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tv   Sports Doping The Endless Chase 2016 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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were many are looking for their missing relatives. they say they can't wait any longer for authorities to help them find their relatives so they are digging themselves up a village in eastern zimbabwe has completely changed from day. one start these boulders never used to be here the shops schools and government offices are gone. after cycling through the community it's now an eerie gravesite my nephew. who was working at the clinic was now living. under structures this is my domain. and. to see him. is wife in which four children. among the four children. but people are. under the stones where the people. you
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community leaders say people climb trees in a desperate attempt to stay alive but a huge rolling boulders crashed into them throwing them down into the fast moving water below. it's frustrating a lot of people are missing it could be under the stones yesterday a child's body was found in the mud there are people buried here cyclonic die is a worse storm to hit zimbabwe since like ilene nearly twenty years ago the impact was devastating it slipped away an entire community some people were sleeping at the time survivors say it happened just after nine pm on friday the water came from that direction and it kept rising and rising very quickly some people ran to a police camp which was near this area for safety but the water was too powerful and swept many of them away the floods ravaged several parts of eastern zimbabwe completely transforming parts of many command. it really has changed the landscape
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of new rivers reform. as it is you know most of the bridges have been washed away. or certainly the entrances approaches to the bridges have been washed away this makes bringing in the man a terrenate more challenging and this is how people now get across to what used to be a business center the precarious makeshift bridge is meant to be temporary until a more permanent structure is built as long as this place is difficult to reach by road people here say they have to improvise there is an official death toll for the province but community leaders fear once the missing are accounted for that number could be much higher those who haven't found their relatives say they won't stop looking for them survivors believe those who weren't swept away cheering the floods are buried somewhere under these boulders and mud. al-jazeera zimbabwe sells come on al-jazeera sitting uncomfortably leaders agree to a bricks it's
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a way bots it comes with conditions. and a family's struggle as they wait for the return of one of yemen's thousands of prisoners of war. hello once again we've got some more wet weather into central parts of china and southern areas to this thickening cloud sync its way a little further south hong kong will see some wet weather as we go through saturday some heavy burst of rain a possibility actually across much of southern china dries up a little as we go on into sunday hong kong at least in the clear twenty one celsius bright skies coming through but i would also southwest central areas it does stay a little just fun and dry there for shanghai in the sunshine temperatures at around thirty degrees celsius father try to across a good parts of india we have got
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a few showers rolling into sri lanka more so across pakistan and this thicker cloud will bring a few cherry outbreaks as we go on through sas day fall north of india could see a little bit of wet weather but for many it stays warm dry and sunny and temps just edging up to around thirty seven thirty eight degrees pakistan seeing increasing cloud once again for a sunday still a few showers around there looks like a rather great day and that gray weather stretches across the gulf see if they get a wet weather here just around the eastern side of the arabian peninsula might even catch a spot so to rain here in qatar brightens up as we go on through sunday with a high of twenty seven. isn't the problem for your county that they really don't have a hell of a question mark over him but he does have a corruption question mark hurd really doesn't look good for the image bill it appears never go i'm going to do it we will probably not knowing about this
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organization really you get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the u.s. across the globe to follow that is called for a bridge doesn't build confidence a great school to join me near the hot sun on our front of my guests from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories and big issues here on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera create the mindset of our top stories this hour biasness of all jiri ans are presenting for a fifth day corn for president of the z's bits of think it's a step dying there's a mounting sweeping changes to the political establishment. russia's foreign
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ministry says any change in the states this will be occupied golan heights would violate u.n. agreements donald trump has tweeted it's time the us recognized israel sovereignty over the territory. the un has described the flooding disaster in southern africa as hugely complex but as a people are still stranded more than a week after psychology to its strug. well people all over new zealand mourns and prayed together this friday and they should by moral service was held for islamophobia it was condemned and those taking part should remember the lives of those who were killed a week ago in the attacks on the mosques under thomas reports. they came in their thousands muslims and others to the park opposite the al-noor mosque a week ago a gunman killed fifty people here and at the nearby mosque in lynnwood neither are nor no linwood was ready to host friday prayers this week so
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a virtual mosque was created in the park instead for prayers and a sermon broadcast nationwide and attended by new zealand's prime minister. we need a heart of the body surface the how far the fios pang. new zealand mourns with you we are one at one thirty two exactly a week after the shooting began the park fell silent. for two minutes they stood. and then the prayers but. they were followed by a servant. of all north thanked the people of new zealand for their tears for their flowers and for their love and compassion too he thanked the prime minister for her response to the slaughter and then he can text allies to what happened here the attack he said did not come overnight you know where it was the result of anti
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islamic and anti muslim rhetoric used by some politicians some media agencies and others we call our governments around the wards including new zealand and the neighboring countries. to bring an end. to hate speech and the politics of fear will have sane came from australia for the event last friday two of his relatives were killed for touched by what would be a monastery and i think he was saying the right words and that's why bill given. but not everyone in the park had a personal connection to a victim or even share their faith for many perhaps most of those who came here this will have been the first friday prayers they've ever attended became not because they're muslim but to show solidarity with the victims of last friday's attacks and islamic community of new zealand more generally many not muslim women
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were a headscarf as an added mark of respect i just want to express myself are terribly at this terrible time just how terrible made clear by the mass burial held on friday funerals for twenty six people in a single afternoon after thomas al jazeera cross church. a group of muslim nations has urged the world to find its islamophobia at talk sounds in response to the christ church mosque attacks turkey called the meeting of the organization of islamic cooperation c discuss violence toward muslims. march fifteenth the dates of the attack to become a day of international solidarity against islamophobia these events foreign minister attended the meeting whenever and wherever a terrorist strikes we know and you know the aim is to provoke fear and panic.
