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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 20, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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this is al jazeera. jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from coming up next sixty minutes. came for. the. hundreds of feared dead in mozambique zimbabwe malawi after the most devastating storm in twenty years. a message of reassurance new zealand's prime minister provides words of comfort to students who lost in the last attacks. more scrutiny for boeing as the u.s. transportation department orders an audit of how the plane was certified and in sports cycling's pacesetters looks set to stay ahead of the pack as team sky lands
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a huge new sponsorship. the u.n. is describing. as one of the worst weather disasters ever to hit the southern hemisphere millions of people have been affected in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi and least a thousand people may have been killed in mozambique alone aid agencies are calling it the worst humanitarian crisis in the nation's history three days of mourning have now been declared while the storm went on to zimbabwe where tens of thousands of people have been cut off there and in malawi nearly a million people still need humanitarian aid well we have correspondents across the region in a moment we'll hear the latest on the zimbabwe but also have a report from malcolm webb but first for me as this latest report from the port city of better. the situation here appears to be becoming increasingly difficult
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just behind us as you can see power lines are down in this particular street but that is the picture across the city there's also no communication we're using a satellite phone to communicate with people here we don't have that luxury and that's what's adding to a some of the difficulties that people here are facing so far the government has said that sixty eight people were killed during that cycle in the days after but it's expected that figure will rise because there is there's no communication people aren't able to call for help will determine where missing people are all just also the extent of the devastation and aid agencies is that just one of the biggest challenges apart from accessing areas especially rural areas in low lying areas where floodwaters are continuing to rise apart from having difficulty in accessing those areas they simply can't determine just how bad the devastation is aid agencies that have been able to fly overhead say that the floodwaters are of
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very high that entire villages have been swept away now here in barrow away the thin true hospital is that services the city of half a million people the roof of that hospital was torn torn away during that cycle own and that hospital also is running out of medicine now the government is holding a meeting in a para at some point during the course of the day to to work out what to do with people who are also disappointed they were told to evacuate before the cycling but the question for them was where do we go and they have a number of grievances with the government and just how it's dealing with this disaster so far and what happens next given the scale of devastation the rescue teams in zimbabwe are warning that time is running out so people cut off. one by one they arrived bruised and battered by the violent flood surge caused by cycling the survivors spent days marooned in remote villages but damaged phone lines
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destroyed roads and bad weather delayed the help they needed some posing for pictures. but they always just bones because some we covered by my question or just a part of the border in some of. the cards in. turkey and on friday for some of the patients they were now sitting in fiction so it's going to be injuries that we've been seeing this woman walked as makeshift medical center she was injured when a house fell on top of her during the floods two of her children were killed her surviving baby is the sole focus of i love. my husband and uncle said the waters in the house they were trying to pull out one of my children from under the rubble he wasn't breathing and then the kitchen collapsed that's where my other child was killed. doctors say they saw at least twenty patients in one day they
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hope that number increases as reports of more people needing help come in those people's rescue depends on the weather rescuing people when there is a bad way they can be extremely difficult demeans the helicopters trying to take off and some of these people have been waiting for days to hear news about their loved ones they don't know whether they are alive or dead. is a worse storm to hit and second in the nearly twenty years ago some of the government officials have reacted faster and learned from past natural disasters we're very exists in structure. that give us an indication that the people were prepared but the magnitude of what you've been now was unimaginable. in new. ford. the priority for now is burying the dead finding the missing and cheating the injured many thier time may be running out for those still believed to be alive and trapped in a month parts of the country how did. she manage money zimbabwe and malcolm webb as
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the latest now from our bureau in central mozambique the cyclamen brought ferocious winds and days of torrential rains just a few days ago this river was up above the level of what remains of this road and it swept away the entire bridge that was here you can see some of the few pieces that remain of it and that's left people stranded on both sides mobile communications are down so people can't speak to their relatives they don't know if they've survived or what's happened also means that essential goods and humanitarian aid can't pass since the friday. when they did to go to. the so i don't know because she declares there is no bridge the. bridge is broken all of the officials from the district headquarters of come to
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inspect the damage but realistically there's almost nothing they can do without help from at least the central government or possibly from outside of ms mozambique there's no way that they can fix a big piece of infrastructure like this and so every day people come down here to see if there's a way if they can pass to see if the water levels low enough to get a small boat or to walk or even get a vehicle across but until that happens they're still stuck. enough funerals are being held for the victims of last week's most shootings in new zealand these are live pictures now coming to us from christchurch where family members and friends have gathered to say good bye earlier prime minister just and visited a local high school later she'll meet with first responders who were on the scene after the shooting the remains of twenty one victims have been made available to their families a burial says everyone in the community needed to do their part in the fight against racism and andrew thomas joins us live now from christchurch andrew so
