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she must be very very frustrated if somebody would take it off her hands probably be quite relieved that there is no one who wants to do it and so i think i think she somehow will stick it out and even though her deal at the moment looks impossible that it could survive despite what kind of ok is the one thing in its favor is that every other possible eventuality seems less plausible pollen is going to vote later today against a no deal so that's pretty implausible there's no majority for a people's vote so that's pretty implausible there's not a majority there is a majority for anything and so it's just possible by hook or by crook that she will somehow get this through at us third time of asking take us if you wouldn't mind into the mindset of number ten at the moment you've been there. she hasn't even got the support all march forward to around the cabinet table she's had to give both factions in cabinet a free vote tonight in other words they're not compelled to vote with the government that's a pretty extraordinary set of circumstances what do you imagine the mood is like inside number ten downing street i'd imagine that it's pretty bleak but there's
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probably a lot of gallows humor and a lot of snacks being consumed right now winter is a maze always been somebody who's been quite isolated never had a lot of friends in politics she had to say close allies had worked with her and i will face you had to leave after there after the election fiona helen nick timothy and so while she does have a group of loyal staff around her there isn't that sense of camaraderie and and joy that there might be some happy times but you know they'll get through it again with a lot of snacks right right and probably mckenzie many thanks for your thoughts there will leave you with that moment and munching on snacks as the rest of us went to see whether in any possible majority emerges for a way out of this jana how live in london thank you very much indeed. now the black boxes of ethiopia an airline jet that crashed on sunday they're due to be sent abroad for analysis a growing number of countries and airlines as suspending the use of the boeing seven three seven max in the wake of the crash they knew china and india have all
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banned the account from using their apples but both boeing and the u.s. government is saying that it is safe to fly reynolds reports now from seattle. as investigators sifted through the wreckage outside addis ababa more and more of boeing's seven thirty seven max aircraft were being grounded in countries around the world but not in the united states where aviation officials insist the aircraft is safe many u.s. airline passengers a flight attendants union and aircraft experts are calling for it to be grounded while in washington lawmakers planned hearings on aviation safety the seven thirty seven max. eight should be grounded immediately. there is no reason for american fliers to be less safe than.
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china ethiopia argentina mexico and now apparently the united kingdom well i think out of an abundance of caution and frankly common sense it makes sense to ground aircraft that's been involved and two very tragic accidents and only six months speculation into the cause of the two separate crashes has centered on flight control software several u.s. based airline pilots reported potentially dangerous behavior of the seven thirty seven maxes flight control system which they say plunged the plane into a steep dive before the crews disconnected the computer system and flew the aircraft manually but boeing insists its best selling aircraft are. main safe u.s. federal aviation agency or f.a.a. requires the company to undertake a software enhanced spend that boeing says will be deployed on the max lead in the
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coming weeks boeing says the updates of maneuvering flight control and pilot display software would make quote an already safe aircraft even safer president donald trump spoke by phone with boeing c.e.o. dennis mulan berg who has appeared with trump several times at events in recent years the call followed to trump tweets complaining that airplanes said become too complicated there is a precedent for a global ban in two thousand and thirteen u.s. officials ordered boeing to take its massive new dreamliner out of service to resolve a problem with battery fires. the entire worldwide fleet of all boeing's seven three seven max aircraft would cost the company somewhere between one and five billion dollars that's according to wall street analysts but that would be a cost that boeing would be well able to absorb the company just posted revenues of
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over one hundred billion dollars and that includes profits of more than ten billion dollars rob reynolds al-jazeera seattle. we've got a lot more to come in this hour of syrian news hour including california's governor declares a moratorium on the death penalty imports one of america's most controversial issues firmly back into the spotlight. after a pause to allow civilians to flee the bombardment of ice all final stronghold raising. and coming up in smoke with randy thousands of fans turn out in now but ahead of the first race of the fall no one sees. their ten saudi women have peered in a court in riyadh for the first time since their detention a year ago the cases have them against them have drawn international condemnation
