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happy to see this food and make sure it lasts that long for my four children before you go away from community centers the more desperate the situation gets at it can loria bond says how fourteen year old son long narrow died last month from manu tradition. we did not have food so you just used to have fruit he grew weak by the day until he died that's when sam when we first met us were the only volunteer health worker in the village shows as well long hours buried the government denies others have also died of hunger. was just bones he had never come to the health center for any treatment of any other ailment he had just been eating wild fruits and nothing else wild food which grows near reverses what you can is return to when they can't find other food at accounts has found is doing his best to feed his remaining family until more help comes. over we just need
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help if we don't get it then we'll just continue eating the fruit and wait to die there's nothing else i can do the government blames the drought on delayed trains the crisis is made worse by locusts invasion last year i mean all diseases and conflict many in this village escaped another area after cattle rustlers attacked them and stored the animals it's may day now we've been in this village for a couple of hours and we haven't seen many people making break first lunch most of them are saying they don't have anything for dinner as well they say that they've run out of food aid they received at the beginning of the month looking may up ways boiling the last of her cheek piece i borrowed from a neighbor of the sleeping hungry yesterday i know i'll have to share the food with those who don't have she tells us. in this village and many others that are harder to reach time is of the essence i delayed response to their plight and only make things worse catherine. to qana northwest kenya john tesh will break here not to
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zero when we come back the opposition cries foul in the morning for a bitterly contested presidential election. we'll find out why mexico's leader who promised more help for the vulnerable is counseling social programs more not stay with us. however with still more disturbed weather in the forecast across the middle east lots of clouds showing up but cross and all the sections of iraq iran saying some really heavy rain over the next couple of days could see some flooding there we go as we go on for a monday some when she weather just making its way away from the black sea the caspian sea sinking further southwards running into some very very heavy rain there
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that we will have in place across a good part of a stone route western areas of iran. and over towards kuwait we could well see really big downpours thundery showers and there's more the same as we go on through tuesday not quite as widespread is there nevertheless and we are likely to see some widespread flooding as a result of that bright skies start to push back inthe tuesday so that will just not in as we go on into the middle part of the way pushed further south across the arabian peninsula and of course we've got a fair bit of cloud across northern parts of saudi arabia here and we could see some cloud in right twenty nine celsius here in doha possibility some thunder showers and still that's the case as we go on through chews day some showers there too into the u.a.e. northern parts of again the possibility of some flooding flooding concerns starting to abate slightly across central parts of missouri big as the shows make that way further build. whether sponsored by can tolerate. by made every week a new cycle brings
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a seemingly simple breaking story and that of course is donald trump the town through the eyes of the outstanding ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were brought on the stories that matter the most in battle use a free palestine or a listening paste on al-jazeera. welcome back to the top stories here on the al-jazeera u.s. special counsel robert ellis report has found neither donald trump or any of his officials knowingly colluded with russia in the twenty sixteen election campaign
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but the report didn't draw a conclusion on whether president trump attempted to obstruct the course of justice . but most of the votes counted from thailand's election as a tight race between the main opposition party and its problem if you live is the first on people have been able to vote since a trick to five years ago. and kenya's governments warning more than a million people are risk of starvation as parts of the country and a severe drought conditions in thirteen counties are continuing to worsen with widespread vegetation loss and no across feels. people in australia living in the path of saigon veronica being urged to stay indoors as the storm crosses over the region port hedland is one of the towns of both the brunt of the cycle and wind gusts in the area were up to one hundred sixty kilometers an hour veronica a study moving along the western australian coast and is expected to head into the indian ocean on tuesday rob a bride sent this update from port had looked. finally after the best part of two
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days the red alert on this part of the western australia coast has finally been lifted. cyclon veronica has moved further down the coast and is expected eventually to move west words out into the indian ocean it means for the first time in the best part of forty eight hours people can finally leave their homes all that time they have been told to stay put and seek shelter now they can go out and about assess damage to property although there is of course still the danger of flooding in vast parts of this coastal region because of the size of this storm and the way that it has lingered and dumped so much water on this area and is expected to do so in the next couple of days a longer term impact also for the people of northern territory that is cleaning up after the impact of cyclonic trever that site close very fast where the system said to be the size of the state of new south wales dumping a huge amount of rainfall there and many people for especially from indigenous
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communities evacuated and now waiting and expecting to go back and rebuild their communities new zealand's prime minister has announced a fool royal commission to investigate the mosque attacks in which fifty people were shot and killed an australian man has been charged with murder royal commissions are reserved for the most serious matters and have significant powers the inquiry will look at what could have or should have been done to prevent the attack it will inquire into the individual and his activities before the terrorist attack including of course a look at agencies will look at the actions of the a.c.s. the g.c. spey police customs emigration and any other relevant government departments or agencies. thousands of protesters have gathered in the french capital calling for political change in algeria the peaceful demonstrations by people of algerian descent of spread to other major cities in france has moved from paris for the
