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this is a critical vote in the u.k. parliament a day after her revise break the deal went down in another humiliating defeat. hello i'm the bigger problem good to have you here with us you're watching our desire live from doha also coming up. as a global backlash against the seven three seven max grows boeing and sifted plane a safe and for now the u.s. government is one of the few that agrees. saudi activists are standing trial after campaigning for women's rights in the kingdom. and after a pause to allow civilians to flee the bargemen to buy sell spinal strongholds resumes. only sixteen days remain before the united kingdom is scheduled to leave the european union and the uncertainty surrounding brecht's it is only growing late on
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tuesday britain's parliament overwhelmingly rejected prime minister terry's amaze revised to draw deal it was the second crushing defeat for may's plan politicians about gathering for another day of debate and a vote on a possible no deal exit later on wednesday will begin with this report from the in london. oh it is to the right. two hundred. three hundred nineteen so the notion of a. heavy defeat for the withdrawal agreement this was in principle prime minister to resume even the previous meeting to vote still a result. struggling with a sore throat she told parliament it now faced tough decisions does it wish to revoke article fifty does it want to hold a second friend. was
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does it want does it want to leave with a deal but not this these are an enviable choices sake's to the decision that the house has made this evening they are choices that must now be faced yeah. just hours after she'd arrived back from strasburg with new legal assurances over the withdrawal deal may's position has been undermined by her own top legal advisor attorney general geoffrey cox said the tweaks by the e.u. didn't alter his legal opinion over the possibility of the u.k. being locked into a customs union as part of the so-called backstop the mechanism to prevent a hard border between islands and northern ireland as a result she was never going to win over hardline euro skeptic members of her own party they'll now be a commons vote on wednesday on whether to rule out leaving the e.u. without a deal then thursday could see a vote on whether to ask brussels for an extension to the article fifty period of
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negotiations the leader of the opposition is clinging on to the hope of a fresh general election the prime minister's run down the clock and their caucus rain run out on her maybe it's time instead we had a general election and the people get to see you thank god and should pay. but what now for to resume a the size of her defeat is too large to aim for a chance of getting a tweaked deal through with another vote in the very near future. after this week's vote in westminster attention will turn to an e.u. summit next week brussels has said it might give britain more time if a reasoned request for an extension to the timetable of leaving by march the twenty ninth is made meaningful concessions though from the e.u. appear most unlikely it seems the road may be running out for the british prime minister nadine barber al-jazeera sir john a how is live for us analyze any developments and what happens next.
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well look britain at this point on wednesday morning is in a police state of political disarray the consequences of which are entirely on noble at this point as m.p.'s gear up for yet another series of votes in the next forty eight hours or so trying to take back control of a process from a government that appears to have run out of ideas and he's running out of options just an hour ago for instance the government published a brand new set of trade tariffs that would come into effect in the event of a no deal directive which is something that despite efforts to avoid it a lot of people still think it's very much a possibility they'd be slashing tariffs on some eighty seven percent of all imports to this country in the event of no deal to try and prevent price hikes to consumers it's a move that's already been described by big business representatives as the biggest trade shakeup since the nineteenth century conducted without any consultation with
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business whatsoever and coming just at the moment when this country he's blocked from its biggest trade partner the european union as we speak to reason may the prime minister with or without her voice is cheering that cabinet meeting that we face discussions there on what happens next some ministers maybe urging her not to ditch her deal to bring it back for another vote for fear again of that no deal possibility others will be trying to encourage her to reach across for a compromise of basic compromise which is now being touted cross party it would include a customs union membership and elements of the single market for instance and meanwhile of course those votes as we say as we've said one to root out no deal it will be a majority probably for that another to go to the e.u. an austrian extension it may well be a majority for that what we know is what parliament doesn't want it doesn't want to raise a maze deal what we don't know is what they do want and we don't appear any closer
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to finding out no and they e.u. has very clearly said there are no more chances to work that's not the deal is there any time kind of concession from their side on the horizon. well it should there be no third chance on to reserve a steal they're not interested in any more talk about squeezing concessions out on that deal with giving any sort of extension if that is britain's plan they may well be open to another deal but britain would have to come up with a majority for it for instance this customs union supermarket compromise if there were such a majority the e.u. would likely embrace it look at the e.u.'s consistently said give war time they don't want to be playing for a no deal breaks it just because they said they reasonable time on offer but they want to know why that will depend on the votes to come in the next forty eight hours john a whole lot for us in london thank you in other news ethiopian airlines says it will send the black boxes from an airplane that crashed sunday overseas for further
