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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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the final hours. on al-jazeera. sweeps through leaving what's described as horrifying damage and more brain is expected. to al-jazeera live from my headquarters in doha with me out of the problem also ahead. he's a criminal he's an extremist but he will when i speak with. new zealand's prime minister to give the gunman who attacked mosques. and promises . of the normal. under investigation u.s. federal prosecutors launch an inquiry into the development of the boeing seven
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three seven max after two fatal crashes in five months. and refugee women are putting themselves at the heart of a fight for justice. national disasters have been declared across southern africa and the wake of cyclonic die more than eighty people are confirmed dead in mozambique the president says that number could be as high as a thousand the storm brought down homes and trees and cut off communities and then moved on to zimbabwe and malawi where it caused more death and destruction. we don't have food here it's a problem we don't have anything last night we didn't eat it all the years there have been storms but not like this this year has been the worst ever washing away homes away cloves soaking the food leaving us with nothing but i don't know i was
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sleeping and i woke up because i felt like i was floating but my leg was actually in the water so i woke up my mother and we took our food and we went to look for a safe place we were able to save some food but i lost all of my school books and my clothes. the united nations says flood warnings and heavy rains are forecast for areas and mozambique hit by the. well after the storm battered zimbabwe isolated thousands of people mormons are burying the dead as thousands wait for relief supplies communities have begun digging mass graves at least ninety eight people have died across the country and more than two hundred are still missing aid agencies say several vital roadways have been destroyed making it hard to reach those needing help or harm the tassel reports now . in zimbabwe. days after tropical cyclone struck zimbabwe families are coming to terms with what they've
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lost morgan was eighty three years old he was sleeping when a torrent of water washed away his home was expecting to see is the last. in the family but. i was expecting to see him talking to him but only to come in to see a board it was not all that to a careful me hilda she can't find her teenage stepson. i think he was crushed under the house if he's dead i need to find him and bury him i need to know so i can move on with my life. there are many sad stories inch of money money for land have been damaged and roads have been cut they say there is no way of knowing if other relatives and friends are alive people in the community say when it started raining lots of water came down from the hills over there carrying lots of rubble covering some of the houses in the area the police say there was a bus up on the road over there it overturned fell down and was covered in mud
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sludge and water according to them they say at least two people are still missing there being two funerals here today two of them there from the houses there in the corner and this one here is the latest one. government officials are still assessing the scale of the damage before the floods zimbabwe had been dealing with the drought the waters have washed what crops farmers hope to soon harvest. soldiers say it could take days if not weeks to clear the landslides they have been tasked with fixing damaged infrastructure rescuing those stranded and intriguing bodies especially in village in that village we are told like this place is slayed came from in the rain our. village in separate village was in so far we are not clear. that the rubble. but this is the place we've recovered so far up to forty bodies
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the sighting of a military helicopter provide at least hope that some help is coming food has begun arriving for a few the rest of the aid is slowly making its way by road there is no way of knowing how long it will take them to reach those still cut off by floodwaters al-jazeera. as we want to other news than new zealand's prime minister has paid tribute on parliament to the fifty people killed in the christchurch mosque attacks and the first parliamentary session sunfire its mass shooting to send the popular. to remember the victims' names and deny the shooting suspect the national rioting he seeks she also promised justice for the families who've lost loved ones. he will face the full force of the law in new zealand the family of the fall and will have justice. he sought many things from his active here but one was no
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surprise he and this is why you will never hear me mention his name he is a terrorist he is a criminal he is an extremist but he will when i speak the name. let's go out to our correspondent wayne hay he's joining us live from christchurch we've heard a lot from prime minister over the past three days wayne but this was the first time she addressed parliament addressing lawmakers so what else did she have to say and ask them. yes well it was as you say your very emotional speech to parliament again the first parliament sitting since the attack on friday and there was a very poignant moment actually at the start of that session something pretty rare they welcomed nor members of parliament onto the floor of the debating chamber that doesn't happen very often those non members of parliament were religious leaders in the session was opened with a prayer given in arabic and then the the prime minister of new zealand just spoke
