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that was supported less turmoil in one way. by visually i should go all you're getting but that gallagher has a past masters made their bed special kept pressuring and that is the last it will be yup i shall get the better care at the monthly numbers they have. made us have an order to cut say a shop or council camp that he seen with a chill to clean up at it as national came up some of us come at night and not realize how can someone order something not to come more while the lunar month the line as good illegal yet it is those of a. million dollars so we get our own countries like other parts of quite a specimen here with kurdish rule deliberately didn't confer quintillion vision we
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would be a solution not to us from that we're just we can't in fact who live with a king he won't even you look you up could juggle oblige him think are pretty delicate and win him through with your blood or you'll go away because they're being edition just not with you would you would the police tell you but don't you want us complete unconditional yes or all the most good or juggle them must perceive this. newsgroup the prickles only bill the day you elicit more new sustained use of preceded it. you know when your union or you believe. that banking is just i'm going to go to
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their message my dinner is worse and no more they say math as writers that my new book a record of a glitter that i'm i'm really did know this was the big this couple to show me you know to them because the i'm. not alone not now but much as i can probably some money thing as then they're not very much i learned a lot about that which i asked about. and again i don't know how in a richer my own then where we're going to but the government the goddamn break up there meredith my team. he would say the sureness only knew it was going to do the masters of moderation the good yep sound good the. majority of them. no i stick your stamp. which does she does and you both please as good as live in the position and the ability to
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give an inch of more or less as them being mocked at the sea of the globe or the first home but the utica at that special and in my satellite medium has done very little of that with the whole. them giving him a new sound with the voice still at the oscars he is like i am. are we. still. here are long. still hours. long. carol.
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still. stood hours though. who. the losers minister has been in has meant to use memento has been ask you can delete imposed. on islam state in the way they you cannot. know where they may admit realism and where they will punish them on the labels the idea probably is your god would turn to a c.e.o. to us has contempt to stalk or skip over a million a city or younger. house
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the fallen on. the felt good. and so on the placement supposedly for this is because idea of good was a pretty is. that. looked awful that's. good business beer but what we do. with the gals because the us. oh i know to you but if you're dead on the local store you put it up there's been deed as. yes most member solicitous over.
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proud of the finer beauty of the new thunderous cuter sika they do stop on. the border put those of on the. journey course ms but there are other school was school. the way. you're. going to talk about an open that is not mine and i thought it was the pursuit of this and if you do some ok i'm going to put it on my wall. no no. no no no no no of you know. there's going to still be. these are just some of our oh lord there's more oh most of those going do.
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you know. that they use it emma diggin gluck is bad to most about what their next mixture so get could have been a clear cut that went on in english to go busboy duma for the fun yes and i thought that. while it is clear where you are that you're a look at i'm going to look out of this miami. have him what was her car going around them oh. well. i've received my loved. ones yes the states are. just so good. oh. well done that was the way this is going up was a good one of us were great though it was a book that was out. as they did the clip adult of that if they put it.
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that had it issued a new predominant us front look at the basement is there a pool clean losses we'd. be. going out. for one contestant my new nest nest monkeys for school most. good. nap time. but when i focused my source. my mind. my. things and there's no those that i was.
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yesterday. but i must be honest there's more no i was in for it was the size thing about the but i did some more that the. other side do so but it just for the joke doesn't solve things when you're in the studio when you have goes through you know was not showing up as good shows most folks. mislead us . into the wood buzz kill muslim and now the vote of the mass and dualism bottom of . this. issue of the.
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news we good. i guess for it to be al but that he that he already if you have the army. came down to this. level yeah i know but a lot of them would like it with me because that is that even if i was going to be forced to put into. the s.s. again. or the. russian aggression in ukraine is a threat to the security of oh european continent that is why we took action to strengthen our security what we have seen during the last year is a more assertive russia illegally and next in crimea and continuing to
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destabilizing eastern ukraine and therefore need to fast to react and that's exactly what we're doing. there so it was a political solution serious push coalition to have current and not a horse and cart or a stadium. and something you can show name in your time could you know minute almost time apart he was on our mind to suggest to her you know they know well you can't there's a shrink into saying she couldn't count on a two way forward in a only way. getting a bit. more left out they're not going to cover up the count we did get from our defeat but if they figure bush because the year or so it took us on a lot again i have people saying. oh my gosh. and by the look of.
