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from venomous xenophobia. extremism and and we have to look at the question of of social media and the platforms and whether or not how we can better regulate in an appropriate way these platforms so that they can't spread their bile as they do at the moment and this venom does extend from other countries into new zealand and we have to take this difficult question of regulation of the social media and indeed other media we have to take that seriously or in wonderful talking to you thank you so much now the suspect charged with the shootings is from australia our reporter went to grafton in the state of new south wales found a community trying to distance itself from the man charged over the attacks it's dawn in the sleepy provincial town of grafton is waking up to another day
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reflection about the rethink events in christchurch and its connection to it. brenton tarrant spent at least the first twenty years of his life in grafton before travelling around the world he went to the local school and worked as a personal trainer in a gym his alleged attack on two mosques in christ church last week has deeply disturbed religious leaders in his home town we got inside to you now he said you know they were all we all sectarian you know how all of the people are going to leave the members of the muslim community in christ church the mood here is samba this is a community grappling to come to terms with one of their own baying a suspect in the worst mass killing in new zealand's history it's just a time for the community to gather and just kind of be together get strength from solidarity and hopefully put our roots down deep and sign are we not that's that's
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not us what happened and what this guy did is not is not crofton's parishioners who know the tyrant family say it's well respected and has been here for generations god like one pipe and farmer was good then burke bible. what did you think when you heard that someone from grafton was involved. i was shocked is an expression. others had a message for christ's church people grafton just reach out and say you know we we don't know what went wrong but obviously that will come out but you know we just some of the present here and and hope that we can get some sort of closure while the town family has deep roots here community members say it's keeping a low profile following the attack in christchurch we've managed to speak with people who knew brenton tarrant well they say they don't want to appear on camera because they don't want to be associated with the alleged killer of fifty people
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they say the man accused of the christ church attacks is not the man they once knew . him al-jazeera grafton. and these are live pictures we're looking at a memorial vigil that's dean of a new mosque where students have come out to show solidarity and show their respects of course students have been impacted by those attacks on the two mosques in christ church one school alone kashmir high school losing three students so a very emotive issue and challenge no doubt for students to their. still ahead and i'll just zero the new president of the democratic republic of congo take steps towards fulfilling a q election promise. and
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we're still seeing a fair amount of snow in parts of canada in the east the snow just keeps on coming and that's what we'll see if we head through the next few days for the south we still got this trading leg of cloud as well so it's still warm force in miami they're still rather cool in atlanta with the top temperature just a fourteen degrees this area of cloud isn't doing a great deal they were not seeing a great deal of wet weather until we get to choose day then we'll see it begin to pick up over parts of florida elsewhere across many parts of north america the weather's quite quiet we just have this little system is edging its way east as a bring us and little bit of snow towards the south and there's that weather feature that was over the southern parts of the u.s. and you can see it's also affecting us in parts of mexico so some wet weather here but away from that it's not actually fine enjoy just perhaps a handful of showers as you head down through costa rica and into panama for south america though here things are a bit different we've got lots of wet weather that straight she will break through
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parts of paraguay and it's a year ago i as well said he what day is expected ted but a warm for one is always twenty seven will be the maximum temperature on monday it should be draw as well but then the winds change direction as we head into choose a this time coming in off the sea so nineteen degrees will just be our top temperature really will feel quite different elsewhere though and the showers will continue to rock along by. sponsor. continues i can bring your people back to life with updates on the best of al-jazeera documentary. from. revisiting alfred. we know what's happening. over the years rewind on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera time to recap. new zealand's prime minister . is at the top of her agenda the cabinet is meeting for the first time since the shooting at two mosques on friday to consider banning guns like the one used in the attack fifty people were killed. grieving family members are now preparing to bury their loved ones for straighted with the delay in receiving bodies because of the investigation the prime minister says all bodies should be returned. to new york times is revealing more details about the killing of saudi journalist. it says the
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murder in the saudi consulate in istanbul last october was part of a wider campaign authorized by crown prince mohammed bin. the report cites u.s. officials with access to classified intelligence documents mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . the new york times a reveals that in two thousand and seventeen a body calling itself the saudi rap that intervention group was formed now this was at about the time that the mohammed bin solomon was elevated to the position of crown prince since then says the newspaper this group has carried out a number of operations in neighboring countries and further afield including the forcible repatriation of saudi dissidents of back to riyadh and other cities in saudi arabia now the new york times does not name the intelligence sources that use the cia itself has declined to comment however it does name some of the individuals