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well in new zealand it is failed it failed because our thoughts are not the terrorists thoughts and fears extremist ways are not our way. and to be clear in new zealand hate speech is not tolerated. while everything else may have changed in our country on the fifteenth of march few days ago. new zealand's essential character has not and will not reduce what happened in new zealand he new said tag that killed fifty of our brothers can never be regarded as an ordinary event it is caused by be deeply rooted hatred obsession and grudge. the leaders have given the u.k. more time to decide on the future albrecht said it's after perspired in the deadline past march the twenty ninth british politicians know ken extends the departure to may twenty second but only if they approve prime minister trees amaze
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deal if they don't they'll have a shorter time until april twelfth to get the deal through or quotes indicates a way forwards the battle now shifts back to britain's parliaments which is split down the middle between supporters and opponents of bracks sits well let's get the latest now from london with nadine barber they deem what are the chances of may's vote passing. well i think everyone now putting those chances are very slim those talk of french president emanuel might call revising downwards his assessment from ten percent to five percent on thursday the e.u. twenty seven have now finished their summit in the absence of to resume a with don't know to a school leader the president of the european council saying he's very happy with
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what they moneys to achieve over breaks it saying that between now and april the twelfth in his words everything is possible but something that not many people are banking on is to reason may be able to get through the same with jewel agreement through parliament at a third attempt she is expected to troy but at the same time brics it minister junior minister in parliament in the last few hours has hinted that the government will allow a series of so-called indicative votes on different options to see what parliament can agree on now one thing they did vote on they've already agreed that they don't want a no deal breaks it but that's one of the things that they might be given a free vote next week to look at other options to ease a maze deal plus permanent customs union that deal with customs union membership and being in the single market controversial with some politicians and then
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a basic free trade agreement another referendum only issue or revoke article fifty all the press the stop button on the whole brics it process now that's the idea of those indicative votes have been greeted by the deputy chair of the g. the hardline brits a group within the conservative party as a national humiliation he says steve baker says that the wrong kind of conservatives have their hands on the lever of power to reason may is being undermined by that section of politicians also by others who are offended by trees . i mean the last few days saying that fate had frustrated brix it in that she was on the public side she's road back but she hasn't apologized all this means that she's unlikely to get her deal through so where does it leave us well it leaves us none the wiser but there are cross party talks going on and at the same time we've got a petition in britain with more than three million signatures calling on the government to revoke article fifty there's
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a big march expected on saturday in the capital calling for a so-called people's vote a referendum the question is on know what would be on the ballot paper but i think that still this cliff age as it's called by some people of crushing out is seen as something that must be avoided at all costs. joining us from westminster thank you very much indeed north korea has withdrawn at stuff from the ins or korean liaison office and the latest setback for diplomatic relations as a result south korea's convenes an emergency meeting call and decision regrettable it comes a week after the north threatened to polite of nuclear talks with the u.s. and that follows the collapse of last month's summits missing don't try and kim jong un over disputes had sanctions. it's been four years since the sodium r.r.c. led coalition started its military offensive against rebels in yemen thousands of
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people have been jailed by the warring sides a prisoner exchange was agreed three months ago but it hasn't materialized some of binge of its reports. some years daily chores include cutting off plastic into smaller pieces waste is used as cooking fuel in their tent his mom is preparing the only meal they can afford from flour to make bread this story of hunger and desperation is repeated across refugee camps in yemen samir is husband was detained by who the rebels and who they the children were at risk of being recruited as soldiers so she says the escape to the city of mara. but the who thiis first denied having my husband after months his mother was allowed to see him she saw him just once he had bruises and all to talk to marks i called on human rights organizations to have my husband and the detainees released without
