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and the ferry operators they were accused of mismanagement and neglect but i was an eyewitness unfortunately they're using old ferries that lack safety equipment to that they exceeded the maximum weight a search operation is under way the floodgates of the mosul dam have been lowered to assist emergency workers the iraqi civil defense says one body has been recovered twenty kilometers downstream from where the boat capsized dozens of families have gathered at the morgue desperate for information about their loved ones so far the iraqi authorities have not said how many people are missing natasha going to name al-jazeera baghdad. algerians have been out in huge numbers for a fifth straight friday calling not only for the president to go but for the rest of the government to go to they rallied in the capital algeria is and in cities and towns elsewhere as more of the president's allies abandoned him one hundred ten jhoom reports. for the fifth friday in
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a row demonstrators across algeria forward into the streets gray skies did not cloud their enthusiasm rain could not dampen their passion appropriate to the occasion this man carried an umbrella designed in the colors of his country's flag . we're coming from all over the country we're all one united under the umbrella of one nation we will keep protesting in the sun in the rain until we get what we want it's been almost a month since demonstrators led by the young began demanding president i.z.'s beautifully withdraw from running for a fifth term in office the eighty two year old leader reversed his decision to stand for reelection but he also postponed polls that were due in april until he said political reforms could be implemented he remains the nominal head of the transition process which hasn't just further angered the protesters it's also deepened their resolve. to get it no matter how harsh the winter and rain will be
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no matter how bad the weather will be the regime is hotshot we will keep on protesting on thursday even judges joined the demonstrations this sit in outside a local court in the capital was meant to show solidarity with more than one thousand other judges who had earlier refused to oversee the upcoming election if president with a was a candidate another big setback for beautifully who also appears to have been deserted by his own party. analysts believe friday's protests are among the largest demonstrations ever seen in algeria think it would do the city bus with up and last week and it basically didn't the president we. hope will got the momentum until you and your government would leave for all of them the army chief says the public has expressed what he calls noble aims during the demonstrations analysts believe those words to be the strongest signal yet that the military may be
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distancing itself from within and the political elite who support him if so that would be a problem for a president who's been in power for twenty years and a huge support for the hundreds of thousands of protesters who want to ensure the remnants of beautifully because government are gone for good mohammed and. so ahead on al-jazeera why new study is describing the opioid epidemic in the u.s. as the third way. and i bet a cloud is still snaking its way across the us in the middle east you can see it on the satellite picture making its way across the arabian peninsula and then into parts of iran and then winding itself up through parts of afghanistan it is giving a few outbreaks of heavier rains at times and it's gradually working its way
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eastwards there as we head through the day old sun today behind it there's a bit of a break but not for long because this ragtag area of cloud is going to pull itself together so on sunday we're going to see more in the way of wet weather and a fair amount of snow as well so watch out for the winter weather in the eastern parts of turkey that system also stretches further south as well i have a pulse of iran and would she wait for an hour as we had three such today looks like the cloud will be mostly here i have a parts of the u.a.e. through parts of oman and here in doha but then that gradually retreats as we head through the day on sunday and you because the next system is working its way towards us i generally hear things looking a little bit unsettled at the moment down towards the southern parts of africa and there's yet more rain hit particularly over parts of mozambique that's not good news obviously we have the widespread flooding here and it looks like the shots will continue over the next few days also showers for say for parts of madagascar some of those are looking pretty lively but towards the west it's dry
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a brighter twenty six should be a maximum you can't. sponsor a town and. she was the spokeswoman for the students who took over the u.s. embassy in tehran in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine forty years on she's still a son believe in the principle she fought for. was sue me and he really and vice president for women and family affairs talks to al jazeera.