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again it was very long very emotional and of course much of her focus was on the victims of this attack their families and the wider muslim community. i wanted to speak to recruit to the families. we cannot know your grief but we came work with you at every stage we care and we will surround you with other her menarche tanger and all that makes us us. so that is the new zealand prime minister. speaking in parliament offering support to the victims of the attack in christchurch on friday as you mentioned that she is also saying that she will refuse to mention the name of the only suspect in this attack the man who appeared in court on saturday morning saying that she refuses really to give him any further notoriety because that is exactly what he was after others who she will
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name wayne and ask a lot of a social media company she is continuing to put pressure on them and she's not the only one because businesses telecommunications companies themselves are asking more of big tech. yes and she's been saying that pretty much since the attack on friday saying that these social media companies need to be doing more because the attacker live streamed the assault on the two mosques on facebook and not only that that live stream the video we shared many times right around the world there were. comments made on the video was worlds things that can be described as hate speech and after that of course she has said that the social media companies particularly facebook need to be doing more so now we have new zealand private enterprise big business all saying the same thing some of new
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zealand's largest companies have already withdrawn advertising from facebook now we have an open letter written by the management of new zealand's three large telecommunications companies they are vodafone spark and two degrees written to the management of facebook twitter and also. google saying that these companies need to be doing more they are calling for change and they want these three companies to urgently discuss a solution to the problem of videos such as the live footage of the attack in christchurch so clearly the pressure to go along very early here not only like i say from the new zealand prime minister but also from big business here we're in thank you very much for that for now and that's in hayward the very latest live in christchurch thank you. to the us now where prosecutors are looking into how the bottom seven three seven max eight aircraft got the green light on the country's
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aviation regulator a subpoena for emails and other correspondence involving the jet's development has been issued by a federal grand jury investigators have found similarities between last week's crash in ethiopia and another in indonesia five months ago on all involved seven three seven planes mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . well the justice department investigation is virtually unprecedented in fact there's only been one occasion before in u.s. aviation history where this type of criminal proceeding has been launched in the wake of an accident now what the justice department is looking at in particular is the certification process of these boeing seven three seven maxes and the role that the federal aviation authority if they did or didn't play in the certification process now it's significant that the subpoena was issued by the federal jury and the day after the crash in ethiopia however this was
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a coincidence the investigation had been ongoing it's taken since that particular day for news of the investigation to emerge boeing's chief executive officer has issued a statement on these accidents saying only that boeing remains committed to safety it is carrying out its own investigations but he does not address the issue of a justice department investigation an investigation that will not only look at boeing's procedures but is also likely to look at the relationship between the federal aviation authority and boeing with regard to these safety procedures still ahead on the bulletin breck's at lemberg the u.k. has plans to leave the throw to further confusion with just ten days to go and the australian connection new zealand's deadly mosque attack forces its neighbor to take a closer look at its anti immigration stance. hello
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again welcome back to international weather forecast while we do have one system right now that's moving across parts of central and eastern europe that's going to bring some rain for some locations snow for other locations but as we go towards tuesday most of it will be out here towards parts of eastern europe and maybe into western russia we're going to see moscow with some rain and maybe some snow pushing through there the trend though across much of europe over the next few days it is going to get quite nice across much of central europe would be seeing plenty of sun here on tuesday but actually things get much better as we go towards mid week most of central europe is going to be under high pressure and that means a lot of sun across much of the area we're going to see the temperatures start to moderate about average or a little above average for this time of year paris a fifteen degrees and most of the weather is either going to be to the north or down here across parts of the med now that weather across the med is going to cause
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a problem here across part of algeria over the next few days coastal areas are going to be seeing some rain algiers you could see a combination of rain as well as clouds in the forecast as we go towards wednesday well most of that pushes a little bit more towards the east tunis is going to be a rainy day for you as well but gazi winds are in your forecast we do expect to see about twenty six degrees there but over here towards her but it is going to be a partly cloudy day with twenty one degrees in algiers that rain at thirteen. thing as i want to finally we're going ask about that but that's the balance of. when it's north that said so is there not. a lot of that a building of a cousin punches approach and at the bottom. in part one of this two part series al-jazeera explores the world of performance enhancing drugs.
