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tv   Myanmar An Unholy Alliance  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm +03

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than seventy seven percent of filipinos say they prefer the u.s. leading the world to beijing that's pretty damning to pick trump over china that's pretty damning i would. say that is. but in practical terms i don't see these countries in terms of their foreign policy and their government. addressing the chinese as a pure paul. would seem to indicate let's bring in our panel here to see what they think about this so far and dress fuller is a german academic a china expert at the university of nottingham asia research institute and should china's neighbors and the wider world be worried about this chinese military build up this increase in spending you know i think they should and the truth of the matter is when talks about china's national rejuvenation. it is worrisome because of the underlying tenets of radical revisionist an expansionist foreign policy as evident from the artificial reefs in the south china sea but also
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his threat off annexing taiwan which is a liberal democracy a very vibrant society just. opposite the coast of mainland china and what i think his game plan is to project his power abroad to shore up his support at home charles just deal with and dress a specific point about taiwan you were born in taiwan of course if you still lived in taipei today and the taiwanese couple we should be worried some of the rhetoric coming out of beijing about and i wouldn't be at all well not as i actually went to tell you to worry you know i went to taipei for the midterm elections when i see in taipei or in taiwan today is the people in taiwan have fed up with so-called independents politics they're looking for better lives why is it a hundred and seventy thousand nears of love taiwan and have gone to show why is
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there all the ninety percent of the startups in taiwan are aimed at the chinese market and other taiwanese market i think the fact that the economies have become so integrated between taiwan and china. leads to. the possibility of addressing the issue but my impression is that the young taiwanese are actually quite worried that their marriage to use out in this process and also lose their defacto sovereignty as a liberal democratic island state but that is no longer considered a primary issue even for the younger people ok let me bring in steve who's a british political scientist ball in hong kong currently director of the china institute at the school of oriental and african studies in london steve is this a new form of aggressive foreign policy in china or is a just an exaggeration on the part of china's enemies what is china trying to do with its foreign policy trying to change the region change the world after she
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simply become leader of china what we are seeing is an assertive foreign policy that essentially amongst to china now we quests and we acquire the rest of the world to pay china do you respect and what amongst you do respect is something to be judged. by the communist party of china or in fact by the leader of china general sparky ok we've also got vic to go with one of china's best known international politics experts vice president the center for china and globalization in beijing former interpreter for the late president going shopping you can't deny that the current chinese president is taking different steps of criticism is demanding respect on the regional and international china doesn't want to challenge the international order today but china wants to have a better say a lot just say in the international order today and i hope the rest of the world
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will respect china's request because this is legitimate this is a legal this is not revolutionary means to overthrow all the international in the south china sea there's a debate about legality when you're smiling there when it decided i want china is not to change the international system as we know it at the moment but is transforming it when the u.n. agency for human rights what's been changed and then china play a leading role in the transformation equations of the human rights council as it does so it basically changes the discussions at the un about human rights now china is not doing much of the receiving end of criticism on human right charles let me ask you this one of the reason so many people abroad are worried about chinese foreign and defense policy right now is because you have a president who at home appears to be bent on increasing its own power and reach the chinese president since well as you know tended to serve five or ten years in office but president xi has cracked down on his rivals refused to designate
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a successor and last year got rid of term limits he's gearing up to be president for life is a dictator in chief ok two things number one it's a one party system we do and. thank god. the key issue for the chinese government is that they tried. very hard over the years to maintain stability you are claiming this president for life thing is precisely you don't understand how the system works explain it now take watching tower for example during his second term were seen as lame lame duck for the entire second term and he couldn't implement or execute a lot of the things that he wanted to execute it doesn't mean that he's guy truly going to continue for another term but the prospect would take out the possibility of being regarded as lame duck but it does give him the option to surf a life legally with even system if it goes in that direction he does seem to be going in that direction not necessarily
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a quick question there on the vote last year in march that was the vote in the national people's congress to get rid of term limits of delegates voted two thousand nine hundred sixty four of them voted two of them voted against two thousand nine hundred fifty nine voted in favor of free and fair election. i'm just wondering to you i mean two thousand only would have voted the way you wanted to know who was in our journeys politics works apparently that's how it works ok good to hear such an endorsement of the system. i think you should not be addressing the chinese entire system of how it works in comparison to what you have in the west you have to remember there fifty years ago ninety percent of the population were you literate only ten percent was literate or sophisticated educated the whole process of transforming that into a modern society is that it's taken a long time by the way
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a lot of chinese people weren't happy with the two term limits and they took two way bo and other online forums and they were not allowed to in fact the chinese government disallowed the words personality cult my emperor two term limit emperor a she they were all not allowed to use those words online to avoid people's dissatisfaction with this move. this is just. you you read where for i don't read way but others who read it for me ok now. they are comments their views and comments describing their views and comments on this issue they got shut down so it's not true shut down because i can i wrote something on this as well where you wrote something critical of president chiluba absolutely oh well what did you write i said this would not be regarded well by the western press but that's your definition of a criticism of the chinese rather nicely done charles we got to move on time a short we want to talk about the economy in part two before we do there's another
