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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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she hasn't got another deal so yes it will be the same deal it will be couched in terms of whatever is decided by the e.u. tonight in terms of the delay that lawrence spelt out there making that delay contingent on a successful vote in the house of commons next week and that will be the thing that allows the vote to take place under. the speaker's objections of monday so yes it is of course the same deal there are no further changes no concessions on offer from the european union can enough m.p.'s be persuaded to abandon their objections to the deal in the face of the threat of a no deal hanging over them deeply questionable deeply questionable party doesn't mind no deal let's not forget that. thank you more ahead on this news hour including a large explosion hits a chemical plant in eastern china at least six people are dead plus albania bets
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big on tourism with a large construction project spread ethnic greeks complain it's being built on stolen land and in sport new rules to lower testosterone in female athletes are criticized as unscientific viral behere explain later in the news out. a devastating storm is affecting tens of thousands of people across southern africa psycho and i began as a tropical storm earlier last week before intensifying off the western coast of madagascar it hit land in mozambique on thursday with winds of up to one hundred seventy kilometers an hour pounding the city of beirut it then moved inland causing further destruction through the weekend and trucks west striking neighboring is zimbabwe malawi also experienced severe rain flooding and damage from the high winds that flattened buildings and put the lives of millions at risk and rescue
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workers in mozambique a struggling to reach psycho and victims trapped in flooded areas about fifteen thousand people still needs rescuing hundreds of them have been struck on rooftops and trees for more than three days a cycle and has left a trail of destruction across southern africa more than three hundred people are known to have died but that number is likely to be much higher. flew over one of the hardest hit areas in central mozambique here's her report. the roofs of buildings people out from the muddy water that's all that's left of this town dismayed to by water that almost a week ago waged two goosy in central mozambique's a follow province it's not known how many people made it out safely. on stagnant water lines across the horizon on an isolated piece of dry land rescue workers drop off desperately needed food hundreds of people queue for what could be their only
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meal in days. i. thought. i. was. a little thing like. as we fly further we see what was once a sports ground now a temporary shelter for hundreds of people who are stranded to sit and wait and sleep on a back to grandstand a short uncertain reprieve from floodwaters. then a call comes through to save a critically ill patient this woman is pregnant and needs medical help as quickly as possible. ten minute flights between flood ravaged boozy and the safety of bare a city may be her only chance initial concern about how psycho to die would impact central mozambique has been replaced by a widespread flooding
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a growing number of deaths and the displacement of thousands of people this is just one rescue of what aid agencies say could be thousands more from al-jazeera boozy mozambique as. tony brought me in bam bam mozambique forest tony has just arrived in barrow tell us what you've seen so far what's a skein of the destruction. well i'm on the outskirts here and this is a home a school which is now home to about four hundred people forty one families from across from north around an area that you make homeless by this cycle and if you look around at the terrible destruction around here you know corrugated iron roof ripped off as if they were just pieces of paper so the devastation here is quite remarkable when you coming to learn and see if you're to get a true idea when that. but these people got their first food in four days last night and they have they're basically waiting for water now they've run out of water they're waiting for local n.g.o.s of bring water and food to them so their
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situation is quite desperate they've left with just the things they're standing up in but i think in some ways they're fortunate because we're talking about a situation which is good news of bad news the good news is that the water line is receding in areas between two and four meters drop so there is an improvement the bad news is that still three hundred sixty thousand people are at risk you've got something like four helicopters five helicopters one x. for today there are trying to evacuate people in the most vulnerable areas now these helicopters for example wednesday they were intending to take one thousand people to safety because of bad weather they took one hundred seventy more helicopters are coming on friday and the hopes improve the situation but the problem is getting through and clean drinking water to those people and of course the longer they go without water the more the temptation is to drink unclean water and that can lead to water borne diseases like dysentery and diarrhea and that can cause serious repercussions so it was an urgent need here to get aid to these
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people quickly and get the most vital people out the death toll at the moment stands at something like two hundred seventeen but the president of mozambique said that's probably easily going to rise in the coming days the problem is getting to these outlying areas and finding out exactly what the scale of the problem is yes you say hundreds of thousands out risk of slides and that they're being evacuated some of them anywhere being evacuated where are they being taken to and what sort of money getting once they get to where they're being taken to. if we take you to small hamlets like the one i'm standing in now they're also near boozy boozy a very vulnerable area about four hours away from now people are either being taken come bring imports are here to be around or they're being taken to smaller patches of language or. above the water level closer to cousy now pollution has an additional problem the big dams in mozambique which are overflowing they've got to have the water released in a controlled way but there's
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a fear that if this is not done properly it will cause a so i'm losing in particular would be very vulnerable to that search so you know although the weather has improved the water line is receding there are still inherent risks on a daily basis here thank you for that tony brett lee reporting there live from the outskirts. and al-jazeera has more now from another affected area in mozambique. what we can see here which is a bridge severely damaged when the rental rain like caused the river to swell this river just a few days ago was above the water levels above where i'm standing now so it's really damaged this bridge and took out a whole section on the far side if people have got it on both sides in vehicles people are managing to cross by climbing up and down the pillars on the bridge with the help of a cable and then scrambling across is not very safe but people really need to get around to find out if their relatives have survived because there's no phone
