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turn to the leak join us for up to date coverage and in-depth analyses. zira. this is al jazeera. santa maria and this is the news hour from al-jazeera political shakeup as algerian army chief demands a presidential vacancy he says eighty two year old absolutely is but a figure is unfit to be. on the call for change comes as protests against butcher think his twenty year rule continue across algeria. and other news tough talk from benjamin netanyahu is the israeli leader returns home
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and threatens to escalate violence. with this foundation it is our hope our beautiful. and another death in the family we look at the despair that lingers long after a mass shooting. and sport another big night of action in nearly twenty twenty qualifying plus former t. wait us the champion conor mcgregor says he's quite a mixed martial art. so algeria's constitutional council is holding a special meeting after the army chief called for the presidency to be vacated on health grounds this is after weeks of protests calling for the ailing president. to step down after twenty years in power we start with this report from math. the head of algeria's army announcing what could be a significant moment in the country's history requesting the removal of president
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abdullah as he's beautifully come from office but that you have in this regard we need to find a solution to sort out this crisis and to respond to the demands of algeria within the constitution and within the sovereignty of the country in order to achieve that consensus and to achieve something that is accepted by all parties beautifully has been in power for twenty years he's been credited with revitalizing algeria's economy and ending fighting with armed groups in the one nine hundred ninety s. which killed tens of thousands but he's now eighty two and his health has been poor especially since suffering a stroke six years ago his critics say he's become little more than a front man for military and business leaders who his opponents say really run the country. weeks of growing protests finally forced beautifully to refer to his announcement to stand for a fifth term he also postponed next month's presidential election a decision designed his critics say to keep him in office algeria's military
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leaders have been some a beautifully his strongest supporters now they seem to be abandoning him but some fear that even if beautifully goes little may change the army. and the secret services who have had something that me as. i am sorry have always tried to find a way after their way forward. and that's all that. really but that also all the issues of how can you know young people have their own spirit that they met all start about their regime about their willingness to see the regime or meet. article one zero two about derrius constitution says a president should be removed from office if the constitutional council decides he's unable to carry out his duties because of a long term illness if two thirds of parliament agrees the chairman of the upper
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house will become acting president if we follow the constitutions more or less the same people who are running the country at the moment we've been in it for the foreseeable future than forty five days to ninety days depending on the situation the elections are. we would make in major constitutional or legal arrangements so the game we produce will be will be played according to the rules that exist today and this is what the people have been calling for or against when they don't want the politics to continue under the same rules lizzie's beautifully his hold on power appears to be slipping but some of his critics fear his allies are determined to remain what matheson al-jazeera hashanah is into an easier for us now is of course covered algeria and north africa for many years for us action what was your initial take on this news today.
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come out it's basically the army in algeria saying that you won't provide any future support for president abdul aziz beautifully and that it's about time for a replacement of this is why the trigger article one zero two which means that the president of the center of the will act if. if the constitutional council decides. who will interim president for and this is the moment that many people have been waiting for since the start of the pro-democracy movement on the twenty the second of february and each time the army was making statements cautioning people against protests there would destabilize the country today i think they have realized that is absolutely no way to contain that and to government sentiment that has being climbed being across algeria and they decided
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it's about time to distance themselves for from president of that as he put of hashem if there is a point i made earlier but i think it's worth reiterating yes we have an army intervention here but it is an army intervention by the book through the constitution it will eventually go through to the parliament that's something we do have to consider don't mean indeed because they are concerned it might be seen as interfering in domestic affairs in politics something that has to be decided by the political parties. and the army comes against a backdrop of some events that have shaped the face of argyria nine hundred sixty five key players in a syria what divides of the army how to step in and how they came to power in a coup against the first president of more than a committed been below ninety or ninety nine ninety one sorry the army had to interfere and cancel elections that saw the islamic front. dominate elections and
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that there was very divisive in algeria it was followed by an unprecedented clampdown on armed groups the left more than two hundred thousand people killed in the country and this explains why the are the i'll be in and syria is trying to be too to position itself as very neutral in this particular crisis saying that it's about time to turn that chapter of president of the law is with us but then it's ultimately the call of the institutions of the state like the constitutional council to decide the future of the country hashim alba in tunis thank you. with us here yourself one down now a professor of political science and international relations at carter university do you agree with all of that hashem saying that the the army has to be careful here in the way it's not given algeria's long history with with military