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beginning to dec call it the algerian spring here in paris the hopis gori of the country their parents and grandparents called home is on the cusp of a real transformation this is a six time there's been a demonstration like this in the french capital similar scenes to say france is home to the biggest algerian community in europe. like many of. the sacred to leave. because as you know people. at the center very or the body of the man known as the biggest economy of the algerian president abdoulaye see who to freak out has repeatedly said it's time for his generation to give up their grip on power but will the generals and the rich business own who surround him allow him to keep his promise myself i am very happy
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to see that everyone is united were united not around one l.g. or in person not around one region but iran doll jiri as a whole and to say we are fed up we did up with this abuse of power algeria gained its independence from france on to a bitter colonial war in one thousand nine hundred eighty two the links between the two countries culturally and economically remain strong the french government say they will not interfere in the sovereign affairs of another country but behind the scenes their diplomats will be trying hard to be the midwives to change. polls are now closed in the coming or silence of the voting hours were extended in sunday's presidential election incumbent president assad mani is one expected to win a vote as rival say has been hijacked on the dole has moved in the capital moroni. costing the vote amid rising political tensions voters turned up in polling
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stations across the three islands that make up morris there was serious delays in some areas due to the late arrival of voltage material forcing the electoral commission to extend voting hours yella kids in scene i expect the president to develop this country and to take care of the youth especially because they are the future they will take care of us in the future. transparency transparency so that the people will be reassured that the winner is the one they voted for that's transparency. they are told for position come in it's in the contest but none look likely to defeat president does the us money if he has his way. opposition leaders who are crying foul the been before voting and it for them but the part of the self to noon opposition candidates whole four of them were huddled in a meting in this house behind me surrounded by a policeman keeping security when they come out to speak to the media they said
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they would not accept the results because of well there must have been a get out it is in the elections why did they complained of the stuffing of ballot boxes with three mock papers in favor of the incompetent ok nuno got on very near in response to the coded talk carried out throughout the country aimed at muzzling the population in order to go to the polls provided for in the electoral code we declare the current government held by colonel as ali the legitimate. on the one island opposition supporters on socked a dozen polling stations according to officials from the electoral commission witnesses say the polling stations was a target of the people found stuffed ballot boxes it's a claim being downplayed by the current president declared a problem but i was told that there are problems in the both security forces in the election commissions are taking the necessary measures if there are any ballot boxes that are stuffed we can replace them but apparently the situation is under control and everything is fine these are the first presidential elections in
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referendum to increase time limits was held previously the presidency was little titted around the three indian ocean islands every five years a system which was put in place to prevent constant use. more than twenty coups and attempted once since one thousand seven to five. there are now fears about a ton to the country's unstable past. the wall just morrone. boeing has invited more than two hundred pilots technicians and regulators from the airline industry to address concerns over its seven three seven max aircraft the meeting will happen on wednesday at the company's function in seattle boeing says as part of a plan to save your town the planes to commercial service the jets are grounded worldwide after two crashes involving the same model killed three hundred forty six people of the past six months. the leaders of romania and honduras say they will
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recognize jerusalem as israel's capital of following the lead of u.s. president donald trump romania plans to move its embassy to jerusalem in the office that the trade and cooperation erlanger palestinians who want east jerusalem as the capital of any future state announcements are made at the annual american israel public affairs committee conference in washington. it's the man who hopes to topple benjamin netanyahu and become the next israeli prime minister is among those attending that conference benny ganz will be looking to make a strong impression while netanyahu will also be in washington to meet donald trump stephanie decker reports in jerusalem on how the israeli election campaign is unfolding in the u.s. . two men bashing it out for the israeli leadership one a political veteran the other a military one but a political novice both now in the united states to address apac the powerful jewish lobby group at the state of this route read that. prime minister netanyahu
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knows a pact well for benny gantz it's a first but he is familiar with washington because a lot of people don't know about that he goes is he lived in washington he was a military attache he worked in the embassy he's been on capitol hill he knows these people dance is due to give a major speech to apac on monday but he could be overshadowed by netanyahu who is meeting president trump the same day so it will be interesting to see what exact goodies president from give them both in words and deeds meaning the fact that it's and you know will sit there in the oval office in a wing chair with president trump and president trump will say i'm looking forward to working with it and you know for the next you know four years or more is going to be significant for both men these really prime minister already brings with him a sense of victory trump tweeted last week that it was time the u.s. recognize the occupied golan heights as israeli territory as part of the syrian golan heights or annexed by israel in one nine hundred eighty one and israel has always maintained that this area is vital to its security. a lot of israelis feel
