discussion about what happens next with some of her ministers pro leave ministers perhaps urging her to stick to her deal perhaps to bring it back for yet another vote other ministers more on the remains side suggesting perhaps it is time now finally to ditch the deal realize the numbers and reach across for a compromise with the opposition labor party one particular compromise being touted across party compromise leads towards a norway plus style agreement stay in the customs union that is even staying in the single market what we know of course is that later on there will be a vote on whether or not to accept a no deal into this scenario that will likely achieve a majority against and then on thursday will be a vote about whether to go to brussels and ask for an extension to the article fifty process that will likely about a that a majority for but as the prime minister said after her defeat look delaying this doesn't solve the problem parliament has merely said what it doesn't want her deal
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it hasn't said what she does want so m.p.'s will scramble to table amendments to those two votes for their preferred options and either a softer version of bricks that perhaps no breaks it at all but don't be surprised if none of those things work out to see her twice defeated a deal back in the next week or two for us meaningful vote regardless of what happens in parliamentary gardiner's of what agreement they come out with they he still have to contend with a european union who say they could give an extension for a very good reason that what could that look like and what is likely to happen from their side. yes well that i think is the big question and of course it bears down on what these votes achieve and whether they point to any sort of majority as a reason to give the european union for an extension the e.u. has consistently said it's willing to talk about an extension it certainly doesn't want to be blamed for not giving an extension and therefore allowing things to
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triple fin to a no deal outcome but they've been pretty clear that they want to know why they're not prepared simply to carry on talking about theories amaze deal have britain trying to squeeze yet more concessions out as i say much will depend on the direction of the votes in the next two days the direction of amendments to those votes as to whether there is anything encouraging to put to the e.u. atoll in a summit next week to ask them for an extension and as we mentioned ministers are meeting again for more debate and john holl will be following that for us thank you . now in other news the european union the u.k. to china and india have now joined the growing list of countries suspending the boeing seven three seven max eight aircraft this follows a ethiopian airlines crash on sunday which killed all hundred fifty seven people on board it was the second major accident involving the aircraft in just five months but the u.s. aviation regulator insists the model is safe rob reynolds has this report from
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seattle. as investigators sifted through the wreckage outside addis ababa more and more of boeing's seven thirty seven max aircraft were being grounded in countries around the world but not in the united states where aviation officials insist the aircraft is safe many u.s. airline passengers a flight attendants union and aircraft experts are calling for it to be grounded while in washington lawmakers planned hearings on aviation safety the seven thirty seven max. eight should be grounded immediately. there is no reason for american fliers to be less. than. china ethiopia argentina mexico and now apparently the united kingdom well i think out of an abundance of caution and frankly common sense it
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makes sense to grant an aircraft that's been involved and two very tragic accidents and only six months speculation into the cause of the two separate crashes has centered on flight control software several u.s. based airline pilots reported potentially dangerous behavior of the seven thirty seven max's flight control system which they say plunged the plane into a steep dive before the crews disconnected the computer system and flew the aircraft manually but boeing insists its best selling aircraft. remain safe u.s. federal aviation agency or f.a.a. requires the company to undertake a software enhanced meant that boeing says will be deployed on the max lead in the coming weeks boeing says the updates of maneuvering flight control and pilot display software would make quote an already safe aircraft even safer president
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donald trump spoke by phone with boeing c.e.o. dennis mulan berg who has appeared with trump several times at events in recent years the call followed to trump tweets complaining that airplanes said become too complicated there is a precedent for a global ban in two thousand and thirteen u.s. officials ordered boeing to take its massive new dreamliner out of service to resolve a problem with battery fires. the entire worldwide fleet of all boeing's seven three seven max aircraft would cost the company somewhere between one and five billion dollars that's according to wall street analysts but that would be a.


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