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saying pietschmann is off the table because they're making political judgments rather than the judgment of whether or not the kind of conduct in the oval office is such that it creates very great worry about herons to the rule of law and discharging the administration of justice inviting confidence that the american people are being the first concern of the president rather than private interests so i do think that there's a division but i believe that the reason why you have continuing support for trump is because all the evidence that has been compiled to date has largely been secret you know and so with american people like in watergate need to be brought along you have to have these witnesses on t.v. subject to cross-examination so all we who are really the ultimate sovereign in the united states get to decide if somebody's lying to somebody compromising on the truth and as long as the house stays concealed with regard to the reports being just out a grand jury and on pieces of paper that's not going to work they need flesh and
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blood up there all right bruce fein we thank you for speaking to us from washington . thank you now the white house is saying that iso has been one hundred percent eliminated from syria but on the grounds the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say heavy fighting continues around the village of anybody who was there last territory in the country alan fischer reports from washington. to choose from his supporters donald trump arrived in florida and proclaimed i still had no been driven out of syria i says sort of election day. here's what he says right now you look. so there's ice. and that's what we have right now. as of last night just two days ago at the white house he predicted the end of the self-proclaimed caliphate by the end of the day. he had already announced the end of eisel back in february but the group still had at least one stronghold in syria at one point i still controlled
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a huge territory in syria and iraq and the area roughly the size of mainland britain. donald trump has wanted to end u.s. operations in syria for a while then in december he suddenly announced he would withdraw two thousand troops it was such a surprise it provoked the resignation of defense secretary jim mattis and criticism from allies world white now he plans to keep four hundred troops in country pushed by the pentagon and allies in part to stop any researches of the case of syria is a strange game of musical chairs in that the point is this is not just for the united states but for russia iran and turkey and israel whoever is intervene in syria is do not have a seat when the music stops because no one wants to pay for the reconstruction of a country and we have one against isis this year alone president trump predicted the end of i saw thirteen times that we will have. one hundred percent of the caliphate i think president trump wants to emphasize that isis is militarily
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defeated he's not wrong it's just that as an organization it carries on and we have to make sure that it doesn't come back otherwise we really truly do get stuck in endless wars in the middle east. wanted to be the man who defeated isis as a territorial force. but you'll be told quite clearly this group has gone away alan fischer washington here's what's coming up on the al-jazeera news hour we'll speak to families still waiting for loved ones to be released under a prisoner swap deal in yemen. in sport amateur boxing hopes to be back in favor for the tokyo twenty twenty olympics will tell us more. but first it's over weeks and cyclonic die hit southern african countries including mozambique and zimbabwe desperation is growing among the survivors an estimated one
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point seven million people are affected many of whom need food water and shelter so in mozambique which was worst hit two hundred ninety three have been confirmed dead but it is feared that death toll will exceed the thousands the devastated port city of barrow has become a center for frantic efforts to rescue thousands still trapped by the floodwaters and in eastern zimbabwe the official number of dead from the floods and mudslides is two hundred fifty nine and another two hundred seventeen people are missing aid agencies say they're running out of time cases of cholera have already been reported in bear and there's been a rise in malaria infections as well tony berkley was in one community in mozambique as aid arrived here is his reports. it was they are the survivors of psych loan when we carteret struck they are still desperate and hungry but this center just outside the area they were expecting food supplies they got
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a few packets of biscuits the really bad that was the flooding happened a week ago and this is the first help we have had just discovered we are struggling to survive because everything was destroyed. water still holds claim to much of software the province driving from beer you can see the vast area that has become an inland sea homes destroyed others left isolated. aid and rescue operations are focusing on the hard hit communities with larger populations there are tens of thousands of others living in smaller more isolated pockets they are out of sight out of mind three families live in this small hut a new tika seventy kilometers north of beera the cycling destroyed their huts and crops they now survive on bananas and maize maria's home was demolished when the psycho struck she thought she was going to die all that often anyone in it would
