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tv   Walk In Their Shoes  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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shell's uneasy after shocks were torched and lit it's a week ago david chaytor reports soldiers will be deployed to guard public buildings in the french capital as the yellow vests prepare to take to the streets for the nineteenth time this weekend they're being diverted from their normal operations sentinel anti terror patrols to free up police resources but the decision has attracted fierce criticism the army not being used in the context of social protestants nine hundred forty seven and and the strong symbol of putting the army back in the street for this purpose and or the question but it traces the risk potentially of a risk. this is archived film of the clashes seventy two years ago five striking miners were killed. in the occupied mine. last weekend in paris millions of years of damage was caused by writers on the seans elisei this time police are being equipped with a new high tech weapons to help them cope with so-called ultra radicals intent on
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violence. that is the last saturday on the show's elise's there were no demonstrators there were only haters people who came to smash and destroy. the shah's elisei is one of three areas in paris now designated as a no go zone for yellow vest demonstrations although president macron said the protests are protected by the constitution what happened here last saturday was done by a horde of hooligans. the latest poll shows seventy percent of the public in france are disturbed by how far the movement has moved away from its original roots the cost of the damage has been estimated at more than two hundred million dollars but the real long term cost is to the image and spirit of france itself david chaytor al-jazeera paris. india has bands of prominence pro independence group in indian
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administered kashmir as part of a crack in the sense in the region the government accuses the general kashmir liberation front of raising money for on groups that was previously bands in one thousand nine hundred ninety but was allowed to operate again accurately then arms and turned to politics last month an attack by another group killed more than forty indian troops and raised tensions with neighboring pakistan. pakistan has been showing off its military myself part of its national day celebrations india's prime minister narendra modi's sent his best wishes of his son's prime minister imran khan tweeted his reply saying he believes it is time for the two countries to hold serious talks tensions between india and pakistan remain high fall in the killing of indian soldiers in the disputed kashmir region and the shooting down of warplanes has more from islamabad. to commemorate pakistan day
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parade head in the city of islamabad and of course the malaysian prime minister mahathir mohamad who are going to the day relate to pakistan is the chief guest at the ceremony the pakistani air force displayed its fight to egg cross ritual followed by an aerobatic display by chinese jade and have been flown in from china to take part and up august on the day celebrations also have sixteen pilots from showing all the days by guest on also showing an area of weapons including indigenously cruise missiles ballistic missile and men back to gangs. portrayed were those stored. by several dignitaries and it is interesting to note that contingent of the. defense forces. along guns and even from. the jump just above the parade when you had already said
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they did want to create an ad for peace in the region but that it should not be construed as a sign of weakness deposits on the president saying that on the occasion and at the same time the pakistani prime minister appreciating india's prime minister. narendra modi's tweet in which he greeted pakistan so indeed strained but also to commemorate an important day which laid the foundations for a separate muslim state and the subcontinent. and exhibits all thirty five red dresses in a u.s. museum is highlighting crimes against nice american women they are ten times more likely to be murdered than the u.s. national average just like the new exhibit smithsonian events more women from going missing. my name is jamie black and i am the artist behind the red
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dress projects and it's an installation art project for a missing and murdered indigenous them and girls but i really wanted to bring forth and bring forwards and create a space for indigenous women's voices through doing this work and really breaking the silence around the violence women are experiencing but also creating a space to talk about our power and and the ways we want to move forward as as communities read us a really powerful and spiritual and ceremonial color for many cultures across the world to me it's the color of life blood and so it's really about our power and our sacredness as women but it's also you know it also leads to the violence that women are experiencing in the spilling of the sacred blood since the onset of colonization in indigenous communities and settlers have had a fraught and violent relationship. really based on a theory sure of indigenous places and so i think that you know indigenous women
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have always been the center of community and culture and they're in direct opposition to this this colonial encroachment and i really make it make the link between violence against indigenous women and indigenous women standing up to maintain culture and community in the face of colonisation. i think the power of art is really it speaks to people's hearts and i think that people you know when they when they walk by these dresses they feel a presence next to them and they can't erase that feeling and that connection and it really opens up a space for us to educate and talk to people about what's going on if they don't know but it also offers a space of mourning and a space to for families to come and connect to their loved ones and see that we are supporting you know them. so it's come in sports just six weeks after being released from prison a former bahraini footballer. exist return to the pitch or what's more in sports.
