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pins of this nature. one of the issues we're facing is that. the guns that were used in this case appears to have been modified to challenge the government says it would respond to priyanka gupta al-jazeera a mass funeral service is being held for some of the victims of the ethiopian plane crash a week ago. thousands of mourners later procession through the streets of the capital company the seventeen m. two caskets draped in the national flag relatives of the one hundred fifty seven passengers and crew have been given bags from crash site instead of remains because the d.n.a. identification process could take up to six months. human information has emerged about last sunday's crash reuters news agency is quoting an investigation source who says the plane flew i don't unusually high speed after takeoff mohamed atta
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reports from out of saudi arabia. grieving families of some of the one hundred fifty seven victims of ethiopian airlines flight three hundred to. mourn the loss of their loved ones. arriving at this field where remnants of the airline allies true not around brings it all home for them. airline officials say they haven't found even a single body intact just body parts which would make that id process took awhile. in the age of ethiopian airlines didn't give us anything they told us to wait until thursday we waited and thursday came they are now saying they couldn't find anything i wish they told us that they found nothing in the first place this is major grief heavy we came empty handed and we're going back empty handed. that buoying seven three seven max eight went down at eight forty four am on sunday shortly after takeoff from the capital addis ababa and drew tonight will be in neighboring kenya person just from one of them thought to countries were on board
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this is the time of crisis in ethiopia the airline is a symbol of pride and they feel peons have thrown their full support behind it. had been small talk from since i was a small boy was brilliant africa together and. this was a win win for seventy five years. and evidence that the cross has done little to scare people away from the airline can be seen at the capital's mushrooming hotels they're teaming with passengers in transit that's a didn't happen here it's like any other thing that happens with on our roads you know s.p.c.s. not just enough rekha and globally we have those records of us interacting so as a lawyer traveler and a user if you've been in l.a. that has not affected my view or perspective. it's european airlines has expanded its fleet to one hundred eleven planes it now flies to one hundred six
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international and twenty three domestic distillations beyond its almost professionals the airline also also forty nine percent stake in malawi alliance and forty five percent stake in zambia airways what ethiopian is doing is arbitrage corporate governance there basically coming in to a failed business which is not failed because there was not demand there's demand that passengers want to fly out of these countries so you've got the demand they're willing to pay but the issue has been the mismanagement of those airlines in the country so actually it's buying up cheap assets with strong demand and making it work i think it's a great strategy. back at the crash site walk us continue the search for debris and remains of those who perished in the crash these so windswept filled will continue to be an international crime scene for a long time to come. out of well jessica addis ababa ethiopia. government have
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attacked an army base in mali killing at least twenty four soldiers vehicles were destroyed when the base in the central region of was briefly under siege on saturday night i can commander is amongst those who has been shot no group has admitted responsibility but attacks by groups linked to al qaida and eisel are common. the leaders of zimbabwe and mozambique have cut short their foreign trips up to tropical cyclone i die cause death and destruction in southern africa zimbabwe is the latest country to feel the storm's force at least thirty one people have been killed as flash floods swept away homes bridges and roads dozens of people are still missing and bad weather is slowing the rescue efforts that as well as opposition leader has begun a national tour of a new effort to oust president nicolas maduro. has kicked off what's being called operation freedom in the northern city of lengthier is in
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a power struggle with the hook uses the u.s. of masterminding a plot to overthrow him. students in nicaragua have defied a protest march through the capital demanding the release of hundreds of political prisoners arrested last year during a violent crackdown alessandro run purity as more anti-government demonstrators openly defied president ortega's ban and protesting on saturday it was the first time people had taken to the streets since october when they suffered a violent backlash and once again they were met with heavy handed police tactics protesters are calling on the government to end the repression and are demanding the release of all political prisoners. with fighting for the freedom of prisoners they're not criminals just people who want to shatter corrupt leaders daniel take action. journalists covering the demonstrations were also attacked as protesters
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sought shelter in malls and houses dozens of demonstrators the members of the press were arrested. the unrest began a year ago with students demonstrating against a national pension reform plan the government response left at least three hundred sixty people dead scores injured and more than seven hundred imprisoned. two weeks ago president daniel ortega renewed calls for a national dialogue facing increasing international pressure and an economic crisis on friday he released fifty prisoners as a show of goodwill joining a hundred others led out in late february but they remain under house arrest. people cheered as that the knees were driven away from them on their last high security prison but the mothers of those still behind bars couldn't control their desperation we want to be free and healthy this mother cried. at least five hundred seventy people remain behind bards some analysts believe the releases are