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when i saw the danger to first thing i did was to protect myself and my son i couldn't stop the water stripping away our clothes blankets and everything is gone we're suffering. the water levels are dropping after two days of relatively good weather but the damage left behind is hampering aid efforts up until three days ago this whole area and this road was completely devastated by the psycho and covered in water it made passage impossible come along these roads it shows you how difficult delivering any kind of meaningful aid by road will be the main focus is by air people being rescued by helicopter but that's only making a small fraction of a difference. many of the dirt track roads in the countryside have been seriously affected aid is trickling in but the death count is rising and the risk of disease and illness is increasing by the day we're sitting on a ticking bomb as well as what are some additional major news concerns and cholera
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outbreak you know is there a reality you know that we would love to be the ready to face malaria is an american already thought in this country and the depreciation and bond that ability is that people are facing anyway because of the socio economic situation of mozambique will be further exacerbated and lubet will be leading you know to many more crises for many people in this region life was tough before cyclon eat ice truck is becoming even harder they will probably recover eventually but it could take a long long time tony berkeley al-jazeera tika central mozambique. reports from barrow where a fisherman is doing all he can to help desperate people. this is a domicile a man's fourth trip to brew z. in two days the fisherman is using his boat to risk you as many people as he can who are stranded in the flood hit area after cyclonic die struck mozambique. water
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now reaches as high as eleven meters but was a bit disappointed when i first saw a woman with babies on their backs crying for help saying they're dying i knew i had to do something what i saw there was a catastrophe it reminded me of two thousand and eight when another disaster struck i'm supportive. on the boat is a mother desperate to save her child she's come from the capital she last received word from her daughter days ago but there's been nothing since what you think you know i hear as. i say yes as a mother i had to make this bold decision even though the rest of my family was against me coming here nobody thought i could survive this by i have to save my daughter and my grandchild it's out of here when the enemy the area is vast flooding stretches for one hundred twenty five kilometers. hours later and from the dark a faint was still in the distance alerts us to people calling for help as soon as
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the boat reaches them they pleads to get on they say they are exhausted they've not slept for days women children and the elderly are brought on board first hungry and thirsty it hasn't taken much time to fill the boat about two hundred people have been rescued and more want to get on but this simply no space. up among those who have found a place on the boat is a dire her daughter and grandchild that had to leave her son in law behind he's a doctor and says there are too many people who need his help in boozy on the boat they do what they can to help the injured finally they reach para some of these people will return to their families others have nowhere to go. adama's says he'll return the next day to the water that's taken so many lives from either mullah al-jazeera bear a muslim beak. and. ways to pinch it districts where locals have given up on
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getting help from the governments. they say they can't wait any longer for authorities to help them find their relatives so they are digging themselves up a village in eastern zimbabwe has completely changed one day. or dark these boulders never used to be here the shops schools and government offices are gone. after cycling through the community it's now an eerie gravesite my nephew. who was working at the clinic was now living. you see the stories. of structures they used to model many areas and. you can see in. his wife in which four children. among the four children the twins. they all took an hour but people are saying
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under the stones where the people are. community leaders say people climb trees in a desperate attempt to stay alive but a huge rolling boulders crashed into them throwing them down into the fast moving water below is a doctor and it's frustrating a lot of people are missing they could be under the stones yesterday a child's body was found in the mud there are people buried here cyclonic die is a worse storm to hit zimbabwe since like low ileen nearly twenty years ago the impact was devastating it slipped away an entire community some people were sleeping at the time survivors say it happened just after nine pm on friday the water came from that direction and it kept rising and rising very. quickly some people ran to a police camp which was near this area for safety but the water was too powerful and swept many of them away the floods ravaged several parts of eastern zimbabwe completely transforming parts of minicon and province it really has changed the
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landscape of this reform. as it is you know most of the bridges have been washed away. or certainly the entrances approaches to the bridges have been washed away this makes bringing in the man a tearin aid more challenging and this is how people now get across to what used to be a business center the precarious makeshift bridge is meant to be temporary until a more permanent structure is built as long as this place is difficult to reach by road people here say they have to improvise there is an official death toll for the province but community leaders fear once the missing are accounted for that number could be much higher those who haven't found their relatives say they won't stop looking for them survivors believe those who were swept away joining the floods are buried somewhere under these boulders and mud. zimbabwe. have been out in force for
