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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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criticized social media platforms for not doing enough to remove videos of the shooting which was live streamed by the suspect the point that i would like to make there is you know obviously this is the new proliferation it's of its availability . one point five million times the fact that only one point two of those times is being automated tells me they are of course our powers to take a very direct approach to instances of. speech that incites violence or that incites height and i would call on our social media platforms of over icy to demonstrate the kind of responsibility that both lead to these have been and that includes stars who perpetuate the messages in the aftermath there is a lot of work that needs to be done on the suspect is from a stray or the police that conducted several raids as part of the investigation into the attacks your album elam has more now from since. the two properties belong
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to members of brenton tyrant's family one his mother and the other his sister police say they took both his mother and his sister to a safe place for their own protection earlier today on monday and said that their them with their enquiries police were also at pains to make it clear that there were no impending threats that they were just looking for anything that could support the new the new zealand police in their investigation so it seemed as though it was just an evidence gathering exercise looking for anything that could help the investigation into the christ church attack now that there isn't a lot that is known about brenton tyrant and his movements of the last few years. government says that he's only spent forty five days here over the last three years he was most recently here for his sister's birthday about a year ago so it seems as though police are looking for any clues anything that
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could help them paint a more comprehensive picture of the alleged attacker. has been held in the city of melbourne for the victims of the attacks hundreds of people filled the lawn of the state library to hear from the city's muslim christian jewish and hindu communities talk about the importance of interfaith solidarity following the shootings and the odds are spoke with. rights commission he hopes brings more women to human rights abuses in the country. we have to keep in mind that when you look across the world you zealand has one of the best human rights records in the world but one has to say the competition isn't great is it new zealand is a multicultural society it's welcoming of all religions all backgrounds all ethnicities but having said that there's no doubt that in some quarters of society
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in new zealand the reserve problem of islamophobia and there is a problem of racism and we have to be mature enough to recognise that and then try and take steps to deal with it i think that we have to give closer attention to this ghastly insidious invidious problem we have to give closer attention to it i mean for instance we the new zealand human rights commission has been asking for better collection of. hate related crimes we need to know the scale of the problem and then once we have that information we need to have a comprehensive survey examination of this phenomenon in new zealand and then we need to devise on top of that an effective plan of action to deal with this sort of xenophobia extremism and i think that it's beholden on us in order to support the
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islamic community in new zealand to take those steps and others i have to say that i'm here in christchurch and i'm attending a lot of meetings with the muslim community here in christchurch and i'm i'm really impressed by the the unity they demonstrate and the dignity they exhibit and it's those sorts of sentiments on which we have to build but we must recognise that there is a problem and devise suitable policies to address. plenty more ahead on the news hour including israeli media identify a man wanted for killing two israelis in the occupied west bank. which. promises to transport. of life in the middle east. lebron james in the long. run it will be here with that story.