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conditions. human rights watch says parties to the conflict have worsened the world's largest humanitarian catastrophe the group blames all sides including hooty forces the yemeni government and the united arab emirates. was abducted in twenty sixteen by pro-government militias backed by the u.a.e. his mother received this photo recently she wants answers from the government and its allies. i asked everyone to return the body of my son for me to bury him they couldn't just throw away his body they have taken him from the streets and they have to return him back to me i have been looking for him for three years his wife children mother and brothers want to see him why are they behaving like this. every few weeks mothers and wives of the missing gathered to protest thousands of yemenis have been detained without cause many are abused. and others are forcibly disappeared without a trace amnesty international says some of these violations amount to war crimes
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last december in sweden all sides agreed in principle to swap prisoners but the process has been stalled for months there were a number of talks that took place after stockwell and be as many families are still waiting for the parties to finalize the lists we welcome did you meet with in the yemeni parties on the release downs friend about the conflict related. it's been four years since the saudi m.r.i. the coalition began its war against who these are samir doesn't expect an end anytime soon all she wants is for her husband to be released some of it. is there. iraq's president for himself there has been met by an angry crowd on his visit to mosul following a deadly ferry accidents processors held insults of presidents at least one hundred people died when the overloaded ferry traps size in the tigris river well to serious and the offending has the latest from. this is where the
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ferry sank the one behind me is identical to the one that went down in this resolve the two ferries used to carry visitors to the result island across this tribute torrie of the to greece as you can see the water current is very strong and official source from the water authority in one hour told us they had informed operators of the motion of them to shut more gates to bring the water level down and this would help recover the dead bodies sixty persons were rescued alive yesterday when the ferry capsized the government has deployed all the resources at hand we should note that the first capacity is not more than fifty personnel and the one that went down had more than two hundred persons on board the ferry also lack safety equipment as you see search operations are still underway the city is in total shock and the government has declared a mourning period. this
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is all just syria and these are the top stories thousands of algerians are protesting for a fifth friday calling for president of the us he's beautifully to step down there demanding sweeping changes to the political establishment. russia's foreign ministry says any change in the status of the occupied golan heights would violate the u.n. agreements donald trump has tweeted it's time the us recognized israel saw from sea over the region stephanie decker princes more from the occupied golan heights by recognizing the occupied golan heights as israeli territory the us president donald trump is giving a major political victory to benjamin netanyahu and the timing of such a major announcement on the eve of what is a hotly contested israeli election is seen by many as a public endorsement of trump for netanyahu for yet another term as prime minister
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the u.n. has described the flooding disaster in southern africa as hugely complex thousands of people are still stranded more than a week after a cycle and it always struck people across new zealand's mourns and prayed together on friday a nationwide memorial service was held for the fifty people who were killed in the question which mosque attacks a group of muslim nations has urged the world to fight islamophobia talks held in response to the christ church attacks the organization over slum it corporation wants march fifteenth the date of the attack it's become a day of international solidarity against islamophobia iraq's president's party i'm sorry has been met by an angry crowd on his visits and will soon follow a deadly ferry accident protest as hurled insults at the president's least one hundred people died when the overloaded ferry capsized in the tigris river.