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intervention. the husband still is the most important and organized institution in the country obviously today's declaration by you gave them a solid as chief of staff put in the plug on. the constitutional council. the president's position is very can so at the end of the the me play did. the declaration by the leave to the constitution several times and they used a specific. of this constitution and called upon the constitution institutions to play the. they met no take the decision will go to the parliament it will meet and. the membership of the parliament will agree to it and you think they will definitely there were because of the day the most important
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institution in the country has spoken. i believe that the two institutions like the constitutional council should have acted or done the business some six years ago but better late than that i mean it just same kind of ironic is the word but the fact that they're using an article about president bush to fake his health when it is because of his health that we haven't seen him in in years and he's in a wheelchair i mean this is not this is nothing new yes that's basically what i was trying to say nothing new to. do the best kept secret is that the president has been sick for the last six years let us not forget that in two thousand and fourteen when he had on. for his fault in office he did not tell on the political campaign this is unprecedented in the history of elections he has not spoken to his own people since the aide to two thousand and twelve he has spent most of his
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time in hospitals influence all in switzerland so the constitutional council a good did not have the coverage of this article back in two thousand and fourteen and only until gates and i spoke that people were listening and now the president's position is very good so we have one eye on the constitutional council and the parliament at the moment i guess our other eye has to be on the street and see how they react to all of this because it's the protesters who have brought us to this point in the first place and they don't seem like a group that will be well they'll be wary of any official voices won't say what definitely but what the constitutional council has decided no it's to go through the parliament and i have no doubt whatsoever that the parliament will agree to those decisions the most important or the hardest work is still to come what is going to be done in terms of forming a government and this transition period to how is the street going to react i guess
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it's six years late it's four weeks late whatever that is but we are in. the situation. so far. believe that the streets has achieved a milestone move towards for a little reforms let's wait and see what's going to happen in the next few days ok you said wonder pleasure having you with us thank you thank you my pleasure now a social media producer and chappelle's been looking at online reaction to the story from algeria. like the announcement made a few weeks ago that president of the lizzie's beautifully co would not seek a fifth term in office people are treating this news with caution and it may appear that the army has thrown beautifully under the bus as far as here chose to put it and it is a major victory for protesters far bigger than the one everyone especially those outside of algeria celebrated
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a few weeks ago but that doesn't mean that the algerian regime is out of the picture as michael here points out there's many many people who are tweeting these sorts of cautionary thoughts and joseph here as a final comment i'll bring you who says yes the status quo has changed but it's impossible to ignore the historical role and the power of the army here he thinks this is just a means of the existing power structure facilitating a controlled election as a path out of the unrest and a return to stability and now he's wondering why the army didn't declare the president unfit weeks months or even years ago especially considering that we've seen hundreds of thousands of people protesting across algeria for weeks now calling for the president to step down and would you click it did announce that he would not seek term in office some did celebrate on the streets but many many others thought he or his ruling circle would find a way to make it four years plus clinging on to power however they could we've got
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more ahead for you on this news. only the center of government can tell that is what i did not give it i was feeling neglected the frustration in the wake of mozambique steverson flooding. and i'm convicted of stabbing it's wimbledon champ champion is sentenced to eight years in prison we'll have that story on the rest of the sports with the likes of. israel's prime minister is threatening further action against the girls up in germany netanyahu had cut short his trip to the united states after the rocket attack near tel aviv the israeli military been bombed gaza and dozens of rockets were fired back into israel stephanie deca following this one from west jerusalem this is the kind of pressure that benjamin netanyahu did not want he had to race back to israel after what he really wanted to play as
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a golden egg for his election campaign the u.s. president are recognizing israeli sovereignty over the occupied golan heights at the moment a shaky cease fire is in place there's only criticism here of the prime minister that he hasn't done enough he hasn't played a tough and off hand on gaza and on how massed we are to wait two weeks away from a hotly contested israeli election three of the men in the party that are giving him the closest run for his money are x. chiefs of staff but again netanyahu is a very savvy political operator he's also facing a lot of pressure about corruption cases cases that he will be indicted for in the future so he's facing what many people will tell you the strongest challenge to his role this premier in a decade but again he's a savvy political operator he's played this well and says everything seems to be under control will broaden things out further without diplomatic editor james spacers at u.n. headquarters in new york james who's been saying what about well either or both of
