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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 43  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2019 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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saying so just to go back on that second shooting has that now been confirmed that a second mos is not the if it is they had thing and if you can shooting at you can walk across kind is beyond the seat ok and what are the casualty figures from the second shooting at the stage figures are being released we just know that multiple people and and we do know that the we've understood their fatalities but images haven't released the challenge that really is and i'm holding the story and that gun mean that on the in the city and the first shooting that took place at the new the mosque we're hearing of multiple injuries there. do you have any latest figures . as a sign our latest figures you know nobody wants to scrambling around trying to. actually deal with the wounded right now find the gunmen and know if it could have been related to very much because of all the voice telling us go ahead
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yeah i just at the hospital they are multiple casualties being brought in we just don't know that that's because he's is it's still an active shooter situation at the allure mosque or has the shooter been apprehended and are you hearing whether there was more than one shooter yet we understand nothing has been confirmed but we understand it was more than one shooter that no one has been at perceived that we are aware of so that's why it is that a lot down situation even being told to stay harmed and keep the door was locked and not go out on the streets i don't know if you can just put this into context for us and tell us whether there had been any warnings that this particular mosque or mosque in the city would be targets. well not only crushed to know it is such a peaceful city i will ask them all must die i've even had a single thought about it being at risk o. people not being cited for these being absolutely no warning it's come completely
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out of no even one is stunned and shocked i mean people are in tears and breaking down no one quite knows what to do with themselves are you hearing anything about the shooter himself or themselves where they're from so you think about them. you know we have heard that a man who took and people who that he skank for them all she had the description that di had of the gunman so he was a white man i did in his thirty's or forty's and wearing a uniform but they had been understood. what uniform alone and why is a fan and some of those i see he had a lot of magazines stripped with that so we know about this particular one gun then it sounds to be could be more and driton now what can you tell us about the situation around the mosque presumably as you're saying it's a completely closed off and the security must be extremely tight. yet it is completely shut off through trade all area the roads are blocked off the police
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treated a little at the end of things. to training in crime today but they are more of a mystery than normal but everything is still closed and cordoned off people are being helped to stay home and not go out while the city is in lockdown all right rachel das we thank you very much for giving us that update on a developing story thank you so we've been hearing form more witnesses let's listen can you tell us what you've been hearing he was whiting at the cordon on things evan you. heard this stage i don't know where my wife is she was in the ladies' room. after the shooting i tried to go in there to see where there was no ladies in there. i don't know where the ladies were shorter not. the police advised me to quickly get
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a real premisses so i did so were you inside the mosque at the time of the shooting where were you the south and i was inside the mosque. i was in the side room. and. started the sum and. everybody was. it was very peaceful calm and quiet. as usually it is when. talking everyone is quiet and it is a pin drop silence but then suddenly the shortest shooting started so it started in the main room. the shooter must have come through the hallway and i was in the side room so i did not see who was shooting but. there are some people running out through my. through my room where i was in and also isis some people. had blood on the body in some people who were limping their dead
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woman tina i realised that it was really serious and you know a couple of people there say to me that you are a whole chain you could pick it out now so i tried to get out in the push myself the big where my car was parked in i was there behind the car and then from there i was hearing there to a shooting after a shooting of the shooting it went on. six minute or more in. i could hear screaming and the crying and. saw some people you know or drop dead. some people were running away i was in the room. could not go in also i didn't want to because i was afraid what was going to happen to the ladies what was going to be going to a wife so i stayed there were like really short he did his i'm
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a circle inside the mosque in he didn't come in the wake of the ways he could have got me. that is an absolutely terrifying account i'm so sorry for everything that you've gone through this afternoon thank you so much for. for your sympathy so what have police been telling you here on the court and about your family inside the mosque are you getting any information about what's happening must be terrifying about what happened you know when some stayed in after about ten minutes i was still in the back in the when i thought that probably the shorter has left then i pushed myself to get inside the mosque in it was unbelievable i saw in the main the room on the right inside there were plenty plus people some of them were dead some of them were. screaming on the left inside. ten plus people
