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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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again of the british parliament and we have to know what's what the intention of the british parliament want what all. of the british authorities. that you need more time we need more decision but. we need no decision all right has lawrence lay outside the house of parliament in london high lawrence so the skepticism there if you like doubt about the idea of extending the deadline does it need unanimous vote from the block to be approved. yes yes it does need all twenty seven of them in the word is that they that with unlike usual european summits where everything is planned out advance and he does all turn up and sign things off it sounds like this time that might not happen that it will be the leaders themselves at the summit next week to agree an extension but only if to reason may's deal falls down for a third time in the south next week and thirty one of the great complaints about
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the reason a from her opponents who want others off the brics it or don't want to break cities that may keep saying you can't have another referendum because it would be a betrayal of democracy and yet at the same time she's perfectly happy to keep bringing back her votes to parliament having having having lost it by record margins and so there's no shortage of people trying to come up with alternative suggestions which will be put to vote say in about two hours from now let's walk you through them with entering human from open europe for the first time henry there is going to be a vote on whether or not to have another referendum these are the chance at this point of succeeding absent you know i think what's interesting is that the labor party are not even supporting this we heard from the labor party over the last few weeks they had moved their position to totally and unequivocally back a second referendum yet just last night on the television senior labor front bench as was saying we don't want to second referendum and they're now saying they won't even vote for this amendment so i just think it's very little chance that would pass even if they did whip his m.p.'s for it i still think it's not going to happen right one that might have a chance of passing those is
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a cross policy idea to take control away from series in may and to start setting the agenda next week if that happens do you think have votes again the third time she brings it back with that with that still go ahead do you think oh no as in our plan i think i think she's like it's trying to bring her deal back to the commons before that would happen but i think this idea of putting parliament in charge is really quite worrying what we've been seeing over the last days is a lot of parliamentary chaos and parikh's isms of mess and whatever else but that's where the government just about in charge of the process imagine what it be like if parliamentarians were in charge themselves m.p.'s were all pursuing their different fantasy versions of. access without any clear whipping by anyone what you might have is a majority coalescing around one idea but that might have no relation to actually something that could be agreed with the european union so i don't think putting m.p.'s in charge is a solution at all so if she gets her way and there is a third vote next week on her deal despite the fact is lost twice by record margins do you think he's actually going to win this time because there's some suggestions
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of some of the hardliners on a panic about about not leaving the european that's all it is is it just going to speak over the line you think animals perhaps not next time i come back a fourth time and i'm afraid i'm going to have a quarter of the vote on this and the fact is there's only one deal that's been agreed with the european union on exit and that's a prime minister's deal and people are shifting so you're right to say there was still a very big defeat just on tuesday night but crucially persuaded her form of bread six secretaries david davis this amount who resigned over the direction of her he's now back in the exact so i think when she gets people like that coming around and if she can manage to persuade those ten northern irish m.p.'s the d.p. to back her deal i think it might look like she's beginning to move into a situation where she could with some labor support ultimately win it just ever so briefly if she loses she's promised to go to the european union and ask for a long delay how long the delay do you think that would be likely to be given this will going to be agreed to question by the entire twenty seven comes of the replace
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the two possibilities either we get a short extension which allows us to complete the ratification and that has to be done by the end of june so that's one option the other option is something much much longer and the european union could put all kinds of conditions on that as she's begging for that extension so we could be looking at something like twenty one months european elections coming up i think it's a very very uncomfortable position and i would almost all of you and i would probably mean it all in even the full time was a play but i think it's just me it would open up the path to all kinds of things and serious political division here in the u.k. and an image thank you very much kemal you following all that's going to be asked yes. broadly speaking lawrence thank you we're going to see lawrence again at seventeen hundred hours g.m.t. news special here on al-jazeera as we await the first votes on thursday on briggs that yet trying to keep up with it now before we speak to our next guest about the effect all of this is having on europe i just want to show you quickly something if he posted on twitter i know that looks extraordinary but basically this is exploring all the options so if we go to this point you see right in the middle
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would be fourteenth of march a vote on a break that delay have come up with three or four different scenarios which go all the way down the bottom each one of those six black lines represents something which is most likely to happen and worryingly right down the bottom you see thirty two percent no deal loons ministers resign chaos in crisis if we don't have that already let's talk to john worth a berlin based blogger and european union affairs visiting lecturer at the college of europe joining us from berlin and first of all i should note that just a saw you off camera a moment ago perhaps disagreeing with what our other guest was saying do want to just elaborate on that quickly years thank you very much live from berlin i very strongly disagree with that to reason may has suffered the biggest defeat in parliamentary history for her deal by two hundred thirty votes and the fourth biggest defeat in parliamentary history just this week by one hundred forty nine there should be no way that to resume a deal can pass parliament next week the very idea that after such enormous defeat
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that she would even bring it to a vote of time i think is rather proposed we need to look for other solutions to this basic crisis not just keep on floating this dead horse of to resume a deal ok let's take it up from the european perspective they're sitting there saying well you've had two years to sort this out and you haven't but we might give you an extension do you think that the extension is the most likely thing now. i think the extension is the most likely route the question is going to be does britain demand a short extension or long extension a short extension up until the end of june is easiest to do from a legal and political perspective beyond the end of june in britain have to organize a european pond election but leaders like the will to ask in brussels are essentially saying to themselves britain is happening now two and a half years to sort out it's bret's a crisis and there's no solution in sight so are you going to achieve in three months what you've not been able to achieve in two and a half years probably not that's therefore the reason why donnel to us today is essentially said he would be open to a longer extension to allow britain a period of reflection in order to manage to really solve some of these issues to