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you're watching out of syria time to recap our headlines now the mother reports into russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election has been completed there are reports the main conclusions could be made public as soon as this weekend. diseases like cholera and malaria are emerging as the new threat to survivors storm ravaged parts of southern africa aid agencies say huge number of people need help especially in mozambique in zimbabwe. protesters now jury and have been out in force again for a fifth friday calling president of the lizzie's beautifully the entire establishment step down a rabbit in the capital algiers as well as in smaller cities across the country. india has banned a prominent pro independence group in india and administered kashmir as part of a crackdown on dissent in the region the government accuses the general kashmir liberation front of raising money from groups it was previously banned in one nine
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hundred ninety but was allowed to operate again after it lay down arms and turned to politics money for an attack by another group killed more than forty indian troops and raised tensions with neighboring pakistan. millions of people across pakistan are all commemorating pakistan day the annual event marks the nine hundred forty resolution that led to the country's creation islamabad is using this year's parade to show its military strength it comes at a time of escalating tensions with india malaysia's prime minister mahathir mohamad is the guest of. joins us now live from islamabad so i understand come all the leaders of india and pakistan have exchanged some positive messages on this day where is that going well indeed there were there tweets from the indian prime minister there in their modi regulating and greeting the
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people of august on commemorating the. pakistan day and he said it's time that the people of the. two words be brought credit and progress free from and fair of any prime minister or treating bag ready coming the indian prime minister's greeting and saying that it was time to discuss all outstanding issues including the issue of made by did it important you mentioned that particular parade really have from several country that. there. would be flying f. sixteen chinese have brought in they can fight to. sit in long paratroop the defense minister of by john and as you mentioned the malaysian prime minister matti mohamad at the guest of honor all right and understand it's going to be
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a bit of a show strength in the parade tell us what to expect. we would be of course seeing the august on air force with its fight to jade's seventeen malaysia of course has shown interest in dad get on really all it should be displaying its conventional and non-conventional capability on display believe stick misses as you read it and all the new face systems so it will indeed be a trend and a show of force by the pakistani military and also to show that bug it on its capability of looking often its defense requirements indigenously so indeed. forward then perhaps we may see even some new weapon systems on display today. good stuff and thanks so much. two category four sign clones are heading towards australia as northern and western coasts coastal areas are being
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warned about heavy rain and damaging winds rob ryan has the latest from port hedland this is being described as a massive where the revenge for which people on this part of the western australia coast have been preparing now for days stocking up on essentials and in the process emptying some supermarket shelves also sandbagging their homes and some people in low lying areas of places like here port hedland being told to evacuate their homes because of the expected to flooding both from the tidal surges were char expected to inundate lower areas but also from the huge amount of rain that is coming with this storm it's expected several hundred millimeters of rain is likely to fall that is almost a year's worth of rain from this one event and this is only one site clone that australia is currently facing a second cycle on cycle over trevor he's currently battering the coast of northern
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territory after cutting through northern queensland an unprecedented number of people have been evacuated ahead of that storm's arrival it is very rare that australia as it is now facing two massive psych loans what makes cycling veronica potentially so dangerous is the fact that it's so slow moving for days now it's been out off the coast hardly moving at all but all the time being fed by the warm oceans underneath it gaining in size and strength so that as it now comes the sure it's potentially a monster of a storm. students in new zealand of led what they've called a march for love eight days after fifty people were killed in a shooting spree at two mosques it's the latest solidarity event in the wake of the attacks blamed on white supremacists under thomas is in christ church. unlike other
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events like of the last seven days this is not about mourning the dead but rather celebrating the dog versity of christchurch and new zealand as a response and reaction to the events of last friday this is being organized by. your students at high school why did you feel this was an infant i just think it seemed to be really strong the surge from the view there is really one that can make a change a bit in terms of dimensions the next generation won't be tolerating it in the future it will yeah and i think it's really showing the world in africa and thanks and i will this probably three or four thousand people who walking through the streets of central christchurch for this event can see them all wearing bright colors they've been encouraged to that and smile at each other some people and you can hear them singing. this march started in the part of the sycamores where the first attack happened on friday typically they've looped around class the wall of
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flowers that people are still leaving leave in a week on and then walking back towards the park with all the speeches and all sorts. european council president says anything is still possible with briggs's after the e.u. leaders effectively took control of a time table during a summit on thursday they set to the lines for britain to depart the walk. back in two thousand and sixteen britain's second largest city voted to leave. being divided ever since there's one thing people in birmingham do agree on though their disappointment with how the whole thing has been handled. to gauge opinions. and. this is the sound of britain's political crisis a shot on the tube with david cameron lyrics that speak of a nation that olds with itself is by ninety's popstar patchy indian who now coaches