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analysis the announcement comes as the list of countries an airline suspending the use of the boeing seven three seven max aircraft continues to grow they need to china and india all banned the seven three seven max from using their airports but both boeing and the u.s. government say the planes are safe to fly you know all the families of the victims have been allowed to visit the crash site for the first time our correspondent mohammed atta has this report. doesn't so forensic investigators and if you have been airlines employees assisting them home through the crash site. they're trying to find any evidence that so far gone unnoticed. such endless queue workers continue with a difficult mission to find that i mean some of the passengers and crew of ethiopian airlines flight three hundred two. trailing smoke on sparks the boeing seven thirty seven mox eight plunged into this field minutes of the to cope on
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sunday from the capital addis ababa killing all one hundred fifty seven people on board. witness the moment the plane went down. we had this train noise coming from the aircraft before it's got close to us then it suddenly nose dived in there was a big explosion we rushed to the scene and we saw nothing but destruction. so let's give all those who perished helping flocking to the crash site. an airline crew member. here to tell the sun finally got wind of i don't do what i'm now demanding that i get the body of my child whatever happened has happened i now need to lay her to rest i came here to see where my daughter lost her life into make peace. moshe be told came all the way from israel to find the remains of his
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brother shimon a security contractor has not been lucky either for us is the jewish israelis we have a very important point in this case we need to find some identified and did a d.n.a. that we can bury some reminders that we can make this sort of money otherwise if we will not find the person we stay missing for the rest of their life officials obviously open. relatives of the diseased to wait for at least five more days before they can receive some of the remains of their loved ones exports of the crash site have a say due to the impact and in suing fire after the crash it could take weeks maybe even months for some of the remains to be identified possibly through d.n.a. or been told records. the process might be father complicated by the fact that the person just came from more than thirty countries and ethiopia has limited forensic
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capabilities. and israeli for a sick team currently in the contests ace it wants to help. other cry site the mall teams have joined if you have been a vision experts investigating the incident on tuesday teams from the u.s. federal aviation administration f.a.a. and the national transportation safety board arrived he. buoying house also sent a team to the site of a cross that a second the confidence of the global evasion industry mohamed atta well just zita . into. ten saudi women appeared in a court in riyadh for the first time since their detention a year ago the cases against them have been withdrawn international condemnation and outrage over the state of human rights in the kingdom. is one of the lead campaigners against the ban on women driving and it's among those standing trial mama deval has the story. is
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a younger activist who's been fighting for saudi women inside to drive among other demands she's a graduate of the university of british columbia in canada and was ranked by arabian business magazine as third on the list of top most powerful arab women in two thousand and fifteen in recognition of her phyllis activism but the rebellion and other female campaigners paid a hefty price you clued in constant touch us mint and even detention at the hands of saudi authorities. last may she was arrested after releasing a video showing her behind the wheel on a highway between the united arab emirates and saudi arabia in defiance of the ban on women driving. and even though the ban was lifted a month later jane remained in detention without charge or access to a lawyer she only found out the accusations against her via social media she was moved from one jail to another and the times her family couldn't visit her in an
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article in the new york times her sister alia said jane told her family and rights groups that she was held in solitary confinement and tortured in the presence of saudi the tiny the former adviser to crown prince mohammed bin said. she said bonnie attend the torture sessions in person and threatened to rape her and throw her body into the sewage system during a you and human rights council session in geneva last week nearly forty countries including member states condemn saudi arabia over the way in which a head lewd and her co activists are being treated not only because their basic rights have been violated but also because of the way in which they are purely humanitarian activism is being construed as terrorism saudi authorities also said had lou and others were active as foreign agents spying on their own country we joined the high commissioner in a special opportunity on the call on this all to authorities to release all
