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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2019 7:00am-7:30am +03

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floods of already claimed thirty lives and left over two hundred thirty thousand people without shelter in southern malawi which borders mozambique. well tens of thousands of schoolchildren and students have walked out of school and college in more than one hundred countries this to protest against climate change and they're calling on governments to step up and do more to tackle the problem here in the u.k. organizers of the demonstrations say fifty thousand took part as and i would now reports. was. from sydney to hong kong new delhi to nairobi stockholm to berlin and beyond a united voice calling for action on climate change. in london unity may be something lacking inside the british parliament but outside a collective cry for action from schoolchildren and students skipping school to college to make their point and we're taking to the streets because we haven't had an inquiry into this issue and it's the issue that directly threatens our future is
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not that as i see my teachers encouraged me to miscast today they're like you need to you need to be here. the un has warned there will be irreversible damage to the climate and the serious measures are taken to twenty thirty. was done from the feet of unless something was done to that was. in france students but the entrance to the headquarters of one of its biggest banks to protest against alleged investment in fossil fuels elsewhere in paris thousands more were peacefully protesting this boy told us we think it's shameful that we're polluting and polluting and polluting while in spain thousands marched through madrid was this global movement involving students walking out of
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class in more than a hundred countries was inspired by the sco sixteen year old. who staged a solo protest outside sweden's parliament last year. ok. we're standing in front of an existential crisis the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced and still people. have ignored for decades. have ignored this and you know who you are this is your responsibility and it's not our responsibility. some political leaders along with teaching unions have said students will be better off in the classroom until. they say they'll carry on striking i'm haywood al-jazeera. is coming out very shortly sky's the limit for a ten year old skate. at tokyo two thousand and twenty is coming up with data.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. and after all this with peter and. mary and thank you very much a meeting of football's world governing body has stopped short of approving a plan for cutter to share the twenty twenty two world cup with its neighbors for president gianni infantino has been pressing for the tournament to be expanded but faces a wait to see if east plan will be realized any gallacher reports from miami. he's international football's most powerful figure on his feet a president giani in front tino spoke at a press conference in miami attention turned to the proposed expansion of the
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twenty twenty two world cup. in front tino wants to up the number of teams from thirty two to forty eight bringing forward a plan already in place for the twenty twenty six finals the suggestion is that some of qatar's neighbors potentially q eight in amman hosts the extra games when we are looking into the matter and seeing whether it's possible it is feasible be to anticipate this or any twenty two if it is feasible if it is possible great if it is not feasible if it is not possible great. it's all when it's bid to host the world cup just over eight years ago since then stadiums have been built all renovated thief is proposal could mean qatar giving up exclusivity in twenty twenty two the decision is controversial. he waited on don't yet have the facilities and early reports that saudi arabia bahrain and the u.a.e. might host the games is complicated all three nations of diplomatic relations and
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continue a blockade against the thief says qatari officials are open to the move i was very pleased by the reaction of the qatar is the first time we this idea was shared with them because they were opened in the reaction was well if you think we at the firm the football associations around the world that this is positive for football of course we would have been looking to that. if expansion plans go ahead some fans believe it will dilute the world cup others that it will make it more exciting because the other prospect of not being the exclusive host could be seen as a blow but any decision will involve the twenty twenty two nation faces eighty one page feasibility report is controversial but the organization says an expansion would generate between three to four hundred million dollars football's organizing body says any changes will be made in conjunction with qatar the final decision
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will be made in june when fifa meets in paris and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. in a statement because the twenty twenty two supreme committee for delivery and legacy say they've been talking to fee for about expanding to forty eight teams since last year's world cup in russia part of the statement reads we will work with fever to determine whether or not a viable operating model does exist and importantly whether it is in the best interests for football and for the tournaments and for cutter as the host nation until we reach that conclusion we will continue to work toward hosting a thirty two team world cup in two thousand and twenty two hosted in the state of qatar where the fever council did approve inventing as plan for a twenty fourteen club world cup from twenty twenty one onward which some european teams have said they will boycott it came just as the draw for the european champions league quarter finals was made on friday i.x. and eventers will meet in a repeat of the ninety ninety six final another repeat of a final takes place when barcelona and manchester united do battle they faced each