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new artists on how to confront politics and on when i say breakthrough what does it make you think it makes me think everything that is wrong. is not put it this way when you first had the votes did anyone know what they were voting about really is now we get into the nuts and bolts of it or maybe should've got to this point first before we had that vote if you like so i think a lot of it was the blind leading the blind is a view shared by many britons second city birmingham merrily voted to leave the e.u. more than two years on the city still divided over breaks it we spent all this time and. that's why i think. we need a new prime minister just say that. it's all mom think it's for the best. this impeach we're spending so much and customers of birmingham's oldest indian supermarket are also
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reevaluating their choices more than twenty percent of the city have south asian ancestry owner jatin to dillon voted to remain but the city's south asian community chose overwhelmingly to leave citing the arrival of cheap labor from the fringes of the e.u. as the main reason i think it was affectively to do with immigration i think they felt that immigration in this area. get out of control my dad came. there working twelve fifteen hours twenty four hours just to make ends meet here but now it's the i think it's different i think people coming. in it seems like the perception i'm getting from people is that it's easier. to remain in plays outside a popular pakistani restaurant. turned up the heat a multicultural britain for many members of the bigger south and community breaks
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it is seen as a positive opportunity after spending many of you trying to carve out a place for themselves in this country conservative. chance to save work for the new waves of immigration yes. but as the possible impact of brecht's it on everything from food prices to freedom of movement becomes known many people now want to chance to change their minds second vote delayed departure whatever the next move could bring communities together or pull them further apart. birmingham. the us opioid epidemic is moving into an even more deadly third wave that's according to researchers who've been tracking a crisis blamed on the overprescription of paying killers john hendren reports from chicago. it is one of the biggest seizures of an opioid drug in u.s. history in the hidden compartment of
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a truck nebraska state police found fifty three and a half kilograms of fentanyl worth twenty million dollars on american streets according to the u.s. drug enforcement agency that is potentially enough to kill twenty six million people you take that much fat all off the street you are saving lives and that's what our nebraska state troopers are doing driver felipe gin iommi naya and passenger nelson union were arrested for drug possession with intent to distribute . the opioid epidemic in the u.s. has left police and medical services struggling to cope with the sheer number of overdoses and deaths it's a time bomb it's a prescription for disaster it totally has the potential to kill them if they're not expecting that the u.s. centers for disease control found that most of the drug overdoses in the u.s. are due to fenton a drug thirty to fifty times as powerful as heroin. opioids kill one hundred fifteen americans every day this police video shows a man near death in skokie illinois revived by the drug nor can which many police
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in the country now carry a few signs grains of fentanyl are enough to kill most people when they do overdose the lucky ones end up at places like stroger hospital in chicago but many don't make it at all in terms of the sheer volume it's really the biggest we've had that the rate of rise of fatalities in cook county has just stepped up up. in twenty fifteen we had about six hundred sixty five fatalities the next year we had eleven hundred and for the past year we're collecting the statistics on it looks like it'll be at least at that level maybe able to hire us police say the strength of fentanyl they're recovering from black market drug dealers are powerful than ever meaning its victims could in time be counted in the millions john hendren al-jazeera chicago.
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let's recap the headlines here now to syria now the mother of falls into russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election has been completed it's been handed over to the attorney general holder's side on which to make public. political rivals the democrats demanding the details of the reports be released immediately. now that special counsel moller has submitted his report to the attorney general it's imperative for mr barr to make the full report public and provide its underlying documentation and findings to congress attorney general before must not give president trump his lawyers or his staff any sneak preview of special counsel mahler's findings or evidence and the white house must not be allowed to interfere in decisions about what parts of those findings or evidence should be made public diseases like
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cholera and malaria are emerging as the new threat to survivors in storm ravaged parts of southern africa aid agencies say a huge number of people need help especially in mozambique and zimbabwe protesters in algeria have been out in force again for a fifth friday calling for residents of the lizzie's beautifully on the entire establishment to step down they rallied in the capital algiers as well as in smaller cities across the country india has banned the pro independence group an indian administered kashmir as part of a crackdown on dissent in the region the government accuses the general kashmir liberation front of raising money for armed groups it was previously branded nine hundred ninety eight but was allowed to operate together after it laid down arms and politics millions of people across pakistan are commemorating pakistan day the annual event marks the nine hundred forty resolution that led to the
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country's creation islamabad is using this year's parade to show its military strength as tensions are escalating with india its talk to al jazeera now stay with us. it's a problem for your child that you're going to have a question mark over it but he does have a corruption question mark over him joining me mad from my guests from around the world and we debate the week's top stories i think the issues here want to. see. eye to eye. on nov nineteen seventy nine a group of iranian students take over the u.s. embassy they were part of the revolution that overthrew the shah and replaced his government with an islamic republic just months earlier fifty two american diplomats and citizens were held hostage for four hundred forty four days in what became the longest hostage crisis in modern history. as the spokesman for the