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and outrage over the state of human rights in the kingdom lou jane al half full one of the lead campaigners against the ban on women driving is among those standing trial mohammed has story. is a younger activist who's been fighting for saudi women inside to drive among other demands she's a graduate of the university of british columbia in canada and was ranked by arabian business magazine as third on the list of top most powerful arab women in two thousand and fifteen in recognition of a feeling. but routine and other female campaigners paid a hefty price you clued in constant touch or sometimes even detention at the hands of saudi authorities. last may she was arrested after releasing a video showing her behind the wheel on a highway between the united arab emirates and saudi arabia in defiance of the ban on women driving. and even though the ban was lifted
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a month later jane remained in detention without charge or access to a lawyer she only found out the accusations against her via social media she was moved from one jail to another and the times her family couldn't visit her in an article in the new york times her sister alia said jane told her family and rights groups that she was held in solitary confinement and tortured in the presence of saudi the tiny the former adviser to crown prince mohammed bin said. she said bonnie attend the torture sessions in person and threatened to rape her and throw her body into the sewage system during a u. and human rights council session in geneva last week nearly forty countries including member states condemn saudi arabia over the way in which a head lewd and her co-actor wrists are being treated not only because their basic rights have been violated but also because of the way in which they are purely humanitarian activism is being construed as terrorism saudi authorities also said
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had lou and others were active as foreign agents spying on their own country we joined the high commissioner on this question upper third on the call on this or three or four of these to release all individuals including russia in our household the man i love you on our seas are yourself in a similar saga some are about r.v. abdullah says the tone of our seat muhammad out by at the. hobby and children are detained for exercising their fundamental freedoms. the saudi authorities deny the allegations of torture and sexual harassment against that have you but they've so far failed to agree to demands by the un to release any of the activists mohammed fired. all right let's take you back to nigeria now to lagos because some rather extraordinary pictures have been fed from there as you recall this is the scene of a school collapse well a three story building actually containing
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a school night she can see the rescuers are managing to uncover some children this is maybe the third or fourth that we've been looking at. children who've been recovered alive our correspondent was telling us a little bit earlier that on lagos island in particular which is a very densely populated piece of territory property is very very hard to come by so often there are buildings put up without official permissions without official clearances and indeed and he was wondering whether this would have been given the official clearance to operate there but what we do know is that it's a three story building a three story building that has collapsed and there could be as many as one hundred kids involved in this scenario so we will keep you brought up to date with the situation in lagos nigeria city stay with us here it is there but in the meantime we're going to look at other news and kurdish led forces in syria say thousands of
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and so fighters have surrendered him back syrian democratic forces the s.c.f. have been bombarding the armed groups final enclave for several days now the operation resumed after a pause to allow civilians to leave harder abdulhamid has more from gaza and the other turkey syria border. the buzz of a bubbles has been and in surviving ever since it resumed on sunday it has been a very difficult night for the eyes and fighters could his forces on the ground and coalition air strike keeping that pressure and intensifying the bombing now according to the spokesman of the syrian democratic forces us to kurdish forces about three thousand five hundred people have. emerge from bubbles over the past twenty four hours of which two thousand are said to be i still fighters many of them foreign fighters now the battle is not over yet but certainly is under
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intense pressure and news in ground by the day and yes the earth is confident that that battle will come to a close very soon even though it will be left with the problem of what to do with these tens of thousands of i still fighters and their relatives and their supporters that had to moment camp in the middle of the desert but there's also tension rising elsewhere is serious specially in the it live from is there has been ongoing shelling there for the past few weeks by government forces specially among the demarkation line and the villages there that line separating the province from regime controlled areas now according to the white helmet the regime yesterday used some white phosphorous targeting a village along that demarkation line but that village had been evacuated and we spoke to some health authorities in it live they confirmed the use of white
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phosphorus but they say there have been no casualties that the picture is different however a little bit further inside the province there have been a bombing and shelling on and a camp for internally displaced people who may need the people who live on those villages in those villages along did in locations one who had to move deeper into the province. the governor of california in the us is expected to impose a moratorium on the death penalty gavin newsome says the death penalty is a failure which is discriminated against ethnic minorities the poor and the mentally ill the executive order will impact more than seven hundred inmates who are currently on death row in the save the state hasn't executed anyone since two thousand and six we'll go live to our correspondent kimberly how she's in washington d.c. what's brought this about then kimberly california hasn't executed anyone for a long time they've got several hundred people on death row perhaps the biggest