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find perhaps cross party solutions for brakes it so ultimately i think if the house of commons to see evening decides for breaks it delay i think the chances that that would get through the european council summit next week in brussels a quite high ok so maybe an extension but definitely no more concessions i would say i just always seem to think that well why would europe give more and more concessions they don't want to make it look like it's an easy or an attractive option to leave the e.u. because then everyone would do it. yes that's true although we must be said that the european union's position here is rather secure there's been a steadily increasing support for european union membership across the rest of the european union twenty seven and the danger that any other country would want to leave is extremely low so i don't think that that's the main concern the difficulty in brussels is these never ending summits these never ending dashes to try to solve this problem trying to find last minute concessions the european union has had enough of that i think the european union has understood before to resume
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a has understood that actually she said there was simply that we've reached a dead end with this deal and we need to have a rethink and so essentially that's what's going to be on the summit agenda next week bear in mind what the european union absolutely does not want is a no deal breaks it separates and crushing out without any agreement with the european union and that is what they will be seeking to avoid so it's better for the e.u. side better a delay than a no deal breaker john of one final question for your great one actually it's come from one of our viewers on facebook live hamad who said if there's no breaks that what's the worst that will happen do you think. it would be i think the worst of it and if there will be no breakthrough britain would find itself in a political crisis because all of britain's political parties are already so riven with division so ultimately there will be a political crisis in the u.k. some people have spoken about the danger that there might be violence on the streets of britain i'm not so worried about that i don't think that that would likely happen what would also help would be something very positive britain's
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economy would would get a good kick in a positive direction would return to economic growth so i think there will be positive consequences for the u.k. for the e.u. the danger is going to be that the problematic country become tree was never really wanted to play its role in the e.u. would still we sat around the table and there's some in brussels that want to see the back of the u.k. now precisely because of the tone with really enjoyable talking to you thank you for joining us. thank you and john wrote a pretty unequivocal opinion piece that al jazeera dot com as well the headline kind of says it all britain's political system is at breaking point because even when briggs eventually gets over we hope the divisions that's created will definitely still be there it's a great read it is in the opinion section at al-jazeera dot com. to one of the most notorious incidents of the northern ireland conflict bloody sunday when british troops opened fire on civil rights demonstrators in london derry back in one nine hundred seventy two fourteen people died thirteen others were wounded in what was seen as a turning point in the so-called troubles now prosecutors in northern ireland are
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set to charge a former british soldier with murder at sixteen other former soldiers weren't charged as there apparently wasn't enough evidence. today together with the senior prosecution team i have met with the families of those bereaved and those injured on bloody sunday we have informed them that following careful consideration of all of the available evidence a decision has been taken to prosecute one former soldier soldier af for the murder of james ray and for the murder of william mckinney well some of the victims' families were disappointed by the outcome and how long it's taken to get here we'll walk the long journey since our fathers and brothers were brutally slaughtered on the streets that very recently over the passage of time all the parents of the seized update we are here to take their place but
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it was not just don't want them act carried out by a trained army against the fence of the civil rights activists it also created a deep legacy of justice and prolong a bloody conflict on imaginable even on those dark winter days of one thousand nine hundred eighty. his son you're going to go following events for us in derry hi sonya it's one man to be charged out of sixteen forty years later a bittersweet at the very least. well really for most of the relatives and friends gathered to hear the decision it was devastating to hear that because of course it's only really covers two of the killings that took place that day as well as four attempted murders and there were seventeen paratroopers that were implicated in the savile report was
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published in twenty ten. specified how. the paratroopers had lost control and went off to the civilians who were running this the scene who were there attending a perfectly pleat peaceful demonstration but the look on many of the people's faces when faced with that decision and there were tears even from the relatives that are getting feel they are getting some justice in connection with their own particular cases they see themselves as part of a family of of of the victim's relatives as well and that while their case may have been helped the fact that others aren't going to have what they call justice for their own particular cases where they say that makes it a very frustrating and very sad situation and there is a definite feeling that justice really hasn't been done and what the families
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wanted as well as the exoneration of the of the of the victims their relatives was and an open report they wanted prosecutions done they wanted to have what they what they wanted to have the perpetrators to face justice that's what they've been calling out and so for many of them this falls way short of that song you tell me again for people who maybe don't know all the history just briefly how does this sort of going over life in northern ireland right now all we hear about is a backstop of more than modern but these sort of historic events that shaped everything. absolutely and when you consider just how much of a trauma bloody sunday actually was it really marked an enormous watershed a very dark episode in the history of this of this area this region so