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the same way with the golan heights without the bill i currently we know that it's also spread digic point for us because this country is a very small very small who are surrounded by people that unfortunately don't like so much us to live here having the us acknowledge israeli sovereignty in the golan heights is something the israeli prime minister has been lobbying for for years by recognizing the occupied golan heights as israeli territory the u.s. president donald trump is giving a major political victory to benjamin netanyahu and the timing of such a major announcement on the eve of what is a hotly contested israeli election is seen by many as a public and. meant a trump for netanyahu for yet another term as prime minister the opinion polls show that it will be a tight race both men aiming to impress in the united states hoping their performances abroad will win them votes back home stephanie decker jazeera in the occupied golan heights mexico's leftist president manolo president was set to part
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with promises to help the country's poorest people now those soup kitchens that feed the hungry shutting down as he takes the axe to government social programs from home and explains why from mexico city. makes can community kitchens where some of the country's most vulnerable can get a cheap meal there were no such thing as the quote lou pape their life saver in feeding her family of six weeks is gays will be i know it's really helped with our finances even with the gas for the stove and now i go to work rather than just worrying about cooking and until now we've never gotten. that many of mitts because almost six thousand federal food kitchens have already shut as part of budget cuts to social services it's not just the soup kitchens closing their doors funds have also been slashed for child daycare centers and the government plan to shut down shelters for women fleeing domestic violence and give the money instead until
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a backlash made it change its mind. and this is all come from a president who's long championed the poor and vulnerable as cause some surprise and indignation. he says the measures necessary to stamp out corruption said that i mean it's finished around thirty years of these programs which were just used to win elections and get media attention. programs which encourage corruption using the name of the humble the poor to do it was that's all finished the c.s.a. might end up as something in the government social ministry was recently implicated in a monumental corruption scandal but civil society groups say the wholesale scrapping of programs for the pool is not the answer and some worry there are other motivations well my concern is that is really an attempt to to concentrate power to have all the social problems in their hands to be
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a political platform and in that says if you really committed to transparency and avoid the corruption will be transparent spread slightly in the sense of devon if you carry of the of the new of the new programs and you're putting together none of that so far in place. the new programs he's talking about include expanded help for students the old and those with disabilities the president it seems does want social programs just ones built to his own design john heilemann now does it a myth scarcity. and you can find much more on our website there what is on your screen the address al-jazeera. quick check of the headlines here on the al jazeera summary of u.s. special counsel robert muller's report says neither donald trump know any of us officials knowing they colluded with russia in the twenty six thousand election
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campaign but the report didn't draw a conclusion on whether president trump attempted to obstruct the course of justice trump though says he's been fully exonerated. it was just announced there was no collusion with the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard there was no collusion with the russian there was no ups truck here and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration. it's a shame that our country had to go through this. to be honest it's a shame that your president has had a go through this poor before i even got elected it began. and it began illegally and hopefully somebody is going to look at the other side but most of the votes counted from thailand's election as a tight race between the main opposition party and its pro military rival this is
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the first time people have been able to vote since the military coup five years ago an estimated ninety four percent of the ballots have been counted the five hundred seat lower house. kenya's governments warning more than a million people are at risk of starvation in those parts of the country and to a severe drought conditions in thirteen counties are continuing to worsen with widespread vegetation loss and lower crop yields. boeing has invited more than two hundred pilots technicians and regulators and across the airline industry to address concerns over its seven three seven max aircraft the meeting is to take place on wednesday at the company's factory just outside seattle boeing says it's part of a plan to save you return the planes to commercial service ellen's using the model grounded the jet after two crashes killed three hundred forty six people over the past six months. people in australia living in the path of cycling veronica being urged to stay indoors as the storm moves away the town of port hedland was hit hardest was across the north west coast on sunday with winds of about one hundred
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sixty kilometers an hour it's now expected to head out over the indian ocean. well those were the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after listening to such intense emotion. she was the spokeswoman for the students who took over the u.s. embassy in tehran in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine forty years on she's still in the fund believe in the principle she fought to. assume a and to come here a new vice president for women and family and friends talks to al jazeera. tonight. doesn't know where to reach her and. she. is coming now described as a terrorist attack. hello i'm richard gives birth in europe the listening post here are some of the stories we're tracking this week in the aftermath of christchurch
