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question the guns of yachting harries what happens if your deal fails again for the third time of the start of next week because they're only prepared at the moment to countenance an extension to back seats if a deal passes and there's every likelihood that it won't they will say to her i'm sure what happens if it fails are you actually prepared at the end of next week for the u.k. to leave the european union with no deal at all despite the fact the u.k. parliament voted against it now twice despite all the economic damage that would pose to the u.k. the republic of ireland the netherlands and other bordering countries to the u.k. despite the fact that it would be mean the reimposition of a hard border. on the island of islands and all the violence that could lead to they're going to say the reason why is that actually what your intention is and they going to have to try to get some sort of straight answer from a because it's based on that's on so that they don't have to consider whether or not to have another emergency summit literally in the two days will direct it supposed to happen and potentially protect alan from
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a no deal by proposing an even longer extension to resume a prepared to go for that so many unanswered questions for the european point of view at the moment they're trying to get some clarity from sarees in may but at the moment this seems still to be no plan b. for what she proposed proposing to do if she loses her deal for a third time. well the latest call for algeria's president to step down is coming from. the national liberation front says it fully supports the ongoing protests calling for political change. the members of the national liberation support the popular movement. with all sincerity in order to achieve the objectives according to a clear roadmap whether as next. we look at the. trade
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of africa. hello the weather is warming up in cotton down in time for the spring equinox that's true throughout most of europe there is still some stormy stuff just in the funnels of british isles and different down to the north sea and clearly in the midst raney's eco's settled indeed the border blue quite strongly had a croatian is only just doing that is daylight on thursday but as you can see is a big circulation so this is high pressure temperatures are in the teens quite happily even stalker of the eleven at least for a short while in london we're up to sixteen in paris warmer than that madrid's about the same clearly it's not going to last with some variation and the cloud increases brings cold read through stockholm eight degrees here but actually the
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heart of europe temperatures this movie rising and the winds dying down domination coast but you saw this happening in the western med did the warning out for the potential of this flooding rain in the now here in tunisia proper circulation there as you'll notice this will die in two days i would have thought they come friday it's a little bit better but i mean marginally so if your knowledge is you thinks everything robot if we live in the sunshine the cloud does spread eastwards through some parts of libya but ahead of it it's actually nice and quiet again and warming up nicely serato egypt. every. series of breaking stories and of course there's. it's a well it's generally that's right out of the script that calls for the annihilation of israel that's not what the phrase. as we turn the cameras on the
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media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most. if. they're listening post on al-jazeera. hello again i'm just. a reminder of the news this hour aid workers in mozambique are struggling to rescue victims of cycling die who are trapped in flooded areas more than three hundred people have died after the struck mozambique is involved way and all week. new zealand's prime minister has announced gun control measures following last week's attack on two mosques in christchurch that killed fifty
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people just into our john says there will be an immediate ban on military style semi automatic weapons. britain's prime minister to resign may will defend her request for breck's a delay in front of european leaders and brussels may is hoping the european union will agree to a three month extension for britain's departure from the e.u. . well domestic violence is on the rise in iraq women's groups are hoping this is the year they'll finally be able to push the parliament to possible making it a crime that has this report from baghdad. this iraqi woman we're calling lena fought to have her husband prosecuted for domestic violence instead she was the one who spent almost a year and a half behind bars. how to have. won the case devastated a woman and he feels she'll be afraid of him for the rest of her life he's now living happily it off into this experience has left it puts innocent side of me.
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lida was battered wife number three after beatings caused her to miscarry twins and left her unable to walk properly for weeks she escaped she hoped filing a police report would ensure her husband would never be a woman again however she was arrested and detained when her husband and his two other wives alleged that she had a relative kidnapped beat and held him for ransom she says his status as an informant wielded influence with the police. the judicial system is corrupt we need legislation to protect women's rights the penal code allows husbands to discipline their wives there's no law criminalizing domestic violence for almost a decade women's groups have been pushing the parliament to pass a law that would change that with a new government initiative combat in violence against women they hope this year the law will finally pass. the last available government figures from two thousand
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and ten estimated that one in five iraqi women were victims of domestic violence but women's groups believe the number is now much higher they blame instability in the country and the breakdown of law and order at this crisis exactly when the. event. of a new generation. of you know affected by violence and affected by the news and. battled this is in the case against her was eventually dropped. and he came in last on my to argue or when i gamed the rest of my life back i up tain my mostest degree and i'm willing to university i want to some extent since her divorce she learned that her ex-husband married to bore times he now has four wives and children natasha going to iraq baghdad the u.s.