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students at the car was a prominent figure at the time they demanded the us government deport the shah back to iran to stand trial. the hostages were released in january one thousand nine hundred one and the crisis was over. but nothing of the car's career after years in akademi she became iran's third female member of the cabinet in its history when she was appointed head of the department of environment during former president mohammad khatami is government everything is very shaky. the military is at the car has also served the city councilwoman in august two thousand and seventeen president rouhani appointed her vice president for women and family affairs forty years after the iranian revolution and to cover it means a strong believer of the principles she fought for but what does she hope for the future the iranian vice president for women and family affairs must be at the car
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talks to. my son my current iranian vice president for women and family affairs thank you for talking to. twenty years ago you were the first female cabinet minister. since the nine hundred seventy nine revolution forty years ago you were the spokes person for the hostage takers at the u.s. embassy how did you see your role back then the summer of one hundred by him this moment revolution in iran was a major social political economic upheaval it was a call for freedom and independence and establishment of an islamic democracy in iran in terms of independence well probably you and your viewers knew that no that he ran in the past was under foreign subjugation after a american staged coup d'etat in.
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nineteen fifty three. practically iran was under american domination and the shaw took orders directly from washington from. outside of iran so this was a major issue during the revolution it was a major issue for iranians iranians felt humiliated at the hands of. american. infiltrators who tried to change the course of iran's economy runs politics so the issue of independence was was a very very serious issue for students after the revolution students were students felt that they have to take action they felt that their voice was not heard in today's world they felt and they under they had evidence coming through through
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the news coming through the system and the system the islamic republic of that time is very young it's about seven or eight months all we still do not have a security apparent is we still do not have a parliament we do not have a constitution adopted we don't have a president we just have a revolution council and a provisional government so everything is very shaky students feel that they have to take things in their hands particularly after the shah is admitted to give us the students feel they understand they realize that something very serious is going to happen against their revolution once again and on that basis they decide to take over the american embassy with no arms with no force other than the slogans and moving ahead just to say just to deliver the message of the iranian people i
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was invited on their day to assist them for. particularly for translation both interviews into haitian but also translation with documents. and changes for two years later your political rivals many in the west see you as one this is the way they described it as one of the masterminds behind this incident no i wasn't one of the masterminds the students groups the stablished student groups who were very active during the revolution before the revolution and after the election they designed this i've written this book take over and i have all these memoirs there it's very clear this is a student group named themselves muslim students following the alignment of the mom because they didn't want to affiliate themselves with any political group do you have looking back at what happened in the hostage crisis do you have any regrets
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about being part of this incident i don't think any of the students have any regrets because they feel that it was a natural reaction any human being reacts to being subjugated to slavery i think slavery has different forms being subjugated foreign domination maybe the only concern the only criticism or regret that they had was that it took too long and that it could have been resolved quicker but it wasn't in the hands of the students but on behalf of the american government they had they were also. taking their time on this issue because they had their elections ahead and they were using they were politicizing it. for their own particular interests but when it is what motivated you to support the revolution what was the driving force you were young when i was young and i had a lot of questions because i understood i had lived in the and i think states and i
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understood the contrast between. the style of life in the us the values their values of freedom of independence which were very important for the american revolution but then on the other hand the fact that nations like iran were subjugated humiliated at the hands of american forces and that our wealth was looted iran was seen as an opportunity for. both the in supporting the interests the. geopolitical interests but also the economic interests of western powers. in villages we had practically no opportunity for you we had doctors coming from abroad to serve in iran we had. terrible conditions you're here describing the situation back in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine with many people with or you're describing the
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situation today you were a young person who has. dreams goals but there is also the use of iran who who also talk about freedom independence words you use time and time again when you respond to them that's true this is a this is an internal dialogue that we have with our young generation and it's very natural and this young generation they seize they see the developments the major achievements that we've had over all these years they are seeing the changes the changes that we're facing now in iranian society towards advancement toward the betterment of our conditions now a young. girl for boy in the villages they not only have access to primary and elementary education before the revolution about thirty eight percent of our girls they did not have access to elementary education it's now about three percent and that's even we think that that should reach zero because we have to
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invest for girls and we have to make. sure that no girl is left out of school and this is the policy of the government now and we're doing a lot of work to ensure that no girl is left out of school and the interesting thing is that now even foreign students young foreign children living in iran like. afghan children living in iran according to decree of the supreme leader they have access to primary free primary education in iran so things have changed a lot and our young generation they understand in spite of the economic or the sanctions that we're facing now again on behalf of the american government in spite of the propaganda war against iran and that's. that's that's something that's been going on for all these years but again now we can see that it's orchestrated