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big domestic issue that's grabbed a lot of headlines in recent months your country the government you support and have advised according to a un rapporteurs recording to the u.s. state department according to amnesty international couldn't human rights watch according to plenty of journalists and many others are believed to have detained maybe a million people or more mainly from the we go muslim ethnic minority in reeducation camps a million people charles million ok it's certainly not grabbing headlines in china is it not because you don't have a free press in china so you can have headlines about the we know it's because there are fifty five national minorities in china and population is. in total line and ten million i believe and yes zero point zero point seven percent of the world i work on percentages if you lock up a million the world to sound the world pays attention one point four billion people need to be third need to be closer got to be a billion people in changing the most concern you to hear that a million people of your fellow chinese countrymen and women have been lucky if it's true sure how do we establish if it's true or not. why don't you let people in
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to check and count the moment for sure i think people have visited know they've been on kind of supervised trips to chinese monitors to select camps where they haven't been able to see everything in front of reuters went to the trip last year they were taken around they were allowed to meet some people and the people saying if you're happy and you know it clap your hands and chinese government has stood in the room the whole time and no one is allowed to speak to anyone in there but well you know this is there are there are people who've been in those camps who have come out of those camps and now refugees in the us in kazakhstan and they have testified to hoarding shackling torture sleep deprivation sexual humiliation starvation this is what's coming out from people who've been in those camps and if it's true then there's certainly a very bad this is not my area of expertise and involved in the politics and i've been to see into more concerned about the economic side let me bring in victor gao who. is a very well known chinese political commentator even chinese government officials
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have admitted that there are these camps there are people locked up for quote unquote reeducation but in the most horrific conditions and we're talking up to a million people victor how can you justify that that we call people our brothers as sisters i have many friends among the eagle people among the people in china they are minority most of them great chinese nationals that's for sure however the we all muslims there are extremists there are terrorists and there are separatists separatists which want to who want to split. away from china in china under the chinese law anyone attempting to separate any part of chinese territory outside of china is committing a crime we need to be fully nowhere of this legal issue we cannot tolerate anyone denying that some we have been caught up in international terrorism no one is denying that i wondering why not lock them up i lock up a million people first of all all together in jail. less than ten million people if
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you are really serious in believing that there is a one million people among the wheels or locked up being so called the caps this is completely fabricated how many people are locked up i did not know you can't buy a million if you don't have an alternative number there are several vs one is the definition of one million or less that one billion that's the one thing the other world is locked up when they're not there of their own volition other there are people in jail who are going through training or retraining for educational purposes there are people in education because kyra at summer camp who is one of the people who managed to get out of a camp he says we were forced to sing political songs and study speeches of the chinese communist party we were forced to chant long live xi jinping before we were given our meals many of us who tried to attempt suicide allowed me to say one thing for sure no one in china is saying long live so whatever report you are quality is
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false to start with here's what i don't give it to the us. international human rights watch the u.s. state department various china experts human rights activists have come up with this number of a million based on satellite photography based on people who have come out and talked about it you're saying it's not a million i'm asking very simply how many is it i think we need to just differentiate the realities on the ground versus the falsified the claims of the refugees we go if you do have talked about being tortured in camps they're just making it up according to you lots of these claims are false you fight well as i mentioned you're a friend of the way good people andrus folder what do you make of victor's response and charles' response so far i think it's both what the victim said this indefensible and let me explain for a lot of people who support the transforms party cultural difference has to be dealt with by homogenisation in the simulation but let me give a human face to these people. there is a pop singer he's famous for
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a song where he's encouraging young people to study hard to do physical exercise and to be courtis he is not a terrorist. or a second example there is another gentleman and he was very promising footballer because he travelled abroad he was deemed a potential terrorist if he is in a camp he is not a terrorist in the last but not least and it's really important. the peace activist very widely respected individual he has always advocated that the predominantly han chinese should get along with the weaker us and vice versa he was locked up for life for this kind of moderate advocacy on behalf of his own people so i would say these three individuals need to be released immediately the one million we. need to be released immediately there is no justification to bring so much harm
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to them and their families should be able to live in peace and free from fear victor what's your response to that and charles you want to come and do no harm in the fighters are fighting definitely not on militia reactor five thousand people so why not five thousand wheedle fighter fighting in syria has about three or four person in their family fighting together how does five thousand fighters go over to. syria come on charles every country has had problems with fighters going out to syria has enjoyed five arest attacks in china. not locked up a million muslims in france five thousand and how did they get there there's a support group the same in france charles and the french of not locked up a million people they have a problem the french claim they have a problem radicalisation they've gotten a state of emergency but they haven't detained many people but even the french haven't said you can't name your son muhammad you can't have children entering
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mosques government employees can't fast during ramadan you can grow quote abnormally long beards that's asian is banned we give people from doing that's for children not being allowed to go into mosques that's totally forces are false how do you know that because i've seen the photos of them of the sign there are photos of i have a. neighbor next immediate next door neighbor. who is muslim who goes to mosque with his children in beijing. and you know what have you so don't ask me i don't know anything about this but then you jump in to say everything's fake steve let me ask you this you're listening to charles of it are saying this is propaganda what do we know what is the evidence suggest to you that you've seen that can be corroborated about what's happening on the ground on a place like what we do know of the political system is that the communist party of china has a monopoly of truth and the motley of history in china. therefore what base a must be true is by definition and what anybody else has to say that does not.
