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tv   Myanmars Youngest Maids  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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that if. you're not planning on a maybe. then he said when i talk when i'm with that one door and all of them one of them. william suffers from the same problems a small scale farmers globally he has no modern water pumps he can't afford fertilizes and without proper transport he can only still crops locally so williams joined a farmers group to try and pool knowledge and resources to kink human embryo. do you think it is i mean there. again i'm again. going to try to link here. with me was it to say easy to see debated and to assess it and then said and then go what he said what he said. well it will go nice and i said forget the so-called science and you're to tango yet when it comes right down to levy soon. you need
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that the fact that two liam is already in the group and it's barely two months old it's a starting point because it's already brought people together so even if you do all of you know solution to that the end result would be a platform and you can use them one of the test groups or a focus group and also start from hearing problems from other phones as well because now we've had to both really and maybe another families facing a slightly different problem. to my. city boy will use about to taste some kenyan country cooking with william special needs crop is indigenous kenyan vegetables. and even like akhilesh going to take the food before we take it in the sense can. be made on into. limbo yes i mind he said but you you you you you you know you. you.
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i don't want to have you know you'll. go over you'll. pick. your head in. the mouth. you're you. next and when use research trip is a visit to you getting a town center he's going to meet william's group of local farmers. who wants to know if other farmers have the same problems as william. and how we can design a mobile phone app to help. find their meaning. because we. combine a lazy. no no mind you think you know this is going to turn to could build a light. laser turn your magic gun that. is if i
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do you need to come get a good show systems. that will come when i say my all to pinedale community is that i did two parties in big to find the piri the meeting was good and after listening to. and his problems all the challenges he faces and he's doing is harming they're not unique to him other guys in the community also facing more or less the same problems. when you want to research how much the crops william grows could fix so he has to one of the largest markets in the area.
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it's only forty kilometers from williams home but he's never even been here. every turn journey using public transport would cost him five dollars almost a week's income. so it's william's first chance to find out how much the indigenous vegetables he grows could sell for in the big local markets. you know nothing more american. and. the truth should be. there. in the south suburbs sounds a little bit to get back to the question you can oh. yeah man to sign up our city is you need something to. sell some good to her said. it has. all of the bananas on the floor before winds up on the top of she down there so. move two more didn't know if i'll come up to him. to walk you through me now you
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didn't know when i said much about trying to cure city and you know when you get when you want to when you get when you want it will you be able to sign up to pick up someone analytical maccie and. pulling resources with a group could mean lower costs and higher returns for their produce. when you realize this is how a mobile phone app could help looking up from the fall mas to the snow and then what the market for these a lot of ideas to explore today in the same area was of the problems become visible from a group level as a group you want to what source you support you see how much will this particular item before you see that name of intelligence reporting it as it will be able to sell his produce and also to what he needs to be and how much to be. you you. you know you will you. know you'll you only you know you will.
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it's a quick goodbye to william as more news of back to nairobi. his challenge is to design an app that can help william make a better life from farming. it is a sad story unfortunately. and was see the food prices in nairobi ridiculously high and these guys can sell their produce out here i mean for instance you give me an example here into the market in five hundred ceilings of all farm produce he only sold a hundred killings so the rest all ended up protein and becoming compost. it's
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time for my new to brief his team my metaphor my wheel and here is the future lenses that he's facing as an indigenous crop of the i also are that sounds of meeting the group that he belongs to these farmers need from. push information so we're looking at her technology. kamin and bridge he's got up under so support them to get to the next level so movie these this information about. planting seeds on this date and then they come they have how much the onion from the farm financial financial planning information we need to bridge that gap because the team decides to go with a simple text based app why you can't lose the chance to claim before this use you know you can school with they don't last month he says develop technology you develop solutions for technology people use one team for mission to move from
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the farm to the market and from the market to the farm and the only way you can do these is through their groups is it to be allowed this. seems by the way that they're almost ready to go back to william with their idea for an app back. to say that you didn't like john cleese a living come by i need to give my mind mind you but. this. is. the prototype of their life app is ready to show william in person. l l a mr william. struck with them but. he wouldn't tell anyone. on the road back to william and this time when used joined by jeffrey one of the
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best trainers. city boys are about to be reminded why out communication is a problem. with one of them up and get people. to remodel. in a solution. the first step is showing the group how the prototype app works
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so it's only what two missing we're really. not. so because so much more. it's a swahili word meaning fertility supposed to be a platform to exchange information well aids market information whether it's based on disease information on record keeping all that in one. so how exactly does road to both work. step one register the group form a name and produce. steps to send the details to row two was database. step three send reports to wrote to both via text message such as which crops and the
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quantity they're selling. step for on market day then text all the farmers in the group to share the information. natalie secret. then they can agree on prices and share transport costs. nicky to kids who is an enemy. most of interaction with the system will get through this a mess of us with a farm as a missing the system of the system getting the data back to the farm it can be tailored to be anything the families it will be for instance if the group owns a farm implement like a palm. even from all it's to use the pump the request for the pump way. to come up with a group to simon says i watch it. all many make up and i keep it up.