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those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after the stream. zenon you're in the stream today we look at the deadly impact of cycling a day in mozambique then we'll look into what we can learn from my space is the loss of millions of songs photos and videos and what it suggests about our tendency
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to rely on the internet to store our most treasured memories but first as millions of people are getting ready to vote in thailand's first election since a military coup in two thousand and fourteen we explore the high stakes and possible outcomes remember you can always leave your comments in the you tube chat as we look at this clip from al-jazeera scott heide learned bank. for decades thailand's youth has been politically active like in this parade held before the end you will rival football match between thailand's top universities it satirizes politics here and one of this year's targets the general election to be held sunday many taking part have become old enough to vote since the last election eight years ago. and with nearly seven million voting for the first time a form was held in bangkok to teach them how the process works. and why it's important for thailand. who want a free and fair election. not and not just any election that. makes someone
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to say that ok i've become a man because i'm elected it doesn't matter. what people believe in. for more on this i'm joined from bangkok by a private rosanna procures the senior journalist doghouse saad anglish private thank you so much for being with us i want to start with the basics i mean what makes this a very different election from those in the past. well for two reasons obviously as pointed out it's been. nearly five years since the military stated coup and ruled thailand as a military dictatorship so. this will come. a time when the people all get a chance to decide and. determine
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the fate of the future type politics secondly actually this is the first time in eight years that thais will get a chance to go earned nearly seven million out of. fifty one eligible voters will be voting for the first time and on top of that you have. been tallied. general prayuth genosha running as a. candidate to become prime minister of thailand again and. but i can go on and i will go on and what i want to go on with this is some of the concerns of the voters obviously there are many concerns a lot of people online trying in telling us what they are more more concerned about the knife for example on twitter saying breaking human rights watch thing that type of thailand's jointer has created conditions that obstruct free and fair elections people's right to choose their government are severely undermined do you agree with
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that statement and what do you make of all the concerns of this election essentially being regs and not being a fair election. well as i was just about to point out. there will be five hundred. lower housed or members aliments elected on sunday and on top of that. an added two hundred fifty will be selected and basically appointed by each into leader was bridget and to you that was the leader and a cool leader and who has a point made himself prime minister over the past year site years is competing as a prime ministerial candidate again and this two hundred sixty people that's going to be appointed by for you will take part in the vote that would select the next prime minister so one turtledove or basically has already been secured by your it so this is why lantern sound and that doesn't sound very rare does it sound fair to
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. well i think to say that it's not so it's an understatement it's an lopsided. unmet actions because one candidates are in the arse basically you know the power to appoint people will vote for him you know one turd of the people which is two hundred fifty hours of seven hundred. fifty people if you combine doest upper and lower houses and you know for those who don't know the intricate details of the constitution itself or even the history of thailand i think what will really you know resonate is a clip that we have which really illustrates how young people are testing the limits not only of speech lies but really pushing the boundaries of political discussion and it seems they have been rowing audience take a look. the public is starting to listen thanks to bands like
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rap against dictatorship their anthem condemning corruption politically impunity and the growing social divide went viral with close to sixty million views but. the rap troupe believe their songs popularity is the only reason they gyal one console and went on a little discussion is good and he should be free no one should fear being arrested or getting thrown into jail for talking about politics. private your reaction i mean obviously we know that video went viral do you think that's why they haven't been arrested you know we know many others who have spoken out in similar ways have been arrested what do you think this means for the youth vote it means to use feel that they have not been listened to and they want to have a role in shaping the future course of time and rightly so.
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and online public sphere. is growing. the internet has become a new public sphere that will that enables to. ty's mostly yone a lot of them young ties to deliberate condors and even air and teachin turn sentiment as you have shown you know the the fact that we have seen just. wrapped against dictatorship videos going viral with nearly sixty million border i mean sixty million viewers well you know the type elation is just south of seventy million so private means you're going yeah i was just going to say whatever happens i'm curious because a lot of people you know commentary you know varies on this issue berman you keep coming back to this fundamental fact that the military is going to be in charge alternately regardless of what happens is that true do you think. yes or no not
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just kill some possibility that the so-called troll democracy slashed and each entire camp could muster and. are say to reanimate seventy six forwards or slightly more out of seven really forwards that's going to be very difficult but it's still mathematically possibility are if the production type parties gains very hugh lower house boards then when they would need to enlist the support of the center which will be appointed. there will definitely not have the same level or mandate or legitimacy so it's still not a done deal first of all secondly even if it wins he will not have absolute power as he used to. as