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against iran a propaganda war trying to smear the image of the islamic republic they're trying to show you distort with many iranian officials that this is because of external factors is there and we have internal challenges no we have internal challenges if if we have a growth in terms of education and this is really remarkable because it's both the grounds that the islamic revolution created the enthusiasm for young girls to come and attend school but also a sense of security for the traditional sector of the society because before they didn't feel. safe enough to send their children to school their girls to school but after lucian now they feel that it's safe and they're sending their girls are only a school but also to universities but we also understand that we have talent is we also have shortcomings like any other country. we also understand that we need to
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address some of the. issues that we're facing what is being done to address those issues the public's concerns for example as i mentioned in the issue of education the challenge that we have is that we have not addressed life skills properly in our education system this is something that we are focusing on specifically for example in the elementary or secondary stages with the college and university system we're working on upgrading the for example the communication skills among youth upgrading their skills to deal with for example their rights citizen rights upgrading their skills on like critical thought these are life skills which are very important for the young generation and they've been generally overlooked in the education system in the past there's no doubt the literacy rate
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is much higher there have been achievements but there seems to be a disconnect we we go to the streets and people tell us our children are grown they graduated but they can't find jobs unemployment it's a word you hear time and time again we want jobs what is the government doing you are now at a policymaker. part of those skills are also skills for enter printer ships kills for finding new jobs in different dimensions this is a very important area where the government is investing how it's going to take me how long can people cope with the situation it is quite dire economic situation i think that the people have learned how to increase their resilience in difficult times this nation has withstood a war in which the whole world was practically against iran tack to iran so they've learned to be patient to strengthen their internal capacities is what
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we're working supporting and to printer ship has been a strategy for us we've had. a nationwide project implemented to train young woman particularly women with college degrees to train them on into print a ship skills eighteen thousand billion tall mon's of loans given in the villages now and the interesting thing is forty two percent of those loans have been taken by woman and women are starting their businesses where you talk about improving their lives exactly ma'am particularly interesting point is that in iran handicrafts traditional handicrafts and arts they have both very high is that a value but also at the global ranking iran stands third and seventy five percent
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of them are produced by iranian woman and now more and more they're looking to this area as an area where they can find new both markets for them at the international level but also in like i t. in new areas of new technologies biotechnology are improving their lives but there is a sizeable minority who don't believe for example who want social change who don't believe in the mandatory headscarf for example what are your views towards these people have been quite vocal they protest women in particular their dress code is now it is followed by a majority of iranians they believe in the dress code but also as you mentioned a minority my also not believe in the dress code but it's now a social regulation it's a law and usually iranian women are abiding by this law because they will leave their part of the society and we have different social regulations but we also look
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to the fact that this is part of that. dialogue that we need that intra day in racial dialogue there is a disconnect between the leadership those in power and the use how are you going to bridge this gap this gap is going to be bridged through dialogue through more understanding we do you acknowledge the gap i don't i don't see that gap in all different time mentioned so i think that contrary to what is sometimes said our youth are. our young people they believe in the basic principles of the islamic revolution they've shown their support in the recent elections that we had just year and a half ago the young iranian population they took part in those elections and they decided they made a choice on what kind of government they like to see in iran that means that public
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participation youth participation. this connection that your connection exists but it has its ups and downs are you holding any dialogue with secular activists for example in this country we have a scheme called this intergenerational dialogue as i mentioned we're working starting from even the schools starting from the families we have a national family dialogue and it's emphasizing on communication skills on the fact that we have to be able to listen well we have to be able to tolerate each other we have to be able to. to to find common ground yes we found a lot of common ground both within families because the issue of the family is very important for you ron and it's both traditionally a cornerstone of human development but also now in these times in
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the digital age the family is. a very important and emerging issue in our respect with our social development iranian society like any other society in the world has a dynamic element to it it's natural it's natural for every society but we also believe that islam has that dynamism inherent within itself some people are resisting that dynamism some people they think that they have to only a year to the past they think that the values might be challenged but the reform that is underway in iran the. colossally of moderation looks to this dynamism as an opportunity can you can you elaborate on what reforms have been put in place we've had a very long list of laws that have been changed and reviewed and with form
