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on moral grounds why didn't you just declare merger before we shut the government gives a thirty five. why it cost the economy billions and billions of dollars if you can just do this by declaring an emergency well the easy answer for that is it's not it emerges but republicans pushed back for a different reason concern president donald trump is abusing his presidential powers they fear a future democratic president might do the same for this declaration is a dangerous precedent already democrat presidential candidates are saying they would declare emergencies to tear down the existing border wall to take away guns to stop the oil exports to shut down offshore drilling and other left wing enterprise when the vote did not go in his favor trump said he would stop the legislation by vetoing it essentially allowing his declaration to stay in place
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we're going to have hundreds of miles of wallets fairly soon and it's going to make a very big difference but the senate could overturn trump's veto but would need the support of two thirds of senators to do so the fight against trump's border wall continues in the courts sixteen states nearly all of them led by democratic governors are suing the u.s. government in an attempt to block the national emergency kimberly health at al-jazeera the white house so that's a view of the white house let's bring in rob reynolds he's on the border at sun is cedric to tell us what people there are think of president trumps national emergency. well tureen many people here are advocates for migrants migrants rights attorneys a civil civil and civic leaders and people in the faith community would all say that there is a humanitarian emergency but it's not here it's on the other side of the border in
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t. wanna behind me that's where thousands and thousands of migrants from central america and we're hearing now increasingly from strife torn areas in mexico are waiting to apply for asylum into the united states and because the trump administration has instituted a policy of very slowly processing only about twenty applications a day and then requiring those asylum applicants to go back to mexico to wait for their cases to be adjudicated that is creating a dangerous overcrowding in shelters. it has become in recent years a very very violent city with one of the highest homicide rates in the world so people will say here there's no emergency here everything is calm on this side of the border but on the other side it's a completely different story and those migrants are living on dangerous ground and
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rob california has been at odds with trump over a wide variety of issues since he took office so how is the state's leadership responding to the national emergency declaration. well during this is where it gets very very interesting because as kimberly heloc it was just telling us it's likely that the president will veto the legislation that came out of the house and senate and that therefore his emergency will not be overturned by congress but california is one of more than a dozen states that has taken the president to court arguing that the national emergency declaration is unconstitutional and unlawful so the story doesn't end with president trump's veto pen and it will continue in the courts meanwhile the governor of california gavin newsom has been speaking out very strongly recently saying that the border wall is quote a monument to stupidity to some also saying that the federal authorities are not
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doing what they were acquired to do by law to take care of migrants who are who have entered the united states asylum seekers or asylum applicants and so the state and local governments face a strong burden a heavy burden in picking up that slack and newsome is asked for twenty five million dollars from the state legislature to help with migrant aid all right ron brownstein. still to come. rescue workers give up looking for survivors in a collapsed building. a. syrian rebel stronghold. or. drop long distance running events.