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these middle east issues. both issues the u.n. security council has addressed both looking north to the golan looking south to gaza a very somber mood this was actually a regularly scheduled meeting of the security council every month they discussed the israeli palestinian stinney an issue but clearly given developments that became much more important to the security council is watching the fast moving events on the ground but seems no closer to taking any action despite a grim briefing from the top u.n. official normally based in jerusalem a new conflict will be devastating for the palestinian people it will have consequences for israelis who live in the vicinity of the gaza perimeter and it is likely to have regional repercussions as he spoke inside the security council his boss was answering reporters' questions outside the chamber we were clear in the
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condemnation of the rocket attack but now we believe it's absolutely necessary to avoid any scaling up and to have restraint and i would appeal is forty strain on the other hand i think that to seeing this connected but it our position in relation to the golan heights is very clear it comes clearly established by the resolutions of the security council and on that issue some of the u.s. is closest allies the five e.u. members of the council read out a joint statement making it clear they disagreed with the president trumps action any declare ation of for unilateral border change goes against the foundation of the rules based international order and the u.n. charter. comments like that over the rebuke in washington from the u.s. secretary of state gays were simply recognizing facts on the ground and the reality
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and doing the right thing we hope those nations will join us to understand how important it is how right it is those nations he's talking about include some of the u.s. is closest allies and they really don't agree with the u.s. strategy why this is important kemal is that over the last two years since president trump took office the rest of the security council have really ceded to the u.s. on this issue because trump said he had a plan he had his own son in law jared cushion a working all mapped plan i think they've been waiting a very long time now they're getting more and more uneasy and the security council during this time is not pronounced on the issue it's not come up with any resolution on israel palestine jury that time now they're beginning to speak out the french currently hold the presidency of the security council speaking in the meeting in the security council and its national capacity the french ambassador
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said the silence of the security council was becoming ever more deafening james bays our diplomatic editor in new york thank you so let's return to the issue of gardner and we've got sally have a name are joining us on skype from texas actually co-founder of the electronic intifada or an online publication covering israeli palestine conflict alley we are technically anything period now which is holding do you think it will hold or does the fact that prime minister netanyahu went back and wanted to overstate things personally does that make you think that there's still more to come. it's difficult to tell i'm sure israel wants palestinians to think there's more to come and to leave some uncertainty about that but i think we can only hope that the ceasefire will hold it's unclear what prompted the rocket to be fired from gaza the other day
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that destroyed a house in israel on previous similar occasions the israeli army ruled this was an accident it could have been again this time the bigger picture though is that have mass and the other palestinian factions in gaza have scrupulously stuck to the cease fire agreements reached through this rail particularly the twenty fourteen cease fire but what has not changed in the last five years since the. fort. or pilled more a thousand two hundred palestinians and fifty one days of relentless bombing what hasn't changed is that the siege on gaza is as tight as the living conditions a worse than ever and israel has done nothing to ease the situation and the so-called international community have done nothing to hold israel accountable for
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the siege and for the whole wanton killing over the last year of two hundred unarmed protesters along with gaza boundary protesting for their basic humanitarian and human rights so as long as that situation doesn't change and as long as israel enjoys impunity then then then a flare up of of beilenson is always a possibility but then it just seems so peculiar it seems that israel almost wants the status quo to remain it keeps its thumb on the palestinians and particularly on gaza and yet it doesn't want obviously rockets flying out of dancer into israel as well why does it not want to change the status quo. well you just have to listen to the ongoing israeli election campaign away benny gantz israel's mayor benjamin netanyahu as main rival to come become the next prime minister stop his campaign he
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was the chief of staff the israeli chief of stuff during the twenty fourteen a war and against started his election campaign by launching a series of ads literally boasting about how much destruction here of course in gaza and how many people he had killed a truly gruesome and macabre campaign that you would not see in any other country calling itself a democracy and then the last few days been against has been goading netanyahu and saying well we have this situation big because you haven't been hard enough on gaza so the extremism of the israeli political mainstream and voters doesn't allow doesn't. reward. or incentivize easing the blockade easing the humanitarian catastrophe israel has caused and gaza and i think the only way that will change is if there are external consequences the recent