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the role the news media played in covering the story and what led to it c.n.n. kellyanne conway the puff piece and the online blowback senegal where politicians and rappers are connected at the hip and message in a bottle and she's a rather confusing one from the israeli election campaign it's been just over a week now since fifty people muslim worshippers were massacred in new zealand the gunman live streamed his killing spree on facebook and the video all seventeen minutes of it spread from there there's a depressing pattern to the coverage of stories like this one the big tech platform scrambled to take down the offending video and then face questions over whether they did enough quickly enough mainstream news outlets and or a state of inner conflict playing that video on a loop would be wrong but they've got clicks and ratings to consider they find a face to put on the story not the murderers since he's
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a white supremacist they go for new zealand's prime minister just send to our dern a white politician getting farm. more coverage than the victims our starting point this week is not new zealand it's a strange it's where the killer came from and it's where a lot of people are blaming the media especially news outlets owned by rupert murdoch for sowing the seeds of the hate unleashed in christchurch. journalism is built through words and images sometimes though the story lies in the numbers a study conducted by one path network and islamic media outlet based in sydney tallied up the number of negative stories that five newspapers owned by rupert murdoch's news corp produced in the year two thousand and seventeen these days islam sells so it's no surprise that newspapers are cashing in. but you might be
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shocked to know just how much they are it found almost three thousand such stories referring to islam or muslims alongside words such as radical. or terrorism headlines like. the head of the class from syria with. let's just in twenty seventeen. we're talking more than eighty articles a day trying islam and muslims negatively once every second day in two thousand and seventeen there was a front page that demonized and spoken to people about muslims and this is bound to have an impact on the way that australians and mainstream a c.v. spent in the slums murdoch has personally come out and attacked muslims on twitter previously his newspapers are quite disproportionate in the coverage when it comes to muslims they exaggerate certain aspects they are quite divisive and dangerous and sometimes they're completely wrong if you slam was a person then islam would have a very good defamation case against the mood of press the media is still powerful
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in the sense that a lot of people turn to it as their primary source of information and certainly for older israeli. people who continue to watch free to consume the mainstream newspapers they're not really getting a diversity of views i don't want this to be a bashing of one particular news organization it's actually across the board some places are just more egregious than others. and while the murdoch media empire is headquartered in new york and entrenched in london it got its start and remains hugely influential you know. that's where the christchurch killer was born raised and in all likelihood. if australia is mainstream media helped the murderous believe. in social media with where he went to script his first stop was on a website called ha he posted his manifesto seventy three pages of the day before the mass then he live streamed his attack on facebook from there it spread reposed
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it on youtube talked about on reddit traveling the world before the big tech platforms even song what was happening on their sites the killer clearly understood the way the internet works and exploited. i do think that there was a type of mocking the media element to it i took away from that that there was a clear attempt to game both the media system and use the its coverage patterns against it but also use that media system to get attention for what he was trying to do it the same time the internet is a double edged sword i know it was a lot it in the past as a tool to put forward underrepresented voices we know now that it's also amplified the voices of hey that for every instance of it's news to topple authoritarian regimes we have incidents like the live streaming of the matter of fifty and the early days of the internet or college the wild west anybody can have a voice anybody can have an opinion it's great it's not that way anymore and so on their business models don't work if they shut people down you could look at them as
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a pure distillation of free expression ideology but i would say more this is a. choice their sites don't exist literally people are able to post a comment think we should recognize that white supremacy and ideologies of hate preexisted the internet so while we pay due attention to the sheer speed of global reach of the internet we need to talk about how hateful ideologies come into being what allows them to flourish and i have to say that although internet platforms have a reach and spreads that other media don't print media but cost media are not without their share of responsibility. when the story broke across the mainstream news media the new zealand government quickly banned domestic outlets from showing the video deeming the material objectionable the prime minister just sindar dern went further when she vowed to never say the gunman's name he saw many things from
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his active here but one was notoriety. and this is why you never hear me mention his name or mash too many global news outlets followed that same approach voluntarily choosing not to show the video images of the perpetrator or identify him by the exceptions one of which was the mail online a british news website were widely criticised and quickly shamed into taking the video down prime minister our journey has been a near constant feature in the news coverage widely praised for the sensitivity she showed to the victims' families and her government's almost instant ban on semiautomatic weapon somehow a politician who campaigned on reducing immigration to new zealand has become the face of this story and in congress already that was noted by this cambridge university academic. well let me first clarify i think it is good stamps to send the order and as prime minister is doing her job she is doing but dignity and