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to the we can say to the benefit of the woman and the family after the revolution although we still have areas where we are now working both with the oil amount and with the lawyers with the legal system to present new bills for modification of the current for example the marital law we have a very important law now under way in the judiciary a final stages were pressing for its final adoption that is the law for protecting women in face of violence and domestic violence this is a very important law we recently adopted an important law for protection of children and adults since in the parliament this is very important so the important dimension is that we have this internal dialogue we have this dynamism within our society and we understand the challenges we are trying to do this into these voices
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that you mentioned so you do think you see you achieved what you set out to do since the days since the. hundred seventy nine i think that we have moved ahead we still have a long way to achieve those goals we still have a lot going back to the days of the hostage crisis that it was a turning point. in the united states on a collision course knowing the ramifications now and looking back would you do that again. first of all that was a decision at that time in the context of. the situation at that time at that time the student felt that this is the only way that they have to prevent prevent a repeat of history actually another coup d'etat in iran this is what the students understood at that time and today i think the interesting point is the twists and turns that we've had all these years iraq and entered an international
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accord. a nuclear deal including with the americans the iranian government negotiated with the american government was the other truce you supported and i will just result you said at the time it is a step for the future for peace not only in the region but our global level it's what you say now after trump called off the nuclear so we we did our share in terms of. negotiating with you. on the mutual interests for peace and security in the world and that was a very important step forward and i still think today that the american government should go back to that deal i think that it's important in terms of proliferation it's important to multilateralism i think it's important because those who who strive for peace and security in today's world they understand that. in
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a vision that's happening yes i mean i think that that could be happening i think the message coming in that the administration this hostile us administration from hostile policies in one way or the other he is saying we're not going to expect any progress until this. strange. we were saying the changes we're seeing developments and for example the recent congress i think that changes are coming and it's possible because the american people particularly the america. elite they were generally in favor of this deal they were in favor of coming to terms with the realities of the public of iran they understand that the islamic republic of iran is an emerging economic power in today's world we rank sixteen today in terms of economic power we rank very high in terms of scientific advancement we rank among the highest we're on the border of the
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highly human development indicators countries iran is now standing on the border in terms of human development indicators i think that they understand that iran is emerging as a reality that cannot be overlooked cannot be denied and so there is hope there is always hope for that change so you support iran staying in the studio i support the fact that we are moving. in the supreme leader has indicated that we have are the rational are our national potentials are great we have great national potentials our economy our human assets are great we have to emphasize we have we're coming to that national pride in terms of what we have but we also have to stand firmly we need to strengthen our
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brazilian base of these sanctions but we look forward to changes in how powerful how powerful are the voices that are in one way or another hinting that it is not in iran's benefit to staying in the steel it's not seeing any economic divide how powerful are those with those with most are also powerful in iran we have a spectrum of different political voices those voices they have their concerns and they feel that their concerns are legitimate because they see that. as you mentioned the americans have not stood with their promises they've broken their oath on the j c.p.o. a their constant threatening iran they're constantly threatening the region. they're again interfering in the affairs of the countries in this region they have several instances of intervention in terms of military intervention this is still going on they understand this we understand this but we have to come to
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a balance we have this internal dialogue within the country there is this long in the parliament debate on these different issues yes sometimes the more conservative. groups they are moving forward in terms of their concerns in the parliament particularly but we still have hope and we look forward and i think that. the government of dr rowhani has done much in terms of preventing this negative backlash against our economy on the sanctions the government has done a lot to create hope among the iranian society particularly the youth in terms of the cultural develop it will have a lot of hope and faith in president rouhani but how much room does he have to maneuver at this point in time he did lose a lot of support because of the united states would drawing from this nuclear deal
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the civil society feels that they have a lot of room to move ahead we're witnessing a surge in n.g.o.s in terms of for example women activists or for the in by the government's position concerning the relationship with europe we heard the supreme leader say i'm not saying don't have a relationship with them but do not trust them we're just a honey government stand i mean europe has been suffering from criticism as of late and i think the europeans understand very well. their dealings with iran are very important for them in both economic terms with security terms as well and they're looking forward to work with iran to support iran in face of these sanctions and i think that. the. government has moved along that line up to now as well the advances the developments that we've see. both in our
1:47 pm
relationships with european punch but also with our neighbors all indicate that iran is moving in the correct. by some way up to car iranian vice president for women and family affairs thank you for talking to us as you know thank you. in the next episode of troy's nick clegg joined to greenpeace crew on a voyage through the wooden seat to highlight the importance of protecting this fragile antarctic ecosystem against an expanding list of manmade threats beneath the surface of this magnificent desolation is just to be with live. music sold the lotus notes are on top tick sanctuary on al-jazeera television. the card was played. and.