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really that incident bloody sunday also the way that it was handled by the british authorities you speak to people who you say that was a recruiting call for people to join the republican army and go against the british army the british army initially were seen when when they came here initially were seen by the northern irish catholics as being as taking a protective role or bloody sunday completely reversed that there was seen as an oppressive force and that didn't really stop after bloody sunday recriminations upon the community continued so many people feel extremely bitter there not only have they been victims of this oppression they've had to live with the fact that. they've been implicated in other situations from that as well and of course when people say yes there are terrorists on the other side that won't have that same kind of justice response as will be were members of the british armed
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forces they will uniforms they were there to protect citizens except they didn't protect the citizens from the from the catholic communities so they see it is having putting one rule for one part of the of of the population here and another rule for another where they were incriminated and where they were made to suffer blows from that so this is all left where to now people that we've already spoken to today are saying well this is not going to be the end of it there's been a decision up to now but we will keep fighting that fight because for them it's not over. son you go live from derry for us thank you and just to build on what sonia was telling us there to get more of an idea of how significant that is sunday is this is a video report from catherine stand so from january this year a good supplement actually pictures from the forty seventh commemorative march in london derry with emotions as you see still run high if you search for bloody sunday derry. at al jazeera dot com you'll find that on let's talk to kevin
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mcdermott now freelance journalist joining us on skype from dublin he's from derry originally nice to have you with us kevin what are your memories of forty years ago . it's probably the first in my life that i can remember from waiting until going back to sleep that evening and that every second of that is inaction to my memory because the first car or station or before and after the march and the abiding memory that stuck with me today is the sound of them celebrating and joy. the fucking people on the streets there were drinking and singing i ten hours until nearly midnight on a seven year old child that has quite an effect on you do you not see the only way forward sorry sorry to interrupt you do you see a way forward for the people today have been left frankly devastated as our correspondent was telling us devastated by the fact that this one man will be charged is there another path towards justice for them even all this time later.
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there is another way whether it provides a closure that the people need or not is another question but there is a possibility of something like a truth and reconciliation commission something similar to what i did south africa where people can talk freely without being worried about if you like the legal implications of admitting their part in an act like bloody sunday but but you can't remember is that the people of the families of bloody sunday indeed of the wider community in derry have decided to follow the system and this is one of the key facts about that today as a result is the system giving a judgement it's not actually justice and it may not may never be justice but they have put their faith in the system understand in fifty years that system tacit work to any sort of degree so maybe what we need to do not just in the case of bloody sunday but in the case of the troubles as a whole is to have a truth in records that she commission where people can speak freely like kevin one
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of our viewers on facebook live down or has said let's hope this doesn't stir up bad feelings again just as must be served i just hate to bring everything back to bragg's that but you know there is ill feeling there it can get set up by all this controversy to do with the border as well do you once again have concerns about the immediate future with that deadline date approaching. yes of course and i mean when you have the events conspiring with the bridge and votes of chandra and then you know this decision to prosecute one member of the purchase today people who want to have a grievance people who want to have a reason to dislike the british sort of british presence in ireland are going to use these excuses and i don't we and a number estimate the potential that a decision like today and other factors will in giving people a mission to go back to situation thirty years ago and that is why it is important did it break to get sorted but secondly in my opinion it is important that we start looking at the prospect of initiating the border all out as appeared in the good
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friday agreement because absolutely the border if successful will be the ultimate solution to bret's it and would also take if you like the need for justice away from the british government because it would no longer be involved in the ground kevin mcdermott a pleasure talking to you thanks for making the time for us thank you a lot of you on the facebook live stream actually quite interested in this story mark karr is said why now i know it's better late than never but justice delayed is justice denied and actually a lot of the thanking us for this story and you want to read more about it the link for that catherine stansell video all tweet that out after the start of the i'll do it in the commercial break in the break and any other information we can find here to others here but for bloody sunday. well this is the news great interview with us on facebook robert about a story for you now about a missing american man and his family's plight to get donald trump to help them secure his return and then later on the grid a frantic search is called off in nigeria for people trapped in the rubble of
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a collapsed building a report coming up from made us. hello it's all gone rubbish again weather wise across the levant turkey iraq and western iran the huge amount of tat you can see and given the scale of what we're looking at expect to be on the ground disappointed in your weather i suspect for the rest of this day and into friday this is the picture as of friday. dorms i suppose so from lebanon up towards southern turkey green that means rain east of that so right the time being baghdad's back in the sunshine and the high ground west and iran we've got showers once more that is to fady late system it certainly isn't the last waltz that goes slowly eastwards the courthouse when saturday comes upon us once again the rain stretches rather dancer israel and towards parts of egypt it's quite
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extensive this time aleppo seems to be wet to as well and northern parts of iraq disappointingly green in other words wet it's not true for iran you've got a day off and some of that spreads further south throughout the rest of the into friday the wind strengthens from the southeast that happens overnight sunday seems possible in qatar bahrain and the u.a.e. and then stays quite strong friday which is interesting direction after say thirty two there represents a rather quieter and hotter mecca. lennier is a popular film and location in france when it comes to stories about drugs crime and radicalization tired of negative stereotypes into work curves and it is reclaiming its image by putting its young residents behind the camera. the stories be don't often hear told by the people who live them. in the movies would this is europe
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on al-jazeera. and. i get to the racial shock chose to have boyfriends now. changing a diverse lineup set the children of south africa the distances. bannock of the same skin agents on the last stage. to a complex history of dramatic social and political change except on up south africa on al-jazeera.