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sports doping the endless cheney's on al-jazeera. good to have you with us on the al-jazeera these are our top stories mozambique's president says more than a thousand people may have been killed inside a die ninety percent of the port city of baghdad has been destroyed emergencies have been declared in neighboring it's a boy and malawi. new zealand's prime minister says justice will be served for the fifty victims of friday's mosque attacks in christchurch just promise to never say the name of the suspect to deny him the natural that he seeks. the development of
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boeing seven three seven max jets is being investigated by u.s. prosecutors and the country's department of transport they have been to plane crashes involving the jets within five moms. let's bring you more now top story in our diet it's trying. to find the minute she's joining us live from beta in mozambique it is one of the hardest hit areas aid agencies as we mentioned farming the saying ninety percent of data has been destroyed and we can see much of that destruction behind you. well the situation here appears to be becoming increasingly difficult just behind us as you can see power lines are down in this particular street but that is the picture across the city there's also no communication we're using a satellite phone to communicate with people here we don't have that luxury and that's what's adding to a some of the difficulties that people here are facing so far the government has
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said that sixty eight people were killed during that cycle in the days after but it's expected that figure will rise because there is there's no communication people aren't able to call for help will determine where missing people are all just also the extent of the devastation and aid agencies is that just one of the biggest challenges apart from accessing areas especially rural areas in low lying areas where floodwaters are continuing to rise apart from having difficulty in accessing those areas they simply can't determine just how bad the devastation is aid agencies that have been able to fly overhead say that the floodwaters are of very high that entire villages have been swept away now here in bare away the thin true hospital is that services the city of half a million people the roof of that hospital was torn torn away during that cycle own
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and that hospital also is running out of medicine now the government is holding a meeting in a para at some point during the course of the day to to work out what to do with people who are also disappointed they were told to evacuate before the cycling but the question for them was where do we go and they have a number of grievances with the government and just how it's dealing with this disaster so far and what happens next given the scale of devastation of the thank you very much for that amount of islam in a minute with the latest live thank you. let's get more on our other top stories in an hour the man. arrested for the mosque attacks is from a strain here and some mainstream politicians there are being blamed for further fueling a growing anti immigrant sentiment pride reports from sydney. anti immigration protesters face off against left wing opponents at a recent street clash in melbourne. politics in australia is increasingly becoming
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divided and this is where the more outrageous becomes the more populist like anti immigration senator pauline hanson wearing a burka in parliament. or far right senator fraser an ng who blamed the christchurch shootings on muslim immigration into new zealand getting egg. then getting back. to extreme behavior but home affairs minister peter dutton seen as the architect of australia's controversial immigration policy has accused left wing opponents like muslim senator marine for ruki of being equally confrontational faruqi says there's a reason for dotson's accusation there have been mainstream politicians who for years have been race baiting have been dog whistling have been creating this atmosphere of us and them and division between migrants that might look like me and
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the rest of australia australia doesn't have the mass populist movements of europe or the americas but there are plenty of people who hold extreme views who can contribute to a divisive and often toxic political atmosphere prime minister scott morrison has joined calls for the internet companies to do more to control the flow of hate filled messaging we have spoken to die about the real enemy being hatred and intolerance this is the root of. extremism and. an admirable goal but the prime minister's critics say morrison's own reputation. is wall of dividing rather than unity brought out is there a city to the netherlands now where police have arrested a man suspected of shooting dead three people on a tram the thirty seven year old is now in custody after police launched a manhunt to find of the city of tricks but there was confusion over the motion for the attack reports. an empty tram on the corner of