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to check what. really cool. to call. the app would allow williams friends to collect and distributes the information they need to work together see where the building may be operate your comments how lucky you are not will be. finding yeah yeah. well why not because they said they like their product. they see their body neat so i think it went pretty well you should have seen the smiles on gays who since. the smile on their way and is what gives you the belief. that.
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this has been. you can call it mind blowing all out of experience something you really need and it's all in the experience of your power to come on nine minutes right it's about one meter short. but you know the limits and. opened you can. be a key to. it he says i mean. a particular. cause of it to be young and he's going to. use currently seeking investment funding to develop a tuba as a fully functioning technology will he's convinced that mobile phone apps like road tube can help kenya's millions of small scale farmers to work more efficiently find new markets and have a better life. putting information on people's hands do you think they fall out fer
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sure how for access two point four missile a place because they're the ones voiding the fooldom defeating the missile agreeing that this comes off as a autumn in reasoning but some of these things are present because kill even less on the beach. and it does well for chords just the beginning you know you'll you'll get your you need. the brazilian economy is booming but deep divisions still exist between the haves and the have nots in a country where smartphones have become a part of everyday life technology help bridge the gap. the series that challenges developers to design apps for a better world travels to rio dish on native and meets the young people tasked with making a different life after a veil of fog on al-jazeera. april
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on al-jazeera nato leaders will gather to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the alliance in washington d.c. madam husain engages in rigorous debate cutting through the headlines on up front twenty five years on from the genocide that killed nearly a million people rwanda has rebuilt but how far of its people have been reconciled the emmy award winning show phone lines is back with more investigative journalism and in-depth stories israel is to hold an early election on the ninth of april but with a corruption scandal looming will benjamin netanyahu extend his ten years as prime
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minister april on al-jazeera. africa's most populous nation a blog just economy has a youth unemployment problem in a bid to control the internet of the future some say a kind of digital i am told today is folding we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. saudi arabia releases three female rights activists off to months in detention. and the u.n. calls on the saudi government to publicly open the secret trials of suspects in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi.
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doha everyone on to maria and this is the world news from algiers at least nineteen people have been killed in a fire in an office tower in the bangladeshi capital dhaka. also an oil tanker migrants in a rescue at sea the pursuit of a better life turned into a hijacking in the mediterranean and the u.k. government hints it wants a vote on break this on friday but hasn't said quite what that would be about. so we're starting with breaking news on two fronts concerning saudi arabia first the saudi government has announced it has released three women jailed for their human rights campaign these were activists arrested before the ban on women driving in the kingdom was lifted last june they are still awaiting a final ruling on the case eight other women are also facing charges some of them told a hearing on wednesday that they had been sexually harristown flanked by guards while
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in prison and then we've also got the u.n. investigators. holding on riyadh to publicly open the trial of eleven suspects accused of their involvement in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi the special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions agnes kalama said the closed door hearings of falling short of international standards she also called on the king to release the names of the defendants let's talk about both these issues with mound ashar our senior political analyst and let's start with the release of these three female rights activists without wanting to turn there. or downplay the importance of the case is it almost like a good p.r. move by saudi arabia that they are engaging in here well it's more than that. i mean thankfully it's more than that it does sound for many people a bit too little too late. because they are released on conditionally they would return to a third third session in the courts there are others that are still in jail and
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yet one can see that under pressure under diplomatic pressure under international pressure the human international human rights pressure media pressure that countries do respond so i think it's important. to underline that under that kind of pressure saudi arabia how to respond and with that pressure so the what are probably not responded and these women and others would continue to rot in jail so i think it's important in that sense. you know let's let's remember and remind our viewers around the world like for example in the case of germany and the case of european export of armed soldier arabia all of that is frozen now because germany is said i'm not going to approve the licensing for my parts and last jets that would go to saudi arabia for fight in yemen as long as saudi arabia continues to violate human rights on the question of women and other questions of
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who probably had the us later so i think all in all it is more than symbolic but it is still too little you can add in the issue of jamal khashoggi is there as well because other nations reacted and put pressure on on saudi arabia there now the un special rapporteur saying no this isn't good enough the trial that you've had in saudi arabia it was closed or we need to release them. i wonder if pressure would have any impact on saudi arabia there because we're six months down the track now and they might have hoped that the sort of gone away by now if you look on the question of for example women trial i've heard from reliable sources that there were there was actual trial going on it wasn't a short trial i mean there were actually trying those women on the number of codes and and there is a defense in there this prosecutor and so on so forth it wasn't a show trial. in the case of. i mean really. you really want to have an open trial with so gary be approved an open trial because we know