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individuals including russia in our household the man alive you're on our cities our yourself in a similar saga some are about r.v. abdullah says the tone of us it mohammed out by at the. hobby and children are a necessity paint for exercising their fundamental freedoms. the saudi authorities deny the allegations of torture and sexual harassment against that have you but they have so far failed to agree to demands by the un to release any of the activists mohammed fired. some of this is the middle east campaign manager of amnesty international and joins us from beirut thank you very much for coming on the program today now i know that this whole court process the whole judicial process has been incredibly opaque but what can you tell us about the process that is taking place and what these activists have been accused of well today the women's rights activists including luzhin and her floral as easily use of
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. are facing the criminal court for potential charges against them and they've been arrested and held in detention for more for close to a year now where they were first targeted for their women's rights activism and for their peaceful activism and since then they face torture ill treatment and sexual harassment in detention they haven't been been given access to a lawyer but today it seems as though they may be charged. and we know from previous statements from the prosecutor. they could face charges on threats to national security for engaging with foreign entities and damaging the reputation of the kingdom and these charges carry very hefty and long sentences prison sentences so there is
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a huge concern that they may be charged with these particular crimes this represents an escalation now in the kingdom where the authorities are treating women's rights activism and defending women's rights as a crime and so we call on the authorities to immediately release these peaceful activists and women's human rights defenders now it's quite clear that the whole judicial process is skewed against these women's rights activists has international lobbying or organizations like yours may have had any impact on perhaps helping them with this process or are you would putting pressure on the government. well since the arrest of these women's rights activists the international community has campaigned for their immediate release n.g.o.s activists saudi activists as well
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have called for these women and men to be released from detention recently we saw the e.u. member states and also the human rights council called for the release of these activists as well and so now it's up to members of the international community and specifically allies of the saudi arabian government to ramp up their calls and to continue calling for the women to be released. until they're released we have to remain really defiant and ensure that these women are released and that this crackdown on human rights defenders and the broader crackdown on human rights in the kingdom must come to an end that. there was jubilation when women are allowed to drive given the right to drive in saudi arabia but since then why have things taken such a turn where we've seen young women escaping or trying to run away from the kingdom and we've seen them crackdown on activists just calling for women's basic
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rights. well it's important to highlight here that women like. any man and others were calling for the end of the male guardianship system a deeply discriminatory system that limits women's freedoms inside the kingdom they were calling for the right to drive for women as well and yet despite that despite the lifting of the ban on driving these very women's rights activists and peaceful activists who are calling for reform within arrested and detained and so it's a complete contradiction for the saudi arabian government to declare that it's. in favor of reforms and in favor of protecting certain freedoms for women and then arrest and detain and potentially charge these women for calling for their freedoms to be protected this is part of
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a broader crackdown that's taking place in the kingdom it's part of a pattern of repression that we're seeing from the authorities who are intent on silencing any form of dissent and any form of peaceful activism and now today could treats women's rights activism and defending women's rights as a crime some ideas from amnesty international good to have you on thank you for your time thank you once you want to tell ahead on our desire. six years in prison for a man who wants to near the top of the roman catholic church we'll have the details . hello there have been reports of some pretty big showers in sumatra recently but the concentration of big downpours is still in power for west papua this sort of
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general area so it reaches sulawesi it does come back through java but this massive cloud here really mosques occasional showers and no more than occasional showers so sumatra singapore peninsular malaysia and maybe even sudden thailand in the philippines trying to start of the show again in the zone in particular but they're not a big feature just yet it should be largely dry at this time the receive an increased number of western australia and particular down the east coast in the southeast corner you know the is clearly moving the season has changed here into the twenty's at best from adelaide down to hobart warmer in camber in sydney where we're still of course through queens and or where the coast to cannes but warm is still in perth the low thirty's possibly warming up even more at least the feel of it over the next day or so but the woman's place in australia but in comparison with your cousins further east a big difference as to new zealand well the weather started to move once again so
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although much of it is coming down from the north and keep things quite warm in oakland it is thirty coyote. everywhere. you know very toxic and very dangerous we could spend years painting this i would breakthroughs. showing that it is possible to change. the running. game. the be the. plastic waste. how do you.