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competence so i have no issues with her there is a bug in the box. has to do with not who just in the order knows but what function she is playing fifty people who are muslim have lost their lives they should be at the heart of this story part of what is happening i think is a degree of damage control and i think the figure of just in the order is being deployed to do that damage control which is to say the repeated claim this is not who we are i think more helpful claims to say this is not who we want to be and we need to grapple with this as a community so that we can become who we aspire to be rather than dissidents this thing this is not who we are when news organizations put such a focus on a single figure they must receive a need on the part of white audiences the people doing the clicking what kind of need would we be talking about i think that we know this from hollywood that
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stories that don't have a white characters somewhere along the way even if it's a largely black cast don't elicit wide interest and i think that the idea goes well beyond hollywood it comes to our news stories as well and i think it is not accidental that just. elicits the clicks that news organizations and platforms need to because here is somebody who does allow a certain kind of redemption narrative that. if prime minister are dern really is a white redeemer she now has plenty of company this past friday the muslim call to prayer was broadcast nationwide on state owned television news anchors were headscarves in solidarity so that countless women of all religious descriptions sending messages of their own however this story did not start in new zealand its
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causes lie elsewhere including australia. and the so-called news outlets that have trafficked in hate for so long for them with is still a long way off. these people need to be accountable for their actions and although some of them have come out with words of condolences and you know some messages of support please thanks but no thanks treatment centers of support are not something that we need we need radical change we need do was to protect muslims from the system of phobia because the reality is is that you have contributed to the stomach phobic climate in australia and new zealand and around the world your words your actions are complicit. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar with one of our
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producers. mena c.n.n. put out a piece this week a rather lengthy one on the white house spokesperson kellyanne conway it got a lot of flack over that report walk us through that story so this story is part of a c.d.s. that's being run by c.n.n. it's called and i'm not kidding bad ass women d.c. it's about powerful women in the u.s. captain conway fighting for trump on t.v. is valuable currency for a cable news obsessed president but reports runs eight and a half minutes and it profiles one of the most prolific liars of the trumpet ministration now bear in mind c.n.n. says that it does facts first journalism and throughout this entire report there's just a passing mention of kellyanne conway is deliberate and persistent this information but she is heavily criticised for sometimes taking it too far entering the realm of alternative facts there are lots of problems here it's not just what the report emits it's also the way in which c.n.n. normalizes conway and the role that she's playing now there are actually interview
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producers at c.n.n. who have said they will not because way because of her life and now you see this puff piece on the same network. now on social media the blowback was immediate there were lots of comments and give sent people asking why would the network even do this now one of the only plausible theories is access trump and c.n.n. article loggerheads however in washington access still matters so you got in touch or c.n.n. asked them questions about this no one gets back to you but those questions they won't be on this particular report yes we're heading towards the two thousand and twenty presidential elections and i wanted to ask c.n.n. given that experience of the two thousand and sixteen cycle have been learned anything are we going to see anything different now you might remember during the primary season c.n.n. would just cut to trump rallies and run them in their entirety it's great for ratings but for the candidate it's basically a free ride just free airtime after those elections c.n.n. president jeff zucker he spoke to new york times magazine and he said the idea that
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politics is a sport is undeniable we understood that and we approached it that way the recipe for the network hasn't changed c.n.n. still books trump backers who come on to the air they lie they create flash points that are made for t.v. there's an overreliance on panel discussions with a fair amount of shouting it's what c.n.n. called a diversity of perspectives reasonable viewers have come not to expect anything of fox news they used to do of c.n.n. but looking at all of this it doesn't bode very well for the elections coming up ok thanks mina. senegal's presidential election held late last month may have passed you by after all what sets the west african nation apart from many of its neighbors a stable and steady democracy doesn't usually make news however those following the campaign would have been struck by one of the defining features of senegalese politics hip hop artists and the pivotal roles that they can play in elections a major reason for that demographics the average age of citizens there is exceptionally low just nineteen rappers were among the founders of the country's
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largest social movement credited with swaying the previous election back in two thousand and twelve since then a social media boom has boosted raps reach even further and senegalese politicians have taken note this year all the leading candidates hit the campaign trail with at least one rapper in their corner listening posts daniel to a t. now on how hip hop became the language of politics for senegal as you. in most countries political candidates hope for the endorsement of a newspaper or two perhaps a media mogul but in senegal if last month's election was anything to go by rappers seem to be the influences to get inside the incumbent president macky sound has the group video group better. than it usually. for former
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prime minister idris a set it was daddy. meanwhile another candidate was a man some call had from the red sea is backing him. you know and i think the reason why rappers have played such a central role in senegalese politics is partly because the country's extraordinary young many young people turn to the different parties as being kind of the voice of the streets and providing them a way i think about politics especially in the most recent presidential elections that route. what the cynical attempt by these politicians. with your you saw all of the major presidential candidates trying to find endorsements. this was you know very much an attempt to try to neutralize the impact of. the right he is one of senegal's most political and most popular groups.