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we're hearing that some of the bodies of the victims have been released to the families what else is happening with the funerals there. for the first year olds are happening right now you can see behind me about two hundred people gathered at the cemetery on the edge of christ church the scale of the funerals their heads it's clear by the fact that the big marquis there they're really expecting a lot of families through this cemetery in coming days this is a funeral for a father and son charlie stuff and his son hamza teenage son they were both shot dead in the al nor mosque they were syrian refugees that only been in new zealand for six months when they were brutally murdered last friday and it's their funeral that will be the first now the place gave an update here on wednesday talking about the ladies that the families know all too well there have been in getting their loved ones bodies back to them the police have been saying for the lower the post-mortems have been done in all fifty victims the identification of all the victims has not been complete and they're absolutely adamant that they're going to
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get that one hundred percent right before they release all the bodies to the families because you can imagine returning the wrong body to the wrong family will be awful why is this so difficult well unfortunately in the brutal events of last friday some of those killed had such horrific injuries that they are unrecognizable visually so dental records and so on need to be collected the place of said that by about now twenty seven bodies should have been identified formally and should be in a position to be returned to the families if the families are ready to bury them these are the first funerals but i think i'll be seeing plenty more in coming days here and under a prime minister just and is clearly leading the response in the wake of the shootings what else has she been doing today. well she's here in christchurch and will be all day she's been visiting a high school kashmir high school where two pupils went to were killed on friday and five others associated with school parents or former students just me talking mostly to the children about their feelings about what they've seen what they've
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heard talking a lot about social media asking whether they've come across some of the imagery from friday on social media and saying don't use social media to share those sorts of things talk about the people that you lost celebrate their lives don't talk about the killer or indulge what he wants you to talk about talk about the lives lost and celebrate their own lives be positive in those messaging she's also been talking about done reform now she's been very clear that she wants gun legislation on the table in front of parliament within ten days of the attacks that will be next monday the cabinet agreed amongst themselves gun proposals on monday and they'll be put to parliament before this coming monday and she wants those rules to be passed the said very very soon as she says ministers are working very very hard to make sure that happens so politically that is her priority emotionally she's leading from the front going to school talking to students talking to relatives of
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the dead and really making it clear that all new zealanders and indeed all the world is behind them right to under thomas in christchurch under thank you for joining her visit to the school the prime minister spoke about racism let's take a listen i need help from improved single one of us and so if we want to feel like we are doing something to make a difference he surely there is outpourings of love get i think you've seen that strongly said look after one another but also late new zealand be a place where there is no tolerance for rice isn't it and that's something we can all do. let's bring in paul vercammen he's director of thirty six principle a political risk consultancy joins us via skype from qatar in new zealand and many experts seem to think that the new zealand intelligence services were looking completely in the wrong places they were looking for islamic extremists and completely ignored the white supremacists under their noses this is a huge intelligence failing isn't it. it certainly was at the level of policy the
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mr rection resources to look for a homegrown jihadi he's clearly depleted the amount of resources that could have been directed elsewhere and then there's the problem that the white supremacists at least amongst some parts of the security community were taken seriously i sincerely believe that although the police and the intelligence services realized they were capable of street level while ns i think that they simply discounted their ability to commit an atrocity of this scale so they'll be an inquiry into this intelligence failure but to be fair to the security services it appears that as of last year news that some in the white supremacist movement were arming themselves that they had been emboldened over the last few years to the point that they were talking about revolution talking about large scale attacks had come to the attention of the
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authorities so it is possible that they infiltrated this groups or they were trying to find sources and informers in this group and the problem was is that the perpetrator in this instance did not have formal associations with any of the well known supremacist groups on his health island so so even if they were looking for danger or threats he was not on the radar scope because he knew that if you associated with these groups he'd be detected and i'm given that the gunman had multiple firearms and was clearly savvy with posting his manifesto online and then live stream the attacks how do you think the news and security services missed him and why wasn't he on that radio. well the gun control question is is a very valid one because that should have raised red flags a right left and center i mean let's think of it this way he bought not one but two semi auto how automatic weapons purportedly for hunting purposes that's one too many in my opinion it was a member of
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a gun club where there were other people who expressed views similar to his and that was reported to the police and ignore so there's a lot to be there's a lot to be answered for here with regards to whether anyone knew about him it appears my opinion is that there may have been some passive or tacit support for what he was doing but certainly the gun control question more than anything else should have raised questions and that it did not certainly will be again the source of the inquiry how a widespread this is the issue of why to extremism in new zealand and how is this ideology being enabled in a resource that. well it here's the thing you have to know a little bit about new zealand culture zilly culture is one where you put your head down you stay out of other people's business live and let live and white supremacy flourished in this culture in the twenty years that i've lived here i have known