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communications and also to get food to people who are stuck in isolated on the other side and this picture is a. similar story that i think throughout the whole of central mozambique we travelled along that road yesterday we got across several bridges that were broken like this and so that reduced the whole of the central region into a series of islands in which there are many people in need people whose homes were flooded crops were destroyed people do need food and is now no road access to get emergency support to them or humanitarian aid so that we waiting to get help by air in other world news new zealand's prime minister has moved swiftly to make changes to gun laws just days after the mass shootings at two mosques all military style semiautomatic weapons an assault rifles are effectively banned immediately when he has more from christchurch. less than a week after fifty people were murdered the prime minister just announced changes to gun laws that she says will make new zealand safer today i'm announcing that new
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zealand will ban all military style seamy order mattick we fans we will also ban all assault rifles. we will ban all car capacity magazines we will ban or pads with the ability to convert seeming automatic or any other type of firearm into a military style seamy automatic weapon i just don't expect the laws to be passed in three weeks and in the meantime the weapons have been reclassified meaning owners will have to apply for new licenses the message from the prime minister to those gun owners is don't bother trying the gunman who is alleged to have attacked the mosque sport assault rifles legally with a license he then modified them using parts he purchased online he was able to fire multiple rounds quickly the guns he used will now be illegal and the loophole he took advantage of to modify them closed. on monday as cabinet met to agree on the
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law changes the owner of new zealand's largest gun seller held a media conference in christchurch he said he had previously sold four guns to the suspect in the attack but couldn't be sure if any of them we used last friday and he wouldn't be drawn into the issue of gun laws to buy differently will continue as it appears will more life but this particular diary is not of their begun to bite the government says it will buy weapons off owners in a plan it thinks will cost up to one hundred forty million dollars some have already started handing this back to the police but with no gun register in new zealand it's not known how many are out there tell me the last week or so a lot of people been buying up lots but i mean. they are going to have to look at themselves as. stuff now and relinquish them and that simple i think it's a step on the right direction something must change spaced on the last experience i
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know some people could see this as a reaction. cross reaction because of one person the consequences and what we've seen is this terrible and something must change the prime minister says the new laws are just the beginning she says one stop passed will be a broader review of regulations to try to ensure new zealand never sees another mass killing wayne hay al jazeera christchurch. and more victims of the attacks have been buried in christchurch among them was hard would not be the first person shot and killed andrew thomas was at his funeral. in the life haji daoud now be loved motorbikes so his sons arranged for members of a club to lead his funeral cortege nabil was the first and at seventy one the eldest person shot and killed last friday in christchurch witnesses say he greeted the gunman at the door of the al nor mosque not realizing his intent his family is
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profoundly proud of his spinal words of welcome on first day hundreds of people came to the muslim section of christ church as memorial park cemetery to pay their last respects and reflect on his life he was the first african in new zealand any search to accomplish a mosque in he built the allure mosque in is the founder so many people are being buried this week there's a marquee at the cemetery in which to conduct formalities the greeting of and grieving over nobby's body his wife died in teary youngest granddaughter his wife distraught and a friend comforting one of his sons after the funeral. this is now be when he first came to new zealand a young engineer who established a business mending damaged cause he made
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a success of life in new zealand many friends helped carry his coffin. graveside more tears and more prayers eleven victims were buried before nabi thirty eight more to follow all on our identified after days of investigation by police and a coroner. now. used to be lowered gently into the ground. after all the trauma and then the bureaucracy of the last week finally isn't about how she died but rather how he lived who he was what he did and the legacy he's leaving behind that legacy includes fun of children and knowing grandchildren and the memory of a kind man dad had a good heart a loving father it welcome even what it is. a good man for
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muslim religion. for our family big loss let's make. haji daoud navi will forever stay here but on life his final words are now troubling him. andrew thomas al jazeera christchurch. on there's a lot of talk online about new zealand's new gun law or is here to tell us more about this folly so these are just some of the hashtags are about see trending in new zealand new zealand at the top that we've also got america i was telling you why in a moment now it's not trending now but was earlier the hash tag was gun control a majority of that reaction to the banning of michi style guns and rifles has been over well mainly positive many new zealanders are proud of just how quickly their prime minister has taken action in fact this person writes it took less then
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a week they say to ban all military stalls i mean automatic guns and assault rifles and this is how a real leader they react to a mass murder crisis and then we have to look people who are farmers for example they're handing in their own weapons this is one person who's tweeted about it until today i was one of the new zealanders who owned a semi automatic rifle if you have a look there he shows you that you sticks in the box for destruction that's why he's handing it over but let's take a look at venice heat up it's a social media heat map showing where our conversations been happening in the last twenty four hours and you'll see there's been a huge amount of social media engagement there on this story coming out of the united states and this immediate balance happened in new zealand has pointed similar calls across the u.s. in fact democratic senator and presidential hopeful bernie sanders tweeted he said this is what real action to stop gun violence looks like we must follow new zealand's lead take on the n.r.a. of course that's the national rifle association in the u.s. and also u.s.