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other in two thousand and nine and again in twenty eleven little ball play porto and tottenham take on manchester city in an all english affair liverpool reached last year's final but have yet to win any trophy under their manager you're going to club he says he won't be leaving criticism of his record get to him my job is to do everything i can. do to help the team that we can be as successful as possible and not out searching for being remembered in fifty years or whatever people scream . if i'm not interested in what it was which actually got chucked me one day and that's were the only the only thing i'm interested in other people say about me i could be less interested. in the europa league arsenal will play nupur lee in the quarter finals the gunners produced a stunning comeback in some i can't sing celebrations against french team rain in the last sixteen three one from the first leg they won three no one thursday night
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here in america young scored two and celebrated by wearing a mask from the black panther movie bangladesh's crickets he narrowly escaped the christ church mosque shootings in new zealand the team had just arrived at the mosque for friday prayers when they heard gunshots the team stayed on the bus and later made their way through a part of the headley oval cricket ground the third test against new zealand which had been shadowed to start there on saturday has now been cancelled but i mean. i'm thankful we're very lucky because we were not inside that place we saw it from outside like watching a video like in the movies we saw many people coming out bloodied we were in the bus for about eight to ten minutes we had our heads down in the bus just in case there was firing. the president of the bangladesh cricket board has criticised the security surrounding the country's team. it is not only bangladesh or
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india or pakistan is at the height is it is this can happen anywhere in the world this what you have been saying this incident is proof that and that is why we feel that the security that countries like bangladesh give to other teams when they come to play in bangladesh we should also get the sibylla type of security arrangement or support from the host country on the other side of the tasman sea the mercedes team have started the opening grand prix weekend by posting the fastest times in friday practice it was a tough day for many competitors who struggled to get to grips with the albert park track in melbourne including for a show of a clerk with a devoted he bought us also had a spin but he ended up hosting the second fastest time just behind teammate and five time world champion lewis hamilton. rugby's six nations championship will be decided on saturday with three teams still capable of
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winning the title in the final round of matches in cardiff wales will host ireland the welsh have won all their actions so far and on a hot streak of thirteen straight wins but a win for ireland could see them win the title that is unless england then go on to beat scotland. skateboarding will make its debut at the twenty twenty two in the competition could feature one of the youngest athletes ever to compete at the games ten year old skye brown has made a shortlist of five skateboarders to receive special funding in brazil as she tries to qualify for the olympics should be twelve years and twelve days when the olympics begin in july two thousand and twenty eclipsing the record set by a thirteen year old swimmer you competed in the mountain twenty eight games in amsterdam brown has to be ranked in the top twenty of the world to qualify but she has plenty of confidence to get a. little. they say we get
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a gold medal but even if i don't i'm just glad that i got to be in the olympics. and his and i got to do the youngest because i want to show girls like doesn't matter how you i can do anything. and that's all the sport for now will have more games later but for now i'll hand you back to london and mariya that's great thanks very much peter looking forward to it that wraps up the news hour there is of course more in our website where you can watch us live as well but i will be back in a couple of minutes with another news for you so do stay with us. three
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years after the right had to leave the european union accept is yet to take for. cam britain seemed through its divorce from its european a best cloak of the whole process still be ready to stay with al-jazeera for the latest. rewind continues to care bring your people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best about zero as documentaries the struggle continues the book from bob to no use distance revisiting alfred's free press. i am the money they did it all we know from the public of what's how to give the rest of sites that have been some changes over the years you know rewind on al-jazeera al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to
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people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. provided glimpse into someone else's work out. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers at the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove. witness on al-jazeera. forty nine people are shot dead in attacks on two mosques in new zealand in what
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the prime minister is calling a terrorist attack. today is the country graves we are seeking says jacinta are done addresses the nation in the wake of the mosque shootings three people are in custody one man has been charged with murder. in london you are with al jazeera also coming up on the program no letup as thousands continue to protest in algeria despite the new prime minister promising a government open to all and the israeli air strikes target gaza after rockets are fired at tel aviv for the first time in five years. a twenty eight year old man is due to appear in court in new zealand charged with murder following attacks on two mosques in the south island city of christchurch he