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from the beginning that there were multiple white extremist groups mostly in the south island but also up on the north island and i guess the idea was that they were cowards they were losers they were marginal and so you really just let them dress up and as nazis and ignore them otherwise but there's a thriving culture of white supremacy as an again it's a celebrated over the last decade or so and particularly in the last few years where they've been emboldened by advance of broad and i won't get into mentioning specific events but there been enough encouragement of them in europe and the united states for them to think that they can start coming out of the woodwork coming out from under rocks and exhibiting themselves in a greater measure i am very glad that the prime minister says we need to confront the specter of races and i was under that veneer of tolerance the new zealand has known for there is
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a dark underbelly of racism that now we can confront as the elephant of the right that it's always been pulled just a final thought from you as you say at the prime minister says they'll be an official inquiry into the attacks but do you think the investigation will be transparent would it be robust enough to own up to the fannings of the security and intelligence services. well that's a good question because in the past they have not and i think this may be one of those cathartic moments i mean that what used to be in the way of doing things in the past simply can no longer be in light of this this this this event of the event of this magnitude so i can only hope so i think that blame needs to be distributed where it deserves but we shouldn't jump to conclusions that they were completely ignoring what was going on underneath their noses but i have a feeling that just the combination of this government's leadership and the fact
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that this event is of a magnitude that new zealand has never seen as shaken us to our core and hopefully have shaken the security service services to to their core so that if there was negligence incompetence dereliction of duty those responsible will face the music public and thank you very much indeed for sharing your thoughts about this. still to come here on the news hour including changing course we look at what the british prime minister's options are as the break that deadline looms. resignation and the president steps down. competition where there's billions of dollars to be made unless you're one of the players that's. now israeli forces have killed two palestinians in the occupied west bank medics were not allowed to approach the scene the palestinian red crescent society says
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the israeli army fired at their ambulance tried to get to the wounded and earlier israeli forces shot dead a palestinian suspect thought to be behind an attack in the occupied west bank on sunday the suspect nineteen year old i mean. was found in the village of north of ramallah when troops raided the building where he was hiding israel says he was killed after he allegedly opened fire at the security forces that came to arrest him two other palestinians were arrested in the operation will need to abraham joins me now on the phone from ramallah just bring us up to date first on these reports of the two palestinians being killed outside novelis. yes it's has been officially confirmed that two palestinians were killed we have initial deports from people there saying that israeli forces shot the men who were in that car in nablus which is. north of the occupied west bank now as you said medics were not allowed to see. them switch shots at them tried to reach the injured
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it's still unclear what happened between the palestinians and israeli forces prior to the shooting but usually it is there the forces come to nablus especially in the much of the hour to secure the israelis have good breaking into the joseph tombs area earlier israeli forces made a set by shot that the suspect in that attack a few days ago in the occupied west bank what more do we know. we never that really prime minister himself benjamin that and now let's go gradually to the israeli intelligence agency for killing go on much of the late afternoon they believe has been on that on since sunday after committing that attack in that a limit that look at such a moment of and israeli intelligence agency has said this is all much in an exchange of fire after finding him and his hiding place in the plane phillips that locals say that at first an undercover unit has entered the village close in
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confrontations with the palestinians over there before more id and fourth man has come to the village and surrounded the house and asked how much to set and then before shelling it as a result of the competition that's happened to palestinians get us to the magic stylus that fifteen thousand students were going to include into my life and the mission all right i need to abraham that in ramallah need a thank you. now there's a more scrutiny of boeing's relationship with the us federal aviation administration off of the crash of an ethiopian airlines jet earlier this month the transportation department says it would examine the how the f.a.a. certified boeing's seven three seven months attack robbed several companies of ground of the planes in the wake of two fatal crashes in less than six months on tuesday the white house nominate the new head of the f.a.a. the post has been vacant for more than a year particle lane joins us live now from washington d.c. potus what more has the white house been saying about appointing a new head of the f.b.i. . well they're charging out his resume and he's going to need if he's going to face
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the senate to get confirmation and then go ahead and take over and head this very beleaguered agency right i was even dixon he's retired from delta airlines or he was the senior vice president at one point he was in charge of safety and regulations in pilot training air force air excuse me graduate from the air force academy flew the f. fifteen fighter jet so he's got impeccable credentials he even said when the president was saying that the air traffic control system needed to be privatized he put out an op ed saying that was a horrible idea so he's got the resume we'll have to see how he does when he faces the senate but they're going to be in a hurry to try to confirm someone to this agency and patty this all comes at a time when i was saying that the f.a.a. is under increasing scrutiny over the boeing seven three seven. well it's come out since the two crashes that the f.a.a.