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turkey says interpol is trying to find and arrest twenty people in connection with the killing of saudi journalist. earlier saudi arabia tried to assure delegates at a u.n. conference that those responsible have been brought to justice the barker reports from geneva. it was a brief statement by the head of the saudi human rights commission but it's raised many new questions about the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi the saudi said that the perpetrators of the killing described as an accident have been brought to justice for three hearings attended by their lawyers and observe his we have brought them to justice they had a fair trial they are currently detained not their human rights been violated they have been subjected to no form of torture they are entitled to their legal rights but the saudi delegations failure to provide any names or details hasn't inspired
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much confidence of the human rights council the un's repeatedly called on saudi arabia to cooperate with the un led investigation into show g.'s murder but the kingdom's refused calling it an internal matter saudi arabia operates pursuant of international law it does so in all transparency therefore what is being conveyed by certain media regarding the need for us to internationalize some of these matters is something we do not accept because such demands amount to interference in our domestic affairs and in our domestic judicial system this activist disagrees if you was the international independent investigation that's mean they are hiding something and what they are hiding very hiding very name for the pair so in order to all of this operation of the person who ordered this operation he is still safe and he's still leading the country the saudi crown prince continues to face tough questions from the international community about his alleged role in ordering the killing and other alleged human rights abuses questions the leadership has
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repeatedly avoided answering what we've seen from the outset since this whole whole saga became became public has a series of obfuscations and denials by saudi arabia some cases where their accounts simply do not fit the facts and so it's very difficult to have confidence in there and the narrative. the saudi report comes a week after thirty six countries including all twenty eight e.u. nations issued a joint statement condemning saudi arabia's treatment of detained activists ten women's rights activists have gone on trial in saudi including prominent figures in the campaign to win saudi women the right to drive activists say they've been subjected to torture and sexual assaults the saudi human rights commission left the un leaving a whirlwind of questions there is a growing feeling among many human rights council members the saudi has a very did scrutiny for far too long and now it should be the role of the
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international community to hold saudi to account. geneva. stuck in a breakfast at stalemate british politicians have chosen to ask if the country's departure date can be delayed it's due to happen in just over two weeks and any suspension has to be approved unanimously by the twenty seven other members reports of london. what a mess the u.k. parliament is divided and deadlocked a delay to bret's it now seems inevitable the only question is for how long the government says rejecting theresa may's deal would narrow the options to just one we would be faced with the prospect of choosing only a long extension during which the house would meet up need to face up to the choices in front of it and the consequences of the decisions that it has taken the government's proposal was to ask the e.u. for a one off extension until june the thirtieth to allow time for
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a third attempt by theresa may to have her twice rejected bracks a deal pushed through parliament but with just ten working days left before the march twenty ninth deadline m.p.'s are feeling exasperated and rebellious and an attempt by one group to seize control of parliamentary time next wednesday was only narrowly defeated by just two votes a separate amendment proposing another bracketed referendum was rejected by a majority of two hundred forty nine votes and the main government motion passed by a comfortable two hundred ten yards to the right four hundred twelve the nose to the left two hundred and two they were moving towards potentially as a result of this week in parliament protect a softer brick thick as the only route now to a majority although those on the right of trees made party realise this that they could be one final push towards a deal the european union is exasperated to the e.u.
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leaders summit is next thursday in brussels and if the recent maize deal is rejected a third time by parliament next tuesday some leaders aren't minded to ground the u.k. an extension at all but what is detention the british parliament what are what are the choices of the british authorities and i am not sure that to need more time we need more decision in washington the irish prime minister discussed it with the us president donald. given theresa may some negotiation advice advice that she had taken i think it could have been negotiated in a different manner frankly i hate to see it being everything being ripped apart right now i don't think you know the vote would be possible because it would be very unfair to the people that want in all the confusion no one thing has become clear unless the e.u. rejects the u.k. request britain is not leaving the european union as judge ruled on march twenty ninth paul brennan al-jazeera westminster another health center has been attacked
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in the democratic republic of congo threatening recent gains made to contain the virus one person was killed and another wounded in mambo or when attackers targeted the sites where suspected cases are evaluated is the fifth health center to be attacked nearly six hundred people have died in the latest ebola outbreak and still in the d.r. see president feel extra security has pardoned seven hundred political prisoners jailed by his predecessor joseph kabila. who was sworn into power earlier this year had promised they're released within his first one hundred days in office amnesty international has welcomed the move saying it's the first step towards restoring human rights a psych load is forecast to hit mozambique and malawi early on friday morning threatening more devastation in places already in the grip of flooding more than one hundred people have been killed hundreds of thousands of others are displaced welcome what reports in the village of makino and malawi's districts.