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independent un commission of inquiry on what has happened over the last year the killings during the great but should return so that third countries should be imposing sanctions on israelis who are responsible for the killings and should arrest them and should bring them before the into the actual criminal court but the there's been no discussion of good to nationally because of the atmosphere of impunity that prevails when it comes to israel and the fact that the un singles israel out for special impunity and special treatment where alone among u.n. member states israel as allowed to get away with flagrant violations of un resolutions and international law while bearing absolutely no consequences it's time to stop singling israel out in this way and we have a neighbor from the electronic intifada good to talk to you thank you meanwhile the united states has implemented sanctions against iran targeting twenty five
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individuals and businesses based in iran but also in turkey and the united arab emirates the u.s. treasury announced the sanctions via their web site they include banks and financial institutions pedicle home of all from washington. the u.s. treasury says it is sanctioning more people and trying to cripple the iranian economy and now they're far focusing on twenty five different people and entities not only in iran but in turkey and the united arab emirates the department alleges that these people in these companies were helping to trade the iranian reale and turn those into u.s. dollars and euros more than a billion dollars worth and they believe that was used to help the revolutionary guard so this is all part of the trump administration's continue to attempt to try and hurt the reading economy just last friday they issued more saying sions against the effect the iranian weapons development teams so again trying to put pressure on iran but this time someone unusually going outside of iran in targeting people and
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companies inside both turkey and the united arab emirates the pentagon's plans to spend a billion dollars reinforcing the border fence with mexico are expected to provoke opposition from congress kimberly how gets monitoring that story from washington as well. well the trump administration had thought that it finally had the money announcing that the pentagon had approved a one billion dollar request in order to take money from previously designated projects like the rebuilding of military fire stations and barracks and even schools that are on bases and allow that money to be shifted towards the construction of a border wall but we are now learning that the house armed services committee has denied that request so this is certainly another chapter in the very long drama and saga that has been going on since two thousand and sixteen when donald trump first
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began promising to build a border wall along with southern border of the united states and mexico or remember that he asked congress for five point seven billion it rejected that that's when he declared a national emergency the congress once again saying no that is not acceptable through legislation then the president over turned that legislation with a presidential veto now we're seeing in the house of representatives an attempt to overturn the president's veto that vote is set to take place it's largely symbolic however given the fact that there are not enough republicans to side with the democrats who control that chamber in order to undo the president's actions so it appears the president is finally going to begin constructing his border wall at a last minute snag by the house of representatives house armed services committee has now put that construction in doubt. here's what's coming up for you on this news hour. one very important day one and now an al-jazeera
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investigation has sent political shock waves through australia. and also from a stray via the story rules our sports team fighting back against racism the details coming in sport. hello there we're seeing a lot of wet weather across the middle east at the moment and lots of heavy rain and some of the worst affected has been the southern parts of iran this is shiraz you see the water there just rushing past its picked up those cars and just thrown them and it really has caused a fair amount of damage now that system is gradually edging its way eastwards you can see it while it was over us though very heavy downpours as the poor to its way northward heavy rain lots of thunder and lightning as well and that system still here as we head through wednesday will have moved away from she runs there and that
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will moves out the way we see a few more bits and pieces make their way in from the mediterranean and that will gradually it's their way eastwards as we head through thursday so yet more showers are likely here through parts of iraq and edgy their way towards iran once more now here in doha is the rather gray recently and tonight we're expecting quite a few thunderstorms that's clearing though so on wednesday it will be an improving picture of the often and should be bright unsettled and then it should stay that way for this day so it's a temperature for us of around twenty eight degrees on thursday that's eighty two in fahrenheit it will still be a little bit breezy day the cloud with these outbreaks of rain is just to the south of us is over oppose the u.s. stretching into parts of saudi well may things rather gray hair and at times if you see a few outbreaks of rain. it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home and mishit me off actually you know. not
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insignificant in robbers that insignificant ideologically that insignificant evil is a crime gag down very significantly by dictating big government in the fucked up policy dows shalt not kill part of the radicalized series on al-jazeera. this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working around the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us that's what i think we really do well.