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the federal aviation administration apparently didn't feel they had enough staff or to funding so that they were relying on boeing engineers to basically certify their own product and per tetchily did that with this system that is now in question so that's raised all kinds of questions that a lot of people are looking into now as you mentioned the department transportation says their internal watchdog is going to take a look at the certification process they're not alone congress is going to be looking into it and more worrisome for probably people in the f.a.a. and boeing the justice department's criminal division has already started asking questions reportedly and sending out subpoenas for a grand jury so boeing is going to be boeing and the f.a.a. are going to be subject to numerous investigations or as a particle hane in washington d.c. patty thank you. tom says he strongly considering nato membership for brazil as he welcomed its leader to the white house this is jack bowles and i was first trip abroad since taking office in january among the topics discussed was the crisis in venezuela is not an issue of course the two men have similar views on what needs to
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be done that the brazilian president has quickly become donald trump's closest latin american ally not only does he praise almost everything he does the sheet a lot of the same treats the push many of the same policies and they're both on the same page in venezuela both supporting self declared interim president one. u.s. president again called on the country's military to abandon president but do we call on members of the venezuelan military to end their support for mid-year zero who is really nothing more than a cuban puppet. both men insist all options are on the table when it comes to events across brazil's border and president both are not who wouldn't rule out using his country as a piece for a u.s. led military intervention. there are a few issues that if you speak they are no longer strategic so these issues are not going to be made public during the brief news conference in
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a chilly white house rose garden donald trump revealed brazil would no have the opportunity to buy u.s. weapons after being designated a major nor need to ally and he even suggested brazil might be considered for membership of the north atlantic alliance i also intend to just ignore it brazil as a major non nato ally or even possibly your so i think you know about it maybe a nato ally both countries are signed by a lateral deals and agreements aimed at expanding and improving treat present both or not or believes that he is the most pro u.s. president brazil is had in years and is a reflection of the man at the top in washington president trump believes that to alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house kazakhstan's president has abruptly announced his resignation after twenty nine years in the job. has led the central asian country since its independence from the soviet union in one thousand nine
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hundred one and a televised address the seventy eight year old explained that he had made a difficult decision but didn't explain the reasons behind his move he's due to step down at the end of this month robin forrester walker has more. but in your you're going to. have led kazakstan for three decades and his decision to stand down is nothing short of historic in a region where leaders tend to be pushed out or down in office that are here because of. you today i have always gone in the most important moments in the history of our state which we are building together my address today is special i made an easy decision to step down as president of the republic of. london as a buyer of stewed chip starnes capital as donna became a modern metropolis a country the size of western europe with a population of just eighteen million it has benefited from billions of dollars in
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oil revenues but that prosperity has come across while the political elites enrich to itself as abides government was accused of stifling political dissent. elections have never been free or fair and kazakstan has no independent media yet has a legacy he would be proud of it's been my honor to welcome the respect by dismantling the country's nuclear weapons after the soviet union he also kept a lid on kazakh nationalism the country has a large number of ethnic minorities including russians. the only president many cows acts of ever known by have enjoyed the nickname of papa. officially he will remain the leader of the nation with immunity from prosecution and extensive powers as head of kazakstan security council the government has not given a reason for the seventy eight year old's resignation but the movie should ensure
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an orderly transition of power to prove to kazakstan and the world that there can be business as usual without loss or time as of by robin first year walker. time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back what's not the pope to turn down the resignation of a french cardinal convict the failing to report sex abuse and in sport new zealand's most successful rugby franchise could be set for a name change and is here with that story after the break more on that status. hello the winter is disappearing at some tremendous rate across most of north america no still a line of snow on the ground across the upper midwest and northern plains and the central primaries of canada at night this thing as it comes down to when so please a little bit of snow is mainly a rain band in his remaining star running through teria so the picture generally
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quiet one although temporarily it will feel cold however we got the problem of quite a lot of flooding struck this the midwest and central plains datum in nebraska significant flooding the river in missouri for example and having discovered that california is now one hundred percent free of drought that's not good enough we need some more rain and some more snow pack so that's the case for both wednesday and thursday it goes all cloudy wet or snowy once again to the south also the actions increasing by the more significant shower seemed likely as they leave florida for western cuba and the bahamas and increasingly we see showers dotted around not just in colombia but panama costa rica and maybe a few parts of guatemala and certainly mexico mexico showers of late have been heavy and they're becoming rather few and if any is going to be on the gulf coast east coast east of mexico city as for the small arms of the eastern caribbean still too dry.