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necessary for real talks to happen. it's clear that those released keep having a sword over the hede the trials continue and the charges remain in effect but it's a first step and any case this process will be long and difficult. but with the center remaining criminalized and heavily repressed on the streets from and it will be difficult for any real negotiations to start at least in the time. this is these are the top stories extra police are being deployed to guard schools businesses and places of worship in new zealand following shootings at two mosques on friday police commanders say there will be a highly visible presence nationwide on monday morning fifteen muslims were killed at friday prayers in christ church prime minister just in the hopes all bodies can
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be handed over for burial by wednesday when he has more from christchurch the announcement from new zealand promised to. the police that the process is beginning of handing back the bodies to family members will certainly be welcomed there had been growing frustration really among some of the family members who have been waiting for news waiting for confirmation waiting for those bodies to be returned to them some of those people voicing their frustration saying that this process was taking too long because of course islamic custom dictates that the body should be buried within twenty four hours after death people in paris are repairing some of the damage to stores and other businesses following violent yellow vests to demonstrations protesters set fire to buildings and cars and looted shops more than two hundred people have been arrested. israeli soldiers are searching palestinian communities in the occupied west bank after at least one israeli was killed in
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stabbing and shooting attacks algeria's new prime minister has started talks to form a new government aimed at quelling weeks of protests meanwhile all workers joined a movement that forced president out there as he's both a flicka to end his bid for reelection hundreds of joint strikes and rallies that. time close to one of the world's largest gas fields. a mass funeral service has been held for some of the victims of last sunday's ethiopian plane crash thousands of mourners accompanied empty caskets draped in the national flag through the streets about one hundred fifty seven victims came from thirty five countries including many humanitarian workers heading to nairobi and that is al-jazeera is news by for that. for more than a decade he's been considered a threat to national security in russia putin said we'll give you the twelve indicted military intelligence officers indicted by special counsel robert miller
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but what we want in return is you bill browder a multimillionaire investor in russia turned and he putin activist talks to a. man take to the street says this is truly have occasional maybe you'll see he quickly. and it is he. will not be seeking the. hello i'm richard just put in you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week down but not quite out the question algerians are asking is when will they see the end of their longtime presence a mass shooting in new zealand and the ethics of graphic imagery what should and should not be shown online and on air my beauty my purpose advertising those feel good that it's designed to make you feel good about buying something and healthy
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living like. something britain is burning and the politician who set it alight is profiting at a safe distance three weeks in damascus little protests algeria's president of the lizzie's a beautifully has given in withdrawing his bid for a fifth term in office the announcement did not come from beautifully himself the eighty two year old has hardly been seen in public since a stroke six years ago left him paralyzed for now algeria is invisible ruler remains in office his indefinite postponement of next month's elections suggests he might not be going anytime soon algeria social media space has been occupied by protesters driving the street movement providing their own coverage of citizens have learned not to count on media aligned with the government especially broadcasters. they've long been controlled by the state criticism of the ailing ruler had been scarce there however things are changing marginalized voices many of
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them banned from the airwaves are being heard once again reporters at state backed outlets have been criticizing the journalism of their own channels could this really be the beginning of the end for a president who's been in power for nearly twenty years our starting point this week is. sunday march fourth the evening newscast on canal. a french language channel that stayed on. for the algerian media it would be a telling moment for the woman who had spent fifteen years in the anchor chair the last straw not the i'm a dossier reads a letter from president bush word for word addressing the rest on the streets. and. then she turned to news of an opposition figure a voice of dissent announcing his intention to run for beautiful because john she
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was reading going through her newscast and was going to read an item about one of the other candidates and she was clearly told in her earpiece don't read that. at least. you did he should concede that people don't. like practices straight out of the soviet union looking at her body language she was really in a very weird position and he expressed that so much and just after the t.v. show c he resigned from that position and said enough is enough it was another reminder that you don't live in a free country you are under the song of a regime that controls what your visual cortex sees. and that is an outrageous thing for someone to feel. in the twenty first century in the border less world of the internet where ideas are moving across. the demonstrations began