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is accused of opening fire on worshipers in what has been called one of the country's darkest days forty nine people are now confirmed dead we'll go live to andrew thomas who is in the city of christchurch very shortly first though here's his report the least it was the scene shortly after a gunman opened fire at a mosque in christchurch the worship us some injured themselves surrounded by the bull to use the family members and friends the. as the rush to hospital police were arresting one of the suspects in a busy suburban area in another part of the city they say they disabled one of the two bombs found in the car he was driving. earlier the city's main al nor mosque was targeted during friday prayers by a white man wearing a military style uniform and the camera mounted on his helmet here but. what it
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would not talk me here looking or not that we. started shooting and the people of the. issues and the shooting and i mean. that that the good is that you go one by one everybody and some people that the gunman live streamed his attack on facebook as he indiscriminately opened fire on more than two hundred worshippers i was hearing there to a shooting after a shooting of the shooting it went on. six minute or more in they could hear screaming in the crying in. some people in or drop dead shortly after that shooting there was a similar attack on worshippers at lynnwood mosque about ten minutes away police have arrested a number of suspects including an australian born man new zealand's prime minister
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said they weren't on security watch list. said new zealand to be the target of what she described as a terrorist attack because it was a diverse nation that welcomed migrants we new zealand we were not to tag it because we are a safe harbor for those who hate. we were not chosen for the sake of violence because we can darn racism because we are and on clay for extremism. we were chosen for the very facts that we are none of these things australia's prime minister is also appalled and shocked we stand here and condemn absolutely the attack that occurred today by an extremist right wing violent terrorist. that is typed in the logs stolen the logs in a vicious murder suspect that has climbed so many new zealand's.
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police haven't ruled out the possibility of more suspects being at launch and a warning muslims to stay away from mosques nationwide we have staff around the country ensuring. that everyone is keep safe and that includes. the fairness and special tactics groups right across the country being very vigilant and having a presence around wall of their mosques to ensure nothing but kids the national threat level has been raised from low to high as police politicians on the public come to terms with the worst and most shocking attack they've ever experienced well it's believed the main suspect had travelled to many different countries in the past few years using as prime minister said an investigation has started and whether the suspect and his motives could have been picked up soon. i want to be very clear that all of that our intelligence community and police
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a focused on extremism of every kind. given global indicators around file right extremism our intelligence community has been steeping up thier investigations in this area. the individual charged with mood at had not come to the attention of the intelligence community nor the police for extremism. i have asked our agencies this morning two weeks with late on a ceasing with it there was any activity on social media or otherwise that should have triggered a response that is already under way. well andrew thomas is live for us now in christ church it's the morning off to this attack tell us more about the mood there and how people coming to terms with what's happened.
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well in a word very somber about this is the atmosphere here the streets a very quiet the prime minister in a press conference about an hour ago now encourage people to stay indoors not everybody is there are some people coming down here you can see there are a growing pile of flowers that people have been bringing in a steady stream every five minutes or so somebody else comes along and lays quietly a bunch of flowers there i'm standing now as close as you can get the normal skates where the place of move people back to about four hundred meters away from that mosque and this is become the focal point for the media and for people to come and lay the tributes and you can probably see behind me as well maybe about showed a three cards with dog windows that are actually from funeral directors and they looked like the sort of because they would be picking up bodies from the most just down the road this is obviously a horrific horrific event and one that a city like christ church has been totally unprepared for this is a quiet city just two hundred thousand people it's hardly any proportion maybe one
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percent maybe just over of that population is muslim and the fact that so many people were inside these two mosques for friday prayers when they were attacked means that a real swathe has been cut through the muslim community here in christchurch the migrant community has been particularly buoyantly impacted and the times now obviously lots and lots of people will know people who died and were injured we spoke to the son of one of the victims. we're here to help you this is using the man you know. you know. he's not. you know because he's been here but because it's so common with lakes i think this is what people want to. be like you know like this. that feeling that people want to come out and celebrate what. should be and wald's
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before this attack not let this attack really affect the psyche of the country and the people that's an emotion that i've heard expressed time and time again over the course of saturday morning now the center of the press conference just over an hour ago now and she gave us the latest details the good news if you can have good news in a situation like this is that the number of people killed in this attack has not risen overnight friday into saturday it still stands at forty nine. and you i suppose that will now be the inevitable questions about warning signs prior to this attack what is known about the suspect. what is a bit more context in that press conference a little while ago she said that the main suspect that was an australian born man who's traveled widely he was in and out of new zealand over the last few years he was actually living she said in the town of the needham which is about a four hour drive from here and that's where he was known to be over the last few