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and israel have reaffirmed their partnership to counter what they call iranian aggression in the middle east secretary of state mike pompei i met with prime minister benjamin netanyahu in israel on the second leg of his middle east toll speaking in west jerusalem pompei are valid to keep up the pressure on iran he also underlined long term u.s. support for israel. another palestinian has been killed by israeli forces in the occupied west bank this follows news of the killing of three others into separate incidents involving israeli forces the israeli intelligence agency says one of the men was the main suspect in a shooting attack that killed two israelis and abraham reports from the occupied west bank. the. people in nablus came out for the funerals of lady moody and a lot of them both palestinians we had a good early twenty's. the israeli army says its soldiers killed them after the two men through explosive devices from their car at the soldiers. suddenly
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we heard lots of gunfire four or five soldiers were shooting at the same time they're going to israeli bulldozers destroy the calm and push it away the soldiers drug the bodies out of the car before farming it again there was a general strike in nablus to remember the two men as well as another palestinian who was killed in iraq when village near. the israeli intelligence agency says it killed nineteen year old. after an exchange of gunfire was really forces had been looking for on water after the qs him of killing an israeli soldier and stuck there in the occupied west bank this old house is believed to be where he was hiding since sunday but the owner says he knew nothing about it flopped a jewish israeli officer threatened very well if he does not surrender in two minutes he will destroy the house he barely finished his sentence before the army started shooting witnesses tell us they didn't find armors body and they believe
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the israeli forces have withheld it the house has been partially demolished and the israeli army has conducted several raids in all matters home town of a zawiya where they say they're preparing to demolish the family's house. i'll just sit on the occupied west bank. al-jazeera has been investigating the competition between gulf states and other countries to control the ports along the horn of africa in the latest move juba has announced a twelve million dollar investment in berbera ports in self declared somaliland but this has been done without the consent of somalia's government or a bad nanny has more the port of berbera is located in a politically sensitive region in self declared somaliland but the region is internationally recognized as somalia the united arab emirates has announced it's investing millions of dollars to develop perper a but has done this without permission from somalia's government in mogadishu
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president mohamad abdalla has rejected all of the u.a.e. support contracts in the region calling them illegitimate for the u.a.e. that what they're trying to do is build again more strategic depth in the whole of africa making sure that they don't only control the coastline but also controlling obviously these very important some would even say the most important strategic a naval. live lines color connect the east and the west the u.s. is not alone in somalia a turkish firm has a twenty year contract to run market issues port and turkey has established its largest military base outside of its borders here qatar has also invested in market issue this is just one area where nations are competed for strategic control between the red sea to the north and the indian ocean to the south the states have been able to manage their relations. fairly well. between those in
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recent years and there's a real danger that by just little interest from the gulf states coming into the horn picking and choosing their allies that the dispute of the gulf region may overflow into the horn. the u.a.e. has been locked in a dispute with djibouti over control of its port lost his government cancel the contract of the u.s. port authority d.p. world the case was taken to an international court after due beauty's actions d.p. world issued a statement saying the contract cannot be unilaterally terminated at will the contract therefore remains in full force and effect but now media reports have pointed to china being handed control of the port it's not only commercial ventures it's driving these country's interests in the horn of africa the u.a.e. has built a military base in eritrea is port city of a sob and the u.a.e.