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congress woman alexandra cortez tweeted sandy hook happened six years ago because that was a mass shooting and we can't even get the senate to hold a vote on universal background checks but the there are some concerns also that happening of course among new zealand's especially with a new buyback scheme to get people to hand in their firearms on the program is estimated to cost the. at least one hundred fifty million dollars depending of course on the number of weapons received and evaluation done some online have pointed out. two types of firearms there is a common colony years for hunting pest control stock management on farms and duck shooting which still means that people could potentially use them for other things now the total number of firearms in new zealand is estimated to be around one and a hoffa million those are just the ones that are registered now many are concerned that it doesn't prevent a person owning an illegal firearm from carrying out an attack. sara thank you
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brazil is former president michelle to mare has been arrested in connection with the country's largest ever corruption scandal the former president has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing the operation call washing vesta geishas has led to the detention of key figures in brazil's political elite to many took over the brazilian presidency in august twenty sixth and was reprise in january by. our own . at least six people have been killed in bomb attacks in afghanistan's capital kabul the health ministry says at least twenty three others were injured at a ceremony to mark the persian new year police say the explosions were caused by three remotely detonated devices in china an explosion at a chemical factory in the east has killed at least six people and injured thirty others it happened in the young chang in junk soon the province windows of the neighboring residential area were smashed by the force of the explosion adrian brown has more from beijing. well the investigation into this latest explosion at
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a chemical plant in eastern china is now underway this was a very powerful blast several hours after it there was still a large plume of smoke hanging over the industrial complex a number of people were injured at least thirty they're being treated in hospital so it's possible the death toll could continue to rise at least thirty people though were rescued many of them workers from this chemical factory now we know that at least ten schools are within a five kilometer radius of this side of course that is one small raise questions about why people are able to live a permitted to live so close to industrial estates where these dangerous chemicals are produced now sadly industrial accidents like this are not rare in china there have been at least four serious ones during the past five years the most serious of
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which was in the northeastern city of to engine in august two thousand and fifteen when a hundred sixty five people were killed after an explosion at a chemical storage plant now china as i say does not have a particularly good record when it comes to industrial safety worker safety in two thousand and seventeen at least thirty eight thousand workers died in accidents in factories and mines but that was a twelve percent fall on the previous year it is improving china's government says it's improving but clearly the government has a long way to go to improve on that safety record. still ahead on the. former first lady who's likely to face torture charges related to liberia's civil war writing a refugee women are putting themselves at the heart of a fight for justice and in sport the biggest names in tennis get a new home at an american football stadium to stay with us.
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for. the weather calming down at long last cross the middle east bits and pieces the cloud and rain yeah in the full cost of the moment just around southern parts of the caspian sea northern areas of iraq could see a little bit of wet weather but it's making its way further east was brought to skies coming back in behind just notice a few showers up towards our media tools georgia as well in between the caspian and the black sea fight in dry just around that eastern side of the med by richard around twenty celsius will be off as we go on through the next couple of days and a little more cloud just starting to slide its way into those central parts and cloud that we have around iran that will make its way towards afghanistan still a chance of want to wintry showers but it's improving as because through the next day or so just notice this area now towards a mob because
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a little bit of wet weather around the arabian peninsula over the next day also a few spots of rain likely as we go on through friday i think more so as we push on into sas day around the u.a.e. over towards amman a little bit of cloud there could produce your spot of right to it to die ha this week a but not too much to speak of still a few showers on a friday in mozambique into the society zimbabwe can still see that legacy of plowed lurking away across the mozambique channel is still the sense that. against the odds and in fines to the devastating loss of their loved ones and their homes women from crucial have shown enormous resilience fighting against the odds to keep going in the absence of their beloved brothers. twentieth self to the possible al jazeera while tells the story of female courage in the village the last
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of its name. women of crew show on al-jazeera. this powerful social network is sculpting a global cyber society and regulation is playing catch up with us scandals begin to unfold they will witness is that we should not be in this position. the why is she lunch extreme content as they can get on the cover to gauge how ethics weigh against profits and how the rules are being written. and signed facebook on al-jazeera.