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top stories. especially after the chief called for the presidency to be vacated on health grounds this is after weeks of mass protests calling for a president. to step down after twenty years. reversed his decision to seek a fifth term. new constitution. he is rarely appeared in public since suffering a stroke back in twenty thirteen. and israeli media reporting just in the last few minutes that there is no agreement on a cease fire expect a response the latest response in fact following
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a rocket attack in tel aviv there are reports one rocket has landed in well. so want to take you back to our top story and a bit of background actually on president up to lizzie's beautifully he has ruled out syria for twenty years but has rarely been seen in public as we said after that stroke six years ago but there were unprecedented nationwide protests once but which broke out five weeks ago when beautifully announced he wanted a fifth term in office he was actually in hospital a time in switzerland bowing to growing public anger but a figure agreed two weeks ago to abandon his bid for reelection the presidential vote next month was canceled he promised a national dialogue but he remained in office and more protests continued on monday algeria's ruling national liberation front withdrew its support for the president and also his plan for a national dialogue conference we've got three with us now to talk about this a lecture from the university here in doha really sounds like the writing is on the
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wall for him it's just been you know he was in hospital when all of this started now his party's withdrawn. your friend they are western agents and it's got to be the end of his reign surely. and off i think it's the end now. sided with the protesters in the street they called for an end consitutional to. the flipper presidency and it's over now there's. over looking forward to the future finally and have important is it that the army is taking this constitutional path because we're used to armies coming in and deposing leaders or wanting to take power themselves this time the army chief seems to be given differently. feel that typically it's we normally not all of the army the army should stay in and they. they secure the borders
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of algeria the overall security of the county but. the algerian context shows that the army plays a major role it plays a major role in the different. independent. independent. area with. the one nine hundred ninety. days all the political parties when they met last time they called for the idea to . a company in the solution the political solution it's only the street who calls for everybody to seize intervening in the politics of algeria the fifty percent of youth of algerian youth who wants to play the major on the in the shaping of future of algeria but the army is still there we have got
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the constitutional council meeting right now actually they have acted immediately which i. yes for the protesters it's a good sign but beyond that it's going to take a long time isn't it to create a new constitution to make sure that all the all remnants are gone we're not just talking about a quick change or are we. it's not a one day or one week change but i think the game is. over. i would expect that this to be true to. keep vigilant they would not accept it for granted ok the token has said that the president should go and that's the. end it all depends on who is going to lead the future the interim period second who is going to be in the. committee of election how independent they would be seen how to present that if of
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these three they would be. acceptable by the protest as there would be if the more that honest and that independent and that. let's say. serious seriously taking the demands of the. protesters well exactly and there they want they want to accept and hear some more on screen here that they won't accept. anything other than real change because the fear is not just about mr bush to fake it it's about all his and the word gets used as cronies of the people who are still there who could just be. beautiful to light or beautiful to mark to that's that's why i would expect that this that is a protest will carry on this my expectation the protest will carry on these three to keep vigilant and they will keep putting that pressure you know that the the protests not a political party they don't have a presenting
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a leader who spokesman who can claim that i speak in the name of all these people protesting all over an area but i said in their previous. that. this protest. that waiting for a give way for them to come forward with leaders who would appear and speak on their behalf. we may not see a one spokesman of all these protesters but should be sorted out in a democratic way even if we find so many people speaking claiming to speak about parts of these protesters they have to come forward to the people and the people will choose what about three lovely to have you with us thank you now straightness prime minister says he is very concerned after al-jazeera has investigation revealed links between the us government lobby and in australian political party
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officials from the n.r.a. were filmed by our investigative unit advising australia's one nation party on how to influence public opinion after a mass shooting and to thomas has more. this is denise is. one for nothing was. what started as an al-jazeera undercover investigation into the united states is national rifle association is now dominating australian news and the top of politics we have reports that one nation officials basically sought to sell australia's gun laws to the highest bidders to a foreign buyer and i found that a part of one nation is a far right anti immigration party that's growing in influence in australia its official court trying to get donations from the us gun lobby is big news that's
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because first for donations to political parties were recently made illegal in australia with one nation foremost among those calling for that ban and second because most australians are proud of their strict gun laws and a concern that any political party suggesting they could be watered down or changed . that is particularly true right now in the off the mouth of the horrific mosque attacks in neighboring new zealand this month on tuesday the one nation officials caught on camera tried to turn the tables pointing at the undercover reporter of al-jazeera and never ever ever suspected him or wildest dreams that this guy was employed by middle eastern country while just zero as an astrologer inspired to you in a kind of politics this is skullduggery at its worst this is the very first time a strike has witnessed political interference from a foreign government but the al-jazeera program make it rejects that the evidence is on the videotape the videotape is quite clear one nation says the al-jazeera