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headlines from al jazeera dot com and what's trending as well interesting story at five o'clock last night about the united states no longer saying. israeli occupied golan heights that's actually been quite prominent on the front page out zero dot com today more there on the european airlines crash on the grounding of the boeing seven three seven max this well and i'm not sure if it's actually still there a little bit further down maybe there's been a story trending about yemen to do with a u.s. senate votes there. just dropped out of the top ten for now but luckily we're
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going to talk about it right now that's what's trending this those they are down to zero dot com. and for yet more information about this vote on yemen and something that's actually turning into an issue at the presidential campaign issue . as you said the u.s. senate which has a republican majority voted in favor of the resolution on wednesday to withdraw military support for the saudi coalition in yemen and when the votes were cast it was quickly noted that every democrat who's in the senate who's also running for president gave a collective rebuke of the president's foreign policy and yemen the ugly truth is that the united states is complicit in the deaths and devastation in yemen and we need to hold our partners and our allies accountable we need to end u.s. support for this war and we need to end it now and i hope that not only can we
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end the war in yemen not only can we provide humanitarian relief to a people who need it so badly but that today marks the beginning of a time when congress understands what its constitutional responsibilities all and takes those responsibilities back. now some other democratic hopefuls in the senate weighed in on twitter cory booker called the war in yemen horrific and blames the coalition for causing the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet that assessment of course shared by the united nations any closer to shore here says that supporting the saudis is inconsistent with american values and she says we will not turn a blind eye to the suffering of the yemeni people will cure said jill abram says the u.s. shouldn't be involved in what she calls a catastrophe and finally coming to harris here also brings up those tens of thousands of yemeni children who have died of malnutrition and starvation she says enough is enough and while democratic presidential hopefuls say congress is
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exerting its constitutional authority to make war the white house a signal it will veto the resolution if and when it reaches the president's desk on constitutional grounds as well but the administration says that it strongly opposes the passage of that resolution that purports to direct the president to remove u.s. forces from hostilities in or affecting the republic of yemen the premise of the joint resolution is flawed they say because the president has directed u.s. forces to support the saudi led coalition under his constitutional powers the joint resolution would raise serious constitutional concerns to the extent that it seeks to override the president's determination as commander in chief and it goes on to say that it would hurt relationships in the region and affect their ability to prevent the spread of armed groups such as al qaeda or eisel in yemen now this war powers resolution now moves to the democratic controlled house where it is expected to pass so let us know what you think about these moves in the congress and what
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effect they'll have for the war in yemen get in touch with us on twitter using the hash tag it is good. thank you andrew let's just have a look at the live for while we're here just checking what's happening donald trump's talking there at the moment i believe leader of arrived at the irish prime minister is making a visit there head of sympatric state but also the house of commons in the u.k. the benches looking a little empty now but what is it fifteen phil about an hour and twenty minutes from now there will be the first of the break that for its happening and we will bring you that in a new special at seventeen hundred hours g.m.t. here on out is there as i say the benches i suspect will be a lot more full by then let's look at some other news though the search has been called off for anyone trapped in a collapsed building in the nigerian city of lagos a three story block came down on wednesday killing at least sixteen people the building had apartments shops and a primary school on the top floor. more from ahmed idris in lagos the heavy duty machinery acquired now because as rescue workers say they have
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reached the limits of this operation or reaching the ground floor they said the rescue operation has ended now questions are being asked as to how many people are still unaccounted for emergency workers remain and material out of the location because they believe the operations but the locals insist that operations must continue because there are many people still they believe are still trapped under the rubble so they want things to continue our bob from the looks of things it's over in terms of rescue operations however the residents and the crowd here refuse to walk away rights groups are calling on me and miles government to scrap a new land law they fear could leave millions of people with no medical home the changes mean people in some regions must now apply for permission to use the land they are working or living on the story with alexia brown for.