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everyone in the village of mclean are sheltering in this half built hospital. they wanted to show us what happened to their homes. after four days of heavy rain last week when he thought of southern malawi were flooded dozens of people have been killed. thousands of homes were destroyed. this is all that remains of an does he own a car carnies by the name of and i learned about the rain started when we were sleeping when we woke up we found the water level was rising fast so we walked to higher ground and waited there until people came in both and rescued as. the water levels lower now more storms are forecast in the coming days the people here can't afford to wait and see if it will happen again some people have already
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started rebuilding their homes and you can see them made almost entirely out of natural materials these sticks are stuck into the ground between them read like this woven on and in the gaps they put mud it's all people here can afford but if it floods it gets washed away instantly. louis two hours rebuilding his that he's wondering what he and his family are going to eat in the weeks ahead his entire crop of maize was destroyed. go-go them of women are the great says this happened nobody has come to help us in this area but we are hoping for is for somebody to wake up and come to our help because we are suffering elsewhere in malawi's president peter motor reka has been visiting many of the affected communities promising help roger martin on will try to get funding for similar nine she'd so everyone has been affected will benefit it takes time.
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back at mclean a sunset we make our way back to higher ground the government and charities provided food and shelter to many of the affected communities not here. so the hospital hospital remains home and now. the people of kenya wondering if anyone will come to help.
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hello again we're here across united states and canada we have been dealing with a massive winter storm now the storm is bringing both the conditions up here towards the north as well as severe weather down here across much of the south look at it here on the satellite image how big that system is now as we go towards friday things get better down here towards the south we're really going to see some rain showers moving along the coast the severe weather threat is going to and in the morning but up to the north it's going to remain quite windy across much of the area of course we are looking at temperatures into the single digits and even a colder than that here in winnipeg where your high temperatures only going to be minus six degrees as we go towards saturday a lot of that rain makes its way out here into the atlantic and behind it we are going to be seeing some slightly cooler conditions across much of the area toronto and to new york coming down to about thirteen degrees and even atlanta twelve degrees for you there well across mexico particularly here towards the eastern part
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of mexico we are going to be seeing some rainy conditions over the next few days notice all the rain here affecting much of that gulf side of mexico we are going to see that rain continue and even make its way down here a little bit further to the south mexico city we do expect to see a partly cloudy day to mostly cloudy day twenty six degrees and they are question is on is it is going to be partly cloudy for you where the temperature there about twenty four degrees. up to.
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when investigating crime an admission of guilt is the ultimate corroboration. or is it. can be used to get innocent people to confess to crimes they didn't commit witness explores the shocking phenomenon of people incriminating themselves the person who falsely confessed actually came to believe the lie that they were told about their own behavior false confession on al-jazeera. all over again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour and you're looking at
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live pictures right there off of gaza we're getting reports of explosions on aircraft being heard over the strip after rockets were fired from gaza towards tel aviv denying responsibility of firing those rockets shortly we'll speak to him in on hamas for us over there harry fawcett in west jerusalem any official word from israeli authorities about what's going on right now in gaza. very brief in the last few minutes the israeli military has confirmed that it has begun carrying out strikes on gaza it says the details will follow but as you say there are already reports coming through from gaza of people seeing and hearing those retaliatory strikes for themselves explosions heard in southern gaza people on twitter talking about planes flying overhead and rockets being released from those planes so it is clear that i think what we can all expect to be
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a fairly major retaliatory strike is now under way benjamin netanyahu went to the defense ministry in tel aviv very soon after that initial rocket attack on television two rockets detected fired from the gaza strip earlier on thursday evening. defense consultations going on with senior members of the israeli military led by the prime minister and then fairly shortly after that meeting broke up less than half an hour after that meeting broke up the first indications that that response was already under way so is there a feeling harry that this is going to escalate and not just stop here. it's certainly going that i would imagine will be more than what we've already heard and seen so far the i think the feeling is here that and indeed the indications from israeli sources talking to the israeli media is that this will be