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has sought to acquire more ports in the horn of africa and the red sea but this is being contested by countries including china and turkey with this competition the whole of africa seems to be heading towards more foreign influence. manly al-jazeera or the biggest block in the european parliament has suspended the ruling party of hungary and prime minister viktor orban they are a pain people's party says or dess party has a violation of principles need has more from brussels. effective immediately the finnish party of viktor or ben has been suspended from the european people's party that's the biggest party within the e.u. parliament now the head of the e.p.a. verba came out and said of the hundred and ninety out of one hundred ninety four members voted in favor of this move now what does it mean it means that the
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fetus party has lost any voting powers within the p.p. cannot field any candidates and cannot attend any meetings of the p.p. it's not clear for how long that will last but in the meantime a committee has been formed and that committee is in charge of monitoring the future moves of the feeders party at the end of that it will write a report and after that. made it very clear. we will reevaluate and decide where expulsion is in order or not he made it very clear that that was still on the table after a month adventure we heard from viktor orban himself and he seemed to have a more conciliatory tone he said that actually he didn't denounced the move this is actually what he said last i want us to all of. the solution we chose
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is that until these three men prepared a report we ourselves unilaterally suspend the use of our rights and then we will sit down with the e p p again we made another decision that we ourselves for address will establish our own council of three people viktor orban also said that for him the most important is that the unity of d e p p o was kept together now this is spent and is more likely to last until after the upcoming european elections in may. the european commission says it's fining search engine giant google one point seven billion dollars for blocking rival online advertisers al-jazeera as paul brennan reports from london. google dot com is the world's most visited web site and that traffic generates hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising revenue every year but this case examined the way google imposed anti competitive contracts on other website companies today's decision is about how google abused its dominance to stop websites using crocus other than the at since
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many websites such as news and travel sites have an embedded search function a little micro firing glass in the top corner very often and they bring up search results but also search adverse now those adverts are placed there by brokers such as google's ad sense platform which competes with microsoft and yahoo and other platforms in the marketplace from two thousand and six google started using its market dominance to insist a third party website searches would exclusively show google adverts that was later changed to a demand that google ads would simply get premium placement there was no reason for google to includes these restrictive close's in their contracts except to keep rivals out of the market. and this is why we concluded that between two thousand and six and two thousand and sixteen google's behavior was illegal and the e.u.
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and to trust rules google has issued a statement saying we've always agreed that healthy thriving markets are in everyone's interest we've already made a wide range of changes to our products to address the commission's concerns over the next few months who are making further updates to give more visibility to rivals in europe. since twenty seventeen the european commission has fined google three times the penalties so far totaling nine point three billion dollars and there is global concern as well earlier this month news corp australia urged a government inquiry there to break up what it described as google's on parallelled power but there is no quick fix these things take a long long time and so far the evolution of tech companies behavior happens faster than legislators legislate and that's been the case for at least the last twenty years and i'm sure will be the case for some time the latest one point seven
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billion dollars fine is barely a dent in the thirty one billion dollar profits of google's parent company alphabet but the cumulative effect is significant and it shows a growing determination to hold big tech companies to account paul brennan al-jazeera london well you can find more on our top stories events in new zealand as well as all the developments from cycling he dies destruction in mozambique on our website the address for that is al jazeera dot com. hello i'm mr doha with the headlines on al-jazeera rescue workers in mozambique are struggling to reach people trapped in flooded areas more than three hundred people have died. struck that country zimbabwe and malawi
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new zealand's prime minister has announced sweeping gun control measures following last week's attack on two mosques in christchurch that killed fifty people just and our dan says there will be an immediate ban on military style semiautomatic weapons today i'm announcing that new zealand will been all military style seamy order medic weapons we will also have been all assault rifles. we were banned all current capacity magazines we were banned or parts with the ability to convert me or to medical or any other type of firearm into a military style seamy automatic weapon we were banned paths that cause a firearm to generate seamy or a medic automatic or close to automatic gunfire in short every see me automatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on friday will be banned in
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this country britain's prime minister tourism a is preparing to defend her request for a brecht set delay in front of european leaders in brussels may is hoping the european union will agree to a three month extension for britain's departure from the e.u. i passionately hope and peace will find a way to back the deal i've negotiated with the e.u. a deal that delivers on the result of the referendum and is the very best deal negotiable and i will continue to work night and day to secure the support of my colleagues the d.-u. p.d. and others for this deal but i am not prepared to delay brics it any further than the thirtieth of june. at least six people have been killed in bomb attacks in afghanistan's capital kabul the health ministry says at least twenty three others were injured some official said mortar bombs were fired into west kabul improvised devices exploded but those are the headlines i'll be back with more news after
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inside story. it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and meet it. actually you know. not insignificant in numbers that significant ideologically that is significant is it. down very significantly by the government and the fact the policy. of the radicalized series on al-jazeera. for almost three decades now. suddenly resigned surprising but does that signal a shift in the central asian states and how is it being viewed regionally and globally this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan he's the only leader many council acts of ever known and the first and only president of an independent. now seventy eight year old assault on those upon affairs unexpectedly stepped down but although he's brought his thirty year tenure as president to an end he's not giving up he's keeping the status of both leader of the nation and chief of the country's security council the speaker of the upper house of parliament joe much to has been sworn in to the rest of that survives term which ends at the end of next year some human rights organizations have criticized him of suppressing dissent and sidelining the opposition here's what the president had to say as he told the nation that he was stepping down. they're here because of a moderately today i thought always done in the most important moments in the history of our state which we are building together through my address today if
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pressure i made an uneasy decision to step down as president of the republic of. kazakhstan is an oil rich country in central asia it's the size of western europe with an ethnically diverse population of just eighteen million people it gained independence from the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred one but it's remained a close ally of russia which borders it to the north china lies to the east kazakhstan provides a crucial transport hub for chinese products heading to europe and kazakstan has kept a delicate balance between its neighbors in the west especially the us switch it provides a supply route into afghanistan. let's bring in our panel for today from al massey in kazakhstan we're joined via skype by eve guinea justice a human rights activist from paris we have alex miller his filly who researches kazakstan as an analyst at the financial risk consultancy i.h.s.