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fucking through land he wants. to in-state he sell a remembers how he lost his farm. he says that and twenty fifteen and ethnic groups offered him about one hundred dollars for it and author he wasn't allowed to refuse . they forced me to take the money with that amount of money we could buy rice and other supplies for a family summer wife took the money and kept it otherwise he wouldn't get anything for the land this property is now a rubber tree plantation it's just another example of the risks of living in this part of me which has been ravaged by seven decades of war between government forces and various groups the fight for control of the region and its resources has seen hundreds of thousands of hc days of land confiscated and rights groups say a new law could add to that people living in some areas were given until this week to apply for an official permit for land they were all living on their false
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positive government measures to bring investment and development to rural areas. critics like alex all say it's just a legal way to seize lamed millions of people across the country will become them lest. they will be focused to leave. all they would then lead would be taken by companies and different business entities and the now he's teaching people a known ty law village about the complexities of the law. here property ownership is often based on traditional rights which means many people have nothing to prove they are in their house and land. marto air bought a house ten years ago but doesn't have any papers she planned to pass her property on to her daughter now she's worried that won't be possible. i don't have any hope oh expect any marie calls i have no idea what i should be doing. the
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korean national union which controls the area says the law could risk its fragile cease fire with the government the government says using this vacant fellow vergil land management to expand the administration into the. moment as issues territories these peaceful scenes hide the communities fear of eviction or jail for being branded trespasses on their own land brian al jazeera malaysian prosecutors have refused to drop murder charges against a vietnamese woman accused of killing a korean north korean leader kim jong un's half brother the trial has been adjourned to will next month vietnam said it regrets the decision and wants a fair trial now the charges against the kohak used indonesian woman were dropped earlier this week i have been accused of poisoning kim jong nam at kuala lumpur airport two years ago colombians of rallied in defense of the twenty sixteen peace accord with the revolutionary armed forces of colombia or fock rebels they're
12:32 am
accusing president even do care of trying to undermine the process warning that his actions could plunge the nation back into violence. the reports from bogota. back in two thousand and sixteen colombians took over plausible lever to defend the peace accord with fire rebels which they believe the government of iran is trying to undermine doesn't that mean that camels we fought for a very long time to get here we can go back it's been fifty years of killings killing people's hope and the strong thousands of families you want peace and reconciliation for a country that i can see it is you have either god who was elected by a right wing coalition opposed to the deal announced last sunday he was between the law regulating a special tribunal known as head its task with judging the worst crimes committed during the civil conflict ducasse said he was seeking to revise several provisions
12:33 am
already approved by the country's constitutional court. decided to object to six hundred fifty nine articles of the specials jurisdictions for peace law since i consider them convenient vide congress to debate the changes in a constructive manner. former fike rebels and members of colombia's military have already gone before the tribunals which offers reduced penalties and sentences other than prison for those who tell the truth and compensate victims. among other provisions aims to remove sexual crimes from the tribunals jurisdiction and create a separate system for military members responsible of crimes against humanity opposition parties accuse the president of breaching the constitution. if you open the stall the risk goes beyond the functions of the tribunal we are putting at risk our democracy and the rule of law. most political analysts believe the veto will weaken
12:34 am
the tribunals and they're mining the transitional justice system at the heart of the accord here not only talking about demobilize guerrillas we're talking about members of the military who have vocally expressed their desire to remain within the transitional justice system. this challenge is show that goes on we are still far from overcoming the deep divisions surrounding the controversial peace signed in two thousand and six the issue will most likely once again and in the country's constitutional court in the meantime opposition parties are calling for a major protest against a veto next monday alison that i'm just. not chances are you would have noticed earlier on thursday or maybe late wednesday depending on where you are that facebook was down and so was instagram and whatsapp as well now somehow civilization has survived but it does present us with an interesting dilemma so
12:35 am
much of our lives are in tangled in just these three platforms in fact our show relies on them that there is now a serious impact globally from such an outage of science and technology that maybe a hundred has more. more than two billion people around a quarter of the world's population use facebook but on wednesday from around to sixteen g.m.t. many of them tried and failed to access services and post content not just on facebook but it's had the platforms too including whatsapp and instagram. facebook is investigating but insists it's not a cyber attack whatever the reason many facebook users didn't like it at times using its rival twitter to vent their anger we've taken a system of the internet which was meant to be decentralized and we introduce single points of failure like facebook this is why the centralization is so important this is why centralization is such a problem because if you have two billion people and their means of communicating