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it i think some assholes are good for those arkansas have to have a lawyer and go to governor's was in this mess just a critical citizen last. one for me for. the last loss that's a loss message addition benchrest mets assassin lacy they had at least last year's there was marcus clear so good that you've added in to life would it do you may go for the soviets or play pool get an article that gets over what are your serious it is but yet they may as can. be proven that he is those who live sue the would see a good list but league could lead to a good lead the new in the video then they did but they believe they.
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did a good deal you know america will hear them home of their lenny first so they go to believe him in the nose dojos so much it is just. the water dog. game you know. who they gained in the out of those. see me again you us though you should maybe go god doesn't bother about us my us the money oh yeah they did that out of love on you to go. yes if you want the us should be able question up next and go in your salad and what better way you are quoting a straw it was. a joke novel and a snorkel got out. her mug you did you saw the numbers that animal own car. i simply saw the men nor. the market seems to get
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that it got to do things think should do this and so they knew it. was a cancer nuclear since it is. all over the course of the business some so called august getting up and did a business. and they're supposed to will not go to show that most of us will keep him a good shot at it and this little games will be stopped and those talks to us as if . it. is a bit of mush are the most us. go. going to market it just like
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become that in scouts taking a nationalistic peek so we get our own them. they're still a stupid person unless he's. got also law. and order. sister. here. very very. against the odds and in face of the devastating loss of their loved ones and their homes women from crucial have shown enormous resilience fighting against the odds to keep going in the absence of their beloved brothers. twentieth after the
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possible al jazeera while tells the story of female courage in a village that lost all of its name. women of crucial al-jazeera. eternity. so could this military occupation. head to my prison my freedom my heartbeat my life my language of my occupation so thought of reason and there's a little old swell of the whole world can have to move. to roost to live a rock and a hard to please coming soon. this powerful social network is sculpting a global cyber society and regulation is playing catch up but as scandals begin to unfold they will witness is that we should not be in this position. they want as
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much. contradistinction jan on the cover to gauge how ethics weigh against profits and how the rules are being written. inside facebook on al-jazeera. hello i'm lauren taylor none of the top stories on al-jazeera the former bosnia is politically directive on carriage which will spend the rest of his life in jail after being released sentenced by a u.n. court in the hague carriage was appealing against his twenty sixteen conviction for genocide for which he was given fourteen years behind bars but the judges said that sentence for these seven it's a massacre nine hundred ninety five was too light given the gravity of his crimes.
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families of the victims of seventy eight so celebrated the decision watching it from the memorial to those who died more than eight thousand muslim men and boys were massacred in the genocide of the bosnian town by the bosnian serb army the european council president donald tusk says extending the date the u.k. leaves the e.u. is conditional on the british parliament backing the government's withdrawal agreement the deal has already been rejected twice by u.k. m.p.'s the comments follow a written request by permit prime minister to resign may to the e.u. for bret's it to be delayed by three months prime in the system proposal of the thirtieth of june we each of its modes creates a series of questions over the ego and political leadership. leaders who discuss this tomorrow. the number of deaths. will continue
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to rise with more bodies being found in the flood waters. says more than two hundred people were so far confirmed dead. hundred fifty thousand remain at risk many people have lost all their possessions in the flooding three hundred people have been killed across southern africa the european commission says it's finding research on google one point seven billion dollars a blocking rival online advertises the european competition commission says the tech firm has conducted a competitive practices for a decade the competition watchdog says the fine accounts for just over one percent of google's twenty eight hundred turnover is the third time in just two years the e.u. has fined alphabet. behavior there's a top stories do stay with us witness continues next hour for you straight after that.