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market and from washington d.c. we're joined by william courtney who served as u.s. ambassador to kazakstan from one thousand nine hundred two to one nine hundred ninety four gentlemen welcome to you all alex in paris if we can start with you first so the sultan as a buyer for giving up the presidency but not giving up power he will for some time yet be pulling the levers of power wizard of oz style from from somewhere offstage yes indeed correct he retained a number of very important positions here and there in their lives longer chairmanship of the security council which was significantly and power last year he also retains their membership in their constitutional government. and that allows him to sort of retain formal lovers of influence over political processes in the country so that's very important to bear in mind at the same time and we now have.
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gone through as or what is likely to be. you know preliminary quandaries of what is likely to be a brand that the succession in place i'm running to be had by and by but i have to tell you that today's unanimous vote by our standards to especially many don't not by an elder brother not even a little by one who has been a senator our thing for twenty six going to become. bigger of the senate that's a very crucial development because it our signal there likely down i think our drug addiction which is called an. in constitutional terms ok we'll come on and talk about what happens next in kazakstan of who takes power in just a few minutes and bassett courtly in washington during your tenure as the u.s. ambassador to kazakhstan you must have met. more than a few times what do you make of him president as
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a bio is probably the most skilled of the early soviet post soviet leaders he certainly. enormous amount in a number of areas kazakhstan was the first country to give up all of its strategic nuclear weapons after the collapse of the soviet union kazakhstan attracted the first huge western oil investment of any country of a former soviet space prison i was a by i've advocated a policy of tolerance right from the beginning that turned out to be a wise policy he's pursued good close relations with russia and china that's very helpful and finally present most abayas his national strategy was to open kazakhstan to the outside world to be a leader in international diplomacy for example concerts star was the first post soviet state to chair the organization for security and cooperation in europe so there are more most number of achievements and then also by
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a fairer sounds great if any every country could have a leader like him why then the negativity around as a biased and his rule of thumb while the criticism. well in recent years the authorities in kazakhstan have become more of a foreign terror really repressive in some respects so recently for example cousin stan has been jailing journalists been locking up peaceful demonstrators not allowing political parties as a biased. political party is the only one in the lower house of parliament so these are signs of really rather than opening up moving toward democracy kind of moving away from democracy so hopefully this transition will allow more opportunities for political discussion in kazakhstan that would be stabilising the causes started people clearly want to have if you have to do you think that that's
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going to happen that this may be an opportunity for opening up the. political discussion in kazakhstan to what extent this is president has a bias responsible because it stands poor human rights record. just to point want to add the something about he's spotless after retirement he's still keeping the control over there. not on political party which is the only party representatives in their local legislatures and in the executive branch are so power there are two other parties in the parliament but they are the spoilers that and the real opposition or something way that mr was above considers himself as a comparison self with slick one your with then so p. and without that you work as the constructor and builder with a first independent cause a state in the history and it makes him feel that he is the
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leader of the nation as it is because took usual and. to move forward not paying too much attention to some kind of political pluralism with the mochas civil of law but the problem from my point if you latest in the ear is long ago because after the collapse of the former soviet union there was as they did distribution of the wealth of their private property starts to be too much and that the ruling elite and the everybody said this where they could be in the future is of this process of privatization and that's why they're very vulnerable and they need to keep power and to control all structures of power and this is what he was doing and this is the explanation why this crackdown on political opposition and the bend the media and city protestors are going well and even threatening but so how easy is it again if you are you speaking to us from out our massy how easy does
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is it for you to to say the critical things that you are saying about the government. i agree with my friend mr courtney that now that wife is a wise ruler he is not he agreed to soft authoritarian rule he did not. repress binik the people who are are old spoken or critical and he allows certain kind of criticism and there i dependent germany's there are opposition of sin sort but they are excluded from the systematic form of the system in the political system he is maneuvering if he see any card to freo threat and any leadership skills or mobilise ition potential he's cracking down if it is not it's a load to speak critically ideas to fight before the us congress or you parliament