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a fifth straight friday calling not only for the president to go but the rest of the government too they rallied in the capital algiers and in cities and towns elsewhere as more of the president's allies abandoned him mohammad reports. for the fifth friday in a row demonstrators across algeria forward into the streets gray skies did not cloud their enthusiasm rain could not dampen their passion appropriate to the occasion this man carried an umbrella designed in the colors of his country's flag . were coming from all over the country we're all one united under the umbrella of one nation we will keep protesting in the sun in the rain until we get what we want it's been almost a month since demonstrators led by the young began demanding president eyes he's beautifully withdraw from running for a fifth term in office. the eighty two year old leader reversed his decision to stand for re-election but he also postponed polls that were due in april until he
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said political reforms could be implemented he remains the nominal head of the transition process which hasn't just further angered the protesters it's also deepened their resolve. to get it no matter how harsh the winter and rain will be no matter how bad the weather will be the regime is harsh we will keep on protesting on thursday even judges joined the demonstrations this sit in outside a local court in the capital was meant to show solidarity with more than one thousand other judges who had earlier refused to oversee the upcoming election if president with a free it was a candidate another big setback for beautifully who also appears to have been deserted by his own party. analysts believe friday's protests are among the largest demonstrations ever seen in algeria i think it would do the same bus with up and last week and it basically turned into president we. hope will god
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and you and your government with lives follow the army chief says the public has expressed what he calls noble aims during the demonstrations analysts believe those words to be the strongest signal yet that the military may be distancing itself from to flee and the political elite who support him if so that would be a problem for a president who's been in power for twenty years and a huge support for the hundreds of thousands of protesters who want to ensure the remnants of beautifully because government are gone for good mohammed jim doom and . here's what's coming up right after the break in the odds are it is our south american leaders form a new regional club but does it have any hope of solving venezuela's crisis busts we'll look at the impact of what's being called a bombs like loan in the u.s. midwest and a japanese tennis ace meets and a phone into his never want to set against him find out if that trend continued in miami with more in sports.
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hello there we have some very wet and windy weather over parts of north america at the moment so thanks to this weather system hey can see it working its way up the northeastern coast that spoke to some heavy rain and a lot of heavy snow as well in fact by the time that system eventually clears away some of us could have seen up to thirty centimeters of snow from this system behind it is generally looking a lot drier for a time but then misses the next system and that one's working over already flooded areas so cool cause for the problems over the next few days towards the west it looks like things are calming down force as we head into sunday san francisco getting to a pleasant fifteen degrees i mean further towards the sun south and there will be some rather helpful showers over parts of the caribbean particularly over parts of the dominican republic and into haiti we'll also see a few showers there of
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a positive cuba and some of us here are in a drought so this rain really is needed as we head a bit further towards the south there's also plenty of showers parts of south america at the moment as well some of them are really quite heavy and they're generally stretching down towards salvador at the moment to the south of that there's more in the way of dry weather for us on saturday but on sunday i think we'll see a few more showers just begin to work through parts of argentina and just on the border there with chile as well as ari's will be at twenty three. eternity. sick of us military occupation. head to my prison my freedom my heartbeat my life by languages my occupation since thought of insanity of the old school of the horrors of novel can have moved. to roost and
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there are rock and a hard to please coming soon. fourteen bit dime of change and discovering. that love is not for me. to forge an identity by tiny bit. piece me i'm confused i don't know nineteen ninety nine south africa revisits the children of about died seven years on as they grow and develop with their country. fourteen south africa part one on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on the al-jazeera news hour the malo report into russian interference and it's one sixteen u.s. election has now been completed and the reports of the main conclusions could be made public as soon as this weekend's president trump has repeatedly denied any collusion between his campaign and. the white house as i saw has been one hundred percent eliminated from syria and u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say there are still heavy fighting in the last pocket of isilon. and diseases like cholera and malaria are emerging as the new threats survivors and storm ravaged parts of southern africa aid agencies say huge numbers of people need help especially in mozambique and zimbabwe. eight south american leaders have created a new regional bloc they hope will solve their biggest problems such as the power struggle going on in venezuela it will be called but already there are questions about how effective it will be reports from chile as capital santiago.