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well then. it will kill scuffles of looked as if. they put sticks but little schools to the. bad because there is a bus in so that a. you know you're just not understood you should push to an assessment just extend the protein yes thank you was just kind of this you said that of all your dog new tricks think she could do to people given you're not a good reservist. posing
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to get agnes to keep them by sinking them also the ladder is starting. to flow convoy almost as a narrative force. she still was going to document the sounds. some. more news did you should have been you're just getting to put is don't use do you
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mean. by just your producer or you could get in people's. gaghan as well boy states go fast it's sad if you have to give it a king a line at a citizen and that's all given a chance. actually still not acting on. monday it's probably. just believe it is there but of course there's a time. for some and that's when over the years of. being both going to get an answer. they're going to make it most of what is on the wall. is not
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in this is not good. when those are not going to force their. will to proceed and go talk to the truth if that is. very kind of british their course their doors their support of. us and the state university of southern oregon now that i was going to. europe of course there is it your day randi kaye no i'm a student let's go to your guys now guy there. i came to immigrate here.
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let's listen in to the u.k. prime minister treason may speaking a terrorist special resident in number ten downing street again it was the biggest democratic exercise in our country's history i came to office on a promise to deliver on that verdict in march two thousand and seventeen i triggered the article fifty process for the u.k. to exit the e.u. and parliament supported it overwhelmingly two years on m.p.'s have been unable to agree on a way to implement the u.k.'s withdrawal as a result we will now not leave on time with the deal on the twenty ninth of march. this delay is a matter of great personal regret for me and of this i am absolutely sure you the public have had enough you're tired of the infighting you're tired of the political games and the arcane procedural rounds tired of m.p.'s talking about
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nothing else but brick's it when you have real concerns about our children schools our national health service knife crime you want this stage of the brics it process to be over and done with i agree on your side it is now time for m.p.'s to decide so today i have written to donald to ask the president of the european council to request a stuart extension of article fifty up to the thirtieth of june to give m.p.'s the time to make a final choice do they want to leave the e.u. with a deal which delivers on the result of the referendum that takes back control of our money borders and laws while protecting jobs and our national security do they want to leave without a deal or do they not want to leave at all causing potentially irreparable damage to public trust not just in this generation of politicians but to our entire
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democratic process it is high time we made a decision so far parliament has done everything possible to avoid making a choice motion after motion and amendment after amendment has been tabled without parliament ever deciding what it wants all m.p.'s have been willing to say is what they do not want i passionately hope m.p.'s will find a way to back the deal i've negotiated with the e.u. a deal that delivers on the result of the referendum and is the very best deal negotiable. and i will continue to work night and day to secure the support of my colleagues the d u p and others for this deal but i am not prepared to delay brix it any further than the thirtieth of june some argue that i'm making the wrong choice and i should ask for
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a longer extension to the end of the year or beyond to give more time for politicians to argue over the way forward that would mean asking you to vote in european elections nearly three years after our country decided to leave what kind of message would that send and just how bitter and divisive would that election campaign be at a time when the country desperately needs bringing back together some of suggested holding a second referendum i don't believe that's what you want and it is not what i want we asked you the question already and you gave us your answer now you want us to get on with it and that is what i am determined to do. if you are listening to u.k. prime minister to resign may announcing again that he is not prepared to delay brix it for the thirtieth of june explaining her reasons for asking for that extension
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from the european commission she said this delay is a matter of great personal regret and she also said that the public had had enough or were tired of breaks it and she was on their side she said was a high time for that decision was made and she is still hoping that she can get her deal through parliament let's bring in a jonah hole who is live at westminster so she's saying again that she doesn't want it to be delayed beyond the thirtieth of june. jonah she didn't really tell us any more here than we heard in parliament. no absolutely not i don't think that was the design or intent of this statement this was an appeal to the nation it was to reason may as we've seen before with these sort of cliff edge statements that she tends to give from downing street everybody expects that to be something that's very revealing she has as you said offered nothing what she has done though again to see is done before she's pitted this entire process as up