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they're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me fully back to remind of our top stories this hour at least seventy one people have died after a ferry capsized in northern iraq dozens of survivors have been pulled from the waters off the tigris river in mosul about two hundred people were on board the ferry when it went down britain's prime minister is in brussels to defend her request for a break sit delay e.u. leaders say they will not agree to a short extension unless the u.k. parliament approved teresa mayes withdrawal deal and rescue workers in mozambique struggling to reach victims of psycho and nearly fifteen thousand. and are stranded and at least three hundred people have died since the storm struck mozambique zimbabwe and malawi. at a future of the algerian president. is in doubt following a decision by the ruling party to withdraw its support but that's unlikely to satisfy protesters who don't just want the president to go but the entire
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establishment that has backed him until now reports. in algeria judges have joined demonstrations that have been going on for almost a month thursday sit in outside a local court in the capital was meant to showcase solidarity with more than one thousand other judges who refused to oversee the upcoming election if president. was a candidate another setback for beautiful who just a day earlier appeared to have been deserted by his own party leaders the members of the national liberation party fully support the popular movement and will defend with all sincerity in order to achieve the objectives according to a clear roadmap many in algeria believe the eighty two year old would flee may be unfit to govern due to his health. the country's newly appointed foreign minister extended a conciliatory hand to the protest movement the likes of which algeria has not seen for decades ok then and when she and it was the solution lies in dialogue the
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algerian state is fully ready for dialogue moreover it is fully ready to welcome the representative of the opposition and civil society as members a new government that is being formed now. a constructive dialogue is the only way capable of finding successful solutions that meet people's expectations in the state's responsibilities. the demonstrations led by the young have already scored success which if liko was forced to withdraw from the possibility of a fifth term but he also postponed polls which were due in april with no new date set and he remains the nominal head of the transition process many protesters note ironically that they've asked for elections without beautifully but what they've got is beautifully still in power and nowhere lections complicating matters even further is the fact that protesters want to see more than just beautifully a go they also like to see the ouster of the entire establishment that has backed him until now which means the protests looks set to continue. with if luka and his
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f.l. and party have not ruled jury alone also at the top table is a coalition of business interests and the military on tuesday algeria's army chief declared that the public has expressed noble aims during the demonstrations analysts believe those words to be the strongest signal yet that the military may be distancing itself from. jazeera in albania thousands of people have been protesting outside the offices of prime minister eddie rama and the parliament they key is a prime minister of being corrupt tend lengths to organize criminal groups middle class my left sky reports from tirana. your position brought us here in tehran are peaceful with minor incidents protests or are in front of the all being on parliament asking for is ignition of prime minister adorama and his government four weeks ago the opposition members of the parliament live their seats the blame prime minister is their armor for corruption and ties to criminal groups will be indian
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prime minister said he's not willing to resign and he will continue to lead the country until the end of his mandate in two thousand and twenty one it is unclear of the political situation real damage will be in the spirit to join the european union and staying with albania the government is launching a large scale construction project on the coast in a bid to develop tourism but ethnic greek landowners say the state is forcibly taking away their land leaving them without any recourse to justice johnson applets reports from hey ma in southern albania edmee only but ego was barely seven when she witnessed the deaths of six greek soldiers fighting fascist forces in world war two they are buried on her thumb stood now she feels she is facing a similar author of terrorism and the fight is once again over her land but eagle owns beachfront property in the bay of humana albania's most valued results area but the government refuses to recognize her title to it it has marked all the beach
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front property in this valley state owned and plans to hand it over to developers. for her. i have the title deeds this land was bought in one nine hundred thirty three my father offered a different piece of land in exchange for him because his land was smaller he also paid eighty nine gold pieces the papers are all signed now the authorities tell me i'm not the owner i've submitted the papers to court they're just holding on to them these people are. legal is one of hundreds of ethnic greeks who stand to lose one hundred thirty seven hector's of beachfront property stretching down the southern albanian coast the government claims the land last november in a cabinet decision that wasn't ratified by parliament or signed by the president the greek minority or money or party wishes to challenge the cabinet decision in court but it can't because albania's court system is crippled by a major shake down that has seen most supreme court and constitutional court
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justices dismissed for corruption this hiatus in the judiciary could last for years but development is carrying on the government is expropriating greek property at a rate which it has ordained of two and a half dollars per square meter money which the greeks aren't even bothering to claim deutsche bank has valued that same property at between sixty and one hundred twenty dollars per square meter putting the total value of land under expropriation at between eight hundred million and one and a half billion dollars the government is able to offer such a low rate because it has given developers negotiating leverage what we have is a government that is plotting on a daily and nightly basis to take away private and public property and then give it to a handful of honor guards which are effectively predatory chronos of the government . who are taking these properties and developing them in shady deals