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kirky doesn't endure specific candidates out of principle but it's anti-government . is the biggest hits of the campaign. means tricks the. main language an insult aimed squarely at the president not the south and one he didn't take kindly to this is the giver of all there would be. actual good sounds response spoke to the impact that hip hop and could be in particular can have on young voters back in two thousand and eleven the rappers helped found the social movement. french for we've had enough and the following year when i was in opposition trying to get elected the movement was credited with tipping the vote his way. along with other young played a pivotal role in the fight against the former president. what had wanted to change
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the constitution but he on a march mobilized citizens and even politicians and helped get the bill defeated then in the presidential election in two thousand and twelve their opposition to wide had a major impact on the result and the transfer of power to. it was nothing short of a political revolution. the. open market. is well aware of the power. before two thousand and twelve we were just protesting rappers. so focused on political and social issues but that here we felt a sense of urgency and we took the on omar movement to the streets the former president had banned protest marches so we launched what we called urban guerrilla poetry buses going around the country to get people to register to vote we wrote drops like. if you're eighteen years old go get registered during the campaign came to me. he said i limit my term to five years my family won't be
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involved in public affairs i'll do this i'll do that but it turned out to be nothing but lies someone like that doesn't deserve another mandate so. this time around the younger maher rappers were not able to repeat the success they had had five years earlier in unseating the president macky cell was reelected nonetheless hope seems to have secured a place at the political table. setting out itself is quite distinctive within the west african region senegal has always been known as a society that is very supportive of the arts. the first senegalese president himself was a poet and an intellectual who devoted tremendous amounts of resources to developing the culture in senegal collectively a lot of money was put into the arts. and the u.s. rappers who talk about sex drugs make millions but here if you don't talk about the
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issues that are relevant to people you won't pay respect to the artists take their responsibility seriously and rewrite politically conscious lyrics it's important to remember that hip hop is meant to be a tool for raising awareness a tool of social transformation at the platform must. be every. bit the power of hope as a gateway to senegal's youth goes beyond politics. pay is a newscast route to a beat it's founders who man and katie rhyme their take on the news in french. cut me. off. they even host debates. started life for new choose but its success in attracting senegal's digital natives
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soon caught the attention of mainstream media when something like. when it comes to talking about social issues rap is the most powerful medium because it gets to the biggest audience general rep a starter on you tube and then channel two s t v one also it will cost its journalists were reticent to begin with because they thought that people were messing with the news but they quickly understood that we were not trying to take place in the country we are trying to help them with their work. in the media. traditional media like television and radio has had to adapt and catch up with changing times it's no longer like before we had a monopoly on the news the rise of social media meant we had to update our output. is a way of simplifying political news and making it accessible to citizens who might not want to watch news broadcasts they do not report the news they do not produce
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information and they take news already pre-processed by television channels to present it to citizens with a taste of music and it's lovely it's quite an artistic creation that they are simply going to stick to social media the way in africa driven by young populations and cheap chinese smartphones as unable to pay to go international backed by the ngo the open society initiative for west africa it's rapper's have kick started similar projects across the region in mali. guinea. the ivory coast. togo. and. pay is not alone in taking conscious rap.
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borders pergi have also started something of a box of fly effect with more traditional means and more radical elements. who. has inspired people in many african countries for example we went to burkina faso and together with iraq present civil society activists and we created the ballet sit wyoming. which helped overthrow the president in two thousand and fourteen. we went to the republic of congo to equitorial guinea to mali. and other guys to meet young activists and musicians from various movements. and last year we hosted the gathering with all of them here and. we think hip hop conserve as an agent of change africa developing the youth of the future. the influence of sending these rappers west african. has been pretty extraordinary one of the most interesting political phenomena they were actually able to form in popular
1:44 pm
movements multiple west african countries so hip hop artists have really sort of recognized that they can play this role with mobilizing you. going to spread it to the activism of sending these rappers i think. it's a kind of activism that will have some west african leaders shifting nervously but back in senegal the political elite seem to have been braced the power of hip hop in the hope that they controlled achieve. and finally the israeli election is a little more than two weeks away and the campaigns have produced some shocking ads back in january one candidate benny gantz ran a spot with a kill counter adding up the number of palestinian terror. killed when he was the army's chief of staff turned out that many of them were just civilians the latest ad to go viral is from the country's minister of justice the video is about fascism in a bottle of perfume bottle if you're confused watching this ad won't really help the
1:45 pm
politician i yell at shock head has been trying to curb the power of the israeli supreme court the ad is a spoof the tries to get at that issue but it's either a lost in translation be far too subtle to be effective satire or c. just a bad idea it's getting a lot of use but not necessarily for the right reasons we'll see you next time you're there listening post. and she's. such. a she's. listen.