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the japes first democratically elected president ousted and held incommunicado since two thousand and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so power change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief. for the first time al-jazeera reveals exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it first hand morsi the final hours. on al-jazeera. eternity. secretiveness military occupation. my prison my freedom my heart beats my life by language is my occupation so the thought of a little. jerusalem
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a rock and a hard to please coming soon. welcome back to top stories here this hour the un's describing saddam as one of the worst weather disasters ever to hit the southern hemisphere hundreds of dead a millions of been affected across mozambique zimbabwe. funerals are being held for the victims of last week's mosque shootings in new zealand these are live pictures from christchurch with family members and friends have gathered to say good bye. u.s. president donald trump says he is strongly considering nato membership for brazil he made the comments during his visit to the us his first trip abroad since taking
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office in john. the video of the christchurch shooting is now illegal for anyone in new zealand to share or even watch on social media many governments and banning the viewing the material they find objectionable and threatening social media platforms with fines under chapelle as more for years now online tech companies have worked with governments around the world to counter isis efforts to inspire new recruits but they're now trying to find additional measures to tackle violent ideology in the wake of the christ church mosque attacks without going too far they are the publisher not just the postman they cannot be a case of all prophet no responsibility this of course doesn't take away the responsibility we too much. as a nation to confront racism violence and extremism.
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i don't have all of the answers now but we must collectively find them and we must act but coming up with an enduring solution to this problem will be tough and whatever is decided in new zealand will ripple around the world. it's already illegal for anyone there to possess share or even view the video of friday's mass shooting in any form an offense that carries up to fourteen years in jail and thousands of dollars in fines in the u.k. it's illegal to view what the government calls terrorists material sweeping new powers were given to law enforcement a few weeks ago to update terrorism offenses for the digital age meanwhile the european commission is considering hefty fines against social media platforms giving them one hour to remove what it calls terrorist contents so when do you apply counterterrorism laws designed to combat i sold to others with similar violent views we have to be very careful about the funding and attorneys because there's a lot at stake in terms of protecting political expression and let's not forget that
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a lot of the far right are not violent necessarily they might have. some views that the rest of society don't agree with but it's important to ensure that by developing policy we don't feed into the narrative of persecution and victimization of can often drive radicalization in these communities these are the kinds of conversations taking place between the tech industry governments and digital rights groups to find a balance between internet freedom and the need to protect the public. the news chief exec negotiator says britain will only be allowed to delay its departure from the block if the british prime minister to resign may can show that will increase the chances of getting the brig's a deal through parliament maze expected to the e.u. for an extension of at least three months the deals are already been rejected twice by british m.p.'s if prime minister may request such an extension before the open accounts are unserved day it's really before the twenty seven
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leaders do. the reason and. for an extension. you really do need a concrete plan for the u.k. in order to be able to make an informed decision and the question will be those an extension increase the chances for director. of the review agreement. from brussels you do sense a certain degree of frustration listen to the words of e.u. chief negotiator michel back in year he did say clearly that there was genuine uncertainty now hanging above everyone concerned he did say clearly that is not because a new deal was voted against in westminster and that it was off the tables here in brussels and then when he talked about the extension he questioned what for if it's
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a short extension what could possibly happen that will change and would make to reason me convinced the house of commons to ratify the current withdraw agreement of withdrawal and if it's a long extension we're talking here about an extension for up to two years what will happen during those two years will there be a change in the political process in the u.k. are we talking about a new agreement all together so far the e.u. has not received a formal request by to reason may for this extension i think that at this summit here in brussels later this week e.u. leaders will want to hear from her what exactly she's thinking and how exactly she's planning to proceed and it's only after that that they will decide on their position. has been following developments in london. well to reason may is
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right singh has written is in the process of writing to the head of the european council and just asking for an extension to article fifty and a delay to bret's it and clearly she's working on the assumption that that's going to be granted on some level but a lot of the music now coming out of brussels is to say why should we do it you can't tell us what you'll tentative plan is certainly the french among others are suggesting they might not grant an extension at all now just to extrapolate that that would mean that after the e.u. summit at the end of this week there would be one week left until the supposed bricks it dates of march twenty ninth the reason may was then you have to come back as a parliament here and say this is your last chance about an ideal but even if she says that the ultra hardcore brits it says will not vote for her because they would say no not to do that because we're out with no deal at the end of this week and that's what we've always wanted so if you assume then that even if she tried to bring the vote back the third time she would lose it's then the u.k.