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some of them were day and some of them were screaming in there asking me is there any ambulance and the way i said you know be patient in ice so on the flu the bullet shells small mini hundreds hundreds of in then. you know on one maybe a guy was trying to. run out and he was shot he was there there i saw in a from the holy a nerd to the room i was in a guy was trying to come in that room and he was shot from the back he was there there and also a guy who was you know probably trying to get into the ladies room and his this did what it is there. anything in at the big also you know. a couple of people were drop dead in their you know police came and told me you know
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must get out in. the graded me to come. in and now here i am so while all this was happening you were whiting in a back room in a wheelchair these terrible sounds and things carrying us being so frightening. i was not in the back room i was you know back of the mosque in the in the car just behind make my car was parked in. here it was. frightening but probably you know my feeling was there weren't you know what would have been would happen i was not frightened but i was really worried about what was happening to other people thank you so much for your ok so this is what we know about the situation in the new zealand city of christ church so far there has been a shooting. at a second mosque about after an earlier attack that according to local media has
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left several people dead many injured people from the first shooting at the new the mosque have been taken to nearby hospitals witnesses have described seeing a man and dressed in black entering the mosque before dozens of sauce were fired and people ran out in terror so once again gunshots have been heard near the a newer mosque in christ church a new zealand police are warning off a critical incidence eyewitnesses also reporting people running for their lives we can speak to janine richmond she's a witness to what happened in christchurch new the mosque janine thanks for speaking to us can you tell us what you saw. i didn't actually see anything we just we just two doors away from them up here in the lift and we
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just heard the gunshot stashing wasn't even aware of machine gun shots and they kept going quite rapid. and then we realized that they were gunshots sort of a date if it hadn't. got me to read one one one i'm a true faith. and just and that the thing minutes after that. we were put into a stance try to live with this if they put their face. still in the naplan of that place. but i didn't exclude. all right so i understand that then can you tell us describe the scene around the mosque and the area around the mosque. because we're down a long driveway i didn't actually see anything happen when the shooting actually
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happened i just fear that we are not aware of the fingers coming down the drive where i sit in the properties important isn't a lot grounds for that thought that dogs and as well. i think the shooter has actually a scratch a track knife that sounds hamel. so that's why we're still here and. i think most a question should actually end up going on and what more are police telling you about the lockdown and how long dos situation will last and what advice are you getting from police. not ok we haven't seen the place probably for about an hour now at one point they decided to get in their car and because they clear the roads and they left kind they can to not we couldn't we had to come back in here and stay in the rooms that away from the windows. so we haven't had any contact
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with them for about an hour now. so we're hoping to hear from them and be able to to lave. because this if you siren still going past but apart from it is pretty quiet cars will go right over cars down are you were you so that i think a situation has occurred in christchurch. tosha raising various types a little while raising. we certainly was not something we would expect to happen here. but they were not. properly what might be an act of terrorism. there is very very frightening and try to be unexpected. and what is the reaction from from your from your neighbors and from your friends from people around you what are they telling you. we haven't seen tonight is because we're not allowed to go near the windows or
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a fine but we've had lots and lots of fun because everyone has heard about it once very worried because. everybody's safety and just amazed it was hip and i think this news report coming on today run at four o'clock which we can't because we don't have a to be here and that's coming from the prime minister about that time as well. all right jeanine richmond we thank you very much for speaking to us giving us your side of the story from christ church in new zealand where as we're reporting there has been a active gunmen who has gone into a mosque in christ church and he has opened fire on worshipers witnesses are saying there have been several casualties inside the mosque but police are warning people to avoid the area and they have placed the area on lockdown as well the hospital as well as the city's schools have been placed on
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lockdown eyewitnesses also reporting people running for their lives to escape this shooter at a newer mosque at the same time we have heard in the past few minutes that there has been a second shooting mosque in christ church more on this developing story in just a moment on al-jazeera. i just curious. do you have going through. the children of south africa. seems. to actually see. a complex history of dramatic social and political change except an obscene. amount to zero. for nine hundred forty six to nine
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hundred fifty eight the united states detonated dozens of atomic bombs in the marshall islands when the u.s. was ready to clean up and leave in the one nine hundred seventy s. they picked the pit that had been left by one of the smaller atomic explosions and dumped a lot of. to tony and other radioactive waste into the pit the bottom of the dome permeable soil there was nowhere for her to wind it and therefore the seawater is inside the dome when this dome was built there was no factoring in sea level rises caused by climate change now every day when the tide rolls out radioactive isotopes from underneath the die roll out with it. or not just the marshall islands we're talking the whole sweep push.