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that he allows to do these he's not he's doing it's very intelligently and mix. in paris. the president has another another year we're just over a year you know half even of his term this latest term to go why now why step down so suddenly now. well my understanding though it is that he wants to oversee the or they're orderly and as i mentioned to you last in the constitutional rules transition so and bother with has to do with the fact that he wants to oversee the transitional in a sense that first of all you now have a similar marked archive who according to the constitution was a speaker of speech speaker of the senate who assumed the interim presidency the intern presidency until the april of twenty twenty. and essentially
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then the most important part will start as we approach the april twenty twenty presidential elections because you know depending on who appears in the mainstream coverage of gods of media this will be a really good barometer of who will be the primary candidate for the presidency doc i have is untested you know he's not necessarily experience with regard to handling the domestic matters and i have to remind everyone that just in february. then prime minister back to job site the entire government was sacked in an unprecedented manner by president nazar by a brief suckley because of the situation related to the sort of sporadic social and economic undress that where witnessing in gaza stand so it's important to bear in mind this sort of tentative date of april twenty twenty which is when
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the next presidential elections are supposed to take place unless of course they are shifted further down the down the road from this point of view as i mentioned to you earlier the you know the candidacy of that again as our by of our is becoming more likely in my opinion because. of the fact that there are indications pointing to this which i mentioned to you which is the fact that just today unanimously senate elected her to be speaker of the senate and this means that according to the constitution again if something happens to talk live in the interim in the interim until april twenty twenty according to the constitution that are going to have biopics over so. what about the other any other contenders that perhaps weighs in on the side as you mention iraq during the we're talking about here who would become president if anything happens to the gentleman who is
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now the interim president who was the speaker what about the man who was appointed prime minister when he sacked the government you know the u. this is an excellent question because if you hit the nail on the hat you know the thing is. don has vast and heterogeneous ruling circles. which include any number of people who are most likely harbor presidential ambitions and it will be extremely interesting to see how the intra lid dynamic unfolds as we approach april of next year you know because depending on the coherence within the elite we will see the indications. that can be manifested in many different ways including potentially destabilizing for the sectors in the country. the court being its
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antics rise and the daughter is being maneuvered towards that that the presidency how would what people in kazakstan feel about that how do they view. well i believe alex is correct in his analysis. by a does not really have and append a political power herself she's not widely seen as a prominent political leader so this is really an effort to stage manage a dynastic succession possibly with her being preselected president next year it's even possible that the best of tech high af will resign as president before the election so that it can succeed him and then be running as an incumbent president as a bio has a forty year old nephew who is deputy head of the security service in kazakhstan he could be the person who would come after that again i was a by
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a in terms of president i was a bias conception for succession there is as alex pointed out increased public on these now in kazakhstan there are higher expectations for performance of government and for more economic reforms to improve people's lives and those reforms have not taken place so this is probably going to be a time when while there is interim presidency there are going to be debates and discussions among a lot of i think the zakah leads in kazakhstan there are a number of interesting candidates and bastard ties might go bad. because external ambassador in moscow would be one potential kind of. seem a who's been presidential administration had been prime minister is another potential candidate although he's an ethnic. prime minister maman currently would be a potential candidate but there needs to be a more open political discussion in kazakhstan and mr us who has been
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a courageous leader for more open politics and respect for human rights and causes and probably will play a role in that discussion a few years ago ambassador many people were talking about the. fact that. there may be this dynastic succession then the reagan appeared to fall out of out of favor for a while i mean you must have met her. many times i've met her a couple of times too she doesn't strike me as the kind of person who would be happy to be daddy's poppy's. she is she has not carved an independent political career of her own she is not someone who is regarded by large number of kazakhstan is a popular person her father president i was a bias was widely respected and liked by many kazakhstan is but dynastic politics in kazakhstan may be something that is behind the stage of development that
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kazakhstan is now in kazakhstan is classified by the world bank as an upper middle income country countries that reach that level and go further tend to become more open more pluralistic probably there needs to be a new generation of folks who are more reformist particularly economic reforms and political reforms whether that will be allowed to take place or not is unclear but if there is going to be positive change the first thing that ought to be done is to release imprisoned journalists stop arresting peaceful demonstrators and allow independent political parties to develop. i'm sure that that's something you would agree with wholeheartedly. first of all i want to add something toward the other said i think that when we're talking about the future succession will have to be very very clear that it will be don't disagree sessional the same president with the with its powers it will be the president with the first president behind the