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a month ago in northern algeria far from the camp they were set off by the news that president beautifully would seek an unprecedented and unconstitutional fifth term in office within a week the protests had reached algiers organized on and driven by social media the on the rest quickly grew to a level the country has not seen in decades initially the state owned channels can now share feet and e and t.v. both buried their heads in the sand ignoring the story. however four days into the protests in the capital on february twenty sixth journalists held one of their own over the orders that they were getting from above preventing them from doing their job. so it was a pretty significant moment john list where the who signed this is not acceptable and were able to act on that was previously you know thoughts that maybe wouldn't have been taken and the extent to which civil society really was mobilizing in
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support of the movement kind of quote the regime of god and that was spawned by just trying to ignore the news simply wasn't going to floyd since the beginning of the protestant on february twenty second that journalists and media had had very formal you know guidelines not to cover the protests and they didn't want the beginning of june t.v. where having you know several t.v. shows coast to ones that and documentaries and there was no coverage what so ever about what was going gone in the street and when i marched with the student in the university of the next morning the deuce that on february twenty sixth one of the slogans somewhere yes a half a week until better which means that. you media where did you go. it was very significant that on the evening that would flicker and. is the main national t.v.
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channel opted for this very unusual for much of an open debate between a couple of nature well. as on the current political crisis given the country. to be able. to openly you know the question of crisis the question of transition it was taken by a lot of sign that things are moving few days before when they've been try not to talk about the protests at all. every war results in casualties and the battle for truth in algeria has produced a few. spent twelve years hosting a program on a state owned radio channel on his show was cancelled this past week because he did not choose his words carefully enough and luna's did not even speak directly on the protests or the politics his crime was speaking philosophically allegorically that it did that the subject of the said he said was the theory of social contract the
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philosopher john jacques rousseau says that people are the source of power and that a nation cannot be built without its people i concentrated on this philosophical point the director of the channel thought i was talking about the current movement even though i didn't directly refer to it or take any particular political stance that certain people in public media do not understand the transformation happening in nigeria and society today still behave with a controlling mentality that is outdated the people in the demonstrations have proven that this mentality belongs in the past just and. our interview with blueness was conducted over skype because al-jazeera has effectively been banned from algeria since two thousand and four the beautifully good government is very selective about which. national news outlets it will allow in limiting song to visits by foreign leaders or other stories the authorities want to cover and the underground absence of global news organizations may have contributed
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to some of the misconceptions swirling around the story starting with the lazy labeling of the protests as algeria's version of the arab spring given that they're describing a population that rose up against one party rule in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight more than two decades before their neighbors to. look we respect what happened in other countries but we are in another concept we started our revolution in one thousand eight hundred eight we had our first free election in one thousand nine hundred one when the our borders are really in a totally different situation algeria had a free press vibrant democracy free speech a renaissance in the bubbling of creativity is in the arts and the culture of all of that and when the elections got cancelled and when the islamist won and the bloody civil war that that ensued after so now people don't even like the term spring they just say this is our liberation movement which is continuing with all
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due respect to what happened in other can. do you know was a precursor in the arab spring and this is why algerians do not like the analogy because of what happened after the arab spring in the region terrorism jihadists and that. terrible socio economic situation and they don't want to that for that country. that they paid a hefty price after that do you speak in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and what followed. having been through such an uprising before having then watched their neighbors do the same algerians have fewer illusions than most they know what has not changed that president putin's leak while out of sight is still in the picture that the powers that be known as looking for a walk. who have backed the president for so long are still there algerians also know that their news media which are showing signs of life could revert to old
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habits at any time. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers marsala bizzaro marcello the mass murders that took place at those two mosques in new zealand it was clear that the perpetrators wanted to attract attention and that they relied on live streaming technology to get it that's right richard because there was seventeen minutes of video live streamed on facebook and then repose said on three of the major platforms the suspect also published his white supremacist manifesto on an american website where users can create their own storyboards this week by washington post reporter who specializes in artificial intelligence sums up the problem the new zealand massacre was life streamed on facebook announced on a channel reposed it on you tube comments it said about reddit and merritt around the world before the companies could even reacts those platforms then scrambled to