1:46 pm
for nine hundred forty six to nine hundred fifty eight the united states detonated dozens of atomic bombs in the marshall islands when the u.s. was going ready to clean up and leave in the one nine hundred seventy s. they picked the pit that had been left by one of the smaller atomic explosions and dumped a lot of this cutrone i'm another radioactive waste into that pit the bottom of the dome it's permeable soil there was no effort to wind it and therefore the sea water is inside the dome when this dome was built there was no factoring in sea level rises caused by climate change now every day when the tide rolls out radioactive isotopes from underneath the die roll out with it if they really were not tolerant just the marshall islands we're talking the whole sweep
1:47 pm
pushing. a chance for a union after decades of separation caused by a war. one i want to use joins a mother's journey to greet you not with the son she lost more than sixty years ago in the korean war on al-jazeera. the latest me news as it breaks as well as the police investigation the prime minister says there will also be a national inquiry with detailed coverage of the arms trade with saudi arabia is going to be a very important components of life in post-breakfast of britain. from around the world that ally is a symbol also must fight and its europeans. full support behind. this powerful social network as sculpting a global cyber society and regulation is playing catch up but as scandals. begin to
1:48 pm
unfold they will witness say that we should not be in this position. they want as much extreme content as they can get. to gauge how ethics weigh against profits and how the rules are being written. and signed facebook on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where every. this was an illegal takedown that failed donald trump declares he's been completely exonerated off the mulla investigation is said to found no collusion with russia. but jumps political rivals are far from convinced i'm not demanding to
1:49 pm
see the whole report. hello i'm daryn jordan this is down to zero alive and also coming up thailand's main opposition the neck and neck with the military but party is votes are counted after sunday's election. and we're in one of the remote parts of mozambique where help is finally arriving by road and more than a week after site and he does it. a summary of the report says the investigation found no evidence that donald trump's campaign colluded with russia in the twenty sixth election the us president has declared himself completely exonerated but the summary presented to congress by the attorney general william bot doesn't draw a conclusion on with a trump obstructed justice and democrats are demanding to see the report in full article hain reports from washington d.c. . it's the investigation u.s.
1:50 pm
president donald trump has long condemned as a witch hunt in till it was released and now the president is cheering the findings there was no collusion with the russia there was no up structure. and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration that's not completely true the attorney general says there is no evidence the trump campaign coordinated with russian officials but on obstruction of justice the special counsel robert mueller didn't decide if he should be charged the attorney general made that call and in his letter to congress he made clear this report doesn't find the president didn't possibly commit a crime right in the special counsel states that while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate him and that is democrats demanding answers jerry nadler heads the committee in congress that will be investigating pretty general clark. who are dishing for his role you don't remember in the suggesting
1:51 pm
that the obstruction investigation was on functional and that a president and that it was almost impossible for any president who committed rupturing of justice if he's the head of the executive branch made a decision about that evidence in under forty eight hours this inclusions to raise more questions than the answer given the fact that muller uncovered evidence that in his own words does not exonerate the president he's promising to call officials to testify and vowing to get the tens of thousands of pages of evidence that have been collected the trim campaign was quick to try and use this to bolster his chances of reelection really see in this video evidence it's pretty clear that there was collusion in the president's proclaiming victory but as congress pushes to make all the evidence public and with several other investigations ongoing he may want his supporters to believe it's over it is a political one al-jazeera washington. castro has more on how trump is reacting to
1:52 pm
the report. when president donald trump arrived home at the white house after receiving the brief on this summary from the attorney general he had only one thing to say to reporters america is the greatest place on earth he said and he took no questions a press secretary fills in the press a little bit more on what happened as the president flew home from our lago in florida he said that the president was feeling very good that he spent the time on air force one talking to his staff making phone calls and watching television and when pressed by reporters why trump continues to repeat that he was fully exonerated when in fact that is not what the report says the spokesperson said prosecutors don't exonerate they prosecute they do not prove a negative and seizing on that trump is continuing with his forceful message that
1:53 pm
he in his words was completely exonerated that's being repeated by his press secretaries and by his reelection campaign as trump has turned back to his full comfort zone of being in attack mode against the democrats he say who slandered his name john messengers the former communications director for the democratic national committee he says many more questions need to be answered. what we know is basically nothing even the no collusion piece we still don't know the status of that until we see what's in the report what we've figured out so far is that he's not going to be indicted for criminal conspiracy rather that the president's entire family was not going to be indicted by robert mueller based on what robert mueller came up with for what he found more wasn't going to go there with the family but we don't know much more than that criminal conspiracy of the bar for that legally is pretty high if you're talking about collusion all you're talking about is acting on
1:54 pm