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death row in the united states but they haven't actually done anything so why is it come out that now. i think this is just a reflection of the changing attitudes in california and of voters in the united states as a whole california is now adding itself to a long list of states that have taken several similar actions by their governors what this does essentially is this registers of the public opinion of voters we should point out that this did go to a ballot measure in two thousand and sixteen and also in two thousand and twelve it was narrowly rejected in both of those cases but it was such a close vote that it appears that with a few extra years now the will of the people in california is that they do not want to condone the killing of another human that they prefer life without parole so what we're seeing here is this being reflected in the election of gavin newsome now
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as governor it's a sweeping order what this does as you point is it further suspends the death penalty or execution well gavin newsome is in office but at the same time in order to eradicate it completely because as you point out it has been on hold since two thousand and six it would take the sort of the vote by the population in california to make that change completely permanent and of kools california being a prosperous liberal state taking this decision do you think it might spread its influence if you like to other parts of the country particularly of course the south where we know that there is a loss of punishment carried out. it's possible certainly what this does is this thrusts the issue back on to the national stage and of course we are looking ahead to the presidential election some of you and said that this governor in california has national ambitions certainly that's
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one possibility in terms of this idea kind of spreading to other states we should point out though there are already eighteen states including the district of columbia or washington d.c. that are no longer executing people but favoring the life without parole as form of a sentence but this is also going to get pushed back martina i mean we haven't seen this from donald trump as recently as in the last few hours he was tweeting about this saying that this action in california is defying voters friends and families of the always forgotten victims are not thrilled and neither am i what i think this is going to do is push this back into the spotlight so that this can to continue to be a debate certainly there are millions of americans that are not proud of not only the fact that the death penalty still exists but the agree just lehi numbers of incarcerated people to as gavin newsome is expected to argue in these incarcerations and also executions do disproportionately affect those people of
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color and also those with mental disabilities kimberly thank you for that kimberly live from washington thank you very much indeed both the new base committee to protect journalists is launching a campaign to highlights the work of journalists who've been killed around the world the campaign called the last column memorializes the final publication of john this before they were killed. has more. what the arab world needs most is free expression that was how jamal khashoggi titled his final column in the washington post it was published posthumously fifteen days after the journalist walked into the saudi consulate in istanbul where he was killed the brutal gruesome murder and the failure to hold anyone accountable for it it really resonated around the world and i think that many people who have never realized truly how dangerous the profession of journalism can be started to think about that the committee to
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protect journalists says one thousand three hundred thirty seven journalists have been killed since one thousand nine hundred ninety two the group has compiled some of their last published works in this book and produced a documentary with interviews of journalists who confront the dangers of the front lines what is worth dying for is democracy worth dying for is connection human connection worth dying for. if no one story's worth it all stories are worth it every story is worth that also interviewed is the mother of james foley the american journalist who was kidnapped and killed by eisel in two thousand and fourteen and he felt that that was the essence of true journalism to have the moral courage to dare to speak the truth and bunya ahmed a bangladeshi writer whose husband founded the country's first online platform for
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secular bloggers spoke of his murder committed with impunity actually when they did go to the police for help to said you know either stop the writing where you're writing or. get out of the country the book and campaign are much more than just memorials to the slain journalists they're also an effort to inspire the greater public to value a free press and to pressure their governments to hold accountable those who targe . journalists in almost no cases are their murderers brought to justice nine out of ten cases the killers go free this has to change and it's only going to change with public pressure in the case of gitmo. investigators have concluded his killing was the work of members of the saudi arabian government and the cia says the killing was ordered by the saudi crown prince mohammed bin so mun been so money has suffered no legal consequences heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington.