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get your washing out is there and here is there a mind of our top stories this hour to the right. three hundred nineteen. britain's politicians have rejected prime minister terry is a maze withdrawal deal again vote on wednesday on the possibility of the u.k. leaving the european union without a deal. if there be an airline says it will send the black boxes from an airplane that crashed on sunday overseas for further analysis the announcement comes as the list of countries and airlines suspending the use of boeing seven three seven max aircraft continues to grow. and saudi women's rights activists. appear in court she had led the campaign to lift the kingdom's battle on women
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driving she has no access to a lawyer and still doesn't know the charges against her. now kurdish led forces in syria say thousands of isel fighters have surrendered bugaboos syrian democratic forces have been bombarding the armed groups final enclave for days the operations intensified after a brief pause to allow civilians to leave. me now joins us live from that that's near the turkish syrian border hoto what more can you tell us about the situation in both. well the fighting is ongoing as we speak but this isn't the at night that this intensifies with coalition airstrikes and the kurdish on the ground shelling by goossen last night by all accounts was a very heavy night for those inside who is now the as the these two democratic forces are saying that over the last twenty four hours about three thousand five
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hundred people have come out of the of which two thousand would be surrendering fighters now it's really unclear how many people are still inside whether civilians are relatives of families of the fighters and the fight is just we've heard numbers going up and down over the past few days but i think that has been one of the most difficult things for in this campaign is that it took everyone by surprise just the amount of people who were in that village and that tent and catman that isis had been reared that village now the fighting is ongoing the kurdish forces say it's coming too and then that should and could come within the next few hours over the next few days but bear in mind that the fighters inside i do's who decided to stay and to fight to the bitter and and for the kurds to advance that is something that that is a very noble process simply because isis has put many land mines and booby traps
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and still has a lot of sniper fire still while they are cruel on the ground forces have to carry out these airstrikes to pave the way for this verse to be able to reach this sense of the food that when the yet heard it there's been a lot of focus on this area seen as the last i saw a long play but i understand there is fighting in other parts of syria what information can you give us about that. certainly there has been tensions inside the murky asian. deescalation zone with for the past few weeks syrian forces bombing and shelling basically the villages along the demarcation line now the white house mitts and have authorities responded inside it live province say that overnight syrian forces have actually targeted the village or to man with white phosphorus we still some video of that emerging film by the
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white helmet but health authorities tell us that there had been no injured or killed in that bag however not very far from there in one of these makeshift camps of displaced people there had been also some shelling and some bombing going down have authorities tell us that three people have been killed and twelve others injured now tensions have been ongoing along that sort of demarcation line which separates the region controlled area from. province which is basically under the control of the church they are in charge of the security there it is believed that the syrian regime is trying to keep the tension specially along the villages that are along that demarcation line because they want that line to be empty of anyone there is a very important highway that goes through day the m five it basically links the
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mask to turkey and made his believe that the syrian regime wants to make sure that all that area all the villages bordering that area for example hoon of void of any people is with the possibility one day retaking that highway but certainly this is the violation of the agreement when it comes to deescalation zone or that has made monitoring the ongoing conflict in syria thank you. california's governor is expected to impose a moratorium on the death penalty gavin newsom says the death penalty is a failure which is discriminated against ethnic minorities and the poor and the mentally ill executive order will impact more than seven hundred inmates on california's death row the state has an executed anyone since two thousand and six in other news a former vatican treasurer has been sentenced to six years in prison for sexually abusing two choirboys cardinal george pell is the most senior member of the
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catholic church to be found guilty of child sex offenses he was convicted by an australian court in the case which dates back to the one nine hundred ninety s. under thomas has more details from melbourne for some outside court it was emotional listening as george pell sentence was broadcast from inside life and usually a single television camera was allowed in court but the judge ordered it to be focused on his comments alone not on the cardinal's reaction when the sentence came it was longer than most people had expected i sentence you to a total of sixty of sentence of six years imprisonment. i see it i know for all period of three years and months at the back of the court room standing to hear his fate pelle did not react to that but outside court there were hugs and cheers now at least it was a stranger in the sight. of the abuse by people the power like. a six year prison
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term is the combined sentence of a five crimes against two thirteen year old boys the just spent well over an hour giving the reasons behind the sentences he was about to impose before he actually revealed what they would be it's all about the gravity of the offenses but also about cardinal pell's age and his ill health and the unprecedented publicists but this case has had a long trial pelle have been shouted at each time he'd gone in or out of court in jail he's likely to be kept alone to protect him from other prisoners held was a priest in rural australia who rose to become archbishop of first melbourne and like to sydney as australia's most senior catholic he oversaw the church's response to accusations of child abuse by others when a big inquiry was held looking into that he had to defend what many saw as a cover up but it didn't slow his career bell was made
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a cardinal at the vatican in charge of the church's finances and close to the pope that career ended though when pelle was personally accused of sexual abuse i am innocent of these charges. but the jury disagreed unanimously louise milligan who's written a book about the cult don't know who's one of his victims i would defy anyone to meet this person and i don't think it needs telling the truth but a significant number of people do think powell has been wrongly convicted by you to scapegoat for the wider sins of the church the truth doesn't sell papers but lawyers sell papers and this is a lawyer powell is appealing his conviction that appeal will be held in june but until then at least he'll remain in jail under thomas al-jazeera melbourne.