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south american leaders were in santiago to lay the groundwork for a new regional bloc to replace the fifteen year old. it was the brainchild of two left of center leaders in the region at the time the late. and brazil's. but now the political pendulum has swung in the other direction. it's been more than five years since the presidents of south america got together to present problems. of the. but membership in the new. would be conditional those in the group must pledge to respect democratic institutions human rights and the separation of powers . not invited. in the short term many see this forum as yet another mechanism to pressure and force him out. and wouldn't sign the final declaration while brazil's president. says the new forum
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will prevent more of an israel is from emerging in the region. objective here because this is what will happen. president peña that went further saying days are numbered. responded angrily an insolent servant of u.s. interests but even many critics are happy with this initiative not to be ideological but which clearly represent conservative way in regional politics in fact a group of former chilean foreign ministers and diplomats have sounded the alarm saying that. threat to multilateralism and pluralism in the region. instead of building an organization that. appears to be the disposed of the new right wing. that he's taking hold of this region. but perhaps
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the biggest problem with the ambitious for him is that it could be a short lived as its predecessor if the political pendulum in the region shifts yet again. well it's now been two months since the venezuelan opposition leader cleared himself to be the interim president in a sense gain support from some powerful allies abroad but because maduro does remain in office with the military support and the crisis has reached a stalemate so let's speak to eric foreigns worthies the vice president of the council the americas joining us from washington thanks for speaking to us so just two months on assess the situation for us in venezuela where do you see it going. well as you say it is somewhat of a stalemate nicolas maduro remains in the mirror flora's palace and he continues to have the support it seems of the military and the security forces whereas interim president. who is president according to venezuela's own constitution is back in
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this way with the support of much of the international community but he doesn't have power so it does seem to be a bit of a stalemate that's absolutely and for the united states obviously they've recognized as the interim president escalated sanctions on venezuela most recently slapping sanctions on the banking sector this happening just on friday how much further do you think the u.s. is going to go and is there a sense that the u.s. now is running out of options. well i think these are important questions the reason why the u.s. took this action to sanction venezuela's banking sector is because nicolas maduro kidnapped essentially the chief of staff to wide though despite the very direct warnings from the united states and other countries in latin america that he not do that that he not take actions against y. dorg why does family or in their circle disregarded that in the united states is now applied these sanctions which are designed really to try to further isolate in
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israel and take that as well as financial system out of the international financial orbit we'll see if indeed that successful but are there additional sanctions yes there are additional things that can continue to be done i don't know if the united states is running out of options so much as i think they're going to wait and see now what are the what is the impact of this. new sanctions just recently announced and you also have to remember as well that the energy sanctions which were placed on this well up just a few short weeks ago are only now beginning to really have a really impact so these things do take a little bit of time to be fully effective and implemented and then they'll evaluate and so you know when you speak of the impacts i mean what impact do you think they're actually having because when you listen to the u.n. human rights commissioner for example michel besso they say is warning that the u.s. sanctions have exacerbated the crisis and also the former u.n. special a roberts who are saying that the economic warfare in sanctions led by the united states government have devastated venezuela and it's hurting the civilian
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population so what is the impact of the u.s. sanctions. yeah i think you know there are some people who say that but clearly they're really canonical in this well and they're not going to people these are people in the united nations that i've been to that as well and they're not some people well but. you know but if you listen to what they say the economic war on the whale has been conducted by madeira the economic economy of venezuela has been reduced by fifty percent in the time that some of those been in office that's well before any u.s. sanctions and the sanctions to this point have been on individuals in venezuela not against the venezuelan economy so to say that the u.s. is somehow destroying that as well as economy puts the cart before the horse is simply not true having said that the steps that were taken just very recently do have a broader impact and yes unfortunately there will likely be an impact on the venezuelan people those who have not already fled because of the circumstances are so bad i think that that is one of the reasons why the united states took so long to
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actually put these sanctions on because they're very mindful of not destroying or not making worse the lives of than the foil and people i think that's something they're very concerned about to be honest and they're trying to mitigate as well as possible all right eric farnsworth we thank you for joining us from washington thank you now there is growing criticism of donald trump's announcement that the u.s. should recognize the occupied golan heights as part of israel russia's foreign ministry says any such change would violate u.n. agreements turkey egypt iran and syria have also spoken out against it now israel captured the golan heights from syria during the one nine hundred sixty seven war around twenty thousand israelis live there as well as twenty thousand syrians who are mostly part of the drew sects we reaffirm the united states states administration has no right or mandate to decide the fate of the occupied seat i'm going on and that i need a commission or any action that involves. violation of the seating out of the