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is staring down the barrel of either no deal crushing out with all the turbulence and economic damage that would cause or theresa may having to face the choice of abandoning bricks it and revoking article fifty that would split the conservative party the government in half and probably would collapse the government so the decision of the european union is about to make is absolutely critical for the democracy of the united kingdom the future economy of the united kingdom all these things though are absolutely at a critical moment politicians in the netherlands about a minute's silence for the three people killed in an attack in the city of connect on monday dutch authorities say a letter was found in the gunman's getaway car and it's one of the reasons why a terrorist motive is being considered gottman thomas was detained on monday night hours off of the attack he's known to local authorities and has been convicted of crimes in the last month russia is following developments in track. when i was a very moving ceremony in the dodge parliament
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a minute's silence. remembered the victims of the attractive tram shooting which took place here on monday they also remember the victims of the christ church shooting on friday when in terms of the investigation a dutch police say they are continuing to question a man that they have identified as ten is a thirty seven year old turkey they say grew up in the netherlands lived in utrecht in fact he was arrested just three kilometers from the scene of the shooting he is a man they say that was known to police a crime society has broken re in the past now in terms of the motivation for this attack it's still unclear investigators the prosecutor are saying only that it could be a family drama a dispute or they say terrorism could also have been a motivation for this attack well there's no doubt that the people here in this city in the devil is a still extremely shaken is not a place where gun crime is common it's a city very popular with students as before. to take care of people here.
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violence could happen on their doorstep the mayor of the city has said that he was named the victims because he says he wants to be respectful to the families and to their memories however he has confirmed that two men were killed and one woman. pope francis is not accepted the resignation of a french cardinal who was convicted of failing to report sexual abuse allegations that he traveled to rome to present his resignation to the pope after being found guilty of covering up sexual abuse committed by a priest in france said the pope rejected the resignation on the basis of the presumption of innocence is appealing the conviction for father robert goal is a professor at the pontifical university of the holy cross and says the case could set a new precedent. so judicial experts are watching this case very closely because if it is the case that he is found eventually guilty even after the appeal this would
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create new precedent under french law that someone would be required legally to report a crime whose that is already expired under the statute of limitations and this new precedent would be such that anyone anywhere would be legally were criers to report any crime including those that took place a long time ago that it starts are limitations has already run out because that is exactly what colonel barbara barbara and has been held responsible for he's been convicted for despite the fact that the prosecutors themselves twice thought that he should be acquitted italy is among a number of countries that has seen an increase in cases of measles in the past few months the country has put in place emergency measures that keep vaccinations compulsory medics blame a growing vaccination movement for the rides some of jaeger reports from rome. to her home schooling is sometimes a necessity for. when she was just eight months old she had to have a liver transplant one side effect was that as you could not get vaccines such as
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the one required to prevent measles leaving her vulnerable to infections she has to rely on something called herd immunity which requires ninety five percent of the population to be vaccinated to create wider protection care what they're going to get from any any of us if i can't do many of the things my friends come on like if i go to school and there's an outbreak of the flu i get sent home as his mother christina has campaigned for mandatory vaccines and she's furious that it's government for attempting to allow parents to self certify that children for vaccinations without official checks. but they didn't meet the why does there have to be this risk it's not a joke the problem is a basic ignorance. it's not a consideration for this family who didn't want to use their real names so we're calling them out and cloud they've decided to forgo the measles vaccinations for their child yet they have self certified him so he can enter the public school
2:42 am
system their choices aren't informed by scientific fact but on debunked theories promoted by the anti vaccine movement designated by the un's health body to be one of this year's worst health threats. research is taken from different sources some from the internet some from friends medications are important and science is fundamental but the most important thing really is personal choice. it's really had been a leader in vaccination strategies but over the past four years there has been a ten percent decline in those rates it's especially dangerous for children last year the country had one of the highest rates of measles outbreaks in europe this phenomenon of self determining medical practices has gone down well with those who are somewhat skeptical of the all forty's such as the doctor who's devising the vaccines and the politician implementing them the problem is that this populist
2:43 am
approach to health care is having very real consequences and flies in the face of scientific evidence. both really. the five star and deputy prime ministers say they are in favor of vaccines but they have spoken out against the current law in a radio interview last year salvini even push theories university debunked by medical professionals have been amplified by social media. you know get confused and don't know if trusting a medical doctor or even trusting other people may be also more famous than doctors and that's one of the problems we face now as the cases of measles continue to rise some leaders from the populist government surprised many recently by signing a science pact in favor of vaccines but the damage from the disinflation campaigns may have already been done so new diagonal al-jazeera rome twenty four new
