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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 85  Al Jazeera  March 27, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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trying to help them with their work. the media. traditional media like television and radio has had to adapt and catch up with changing times it's no longer like before we had a monopoly on the news the rise of social media meant we had to update our output. is a way of simplifying political news and making it accessible to citizens who might not want to watch news broadcasts they do not report the news they do not produce information or they take news already pre-processed by television channels to present it to citizens with a taste of music and it's lovely it's quite an artistic creation that they are simply going to stick to social media underway in africa driven by young populations and cheap chinese smartphones as unable to join over pay to go international backed by the ngo the open society initiative for west africa it's rapper's have kick started similar projects across the region in mali. you
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know how to get there is the. give me. the ivory coast. and but. pay is not alone in taking conscious rap. borders pergi have also started something of a box of fly effect with more traditional means and more radical elements. who. has inspired people in many african countries for example we went to burkina faso and together with the rock prison civil society activists we created the ballet sit wyoming. which helped overthrow the president in two thousand and fourteen. we went to the republic of congo to equitorial guinea to mali gambia and other.
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young activists and musicians from various movements. and last year we hosted the gathering with all of them here and. we think hip hop can serve as an agent of change africa developing the youth of the future. if we could visit the influence of sending these rappers west africa and. it's been pretty extraordinary one of the most interesting political phenomena they were actually able to form a popular movement multiple west african countries so hip hop artists have really sort of recognized that they can play this role with mobilizing to. commit its credit to the activism of sending these rappers i think. it's a kind of activism that will have some west african leaders shifting nervously but back in senegal the political elite seem to have in brace the power to talk in the hope that they can fool the chief. and finally the israeli election is
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a little more than two weeks away and the campaigns have produced some shocking ads back in january one candidate benny gantz ran a spot with a kill counter adding up the number of palestinian terror. arrests killed when he was the army's chief of staff turned out that many of them were just civilians the latest ad to go viral is from the country's minister of justice the video is about fascism in a bottle of perfume bottle if you're confused watching this ad won't really help the politician i yell at shaq head has been trying to curb the power of the israeli supreme court the ad is a spoof the tries to get at that issue but it's either a lost in translation be far too subtle to be effective satire or c. just a bad idea it's getting a lot of views but not necessarily for the right reasons we'll see you next time you're at the listening post. such.
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as she said. this is another school of the class. up to. par.
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in an ordinary week dr even atar adopt a sergeant at the only functioning hospital in town in north eastern south sudan and his steam operate on around sixty patients the united nations refugee agency nominated him for the prestigious nansen award which she won in recognition of his work and the incredibly difficult to constance's. south sudan has been in conflict since twenty thirteen the war has divided the country along ethnic lines two hundred thousand people most of them refugees from sudan's blue nile state even this remote town and looked to be a bad hospital for all their medical needs they would has destroyed almost the infrastructure which are especially in the. almost all the way including my littles of stewart living there in the process of who you know vision of the mother to walk into the city that they're supposed to. a three year investigation into the
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program i've been in florida this week and got to really. reveal secrets so you want to put messaging out there that have people outraged you know mad internet and some don't want to expose stanny and legacy media love mass shootings. next week my al-jazeera investigations houses sell a massacre on al-jazeera. continues. to live. with. documentary. revisiting. we're going back to a poor. come together in an annual competition.