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democratically elected president ousted and held incommunicado since two thousand and thirteen events shrouded in secrecy so power change hands as the military seize control from its commander in chief. for the first time al-jazeera reveals exclusively what happened behind closed doors directly from those who witnessed it first hand morsy the final hours. on al-jazeera. eternity. so could this military occupation. my prison my freedom my heart be my life by languages my occupation so the thought
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of even some of those a little each one of. jerusalem a rock and a hard to please coming soon. if i may for this war and here's leo thank you hala we'll start with an eventful night in spain where lana messi is argentina suffered a shock defeat to venezuela but then venezuela's coach threatened to quit claiming the team was being used politically messy had missed six internationals after going into self-imposed exile when argentina were knocked out of the world cup but he may have regretted his comeback as venezuela won this friendly three one and messi
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finished up with an injured groin. venezuela's coach threatened to resign after this visit from an official representing opposition leader. before friday's game in madrid the country is in the midst of a power struggle between go and the president nicolas maduro rafael was unhappy about his team being used as a political football. when we said. i spoke to the vice president after the game and i've left my position at the disposal i've done it because i've noticed that during oldish time we have been swimming in the water because we have very politicised world champions france got their euro two thousand and twenty qualifying underway in style they beat moldova four one well chris jenner and all those portugal were held at home by ukraine england were also in good form dispatching the czech republic five nil raheem sterling got a hat trick it's been almost six weeks since former beheading
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the footballer hacked e-mail that a.b. was released from prison in thailand but he's just made a successful return to the pitch was on as a substitute for his australian team pascoe vale in their two nil win over south melbourne in a regional week match he was arrested in november in thailand while on honeymoon threatened with extradition to the haying despite having refugee status in australia since then though a lot has been given australian citizenship. seen in australia cricketers there beat pakistan in their first one day international in the u.a.e. chasing to eighty one to win australian captain aaron french scored a century and charge john marshall also finished up with an unbeaten ninety one australia beat pakistan by eight wickets with an over to spare. there were a string of great matches in the second round at the miami open novak djokovic is off and running and his attempt to win a record seventh title there the world number one beat bernard tomic in straight
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sets on friday it's the sixth time he's beaten the australian in his many meetings . but it wasn't a good day for indian wells champion dominic team at the third seed was knocked out by hubert or catch six four six four this was a first top five win for the four. but it was a better day out for japan's naomi osaka the world number one was up against belgium's you know what mary she won the opening set six love but osaka lost the second in the tiebreaker twenty one year old bounced back to clinch the deciding set six one and progressed to around three. defending champion sloane stephens dominated tunisia's on jobbers six two six three although stevens did not have a single case of a match she was able to break jabber in five games. and sweden's rebecca peterson eight time miami open champion serina williams to work the fourteen time grand slam
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champion lost the second set six one but overcame the dip in form to choose to close out the match rather recently. and be. back for the milwaukee bucks after missing two games for an ankle injury the team took on the miami heat and were up in the first quarter largely because of on to eleven points in the second quarter it was down thirty in his ankle again but he returned shortly afterwards he then scored twenty seven point. in twenty eight minutes taking his team to win with one six hundred eighty seven. the brooklyn nets eliminated the los angeles lakers from playoff contention with a one eleven one zero six victory l.a. will miss the playoffs for a franchise record six straight season despite the arrival of le bron james who fell short of his eighty first career triple double. williamson is tipped to be the number one n.b.a. draft pick this summer and he's the biggest star in college basketball right now
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for obvious reasons the six foot seven freshman made his debut in tournaments for duke racking up twenty five points as they thrashed north dakota state he is so exciting that the tournaments broadcasters have a desire on cam trained soley on him for whatever he plays williamson made headlines earlier this year when he injured his knee after a nike shoe exploded during a game. defending champion paul casey is in a share of the lead at the halfway stage of the valspar championship the british hold a huge eagle putt on the fifth hole which helped him to a five under par round of sixty six he's alongside american austin. gymnast are vying for gold at the gymnastics world cup here in doha qatar but it didn't go well for australia's christopher wren cast's who fell on his tumbling pass on the floor he had to stop competing interests medical treatment israel's alexander shuttle of took gold in the event for the women america's jade kerry won
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the vault title. but for now back to hala thanks very much leah and that about wraps it up for this edition of news or do you stay with us here in algeria now fears up next. a chance for a reunion after decades of separation caused by a war. one i want to use joins about this june to reunite with the son she lost more than sixty years ago in the korean war on al-jazeera.