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rewind continues i can bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries the struggle continues book from bottom to the now use distance revisiting alfred's free press. i'm the data talk we think of what's happening in the aggressor side. over the years in a rewind on al-jazeera. reports of multiple deaths in the new zealand city of christchurch and shootings at two mosques. this is al jazeera live from doha all the very latest from christchurch new zealand
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in just a few minutes we'll also have news from israel and flashes of israeli retaliation on the gaza thigh line after rockets fired at tel aviv. this is a moment historians will look back on u.s. senators vote to terminate donald trump's border emergency declaration the president hits promising a veto. of this operation is still safe and sound. brought to justice but at a big u.n. meeting. and we begin with breaking news out of new zealand of a mass shootings at two mosques now in the city of christchurch there are reports of several deaths police say a shooter is still active schools are in lockdown and police are urging people in
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the biggest city to stay indoors now witness described what happened inside the mosque. what happened. because the mosque. and. the latest. on our i just heard one of the ladies are dardar i'm just hoping that the immigrant. suddenly the shortest shooting started so it started in the main room. the shuttle must have come through the hallway i was in the side room so i did not see who was shooting. so there are some people running out through my. through my room where i was in and also i saw some people had blood on the body in some people who were limping their movement realized that
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it was really serious a. couple of people say to me that you are who will show you could pick it out so i tried to get. pushed. who was. behind the car in the from the. hearing the shooting of the shooting of the shooting it went on. six minute or more in. i could hear screaming and crying and. some people. drop dead or less show you now the latest pictures we have we're receiving this is outside christ charice hospital in new zealand as you can see ambulances there also at the hospital we understand is on lockdown after two shootings now at two mosques in christchurch in new zealand
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a fresh shooting happened at the newer mosque in central christchurch at about one forty local time according to various reports they are reports of casualties there with local media news even reporting that some people have died witnesses saying that they saw lots of bodies on the ground but police have yet to confirm the number of those injured or dead in that first shooting at the much this hour nor mosque. in central christchurch than a few minutes ago we heard of a second shooting at a second mosque in christchurch very few details on that second shooting but police have been saying that this is an active shooter situation with police responding to more gunshots fired at other locations across the city so far we're hearing of just two locations two mosques as we continue to see these latest pictures from christchurch hospital in new zealand which is on lockdown the city in fact remains
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under knocked down with central christchurch evacuated and the children who are participating we understand in climate strike say were evacuated schools are under lockdown also in christchurch new zealand we are expecting to hear from the prime minister of news just new zealand very shortly just in there are dean who has canceled all her afternoon activities and is set to address the media at four pm local time which is about now we will bring you that address when it happens in the meantime rachel daas is a radio journalist at the station used to be and she described what she was seeing at the scene. well i was driving toward hegazy pack after the fifth and seventy one twenty pm on that thing evan your mosque there police kind of ambulances absolutely everywhere my husband went to the hospital once the police jumped out of cars with guns making sure that no one was in the everyone had
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stories of chaos around the city seem to the whole city has been locked down the school shot the social eve rebuilding in christchurch even one being told to stay hard and is being a sikh and shooting at a mosque and what about fifteen minutes drive from the first mosque we don't have the numbers the fatality we've heard reports and we can figure people being taken injured and to hospital we do know that the bunker cricket team were at the games evan your mosque where the fish shooting took place iow saying at this stage no figures abating relates we just know that multiple people and and we do know that the we've understood there fatalities but emergency services haven't released those to us that really is and i'm holding story and the gunmen us in on the loads in the city. if you're joining is breaking news out of new zealand this friday morning way they have been at least two shootings at two mosques in christchurch on the south island in new zealand reports of multiple casualties no numbers yet being
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provided by authorities in new zealand what we know is that at one forty local time a gunman entered a church in central christchurch a church. nor that's the name of the church the first church that was targeted and of the gunman reportedly opened fire there are reports of many casualties witnesses talking about knots of bodies but police again and not providing any numbers yet the city is on lockdown and cries church hospital on lockdown as well we've seen multiple ambulances being. driving presumably victims from the mosques shooting to the hospital and it's still an active shooter situation according to police they have been reports of police responding to situations other gunshots were fired at other locations across the city this friday morning presumably
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a lot of people inside the first church because this happened during friday of course mosque not church christ church is the city where this happened the incident at a mosque in christchurch and this happened during friday prayers so presumably a lot of people inside the mosque when this happened one witness telling us earlier that there were hundreds who were praying inside the mosque when a shooter reportedly entered it and started shooting at the worship is there and police have also confirmed that they has been another incident at a second mosque in christchurch we are waiting for more details from the authorities of course also waiting to hear from the prime minister of new zealand. who has canceled all her activities and is due to speak to the media very shortly earlier we also spoke to to here know was who is the president of the international association of new zealand and he was speaking to us from wellington and he told us about the reaction from the muslim community there let's take
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a listen. typically the whole community. we. would never expect. in this country we have peaceful country. we have the back we're expecting our activities in the mosque and we're trying to keep the fifty. million. of them from mission. attack on the mosque an attempt to defend mosques in christchurch. stage we are not clear reality this couldn't have had a good. it could be a various treason. it appears to be some something in the community is that just because one of the. muslim. world being here those are simply. not just the media.
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meaning that that's presented in syria. or it might one of bodies and it has. got this thing having to say that to. say that this was the reason but it could be any other reason behind it and just a short while ago police gave this statement about the incident in christchurch let's take a listen. very really. bizarre before. we were. hearing from us through sort of. the me. that was mike bush the police chief of christchurch new zealand where they has been
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two very serious incidents this friday morning two shootings at two mosques in christchurch on the south island there are no reports yet on the number of people killed but they often reports of multiple casualties and injuries as we continue to look at these pictures from christchurch hospital in new zealand which is on lockdown and. they. report as we heard at the top of this hour of a second shooting at a second mosque in christchurch the prime minister is speaking right now i believe this is just. who is addressing the situation let's listen to what he tells of the situation at hand personally that police have one suspect in custody and how we could be involved. also multiple
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scenes involved in this incident as well and police will be giving more details as they can is the situation unfolds whilst i cannot give any confirmation at the stage around fatalities and casualties what i can say is that it is clear that this is one of new zealand's. days. clearly what has. happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented ect of violence many of those who will have been directly affected by this shooting may be migrants to new zealand they might even be very few genes here they have chosen to make new zealand their home and it is a home that i are us the person who has put picture i did this violence against us is not they have no place in new zealand there is no play.


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