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tv   The War On Plastic Waste  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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supplanted ninety eight countries the movement started as a solo protest in sweden by sixteen year old grettir thought she sat outside government buildings to accuse politicians of failing to stick to the un's paris agreement on climate change four years ago. well let's go live now to correspondent emma haywood she's in london outside parliament on parliament in parliament square and as if the politicians of the u.k. haven't got enough to contend with they're going to have to deal with students who are gathering to protest against their action or lack of action on the issue of climate change. exactly multimode this protest is due to get underway in about twenty minutes time there are several hundred people who've gathered here already although we are expecting those numbers to swell and there are walkouts right from the top of the u.k. right down to the bottom and across the world as you were saying this one note
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taking place right under the noses of the politicians one of those who's not in school today is george bush and he's trouble several hours to be here george why did you want to come along i think it's imperative that students and young people are able to break the cycle of an auction that directly threatens the security of the features on this planet and we're doing that by taking to the streets do you think there is an action are you unimpressed by politicians in the way that dealing with climate change or not dealing with climate change absolutely that is that is not sufficient and effective policy to keep the u.k.'s cut carbon targets below where they need to be and equally they're not following the advice of the i.p.c.c. report saying we only have twelve years left for climate justice be to be realistic no teachers leaders would say you shouldn't be here you should be back in the classroom what would you say to that are you uncomfortable with having to come protect everyone have rather been in school none of us want to be doing this it's we that we feel we've been full stouts we've been forced out of the conversation
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and now we're having to force our way back in. to one thing in the short term to do it and coming to speak to you and of course the concerns directing we all demanding that major political leaders including delegations from the government meet with the u.k. student climate network to discuss our demands and if they don't do that we'll be back. every every month we will continue to strike and we will continue to work out school and into our politicians take meaningful action and come with us to shape the future of youth employment to climb policy would you like to see as well young people move including members in the conversation of being able to vote at sixteen then to be able to have that democratic oh absolutely bringing the voting age down to sixteen is one of our demands are we to get imperative that young people will be allowed a voice in climate in policy that they've not had before and now we have to amplify that voice here in the u.k. why shield it from the impacts of climate change but your concerns about what's happening but there are failed absolutely in the pacific especially the rising sea
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levels directly threatens people's futures and in the u.k. too we know it as a matter of years left until floods and devastating weather effects are extremely dangerous for citizens across the country george thank you very much for joining us here on al-jazeera so those protests will start in about twenty minutes and left a couple of hours and now we know other protests will be taking place elsewhere across the world back to you marty emma hayward live in central london thank you. now north korea is apparently considering suspending talks with the u.s. and restarting missile and nuclear bomb tests the vice foreign minister. says the north has no intention of yielding to u.s. denuclearize ation demands that he's blaming the u.s. secretary of state and the national security adviser for the breakdown of last month's summit between president trump and the north korean leader kim jong il on mike pompei you and john bolton were accused of creating an atmosphere of hostility
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and mistrust. in the school she's making one of the hardest holes. will be the best of the action from the players championship in florida last.