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a picture of this entire process as a battle between parliament on the one hand trying to frustrate the will of the people and the people who have spoken three years ago almost in a referendum and trees away on the side of the people and saying as much i agree with you i am on your side let's get this over the line remember throughout this process she took us through the various stages of it from the triggering of article fifty with the overwhelming support of parliament we have gone from theresa may say no deal would be better than a bad deal and then we went to her deal versus no deal then we went briefly to deal versus no deal versus no gregg's it at this point again we are back in the territories a third deal versus no deal that is the situation that the european union has essentially set up with this intervention by the tusk the e.u. council president saying you can have your extension your short extension if you
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get a deal across the line and histories of may here setting out her stall for that procedure for that process now that we'll see a vote take place next week and once again saying she will not countenance any extension beyond june thirtieth the extension she has asked for indeed if a deal fails next week she may well be forced to face a much longer extension in order to avoid no deal will comments again this evening suggest that she may be willing to resign rather than see that happen no. unruly election no second referendum the situation she's sure the public would not want they want to deal she wants a deal and this is the reason they say sitting on a stool and that's the way she is going to just i mean given the given that the speaker had originally said they she couldn't bring back the vote for a third time without it being substantially different is the fact that there's this extension now enough to make it different enough to pass it to get it on to the to
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the books. well we don't know it hasn't been tested i mean this the assumption i think would be that if indeed this is the set of physicians of the european union that they are offering an extension contingent on a vote that would be at least put to john bercow the speaker as. substantially different circumstances and i feel sure that jordan bercow the speaker of parliament would not want to be the man who single handedly stands in the way of the last chance to avoid in the deal breaks next week it seems likely therefore that that vote will take place the gamble of course is that with this ultimatum pitting the deal against a no deal britain that had nothing in fees will be fearful enough of the no deal scenario to come on board and vote for a deal she's got to make up a gap of some seventy five in peace it's a very dangerous gambit at this stage there are m.p.'s on the right of her party pro breaks it b.r.g.
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group who base their entire program on achieving a no deal outcome some may break ranks a lot one how many we don't know tens perhaps several tens and because of the arithmetic of that part of this parliament that will require that gap will need to be filled by opposition m.p.'s in the labor party are there enough of them willing to cross to to break ranks and effectively support or enable a conservative party breaks it hugely unclear at this moment it will be a vote that with the highest of stakes at the last possible moment is the hours perhaps even the minutes next week countdown to breaks it into different terror interpretation of she talked about the people being sort of fed up with this whole you know business of breaks it and wanting to get on with it you think that interpretation of a kind of common people's view on this is right. i mean anecdotally it certainly is a view of a lot of people would you hear them interviewed who are extremely fed up with the
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most convoluted to follow a major in political processes messes really as many people see it that anyone can imagine let alone remember many seasoned political commentators useful to say they've simply never come across anything quite as fraught and divided as this so yes i'm sure she speaks for a percentage of the electorate perhaps the majority who voted for grace of course there are a lot of people who have very much want to see a different outcome and she certainly doesn't at this moment speak for them but through the may hear city selflessly person of the people standing up for their wishes against the parliament finally trying to frustrate it worth pointing out that some commentators and indeed m.p.'s have made the point that this shows an extraordinary disdain for the workings of parliament theresa made to day standing up in the house of commons and telling parliamentarians she won't accept a long extension because it would only lead to years more navel gazing on bricks if they've been indulgent enough on breaks if she says it was rather raise