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we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you culture zero. in the country playing political cottonmouths games with europe and russia the people are trying to find their voice. but under the un freestream of the soup called last dictator of europe voicing any opposition is risky. the penalties can be severe. the better roost in lemma the weakness documentary. on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. i saw the last bastion of fall of the syria u.s. backed forces are now in control of the town of gori. hello i am this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up they've survived the west cyclon and fallen africa's history now the people. beacon from bob wayne face the threat of cholera and malaria.
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grows in iraq after a ferry disaster that killed at least one hundred twenty people. and french police and yellow vests protesters from parts of paris they want to avoid destructive scenes like this that played out last weekend. u.s. backed forces in syria have declared what they call the hundred percent territorial defeat of eisel and the elimination of its so-called caliphate following weeks of fighting the syrian democratic forces have raised their flag and bug was the last i saw held town in northeast syria al-jazeera. has more from beirut it would seem that that last piece of territory of what once was a much larger entity in the self-styled or self-proclaimed.
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had described it. reduced to a gradually different parties different groups from the kurdish fighters on the ground through the turkish backed free syrian army to the russians internationally together with the americans or united to essentially defeat that group now whether that's do graphical defeats in terms of the knock over existence of them controlling any ground will be translated into the actual defeats of the entity the organization of the movement of eyes obviously we'll wait and see but in terms of actual presence on the ground in syria or iraq it would appear that the islamic state no longer controls any land whatsoever. well ma is the director of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies and he joins me now one is this the actual end of ice well if you are talking about the territory of the state of ice we are seeing the end of of this of this state of the law for the
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state but if you are talking about ideology i think it's much more complicated that many would think. as we have that with causes which have led to the emergence of ice in the first place in syria and in iraq in two thousand and twelve and two thousand and thirteen we are probably going to see a comeback by the jihadists by a new group i don't know what the what we what we are going to call it them because if you remember what. has actually in the car that which has been defeated by the united states and the iraqi tribes in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine but then because of the civilian policies of the of iran the maliki government the government of bashar assad in syria actually all this have said of the cause of. there are many people actually young people to join to join us from all over from all over the muslim or also from european countries as well so we need to deal with
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these root causes of the emergence of isis if we want to talk about that and of the group otherwise we're going to see it coming back again sometime in the future when you say coming back do you feel like i say ideology is still alive and well and posing a threat potentially in other countries beyond syria syria really about the what what what what feeds this ideology is in fact the socio economic and political structure which we see right now in the live on in syria and in iraq unless we have we include all the social forces i mean here particularly the sunni's in syria and iraq in the political process and also tried to give them a just. and fear share of power and wealth and in. in actually administer in the contrary we're going to probably see another group coming back in the in the future and their hopes here were political the political solution to the syrian conflict must. become the focus right now after the defeat
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of isom and that's what i want to ask you about i mean the fight against i so united so many different groups in syria how does this change the dynamics of the ongoing conflict i mean all the controversies that are right now involved in syria we're very much against isis includes iran we have seen iran and the united states almost fighting along each other in syria and the knock against isis but now the group has been defeated in terms of territory. we're going to see more competition over that there it is which used to be under the control of so we're going to see here and the competition increase between turkey which which once very much to remove that they are white b g. c the democratic forces which they are not this is supported i guess i said i want to see your. on russia the syrian regime on the other hand playing actually to to expand their of influence into the the territories on that is jim part of the euphrates. we don't know what the americans
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are going to do because once we see the president deciding to withdraw. then he decides to stay so we have to see actually while the u.s. policy is going on it's going to it's going to be in the next few weeks and months in order to understand the dynamics of the conflict in syria but unless we have a better solution between all these parties all involved in order to have that resolution to the syrian conflict or probably have more instability in the region i mean for the foreseeable future plenty of uncertainty still ahead. from the arab policy studies thanks for being with us thank you very much. on more than a week after a cycling swept across southern africa aid agencies say they're running out of time to reach survivors and stop the spread of disease more than seven hundred people have died in mozambique is in bad way and malawi that aid workers say that number will rise as floodwaters recede tony betty was with one community at tika in mozambique as relief arrived