the basis of a secret agreement that's what collusion here and there's lots of evidence it's already been reported repeatedly that the trump team not only kept the russian secret that russia was doing this before it became public that they met dozens and dozens of times during the course of the campaign that they signaled repeatedly that they would be willing to change american policy in approach direction where they to win the white house and then in fact they tried to do that afterwards so all of this doesn't go away because attorney general barr who was handpicked for this is signed it based on a memo that he wrote last summer saying he didn't think obstruction of justice is something the president could do a sort of legal technical argument to help move that away based on his summary of the findings in this report we gotta see the report to have any idea what's going on here. now with most of the votes counted from thailand's election it's a tight race between the main opposition party and its pro military rival this is the first time people have been able to vote since
1:55 pm
a military coup five years ago an estimated ninety four percent of the balance of been counted for the five hundred seat. and he joins us live now from chung my friend so is it clear who is in the lead at this stage. it's very very close race still it's neck and neck if you're looking in terms of the number of votes that parties have received now in terms of popular vote it is the pro-military party how long prachi that is in the end but in the parliamentary democracy it is the party that has the most number of seats that will be able to form a government now in that respect it is the reverse it is the per thai party and that's the party linked to the former prime minister taksin shinawatra who although living in self-imposed exile still is a strong political force here his party or the party linked to him is in the lead they're ahead by about knowing seats now this is in respect of the three hundred and fifty directly elected seats in the no one house but that's not the entire
1:56 pm
makeup of the lower house there's still a hundred and fifty feet left to be allocated depending on the number of votes that a party receives but that's a cap based on this it's a very complex formula and it was designed by the military government when they were in power over the last five years a system that critics say is designed to handicap the thai party but we expect a clearer picture to emerge in the next couple of hours when the election commission holds a press conference there in chiang mai which is the hometown of former prime minister taksin genoa what's been happening up there where you are. that's right this is an area which is considered a political stronghold for tots and shinawatra allies have not lost a single election since two thousand and one and traditionally the way that. provinces in the north and northeast have voted they've been able to determine the government and indeed for thailand now and the supporters of high here say they are
1:57 pm
quite surprised at the results and initial comments from the thai party does suggest that they may want to challenge the results now and the secretary general of the secretary general of said that while they are waiting for official results they also want to question the irregularities the reports of voting irregularities that the election commission has received and they say they may want to inspect disqualified ballots now according to the election commission as many as five point five percent of ballots have been disqualified and that's quite a high figure so. apart from just shock and disbelief there's also a sense that perhaps they may want to challenge the result. thank you. aid workers in mozambique are reaching more survivors of cycling to roads ruined by the storm will reopen tony brooklier reports from the mega. food supplies are getting to be the problem is getting them to the people who really need them. this is what
1:58 pm
happens when bread is distributed to the needy. people are desperate for every piece they can grab food is scarce and supermarkets supplies are expensive a delivered by air and water is not enough. the end six road is the main road artery from biro to the remote parts of mozambique it was severed in the psych lone you can get a real idea of the power and severity of this psycho namie flooding that followed by this area this entire area as far as you can see was covered in water destroyed everything around here the power here even pushed off this car off the road and miraculously the driver escaped he swam to safety but it destroyed about one hundred meters a road that had been you rebuilt by the chinese the road was cut for a week on sunday it reopened after chinese contractors and local workers worked day and night to build a new stretch and restore
1:59 pm
a vital lifeline that serves malawi zambia and zimbabwe does a road being damaged it's bad for them you can see we have a situation like better see it is well for us to get there relief help is skating difficult but like a state for was the greek and also for the country neighboring countries in order six three important. food is needed everywhere and mina and her sister regime there live next to the road their home was destroyed in the surge that swept the road away they said the water was up to their necks and they had to climb trees to survive but there aren't and cousin drowned and those did you get in there are very you know someone told me that she thought she was going to die that day but since then they have received no help or food or shelter she says she prefers to stay here with family and hardship rather than go to beer with nothing that. is the same story for hundreds perhaps thousands of people who prefer to live in makeshift shelters close to where their homes once stood. mozambique is relying on the
2:00 pm
outside world for help but local people are rallying around to help their fellow countrymen at this church in bira they were collecting money and food for the victims. just up it will be and that is that it's going to take time to recover our houses were basic but they were not built in one day or a week you will need more time five years ten years it will depend on what people will have to build with us now we need stronger material but our spirit is strong mozambique will need support for some time to come and for many their lives will never be the same again tony berkeley al-jazeera may go central mozambique time for a short break and our jazeera when we come back the trump card benjamin netanyahu has up his sleeve that his appearance before a powerful lobby group. and the budget battle continues for britain's prime minister now dreams amaze apparently fighting a plot to remove a man stay with us.


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