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coincide with what the party sais. that is what we're dealing with when we're talking about one tenth of one definable minority in the whole country. being identified and put in kent how would our friends here feel if one tenth of the native population of shanghai all. beachy are living in camps jobs will answer. never thought about that question because it is just president. i just don't see it i don't see it happening and i don't see a possible physically to spend this in order and the amount of time on something which many of myself included don't feel to be truthful is i think they could have propaganda on your part and here's what i don't get on the one hand you say i don't
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know anything about this on the other hand you sir believe if i'm truthful you can't have it both ways charles if you don't know anything about it maybe you shouldn't accuse other people of making stuff up and you invent to say it's all fake news. maybe there's maybe there is something. ok we're going to leave the discussion we're going to take a break we're going to come back in part to head to head with charles lew with our panel of experts we're going to hear from our patient audience here in the oxford union we're going to talk about the chinese economic miracle and about much more t. thank. my name is some people say that my feelings openly program that they're not real but if i think the real they are real don't you think south america was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android which is one of the more advanced robots in the world can around but feel that's a philosophical question it's not allowed but you do socially connect on
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a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity. or knowledge as earring. in the course this week he's on a mission to save the. inventor of the world wide web. with china's biggest company counting the cost. and here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera changes will be made to new zealand's gun laws to fifty people were killed in choosing two mosques in christ church prime minister. says the government's agreed to reforms but needs a few more days to work out the detail grieving family members are now preparing to bury their loved ones many are frustrated at the delay in receiving the bodies
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because of the investigation but the prime minister says that all. of the families by witness to him. police commissioner has given details of the enormity of the investigation the. criminal investigation is the largest one ever taken by the new zealand police and of the number of investigators that we have conducting this investigation alongside a number of space we have two hundred fifty detectives and specialists right across the country conducting this investigation and in fact it is an international investigation with jurisdictions right around the world assisting us with those inquiries. the new york times has revealed more details about the
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killing of the saudi journalist. it says the murder in the saudi consulate in istanbul last october was part of a wider campaign although arised by crown prince mohammed bin solomon report cites u.s. officials with access to classified intelligence documents and saudi officials with the right knowledge of the operations ethiopia's transport minister says there are clear similarities between the ethiopian airlines plane crash and the lion air disaster in indonesia six months earlier both involved boeing seven three seven max eight aircraft there's been a mass funeral service for victims of last sunday's crash thousands of mourners led a procession through the capital addis ababa accompanied seventeen empty caskets draped in the national flag. the israeli army is rated areas in the occupied west bank after an israeli soldier was killed the military says the palestinian stabbed the soldier before escaping near the ariel settlement south of nablus there is the
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headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera let's get you back to head to head now. thank you indra while head to head on al-jazeera my guest today is charles liu the financier entrepreneur informal advisor to the chinese government undoubtedly the chinese economy has been a success story in many ways record growth millions of people lifted out of poverty and the only ones questions that but there are of course as you know serious concerns about the sustainability of the chinese economic miracle how long it's going to last the jobs markets got a lot tougher exports and imports a slowdown the chinese stock indexes i believe lost almost a quarter of their value last year even the trade war with the u.s. seems to be taking its toll are we witnessing the beginning in of the end of the chinese economic. i remember a book from one thousand nine hundred ninety eight by a top economist called the oncoming collapse of the chinese economy that's
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nineteen ninety eight two thousand and nineteen twenty some years ago there's been plenty of discussion about the oncoming collapse of the chinese economy and the coming collapse of the chinese financial system oncoming collapse of chinese productivity i'm afraid so far it's proven that it's last year and believe that. the chinese economy is transforming it is moving from cheap labor manufacturing for fortune five hundred companies to a significantly. meaningful domestic market and domestic consumption now six point five percent ok i would say to my co-investors even four percent is is quite good because the base is so much bigger now one thing that's been a consistent trend in china has just been getting worse and worse over the last few decades is inequality that seems to be spiraling out of control in
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a country there were eighteen million new chinese billionaires in twenty eighteen alone that's almost two new billionaires a week while tens of millions of people still live in poverty why is a self-styled communist society producing so many billionaires and so much income inequality why i think it's the value creation is society as a whole then shopping said that some people get rich first in terms of developing milton friedman said something similar they were going to say the same thing to the real exactly if you recall down economics and now the chinese or the chinese socialist way ok it's the trickle down or is there some things much more significant according to a recent study by the european think tank bruegel quote the large and persistent income gap is partly the fault of china's tax and transfer system and quote very generous personal income tax allowance and exemptions that favor high income individuals you're a high income individual you charles have you benefited from this tax system haven't you while other chinese have and there are two aspects to this new tax