2:44 am
confirmed cases of bone are being reported by health officials in the democratic republic of congo the cases have been discovered over the past three days the world health organization says the virus is now concentrated in two regions and can be fully contained in six months or government data says there are more than nine hundred confirmed or probable cases of the bona almost six hundred people have died after contracting the virus in the past year but the world health organization says there is progress the virus has been largely contained nearly ninety thousand people have been vaccinated against the virus since the latest outbreak was detected in the province in august last year. gene editing is a breakthrough technology that enables us to fix faulty d.n.a. in other fields but a chinese scientist cause an uproar when he permanently alter the d.n.a. of the embryos of twin baby girls is prompting a fierce debate among scientists on how to police the practice science and
2:45 am
technology reporter as more. our d.n.a. makes us unique it determines our height our eye color and they didn't miss it disorders many of us are born with genetic editing offers us a way to fix those faulty jayne's altering alsa mess excels the cells in our organs and tissues and all skin and dies genetic changes to these cells one pass on to your children the problem has been you genetically altered germ line cells the sperm the egg or in the case of the chinese scientist a fertilized egg at the single cell stage those genetic changes are passed on we still don't know what the consequences could be. at this conference in november a chinese scientist he junk we made an announcement that caused a collective gasp the birth of the world's first genetically edited babies he donated the c c r five gene in twin baby girls while their was still in
2:46 am
a petri dish to give them protection against hiv he said he knew he was crossing in it the goal line but he did it anyway there will be some long some well history in this if it's anatomy in someone else the scientific world responded with condemnation no babies should be born at this point in time following the use of this technology it's simply too early to premature is a fantastic technology if it's applied to the right applications semantics our editing that editing cells. adult cells from a fully consenting adult runtastic technology and i'm sure we're going to see it progressing into the clinic but what he did was take this amazing technology and apply it incorrectly. gene is getting trials involve consenting adults but the twin girls known as lou and nana weren't given a choice the changes to their genes are likely permanent and with consequences
2:47 am
unknown the technology to use these extremely error prone and utilizes genetic modification pathways within the cells that. pretty much. very hard to control and we have being. patient as elsewhere in the genome dr he used the crisp it has nine technology not to correct but to genetically in hunts of raises the specter of scientists creating so-called design a baby's in the lead to potentially make them stronger smarter even many scientists a pushing for clear and transparent guidelines even advocating a pause until countries can agree on how to meet the challenges of jim hitting a panel of scientists assembled by the world health organization is now working on a way forward maidana holland al-jazeera. will break when i come back
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a couple of sport. while i. was well the other which.
2:49 am
welcome but top of the sport is on the thank you very much well the leading scene in world cycling looks at some insane its financial domination of the sport tame sky will become any your says it partners with britain's richest man jim ratcliffe
2:50 am
team sky riders chris froome and grant some us of one five sort of france titles between them but it december the broadcaster announced it would be ending its sponsorship the british same have also faced allegations of cheating a u.k. parliament to report accuse them of crossing the ethical line over their use of medical exemptions for banned drugs a sports cross from only willing says this deal should bring them more success. well it was not so the extraordinary period of dominance from team sky in cycling over the period of a decade that is a long time in the sport so when right after i saw a hundred twenty seven races eight grand tours lower there was no way they could be stopped and i do believe that this new financial import that's going to come in from britain's richest man jim rockliffe is going to type them or certainly maintain that level of success maybe even take it further because he's certainly going to pump a lot of money in and of course the expertise the mastermind hasn't changed i've
2:51 am
browsed through at such a lympics success with britain he's still there he's still the helm and he's still going to be making sure that what's now to many of us is going to win races i think the issue that this team has got is with their reputation of course the u.k. government said that crossed the ethical line with things like therapeutic use exemptions in a mystery package that went to bradley wiggins in two thousand and eleven and this is clearly a manipulation of rules that exist what's going to happen now with their reputation because there's a lot of cynicism around what was team sky they're going to need to make sure they manage that carefully because they will certainly have more success but will it be well received. well new zealand's sports minister says he supports discussions into changing the name of the country's most successful club rugby team the cancer be crusaders from robertson's comments following friday's mosque attacks in christ church that seem also so they're open to talking about the issue concerns the
2:52 am