1:48 pm
rattling could be a beautiful sight. it would lead them to our country. trump has vowed to keep migrants out of america people in power travels alongside those hoping to make it in. more can mesh use on al-jazeera. the american people have a right to the truth. donald trump's opponents demand every detail of special counsel robert muller's complete report into russian election meddling.
1:49 pm
i'm sam is a dan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up cholera malaria and other diseases and just a new threat to cite cloned survivors in southern africa. birds of thousands of algerians men tame their rage against the ailing president and ruling elite. south american leaders form a new regional club that doesn't have any hope of solving venezuela's crisis. it's an investigation that since now former close associates of donald trump and cast a shadow over his presidency now special counsel robert muller has submitted his report into russia's role in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election donald trump's denounced the whole thing as
1:50 pm
a witch hunt mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . it was in middle to noon that recently appointed attorney general william barr received special counsel robert miller's long awaited report. national council robert muller has submitted his long awaited report no more indictments coming from the special counsel and he said i waited two years for this is terrible around four thirty five pm white house lawyers were notified and about half an hour after that this letter was delivered to the judiciary committees of house and senate and official notification from william barr that the report was in his hands the attorney general added that he'd be consulting with his deputy as well as special counsel to determine what other information from the report can be released to congress and the public. but democratic party leaders insist the complete trip or
1:51 pm
should be made available to congress it's imperative for mr barr to make the full report public and provide its underlying documentation and findings to congress the mill investigation has already led to criminal charges being laid against more than thirty individuals at least six of them within trumps in a circle of one stage or another a senior justice official is being quoted as saying that the special counsel does not invision any further indictments but this does not mean an end to the matter there are a number of investigations into criminal activity around the two thousand and sixteen elections as well as into the question of whether president trump obstructed justice or suborned perjury in some cases these intersect the miller investigation and also at bunce it they are congressional investigations counterintelligence operations and a number of cases being investigated by federal prosecutors in new york and other
1:52 pm
parts of the country robert mueller may have completed his report but a number of other investigations are just getting underway mike hanna al-jazeera washington. let's look more closely at some of the thirty four people who've been indicted or pleaded guilty they include donald trump's former campaign chief paul man a fort he's been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison after two separate trials michael flynn trump's first national security advisor has admitted to making false statements to the f.b.i. the u.s. president's former lawyer michael cohen struck a plea deal admitting he lied to congress about efforts to build a trump tower in moscow and in january longtime trump advisor roger stone was indicted on seven counts stone is accused of lying to congress about his efforts to get in touch with wiki leaks during the campaign bruce fein is a constitutional lawyer and former u.s.
1:53 pm
associate deputy attorney general he says it's up to the democrats to continue to put pressure on trump over mother's findings. there's no doubt that the house judiciary committee can subpoena the support the house judiciary committee could subpoena the president it could subpoena mr maule or they have really limitless power when they are doing investigations relating to impeachment indeed one of the articles of impeachment against president nixon and which i was involved stated that his refusal to comply with the judiciary committee subpoena was itself an impeachable offense so i think this now puts the ball in the court of the house judiciary committee and then the democrats they will have to step up to the plate and take it political accountability for pushing this invasion investigation further it's or it's going to stop i think they're democrats are divided nancy pelosi the house speaker has impeachment she did the same in two thousand and six which i think emboldened some of the crimes of george w.