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involved in this group it says that the group is headed by sadal cult tiny a close associate of the crown prince now president trump has insisted that the whole affair of the murder of jamal for shoji in his view is over he says that he is intent on continuing to conduct business with saudi arabia and to conduct business with the crown prince himself congress has been increasingly angry about this position demanding that president trump continue to investigate jamal khashoggi is murder and also to impose sanctions against those who are held accountable this president trump has refused to do the latest reports it may well be brushed away by the president but will not be brushed off by congress which is likely to use this as further ammunition to continue to put pressure on the president to take some form of action for the murder of jamal khashoggi which this
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report indicates was not an isolated incident but part of a widespread campaign. now the israeli army has raided areas in the occupied west bank after an israeli soldier was killed the military says a palestinian stab the soldier took his weapon and fired at civilians nearby he then fled the scene it happened outside the illegal israeli aerial settlement south of nablus how a force that has more from west jerusalem. the israeli military has set out the sequence of events that it says took place in the occupied west bank on sunday morning it says at around nine forty five at the ariel interchange southwest of the city of nablus and a palestinian man approached a soldier stabbed that soldier and took his weapon before firing on nearby vehicles that soldier one thousand years old the israeli army says was killed in that attack israeli civilian in one of those vehicles was also shot and seriously wounded israeli media saying he was he is a forty seven year old man
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a resident of one of the illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank another vehicle which was abandoned was then apparently taken by this individual he drove it southwest and fired on a bus stop where another israeli soldier was wounded that vehicle then discovered in or near the city the village of burkean palestinian village of booking further southwest that became the center of a pretty major israeli military operation as houses were searched and the focus of this search was undertaken there were reports in the palestinian media as well that there was an exchange of gunfire at one stage there this military operation extended well beyond that village though checkpoints were set up illegal settlements were closed down for some time as were some other palestinian villages the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said that the perpetrator or perpetrators of this attack will be captured in the justice will be brought to them
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there have been celebration events that have taken place in gaza where hamas and islamic jihad have both welcomed the news of this attack and they're also be tensions that erupted elsewhere in the occupied west bank with settlers stoning palestinian vehicles and homes currently this major military operation is still ongoing. israel's supreme court has banned the leader of a far right party from running in next month's election and. the jewish power party incited racism against palestinians a decision overturns a ruling by israel's election committee called also reinstated israeli palestinian parties which had been disqualified. in the o.p.'s transport minister says there are clear similarities between last weekend's ethiopian airlines plane crash and the lion air disaster in the news during october both involved boeing seven three
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seven max eight aircraft a mass funeral service has been held for some of the victims of last sunday's crash . thousands of mourners in ethiopia. seventeen empty caskets draped in the national flag relatives of the hundred fifty seven passengers and crew died of been given bags of earth from the crash site instead of remains because the d.n.a. identification process could take up to six months. grieving families of some of the one hundred fifty seven victims of ethiopian airlines flight three hundred to. mourn the loss of their loved ones. arriving at this field. lies through not around brings it home to. their line officials say they haven't found even a single body intact just body parts which would make the added process took awhile
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. ethiopian airlines didn't give us anything they told us to wait until thursday we waited in thursday came they are now saying they couldn't find anything i wish they told us that they found nothing in the first place this is major grief heavy we came empty handed and we're going back empty handed. the boeing seven three seven eight went down at eight forty four sunday show. they have to take off from the capital addis ababa and drew tonight will be in neighboring kenya passengers from more than thirty countries were on board this is a time of crisis in ethiopia the airline is a symbol of national pride and if europeans have thrown their full support behind it to paralyze small talk from since i was a small boy it was brilliant africa together and. this was a win win for seventy five years laughter and evidence that the cross has done little to scare people away from the airline can be seen of the capitol smushed
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looming hotels there teeming with passengers in transit that's a didn't happen here it's like india that's in that happens with on our roads you know s.p.c.s. not just enough to cut and globally we have those records of us interrupting so as a layer of travel our end user if you've been in l.a. that has not affected my view or perspective. it european airlines has expanded its fleet to one hundred eleven planes it now flies to one hundred six international and twenty three domestic distillations beyond its almost professionals the airline also for the nine percent stake in malawi lines and forty five percent stake in zambia airways what ethiopian is doing is arbitrary corporate governance they're basically coming in to a failed business which is not failed because there was not demand there's demand that passengers want to fly out of these countries so you've got the demand they're