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a week after the storm hit. there are the survivors of cycle own when we carteret struck they are still desperate and hungry but this center just outside the area they were expecting food supplies they got a few packets of biscuits actually when we love god the flooding happened a week ago and this is the first help we have had just discovered we are struggling to survive because everything was destroyed. water still holds claim to much of software or province driving from biro you can see the vast area that has become an inland sea homes destroyed others left isolated. aid and rescue operations are focusing on the hard hit communities with larger populations but returns of thousands of others living in smaller more isolated pockets they are out of sight out of mind three families live in this small hut
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a new tika seventy kilometers north of beera the cyclon destroyed their huts and crops they now survive on bananas and maize maria's home was demolished when the psycho struck she thought she was going to die waiting there for fairly long in the woods when i saw the danger to first thing i did was to protect myself and my son i couldn't stop the water stripping away our clothes blankets environment and everything is gone we're suffering. water levels are dropping after two days of relatively good weather but the damage left behind is hampering aid efforts up until three days ago this whole area and this road was completely devastated by the cyclonic covered in water it made passage impossible come along these roads it shows you how difficult delivering any kind of meaningful way by road will be the main focus is by air people being rescued by helicopter but that's only making a small fraction of a difference. many of the dirt track roads in the countryside have been seriously
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affected aid is trickling in but the death count is rising and the risk of disease and illness is increasing by the day we're sitting on a ticking bomb as well as what are some additional major news concerns and cholera outbreak you know is there a reality you know that we will be the ready to face malaria is an american already thore in this country and the depreciation and bond that ability is that people are facing anyway because of the socio economic situation of mozambique will be further exacerbated and clean that will be leaving you know to many more crises. for many people in this region life was tough before cyclon eat ice truck it's become even harder they will probably recover eventually but it could take a long long time tony berkeley al-jazeera tika central mozambique. well al jazeera malcolm webb has made it to some of the west hit areas of mozambique and he joins us now from the city action lawyer malcolm what's topping
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the list of priorities for the relief and rescue efforts at the moment that. the priority i think still certainly through the use of helicopters to rescue people who are still stranded of which there are some the water levels gone down a lot now over the last few days that some of the areas where it's still highest are still people who are stuck in poverty number one but what we have seen is little bits of food aid reaching the people who are now managed to return to their villages where the water has receded because they've lost everything homes have been destroyed crops have been destroyed food supplies food there was no hunger a massive problem we traveled from villages on low lying plains. where river burst its banks to be destroyed everything that a few hundred people waiting for food to tell me vengefully tiny amounts of rice and flour was brought from government relief workers probably enough food to last
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them one day and these people haven't eaten in in about a week so there's something similar story throughout the whole of central mozambique for this resources now a massive problem for those people who even are able to get back to what's left of their homes malcolm we've as we've been hearing there are big concerns about malaria and color of potentially spreading how well those threats. well in those villages where floodwaters have receded everything still very well grounded like sails and mud and crops rivers are still very swollen rivers is still a risk of busting their banks again a lot of water around people living in camps or temporary structures of course is a very high risk because cholera also perfect breeding ground for most of the risk of spreading malaria the u.n. and warned about this is definitely something that is going to be a big mess for weeks or even months to come people living in conditions that are
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worse than normal conditions normally are brilliant i was talking about a lot of people living on less than two dollars a day living in very simple structures not much access to health public services now that their homes have been destroyed may be pushed into camps or living in temporary shelters and of course those conditions go even worse and also might also hearing that the death toll could rise that was likely to rise as these floodwaters begin to recede is there a concern about what's going to happen in terms of sanitation with with all those bodies. the government announced just a short while ago the lungs ministers now official accounts of people who were killed by the cyclamen over four hundred and we can definitely expect not to go up more in the weeks and days ahead when we travel to some of those villages we found a man who just found the body of one of his neighbors a small child who'd been washed away by the flood the most among.


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