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the government says it is trying to generate growth for the economy our main challenge remains the development of tories. we are rather taken a big reform for the property titles little bit. which can guarantee the investors the foreign investors that the land they would like to invest their farms he is. completely in line with the little the greeks who died here school to the second world was first victory against fascism pushing lissa louise forces back through albania but in a country without a functioning judiciary and an insufficient balance of power the arc of justice may outlive at me only really go jump al-jazeera him out of. a growing number of people in the philippines are struggling to feed themselves according to aid groups one in five live in extreme poverty getting by on less than two dollars
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a day and national survey by the philippines department for science and technology found twenty percent of children are considered underweight with thirty two percent suffering stunted growth and another survey found nearly seven out of ten households are unable to meet their daily dietary needs algiers i mean island again has met some of those struggling to earn a living and feed themselves in the capital manila. when war broke out in morality in the southern philippines almost two years ago. and her children fled the violence they made their way here to downtown manila since then her eldest son up to her man has been providing for the family but life in manila is also violent and like many others they are harassed because they're homeless and they're classified as illegal vendors. and look at us hard when i see them hauled away and tired what is even more difficult is when the children are sick but what can i do. experts say
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iran to have a filipino children go to bed hungry and the young are most at risk of money meant more than twenty percent of them are underweight the philippines ranks ninth in the world among countries with the highest number of children with stunted growth. how occurs the most in agriculture and fishing sectors where more than seventy percent of workers are impoverished displacements brought about by natural disasters and continuing on conflict contributes to communities food insecurity the autonomy's a region in muslim in the now has one of the highest tendency for on their way children and it may be attributed to the history of conflict in the region. aid groups have been feeding children in many public schools for years and the government is promised to expand that program nationwide and include kindergartens and elementary schools. it hopes to eradicate hunger and reduced on to the growth
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in children by twenty thirty on their it's sustainable development goal it's not being highlighted because. this is very abstract we only notice one nutrition if the child is skin and bones sometimes we call it behave that hunger even recall it like. that starvation of the soul because when we talk about malnutrition the it doesn't only affect the body but it affects the whole being of the child shane is twelve years old and for four years she's been helping her mother feed her other seven siblings they sell flowers outside churches and together make less than six u.s. dollars a day shane sleeps here on the pavement with her mother she says she dreams should become a doctor one day but for now she sells her flowers with hunger her constant companion
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. dog an al-jazeera manila. the international criminal court is considering whether the persecution of the myanmar government warrants any investigation a group of young rangar refugees say they've been fighting for justice leveson say fled along with hundreds of thousands in august of twenty seventeen in cox's bizarre in bangladesh seventy deca needs of volunteers piecing together the stories of survivors are meeting place may not look like much but what this young man has achieved is extraordinary every day a list three months none a stop but he must continue to walk through that dr can mount fled me in march one thousand months ago along with hundreds of thousands of other rangar he and other volunteers immediately took the initiative to document what happened speaking to survivors one by one they wrote down their stories of dead that we have thinking we lost everything. we are thinking we need to collect and calculate it a lot to tell
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a lot but we need to prove what had gone through to my community for example in my belief all money. horse was bond on on many people way up. on michigan way up or in the fire when it reasonably information was all in the international community and so they documented it all now the testimonies of been divided by the ledge and they have the villages here and then it's also been sub categorized by things like burned houses looted houses raped and gang raped for example this village here three hundred homes burned two hundred sixty looted hundred and twenty seven women or young girls raped and then they were also documented where they believe was behind it. one of the testimonies is from a woman a mother but she could not explain what happened to her he says her ten year old
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daughter could saying she was raped by god let out to him when it. ought with me i see everything what i have done my ma got an odd. heart danny i was dumped out. in the space of just a few weeks almost seven hundred thousand people fled me and marjorie a military crackdown the international criminal court is now looking into whether this warrants best again. can says they have in the past given this document to the i.c.c. and other international organizations everyone thinking for shooter who shoot and backed out alive what do you think to do live in the u.k. we lost everything today his hope just like everyone else here is for justice to be done and to be able to go back home until then he says he will
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continue to speak up and fight on behalf of his community stephanie decker zero in the refugee camps of cocks is bizarre. nicaragua nicaragua's government says it will free old jailed protesters within ninety days more than seven hundred opposition protesters were arrested during unrest last year freeing them was a main demand of the opposition for continuing talks with the government in return the government is asking the u.s. to lift sanctions imposed against the daniel ortega administration in venezuela opposition leader one guy doses the arrests of his chief of staff is a sign of weakness by president nicolas maduro government roberto merrill was held after a dawn raid on his house in caracas the u.s. has repeatedly warned maduro's government against arresting guide or or his aides not liberia's former first lady set to appear in court in britain for a string of torture offenses agnes taylor the wife of former president charles