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a question about how committed she is to taking back control of parliamentary sovereignty which was meant to be the basis for much of it of the leave campaign in the leave vote when she seems to have so little respect for the parliamentary process john howard thank you very much indeed. joins us live now from brussels so we've heard from donald turns scat but what do you make of of her statement today in the seeming say additions to that. well i mean of of not other watching they didn't tell him anything whatsoever that they didn't already know the one bits of it that they probably would agree with her about is her assertion that parliament can't keep saying what it doesn't want it needs to say what it does want instead and that's what any number of european politicians have said over and over and over again but the trouble is they're also raising that
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complaints against a reason maybe because you know they would say to her look you keep losing this focus why won't you talk to anybody else in in a sort of a cross party way and cannot be some sort of other idea that you can put to us that would allow us to grant you a longer extension and plainly ship is entirely deaf to all that sort of thing and when the crunch point is going to come tomorrow afternoon when she speaks to the other twenty seven european leaders absolutely no doubts that there the question they're going to ask her is look if you lose these folks again next week for the third and the final time with only about four days left before you're supposed to leave the european union are you actually prepared to leave the e.u. without any deal at all despite the fact your own parliaments voted against it twice despite the economic collapse it would probably cost to the u.k. in the contingent damage to other european economies despite the fact that it would
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spoil it imperil the peace on the island of islands are you actually suggesting that you want to do that and clearly there's nothing in anything that she's saying at the moment that offers any suggestion as to what her opinion is about that because all she's doing is booting it back to parliament ariens in london and saying look you don't like michael you've got to decide what else it is that you want to do but i mean plainly the e.u. doesn't want a no deal scenario she said as one no deal scenario the british parliament said it doesn't want a no deal scenario and yet they seem at the moment to have no actual way of avoiding it and so the test proposal is. vote it's through and then you'll have a short extension to get it through and if not then we'll have some of the majesty summits after that to decide what happens next and what about the new countries a minute then they don't always speak with one voice on these things and it what's your sense of there whether the fault lines line between what people think is a good idea as an outcome well made in terms of good cop bad cop the bad
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cop in the game at the moment is the french who are saying i doubt they'll do it but they might even veto any extension because they're just too fed up with the whole thing. the i thought the most interesting intervention today came from the irish prime minister live rocca who said in his words the e.u. should now cut the british some slack. that was very significant because the the irish actually terrified of no deal it would be devastating to their own economy but even more than that the reemergence of a hard border on the island of ireland would mean they would have to be irish border guards on the republic of them on the republican on the side of the british border guards on the north not inside and they'd both be a targets for distant republicans who would shoot at them or in another sort of sense attack them and as bizarre as that sounds after so many years of the peace process it would be so destabilizing for all islands and one of the absolutely major considerations for the european union is protecting the public of ireland
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because it's one of their members even if the u.k. leaves and i do think that it lends to the argument that even though tusk is saying it's either they still or something else they might have to consider a longer extension if only to protect our interests in brussels thank you very much indeed. one of the most dramatic trials over genocide committed during the balkan war in the one nine hundred ninety s. has ended the former bosnian serb political leader radovan carriage which were not spend the rest of his life in jail after being recent inst by a un court in the hague. was appealing against his twenty sixteen conviction for genocide for which he was given forty years behind bars and the judges said that sentence these seven it's a massacre in one thousand nine hundred five was too light given the gravity of his crimes i families of victims of sherborne it's a celebrated the sentencing watching it from the memorial to those who died or the eight thousand muslim men and boys were massacred in the genocide at the bosnian
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town by the bosnian serb army so i'm going to go has more from the hague. it's not just for the relatives of the victims that it's significant for but also exactly. that underlines the the justice meted out to a rod of iron carriage which for the crimes that he committed when he was the defacto bosnian serb leader and that includes he accused of genocide a war crimes crimes against humanity and in fact when the prosecutor when the tribunal stated that he his sentence hadn't been wasn't enough then that really was a relief to a lot of the relatives who were outside here who wanted for there to be this prosecution they wanted to see that sentence passed down to him for life behind bars as well but it's also in effect a very important case for the international tribunals and it underlines one of the