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it is time for the force used now with joe thank you well as you've been hearing bangladesh's cricket team a safe after narrowly escaping the christchurch most shootings the team had just arrived at the alamo mosque for friday prayers when they heard gunshots the team
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stayed on the bus and later made their way through the park to the hadley oval cricket ground the third test against new zealand which had been scheduled to start on saturday has now been cancelled well several of the team tweeted following the shootings including batsman to mean well he said entire team safe from active shooters frightening experience and please keep us in your prayers captain mischka said that alice saved us today while shooting in christchurch in the mosque we are extremely lucky never want to see these things happen again pray for us a new zealand cricket twitter account posted this tweet felt condolences go out to the families and friends of those affected by the shocking situation in christchurch a joint decision between and said c and the tigers has been made to cancel the hagley oval test again both teams and support staff groups all safe but the president of the bank the cricket board has criticised the security surrounding his
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country's team. it is not only said bangladesh or india or pakistan is at the high least any if this can happen anywhere in the world this what we have been saying elysian students is proof that and that is why we feel that the security that countries like bangladesh give to other teams when they come to play in bangladesh we should also get the similar type of security arrangement or support from the host country one of new zealand's most famous sportsman rugby player sonny bill williams who is also muslim tweeted this video after the shootings. just you have just seen him out there was to your loved ones you guys all in paradise and. yeah i'm just. deeply deeply saddened saddened that this will happen in new zealand and it promises to be a pivotal day for the council woke up his faith in president johnny infantino and
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continues to push his plans to expand the tournament's his council is meeting in miami to discuss increasing it from thirty two to forty eight teams it would require council to share it with neighboring countries probably amman until late because it's currently being located by saudi arabia the u.a.e. grain and egypt is already the noises of support in miami i think i've been there before that as long as it's just one study done is well thought out. and that i think content would have the listener support and let's get some context now a sports correspondent leigh welling's has been covering this story extensively and joins us from london lay the council is likely to support inventing those plans but that doesn't mean it's rather stunned does it. far from it of course any final decision about this would need to be taken by congress in the new transparent democratic for that's two hundred eleven nations having their say and whether i
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want this to happen but it's a very unusual position we're in because i think the fee for council are bound to support this they've got no reasons at all to object to it not all of the thirty seven members of there for reasons of visas and illness but the majority are there they will back what mr in front so you know wants i'm sure and then they'll move another step forward but it's what happens then ultimately this will be in the hands of qatar and it's supreme committee but at the moment think of it like a car being driven by faith for how far are they going to take it before eventually handing over the will can these hurdles be crossed political of course even if we're talking about a man and kuwait it's not entirely straightforward and of course fifo it's feasibility study even still mentioned the u.a.e. and saudi arabia despite the blockade so it's clear there's still a lot of politics to take place over the next couple of months and then we'll see
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where we get so if it does eventually get through there will still likely be a backlash from nations that missed out on the vote for twenty twenty two and particularly in europe where there's real armies from particularly european clubs about having a forty eight saying world cup in qatar which is of course in the middle of the european football season yet such a complex issue is nearly and it's not the only thing that's on the agenda tell us about the club world cup. well the cop world cup studies on the agenda this like a for cheating world cup is something very dear to johnny in front of a nose heart he wants to push this he wants to make club world cup football better we doesn't particularly worked over the years or the world level the champions league completely out shines anything that takes place on a global nature he's actually getting a lot of support for this i think eventually it will happen this expanded twenty fourteen club world cup i think the confederations have
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a lot to gain from this despite the congested calendar what has disappeared from the table is the thought of having a global international league at this stage to sort of fall in line with the european nations they that was another thing that mr in france you know want to do as you can see he's trying to park a lot a lot in not all of it by a long way is feasible yeah there's a lot for them to get through today thank you very much. now them sadie's team have started the opening grand prix weekend as they mean to go on by posting the fastest times in friday practice it was a tough day for many compared says he struggled to get to grips with the albert park track in melbourne including far east charlotte clerk the same results harry potter has also had a spin but he ended up hosting the second fastest time just behind teammate five time world champion this hamilton. tommy fleetwood in keegan bradley share the lead after round one of the players' championship now both of them posted scores of
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sixty five at seven under par at sawgrass fleetwood finished with three straight birdies the highlight of bradley's round was this eagle at the full team their one shot play as their nearest rivals. tiger woods is back from a neck injury and had a wild first day four bogeys held him back but he did make six birdies to put him in contention he made one of them at the iconic par three seventy. hope thanks to a great t. shirt over the water with his five shots back on two under par i. mean if you thought tiger did well at the seventeenth what about this from ryan mo . i flying straight into the cart without bouncing making one of the hardest holes ingolf look easy and morris tied but. now skateboarding will make its debut at the twenty twenty lympics in tokyo and the
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competition could feature one of the youngest athletes ever to compete at a games ten year old skye brown has made a shortlist of five skateboarders to receive special funding in britain as she tries to qualify for the little pigs now she be twelve years and twelve days when the games begin july twenty twenty eclipsing the record set by a thirteen year old swimmer who competed in the one nine hundred twenty eight games in amsterdam brown has to be ranked in the top twenty in the world to qualify as she has plenty of confidence to get her there. oh take me again i go mad l. thing even if i don't i'm just glad i got to be in the olympics. and his i am guy that's available now and just because i want to show girls like doesn't matter how old you are i can do anything. that's have set your eye and that is so useful for now we'll have more joe thank you very much indeed and very quickly before i come
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off air just to let you know the very latest is that the queen queen elizabeth has expressed her sadness at the events in new zealand saying that she was the least sad at those mosque attacks which have killed at least forty nine people here without jazeera girls who could be right up to date with all the developments say with.