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documentary will seriously and unfairly damage their election prospects in the meantime it's dominating australia as a waves and online andrew thomas al-jazeera sydney. host family and friends of recent mass shooting victims in the u.s. attempt to piece together van lives some are being confronted by new tragedies to survivors of the parklane shooting in florida have died in apparent suicides within the span of a week and now community leaders are urging parents to speak to their kids about the trauma that still haunts many of the students rob reynolds has. and we are the parents of aviel richmond jeremy richmond's daughter was one of twenty children and six adults murdered at the sandy hook school in newtown connecticut in twenty twelve he and his wife jennifer hensel started a foundation in the name of their daughter of the el dedicated to exploring brain
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science research and mental health treatment with this foundation is our hope to honor our beautiful obvious health and all the others had fallen to such sense that fenceless violence. richmond was found dead in his office on monday he was forty nine police declined to give the cause or manner of his death other than saying it does not appear to be suspicious a police spokesman said this is a heartbreaking event for the richmond family and the newtown community as a whole in parkland florida the community is mourning nineteen year old sidney aiello she escaped the mass shooting that killed seventeen of her fellow students and teachers at marjorie stoneman douglas high school a little over a year ago i helo's mother said the first year college student took her own life she had struggled with depression and anxiety one of i.l.o.'s best friends meadow pollack was killed in the high school shooting another teenage survivor of the mass
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murder a boy died in an apparent suicide on saturday florida police said the victim was not named the deaths focused attention on the severe effects of trauma on survivors of gun violence and their families every know they think it is sad right now we're grappling with a lot of mental health issues and come to the forefront as a result of a lot of these shootings according to statistics published by the national health council a group of health care providers pharmaceutical and health insurance companies and health related nonprofit organizations five million americans suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder on an annual basis the council says seventy seven percent of children exposed to school shootings develop p.t.s.d. a higher percentage than do veterans of the wars in afghanistan and iraq and it says more than sixty five percent of children exposed to traumatic events attempt
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suicide at some point in their lives in despair and violence that lingers long after the shooting stops rob reynolds al-jazeera. daniel nelson's with us on skype now from cincinnati he is a child psychiatry and co-founder of the national center for school crisis and bereavement daniel i don't even know where to stop with this sort of thing and i'm hoping here to where where where does a survivor even begin for in the example of the two young girls from from pa kind of clearly not recovered i think it's really challenging for children and families three groups after a shooting. these events really rocket safety that they feel in the world the support that they have. it's one of the reasons that we really encourage and support communities having integrated response often through the schools because
9:42 pm
schools are a major source of. supporting children families not only in educational and academic and in sports but in recovery when there is a terrible and what we've seen both in newtown and in our plan and certainly our school about those families are challenged so you have the national center for school crisis and bereavement all this the you don't want to be just coming in after events and trying to help children is there a way you can help i hate saying this but before these things happen. lot of schools have taken steps to do suicide prevention technology is very similar to suicide post pension or school shooting and tragedy post vention but the real key is to make sure that there is an integration of services that the school and local middle aisle and community and local government but they really courtenay services to attend the children at risk the kids that are most at risk
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after a shooting having depression and suicide are actually the children who are at risk for the shooting and those most closely related to the victims of the shooting or suicide this might seem a little odd but is leadership important and i'm talking high up leadership i used the example of new zealand recently where there was admittedly not a school shooting but there was a mass shooting and the prime minister just sent a rotten was when he praised for the way she responded and led and showed compassion and all these things i mean when you see that coming from the top does that help it's extraordinarily helpful leadership can do a lot to how important and resources it's really key that we look at scientific evidence based interventions so that we the efforts that are put forth to help these challenged communities actually are the ones that are tried and true and produce results unfortunately sometimes people with all of us can jump to
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conclusions that they'll just fix this with the media response not always knowing it that response is going to produce the results we were. the two girls from parkland this was a year after parkland the father of the sandy hook victim i mean that six years later i know the police haven't confirmed one hundred percent it was suicide and what say that but it's speaks to the fact that and announce that in the office here this doesn't go away it's something people need to be monitored clearly for a long time after the events. recovery is can be very challenging especially people who you know the parent who's lost a child is very vulnerable and needs a lot of support and i think people recognize that but we don't always know what to say we don't always know how to be anywhere and summers experience that degree of well. i think it's often really important to ask the person you know what can we do . well too often i think friendships or relationships and.