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with the top stories here on the al-jazeera main opposition party says it will form a coalition with other parties following sunday's election the leader of the parties that are. made the announcement in a joint press conference she says the coalition will hundred fifty five seats in the house of representatives however that's not enough to choose a minister. as more from bangkok. we know that there are seven parties in this coalition they are courting the phrase democracy front as what this coalition will form and they say they have enough seats in the lower house that's the election the one that took place on sunday there five hundred seats they say they have two hundred fifty five so they say they can hopefully move forward they're forming this coalition now and it's interesting because polling cut out that is the party that's
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fronted by the military government here they too just as recently as yesterday said that they are very close to announcing a coalition of their own we haven't heard back from them yet today so far but again this is pretty recent news but so we could hear an announcement from them and then maybe hours possibly days of what their coalition will look like but right now the main opposition party put their eyes saying that they have a coalition seven parties and they have a limited a majority in the lower house so they can form a coalition now by friday we will be hearing plymouth results for all the different seats in all the different elections that happen across the country and we have a good picture now that's why these parties are confident in forming these coalitions now but we'll have a better picture on friday but then the official official results won't come out until may ninth at the very latest so a lot can happen between now and then israel's prime minister is threatening further action against gaza and the biggest israeli palestinian escalation in months have been reports of sirens in southern israel and
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a rocket landing there as well as new israeli air strikes on the southern gaza strip we were clear in the condemnation of the rocket attack but now we believe it's absolutely necessary to avoid any scaling up and to have restrain the challenge to save the children says seven people have been killed in the strike on the hospital it supports in yemen four children are among the dead the charity says a missile struck a petrol station near the entrance to the hospital just outside the city of sodom. the head of the algerian army has called for a constitutional process to be triggered which would declare president abilities beautifully unfit for office it follows weeks of mass protests but if leaker has led the country for twenty years but he's been mostly out of the public eye since suffering a stroke in twenty thirteen people in the occupied west bank i've been staging sit ins in solidarity with thousands of palestinians in israeli jails the prisoners are
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threatening to start hunger strikes on april the seventh to protest against worsening living conditions yes vice president mike pence is calling for a dramatic acceleration in american space exploration speaking at a meeting of the space council in the us he expressed hopes for a manned mission to the moon within five years pencils and suggested that nasa rockets could be replaced by alternatives from private companies. we have the technology to return to the moon and renew american leadership in human space exploration what we need now. is urgency. and make no mistake about it. we're in a space race today just as we were in the one nine hundred sixty s. . and the stakes are even hot a county in the u.s. state of new york has declared a state of emergency or an outbreak of measles hundred fifty three cases have been confirmed in rockland county local officials are banning unvaccinated children from
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having access to public spaces. a southwest airlines boeing seven three seven max aircraft has made an emergency landing in orlando florida it's the same type of jet that was grounded worldwide earlier this month the passengers were on board the aircraft as it was very to california where southwest is storing the planes while burning investigates a possible fault u.s. aviation regulators grounded all seven three seven max eight planes following two fatal crashes. well those are the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera after inside facebook secrets of the social network sites in pennsylvania.
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facebook is all you believe the most powerful company in the world one point four billion people use it every day more than the population of any country on earth except china the story that you created represent the american dream you know that our mission at facebook is to help connect everyone in the world we take that responsibility very seriously but a series of recent scandals has exposed problems of the haunts of the social network ministers that coburg i think we all agree that what happened here was baguio knowledge it was a breach of trust and i just want to be clear that you're going to take early action in this film we go into a company with facebook's content moderation is to reveal how facebook decides what you can see that plan. it's good for you to refer to them so their birth for them go to school. so. it's pretty says with billions of pieces of combs
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and it's uploaded every day these decisions how far reaching consequences. of the woods on you is not necessarily your beliefs but how they're made has been shrouded in secrecy until now you shouldn't be speaking about record basis of topics ok you know just goes on probation it does not. from violence. to hate speech we reveal how facebook deals with extreme forms of. relief for through three. or four. k. through her mother who for schools with graphic videos routinely left homeless sites she has to change it especially for the face of
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a selfless. and far right groups getting special protection over sort of loaf all over switcheroo the reversers which is facebook pushing profits before safety if you start censoring trigger some people lose interest in the growth process it's all it's all a big one of the. this isn't even a facebook to bring the hotels that are at the meeting not the whole company this year facebook published a set of rules about what content is allowed on this platform. to be open i'll reserve the walls and gates faith and trust in facebook that's the reason i need to break into bar men that want that we work or. moderations have told us there are serious problems with the way these rules are applied so we're going to companies
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facebook to launch a sense of the u.k. content moderation in something. facebook has outsourced a lot of its activity our reporter was working for a company called c.p.l. resources and this piece of policy that we should be speaking about record basis of topics ok to be you know to just go for patient they've got knocked off facebook a highly secretive about the world. so again no matter how strong you are sure that you don't actually reveal the information or what you actually do we hear. so. give you the first call are going to stop what you're going to do it was a call to whatever. the phone fiscal policies. or at least what we are. every week millions of pieces of content to reports it's
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a facebook by users who think they should be deleted. so these are some of the things that these you know are the photos that we're going to delete because these . people's ears are not covered by anything including the phone and i don't know a lot it's completely open so in that case we're going to go. unlike other media that there is little regulation restricting what can appear on the social network so the decision to delete or ignore is entirely up to facebook. and it started off in us colleges and then we launched in us high schools in a little bit and us corporations and since when we opened up the site actually last ember a sec.


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