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a freight train has derailed in the democratic republic of congo killing ways to a hitching a ride at least thirty five mostly children died in provence police expect the casualty count to rise as bodies found in wagons which overturned a cycling that swept across southern africa has killed more than one hundred thirty people mozambique ninety percent of the central city of beara has been destroyed winds up to one hundred seventy kilometers per. hour swept away homes and bridges damaged power lines cycling travel from a long way across mozambique and into zimbabwe it's me now is michael ware who joins us with the latest from one of the hardest hit areas in central many malcolm tell us what you've seen and what kind of devastation you've witnessed. hard time began thursday evening ferocious winds and that was followed by days of
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torrential rain which is only just started to read off in the last few hours although it's very thing again right now that stopped almost all rescue efforts along with roads and bridges being washed away you can see some kind of damage here these trees completely blocking this road brought down the crowd lines power's off all of the affected areas as are all communication networks and as our running water as well so people are really stuck here and you can see this tree landed on a house to the side fortunately there was no one in the building but dozens of people have been killed across the country and officials are only just starting to put together a picture of how many people are killed and injured in this area hundreds of houses have been destroyed people homes are quite basic here just bricks and mud tonight and sheet until it's ready to rain the strong winds destroyed many of those around here there are dozens of families just in this small town who are sheltering in schools. we're hearing that from one city alone to bury the red cross international
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red cross is saying that it's ninety percent of the city has been destroyed. that's right that's based on an aerial survey that they did actually weyburn an aircraft looking at it from above because in very little access to the city so far it's a city on the coast and that's where the cyclamen came in from the indian ocean connected with land so that's where most destruction was done the last road did connect the barrier was washed away on sunday when it first said the only way in and out of there now is by and that's been restricted because the weather in the last few days to the rescue efforts only just beginning to come in and with of course no communications roads rivers roads washed away bridges and so on destroyed it's very difficult to get which you can begin any kind of humanitarian response and that presents all sorts all manner of implications does not from the potential for
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disease to food supplies and so on that's what i mean in this region where we are most people are subsistence farmers actually struggled with some drought in recent months then about six months worth of rainfall coming down in three or four days not destroyed a lot of people a crop so that means people here of course are going to be stuck without food and no way to get it to them in this town i spoke about are. two main roads that connect it one of them has a bridge that's been washed away the other one crosses through a river not right now completely submerged so there's almost no way to get any humanitarian assistance to this area any time soon unless it's brought in by a markham thanks very much for that update michael ware reporting there well you know just when may is the africa regions communications manager for the red cross or the red crescent and he says wide scale damage has hampered relief and rescue efforts in this is your bureau. we are continuously receiving reports in images
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and footage from beira from the affected areas and all we can say now is that the scale of destruction is massive we have been informed that about ninety percent of the area has been completely destroyed most of the roads have been destroyed and about two days ago one of the dance in the outskirts of a or a bust and it cut off all access to this fifty dollars a last access are valuable and prior to that paul had closed in that no flights were approved so you can see that you know accessing to people who needed help has been a challenge so we have tried to prioritize and there are system inside our own going by the us we have been some assessments already so priorities are in terms of shelter so you will remember that before the cyclon hit beira.
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floods and rains for both a week which had already displaced are both seventeen thousand people so even before this i clone made landfall there were must needs in terms of shelter so shelter is one of the most immediate needs people in parts of zimbabwe are also cleaning up after the cycle and i do through work is underway to please several major roadways to reach the epicenter of the storm the districts of the money money and near the border with mozambique is one of the areas reeling from cycling and is being cut off from the rest of the country and the military is helping to restore at least two vital routes more than eighty people have died in eastern and southern zimbabwe that's enough for her return so he reports from the town of chipping in southeastern zimbabwe close with mr beaty. a big problem is that a lot of the bridges and roads in the area have been cut off or destroyed by the
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flood waters a lot of people are stuck in the car moved so this is an alternative and people in the local community are coming together using big rocks to try and create different growth so people can pasternack says areas people have been stuck some of them for days the situation in some parts of the region like my new money for example we are told that some boarding schools have been cut or sold and they are stranded the army is trying to reach them but of course that depends on how good the weather is with the helicopter fly and reads the children who've been stranded there also hundreds of people stuck at a hotel who were able to walk the when the floods came and they sought shelter there but they need things like food blankets and clothes and they say time is running out the problem for aid workers the military anyone trying to reach people who need help is that the roads are just not possible at the moment so that really it's the are trying as much as they can to take it upon themselves to make sure