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rolls have just been implemented which is supposed to be much more second is. it's very very difficult to have a transforming society that is changing so rapidly and to have a taxing system that fits in every stage of development and if you look at china in the nineteen eighties early one nine hundred ninety s. it was basically cheap manufacturing and then they moved into something else and yet today the article one of the chinese constitution still says that the people's republic of china is a socialist state led by the working class that's just a completely false. china today you know led by the working class you know not really a socialist. was certainly not a socialism nor norway and in the end in sweden. we prefer to look at what happens to the economy and whether or not people's livelihoods have been improved ok well let's talk about some of the rich chinese and what they're up to the who are on the group very well respected research company did
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a survey of high net worth individuals in china rich millionaires and so and they found that almost half the number of rich chinese are planning to move away from china to protect their fortunes and to get better educations for their kids a lot of chinese billionaires billionaires you know i mean you keep going on about the west the west a lot of the rich people in your country are obsessed with the west they buy houses in the west they send their kids to school in the west they buy western art at ridiculous prices ok. it's part of the investment i buy things in the west as well you wanted i think they wanted to move because of the political environment in china one in five said they want to protect their assets three quarters that they want their children to have a better education not a great vote of confidence in china from its richest be ok i have investments all over the world as well it doesn't mean that i'm moving out of china the number you should look at is the number of students returning to china after getting an education in the worst of course with china by the for cation by the u.s. a lot of chinese students being pushed out of u.s.
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schools i guess how billionaire business men can send their kids abroad to study how do you explain the president of china a twenty two thousand dollars a year official salary paying for his only daughter to go to harvard how do you explain all these top politburo officials who are on twenty two thousand twenty three thousand dollars a year sending their kids to some of the most expensive private schools and universities how do they pay for that if you went purely by scores that eighty percent of the population of the u.c. system will be asian they happen to be better students and they get scholarships so did she jinping daughter get a scholarship to go to harvard i don't know i assume he could have she could have because you know that his family according to a bloomberg study found to be billionaires his brother in law's name appeared in the panama papers the chinese political elite is riddled with corruption as you well know and that's something that has been in the process of being addressed the last four years what does that say about your model that the chinese government has rounded up two million people communist party officials have been disciplined for
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corruption in recent years thank god that they've been rounded up what about the president the politburo he seems to only arrest people who are not in his inner circle the people he likes never seem to get arrested not true really can you name ally of the president who landed up recently. who's an ally who's not there are politburo members who are brought to charges well let's ask our panel andrea folder is here trying to export at the university of nottingham to asia research institute in the u.k. you've advised german and european authorities are engaged with china you're shaking your head when charles talks about how the problem is in china and is it being dealt with well first of all of course it's very opaque it's a dangerous topic to talk about however we know from the wiki leaks and one of the cables from the us state department. that the police committee is basically a cabal of business and these individual members control whole industries so was what was alleged is that for example that the no increase in secret securities are . basically controlled the oil industry and for example case of the former premier
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wen jiabao or his wife she apparently like diamonds a lot so she would control the press release gems sector now if you think about it the cutting of the economic pie like this then thinking that this founder of amazon is the richest man in the world i think becomes a rather fancy full idea because these members in the political standing committee probably and their families are far richer than any individual outside china victor gao is reversed chinese international politics expert vice president the center for china and globalization in beijing for my interpreter to the late president. how do you explain to someone who's been around some of these people you've been in their presence where do they get all their money from of their own twenty two grand a year first of all for the record corruption in china is deeply entrenched secondly as an institution and as a policy the chinese government chinese party and the chinese people cannot tolerate corruption so whatever that's necessary to weed out corruption to reinhart
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corrupt officials will do and this is exactly what charles mentioned the chinese system is doing over the past five or six years in particular to be. in chasing after these corrupt place it is those who have working as a chinese overseas wealth as doubled between two thousand and twelve and twenty eighteen they seem to be getting away with offshoring all their assets let me add another point however over the past twenty or thirty years probably the president almost all the cities as significantly so most of the urban citizens in china to say the least about the government officials can actually afford their kids send their kids to the best schools in the west is specially of the chinese system of family relatives pulling our funds together to support the outstanding member in china many you know really they all want to dress this point that you have the former prime minister's wife controlling the diamond industry of different politburo members controlling different sectors of the economy how is that that's