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most devastating episodes of the yugoslav wars and that is of the massacre of that ebony in which as you said more than eight thousand muslim men and boys were slaughtered at the hands of the bosnian serb forces this also has a direct implication exactly for how such defacto leaders can also be held to account for their actions during such conflicts of course there have been other conflicts around the world since then and still currently there so this really is an important ruling for the international tribunals say despite the fact that there has been ever increasing pressure from countries such as the united states and the philippines to try and cut down and reduce of clampdown on the or thora t. of such tribunals. rescuers in mozambique fear the number of deaths from cyclonic die will continue to rise with more bodies being found in the flood waters
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president felipe in u.c. says more than two hundred people are known to have died since it i made landfall last thursday he warned three hundred fifty thousand remain at risk many people have lost all their possessions in the flooding according to the un the cyclon could be the worst ever weather disaster to hit the southern hemisphere leaving a trail of destruction in mozambique zimbabwe and malawi coming to miller reports from the coastal city of barrow which was almost completely destroyed. this traumatized but safe survivors of cyclonic die a rival bear airport one helicopter load at a time they come from boozy one of the hardest hit areas insofar province infants a mother and daughter this is the first dry land they've seen in days. another chopper lands filled with young children but hundreds of thousands more remain in desperate need. the united nations says cyclery die could be the worst weather related disaster known to hit the southern hemisphere one point seven billion
5:44 am
people lay in its path in mozambique alone just was rescued three days after the cyclon struck he was found clinging to a tree almost entirely submerged in water now just science navigates the same water that nearly drowned him to rebuild what little is left of his flooded home now my snow broom would be ridden there is no more reason to go beg all of our houses have been destroyed risky workers say they've moved as many people as possible in dando district but there are many more they say the situation was made worse because people refused to leave their homes ahead of the storm this is proof wherever it's banks person after the psycho hit some of the people who've lost their homes have come to this school to find a place to stay they may have found shelter and some water has been delivered but there's very little in the way of. a few hundred people are living at the school several families a crammed into one classroom there you go ashore again i have been here since
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a cyclon hit by days ago so all the roofs are blown away when i look for help my neighbor but his house was also destroyed with the devastation is worse in rural areas at this point too far away and flooded to be reached by road. we are now at the point on taking people that are there for water up to their heads and and taking them by helicopter of boats to places where they stranded up to their ankles we're in the life saving face where we're not even at the point where we can do medical assessments because they've been out there for many days drinking staying waters with bodies and animals and so the health is going to be our second most important thing relief efforts have been hampered by poor communications phone and power lines no match against the cyclons paula the water has to recede for life to return to anything like no manatee but for now the rain continues.
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and more on that story and of course all the rest of the stories where reporting on on our web site al-jazeera dot com. that's it for me the team in london i'll be back in a moment with a full news out thanks for watching. however there are two cyclers in the vicinity of northern australia traverse the important one having made it across the cape york peninsula is now strengthening of the next two or three days in the gulf of carpentaria indeed evacuations have been ordered
5:47 am
on drouet island as has been hit before whatnots of something like forty years so that's a picture in the north of australia further south is almost in quotes will be up again in adelaide about thirty degrees much the same as bruce been to the west percepts that he too might prompt the few showers increasing clouds certainly in the wind is in science so you are doing well as far as temps are concerned that spinner might make landfall in western australia we'll watch it as yet it's still slowly building just drifting new zealand's prospects the next couple days really are quite nice all the clouds slipping down here just for on the far side of the south island but for the most part we're up into the twenty's quite happily a slow circulation month means some persistent mist and forget east in the morning otherwise you've got a nice couple of days coming up which is completely different over japan it's a good should be spring but look at this massive snow which i think will even touch
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not just northern japan but north korea. is now one way of telling it keeping its title rights to be i suspect. it's a great message it's you know the person for me to. this is al jazeera. and i'm on our intake of the al-jazeera news hour live from london coming up. this delay is a matter of great personal regret for me but the british prime minister says she will still deliver breck's it before the end of june. relatives of