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a junction on the outskirts of this is where a man opened fire on passengers on monday morning. and eight hour manhunt followed while residents were urged to stay inside their homes schools were closed and security was increased around mosques as heavily armed police and counterterrorism units raided several buildings in the area. a photograph of the suspect shooter was released on social media by police event if i came as a thirty seven year old man born in turkey early reports by authorities pointed to a possible terrorism motive but later added that other factors could have been behind to killers action. what is happening today before going into deeper research the first indications of the facts the statements that have been made in the treaty that have been found to take into account the terrorist much of asia and the dutch
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prime minister mark speaking after two suspect was arrested said there was still some confusion about his motive but acknowledged he was known to its ortiz. there are many questions in rumors it is still unclear what the motives are behind this attack now predominantly there's a sense of horror and disbelief which prevails over the terrible events of today that innocent people have been taken away from their relatives in this way. this shooting on the country's busy public transport has shocked people in the netherlands who are unaccustomed to violent crime or gun murder. forensic teams are working through the night to uncover what really happened here. it's a testament to algeria now where opposition leaders a quarter on the president to step down at the end of his term next month brooke the flicka has confirmed he plans to stay in power beyond the april twenty eighth deadline but abandoned bed for a fifth term after weeks of nationwide protest has promised reforms but hasn't
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given a timetable for the changes. according russia's chechnya region has sentenced a human rights activist to four years in prison for illegal drugs possession or you were stopped by police in january they say they discovered marijuana in his car to the head of a moscow based human rights group that's been critical of chechen police his supporters describe the case as politically motivated. prime minister treason may well be holding that crisis talks with the cabinet on tuesday after her breaks of plans suffered another setback the speaker of the lower house of parliament has ruled that she can only hold a third vote on the deal to leave the e.u. it's fundamentally different from before may's deal has been rejected by m.p.'s twice and speaker john berkow says he want to allow another voice unless substantial changes are made. join the whole has more from london. but it
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may be a little while yet before we have a precise idea of how this is all going to turn out no doubt it's a major blow to the government's hopes of holding a third vote on trees amaze briggs it deal this week perhaps at all much will depend on what happens i think at the european union council meeting at the end of this week will for instance reason may turn up there and as she's now mandated to do by parliament as a result of the vote last week ask for an extension to the brakes a deadline and a long one this time in the absence of an agreed deal might she be on bended knees begging for more in the way of concessions something she can contain in a letter a suffix to the deal that might satisfy the speaker and allow a vote proceed next week might she dispense with both of those options and fall back on the ultimate threat of a no deal exit at the end of next week dangle that over the speaker's head and see if he changes his mind aside those options there are two issues of parliamentary procedure that seem to be possible one would be
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a vote in parliament to overturn this step this parliamentary procedure this precedent that goes back hundreds of years in the rule books the speaker said yes that might be possible if you can get a majority the last option is a radical one it has been done before could it be done again the pro gay ssion of parliament closing down this session of bottom of the queen would have to be involved she'd have to order it it would be reopened immediately with the queen's speech in order to be able to put the vote to a third to parliament for a third time in a fresh session of parliament could that happen who knows is the short answer. to france now where the chief of police for paris has been fired and the government says it will shut down this weekend's yellow vest protest if it becomes violent it's in response to saturday's a virus which saw people ransacked and burned shops along the shops and is a yellow vest protests began four months ago after president of value electron introduced a fuel tax hike the increase was later scrapped the protests have continued your
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diminishes the democracy there are protests in every democracy and protests are protected under the constitution that's important for all of us because they're the free expression of an opinion all the while respecting others but i don't confuse protesting with what happened on saturday we should call a violent horde of goodness now a female running a refugee addressed the un human rights council for the first time last week and the other car thought as part of a woman support for together by their trauma they began meeting in the refugee camps of cox's bazaar in bangladesh but a stephanie deca reports they are much more than just a support group. none of these women knew each other before they fled me and a year and a half ago now each of them is forever connected through grief we've not identified the women at their request there is are horrific stories and.