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socialism with the chinese characteristic that's exactly what we were talking about before. politburo members were whole to task for these things i mean the thing is there was a report by the people bank of china in two thousand and eleven and they found out that since the one nine hundred ninety s. eighteen thousand party officials managers off. because they don't enterprise etc had fled the country and they took with them a whopping one hundred twenty twenty billion u.s. dollars if you think about that kind of theft of looting of state assets if that had been invested let's see in the chinese education system or in china's health system that would have alleviated a lot more poverty but let me bring in steve there who's been waiting patiently british political scientist born in hong kong currently the director of the china institute at the school of oriental and african studies in london how bad is the inequality problem in china and could either of our distinguished guest from china
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tell us what the coefficient is in china this is the measure of inequality that is the measure of inequality. i studied china and korea i confess that i cannot tell you because that no such thing is available why because the chinese government don't want to be available maybe the party has caught them but if the party has the information is top secret is completely classified we are not allowed to know what it is victor in china many people are not very happy about comparing their wealth to their neighbors however one thing is true all among the majority of the chinese people that is if that person compares his own situation with his situation ten years of war twenty years ago or forty years ago every world is better off that's the megatrend we need to keep focused on the great changes that have that's
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happening to everyone among the chinese people and that means every chinese quality or major issue you can't just dismiss it finished deal with this point about. where this wealth comes from and how they use it to spend abroad the problem of corruption and it's basically systemic and the chinese government under xi jinping has done a lot to deal with corruption and you quoted the two million figure all for all there is also a different set of figures the so-called tiger. tigers are basically mice minister and above rang senior leaders in the chinese government by the western economic copulation about just below two hundred tigers has been brought down the chinese state media to figures of closer to both seven hundred amongst the two hundred or seven hundred thinkers neighing theory who are people who had previously worked with president xi and why is it so difficult to name even one single one of those
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who remember them you don't know who is. two hundred and seven hundred star but you do you you know you can know who they are how do you identify who is in what county we can look at their careers the parties going on with their career structures or who are who have worked with president xi when he was in the lucian is that people around treasure of not being locked up for corruption of steve position can you dispute that you have to have a person that i don't have a view on ok let's take let's go i want to go back to something limited when you said that. the amount of wealth of china in the last ten years was over twenty two and twenty two has doubled or believe the g.d.p. has doubles as well there are a lot of chinese billionaires take it i'm wondering how about so ok in a socialist country supposedly with the you define a socialist you know baby how do you define socialism i think social this is just a slogan in reality it's the chinese way of doing things i'm glad we agree it's
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just a slogan for the chinese ok let's go to the audience we've been waiting very patiently raise your hands wait for a microphone to come to let's go to lady here thank you very much i am i have been cut off from my speaking to my family since beginning of two thousand and seventeen just like the many sauza in south living overseas and my question to you mr liu does it really bother or concern you that the country that you made whole after every announcing you are taiwanese sits the ship is criminalizing the entire. people and implementing policies that major vested in news organizations law makers and legal scholars have described as crimes against humanity thank you first of all i have weaker friends.
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if it's valid that there are things which are not properly done of course is not good of course is not good. earlier you said that it was propaganda for me when you hear these stories you realize it's probably not best to dismiss everything as propaganda i use propaganda because you are you abrasive aggressive way of addressing the story so it wasn't about the substance you just don't like my style ok that's fine i can live with the substance of it is no is the only what's going on she calls because this is somebody and i'm just sitting this lady said i don't know i don't know victims wants to jump and victor this. we go i would treat you as a brother or sister the same as a tree the majority of people i'm on the way people secondly if i could give you one piece of advice. if any of your brothers and sisters their relatives are communist party members in china then by party discipline they are not allowed to
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go to the mosque if they want to go to a mosque resign from the communist party of china so the government in china has a if you are a communist party member of china don't call to a mosque. don't. do it as i do to ask you a follow up on this there are no reports which haven't been really denied by the chinese government that the communist party that you talk about is sending han chinese people to live in we get. to watch them twenty four seven as they eat drink pray is that fake news as well there is no problem in believing i have many islamic friends you have your friends your muslim friends i get it not how well you have people living in your house i just still will because a lot of we get to do right now however if any way in china misuses as a pretext or to split away from china that's a cry for their people's living rooms in. the communist party and i'm not aware of
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i've never been inside the family of unfortunately a lot of chinese communist party members have let's go back to the audience let's take the lady there in the green scarf about your you sad. doesn't people wanted to syria and the fad and my question to you is how did you let something go syria too far with such a strict beriah and one hundred years there are one checkpoints and even so people can't go on town to another town and so to st surveillance how did you let something go to the syria big to do want to talk about most of these fighters now syria previously and currently in afghanistan have smuggled themselves out of china so in that action itself is a violation of chinese law again there are smuggling activities we go out of china through myanmar through to malaysia for examples of this is a problem only to china but to china's neighboring countries and dress for you here