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victims react as un judges sentence former bosnian serb political leader read of an carriage which to life in prison. almost a week since i can it i hit rescue workers warn thousands of lives remain at risk in mozambique. in sport the seattle mariners of one of the first game of the new major league baseball season tokyo the venue them are as nine seven victory over the oakland athletics. will begin with the bricks a crisis and u.k. prime minister to resign may has made an impassioned plea to britain's parliament to get on with the job of leaving the e.u. may made the appeal an address to the nation after requesting a three month extension to bricks it in a letter to the bloc european council president donald tusk says that may be possible but only if the u.k. parliament approves the existing withdrawal agreement next week but that deal has
5:50 am
already been rejected twice by british m.p.'s this delay is a matter of great personal regret for me and of this i am absolutely sure you the public have had enough your charge of the inviting your charge of the political games and the arcane procedural rounds tired of m.p.'s talking about nothing else but bricks it when you have real concerns about our children's schools our national health service knife crime you want this stage of the bricks it process to be over and done with i agree on your side it is now time for m.p.'s to decide. terry hall is live at westminster so how likely is it that she can now get this through parliament at this stage very difficult to say at this point i certainly wouldn't lean on the side of likely it's
5:51 am
a numbers game as ever it has been in parliament with her deal a deal of course twice defeated and by enormous margins the last one of the less than the first but she still got a win over some seventy five employees in that third vote now expected to be held next week if she's to get it across the line and you know the numbers are very difficult to predict on the right of a party there's a rump of in these dead against her deal who don't mind particular the idea of a no do break some of them may come across to her side but many may not be in the tens perhaps the several tens we don't know the numbers and that number that gap will have to be filled by the opposition benches that d.p. may come on site and have ten seats for the opposition benches so you may be looking for twenty or thirty labor party m.p.'s who'd have to come on side i think that's an enormous ask for them some of course will be very keen to get breaks it across the line some will come across the to the prime minister's deal but that
5:52 am
many be willing to enable a conservative party vision of breaks in their own parties hunting a totally different idea of price and i think that looks like a stretch and therefore it is by no means certain that she will get this deal across the line next week does it actually was so i understand meeting men then some leaders from other parties how did that go was there any kind of progress at all. no not particularly well at all and certainly no progress voices coming out of that meeting suggesting that all she did was what she basically did in the statement to the nation was restate the case for her own deal and quoting one m.p. who walked out of that meeting not to do a very good job at listening to alternative views and alternative voices notably jeremy corbin the labor party to worked in and walked straight out because he wasn't prepared to sit down with these former labor party colleagues who'd left his father to form this independent group ostensibly because they're not an official
5:53 am
party that spark to the twitter fury over his conduct at a time of national crisis so you know look it's all a reflection of just how deeply entrenched the mess of breaks it has become how deeply divided parliament is not just the house as a whole but within the parties that make up the parliament and it's very difficult to see. where indeed any majority may lie to get out of this theresa may make the point in her address to the nation that she stands with the people against a parliament who she depicts as having consistently frustrated this process doing nothing more than say that what it is that they don't want but not be willing to say what it is they would say of course she hasn't given them another chance but look fraught fraught situation this is a third vote next week by no means certain to pull all the country out of the difficulties it's in jane hall thank you very much wants me it joins us live now from brussels at took us through what donald to scale has been saying and whether
5:54 am
the prime minister's kind of approach is going to work with the e.u. . well i mean i think i think in general terms are fairly astonished that she seems to be completely deaf to that overall suggestion that if she wanted a bigger extension to try to get things straight she'd have to come up with a new idea and just saying i just need a bit more time to get my deal over the line. has caused a level of consternation here because they they know perfectly well what the math are in the british parliament in the way that jonah was outlining next week there's every likelihood that the hard core in her own party will never vote for a deal since they can get no deal at about four days later. and that the labor party might not be able to swing the enough of it to get across the line so what they're doing at the moment is effectively wargaming what happens if her deal fails for a third time and when she comes to speak to them tomorrow afternoon they're bound