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a gentle leader so he will become an elected prime minister but at the same time we also have to deal with the. the armed forces particularly the army which be a if it is a state bit in the states and there is strong penchant for states including tar the current has refused to commit himself publicly. in not staging a coup friends are not surprising but only time will tell ultimately private i want to thank you for taking the time to join us here at the stream thank you now shifting gears a look at the deadly cyclon that is completely devastated swaths of southeastern africa mozambique has borne the brunt of stormy day with hundreds of people feared dead the port city of berra has been virtually destroyed by floodwaters are disease as malcolm webb filed this report from has been a bear. when winds ripped the roof tile we received tollways house she
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was terrified she ran outside in the torrential rain we've had children just collapsed. that we were very afraid we were panicking but there was nothing else to do except move outside now i have nothing but i don't even have money to build a new house somewhere. she is among dozens of families who are now sheltering in school he wouldn't a town of this barrier in mozambique had been homeless need i went to cross the country after reaching mozambique's coast on thursday. many villages and now completely cut off. al-jazeera as malcolm webb has been covering the aftermath of the cyclon in mozambique he joins us from the city of timor you and then geneva we have matthew cochrane he's the spokesperson for the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies gentlemen thank you for being with us i want to
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start by asking you malcolm where are the efforts i mean how would you categorize this given all you've been witnessing on the ground there very good i mean. i'm just wondering i mean where are the efforts now in terms of being able to provide the immediate aid that people who are victims of this are. but you know mike you'd be able to kind of a bit more about the specifics certainly what we've seen in the western part of the country people that we see tomorrow night out that. i mean that's not surprising given that most of the right to be cut off. the car is. playing to it because larry it's not because of stranded people stuck in trees stuck on the roofs of houses actually understand. there have been to be focused on rescuing those people who were stranded. on the barrier to the report from
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the chile where we are now through some of the central region it's very hard. luck there how do you get failed after failed the crops completely obliterated by the wind and by the rain and by flash flooding flash flooding from the river. definitely a people right now and then for a month or maybe even a year ahead is going to be a very serious problem. very many married in an island burial where they can suffer flooding field after field of crops extraordinary many people here at the moment because their food supply for the you know the destroyed fields of course and matthew you know hearing now come outlined some of those issues i can only think of you know the water borne diseases and all the kind of protracted issues that then emerge in the next you know few months and years obviously you're familiar with kind of the scale of the devastation but for our viewers who may not be i want to
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share this tweet from dippy batna gar the data sea came into the land and destroyed everything in its path it really just gives you a sense just one week difference you can see all this area here all the edges zoomed in there for you all that black just to really give you a sense of how much destruction was on the ground i'm curious though matthew i mean what would you say is the most urgent need right now. yeah. well i mean the the most urgent need right now is such a rescue saving lives that still many thousands of people on rooftops or on hillsides so even in trees and the priority i think of many organizations on the ground you know led by the government is to is to get those people to safety speaking to a colleague early today there's a sense that perhaps and hopefully some water is because the water is beginning to recede and it's not raining at the moment or so it wasn't when when we were speaking so hopefully that means that. the search and rescue efforts become
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a little less urgent and the focus can turn to providing this humanitarian assistance that that is desperately needed this malcolm said there are countless communities that that haven't been reached in terms of the scale i mean i don't know if this is usual certainly was for me but a colleague explained to me today that the amount of the area flooded is is roughly equivalent to the size of the state of rhode island it's a it's a huge area it's almost like the ocean like the earth was tipped in the ocean poured into most and they can and you know there was a period there where entire areas are under meters of water where there was no distinguishable landscape it was it was simply just waters are and it's and matthew you know as you're outlining that and making that comparison for american viewers who know the size of rhode island i mean that is huge i mean it's a huge area of land but for those who aren't familiar this to this tweet that just came in or a comment on you tube men are saying and speaking to exactly what you're talking about saying i don't think it has gotten the level of response a disaster should get though india sent some humanitarian aid some big steps need
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to be taken to prevent more destruction would you agree with that assessment just given your experience in general in this field. yes completely completely again i mean i couple days ago there was a sense that the world hadn't really woken up to what had happened you know that whatever reason. no one it really anticipated how big this disaster was going to be and in fairness the disaster is it's complicated because it's it's also speaking about flooding that preexisted this i climbed in with speaking about ali vulnerable communities that perhaps people weren't really aware of but it's probably well i think now i mean let's be positive it's now yeah now i think we can say that the world does realize but that realisation has to be followed by action of course and you know we're talking about action or the lack thereof i know that malcolm obviously you're there on the ground and you know having covered some natural