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a major attack or a tree strike the question is whether they can strike the balance between it being enough politically just a few weeks out from the election on april the ninth to try to ward off any further accusations that benjamin netanyahu has been too soft on hamas a lot of those running in this election including his education minister enough tally bennett who runs for who heads a different party is not part of netanyahu is part of the coalition and leading a new new right party he came out and said that hamas now has to be entirely military minute mirah tell it militarily defeated in the response that of course would lead to a major conflict another gaza war i think the indications are that benjamin netanyahu doesn't want to see that happen but at the same time he can't afford to come across as being too soft in israeli political terms either so the question is can he do enough i mean he is ahead in the polls he has come back from
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a pretty strong initial showing by the major opposition this new party this new fusion of of a new party and an existing one led by or least with senior figures being three former israeli chiefs of staff so he does have some potential political room not to overly go for it and lead inevitably towards a war but he needs to do something politically to show that he is responding to what is the first rocket attack on television since two thousand and fourteen ok gary foster with an update from wester islam thank you and you're looking at live pictures from gaza right now over to about him that i'm on law that's in the occupied west bank to tell us what how must has been saying about all of this and up. amasses military wing has issued a statement denying any involvement involvement in the three two rockets that were launched from the gaza strike earlier today they have said that they were in
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a meeting with the egyptian delegation that has been coming to gaza in the past week and weeks rather to talk about a long term ceasefire with the israelis so we also heard from the interior ministry saying that whatever launched these rockets behaved outside the national consensus and that they will be that there will be measures taking against those who who did the attack so we're seeing a lot of interest in denying any involvement in that latest escalation as well as how mass evacuating its major posts in the gaza strip and for hamas why is the group this thing distancing itself from the rocket attack what are we to make of that this comes at a very sensitive moral moment for the movement they have been under siege for suits so long and there has been measures taken by the palestinian authority that has limited the financial stability of the have mass rule in the gaza strip that has
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been also many people who are actually today that has been an attempted protest in the gaza strip to talk about the increased cost of living and the tough situations on the ground and as well as it have come at a time with hamas is discussing with the israelis a potential cease fire deal so all of this will tell us that there is an interest in a stability in the gaza strip and not an escalation all right to him with an update from on the situation in gaza thank you. members of the u.s. congress have joined human rights organizations to demand the release of a dual american saudi citizen who's detained in riyadh dr where leeds say he has been held for more than a year without charges or trial his son called on the saudis to let his father return to the u.s. this whole situation of me there in prison really doesn't make any sense whatsoever
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i mean we're talking about one of the muslim citizens you would ever meet i'm here today to call on the authorities to release my father to right or wrong and to end this nightmare for my family and i let's bring in amy hawthorne she's the deputy director for research at the project for middle east democracy she was on that panel and she's joining us from washington good to have you with us on al-jazeera amy so what was the message that you were trying to send out by participating on that panel the message that we were all trying to send out was to give a platform for family members of some of the many did to unjustly detained saudi citizens and in this case also a dual saudi american and to say that this mistreatment must stop those unjustly detained should be released and to show the importance that the u.s. congress places upon this issue of course the event was held in the u.s.
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congress and featured several members of congress speaking out as well yeah how unprecedented is it that such an event was actually held in congress and involved members. well sadly it's not completely unprecedented because of the number of human rights abuses that are occurring in saudi arabia and indeed across the middle east and north africa there are many many family members and friends and supporters of unjustly detain people who come to congress and use that as a venue to speak out about their cases and we're fortunate many of these cases as we were today to have the vocal support of several important members of congress speaking out and underlining the messages of the family members that their loved ones should be released without delay so do you think that events like actually put pressure on the kingdom yes i believe they do because
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in my estimation the leadership of saudi arabia is counting on the family members of these victims of these terrible human rights abuses as well as the u.s. public and u.s. lawmakers counting on everyone to remain silent and to basically let them proceed with these actions with these abuses with impunity so it's extremely important to call public attention to these cases to reiterate the american interest in these issues in saudi arabia and to speak out and speak honestly and speak the truth about what is really going on inside saudi arabia underneath the facade of the a legit reforms that mohammed bin so man the crown prince is purportedly leading yet you still do have a trump administration that is willing to continue to do business as usual with saudi arabia and muhammad been some. in the wake of the killing.