5:55 am
they did actually think you've got a chance of winning and b. if you don't then what are you going to do and are you actually prepared to have a no deal breck seats that will cause all these economic damage and destruction and imperil the peace process in northern ireland if parliament voted against it twice what's your plan b. and plainly based on every single thing she said including her address the nation twenty minutes ago there still is no it is no plan b. and so they've got to have a separate conversation about if she does lose the deal what exactly do they do they do then if they have to have an emergency summit possibly one or two days before in o.t.l. bracks it could happen and i think a lot of that conversation will be contingent on what she says in the first instance but they are in a terrible mess now because they just can't seem to get inside. and everything that she says to them doesn't actually make any sense at all and tell us about they is how united or otherwise the e.u. is on what the their position should be. there are only
5:56 am
a couple of countries it prepared to countenance a second referendum there are quite a lot the want to short extension a few in particular i think the irish and the germans prepared to come up with the idea of a longer extension there's some twitching going on of the about a long extension because if the reason may if there was a long extension in threes and i was in the prime minister any more which is probable then what happens if it's a hard cold who comes in as prime minister instead of an even bigger problem than for them but as i was saying to you before i think one of the big considerations if they are to consider a longer extensions avoid no deal is the protection of the republic of ireland which is absolutely vulnerable to a no deal for its economy and the reemergence of a hard border between northern and the republic of ireland and the violence that would cause and if the e.u. is to be true to its word on standing by the republicans it has done all the way
5:57 am
through this process of the last thousand days since the referendum if it doesn't throw in under the bus at the very last minute it would have to i think between now and this time next week consider a longer extension if only to protect islands from all the disaster the hard wrecks it would cause to is currently thank you very much now one of the most dramatic trials of a genocide committed during the balkan war in one thousand nine hundred says ended in the hague the former bosnian serb political leader radovan carriage which will not spend the rest of his life in jail after being recent inspire un court judge was appealing against his twenty sixteen conviction for genocide which he was given forty years behind bars the judges said that conviction for the seven it's a massacre nine hundred ninety five was tonight given the gravity of his crimes so i'm going to go of course from the way. the faces of the dead of the strip it's a massacre remembered by their loved ones victims of the genocide perpetrated by
5:58 am
bosnian serb leader radovan cottage which it has taken nearly twenty five years for justice to be realized a painful journey often bereft of hope but learn excellently but the wait has finally come to an end kind of listened intently as the court listed his grounds for appeal and rejected them almost entirely the prosecution's appeal in a lot of respects sets aside charges to prod and order wrong side to sending the sentence of forty years of imprisonment and imposes just a product goes into sending a sentence of life imprisonment. outside the tribunal it was a decision welcomed by all who had gathered death but the suffering is never far away but it says or someone i guess or they go about well i am satisfied but i want to ask which school did they go to to learn how to kill our children our sons our
5:59 am
husbands i am satisfied but then again i am not because i no longer have one shooter. and seventy itself tears of relief fell with the tribunals and ousted would increase kind of sentence. this is one of the last remaining rulings dealing with the brutal breakup of yugoslavia and the sentencing of. is also being seen as a crucial test holding to factor leaders to account for crimes committed during conflicts. the case has been one of the most high profile legal battles of the yugoslav was more than eight thousand muslim men and boys were slaughtered in the strip and it's a massacre it was the worst genocide to have taken place in europe since world war two well the town has become symbolic of the very worst atrocities that took place in the balkans during the war it has also been a milestone for the legal consequences that followed it took twenty years and let's
6:00 am
hope it's not going to take twenty years for syria or for gay men for all of these other places where similar atrocities are being committed and we are some international community have to be more committed to bring justice to the fictive sways sooner than twenty years. will now spend the rest of his days behind bars his genocidal actions scarred an entire region and they leave behind a legacy of anguish from which many will never recover. al-jazeera the hague still to come u.s. secretary of state. is ready prime minister benjamin netanyahu on the second leg of his middle east tour. the e.u. finds google one point seven billion dollars for blocking rival online advertises its third penalty in just two years. and in sport more n.b.a. history james harden the houston rockets and his.


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