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scene where mr another buyer will control and manage all the decision making process secondly it's clear that this president that the new president in the next year should provide security and it's been because the cure all the cute ghoul is dual provide security to the ruling elite to the president and his family and it will determine who will be and in what fashion and how. at the same time i agree that this nation kazakhstan economical and social norm that what are there at the marks of the world bank situation is more than what dance there are problems with the. economical development where the problem so they are alive leaving all the people and their and their lot of expectations but it needs certain political reforms and especially establishment of the rule of law because the
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country is totally corrupted and there is no independent judiciary and it would be able to sort the challenges to this new. form of president who will be the functionary because they will be the leader of the nation with the rabbi but who have to take certain steps to improve the situation and it would create certain windows opportunities but i'm not sure that this could happen there are a lot of factors which are influencing the whole process alex and i wanted to come in when we were talking about do we get the daughter falling out of favor and coming back. again so please have have your say but i wanted to ask you to what extent president has a bias is getting ahead of of building resentment in the country of the declining economic growth and and the corruption that you have gainey was talking about. when these are very important problems you know because social stability is something
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that these extremely important for another buyer and the problem with this with the situation as it is kind of stacked up right now is the fact is the fact that their ease their fundamental divergence between how now former president another by me going feel of his role as. new was mentioned here who he had myers a lot of then shall be was mission here you know but the next one is neither singapore are nor china you know so what i'm trying to say is that he if. he stayed below i think influence on the ghana ruling elite that he envisions for himself by being in the background and being sort of stage managing everything and most likely providing overall guidance to doc i have for instance with the interim president. in the short i mean in the short term. it's viable but even in the medium term
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given the fact that in july mr another buyer will turn seventy nine you know this raises questions you know in other words his ability to continue to have a stabilizing influence over gaza. is limited you know and this raises a whole host of issues ok you know related to you know really related to internal stability and so on ok we're rapidly running out of time here ambassador the best the courtly let's discuss neighbors. talking about about china and. particular but what about russia here the kremlin making it quite clear that they were consulted or told about the president's surprise resignation before he went on television and made that that national address what what will russia be making of this. well let me clarify this is not really a surprise present i was
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a bio has been hinting at this for several months russia will want to know whether kazakhstan is going to continue to pursue the moderate policies it is pursue those for i think tolerance which is particularly important because about a fifth of the country. population think russians especially but also the koreans and belorussians. so come a want to know the characters will be prepared to come also want to know that kazakhstan will continue to participate in the erosion economic union the kremlin will want to know that it can still have access to the baikonur cosmodrome which it uses for a lot of space launches. so there are a lot of issues there that are important for russia even more so than for china in some respects but russia is unlikely at this point given the aggression that is conducted in ukraine and the high political costs of that
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including sanctions russia is unlikely at this point to use coercion to try to threaten kazakhstan ok if gainey i need to have a fairly brief answer from you if you can give me one because the news is fast approaching but as a as a human rights activist in kazakstan. what do you think as a biased legacy will be well i think that first of all it will be the one list they both states that i'm sure what it was developed. market they call it me and it's for a structural market that will be but very poor record in this you know political rights since you freedoms and this is the problem for me as a human rights defender promoting these rights and free. if gainey i mean i feel hopeful that things a going to change or not. i think that the challenges we have the country's facing a geopolitical security to corruption. economical problems they
4:45 pm
are pushing the ruling elites to make certain steps to with modernization is to please ation and some liberalization that's to a certain extent by more directly up to me they kept the wall for what the what the then at what speed tal we will see is that this year or next year when their elections will take place gentlemen there we must end our discussion many thanks indeed for being with us again each of tests and x. merely because philly and wm courtney thank you also for watching the program don't forget you can see it again at any time just by going to the website i was there at dot com for further discussion join us at our facebook page what you'll find at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter i handle at a.j. inside story from me adrian finnegan and the whole team here in doha thanks for being with us we'll see you again bye for now.