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that's absolutely right unfortunately this u.s. administration the executive branch of our government here in washington has basically tried to sweep all of these problems under the rug whether it's the assassination of. or the women's rights activists detainees or other saudis who many believe are unjustly detained and allegedly have been tortured and mistreated in other ways in detention the trumpet ministration has has basically tried to sweep these problems under the rug and move on and continue business as usual and that's why it's so important in this situation that members of congress are speaking out and saying no the united states is not going to turn a blind eye we're not going to stop talking about these problems and we're going to continue speaking out and intel intel we see justice amy hawthorne rethink you for speaking to us from washington syrian government forces have shelled residential areas in southern adlib province attacks in the region of escalated in recent days
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as assad's government stepped up pressure on one of syria's lost rebel strongholds the number of dead from airstrikes on the city of it live on wednesday has risen to seventeen with the means has more from near turkey's border with syria. anger is growing among the opposition protesters went down to districts demanding turkey urged russia and syria to respect the terms of the deescalation agreement. tensions have been on the rise but the latest airstrikes targeted several buildings in the center of it left including a residential one according to witnesses on the ground and a scene all too common in syria the white helmet rescue workers pulling out people from under the rubble. an old man who could barely breathe. and unconscious child with his head bleeding and
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a mother with her two children it's not clear who carried out the airstrikes syrian all russian warplanes but this is the first time the city of it libya's targeted since a deescalation agreement was reached between turkey and russia in summer last year the agreement includes it live province and other opposition held areas in the north of the country one of the targets was a detention facility this man was held there he says the main building was hit and collapse on top of prisoners and guards those who escaped the attack fled the prison here some called on a mobile phone as they run to freedom only to get captured again shortly after it lip is home to nearly three million civilians nearly half are internally displaced people who live in dire conditions the province is under the control of hay it to her leadership with turkey acting as guarantor the deed also called for all armed
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factions to pull back heavy weapons ten kilometers away from the demarcation line these latest airstrikes threaten the two thousand eight hundred sochi agreement which establish the deescalation zone an area that the syrian government vows to regain control over. both. continued to maneuver to head off a confrontation over the province but the recent pattern of violations threaten to future of this settlement productive. as yet. to take you back to the live picture from god we've just seen explosions there where israeli jets have been. retaliating after rockets were fired from the strip into an israel says it's targeting what it describes as terrorist sites as well as the other palestinian factions. islamic
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jihad have both denied firing the rockets so once again the israeli military saying that rocket sirens were activated in communities near the gaza strip border. that's after it carried out air strikes against targets in gaza more updates a little later in the news hour. now france's air accident investigation agency has received the black boxes from the ethiopian airlines jet that crashed on sunday killing one hundred fifty seven people on board it released this image of the flight data recorder showing the crash proof recording chip intact it will be analyzed along with the cockpit voice recorder the u.s. federal aviation administration says all boeing seven three seven eight will remain
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grounded until its software is upgraded tested and in stock. rescue efforts have been called off in nigeria's commercial capital a day off to a building with a school on the top floor collapsed more than a dozen people mostly schoolchildren were killed it's feared many others are still missing by that race reports from lagos. people here are angry as rescue operations drew to a close at this collapsed three story building in lagos. emergency officials say they work is done and that the dead are more than fifty injured have all been pulled out of the rubble but some residents incest the official figures don't add up yesterday and then ask the children there i want them to remove the heavy machinery and then i'll own people to dig through. a small group of distraught students write the scene with placards they demand government action to infrequent disasters like this. that parents planned their future but look at what happened
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yesterday they were not supposed to put children in that building it's so unfortunate in two thousand and sixteen more than one hundred people were killed as a result of buildings that collapsed in lagos attention has shifted to hospitals like this one where the injured are being treated doctors told parents that their children are responding to treatment but some haven't seen this and there was no more didn't occasional spend the last twenty four hours looking for his missing child it's one of the parents of not seeing their children. one of my three children survived i lost two out of the two only one was found in buried i haven't seen the other the injured is in the hospital investigations are under way into the course of the collapse but few here believe inquiries will stop such incidents from happening in the future ahmed al jazeera lagos nigeria prosecutors in north.


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