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disasters myself i remember hurricane maria in puerto rico sometimes you come across things that just jar you that strike you that move you that surprise you that shock you is there anything you can share with us that you've you've experienced on the ground covering this that you think is important for people to know. the first thing that was very striking. we were due to fly into the day before division and that was last friday. but then i came was coming in quick. actually came in to the council we tried to get in. the capital of neighboring zimbabwe instead and then driving from that there was i mean around the border the. very strong wind really strong much stronger than normal. and then followed by wrenching rain more rain than the scene when you could imagine that this pretty much doesn't stop for
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day of course the train. this was actually where. driving the car in a house. and of course his own ability to. under the. fact that they're living in very simple structure is made of bricks made of iron sheets on the roofs many of them in. three days a very. strong wind. very easily knocked down to be completed. at the same and right and in north america where the building right most definitely and that's that's an important point to raise but you know i also want to share with our audience a clip which really demonstrates not just in mozambique but the challenges that these type of countries share point as compared with western countries or i should say a country like america you know what they struggle with when they try to alleviate the most extreme after a fact of severe weather it's in zimbabwe which was also of course they had by cycle on a day take a look at this rescuing people when they badly they can be extremely difficult the
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helicopter is trying to take off and some of these people have been waiting for days to hear news about their loved ones they don't know whether they are alive. going to die is a worse storm tates about this in fact many of the nearly twenty years ago some zimbabwean say government officials have reacted faster and some part natural disaster we are a very existing structure. that give us a little that to people we prepared but the magnitude of what it was and imaginable is a new lane is we go forward i think that's an important point to end on right there malcolm matthew thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and for all your work. now a trip down memory lane a one time social media giant is back in the headlines this week but sadly for all the wrong reasons my space confirmed that it has lost all content uploaded to the site before two thousand and sixteen so yes that's millions of songs videos and
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photos that have been forever deleted my space says the data was lost during a server migration that went wrong now the beverly hills headquartered company was once the most visited site in the united states but has long since been surpassed of course by facebook and well most other social platforms that we all use the huge deletion of user data has raised questions however of how far companies can be trusted to manage the kind of content that is often deeply personal to say the very least joining us now to discuss all this from beacon new york is jason scott he's an archivist and technology historian and is the creator of text files dot com which archives files from bulletin board system. jason so many questions for you but what does this actually mean i mean i personally know what it means because it means i can access songs that i made when i was seventeen that i'll never be able to make again because for reasons that don't matter to anybody watching this
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program but what does it mean to you what does this mean for all of us i guess it's pretty deep actually because we as people create things we collaborate we have discussions we get involved with each other you know not just creating say songs or or sharing things that we found online but we actually like you know put our own history and it's where we know what we are and sometime between the late one nine hundred ninety two thousand we start to see companies offering us platforms to do that and now we just think of the social media but what it really is is we just told companies take everything we create directly from our phones and our minds and store them for us and we'll all work out what we do next later yeah. and later it's starting to show up now that later is another problem right i mean so so so what can you tell us when it's later than the later that we're in now what can we do to protect and you know these precious memories and all this history and tell you about i think the fundamental thing to understand is that there was
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a business model decision made in the late ninety's that the way to grow the internet was to give everybody free access like we want to adopt cars give everybody a car this is actually what we did with credit cards in america we just gave away credit cards with no restrictions just to get it off the ground and now we're at a point that people are going what's this free thing i have and also some people are saying well of course it's always going to be free and that's when you start to have the scandals with advertisers and tracking because somebody has got to pay for it well i think what's going to happen is that people need to realize that these phones and desktops they're using to save their memories they're ending up on places automatically and they aren't being asked to get it back out again or to understand or for people to understand where their materials are sitting and i think that it's time you got to take some level of awareness and responsibility you
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know it's like it's like places like facebook and google they're like electricity you don't think about them until things brownout or flicker and i'd say it's probably a good idea to start assessing how much of your you know really family history and personal creation is what i'm worried about your own music your family's lore your history you and your aunt you never talk so you talked on facebook i always talk to my hand but the point is the point is we have a lot of people concerned now obviously about the platforms that they currently care about right whether it's facebook twitter instagram like we all have a preferential platform and you know we look at reclusive busybody which is a very compelling twitter name in of itself on twitter saying it's sad that a lot of artists. their work or lost their work i should say but on a personal level i don't remember my password for it and i've wanted to delete my account for a long time it finally happened but at a cost to everyone else so i'm ok with that but sad to those who lost their work so