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public sovereignty. is in fact an act of aggression. preservation and illegal act and i think to comply with the united states. as a permanent member of the security council but also as the host country of the united nations. stephanie decker has more from the golan heights all the international attention here in the israeli occupied golan heights it is all in the language the international community recognize that this is occupied syrian territory while u.s. president donald trump now indicating that the united states will be officially and this is what we expect next week when the israeli prime minister will be traveling to the united states also meeting with president trump will be officially recognizing this area as israeli territory so you've had
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a lot of reaction throughout the day from the european union from the french and the germans from turkey saying that this was going to bring the region to a new bring from iran from russia and also of course from syria saying that they are going to use all means necessary to take it back but really the bigger picture is this this is a very public endorsement from the u.s. president of the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at a time a crucial time a very much hotly contested election coming up in early april sorry throwing his weight behind netanyahu when it comes to the internal israeli politics some people actually said it's almost almost amounts to election meddling by the united states whatever happens it is certainly seen as a huge political victory for benjamin netanyahu he's been fighting for this for years and it seems that now his wish of having the americans recognize this area as israeli is coming true. well thousands of people have been jailed by yemen's
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warring sides they agree during talks in sweden last december to exchange prisoners but so far that hasn't happened. reports. some years daily chores include cutting off plastic into smaller pieces waste is used as cooking fuel in their tent his mom is preparing the only meal they can afford from flour to make bread this story of hunger and desperation is repeated across refugee camps in yemen samir is husband was detained by hutu rebels in one day the children were at risk of being recruited as soldiers so she says the escape to the city of mara. but the who thiis first denied having my husband after months his mother was allowed to see him she saw him just once he had bruises and at the top. i called on human rights organizations to have my husband and of the detainees released without conditions. human rights watch says parties to the
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conflict have worsened that world's largest humanitarian catastrophe the group blames all sides including hooty forces the yemeni government and the united arab emirates. one that's all it was abducted in twenty sixteen by pro-government militias backed by the u.a.e. his mother received this photo recently she wants answers from the government and its allies. i asked everyone to return the body of my son for me to bury him they couldn't just throw away his body they have taken him from the streets and they have to return him back to me i have been looking for him for three years his wife children mother and brothers want to see him why are they behaving like this. every few weeks mothers and wives of the missing gathered to protest thousands of yemenis have been detained without cause many are abused and others are forcibly disappeared without a trace amnesty international says some of these violations. amount to war crimes
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last december in sweden all sides agreed in principle to swap prisoners but the process has been stalled for months there were a number of talks that took place after stockholm and be as many families are still waiting for the parties to finalize the lists we welcomed the agreement between the yemeni parties on the release towns from the get back to the complicated. it's been four years since the saudi m.r.i. of the coalition began its war against who tease on the samir doesn't expect an end anytime soon all she wants is for her husband to be released some of the job aid is there. the european council president donald tusk says anything is still possible on brecht after e.u. leaders effectively took control of the time table so during a summit on thursday they set two deadlines for britain to depart the bloc rex it will happen on may the twenty second if the prime minister can convince parliament
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to approve or withdrawal deal that they've rejected twice already if it's voted down again it's a reason they will be given until april the twelve to either leave with no deal or possibly council breck's it all together and the french president and i knew in my cause as brooke said is proving to be a political lesson that has made reports from brussels. tourism a did not get her way here in brussels either she came asking for an extension to article fifty until the end of june well the e.u. leaders said no that cannot be you can have at the most until may twenty second just ahead of the european elections but only on condition you get a yes vote in the house of commons next week now if you get a no vote that much shorter it's only until april twelfth at that point do you k. we'll have to decide which way it want to go forward now donald tusk today again said that really at this point here in brussels everything has been done and the
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ball is now in the court of the u.k. the fate of. so far over to strengthen. you. for the worst. but told for the first. it took to e.u. leaders more than eight hours of discussions behind closed doors and sometimes without to reason may true reach some sort of consensus but they were divisions some countries like france belgium and spain wanted a harder approach whereas germany for example wanted to keep in the words of german chancellor anger american an open mind until the end now no deal is still not off the.


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