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i. hands used traveling can be a beautiful sight. we're not letting them to our country. trump has vowed to keep migrants out of america people in power travels alongside those hoping to make it in. more can mesh is on al-jazeera. nearly three years after the u.k. voted to leave the european union accept is yet to take for. them britain seen through its divorce from its european may best cloak of the whole process still be revived to stay without as era for the latest. thing as out finally with. the balls about how to sing more listeners or that are not the set says their
4:47 pm
lost. brothers are born of a cousin to bunches of which are. in part one of this two part series al-jazeera explores the world of performance enhancing drugs. sports doping the endless tricks on al-jazeera. when the news breaks and the story built six million children in and outside syria have been affected by war when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told people are telling us that there's no medicine or nothing up their engine al-jazeera has teams on the ground u.s. air power alone is not enough to bring in more rolling again documentaries and live news on air and online. africa's most populous nation the blah just
4:48 pm
economy has a youth unemployment problem and a bit to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital ion go through these folding we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on ounces iraq. site has killed more than two hundred people in mozambique and thousands remain stranded and waiting for help. hello i'm a and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. every simi automatic weapon used in the terrorist attack on friday. and in this country new zealand's prime
4:49 pm
minister announced a strict new gun laws following the christ church mosque attacks in which fifty people were killed. and battled british prime minister to resign may goes to brussels to ask for a breath extension. and refugee women are putting themselves at the heart of the fight for justice. aid workers in mozambique struggling to rescue victims of sight tony di the storms killed at least two hundred seventeen people there so far but around fifteen thousand others remain stranded some clinging to trees and rooftops surrounded by floodwater the cyclons left a trail of destruction across southern africa including neighboring zimbabwe and malawi al-jazeera is for me to mill a few over one of the hardest hit areas in central ways and. the roofs of
4:50 pm
buildings from the muddy water that's all that's left of this town dismayed to by floodwater that almost a week ago. province it's not known how many people maybe don't see. stagnant water lies across the horizon on an isolated piece of dry land risk to workers drop off desperately needed food hundreds of people queue for what could be their only meal in days. little guy unless. it. was a. late. night. as we fly further we see what was once a sports ground now a temporary shelter for hundreds of people who are stranded to sit and wait and sleep on a back to grandstand
4:51 pm
a short unsubtle group preview from floodwaters. then a call comes through to save a critically ill patient this woman is pregnant and needs medical help as quickly as possible. ten minutes between flood ravaged boozy and where the safety of bare a city may be her only chance initial concern about how psycho to die would impact central mozambique has been replaced by a widespread flooding a growing number of deaths and the displacement of thousands of people this is just one risk you of what aid agencies say could be thousands more from al-jazeera mozambique. malcolm webb joins us now live from sosa and dangle in my eyes and make now when we can say there's been a large scale infrastructure damage behind you talk us through the scale of that destruction. that's right i mean on this particular bridge two sections of it had been badly damaged on the far side
4:52 pm
a whole section completely washed away there was a small gathering of vehicles on that side for governing of vehicles and they started it all across thing by climbing up and down one of the pillars on the bridge with the help of a cable not very successful and they using that to transport food items north are people trying to find their relatives who don't know if they survived on or either on that side on this side at least people can now get across but vehicles cannot and that's critical because we traveled this road just yesterday and further on that side is a low lying plane area being completely devastated still the villages that are half of the water homes totally destroyed in field after field of crops completely destroyed that the people the food the people here will survive on for the year ahead many people are subsistence farmers and we passed through villages where everyone's on the road because it's the only place raised roads the only places above the level of of the water. there we you know waiting for support by air it's
4:53 pm
the only way they're going to get anything to eat and it's the same story with damage bridges like this throughout the whole of central america embry cross several yesterday so that's cut central mozambique into a series of islands now can't be accessed by road people desperately need food people need shelter and then we waiting for someone to bring that in by an american as we've been hearing there are thousands of people still trapped how are people holding up and are they likely to receive the help they need any time soon. some of the families that we saw yesterday on that side of this river who were just mentioned were sheltering on the road it rescued whatever possessions they could from their homes whatever remaining through they had they were trying to dry some of their clothes out on the road sheltering from the rain and on the harris poll that was. it looked like they've received any help at all in their own likely to get it anytime soon is limited transport resources they're being focused on rescuing people who are stranded we understand of which there is still many here