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we need a way or are being separate because it's hard to be around people who are hurting so the green you know they do need people just like we all need people to connect with in order to recover and you know. daniel it's a really harrowing story but i'm glad we could talk to you about it thank you for your time. thank you very close to two million people in mozambique have been affected by cycling each day that is according to the united nations survive as a trying to get their lives back to normal after last week's storm left a trail of destruction through southern africa zimbabwe malawi in the city of barrow in mozambique they're all hit hard tony but he's been saying how the city's long running support for the opposition though may actually affect the government's recovery effort. on the streets a view of the cleanup of cycling he dies destruction has begun it's a must of task volunteers are valid around to try and restore a sense of normality to this ravaged city. mangos the hands on met who gets up
9:46 pm
every day at five am to supervise the operation and try and still hope we also are trying to tell the people there's no food. but we need to wake up to what brought farmers so we need to rebuild telesales people are living in schools and on street corners it's a miserable existence even for families familiar with hardship. before the psych loan struck this region had an unemployment rate of seventy percent with forty percent of those making living on the streets the majority of big companies that employ most a beer is full time work force have been devastated by it i many have gone bust and getting the economy back up and running is now one of the top priorities it's been a climatic battleground here but also a political one there has been hardcore opposition and it's voted five times against the ruling for lemo government in parliamentary and presidential elections
9:47 pm
and some people here believe they're paying a price for that opposition critics accuse government leaders in the capital murder of previously failing to invest in infrastructure including schools and hospitals and of not doing enough to help victims of the disaster there so question i asked grogs god why are you breaking cycle. i want to get. only god can tell a good. thing to say that only the central government can tell us what i did not giving us government supporters maintain eeks doing all it can with limited funds and that. funding is allocated regardless of which party is governing all provinces what is important is the direction of the country and not the party. but politics is a game that few of mozambique's poor and destitute play their lives have always been a struggle humbert who has been unemployed for twenty five years he lived in
9:48 pm
a shack and survived a lot of jobs the cycle only left him with nothing. either and did you at least i had a home before the psych on of my life was a little normal even though i didn't have much but now i have lost everything it's not just me sleeping here the streets are full of families with children. many of beer is new street well as don't know what even care this is an election year in mozambique for them life is about if and when they will next meet not when they'll vote and we did i don't care about politics we just need help there's nothing to eat and we don't have medication we don't even have pots and plates. the misery for many of mozambique cycling victims won't end until help arrives tony berkeley al-jazeera beera david beasley is the executive director of the united nations world food programme is there in mozambique and says it will take a long time for the region to recover. well the cycle own has come and gone but the
9:49 pm
devastation is here to stay in this going to impact this region of the of africa for quite some time because literally the world food program we have scaled up two hundred fifty thousand people already we plan to scale up to six hundred thousand in the next five to six days and possibly one point seven million over the next few months people have lost their homes in fact two hundred fifty thousand people without homes villages without electricity without water without food and we're doing everything we can to get food supplies into these villages the problem is the roads are don't let tristian is gone there's no clean water so we have serious issues all throughout this region that has been devastated and what compounds the problem is that this cycle own in the flooding hit the worst time of the year it was harvest time so farmers have a waltz at all and so villages were depending on this food from the smallholder farmers to keep their villages their families alive and they've lost it all so we
9:50 pm
need help we need it now and this is going to be a long long journey this year hopefully not next year but at this stage we need about one hundred fifty million dollars over the next three months right here in mozambique malawi and zimbabwe in we need it now the government of the zimbabwe of malawi in particular here where i am today in mozambique they're stepping up they're doing everything they can they're given us the access we need but funds are critical and so what we've been doing the first few days is saving lives using our equipment to save lives but now we need to get the food out into the communities we're getting that there by boats by helicopters by playing by air drops in every way possible but people are still in the water the water is subsiding but you're literally talking about fifty thousand homes have been washed away two hundred fifty thousand people are homeless it is a devastating situation and it is not going to be over any time soon and we need
9:51 pm
a lot of money and we need it now and people need our help. the form of brazilian president has returned home after being released from jail just days after his arrest on corruption charges. charges but the judge who ordered the release said he poses no risk to the investigation while he was accused of taking a bribe in exchange for awarding a construction contract at a nuclear facility though he denies any wrongdoing. sport coming up on this news. and have we seen the last of mixed martial arts biggest stock cars along in a moment.