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up to. nearly three years after the u.k. writer to lead the european union. is yet to take foreigners come britain seen through its divorce from its european neighbors the whole process to still be revived to stay without as a era for the latest. these everywhere and it's choking our planet very toxic and very dangerous we could spend years feeling this i alone but breakthroughs own being made showing that it is possible to change our relationship with substance issues running out i think
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a lot that we pick up on the beach i don't move on plastic waste. on al-jazeera how do you turn this into this. where every. forty nine people are shot dead in attacks on two mosques in new zealand's worst ever mass shooting. you may have chosen us but we actually reject and can deem you the prime minister denounces those responsible one man has been charged with murder.
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welcome i'm difficult paul and you're watching our desert live from doha also coming up. israeli air strikes target gaza as walkers are fired at tel aviv for the first time in five years. thousands launched protests and algeria despite the new prime minister promising a government open to all. it is now. midnight in christchurch new zealand the scene of what prime minister just sindar journ has called a terrorist attack as the worst mass shooting the country has ever seen at least forty nine muslims were killed during friday prayers at least two mosques in the city of christchurch police say one man in this late twenty's has been charged with
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murder the first attack took place at the our normal central christ church that was followed by a second shooting at the lynwood laws which is just a short distance away all the police have detained for people so far and they've defused a number of improvised explosive devices found on vehicles off to the shooting the story gates and b.s. more details. this was the scene shortly after a gunman opened fire at a most going christ church. worshipers some injured themselves or surrounded by the bodies of family members and friends. as the wounded were rushed to hospital police were arresting one of the suspects in a busy suburban area in another part of the city they say they say for disabled one of two bombs found in the car that he was driving. early the city's main al new mosque was targeted during friday prayers by a white man wearing military style uniform and
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a camera mounted on his helmet here but it was it would not talk we're here looking or not that we started it is started shooting and the people of the. issues under shorts and under me. that's a good insight and you go one by one if you kill some people that the gunman live streamed his attack on facebook as he indiscriminately opened fire on more than two hundred worshippers i was hearing that a shooting after shooting of the shooting it went on. six minute or more in. could hear screaming in the crying and. some people you know dropped dead shortly after that shooting there was a similar attack on worshippers at lynnwood mosque about ten minutes away police have arrested a number of suspect think looting an australian born man new zealand's prime
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minister said they weren't on any security watch list and said new zealand had been the target of what she described as a terrorist attack because it was a diverse nation that welcomed migrants we new zealand. we were not a tag it because we are a safe harbor for those who fight. we were not chosen for the sake of violence because we can darn rices them because we're an on clay for extremism. we were chosen for the very facts that we are none of these things australia's prime minister is also a pulled and shocked we stand here and condemn absolutely the attack that occurred today by an extremist right wing violent terrorist. that is typed in the logs stolen the logs in a vicious murder suspect that is climbed so many new zealand's
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police haven't drilled out the possibility of most suspects being at launch and a warning muslims to stay away from mosques nation wind we have staff around the country ensuring. that everyone has cape saif and that includes. the famous and special tactics groups right across the country being very vigilant and having a presence around the wall of their mosques to ensure nothing the kids the national threat level has been raised from low to high as police politicians and the public come to terms with the worst and most shocking attack they've ever experienced victoria gates and be al jazeera and king joins us now on the line from christchurch kates good to speak to you can you update us on the latest i know it's late in the evening there but what more have you heard. time
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now about two to three hundred meters away from our little mosque on beams avenue where the shooting took place one of the shooting took place earlier here the documentary and as you say it is very light. it appears to be on the street people are very he placed prison now the mosque is also a park in christchurch a very full in pot known as hagley park and police but don't fit within those trees . around the cordon there which explains a lot why around papal blocks here in christchurch as i say very few people on the strait most people will be hurt and big reflecting on what many people ascribe to the one of the doctors in new zealand history prime minister just saying it was extraordinary and proceeding to the act of violence going on and in christchurch not too long ago people at the port there that was all they could talk about it was