4:54 pm
and in the low lying plain towards the sea. so that limited resources where transport means of course have to be prioritized to rescue those were alive pregnant women children the elderly who are getting food to the people that really need it is going to take quite some more time not definitely going to be a major need not just for people in the flooded areas here but also in the island we drove after field after field of destroyed crops so there's definitely going to be in the coming months a serious hunger problem for hundreds of thousands of people. just. for us with that update thank you malcolm on new zealand's prime minister has moved swiftly to make changes to gun laws just days after a mass shooting at two mosques all military style semi automatic weapons and assault rifles effectively banned immediately al-jazeera is away in hay has more from christchurch. less than a week after fifty people were murdered prime minister just announced changes to
4:55 pm
gun laws that she says will make new zealand safer today i'm announcing that new zealand will ban all military style seamy or domestic we. we will also ban all assault rifles we will ban all current capacity magazines. we will ban or pads with the ability to convert seeming automatic or any other type of firearm into a military style seamy automatic weapon i just don't expect the laws to be passed in three weeks and in the meantime the weapons have been reclassified meaning owners will have to apply for new licenses the message from the prime minister to those gun owners is don't bother trying. the gunman who is alleged to have attacked the mosque sport assault rifles legally with a license he then modified them using parts he purchased online he was able to fire
4:56 pm
multiple rounds quickly the guns he used will now be illegal and the loophole he took advantage of to modify them closed on monday as cabinet met to agree on the law changes the owner of new zealand's largest gun seller held a media conference in christchurch he said he had previously sold four guns to the suspect in the attack but couldn't be sure if any of them we used last friday and he wouldn't be drawn into the issue of gun laws to buy differently will continue as it appears room or life but this particular diary is not of their begun to bite the government says it will buy weapons off owners in a plan things will cost up to one hundred forty million dollars some have already started handing this back to the police but with no gun new zealand it's not known how many are out there tell me the last week or so a lot of people been buying up lots but i mean. they're going to have to look at themselves especially if the hard stuff mayor and relinquished them and that simple
4:57 pm
i think it's a step on the right direction something must change spaced on the last experience and some people could see this as a reaction. reaction because of one person the consequences and what we've seen is this terrible and something must change the prime minister says the new laws are just the beginning she says one star past will be a broader review of regulations to try to ensure new zealand never sees another mass killing wayne hay al jazeera christchurch. well muslim communities in neighboring a strain area had been sending support to christchurch including volunteers offering counseling al-jazeera is run the bride reports one such community in sydney. in the majority muslim neighborhood of the kemba in sydney's western suburbs they're still trying to understand what happened and why outside the local mosque a shrine has steadily grown with messages of support from people of different faiths
4:58 pm
and the security guard standing on duty as people gather for prez. in the surrounding streets people have drawn together to provide support for those grieving in christ church it has borne people to come forth and become more close and although obviously go to new zealand for help and so forth like the community in christ church this suburb is largely made up of immigrant families for some it's a time to consider their relationship with their adopted country not just camber i think in all australia all be able not happy with what happened in new zealand instead here their government is good and justice respect muslim not different between muslim and christiane it's very good on the streets of the camber there's still shock but also a sense of coming together i did australia as
4:59 pm
a whole the christchurch seemed to have prompted a wider soul searching linda brisk men is an academic who contributed to a study islamophobia in australia now she believes is a good time for the whole country to take stock there has been an outpouring from communities so. i think it's. a bit light in some ways people who weren't concerned about islamophobia or or people didn't understand the rise of islamophobia including right wing groups and now some are trying to come to terms with that but that is a positive reaction in many ways this muslim community is similar to the warning christ church and is sharing its pain bride al-jazeera sydney. at least six people have been killed in bomb attacks in afghanistan's capital kabul the health ministry says at least twenty three others were injured some official said mortar bombs were fired into west kabul while others said improvised devices
5:00 pm
exploded. britain's prime minister to reason may will defend her request for a brics a delay in front of leaders in brussels may once the european union to extend britain's departure date from next week to the end of june but any decision to delay the exit must be taken by all e.u. member states unanimously it's unlikely they'll be a decision as e.u. leaders are expected to wait until a third attempt by may to get her parliament's backing on her proposal i passionately hope m.p.'s will find a way to back the do you of negotiated with the e.u. a deal that delivers on the result of the referendum.


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