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that people who need to cross over and help people who are stuck are able to do that of course it's going to be a long process it's all manual as you can see even on the scenes here so who knows how long it will take these people to get the word done meanwhile people are alive up across the road in their cars because they can pass hoping and praying that this process is slow painful review process. the number of indonesians killed in flash floods and landslides in papua province has risen to at least seven doctors have set up turns to treat the wounded many people are homeless following flooding caused by drenching rain rescues are looking for survivors trapped by mud and fall into a baby found on the rubble was reunited with his father all sorts of weather happening at the moment the arctic cold has disappeared from north america. perhaps she quickly wrote yes maybe not entirely happy stories all about floods this is spring
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fronts come early so the temperatures across north america now already subzero who are less than just north of nebraska society go to an up into canada but it's nothing like as harsh as it was is not what you'd call an arctic cold which at least ten days ago in omaha the high temperature by day was minus two there's eighteen cent which is now in the ground and not in doubt about minus eight well as i say it's fairly quickly warmed up so ten days later march fourteenth plus sixteen by day no frost at night and all the snow has melted and i'm fraid it's also rains now you measure of a combination going to your waiting for spring thaw anyway but it's just have done little bit too quickly so in eastern nebraska or inside to care some degree and further east in iowa is now extensive flooding where they measure the height of the rivers and they do it quite often there are forty new records in south dakota and nebraska now i can't say it's all over the still a lot of snow still has disappeared because this strip is still full of it and the still some cold air is discussion which might bring down
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a little bit more stars of the high ground or at night even to lower ground but look at these temperatures across the u.s. in particular by day they generally speaking above freezing so what snow does for he's not going to last but the flooding you're afraid probably will make a rippling slope a second israeli has died as a result of the shooting that took place on sunday in the occupied west bank rabbi and an israeli soldier were killed in the attacks at the nupkins israeli army has made arrests in the village where the palestinian suspect lives and he says that searching for him it read the scene after a soldier was stabbed in his stolen gun used to far people outside the jewish settlement need to bring him has more from ramallah. there's a really army is still looking for a nineteen year old palestinian whom they believe has committed the attack yesterday they have raided the village of the north of the west bank and they have interrogated several members in the family including the father who was detained
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and released later on the fifteen year old brother is still in israeli detention and according to an israeli army statement the army is looking at demolishing the house of the suspect now the army has also raids have rivers is needed by confiscated security cameras over there and palestinians across the west bank fear such a retaliation still ahead here in the key white house official good friends president trump over what he hasn't said following the new zealand attacks. and changing roles for american gang members take on a different fight. we don't support to of course last minute error makes a difference is the semifinal lineup is decided in the english i think. for more than a decade he's been considered a threat to national security in russia putin said we'll give you the twelve
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indicted military intelligence officers indicted by special counsel robert mueller but what we want in return is you bill browder a multimillionaire investor in russia turned and he put an activist talks to us is the. result is one of nigeria's top tourist destinations but in the shadow of the mountain some nigerians continue an ancient tradition with child protection workers say condemns young girls to a life of slavery and sexual exploitation five year old miracle was buried for money just a few weeks ago you know only with some missionaries who say she's proved by the marriages happen i can i'm richard is a missionary who rescues girls their money goes to buy outrightly. one big truck to gail before she was born what if it takes forty is. the brother to go to get money away.
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i got a welcome back to what you are a reminder about top stories and police in the city. chain for a gunman who opened fire on a truck one person has been killed several injured following the dutch government has raised the terrorism threat to the highest possible level in the. rabbi has died of his injuries following sunday's shooting and stopping attacks milk west bank israeli soldiers killed in one of the attacks of the afternoon. and the israeli army has made arrests in the village where the palestinian suspect in the. new zealand prime minister says gun laws will be changed the way to friday's shooting at two mosques that killed fifty people government will consider private
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ownership of. rifles and buying a bag. the acting white house chief of staff has defended the us president for not calling out white extremists following the massacre in new zealand mick mulvaney it is said that donald trump has done what a president should do reaching out to new zealand's mitterrand offering condolences has been criticized for not explicitly condemning the attack in his manifesto the gunman called trump a symbol of renewed white identity carolyn's on to his more from washington d.c. . just on sunday president john donald trump tweeted comments of support towards a fox news host by the name of jeanine pirro this is important because pirro was suspended from her fox news show after saying very anti islamic islamophobia comments on her program trump tweeted support for her again this comes