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years but as the say he's been coming in and out of the country now as far as we know the was just one gunman directly involved in this he's actually due in court any moment so we should find out a little more about the charges against him surely three more people were arrested at the scene one of them was arrested for having a firearm it down here they actually found out subsequently that he had heard about the attack had rushed out to try to help the place he's actually been released now but. two others remain in custody and it's not known yet how directly involved in this attack if it's who they were just say new zealand's gun laws will change she said that they've been attempts to make them stricter in the past they hadn't succeeded but because of this they will she was absolutely determined about that the gunman had only weapons two of them semiautomatic guns a shocking amounts of weaponry that went into the mosque and carried out these attacks. she said to the big questions of course aust about why security agencies
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hadn't picked up on this man prior to this attack should they have done he had a social media presence should they have known more about him and she said as well this that this gunman streamed his attack law even on social media and those videos still remain on needs and she just said please everybody just don't share them don't share this horrific imagery because that is not what should be out there people should be celebrating those who died not looking at the footage that the government has chosen to put online well we are expecting some developments over the course of saturday as a site the gunman is due to all the man suspected of being a gun and i should say he is due to appear in court at the moment we're told by our a lot of both schools in the legal world here in christchurch he is refusing all legal representation he wants to represent himself which. is perhaps an interesting development he wants to tell people why he did this directly i suppose and then
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we'll hear from the hospital in about an hour or so but more than that about the latest on the number of casualties those sorts of details that will emerge from saturday well thank you very much for putting it all into some context for us as well andrew thomas with the latest from christ church. worshippers at the christ church mosque was from several muslim majority countries and the attack has drawn widespread criticism from across the globe in turkey thousands took to the streets there to protest the killings turkish president of type one link the attacks to what he called the rise of islamophobia worldwide he urged western countries to take immediate action a president trump has said he's spoken with a new zealand prime minister to send to our dan in a phone call that the us is prepared to offer any assistance following this attack earlier to the council on american islamic relations told out zero the president needs to condemn the shootings in new zealand as a white supremacist attack the killer of this. tragedy
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in new zealand had cited ruffians trump and mr trump should reflect on this very few people on the ward admired him and now the ones who are my own him are the ones who see fewer of the other and he has a role to play in fixing this problem he is not the only one who is responsible for this but being the president of the united states he has a lot of responsibility to reflect on. hundreds of thousands of algerians have been back out on the streets of the capital and also in other cities demanding as an adult as he's beautifully resigned weeks of mass protests have already forced the ailing president to drop his bid for a fifth term in office but he has now also perspire and elections but testers are
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also saying that the promise of a new technocratic government isn't enough for them all matheson explains. this is not what the algerian government all president out there as he's but the flicka are hoping for the streets of the capital and other algerian cities once again crammed with protesters demanding that the president steps down immediately as well as other critics who want a complete change of government. both of leka has been in power for twenty years he's been credited with revitalizing algeria's economy and ending fighting with armed groups in the one nine hundred ninety s. which killed tens of thousands but he's now eighty two and his health has been poor especially since suffering a stroke six years ago his critics say he's become little more than a front man for business and military figures who his opponents say really run the country. balling oil prices badly hit
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algeria's economy jobs particularly for young people are scarce after four terms of a beautifully presidency someone all jittery and taking their protests on why you want to be free. we need to be me and you will be. the one in film i've known in my life one president. i want change immediate change it's tough for you. to try to calm demonstrations both of flicka says he won't seek a fifth time next month's presidential election has been cancelled but no you didn't has been set former interior minister noted in badly has been appointed as the new prime minister and plans to head a technocrat government should if it was the mix we have seen all parts of algerian society i assure you want again we are already determined our desire is strong and our doors are open to discuss and exchange visions of the good of like
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a government says it will heed the protesters demands but demonstrators say that we is a beautiful ally. and the political system has been manipulated to allow the president and his backers to stay in power one step forward would be to reveal now who is. one of the persons who have been removed from his into arised i mean this is brother still running the show. are the security people still running the show or the new prime minister really a person who has authority. the protesters fear the government is saying it will listen but nothing will change you know jeering. potus.


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