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taylor denies the charges which date back to liberia's civil war almost twenty years ago catherine stansell has elitist. miss reeves taylor used to be married to liberia's former president charles taylor but was she behind a series of human rights abuses between one thousand nine hundred nine and one thousand nine hundred one during the west african countries first civil war. she was living in southern england when she was arrested in twenty seventeen and denies various torture charges one relates to women in a village allegedly being raped by fighters from the national patriotic front of liberia other charges cover a pastor's wife being tied up and witnessing her two children being shot at a thirteen year old boy being severely beaten agnes taylor who previously worked as a lecturer at coventry in diversity in the u.k. has been in jail for the last year and a half was her ex-husband charles taylor lead the national patriotic front of liberia following a peace agreement he was elected president in one thousand nine hundred seven. but
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two years later a second civil war broke out and eventually taylor was forced into exile. and in twenty twelve following a war crimes trial in the hague he was convicted of aiding and abetting rebels committed atrocities in neighboring sierra leone he was sentenced to fifty years in prison the fighting in his native liberia spanning almost fifteen years killed up to a quarter of a million people have been stansell al jazeera. thank
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time source not his foreign folly thank you so much the biggest name in gymnastics among bile says she will definitely retire after the tokyo olympics next year the twenty two year old american has four limpid goals and last year became the first woman to win all four around the world titles and caps are but she says strenuous training and minor injuries have left her body feeling like it's falling apart she was asked if she'd come back to gymnastics and story a liberal. god no no. i feel like my life is so consumed in a movie i have to weigh from a does for a little bit before coming back to it because i always want to try to do other things before coming back just to know that i can at least two other things first. japanese baseball great it's a hero suzuki has played his last major league game the forty five year old seattle
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mariners star has announced his retirement from the sport suzuki took his final bow in the eighth inning of their game against the oakland athletics as part of a two game series being played in front of his home crowd in tokyo it's a hero and see twenty eight year long professional career he also leaves as a winner as the mariners beat the five to four. athletics world governing body has been criticized for using unscientific research as it tries to bring in rules to reduce testosterone in female athletes critics say talent not testosterone is behind the success of athletes like caster semenya south africa's olympic champion is waiting for the court of arbitration for sport to decide if the rules proposed by the idea. are legal or not so many alyssa jacked it to a gender test in two thousand and nine and was banned from competing for almost a year before being cleared to run again the idea say the changes will ensure fair competition for female athletes and are the result of years of scientific research
12:43 am
it only applies to running events between four hundred meters and fifteen hundred meters which would hits the menu hard because she competes in the eight hundred fifteen hundred affected athletes who want to keep participating must either take medication for at least six months run longer distance events or start competing against men eric boy is a professor at the university of oslo he coauthored a report which says the data being used by world athletics is flawed. your study report good results from two world championships we have classified the female athletes as and we're going to fight to start trying. not to start throwing the ball and then they come here and the times that they have or the fights or the lengths or what they did in the in the in the field. and it would usually was that for certain events from four hundred to fifteen hundred meters running there was a tiny advantage or having
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a high testosterone then all and i still underlined it's a tiny it's a few percent. so you know problems with. that they want to put people on the horn more with her therapy reducing the costs on the whole for such tiny little thing for which they have no scientific arguments because they gave the north koreans or colombian international footballer john b. f. has been arrested in connection with drugs trafficking if i was detained on a u.s. warrant after being involved in a car accident near the city of cali the acts primarily feel they are played for colombia thirty four times he's suspected of involvement in one of the country's drugs cartels many of lesser cities players and staff are in thailand to honor their late owner. the problem was killed along with four other people in
12:45 am
a helicopter crash at the club stadium last year a seven day funeral was held in bangkok back in november and in accordance with but it's tradition is body was rested in a town hall for one hundred days before being cremated on thursday. make sure makar says he doesn't feel weighed down by comparisons with his father michael schumacher won the formula one championship seven times make is working his way out of the divisions with ferrari's drivers academy stepping to formula to after winning formula three last year it's pretty simple for me being compared to the best driver in the phone history is the goal to have as my model and my father's is something very special honored to be to be compared to. the miami open tennis has a new look this week because it's being played at the miami dolphins and f.l. stadium it shifts the chairman from its longtime home from key biscayne top players like serena williams and roger federer took part in the opening ceremony
12:46 am
a miami open is trying to recapture its reputation as an unofficial fifth grand slam on the world tour. and it's all your sport for now more coming up later but for now it's back to you fully sorry thank you so much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera but do stay with us we've got plenty more wealth use coming up after this very short break we're back in a moment. in the next episode of earth royce nik kong two into grouping screwed on
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a voyage through the wiggle seems to highlight the importance of protecting this fragile antarctic ecosystem against an expanding list of manmade threats beneath the surface of this magnificent desolation is just t.v. with life the bees are sold the remote just moves on and so it takes centuries. every. for their forefathers fought for the sez he it's. twenty five years off to
12:48 am
independence. they too must become man. defenders of lithia way near preparing for the possibility of war. waiting for invasion a witness documentary on al-jazeera. tragedy on the tigris river a ferry capsizes in the rocky city of mosul killing more than seventy people.