11:44 pm
a little bit of compassion there and empathy but obviously not a fan of my space do you think this is inevitable for other platforms for twitter and facebook no i absolutely do i in this particular case we have a really egregious just complete lack of doing the right thing for a company of this sort of stature and material but other companies will make this decision but they'll make it logically or monetary only youtube deleted thousands of annotated or any taishan is on videos citing that it was a low traffic low audience feature but it was a feature that had tens of thousands of videos that were using it they just decided it was too small for them and years of that went away and blew the you know those are the decisions it's not just you know think of it as the difference between a forest fire and a controlled forest fire it's still pretty bad right and i think there's maybe no real point of comparison there i want to ask you andrew marx said well on twitter
11:45 pm
said call me old fashioned but this is why i always have a physical backup of all my data i don't trust the clout i feel you know that's noble and perhaps what some people do but it's definitely not what i do i don't have time for that i don't think that's practical is that the best advice that you could give to anyone jason it's the best goal the best goal is to realize that the things that them you know think of something that you've done written taken a photograph of and think of a world in which that isn't around for some of your bit tiriel you're not going to care but if you have things that would go even on a u.s.b. stick taking your personal documents folder your personal photos photo collection and just putting it on a u.s.b. stick in your house that's one. depth that you can take i think and today and. jeremy leave you with this tweeted into the show saying i backed up my facebook for that reason which i would have been able to save all of my g.o.c. these pages which makes me just feel very old because i don't know if i remember
11:46 pm
jason i want to thank you for taking the time to be with us that's all for today here at the stream but keep sending us your comments through twitter you tube and al-jazeera dot com forward slash the stream. fly cattle railways experience economy class like never before. and ways going
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places together. in the next episode of thrice. to do greenpeace cruise on a voyage through the which will see to highlight the importance of protecting this fragile ecosystem against an expanding least of manmade threats beneath the surface of this magnificent desolation is just t.v. with life. these are some of the remotest. antarctic century on al-jazeera. on counting the cost this week on al-jazeera we'll take a deeper dive into what's behind algeria's protests but ask what it's really get from joining china's belton road initiative plus we'll take a look at the plight of venezuela's struggling fishermen. counting the cost on al-jazeera. being as i want to finally you will get asked about it but that's the
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ball is a bore not a c. well it's never thought of this set so it's the last one and the other the double the buckeyes and the bunch is a bit shocked about that. in part one of this two part series al-jazeera explores the world of performance enhancing drugs. sports doping the endless chase on al-jazeera. zero. zero zero am fully back to all of this is the news hour live from our headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes out on the streets again hundreds of thousands of algerian say the entire political establishment needs to go to.
11:49 pm
the united nations appeals for help for those affected by in southern africa more than two hundred forty people have been killed in mozambique and also this hour a widespread condemnation of donald trump's plan to recognize israeli sovereignty over the golan heights which belongs to syria. we are to gaza and new zealand as united as a nation to mark one week since the mosque attacks that killed fifty people on paul reese with the sport australia cricketer cameron bancroft returns from a nine month ball tampering bomb and walk straight into a new team as captain. thank you very much for joining as we begin this news hour with demonstrations in algeria
11:50 pm
protesters are out in force again for a fifth friday calling for president. to set down their rally in the capital of genius as well as in smaller cities across the country pressure is growing on the longtime leader and those around him joining us now on the news hour is badri who is a lecturer of islamic studies at qatar university thank you so much for being with us to talk about the situation in algeria. fifth friday of demonstrations how much momentum is there still today on protestors side the momentum is growing. still on the people is insisting that they will not stop until they reach the moment which is what what is the end game for the protesters today they would love to practice democracy they would like to choose their religion the power of the two will govern algeria for the next mandate they are just to go they want the entire establishment of the whole he's all entourage this is to leave this
11:51 pm
is what they are demanding. of them brand is that they would like to they would like to change everything what they're insisting we've got another of these if you say a fever is a change everything but replace it with what exactly do they have a plan i mean these protesters don't even have a leader yes what are they going to replace the system this been in place for decades. my understanding there should be from the government to give a green light for these people to start organizing themselves and i think this is the point of strength of the people there is no leader to be. or to be. to put pressure on him to bow down it's the whole people everybody is there are hundreds of thousands in alone today in. the in
11:52 pm