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now the recent rain in california brought destructive floods but the story is now slightly better thirty eight even rolled very much so that of water and sunshine a new used the word spring and this is what happens. as a super bloom taking place in southern california that means a vast number of flowers suddenly came out on the hillside it's poppies we're talking about really most probably not just confined to some kind of one of these the pictures i have for you remember that is the nice bit of the u.s. is don't but everywhere i have to say not far away in new mexico in particular the weather's been rather more vicious i mean. recently this was spotted new mexico tornadoes you know really common the mystery would come into the season that i mentioned the word spring so we will see them further east as well because this arc of clarity the arc here is a cold front splits into at least two pieces as you can see it is part of a currently developing system now when you stick a cold front on
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a master card and it's spring you know it's going to happen you're drawing warm gulf air up ahead of it and you've got the cold still tucked in behind that difference in temperature say twenty degrees is all the energy you need to produce some vicious sunder storms so that's the picture that so at rest of the day that is going to be a lot of green potential thunderstorms i'll talk about snow briefly in a second but when somebody says tornado risk in the mississippi valley these are the states it's talking about these six other side of the mississippi valley large hail damaging winds tornado risk in the next twelve a house. rob thank you very much indeed still to come on this al-jazeera news hour a draft agreement emerges after more than two weeks of talks between the u.s. and the taliban. a twist in venezuela's crisis opposition leader why dove faces allegations of sabotage and installed rail madrid's new manager begins the task of reviving the club's fortunes.
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rewind continues to care bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best about zero documentaries destroy the continual book from body to knock out use distance revisiting alfred's free press. i am the managing editor of the day will talk we will form the topic of was how the rubber wrestler sides have been some changes over over the years in a rewind on al-jazeera a sinister only god who secretly controls moldova's parliament all merely a tycoon misjudged by his enemies is the most hated me a country i made my key allegations of blackmail hitman and the billion dollar fraud. people in power investigates moldova and the puppet master on al-jazeera.
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let's have a look at the main stories here on the news are several children have been rescued after a three story building collapse in the nigerian city of lagos it was a primary school of power name is on the third floor of the building which also had residential apartment this is the scene live and we do believe that at least eight people may have been rescued but there are some fears that there could be up to one hundred children involved in this particular incident that's a scene live in lagos we'll keep you right up to date with developments there. he's
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in the u.k. they're set to vote on the possibility of britain leaving the european union without a deal politicians from across the political divide rejected the prime minister's plan to deal for the withdrawal from the e.u. again on tuesday and ethiopian airlines says it will send the black boxes from the plane that crashed on sunday abroad for analysis the announcement comes a list of countries and airlines who are suspending use of the boeing seven three seven knots aircraft continues to grow. right we're going to talk more now we can speak to donna bacon who is professor of politics at dublin says universities author of from partition to bricks at the irish government to northern ireland he's joining us on skype from chisinau him old dave thank you very much indeed. i guess it is the island of ireland that stands to lose the
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most if this process of the u.k. withdrawing from the european union is botched. absolutely economically arlington suffer more than the united kingdom if there is an ordeal breaks us there are over three hundred points between north and south that aren't they would be very much in danger if there are order separate parts apart and most importantly there is the good friday agreement or the peace process a fraud a fragile peace process norman are still very divided there's a glee that's also in jeopardy. because of course this backstop it brings raises the specter doesn't it of a return to a hard border between north and and the rest of the island the republic of ireland and that is what causes a great deal of conserve the same many people indeed i mean the box office in all weather insurance policy to ensure that there would be no return shorter it's more
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or less forcing you know ticking to live up to its responsibilities under the international. court unfortunately though as i said it is. you know if there is no deal everything is off the table i mean unfortunately right now at a referendum of course the t.v. battle well nobody in westminster seems to be in control treatment doesn't have control over arctic she doesn't up troll or cabinet lead she doesn't have control of the editing done because scotland and are under very much against the way that the westminster i was voting right indeed i believe that northern ireland as an entity voted overwhelmingly to remain at what sort of impact is this model should we say well so impact is this having upon those in northern ireland to do support reunification with the rest of olland. well it's in boulder making some elements within norton aren't to be of course she feigned partly her
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piece at the call for oracle which is part of the good friday agreement this allows the secretary of state nor parents to have a referendum on whether there should be united aren't or not however there's a consensus among many in dublin and in london that this might not be the best time to have a bore hole because there's such confusion rex's order whole united aren't you know the major constitutional change would only add to the antimony and so even though there are in the sparrows that are looking for or right now i don't think you would have a majority consensus just yanked and what sort of at the festival showed that the government in dublin the irish government be taking at contingency measures and if so what sort of contingency plans should they be considering. well the contingency founds that they are have eaten sister in are those i merely t.v. trade between north and south and that would large it and the outcome of any