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are trying to get your take on this this all you know what terrorism is a credible argument in your view where you self made the point that every country has to deal with this extremism the question is how you do that i think this idea that you need to create this more and more. nation where ethnic difference is not tolerated where cultural difference is not tolerated and where religious activity is not tolerated i think this is where the lack of a better word rabbit or that the chinese party has gone in where i'm not quite sure how they can get out of where the off ramp really is because do you want to keep like a million weekers in these camps for ever or the next five years or when you release them i need to go back to the audience but very briefly victor how long how long this comes first of all i do not agree with the premise of your question there are more mosques being built as we speak there probably any other religious establishment in china let's go back to do this lady here in the black church in
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a second row china still has a poor social security net and working. and working conditions of the poor workers are still. a problem in china and i want to ask how can these conditions be improved charles there is a shortfall in the social security paul there's no question one of the ways that that has been addressed has been the allocation of temp and cent of the shareholding of state or enterprises many of which are listed companies either in new york or hong kong or in china. to look. into the social security paul isn't the problem again come out of the idea of socialism slogan or not in the beginning of the show you were telling me all india wishes they could spend what we spend on defense without really something to brag about when you spend i think five percent of your g.d.p. on health and two percent on education which is lower than what sudan spends on
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health and education as a proportion of value that's pretty embarrassing for a country your size see all the world think calling is a socialist i think i am doing the poor people when i really help them i think i think health education spending should be more in internal hasn't been it's been increasing significantly but why is so low in a country that claims to care about the working class it could be it could be spending more sure let's take some more questions and a little lady in the red shirt my question is do you think that the rise in populism and the economic slowdown in the west is possibly a threat to china the rise of habilis and reap some of the in a political sense is a threat to the whole world because what we have in terms of the us for example and even europe is a challenge to the rise of asia overall china because if you look at the two hundred eighty components for your i phone two hundred seventy something are made in asia and assembled in china and its efficiency is one hands because of the
3:41 pm
market size so this rise of populism in trying to move the supply chain from asia back to the united states it is a threat it's a threat to the whole world not just a. china because the supply chain and this market has been very beneficial for the whole world this is how the west including the u.s. and europe has been able to get lower cost of living lower and cheaper goods ok let's go to the gentleman who was waiting with that i lost contact. all families says early two thousand and seventeen and i recently found out my siblings and they are in the so-called concentration camps. i don't know are they still alive or not and secondly i don't know my mother is. she is well. not allowed to talk communicate with
3:42 pm
them and also why they lot a lot to my mother related to me. why my mom must suffer from not seeing and hearing from their source to my question that statement i have no idea has let me out let me turn into a question when you hear such stories on you concerned as a citizen of china as to what's good might be going on in your career yes i am and when you go about trying to do anything about it find out more about the subject. ok let's go let's go back to the audience i said at the back person you do believe that china's notion of human rights is fundamentally different if saw how would you define china's human rights policy very good question i think cultural difference there. in terms of human rights for example. cultural differences and i actually can create circumstances there was a lot of complained about the violation of human rights to force one family per
3:43 pm
child but if that policy was not implemented china would be over two billion people now who feed them who are educate them so there are concrete circumstances and very pragmatic issues that have to be addressed ok gentlemen the bit i said here if you will stand up and get the money do you think it is good practice for the chinese government to have full control over the information its citizens do online. to take a sneaky peek at the rest of the internet when your new k. no i don't have the i don't have any problems because i don't take sneaky peeks of things that i'm not interested in ok so but as in terms of the question of the chinese government control the flow of information i think there should be some measure of control including in the united states but total control in china. that should be the lesson that should be reduce you'd like to see reduced i'm sure you think it will
3:44 pm
be. in some in some cases it has been ok let me ask you as we're out of time but i want to ask you this you were born in taiwan capitalist society you moved to the u.s. as a child you studied n.y.u. in princeton you worked at the u.n. but in one thousand nine hundred eighty five i believe you gave up your taiwanese passport and your u.s. green card to become a citizen of the people's republic what made you give up all those liberties and freedoms and move to china. i felt quite oppressed in the u.s. i participated with martin luther king in the civil rights march in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight well and. against the war in vietnam and i have one of my stellar students a princeton beaten to death by rednecks just because i was trying this and you thought china was the place to go to get mono i just thought if they don't want to chinese i'll just be chinese and you participate in the m.l.k. protests civil rights nine hundred sixty eight if you think those protests could
3:45 pm
ever happen in china. i was actually shocked at how it took two hundred years for the u.s. to be addressing the issue of blacks sitting on the back of busses the chinese mind in the time and you might get those protests but nor and well i hope china doesn't have to to have protest for these things to be a result allowed at the moment the point to make you called protest the owner no way that he's going to avoid even though the this there's plenty of protests in terms of even when the stock market crashed you know people were protesting charles liu we'll have to leave it there thank you so much for joining me on the show thanks to our audience here in the oxford union thanks to our panel thanks for watching thank you charles liu with us.