12:49 am
i'm fully back to go you're watching al-jazeera live from the headquarters here in doha also ahead. extension would give parliament the time to make a final choice that delivers on the results of the referendum to resign mamie's european leaders in brussels to try to delay the u.k.'s exit from the e.u. until the end of june plus a daring rescue in mozambique where more than two hundred people have died in thousands of stranded since struck a week ago and former brazilian president michel ten maire is arrested a spot of a wide ranging corruption investigation. at least seventy one people have now died after a ferry capsized in the northern iraqi city of mosul about two hundred people were on board a vessel on the tigris river they were celebrating the persian new year holiday of
12:50 am
now rules rescuers have pulled dozens of survivors from the water at a chicago name is in baghdad for us joins us now live natasha bring us up to speed with the latest the death toll is rising by the hour. exactly every hour since this happened at about four pm the death toll has risen the ministry of interior is now saying seventy one people are dead many of them women and children but there is a bright spot here the number has also gone up in terms of those rescued the latest number we have are that fifty five people have been rescued this is a national holiday in iraq it was supposed to be for people in mosul who have already endured so much. these people were at an amusement park going on a ferry in mosul and the ferry was along the banks of the tigris river and there are about two hundred people on board that ferry from what we understand and it
12:51 am
appears that it has capsize or that it capsized according to the ministry of interior because it exceeded the maximum capacity recommended the images that have emerged on social media reveal a very distressing day for people you can hear people on the banks of the river screaming a few people jump in in an attempt to rescue others you also see what appears to be the ferry upside down and others furiously swimming against a very swift current there has been rain in recent days and the level of the tigris river has increased now as a quarter into our producers this is considered unprecedented they don't recall a time when there was a ferry accident of this magnitude or certainly a ferry magh ferry accident at all and bear in mind this happened in mosul it's endured so much it was under the really terrorized by eisel and then during the
12:52 am
battle of mosul when forces went in to purge the armed group about half the city was devastated we were there several weeks ago and just to see the sheer misery that people are living in living among rubble sump. abel said that you could still smell the d. came bodies deep under the rubble especially when it rained people struggling to eat and relying on charity to get by so again this is a tragedy on top of the tragedy that many people are enduring day to day on a national holiday that you can tell many people just wanted to seize a moment of happiness and escape from it all thank you for that update natasha go name live for us in baghdad. british prime minister teresa mayes meeting european leaders in brussels in a last ditch attempt to organize an orderly breck sates may want to see the u.k.'s
12:53 am
departure from the european union pushed back by three months as things stand right now the u.k. scheduled to leave the e.u. next week on march twenty ninth but any decision to delay the exit must be taken by all e.u. member states you know honestly it is today is a matter of personal regret to me but it shows extension would give parliament the time to make a final choice that delivers on the results of the referendum but we used to not forget that we're here is leaders of twenty eight countries discussing the global challenges that we face and i've always said that will they were leaving the european union of course we will continue to have shared interests notably among those on security and prosperity so the u.k. will continue to be involved in discussions at these this summit these discussions are expected to cover issues like china ukraine just information and will continue to want to work with the e.u. on issues of shared interest when we leave well we have two reporters following
12:54 am
this story in brussels and london john hall is live outside the u.k. parliament in westminster but first to lawrence leigh in brussels norrin so all e.u. member states have to make a unanimous decision what is likely to be their move. well that the overwhelming likelihood is that they will agree to short extension is all hideously embarrassing for some reason may the whole point of brecht's its say supports of rex it is about taking back control in the e.u. determining its own future and yet here she is camping and begging the european union to ask for an extension because she can't get. an erection through her own parliaments and she has now delivered her pitch to the e.u. twenty seven asking for a delay until the end of june that looks like it's not going to be granted by them because it would run straight through the european elections and creates a legal quagmire for the e.u. and so instead of that it looks overwhelmingly likely now that they will grant an
12:55 am