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tell our fathers and brothers were shot our sisters and mothers raped our little children were cut into pieces in the thrown into the fire we just grabbed our children out of our arms. but they say they don't want to be seen as victims they are telling their personal stories to raise awareness what they want is justice i who am i but i'm now going to have you know they are who are going to be killed my husband and my son and they raped my daughter in front of me why did they humiliate us why did they cut my husband and son into pieces. the group known as shanti submitted a formal request to the international criminal court in may of last year for an investigation into allegations of genocide persecution the court is now conducting a preliminary examination into the case of the it could lead to an official investigation the women are being supported by a legal and we represent them in various forums such as the international criminal
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court and should other accountability mechanisms arise then we will also support them in accessing justice through those forums it's difficult to comprehend what these women have been through difficult to imagine what goes through their mind but their public message is clear they're not victims they're not refugees but human beings who deserve and demand justice stephanie decker al-jazeera in cox's bazar a southeastern bangladesh. brazilian president jabal for now is set to make his u.s. counterpart in her first trip abroad since taking office the success of the meeting cut head on the similarities between the so-called trump of the tropics and the man himself daniel has more from south barlow. on the surface they had so much in common president. his u.s. counterpart donald trump came to power on a wave of popular support promising simple solutions to complex problems shared
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habits and similar ideology is good for the two biggest economies in the region it's currently in the alliance of more potential than concrete agreement something that both hoping this visit would change we might think of brazil's relations with the united states this is the cornerstone of latin america's relations with the united states so to a large degree whatever brazil does towards the united states can be replicated by smaller latin american countries and obviously it's important for the united states who have a giant. neighbor supporting us policies in the region it's not at the top of the agenda regional missionaries will be the turmoil in venezuela with brazil she has a long border further from home brazil urged by its powerful christian fundamentalist lobby little full of the u.s. and move its embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem in concrete terms the
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u.s. hopes to consolidate use of the base in northern brazil from which to launch its rockets and satellites but improved trade may be tougher to negotiate china is brazil's biggest trading partner broiled in a trade dispute with the u.s. we are in the middle of a trade war between china and the west of course resort might try to benefit from from some vacuum trade vacuum that is open by buying china in the west trade war brazil is also hoping that the u.s. will put in a good word for its bid to join the organization for economic cooperation and development the o.e.c.d. in return brazil could open itself to us development is here radium deposits and its nuclear power plants it also wants to be declared a major nato ally which will give it access to cheap to us. the two presidents will meet only briefly in the white house they have much. ideological similarities but the real work will be done behind the scenes to make friendship something more
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substantial that will benefit both. the beginning of a beautiful relationship by the two presidents camaraderie others will view it as a warring lease on with long term repercussions in the region beyond. the headlines on al-jazeera national disasters have been declared across southern africa in the wake of. more than eighty people are confirmed dead and the president says that number could be as high as a thousand the storm brought down homes and trees and cut off communities a ben moved on to zimbabwe and. we don't have food here it's a problem we don't have anything last night we didn't eat it all the years there have been storms but not like this this year has been the worst ever washing away
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homes away cloves soaking the food leaving us with nothing but i don't know i was sleeping and i woke up because i felt like i was floating but my leg was actually in the water so i woke up my mother and we took our food and we went to look for a safe place we were able to save some food but i lost all of my school books and my clothes new zealand's prime minister has paid tribute in parliament to the fifty people killed in the christchurch mosque attacks and the first parliamentary session since friday's mass shooting just ask the public to remember the victims their names and deny the shooting suspect the notoriety he seeks. prosecutions in the us are looking into how the bottom seven three seven max eight aircraft got the green light from the country's aviation regulator a federal grand jury issued a subpoena for emails and other correspondence involved in the jet's development investigators have found some allowances between last week's question ethiopia and another in indonesia five months ago both of those involved seven three seven max
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eight planes. dutch police have arrested a man suspected of shooting dead three people on a tram when thomas is in custody after police launched a manhunt to find him in the city of tricks algerian opposition leaders are calling on the president to step down at the end of his term next month that as he's both a figure has confirmed he plans to stay in power beyond the april twenty eighth deadline to abandon the bed for a fifth term and asked office after weeks of nationwide protests he has promised social political and economic reforms but he hasn't given a timetable for the changes. well those are the headlines on al-jazeera and side story is coming up next. i made every reclean news cycle brings a series of breaking stories joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera. exactly five years ago russia annexed crimea and began
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a conflict with ukraine is that's claimed thirteen thousand lives. but what has russia gained apart from a host of western sanctions against it will that deter president putin from flexing his military muscles again this is inside story. i. welcome to the program out has a monday the eighteenth of march marks five years since russia annexed the crimean peninsula from ukraine western countries condemned the move and imposed economic sanctions against moscow and coinciding with the anniversary the e.u. the u.s. and canada have introduced some more of putin remains defiant he's not returning crimea to ukraine and has.


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