crusaders names associated with the religious wars between christians and muslims roberson as it seems we involve cross churches muslim community in the dialogue or the crusades were founded in one thousand nine hundred ninety six and a nine time super rugby champions a conversation involving franchises for most of the southern hemisphere is replying nations that same have previously said the name reflects the region's crusading spirits and isn't a reference to the medieval religious wars but the crusaders do play up to some of that history before home games knights on horseback ride around the stadium but rugby journalist ross carr believes some form of change is inevitable steve bruce says had been thinking about this before the tragedy and now tragedies happen it has come person and discussion about so the crusaders and oblivious to say this is very much where and wanting to do the right thing but it is going to try to figure out exactly what the right thing is and they have to talk to the muslim community
2:53 am
talk to the minister talk to the met talk to stakeholders in the rugby union to figure that out to people across very very keen on the team and a lot of them don't want to lose the name of the history that got with the crusaders name because there's been so successful it's such a success were such a successful brand when you go across you see that you see heads you see it all there but when you look at the orson they are knights on horseback with a christian cross on their back and they way swords and they run around hyping up the crowd is an absolute connection to the christian crusaders it's undeniable so i think that will be the first one to go even if they don't change the name. you'll find the logo and the branding and that motive horseback riding will be gone pretty quickly in the united states even casual sports fans are getting cooler and what's not as march madness the men's and women's basketball tournament
2:54 am
is that at some of the largest annual events in college athletics there's a lot of money to be made but at the moment none of it's going to the pious john hundred reports he's trying to back up or down the pay at march madness and other college sports tournaments when fans buy tickets in jerseys bearing the faces and numbers of athletes universities reap millions the athletes make nothing none of those players on the field the ones who are. running the football kicking the soccer ball playing basketball none of them are compensated it's really it is it is a foreign concept to most people outside of this nation but here it's real and the student athletes are the ones suffering even many college coaches think that's wrong it's a big big business bespeak money and the reason people are in the business is to try to make money in could make it an honest case that the student athletes. are the ones that create the money but really receive very little of it so i think i
2:55 am
think there will be an adjustment i don't know the magnitude of it but i look forward to seeing some changes. now in north carolina congressman hopes to change that republican mark walker's bill would let all students men and women alike playing all n.c.a.a. sports and money when their names are images used players would still get nothing when teams use their names in jersey numbers to advertise games universities would still pay only for scholarships but the change in law would allow players to collect on third party endorsements so one day soon it's just possible you might see american college players pitching sports drinks clothes and shoes ninety nine percent of college and. will never make it as a pro they're paid in scholarships and education alone and that's fine with some coaches the vast majority of college athletes college basketball players are probably happy to have
2:56 am
a full scholarship at the cost of attendance. leave college with a degree and a great basketball player experience there has been a slow erosion in the status of college athletes it's similar to the rules that eventually allowed professionals to take part in the olympics earlier this month the u.s. judge ruled that the n.c.a.a. violated antitrust laws by capping the amount universities can spend on scholarships but for now college athletes will have to play for the love of the game john hendren al-jazeera chicago while in the pro game for once steph curry couldn't inspire a win for the golden state warriors but he did so produce one of the moments of the season in a defeat against the sun and spurs here he is pulling off a sixty one four. three points or at the end of the first quarter. the worries are top of the western conference and already assured of a place in the playoffs with the spurs ninth straight win taking this one to one eleven so on i five they are up to fifth in the west. now world heavyweight
2:57 am
champion deion say while the has named his next opponents what. is to be a rematch just yet against britain's tyson fieri after their compelling draw last december instead the w.b.c. champion will fight fellow american dominic brazil in may brazil's only korea loss can we get to the man who holds all the other heavyweights hostiles that's honestly joshua. excitement because it was the fear i was more side in the more career because of the situation in the position that i was. this right here going top everything because i marked his the flamed up heart without even have to get hired . ok sports looking for not more light. on the thank you very much indeed all right well that's it for me down in jordan for this news don't go away though up in a moment with more of the day's news that you.
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have to. start measuring. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in due time. a street seems to defy
2:59 am
gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the u.n. to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it many brits anees happiness is what we ensure it's if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy through time has done what no other country has. oldest muslim undertakers working here is just seven days a week that's grown with a community my father purchased a black ambulance started to do the funeral in london and the family we saw stopping power to drink the water and. the stories we told often here told by the people who the. east and undertakers this is europe on
3:00 am
al-jazeera. came full knowing in the rain of course to their village in. the village. hundreds of dead in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi after cycling causes one of the worst ever weather disasters to hit the southern hemisphere. alone down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the first funerals got underway of the victims of new zealand's mosque attacks. further federal investigations in the us and boeing seven three seven marks airliners were cleared by regulators to fly with two deadly crashes in five months.


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