in. every hundreds of thousands of people who are protesting and they have to deal with all these people. i think they need some time to see elect a representative of these two. to set into a dialogue to choose the next step interesting me president has f.l.n. party the ruling party has expressed support for the demonstrations there appears to be a rift within the party how will those who have been demonstrating receive this. as long as they see. these people and doing their power and being kind of the protesters i think they will accept it but if it is not serious it seems that the people is not accepting. thing is to be serious with their demands what about the military's role in all this so far they have tried to keep
11:53 pm
stands not siding with either the protesters or the government side do you expect that to change if the demonstrations continue and if they gain in momentum. i would expect the algerian people would have learnt lessons from history whether a jury in history the nine the bloody in one nine hundred ninety s. and the outcome of the period what's going on in the region in the world. will lead the algerian army to learn a golden lesson they have to be indifferent they have to keep the same distance from all the actors in algeria and their main role is to protect the borders of syria and the overall security of the country thank you very much for sharing your views with us here on al-jazeera. now aid agencies say hundreds of thousands of people in mozambique will require humanitarian assistance in the coming days
11:54 pm
hundreds have died from the floodwaters caused by sight but officials warn the numbers will likely soar those who survived are becoming increasingly desperate and they now have the added threat of water borne diseases emergency teams in mozambique have increased efforts to rescue trapped people in areas worst affected by floods more survivors who'd been stranded on rooftops and in trees have been rescued aid agencies have also started to airlift of food to flood victims many people have gone for several days without clean water or anything to eat the world food program says more than one point five million people will need aid over the next three months in neighboring zimbabwe meanwhile the situation is dire many people are still missing and damage to roads and bridges has cut off some communities officials have declared two days of national mourning the situation on the ground remains critical to the reason you're running while there are hundreds
11:55 pm
of thousands of children need immediate help the priority right now is to give them shelter food water education protection. al jazeera is malcolm web-s travelling through one of the worst hit regions bank a district in western mozambique close to the border with zimbabwe. cycling i ripped through roads and washed away bridges. journey from para. began in small boat made of tree bark. then a few kilometers down the road another broken bridge. the cyclamen split central mozambique into islands cut off from road access. we met machree on a sire who hasn't seen her husband through three storm mobile networks are cut off she made the crossing to find him. it is good but what choice do we give what choice do i give. today something that is happening with the locals the
11:56 pm
happiness the actual helping us to cross to get food. people need to cross to reach loved ones or food so they find whatever ways they can. to reach broken bridge we paid to write in more type of vehicles we could find most people here don't have the means to travel far like this. is when we reach low lying planes but the storm damage is worst this river burst its banks. devastation homes have been destroyed crops. by the wind and rain field off the field of them completely destroyed so a lot of people here will be very hungry. more than three quarters of mozambicans live on less than two dollars a day many people here subsistence farmers. left in the field was there food for
11:57 pm
the year ahead. he held. the only sign of it helicopter makes one circle and flies off possibly an aid agency taking a survey people can only hope they'll soon bring food and shelter but with so much damage to the roads it'll have to come by air. the last broken bridge just before has been made possible with some blown down cables. and trying to reach the town check on his family. hundreds of died. i'm a survivor but i've suffered too much not just physically but also psychologically traumatized is the first time i've seen this now people can travel a little family the trying to reunite many people are still missing it will take a long time for mozambique to recover from cyclonic die malcolm webb al-jazeera in
11:58 pm
a district. in zimbabwe the floods have cut off communities making it hard for help to reach them. where many are looking for their missing relatives. they say they can't wait any longer for authorities to help them find their relatives so they are digging themselves up a village in eastern zimbabwe has completely changed one day. or dark these boulders never used to be here the shops schools and government offices are gone. after cycling through the community it's now an eerie gravesite my nephew. who was working at the clinic was now living. you see the stones. under structures. and. you see him. he's wife in which four children. among the four children.
11:59 pm
all took an hour but people are saying under these stories where the people. community leaders say people climb trees in a desperate attempt to stay alive but a huge rolling boulders crashed into them throwing them down into the fast moving water below. it's frustrating a lot of people are missing they could be under the stones yesterday a child's body was found in the mud there are people buried here cyclonic die is a worst storm to hit zimbabwe since like ilene nearly twenty years ago the impact was devastating it slipped away an entire community some people were sleeping at the time survivors say it happened just after nine pm on friday the water came from that direction and it kept rising and rising very quickly some people ran to a police camp which was near this area for safety but the water was too powerful
12:00 am
and swept many of them. away the floods ravaged several parts of eastern zimbabwe completely transforming parts of many command province it really has changed the landscape of this reform. as it is you know most of the bridges have been washed away. or certainly the entrances approaches to the bridges have been washed away this makes bringing in the man a terran aid more challenging and this is how people now get across to what used to be a business center the precarious makeshift bridge is meant to be temporary until a more permanent structure is built as long as this place is difficult to reach by road people here say they have to improvise there is an official death toll for the province but community leaders fear once the missing are accounted for that number could be much higher.


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