3:46 pm
the a. hello there we go lots of wet weather over parts of the middle east at the moment for take a look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud making its way through parts of turkey through parts of iraq and into iran where it's giving us a lot of snow and a fair amount of rain as well that system will then work its way eastwards as we head through into monday and for parts of afghanistan we're expecting maybe up to fifty centimeters of snow from this system so that would cause a fair amount of disruption that system only slowly edges its way northward of we head through the day on choose say to the south of all of that is looking a lot quieter for many of us here will get to around twenty four degrees and here in doha we should be back to business as usual as well from all the dust should have cleared the winds will be firing down from the northwest twenty five degrees will be our maximum temperature on monday and no massive change as we head into tuesday further south it looks fine and settle for since the lower rather humid
3:47 pm
there and a top temperature of thirty degrees down to a southern parts of africa we've still got the remains of off i claim with us they're here and they're still giving us some very very heavy downpours so we're expecting more in the way of flooding rains here they could be more in the way of landslides as well because this system is sticking around even as we head through the day on choose day so yet more wet weather falling on a ready saturated and flooded grounds it does look like it'll be a pretty messy day. my name is some people saying that my feelings are only programmed that they're not real but if i think the real time they are real don't you think so erica was designed to be the world's most advanced autonomous android which is one of the more advanced robots in the world can a robot feel that's a philosophical question it's not a lot of what you do socially connect on a subconscious level we are creating this new kind of entity.
3:48 pm
on march twenty fourth thailand will hold its first general election since the two thousand and fourteen military coup most thais are hoping for political stability but after years of military rule will this election be the answer join us for live coverage as thailand votes on al-jazeera. we are of one mind we are absolutely united as a cabinet he was even gets tough on gun laws after two mosque attacks the prime minister says the reforms will be announced in ten days. the special tributes for the fifty people killed in those shootings as families
3:49 pm
wait for the bodies of their loved ones. hello i'm adrian for again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up ethiopia says there are clear similarities between last weekend's ethiopian is airlines crash and indonesia's line a disaster in october and we take you to the arctic sea but the promise is to transport visitors back two thousand years for a glimpse of life in the middle east. new zealand's government has confirmed that it will tighten access to guns off to fifty worshippers was shot dead during friday prayers at two mosques in christchurch prime minister just send a says that a cabinet has agreed in principle to gun reform high powered rifles like those used
3:50 pm
in the attacks are expected to be banned. i've already made clear that number of new zealanders question the availability of military style simulate a medic weapons in new zealand however i will be giving a more fulsome of days house once we've worked through the in principle decision that cabinet has made today the country's top police officer says the threat level across the country remains high armed police have been deployed around schools businesses and places of worship the criminal investigation is new zealand's largest police believe the suspect burns and terence carried out the attacks alone but may have had some support let's go live now to christchurch as there was way to hey is this so what wayne what exactly is the government proposing what it's talking about gun reform. well we don't know the exact details yes we saw the new zealand prime minister emerge from that cabinet meeting it was her first cabinet meeting since the attack on friday and she said
3:51 pm
that they have agreed in principle as you mentioned that there will be changes to the gun laws in new zealand and she said that it was unanimous that all the cabinet members agreed on these laws changes but she wasn't prepared just yet to announce details about exactly what changes there will be but they will announce that within the next week to ten days we assume based on some of the comments that she has made since friday and she's been very clear that there will be changes that this focus will go mainly on the issue of semiautomatic military style weapons and they will probably call for those to be banned completely because brenton tyrant the only suspect in this attack used semiautomatic weapons during the carrying out of the massacre the police are saying that these semiautomatic weapons were in fact modified so they weren't semiautomatic he was able to allegedly modify
3:52 pm
them with parts that he purchased legally with the gun license that he had said that may also be a focus of these laws changes trying to ban or restrict the sale of these parts that it seems that he was able to use to modify these weapons and turn them into semiautomatic ones when the families of those killed in the attacks have expressed frustration understanding but frustration at the slow pace of the investigation the fact that they haven't yet been able to bury the loved ones what assurances of they've been given moment. well in fact there were even further delays we heard again from the prime minister on sunday saying that she hoped the first of those bodies would be released from the hospital after the formal identification process was completed and the post-mortems to the family members sometime sunday evening we understand that didn't happen that now here we
3:53 pm
are late on monday the process has now started of getting the first of those bodies out of the hospital and returned to family members so they can begin those funeral and burial procedures we saw quite a media conference being carried out on monday by a variety of government agencies and also leaders of the islamic community and they really i guess tried to educate non muslim members of the community about what procedure is that they family members would like to go through perhaps to explain why some of that frustration has been evident from the family members because of the apparent slow process of returning those bodies to the families where many things soldiers here as well you know hey there live in christchurch the suspect is from a stray leah and police there have conducted several raids as part of the investigation into the attacks. has more now from sydney. the two properties belong to members of