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take material down but eight hours later the full video was still up on you tube and as all of this is unfolding online there are news organizations around the world with some editorial decisions to make various media outlets brokaw's some of the footage or imbedded it on their websites and posts including several in australia and al-jazeera arabic in most cases they didn't show the actual shootings or any victims they limited their videos to the moment the government entered the mosque the british paper the daily mail took it further now bear in mind the site is driven by advertising and for a time allowed viewers to watch the video in full as these events prime minister defend their ads and put it we should not be perpetuating sharing giving any oxygen to this at violence and the message that is sitting behind it on the venezuela now the political power struggle there the ongoing propaganda war and one piece of video that made news and then made news again yes video emerged
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a few weeks back showing trucks carrying humanitarian aid ablaze and it was aired by news. networks around the world as evidence that president mahmud us forces were setting aid on fire for them is the video was doctored this week the new york times took a forensic look at those images and showed how the shots have been in fact satellite not by my little forces but by protester who threw a molotov cocktail that hit one of the vehicles you launch is one mollett off but the second one separates and we have two times then traces how those outside video spread like wildfire us politicians took to twitter with the news networks regurgitated it without checking its legitimacy so then this then becomes a story about some good fact checking on the part of the new york times it does but by the time that times piece was published the misinformation it had plenty of time to spread that could have easily been avoided because there were in fact many journalists on the ground on day one in question the video and their doubts failed
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to make the news costs it's taken two weeks for the times to set the record straight ok thanks marcella turning now to an advertising trend and a social media story that probably came up on your news feeds recently that gillette ad that landed the company in some hot water jumping on the need to hash tag and subsequent movement to protect women from sexual harassment in the workplace gillette tweaked its long time sales slogan the best a man can get turning it into the best that men can be and then the company got beat up online for appropriating a social movement for the sake of its profits that advertising technique has a name it's called purpose marketing it's a socio political kind of brand of messaging that adopts a purpose in order to sell a product in the twenty first century marketplace traditional product focused campaigns no longer get the clicks the likes the shares that advertisers crave so more and more of them are latching on to causes and july it's not the only brand to
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have an ad of this kind backfire. listening posts john a host now on a marketing trend and the challenge of striking a balance between purpose and profit. believe in something. even if it means sacrificing everything racial equality my beauty my beauty my be any my female empowerment this is what happens when ice cream is just two degrees warmer than it should be the realities of climate change oh you think the military against actually asked masculinity for big brands just selling a product is no longer enough. is this the best american get advertising doesn't work like it used to getting people's attention is really difficult companies can't just talk about what they make anymore because we've seen it before and we're not.
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so what so many brands are doing this show up with conversations that we want to be part of and if they can go out for the ride that's the best food available to them where experience in shifting generational values that's leading to people in particular buy from work for companies that are more conscientious into the bigger picture what young people can see is rising inequality increased political polarization and because there is a need for businesses to consider more than just profit not something they've ever been particularly good ads that you say you said i said no way which begs the question is social political causes companies pick the stances they take to be amount to anything more than on screen publicity stunts strategically a doctor to do all the clicks and likes the shares their businesses rely on. in the case of pepsi the answers seems to be no. in two thousand and seventeen the
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company put out an ad appropriating the black lives matter movement to sell its product but it backfired and i since been held up as a prime example of how not to do purpose marketing because pepsi attempted to challenge decades of police brutality and racial inequality with a can of soda and a supermodel a white one so we have a serious issue here that's meaningful to people and they'd be little bit by using one of the most. wealthy women in the world as their spokes model. makes it seem trite and certainly opportunistic it didn't seem authentic it seemed like just climbing onto a cause and it really rang false for people who care about those issues at no point i guess have pepsi every night through the rock that ties in on locked in that they're aligned with the black lies much movement and because of the out it was