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just three days after the terrible shootings in new zealand that claimed the lives of dozens of muslims now the president's chief of staff mick mulvaney was on the sunday shows and he said this about that claim instead of worrying about well who's to who's to blame how do we stop from doing this with donald trump is no more to blame for what happened in new zealand than mark zuckerberg is because he invented facebook there are some terrible people in the world we need to work with our partners of which new zealand is one of them to try and figure a way to find them expose them and bring them to justice democratic senator tim kaine also was on the sunday shows and he had some very pointed comments i want to read it to you he said we have to confront the fact that there is a rise in white supremacy anti immigrant an anti muslim attitudes in america tim kaine said the president united states uses language that's often very similar to the language used by bigots and racists that was from senator tim kaine on sunday many people hoping the president donald trump will be more do more to denounce this
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but so far in his presidency he's been reluctant to do so what is the spokeswoman for the islamic women's council of new zealand she told us she's always fit an attack on her community. we as a community did feel a rise in the level of negativity and the rise of the trio. through social media. through our experiences in real life and we did raise those concerns. i think that also watching what was happening overseas in other countries. and knowing that the world is now so much more and connected globally through social media and there it's we always had the fear that something could happen here once the immediate needs of the community in christchurch it and that will take some time yet there we need to be in being
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a lot of time working on the long term solutions that are going to take a lot of commitment not just from the government from but from the people of new zealand as well trade unions representing millions of workers in algeria refusing to support a new technocrat government thirteen unions are against newly appointed prime minister nouri diem but he better his decision to invite a known political groups into his cabinet more mass protests a planned out of the cancellation of next month's election president have. ended his bid for a fifth term but critics of the ailing eighty two year old say he wants to go and radical changes need to be made to the ruling system u.s. backed fighters in syria say the battle to retake one of eyesores last strongholds will be longer than expected syrian democratic forces say efforts to recapture by. being slowed down by learned mind it says thousands of civilians are being held as
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human shields the group is saying it's killed sixteen hundred deisel fighters in the past few weeks it's. activists in london bringing a replica jet to the house of parliament in protest of the u.k.'s continuing sales to saudi arabia the model plane is a copy of the u.k. made. warplane saudi is used in the yemeni conflict against the rebels the demonstration comes a week before the fourth anniversary of the war which is left thousands of civilians that. israel's supreme court has banned the leader of a far right party from running in next month's election it says that the micro of the jewish power party incited racism against palestinians this is an overturned the ruling by israel's election committee called holds a reinstated israeli palestinian parties which had been disqualified high force that has the latest now from west jerusalem. michael ben-ari is the leader of the
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us me a hoodie to a jewish power party which is the descendant of the harnessed party of the one nine hundred eighty s. led by the rabbi meir kahane of a party which itself was banned in one thousand nine hundred eight for its racist stance that is what has happened this time around the high court rather than banning the party vote is targeting michael been ari himself as an individual in accordance with the opinion of israel's attorney general of the judgment being eight to one ruling that he had indeed incited racism or taken concrete steps towards supporting and the arab anti palestinian racism his party though is still eligible to stand so his party colleague it and i've been banned via will still be able to stand for the knesset and the root of the reason that this is of such significance at this time is because the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu himself engineered a new lines between this party and other right wing parties to try to shore up the
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right wing vote make sure it was translated into seats in the israeli parliament the knesset on the april ninth elections to ensure he could get a coalition and maintain his right wing coalition after that election it's a step which is seen criticized by moderates here in israel especially by jewish organizations in the united states for dealing in racism there has been some blowback towards this from the right of israeli politics this court decision criticism that the court has been intervening in politics or the justice minister saying that it has crossed a red line and that she would take steps after the election to try to reign in the court at the same time it has reversed the early decision of the election commission to ban a joint list arab party run by a large and also a far left jewish candidate those decisions have been reversed they are eligible to stand michael ben-ari is not. for decades albania was ruled by one of the world's most repressive and isolated communist regimes hundreds of thousands of people were