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hello again you're watching our desire and these are our main stories britain's parliament has once again rejected prime minister terrorism a's bragg's a deal just sixteen days before the u.k. set to leave the e.u. so the no no no no no. it is the second time a deal has been voted down by m.p.'s this year and she says she'll now call for a vote on whether the u.k. should leave the e.u. without a deal britain is due to leave the e.u. on march twenty ninth. if european airline says it will send the black boxes from an airplane that crashed sunday overseas for further analysis the announcement comes as the list of countries and airlines suspending the use of the boeing seven three seven max aircraft continues to grow now u.s. regulators as well as boeing itself insist the planes are safe to fly saudi women's rights activists losing our house rule is one of ten new women who will appear in court for the first time since their detention a year ago i have clearly had loved the campaign to lift the kingdom's ban on women
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driving she has no access to a lawyer and still got some though the charges against her. kurdish led forces in syria say thousands of eisel fighters have surrendered in. syria democratic forces have been bombarding the armed groups final enclave for several days the spokesman said as many as two thousand five hundred fighters have laid down their arms in the last twenty four hours the thousand civilians have also emerged from the town the operation intensified after a brief pause to allow civilians to leave a white helmets activists say syrian government forces have used incendiary phosphorus against rebels and it live activists say the banned substance was used in rocket propelled grenades bombarding rebel held town attacks and live have escalated in recent days as the government seeks to increase pressure on the last remaining rebel on claves camps in a dalit house more than one hundred ninety thousand people displaced by the
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fighting and australian court has sentenced a former vatican treasurer to six years in prison for sexually abusing two choirboys cardinal pell is the most senior catholic to be held guilty for child sex offenses that's where isis next. they were searching for sanctuary in australia but instead would a time for use on a pacific island now one o one east follows the journey of two refugees as they forge a new life in north america on al-jazeera. cheap and fast a tile plastic is used for everything furniture tools storage containers clothing
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even tea bags and glitter on birthday cards it's hard to imagine modern life without it. so much has been created that scientists are calculate the total amount ever made at eight point three billion tons. and most of these items are used for only short periods of time or even just once before being discarded to later land and sea. if nothing is done we had upon it so should have cost it to the health of plants animals and humans a light coud be threatened. and yet fossil fuel companies are investing billions of dollars in producing even more of it. we urgently need three saying we manage the plastic we use find an alternative. i'm giuliana shot on the west coast of canada to meet people dedicated to clearing plastic waste from our oceans. imo in front
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swell a movement is afoot to rid the country of oil based plastic. that is not only in that plastic waste can be found on every beach in the world from the business beaches to the most isolated and uninhabited islands now no shoreline is untouched by plastic. and if the current rate of global production continues there could be more plastic than fish by weight in our seas by two thousand and fifty. him british columbia people have decided enough is enough and i can strive to stop the tragic destruction of our oceans. ocean legacy is a local foundation whose aim is to tackle the growing problem of plastic pollution along the twenty five thousand kilometers of coastline here. chloe dubois is one of the founders thought out i'm very serious here i have seen it right the first lady's first. the british columbia coast is made up of deep inlets and rugged
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island shorelines so helicopter travel isn't just a joyride it's essential. today we're headed to the clinic what sound and one of the forty thousand islands that dot the coastline here. these trains are a bit tricky ah.


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