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using the internet is a single place facebook which also makes its money by spying on everything that they're saying and as thick as they're communicating this is not a resilient system it's not a system that's compatible with human rights or democracy and outage like this affects uses but it has the potential to interrupt facebook's revenue streams to the company makes money from your data drawing on your likes you connections what you and millions of others have been up to to help businesses target their advertisement facebook is already dealing with a string of scandals over its data and privacy practices the most recent was reported in the new york times on wednesday a criminal investigation into data sharing deals in which facebook allegedly gave access to the personal information of hundreds of millions of uses to some of the wilts biggest technology companies but despite the controversies it has continued
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to grow more people have signed up to facebook than have left now facebook stands accused of having grown too popular to care this global outage might be the clearest indication yet that facebook might now just be to break. just before we hit the break jim has been watching the news grid in his pick me up for alternating between london to actually not going to talk about this first on the up front interesting edition of outfront here an interview with a silicon valley veteran jaron lanier who says you know for all the tweeting donald trump does he actually believes trump would still be president without twitter but wouldn't be president without facebook interesting idea and it's worth the watch it's up front with me at the house and in the show's section about zero dot com would donald trump be person without facebook. now let me go back to that comment from jim picked me up for alternating between londonderry and derry in our story about northern ireland about bloody sunday short story is that officially from
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london which is the capital of the united kingdom of which northern ireland is part of i call it londonderry locally it would be more called derry this is all according to my programme at a demo has been telling me in my. local versus national thing and we are using both their londonderry on the first instance and then they are off to so just trying to cover all the bases but thank you for commenting on it once again for the crew on facebook about the story from taking a look at what net neutrality actually is written about facebook. long. quick look at some.
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let's check out what people are talking about joe thank you kemal again kenya's athletics chief has hit tout a plan to drop long distance running events from the prestigious diamond league circuit athletics world governing body the i w a f has decided to get rid of the five and ten thousand meters to shorten the meetings to one day but these are two distances at which african run is due historically very well the i don't have made the announcement in doha last week and here's how they justified the league's. it's
12:41 am
going to be a set of the very best one day meetings across the same disciplines for both men and women where the top global athletes compete head to hades for points that qualify them for a place in the season final and i can also confirm the winner of the i w f diamond league final will be given automatic qualification for the world championships now earliest mccoury is now six journalist based in kenya he joins me now live from nairobi and he is not just kenya what have the big names in africa been saying about this decision. well actually joe i short while ago i have seen a letter from the a.p. up in federation their president made that apatow look i'm planing that you know eliminating the five thousand and ten thousand meters is actually killing our generation of a talented athlete so it's not only kenya that is going planing but you know
12:42 am
naturally europe and other countries that have been producing world class runners in these two races. yes and my next question was going to be where does this leave young athletes who are already in the system that training and i dreaming of following in the footsteps of their countrymen and women where does that leave them . really totally devastating for these young people because i do remember last year in august the final down one league meeting of the season in brussels we had the young solomon breaker for me to appear running before was that ever claimed in the five thousand metres he's only nineteen so i mean he just starting a career doing well running at twelve forty three zero two which is the fourth but the best and then you tell him there's no more on this bike it's a whole generation a whole crop of young athletes coming through looking to be like it is a bigger lake i like it was a lousy for like a good job in the truck i mean they're left with nothing to look forward to and one
12:43 am
of the comments i saw a little bit earlier was you know why can't athletes who are very good at five thousand metres run. just as well and across three thousand metres it's not quite easy though is it. it's about busy at all i mean three thousand is closer to fifteen hundred metres five thousand you're talking about moving up to ten thousand you know many other leagues enough. morrocco on a living from these races which means now the only option they love left is to go to the road and run the ten k. road races the half marathon and so on and there'll be so much competition and this will expose them to temptations of even topping to get you know rich quick and get money quick because the roads like it is already overcrowded and just really briefly what can actually takes kenya and the other organizations on the continent to your next can they stop this decision. well i think
12:44 am