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willing to pay but the issue has been the mismanagement of those airlines in countries to actually it's buying up cheap assets with strong demand and making it work i think is a great strategy. back of the crash site walk us continue the search for debris and remain so for those who perished in the crush these so windswept filled one continued to be an international crime scene for a long time to come how it all just zita addis ababa ethiopia. well first of the political prisoners pardoned by the democratic republic of congo's new president has been released from jail phoenix the secure the promised about seven hundred prisoners most of whom were jailed under the previous regime would be freed during his first one hundred days in office got held up as a day on reports was frank de angelis spent two and a half years in kinshasa central prison was he is one of three prominent opposition
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leaders released from jail after being pardoned by democratic republic of congo's president félix tisha katie who was elected in december was was i'm very happy to see my brother released from jail i don't know how to express all the emotions finally my brother is free human rights lawyer firming young combi was also released he'd been sentenced to twenty years in prison in two thousand and nine and charges of being a threat to national security. an additional seven hundred political prisoners have also been pardoned by dishy candy most were arrested for speaking out against former president joseph kabila during his eighteen here's an office that was a part of the but it's a joy for all of us we want to think the president and ask him not to imitate the behavior of the former regime. tisha kenny's decision to pardon political prisoners is widely seen as a move to break away from the politics of his predecessor but these attempts are
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proving to fickle i know that there were violent protests by the president supporters in kinshasa after his union for democracy and social progress party suffered a crushing loss on friday's elections for the national assembly joseph kabila is common front for congo coalition took more than two thirds of the seats in the senate or upper chamber and it already holds a majority in the lower chamber now many are questioning the president's ability to govern independently on the streets it's feared there could be more violence. he said the good the. supporters of the president claim they did not have enough senators but it's not our issue they shouldn't come and carry out these acts of vandalism and our neighborhood. but the least mission. despite the setbacks she can he says he will continue to push his agenda forward in addition to the prisoner's pardon he has pledged to bring back political opponents who fled the republican can believe was president this even though kabila still has considerable
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influence in the country caught c.l.o. first so the young al-jazeera. a huge cleanup has been taking place in the french capital after extensive damage caused by violent yellow vests protests shops were looted and set on fire along the famous shells elisei in paris the violence started after protesters threw smoke bombs and stones at police two hundred people have been arrested the demonstrations began four months ago over proposed fuel tax increases but have grown into protests against president emanuel not crawl. let's take you through the headlines here in al-jazeera now new zealand's prime minister says tightening gun laws is at the top of her agenda the cabinet is meeting for the first time since the shooting at two mosques on friday to consider banning guns like the one used in the attack fifty people were killed grieving
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family members are now preparing to bury their loved ones many are frustrated with the delay in receiving bodies because of the investigation but the prime minister says all bodies should be returned by wednesday muslim leaders have expressed their gratitude for the support they've received since the attacks we have been pouring what we call here. it is tremendous. you know wards that spruce. and support that we have not only within the zealand but all over the war the new york times is revealing more details about the killing of saudi journalist. it says the murder in the saudi consulate in istanbul last october was part of a why the campaign authorized by crown prince mohammed bin cell man the report cites u.s. officials with access to classified intelligence documents. ethiopia's transport
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minister says there are clear similarities between the theo paean airlines plane crash and the lie of their disaster in indonesia six months earlier both involved boeing seven three seven max eight craft there's been a mass funeral meanwhile for victims of last sunday's crash thousands of mourners led the procession through the capital at this hour before. the israeli army is raided areas in the occupied west bank after an israeli soldier was killed the military says a palestinian stabbed the soldier before escaping the settlement israel supreme court has banned the leader of a far right party from running in next month's elections it says michael bennett of the jewish power party incited racism against palestinians the decision overturned the ruling by israel's election committee the court also reinstated israeli palestinian party's been disqualified. headlines the news
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continues after rewind. the government you support are believed to have detained maybe a million people in reeducation camps certainly not grabbing headlines in china on the inner workings of the people's republic just probably not best just to dismiss everything as propaganda use propaganda because your abrasive aggressive way of addressing it maybe has some challenges chinese finance yet you wrote something critical of president chiluba i said this would not be regarded well by the western press. help take on now just iraq.