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agreement and unfortunately again you know the trying to reduce this brawl agreements on monday with a carefully choreographed meetings dance for three trees a mansion or the irish government to support saying and now it's all back on the agenda again to what would happen if we have a no deal in the short term i don't think there would be any back to the change being you know movement between north and south it's going to be on the weeks and months that you would have to legislate for some kind of order if united kingdom had a different regulation regime which would be required of course in the event in order to break that down our back line thank you very much indeed for joining us from chisinau euro. now the taliban and the u.s. have ended their latest round of talks here in doha both of them saying that progress has been made they say a draft agreement has been reached on to specific ses on the withdrawal of foreign
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troops from afghanistan and assurances that fighters will not be allowed to operate inside the country here's our diplomatic editor jane spays the talks here in doha started sixteen days ago they've come to an end but no breakdown and yet no breakthrough both sides are saying there has been some progress in fact rather remarkably both the u.s. special envoy zalmay khalilzad and the taliban spokesman put out tweets almost civil taney asli making the same point that there are four issues they've been discussing on two of those issues they've reached a draft agreement one of those is the withdrawal of troops from afghanistan potentially most of the u.s. troops leaving the country in what has for the u.s. been its longest war in history also on another key point what the u.s. calls assurances on counterterrorism we understand that's the taliban making
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a commitment not to support al qaida what will happen to those two draft agreements is the leadership will go back to their respective commanders the taliban to afghanistan and pakistan the u.s. special envoy zalmay khalilzad back to washington d.c. to brief the secretary of state might pompei are quite possibly the president the u.s. secretary of state just happens to be coming to this region in the next week. full-time barack half is director at the center for conflict and humanitarian studies at the institute and he's been following those talks as they've been taking place here in doha and he's here on set with me now so tan there's quite a bit of optimism isn't there around what are these there just draft agreements on to put out standing it sees how optimistic are you then that these will lead to an end to the war of nearly eighteen years in afghanistan while history of the
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afghanistan war. so the street should not be over optimistic but i think and i have followed afghanistan closely for many years now this is the best opportunity we've had in the past eighteen years and this is why i think everyone should really focus their efforts in trying to advance those talks as much as possible what's the next logical step then we have assurances having been given by the taliban that afghanistan in the new world order would not be would not harbor. armed groups that might attempt to target the united states or its allies and we know the president trump is rather anxious to remove his troops from the country the next logical step should be was and presumably there needs to be momentum that is maintained with the talks really the breakthrough happened last january when the two sides agreed on a package for elements two of them were the counterterrorism guarantees by the
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taliban and the americans would draw but two other very important components was the interim government. dialogue including eventually with the government and the announcement of a permanent and comprehensive cease fire now what happened the last couple of weeks was an advancement on the first two issues now those as soon as they get agreed then the logical thing would be to move into discussions over issues of interest. dialogue and then hopefully announcement of ceasefire and other further reforms because of course a crucial element is going to be the taliban agreeing to talk to the afghan government which up until now they've refused saying that the afghan government is merely a stooge of the united states do you sense that there is a positive movement in the direction of at least being prepared to negotiate with kabul where there's
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a positive movement towards achieving peace in afghanistan and from what they displayed so far the level of their participation in the talks the length of their engagement in those in the talks shows that they are genuinely committed to try and bring peace to afghanistan would be impossible for them to bring peace to afghanistan without engaging the government without engaging all the other parties across the country so from their perspective if they are serious about this ultimately there will be a time when they have to talk to every afghan political view across the country so to have a barricade thank you very much. that's venezuela where the government is investigating the opposition leader over the widespread power outages left millions of people without any electricity president daughter has branded a us puppet and he's accusing washington of mounting a cyber attack on the country's power grid why don't is blaming years of corruption
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and incompetence for the blackout today's a bow ripples from venezuela's capital caracas. freedom chanted people on the streets of caracas on tuesday they responded to opposition leader one way those calls to take to the streets once again. one of the social worker who says it is with any change. this situation is horrible for all social classes i only get minimum wage and we can't buy anything there's no water white i was telling venezuelans are on the right path and his popularity has been on the rise went around telling venezuelans they're on the right path he's popularity has been on the rice since he declared himself into a precedent in january little did look at i mean there is morning pain and horror with what is happening in the country we need work in strength and the darkness this regime has spread this murder take over our hearts the biggest challenge of one.


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