3:54 pm
brenton tyrant's family one his mother and the other his sister police say they took both his mother and his sister to a safe place for their own protection earlier today on monday and said that their system them with their inquiries police were also at pains to make it clear that there were no impending threats that they were just looking for anything that could support the new the new zealand police in their investigation so it seemed as though it was just an evidence gathering exercise looking for anything that could help the investigation into the christ church attack now and there isn't a lot that is known about brenton terence and his movements of the last few years these trailing government says that he's only spent forty five days here over the last three years he was most recently here for his sister's birthday about a year ago so it seems as though police are looking for any clues anything that could help them paint a more comprehensive picture of the alleged attacker. commissioner in
3:55 pm
new zealand. shows the paint is on the rise. under this would probably think more we are one of most peaceful countries on earth and that this doesn't happen in new zealand and martin ms rice rations commission is a new zealand tried really hard to get new zealanders to understand that it she this happens in our country you know that most marginalized and vulnerable groups face abuse and discrimination every day you know and i think. you know i haven't made a muslim woman new zealand who hasn't suffered some form of abuse and discrimination you know and we might think that that's. it and the signs were there that it was building you know in recently is these things have increased and in the full people in the government to actually take them seriously and i think that's what's happened as people would actually taking these threats seriously you know it also happens to our jewish community as well people seeing the rise of white
3:56 pm
supremacy hatreds being normalized everywhere in the world and what we're seeing now is a rise in people feeling validated to do so you know for what's happening all around the world and that has now creeped not crypt into our country it's been made very very very visible so this require as real real real leadership from the very top you know i have been instrumental in bringing the voice of a muslim community to the leaders of our country to those in senior officials and sadly today what we've seen is that those voices have been ignored so all they have asked for is for help they've asked for results as both human and financial to actually build stronger communities and that's one of the pillars of countering violent extremism is at the grassroots these communities know the issues that face and that they also have the solutions it's not for us to tell them what to do it's for us to actually give them support to be able to do it it wouldn't or possibly
3:57 pm
wouldn't have prevented what has happened today but that's part and passage of what we need to do going forward it's really important that we continue to do what we did yesterday and the day before that and the day before that is to call out hate when in way we say it to be brave to actually understand now that this happens even peaceful on new zealand racism as have been for years ask any modern new zealand. fighting is ongoing at an army checkpoint in northern afghanistan after an oversized overnights taliban assault killed twenty two people the attack happened in the province of the taliban have stepped up attacks in recent weeks around one hundred afghan soldiers fled the posts in the western province of bad gifts they tried to cross into neighboring took menaced on during a week long battle with the taliban the ongoing violence marks the latest in a string of setbacks for the afghan military u.s. backed fighters in syria say the battle to retake one of isis last strongholds will
3:58 pm
be longer than expected the syrian democratic forces say that efforts to recapture bugaboos are being slowed down by landmines it says that thousands of civilians being held as human shields the group says it's killed sixteen hundred eisel faces in the past few weeks israeli media has identified the person suspected of killing an israeli soldier in the occupied west bank on sunday the israeli military says the palestinians stab the soldier took his weapon and fired at civilians outside the aerial settlement south of the then escaped from the scene a number of arrests have been made in the village where the suspect lives let's go live now to romola. ibrahim joins us from what's the latest on the investigation. so the israeli army is the village where they believe the nineteen year old attacker is from we know that the father has been. taken by the israeli army and released however the fifteen year old brothers
3:59 pm
has been in detention israeli army has since at security cameras around the village and we hear from locals they have basically that they feel their attacks and. against people over there as well as the family a house that might potentially be demolished as we heard from the israeli statement many thanks indeed for that with a full cost next to zero then with just two months to go far right the leader of the far right jewish power party is banned from israel's elections we'll tell you why. a changing world american gang members take on a different fight. hello
4:00 pm
there the weather's been really messy across europe recently with one system after another you can see the latest area of town to rain that's working its way up through scandinavia at the moment and giving us some strong winds as it does say so that's where we'll see the worst of the weather during the day on monday still dragging plenty of cloud rain and snow behind it as well that in the southeast is a lot brighter there twenty four quite warm there in bucharest and that warm weather stretching towards the west too so seventeen with a maximum in rome and sixteen with some sunshine in madrid after the western parts of europe will see the pressure begin to build over the next few days and that means the weather will settle down and we'll see less showers and the winds will ease as well so the temperatures there on thirteen for london paris and more in the way of sunshine as we head through the day on tuesday as well for the other side of the mediterranean generally is look.


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