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hello and welcome to rewind i'm come all sons of maria over the last ten or so years here at al jazeera english we've built up an incredible library all award winning documentaries and on rewind we're taking another look at some of the best of them and seeing what's happened in the years since they were first shown this week we're going back to two thousand and twelve and a remarkable film from africa's oldest republic the west african country of liberia and its capital monrovia where less than half the population can read and rise and sixty four percent live below the poverty line so with many of those people cut off from normal news sources one man decided to tackle the problem using just a bit of chalk and a large blackboard called the daily talk blackboard lists all the latest news in a simple language used by monrovia's disadvantaged poor from the witness series in two thousand and twelve here is alfred's free press.
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l o. l o o. what we're doing is like this our responsibility it's a mess of a new so you'll recall we had then the information only from those who either newsmen tell you or to receive. our job. offer just leave and i'm the fun in it. and the money they didn't talk. to create in people that will be on the street and everybody. agrees people just believe that this clintons will never come into reality. but. that's the kind of president. i believe that people should be informed of what is
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happening. the leaders of the war really didn't want to harsh. it is this war that prompted the creation of the digital i saw elite people wanting to be reform but there was there was no means of getting information the idea of the book came to me to deal talk news put that in the chalkboard news people and some to begin to click to music you can start of with just like food.
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diary. as sauce or refract to be on long thin out of work operation by some and. after a lesson. to make sense you had to. get out more i want to hurt a wanted to fight drug use. every time i walk along the avenue i usually make a stub like ten or fifteen minutes in a reader there and know what is going on iran in the city what is happening in my country and around the continent. when the war was coming to the country people will force the take you and the give you gone and the rich life to see you who are fighting you know. it
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happened to me. that i used to used to. take it for the seven ball and the whole country where i was so i was compared to do it for my life. as like you take and go to hunt for animal in the forest. and to take you and you hunting one another. man in time of france friend of mine got. less lose. and even lose the life. i'm an activist this is what i do to make a living. i use
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a bullet empty casing to create straw. our ideas are transformation from war to peace. this is how we make. this is across germany in front of you. all those dreams that i think. one of the problems my mom would have with me for some time is i don't stay with my family. alone. you know she wanted to walk out of but now that i have or don't sit with the family every day he's busy this for a lot of people call no story yeah ok let me call you back many please yeah.
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new story coming in again. and all of the i think you know. routine. here in the room are. always good every morning to get information. information is a bridge between field and source s. x x. x x x x from war of. many people had one and not enough. so that we know where we can bring them back together religious history my thought and lots of folks just.
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during the war my parents left me to render way and they left me and i left alone. i. ask. god god send a messenger to visqueen shifts. as you go see this side no. we are trying to build a charge. and now now you see a new body to your feet high p.c.'s something is happening around you yes i think change is coming to liberia was good each one would do is try to like this is so doing the people feel that go is still with them.
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we're on our way to seeing where everybody will form and he's hoping to be updated corporate or by somebody else you don't know. what i mean i'm not going up to the mirror if i exactly how did you how being a boss involving two it's things i believe you do you want to empower me with new strokes for opposition. along. good morning wasn't it by this morning i would have been there in a bad. light. no i was just going on. and then about a dozen of you were running away hoping that. one of which is good to get by do you have an example which company or that. other thank you was it when you. was it would be enough to. know what it will no longer novel or not.
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and you don't want to hear what he. writes i just yeah sure. he knew if you move up in the middle of the. bed you're one this morning you know what they're pretty close to the mail well all right i want to know where you are and it's in my groups on the ballot you know all. of this if you care. and. if you don't have the signature often you can get it used by just sitting you have to block the p.c. . i don't have t.v. be doing this in the video game news if you don't mean the phone in the place we get good news is from didn't.
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waiting. on my shift. i just had to do it to live. but that's when i am warning and believe such. and a much horse one of those i don't have the money in to write in concrete building. so that in a modern os well what to avoid a one in two going to have a two children. who who don't want to do use it. and on to school into. the fuzzy not far off. way days who didn't. know it b c n. n response was oh boy they
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both live with me. responsible to feed in take care of it. while. it. was difficult new song or have me for not. enough on the wonder. of their own life full of mental beats on the. as mafia don they don't. give all. the hugs.


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