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seen as redemptive and making a pop culture moment of. protest against police brutality we've seen one after another disastrous outcome of brands that tried to you know use fake purpose opportunistically to connect with consumers and it backfires. pepsi is not the only brand trying to master the art of purpose marketing is to his prey going on far too in january this year razor brinton let it get famous for its longtime slogan the best and then can get switched up its catchphrase to right the need to wait releasing it's the best man can be campaign aimed at addressing toxic masculinity and then hoping to sell a few razors in the process because we. we believe in the best in men he added coast to huge backlash not least because gillette's new found more compass is somewhat over the parchin from the message the company has spread for decades to
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say the right thing. to act the right way so let's think about history for a minute there one of the very first mass marketers don't have that kind of a board there is the family there. showed up in our living room uninvited for years and years at a time promoting the idea that what a man is supposed to do is needed another man sent so to let shows up today in a world where they can't buy our attention and seeks to earn it by putting a message into the world yet you can be. syndicate say they're trying to manipulate us but what i see is a heartfelt effort to say let's think about this so i think the reason why there was such backlash to this is because it came off like gillette was lecturing and to still skiing men for not being the right kind of father the right kind of man i think what they meant to be was aspirational like let's be better as the boys watch today but if they did it so badly then to me it came up is
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opportunistic like they were just trying to find a cause and all of this one will do what. is unhelpful is flashing of one type of activity what you want to see is a broader business where they believe in a cause and commit to supporting parakeets. brahmans can really make a difference and the power that they have through their platforms and there we saw says and use it to shift mindsets and address social challenges and color injustice and in doing our brands can help she's moved on a lot more quickly than they would have done with that kind of exposure. bringing disagrees he works at greenpeace in charge of campaigning for forestry last year a british supermarket chain iceland approached the organization wanting to use one of its campaign videos for an ad on the consequences of the farming of dirty palm oil destroying natural habitat there's
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a wrong turn in my tank and i don't know what to do she plays with only techies and keeps pulling my shoes greenpeace allowed iceland to use the video and while the u.k. regulator responsible for vetting ads banned it for allegedly breaking the rules of political advertising it went viral and reignite discussions over the consequences of d. forestation why were you in my picture written. as a human in my forest and i don't know what a green peace we often say no permanent friends no permanent enemies so if a company is doing the right thing in taking positive action that is genuine there's visibility and deserves praise to protest this with cynicism and with scrutiny and the fact is that they felt like the actions on the part i slammed represented a legitimate best raise in trying to address the problem they sent their c.e.o. to go to indonesia and see firsthand the scale of the problem with dirty pablo
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production he took away my mother and us one brand to get it right they can prove a useful ally in the fight for social justice. and it's not bad for profits either following the ad iceland sales rose and its brand perception amongst consumers improve significantly calling a dream crazy is not an insult similarly a commercial produced by sports brand nike featuring n.f.l. quarterback calling capra nick who lost his job taking a stance on racial inequality but the black lives matter movement back in the spotlight to don't ask if your dreams are crazy. if they're crazy. and at the same time the company saw it share price shoot up night was the voice someone actively engaged and the black guy it's not me that gave the out a lot more authenticity but still it's important to ask questions about this is broader parts is a nice work conditions in the press and that still meets the question at the same
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time that nike is coming out championing women athletes and saying they should stand up and you know growl and make noise so if they want to call you crazy. show them what crazy can do. they have class action lawsuit for you know underpaying their female employees we don't hear that what we hear is all the marketing noise around the cause of championing women as consumers you don't have to it's not your job to fully understand an issue which means you may not be hearing the whole issue everyone is different one measure of how far this trend it's a marketing is com it's now reached a point of being satirized imagine if a single bottle could be enjoyed by people in the same low at the same time so we've got a drink from it together together you kill to. get away seriously the soft drink companies produced this and cools it refreshing it honest what the true purpose of
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purpose marketing really is. just a few billion sales away in shops doesn't fit on shelves. and finally history will not treat him kindly but we at the listening post figure why wait we're talking about david cameron the politician who basically fled ten downing street after calling that bracks that referendum losing it and leaving the new prime minister theresa may to clean up his mess this past week parliament rejected may's blueprint to quit the european union cameron was nowhere to be seen these days he delivers speeches for which he is reportedly grotesquely overpaid around two hundred thousand dollars an hour one of those speeches about it there's a video made by joe dot co dot u.k. a site that says it's aimed at men not lads it features a tune by george reworked called david cameron has this important message from nice
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we'll see you next time you're at the listening post. brings. us. to the nation's largest i'm. going to be. on. with my. own.
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democratically elected president.


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