extension to try to avoid no deal but only until may the twenty second or so directly before the european elections a lot of this was hammered out last night at the a u.n. ambassadors meeting where they sort of coalesced around this position the only bit of movement we saw when the national leaders arrived they all said effectively the same thing as each other for the belgians and the french who had been threatening to veto any sort of extension because they were too fed up with the british now indicating that they will support a short technical delay but only if theresa may get said deal through here's what the french president said when he turned up he did just promote c.d.'s now haha if there is to be an extension you can only be a technical one we cannot has a long lasting situation where there is no visibility. and no political maturity the mess be a deep political change for there to be anything else other than a technical extension but arens what will the europeans do if
12:56 am
a third vote on teresa mayes d.m. is again rejected by the british foreign and. well that is really a good question and i suspect it's a given that they're going to grace this short delay and that's that's not such a thing the rest of the conversation i'll be having right now in between themselves with some reason why not in the room. is going on inside her head and if she loses the votes next tuesday when we expect it to be held for the third and final deal what will she say they expect that she will lose but they don't know at the moment and this is the really the big question is she gente then going to say ok fine that's it i've tried it's no deal and we're just off on friday or will she say something else you know parliament takes over that's it we're going to pull a general election i'm resigning i'm going to step back do something else in any of those things a completely new change in direction would allow them then at their emergency
12:57 am
summit next thursday to offer a much longer delay to the u.k. on the grounds that there would be a complete rethink but the thing is they can't actually set out the terms of what that might involve because she's just unreadable of the moment and the big complaints about her is that she didn't even tell the cabinets what she was going to say in terms of delay parliament doesn't know what's going on inside the head and nor do they in this in this room here ali thank you for me in brussels far as john hall in london absent the british parliament in western is set. back in london. an enormous amount of pressure on tourism. of course but there is something new in the air whatever the frustration leaders may feel whatever the embarrassment to reason may may feel in brussels it's nothing compared to the sentiment aimed at hugh particularly after the speech she gave to the nation of wednesday night when she
12:58 am
said she blamed parliament for the mess that breaks it is in for the fact that they may be facing now it too late in the whole process still possibly facing a no deal outcome that many feel spells economic disaster for this country she said it's not me it's them she blame parliament for time wasting for game playing. and for overindulging themselves on breaks even it's provoked a bit absolutely furious response from employees in the church history is saying it's prime minister mate who has blocked our attempts to plan another way out of this problem still may now is stoking the fires of populism of rage and resentment aimed at m.p.'s there's not a day that passes when you don't hear some possible i hear outside the house of commons shouting the word traitor at the building. and of course saying that if use prime minister may who has herself put this country in the perilous situation it's in and if she needs empty support what a curious way to go about it by demonizing them publicly it does feel as though the
12:59 am
sentiment the mood has turned very much against series of a the last twelve hours and quite possibly consequently against her do you know are trying to hone in london thank you very much for that jonah. the world news and a devastating storm is affecting hundreds of thousands of people across southern africa rescue teams in mozambique have extended their central cycle and he dies survivors who are still trapped in flooded areas emergency teams have been rescuing stranded people in the hardest hit town of bay run by fifteen thousand people are still stranded their aid has been snow to reach the affected villages because roads and bridges have been badly damaged a cycle has killed at least four hundred people in malawi zimbabwe and mozambique tony but me has more from beirut in mozambique. more helicopters were coming on friday and they hope to improve the situation but the problem is getting through and clean drinking water to those people and of course the longer they go without water the more the temptation is to drink unclean water and that can lead to water
1:00 am
borne diseases like dispensary and diarrhea and that can cause serious repercussions so there is an urgent need here to get aid to these people quickly and get the most final people out the death toll at the moment stands at something like two hundred seventeen but the president of mozambique said that's probably easy going to rise in the coming days the problem is getting to these outlying areas and finding out exactly what the scale of the problem is if you take a small hamlet like the one i'm standing in now they're also near boozy boozy a very vulnerable area about four hours away from zero now people are either being taken come bringing water here to be or are already taken to smaller patches of land which are above the water level closer to boozy now because he has an additional problem the two big downs in mozambique which are overflowing they've got to have the water released in a controlled way but there's a fear that if this is not done properly it will call for a surge and do.


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