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welcome back we're looking at sport now with our kemal thank you so much the man who attacked two time wimbledon champion patrick a bit of has been sentenced to eight years in prison by a check chords given of a suffered severe stab wounds on her left arm as she sure struggle to free herself from the intruder who entered her apartment in december two thousand and sixteen thirty three year old was convicted of serious battery and illegal entry the world number two her return to tennis just five months after the attack is currently competing at the miami open. european clubs have repeated their intentions to boycott the revamped club world cup which is set to launch in two thousand and twenty one for president confirmed plans for the new look tournaments at the council meeting in miami earlier this month in for dinos plan is for it to feature twenty four teams and replace a confederations cup the european club association is concerned about congestion in
9:54 pm
the international match calendar. the physician was stumped as a sense today and we as you see a club that will confirm that we are not willing to participate in this competition at this moment in time because of the congested calendar before we actually address the revamping of the club world cup there were and are still a matter of topics that we want to discuss and agree with fifa and they all fall under the umbrella of the international match times or spain will be without coach lewis and ray cave for their euro two thousand and twenty qualifier against malta because of family reasons that magically ends in just under an hour they're looking for a second straight win after opening their campaign with victory over norway spain are looking to re-establish themselves among europe's elite they crashed out of the world cup in the last sixteen and failed to make the nation's league semifinals.
9:55 pm
want to negras f.a. has been charged by you a fellow over racist fan behavior during their home loss to england in monday's qualifiers derogatory chants were aimed at england's black players similar abuse has been also has been a major issue in australia are aussie rules star liam ryan seen on the right has been on the receiving end of racist posts on social media that refer to him as a monkey earlier his team the west coast eagles released this video and response we do not accept don't tolerate right susan when will this and the term monkey or right can be same as just name calling but for aboriginal people it cuts much much deeper than that it is a throwback to really settlement when this land was settled on the terminals or no man's land the reason for that is because aboriginal people were thought of as human beings and one of most watched and most controversial siders of recent years
9:56 pm
says he's retiring from mixed martial arts former to a u.s.c. champion conor mcgregor made the announcement on social media the thirty year old irish man hasn't fought since last october when he lost a lightweight champion can be he was suspended for six months after that fight ended in a mass brawl gregor's social media statement came just hours after a t.v. appearance in which he discusses hopes of fighting again later this year our sports correspondent leigh welling's has more. well of course this is not the first time that kind of mcgregor has retired from mixed martial arts and not the first time that he's retired on social media and that other time in twenty six they knew of course very quickly said that he regrets that he was falling out with the sports bosses back and forth again obviously we live in and of social media where someone can come out and say something that by then go back home quickly bought even if this was an official press conference you don't it for you and said it what has
9:57 pm
happened throughout history not just mixed martial arts but it was fairly boxing is a long history of fighters retiring i don't find anything to say they'll never be back it's so often the party day that will bring them back and it all adds to the foot of feel around as well i mixed martial arts is a very serious side to it obviously the level of interest has grown extraordinarily but it's also about big days and if something was offered anywhere close to the thirteen million dollars he was said to have my boxing match with floyd mayweather even something far less than it could tend to not it's all part of being able to sell fights and u.f.c. events and that's all your sport for now more later back to you can offer thank you so much for that is your news hour from here in doha plenty more developments of course coming out of algeria coming out of gaza and all over the world in fact back after the break from london with the latest news right here on.
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april on al-jazeera nato leaders will gather to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the alliance in washington d.c. madam husain engages in rigorous debate cutting through the headlines on up front twenty five years on from the genocide that killed nearly a million people rwanda has rebuilt but how far of its people have been reconciled the emmy award winning show phone lines is back with more investigative journalism
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and in-depth stories israel is to hold an early election on the ninth of april but with a corruption scandal looming will benjamin netanyahu extend his ten years as prime minister april on al-jazeera. is the war on truth where on my watch t.v. and it's taught us is to be able to be concise being expressing exactly what is happening in the moment and what it needs to tradition or if you join us on say israel is an apartheid state and in the ethnic cleansing of the palestinian people this is a dialogue everyone has a voice and we want to hear from you join the colobus conversation amount is zero i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's what this job. in twenty sixty one the one east revealed that goes for me and mark some as young
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as fifteen were trafficked to singapore to work as main it's illegal and costing lives so why does it still continue when law abiding singapore one the one east on al-jazeera. end of an era algeria is powerful only chief triggers the constitutional process that would declare president abdullah seize but a flicker unfit for office. says. the move comes as a mass protest against beautifully because twenty year room continue across the country. holiday i'm for steve barger watching al-jazeera life from london also coming up. israel signs tanks to the goals of border.


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