the other believe sir because i'm not political the fine athlete and olympic you know. well middle east he can listen to that upper lip can listen to these protests have written an official letter to the head of a live at the latest in a did say they were right on the official letter i think it is this one can be reversed because it's you know wiping away an entire generation of it so it's about us in stone and we kind of feel that you know that upper level to some sense it with these protests and that is usual on the police at worst really but the five thousand readers of the dumbell exactly right ellie is mccoury thank you very much for joining us from nairobi my to even you alec trick myself i can chairmanship has canceled its first race because all the bikes have been lost in a fire it happened overnight at the her at circuit in spain with the teams were actually testing now a temporary paddock had been built for testing but it caught fire and all eighteen bikes were destroyed there were no injuries it's believed that a prototype charging station caught fire and alaskan native misha has won this
12:45 am
year's i disrobed ducks lead race off to one thousand six hundred kilometers pete kaiser crossed the line in nome just twelve minutes ahead of the defending champion it's his first victory in ten attempts and that also is the narrowest victory margin of the forty six year race keyser ends an eighteen trout of alaskan native win as he takes home fifty thousand dollars and a new truck yeah it feels good to get here i mean it's you know just the trail itself it's such a long trail but to come out on top of some extra special to see this huge crowd here and so many family and friends from back home. really. oh pizza will be back with more at eight hundred an hour well thank you for that that will do it for this newsgroup if you want to stay in touch with us remember the hash tag is a.j. news and that is on twitter facebook whatsapp that number works on telegram as well and can i just say thank you for all the contributions you do make to this show
12:46 am
having a community is what makes news special and what has made it such a pleasure to be part of it sorry thank you for joining us and we will be back here in studio fourteen a down to see red fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow friday and i'll see you again sir on canal santa maria bison. a scale war where on live t.v. now it's taught us to be able to be concise expressing exactly what is happening in
12:47 am
the moment and what it needs to trip or if you joined us on saturday israel is an apartheid state and in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join a colobus conversation. it's the fost day of school in bubble elementary school in mosul. this school is a military base firing rocket propelled grenades on multiples of nearby i doubt it falsus. most helpful than what it is like to be in school up to three years whole war. six year old. ass like his home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the popular destroyed homes with his father grandfather. solace for the purpose his son for the first day in school is hopeful new friends would hope is that a company. be japes for democratically elected president states and held
12:48 am
incommunicado since two thousand and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so power change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief. for the first time al-jazeera reveals exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it firsthand more see the final hours. on al-jazeera. saudi arabia says those responsible for the murder of jamal hashad ji have been brought to justice but gives no details. of the i'm going to stick bar and this is al jazeera live from london also coming
12:49 am
up algeria's prime minister says the new government's mandates will be no longer than a year but big process still planned for friday. they rejected to resume a's deal they rejected a no deal accept now british m.p.'s are set to vote on whether to delay parks it. and toxic waste illegally dumped in a river forces more than one hundred schools to close in malaysia. saudi arabia says the people responsible for the murder of the journalist jamal has shot she have been brought to justice the head of its human rights commission made a statement in geneva but didn't give any more details turkey is calling on saudi arabia to release their names she was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october al-jazeera baka has more from geneva. it was
12:50 am
a brief statement by the head of the saudi human rights commission but it's raised many new questions about the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the saudi said that the perpetrators of the killing described as an accident have been brought to justice for three hearings attended by their lawyers and observe his we have brought them to justice they had a fair trial they are currently detained not their human rights been violated they have been subjected to no form of torture they are entitled to their legal rights but the saudi delegations failure to provide any names or details hasn't inspired much confidence of the human rights council the un's repeatedly called on saudi arabia to cooperate with the un led investigation into the show g.'s murder of the kingdom's refused calling it an internal matter saudi arabia operates pursuant of international law it does so in all transparency therefore what is being conveyed by certain media regarding the need for us to internationalize some of these matters is something we do not accept because such demands amount to interference
12:51 am
in our domestic affairs and in our domestic judicial system this activist disagrees if you was the international independent investigation that's mean they are hiding something and what they are hiding very hiding very name for the pair so in order to all of this operation of the person who ordered this operation he is still safe and he's still leading the country the saudi crown prince continues to face tough questions from the international community about his alleged role in ordering the killing and other alleged human rights abuses questions the leadership has repeatedly avoided answering what we've seen from the outset since this whole whole saga became became public has a series of obfuscations and denials by saudi arabia some cases where their accounts simply do not fit the facts and so it's very difficult to have confidence in there and the narrative. the saudi report comes a week after thirty six countries including all twenty eight e.u.