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shock they would disbelief many people who'd been around talking quietly in tight circles indeed when i arrived at the cordon place wanted to make sure they knew who i was they wanted to know what i was doing there that i was archived that they were other people who i could talk to as well as very much hearing feeling here and christchurch is right. down here as well the police commissioner had spoken to four people arrested one man charged and will be going to court tomorrow what other information is there or in the area where this investigation is taking place. yes now they have a thing for the people a race to police say three of those people did in relation to this tech and one of those people was arrested on a different matter there's also a still unfolding situation in other parts of the country in the lead which is
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equal hours now of christchurch and the lower part of the south island here in new zealand police have been focusing on a property there and evacuated residents in the area putting them up in accommodation there the person that use guy has been arrested will be appearing in the questions district court here which isn't too far away from the cauldron originally please see if it was three miles and one female who was. pretty good witnesses have described seeing people being apprehended we're not sure exactly who those people are and who carried out exactly what attack but all of that information i'm sure will follow. a point that the authorities the police most people we've spoken to have been making is that this is unprecedented deal and is seen as a very safe country welcoming to migrants so how is this going to change the
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way new zealand's secular tea apparatus and do people feel now more attention needs to be given to this country where police often don't walk around at farm. there's absolutely no doubt this is going to have ripple effects probably listed just been clear that these people that have been refitted or not. but of course that's going to bring about a rock of questions for our place in our intelligence agencies about whether they should perhaps have been on what should have put it they should have should have been monitored there coming from the prime minister that they have been targeting extremism that potentially may be the wrong type of extremism christchurch people and new zealand as a whole as you say i wouldn't expect this at all to happen in our country perhaps naively got one way or another kiwi to think that we are in a quiet that also goes here lou. do not happen to reason south that touches down to
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people who do stick together they're friendly they welcoming and they get the prime minister again we're there and to the fact that they may have been an immigrant related attacks and ensuring people who are in new zealand refugees people who have migrated here that i asked very much welcome on my facebook page today lots of messages full support for any muslims in particular who had been feeling vulnerable today there but also as the people to have to sit with them at bus stops to work with them from the grocery store while the things that new zealanders here are and shocked that this could happen it does appear that they are trying to you got to trying to make sure that people feel included and and feel safe from all different aspects of society kate king with that update from new zealand thank you very much and good to speak to you. ok then moving on to some other news now
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weekly protests along the gaza israel fence have been postponed just hours after israeli airstrikes hit the besieged strip there's really no lity says some hundred hamas targets were struck early on friday this was in response to a rare rocket attack on the israeli city of tel aviv the exchange of fire is raising fears of an escalation of the conflict in the heart of the little ones like egypt what happens if the new israeli aggression against gaza added to a series of its crimes including the main one of the continuation of the siege of the gaza strip our people will continue their struggle to break the siege despite this aggression the resistance is ready to defend its people and is committed to calm as long as the occupation is. and arafat's now joins us live from the israeli side of the gaza border fence harry can you give us an update on the situation there the moment. well it still remains calm here the day after what was a night of very extensive israeli return
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a tourist retaliatory strikes at least in number around the gaza strip no injuries no deaths however reported and it seems those strikes were kept out of the center of gaza city and all of this coming as a result of what took place on thursday evening two rockets fired from gaza territory towards tel aviv the first time that it happened since two thousand and fourteen what is interesting about the israeli military response as well as the actual physical military response which we saw and as well as that there were nine projectiles fired out from gaza and territory. falling in open ground here on news release side one falling within gaza the other six being intercepted we're told by the iron dome anti-missile system what's interesting about what the israeli military is saying on top of that is that they're indicating that this could have been a mistake and launch this original.


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