1:54 pm
bush and richard cheney saying impeachment is off the table because they're making political judgments rather than the judgment of whether or not the kind of conduct in the oval office is such that it creates a very great worry about it herons to the rule of law and discharging the administration of justice and writing confidence that the american people are being the the first concern of the president rather than private interests so i do think that there's a division but i believe that the reason why you have continuing support for trump is because all the evidence that has been compiled to date is largely been secret you know in so with american people like in watergate need to be brought along you have to have these witnesses on t.v. subject to cross-examination so all we who are really the ultimate sovereign in the united states get to decide. so we it's over weeks encyclopedia guy hits southern african countries including mozambique and zimbabwe desperation is growing among
1:55 pm
the survivors an estimated one point seven million people are affected many of whom need food water and shelter for me the mirror of course from mozambique where one fisherman is doing all he can to help. this is a domicile immense fourth trip to boozy in two days the fisherman is using his boat to risk you as many people as he can who are stranded in the flood hit area after cyclonic die struck mozambique. water now reaches as high as eleven meters that was a bit disappointed when i first saw a woman with babies on their backs crying for help saying they're dying i knew i had to do something what i saw there was a catastrophe it reminded me of two thousand and eight when another disaster struck . on the boat is a mother desperate to save her child she's come from the capital she last received word from her daughter days ago but there's been nothing since do you think you're
1:56 pm
here as. i say yes as a mother i had to make this bold decision even though the rest of my family was against me coming here nobody thought i could survive this by i have to save my daughter and my grandchild it's at a point that any area is vast flooding stretches for one hundred twenty five kilometers. hours later and from the dark a faint whistle in the distance alerts us to people calling for help as soon as the boat reaches them they pleads to get on they say they are exhausted have not slept for days women children and the elderly are brought on board first hungry and thirsty it hasn't taken much time to fill the boat about two hundred people have been rescued and more want to get on but they simply know space. among those who have found a place on the boat is a dire her daughter and grandchild that had to leave her son in law behind he's a doctor and says there are too many people who need his help in boozy on the boat
1:57 pm
they do what they can to help the injured finally they reach para some of these people will return to their families others have nowhere to go adama says he'll return the next day to the water that's taken so many lives from either men or al-jazeera para muslim peak. malcolm webb has been to a village in central mozambique where survivors are waiting for. this community is in desperate need of help but half an hour's walk from here is a river and all of the ground between there and here is completely flat and it's completely flat very far beyond this shortly after the cyclon hit mozambique this area was affected by lethal flash flooding the water was coming in so fast the people couldn't run if they tried to run they'd be swept away before they could reach higher ground so these are the survivors. the lucky ones spend three or four days standing kneedeep in water others who are out of there that had to climb trees
1:58 pm
to survive. i'm going to do two new details may matter in the go to team. people descending disc and b. . help me help me all all people know on. that team and instead did the afraid he said teddy sandy. coming out. but it did and then a people is in there. and i know people come in monday at least ten people died in this village many of them small children who weren't strong enough to withstand the strong currents of the flowing water and now that the water levels receded people are beginning to find the bodies of their loved ones trapped in trees or another deborah meanwhile the survivors desperately need food homes were destroyed crops
1:59 pm
were destroyed finally some food has arrived from the national disaster agency it's not nearly enough to go around and the government says it doesn't have nearly enough resources to feed the people who are in need like this all over central mozambique. algerians have been out in huge numbers for a fifth straight five day calling not her only for the president to go but the rest of the government too they rallied in the capital algiers and in cities and towns elsewhere more of the president's allies are abandoning him june reports. for the fifth friday in a row demonstrators across algeria word into the streets gray skies did not cloud their enthusiasm rain could not dampen their passion appropriate to the occasion this man carried an umbrella designed in the colors of his country's flag. we're coming from all over the country we're all one united under the umbrella of one
2:00 pm
nation we will keep protesting in the sun in the rain until we get what we want it's been almost a month since demonstrators led by the young began demanding president as he's beautifully about withdraw from running for a fifth term in office. the eighty two year old leader reversed his decision to stand for re-election but he also postponed polls that were due in april until he said political reforms could be implemented he remains the nominal head of the transition process which hasn't just further angered the protesters it's also deepened their resolve. to get it no matter how harsh the winter and rain will be no matter how bad the weather will be the regime is hotshot we will keep on protesting on thursday even judges joined the demonstrations this sit in outside a local court in the capital was meant to show solidarity with more than one thousand other judges who had earlier refused to oversee the upcoming election if
2:01 pm
president with the flicka was a candidate another big setback for beautifully who also appears to have been deserted by his own party. analysts believe friday's.


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