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sent to labor camps or executed for crimes against the state the government recently gave surviving former prisoners access to secret police files to find out what happened the critics say that's not enough. graham harjo was nineteen when he tried to escape from communist albania he was caught and sentenced to twenty two years of hard labor drilling blast holes in the copper mines of spuds this is where he slept for thirteen of those years on the top bunk against this wall next to forty nine other men while here lost his father his youth and his dream of a life in the united states the government recently released the file the communist party kept on him and he found the name of the man who betrayed his escape plan. for the nepal what am i to do kill him whoever has done wrong that's not all judged by our people were beaten some could take it and some couldn't or some time someone
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was condemned to death they would keep him for forty five days with his head covered and his hands tied then someone would come from the central committee and say the party had spared your life but you must work for. albania was one of the most isolated and repressive communist regimes people weren't even allowed to talk to foreigners they were fed a propaganda diet suggesting that this was an exemplary society and enver hoxha who executed thousands ruled them with an iron fist people could end up with for listening to western music or being overheard saying they didn't like albania or complaining that they hadn't enough to eat. during half a century an estimated one hundred thousand people served time in forced labor camps including women and children that one in eighteen albanians thousands died in such places in the three decades since the fall of communism there has been no
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inquiry and no justice for the denounces and persecutors of these political prisoners that says aggro is because the same people have remained in politics that could be why this history of political persecution isn't taught in albanian schools your god dollar runs an awareness program for young people because she believes the failure of the political system to account for its past mistakes still haunts it economies rulers they could do whatever they wanted with their people nobody cared about them and this is still going on still now we see that we just grow and we we support very old tory tarion leaders at the end who don't take responsibilities for mistakes they do the government gave a gram sixty five thousand dollars as compensation for the fifteen years of hard labor he did he spent it sending his three daughters to study economics in germany and the u.k. and to stay there enjoying the freedom he never could jumps at all plus al-jazeera
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. sports the long waits for title is over for the former world number one son who will be here with that score.
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to the united states where former gang members are doing. and they're taking a novel approach hundred reports now from chicago follow the tracks from the chicago skyline and you'll find some of the most violent neighborhoods in america.
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last year here in the windy city five hundred thirty people were murdered fewer than the previous two years or so to see that. a group called cure violence is using a novel approach to reduce the killings treating violence like an epidemic and sending health workers mostly former gangsters into dangerous neighborhoods to stop the contagion a lot of people don't know valises like it's contagious disease you know say. he is watching us do the same thing just to sell us the approach started in two thousand after spending fifteen years with the world health organization battling tuberculosis cholera and aids in africa dr gary slotkin returned to chicago to find an astonishing parallel it looked to me just like these other problems like these other infectious diseases to say the maps showed clustering just like cholera
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and a. contagious disease. in west chicago in the most dangerous police district in the country shootings and killings fell sixty seven percent in the first year since then the program has expanded to several of chicago's worst neighborhoods and to twenty five other cities in more than fourteen countries we joined the group in two thousand and thirteen when a rival gang shot up the van of a man called grandad in a case of mistaken identity as the gang prepares to retaliate granddad calls cure violence then known as cease fire after the violence interrupters broker a tense negotiation the government offered three hundred dollars for repairs the price of a life here. the violence. during the cold months because it. happened so a little interaction now a more peaceful summer studies show neighborhood violence interrupters can reduce
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killings by fifty to seventy percent new york and los angeles each spend about twenty five million dollars a year on the program. they want you know but funding for chicago where it all began is just five to six million dollars a year and each year the city sees more murders than the two larger cities combined but even five million has made a difference john hendren al-jazeera chicago. we're going to return to shooting in utrecht in the netherlands where the government has raised the terrorism threat to the hottest possible level following a shooting on a track that you see here police staking out a building because the suspect is still on the run one person has been killed several injured the suspect is said to be a thirty seven year old man from turkey let's get an update from all reporter on
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the scene. for what more you hearing from that i question whether or not. and how dick i am right now i'm i'm at the scene where to reach you know shooting took place so tram if there's public transport hearing it's just. we are standing here everything and some knock and then there's not just relief from the c.n.n. investigative units and what's interesting now is that they've has released a fix your post the shooter and the fleet has released a figure and a name and. his speech from certain sense and his name is according to dutch media months and this he is well not a lot of their case immigrants came through genetic lens.


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