12:52 am
nations issued a joint statement condemning saudi arabia's treatment of detained activists ten women's rights activists have gone on trial in saudi including prominent figures in the campaign to win saudi women the right to drive activists say they've been subjected to torture and sexual assaults the saudi human rights commission left the u.n. leaving a whirlwind of questions there is a growing feeling among so many human rights council members the saudi has a very did scrutiny for far too long and now it should be the role of the international community to hold saudi to account new park al jazeera geneva. algeria's new prime minister says he'll form a temporary government of technocrats in the next few days making publicly for the first time since taking office nor doing better way also promised to include young women young people and women but protesters say it's
12:53 am
a desperate attempt to quell mass rallies planned for friday let's make sure you go to the reports. prime minister nuri is under pressure to end weeks of anti-government protests at a news conference in the capital algiers he set out his plan to bring the nation together he promised to build an inclusive government his mandate would last no more than a year mr the doors will be open to everyone we are listening to everybody we are talking to everyone and we will work with everyone without any preconditions. the prime minister said he wants to realize the hopes and dreams of all algerians but many are skeptical about how much change his administration can achieve for the past twenty years the good of clan has made so many promises of reform of change and it is completely non credible not credible
12:54 am
to give this huge important task of change in democratic transition to the same people who have put us in a situation in the situation that we find ourselves in today on monday president abdelaziz bouteflika announced he would not seek a fifth term in power he canceled next month's election but didn't set a new date the government says it's ready for dialogue with the opposition but analysts say protesters want much more the government are trying to accelerate the pace of negotiation but they are doing so not by. taking into account what is currently emerging from to provide free and how are people with writing them now they're really good the good thinking of trying to include or pollution parking is . really the critical lies along gentle creation. i protest organizers are expecting record numbers to turn out on friday they say they
12:55 am
won't stop until there's real political change in algeria victoria gay to be al jazeera let's get some reaction now from rania who's a student protest of there in algiers ronnie at the time as a says is going to be a temporary government that is going to form in the next couple of days it will be a government of technocrats but it's going to include young algerians and women what do you think of what he had to say ok so when announced is will draw all of the elections we were very happy with what we considered a victory however the other part of his announcement which that he will form a national committee that will you know when the country to the next phase we were absolutely against that because we feel like the president and his helpers are the problem so how can we expect the problem to solve the problem we agree on have it a community that will take us to the next phase however we disagreed that the president will choose the people and that committee we want to be the ones to
12:56 am
choose the people people who have credibility and who don't have. past like the ones which is putting in office now the prime minister is clearly hoping that spy promising to have a more inclusive temporary government but it might stop some of the protesters coming out for the demonstrations that are planned for friday is that likely or do you think these demonstrations are going to be just as big. absolutely the protesters are coming out tomorrow and this specific protest will be against these promises or reformation plans because we want all of this constitution that he himself is not respecting because the constitution says that you cannot delay be elections unless the country is our war we are not at war and the country has never been more stable so what gives you the right to the lady's elections and stay in power for longer for longer so we want to just meet him and his people because it's
12:57 am
not the only problem and we want to take control and choose people we. are you confident that these protests that have been going on for so long now which have resulted in the fact that the flicker says he's not going to seek another term in office are you confident though that the protesters can now force new elections of some sort. well the protests so far have a lot of that to withdraw so clearly we are doing something right the only it's working so we are going to keep the peaceful protest till we get what we want there is no maneuver that they can pull i mean they said you would you will get them and it's going to stay for longer we don't lima another year we want to be in president no second longer than history am answers he cannot longer stand office running because if your thoughts thanks for joining us there from algiers thank you thank you thank you. it is now just
12:58 am
fifteen days until the u.k. is due to leave the e.u. and british m.p.'s a still arguing about what form bracks it should take on tuesday they overwhelmingly rejected the prime minister's withdrawal agreement for a second time on wednesday they voted against leaving the e.u. without a defeatists without a deal at any time and under any circumstances boss a no deal scenario it remains the default option if m.p.'s can't agree on an alternative so in an hour's time they're due to vote on a motion to delay praxis until june the thirtieth if to resume a's withdrawal deal is approved next week or delay it for much longer if a deal isn't approved with the motion passes all the other members will still need to approve an extension to article fifty in order to lay bricks it will european council president donald tusk has tweeted that he will appeal to the e.u.'s twenty
12:59 am
seven members to be open to a long extension if the u.k. finds it necessary to rethink its strategy and build consensus around it. well the british parliamentarians as you can see are currently debating the government's proposal to delay bracks it also discussing amendments to that motion put forward by individual m.p.'s including across party proposal to hold a second referendum which of course could potentially reverse praxis an opposition labor party says it opposes holding a referendum until an agreement is reached with the european union confused lawrence lee can clear some of that up for a serious live back in westminster i mean the reality lawrence is the debates and talking go on but we really are much care always as to what is going to happen with fifteen days to go well not now i think i think the things we found out last night i mean first of all we found out that the u.k. is now seems inevitably not going to leave the european you know march twenty ninth
1:00 am
because it's either going to be delayed if series amazement passes if that happens or a much longer delay indeterminate for something else yet to be considered the other thing is i think no deal has almost certainly been ruled out theoretically still possible because it could happen still after a long delay but a long delay if that were to happen but there would be something else in the meantime of the referendum or a general election or something else so that's sort of vanishing over the horizon really as well the thing about these votes tonight is that there's one for the referendum there's one taking power away from to resume and getting it to parliament as one who should borrow from moving her motion for her to deal again next week or to keep losing it but the trouble is with all of them is that they don't actually give the european union any idea of a nother plan for what the british want to do in states well and wage deals in european affairs for u.k. and in a changing europe this is you know the europeans and most of these inexhaustible supply of patients because they keep saying.


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