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who is responsible why we know who is responsible because everyone will know saudi arabia including this cia director in the united states and including all america's saudi arabia's friends some partners have been saying in one way or another that the crown prince is more or less responsible because it's the people in his office his and the raj his security detail are the ones who have. no one know so that. does not know that this could not have been carried out without the crown prince's orders hence an open trial a real trial not a short. and i do not see forthcoming one more thing i want to ask you about and it's on a slight tangent but we are dealing with one of saudi arabia's allies the united arab emirates a story here at al-jazeera dot com a u.s. official saying that our country should be more open to israel what's this about look at the u.a.e. as we've been reporting for
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a number of months even years. as well as saudi arabia and other gulf countries as well as our countries have been opening in secret. they have been opening in secret despite israel's increased oppression this despite israel's annexation now of the golan heights approved by the united states despite israel's one marmont of gaza despite israel's closures this bright israel's punitive measures the worse the palestinian authority and so on so forth a number of arab countries have been opening up publicly or clandestinely towards israel and we've been waiting for the saudi arabia not to cough it up as you know and just say the egg knowledge and now the minister of state for foreign affairs in the united arab emirates have done exactly that and why is he doing that now well because just a few weeks ago but as than trump's sudden logit question there was in the area in
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order to sell his deal of the century or you know it's now we all know that this is the trap of the century than the deal of the century and yet a number of arab leaders feel they must appease the united states they must accept american dick that in order to. save their own regimes in order to empower their own and their likes in the region that's why now president sisi of egypt is going to the united states by the middle of april in order to discuss the defense the u.a.e. and saudi arabia are on board for the century and what is that deal of the century well we know it's more of the same so-called the economics of peace no palestinian state no right of return no is jerusalem as capital of a protestant said that does not exist anyway no wonder it turned to the one thousand nine hundred seven borders not just months of the settlements so basically that the end of the century is. the occupation under
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a new name and the other countries like the u.a.e. despite all of that want to normalize relations with it with his room now and thank you for that good to cover of a number of stories thank you. still one more actually concerning saudi arabia the u.s. energy secretary has authorized several companies to sell nuclear power technology to saudi arabia this is coming from the reuters news agency which says the companies have requested it all be kept secret the kingdom is planning to build two nuclear plants and russia south korea and the u.s. are all they seem to strike the deal but there are concerns it could fuel a nuclear arms race in the middle east kimberley how could following this one from washington hi kimberly i mean you've heard melanin are discussing a whole range of issues to do with saudi arabia and they all kind of into link in one way or the other can you add this one in for us somehow. yeah interlinked because of secrecy with the trumpet ministration not being forthcoming about its
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relationship with saudi arabia and this spans in the eyes of u.s. lawmakers here in washington a whole gamut of subjects the latest being secret approvals put forward by the department of energy for u.s. companies to work ahead on projects that would allow for them to ship potentially down the road equipment to saudi arabia for the construction potentially in the goal of saudi arabia to build two nuclear power plants and as we've been reporting there are three nations that are competing for this project russia south korea and also the united states but the reason lawmakers are worried about this is because of the lack of transparency and it's not the first time we've seen this we've also seen this of course when the congress has requested that the trumpet ministration kind of explain the reasoning behind its refusal to hold the highest levels of the saudi government accountable when it comes to the murder of jim show she the
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washington post journalist something that it promised to do but then refused to do under the global magnitsky act so this is the latest concern is that there is not only a concern about a proliferation in the middle east with respect to nuclear arms but something that the u.s. secretary of state my pump a of this week reassured lawmakers about but there's just this concern about the depth and breadth of the relationship not being made clear to members of congress so members of congress have taken matters once again into their own hands to try and hold the trumpet ministration accountable with this latest secret energy deal that has been taking place what they're doing is they have sent a letter to the government accountability office this is a nonpartisan investigatory body to look into this matter and we can tell you that the government accountability office or g.a.o. as it's known here in the united states has accepted that request that investigation into these latest deals now underway can be how could in washington
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thank you. well moving to other news at least nineteen people have died in a large fire in a high rise building in bangladesh capital firefighting teams are trying to put it out with the help of the navy and air force and it is believed some people may be trapped inside has more from dhaka. we can confirm at least nineteen people are dead and at least seventy people in this is according to fire department and other authorities the rescue operation is still going on here you can see behind me there are fire trucks that are still trying to salvage bodies from inside the building the fire department told us that this is going to continue till tomorrow morning they expect to find more bodies the casualty figure possibly could go up among the seventy injured many are critically injured and taken to hospitals now the situation here thousands of people gathered here the fire department complained to us that there's so many buildings also many up this building twenty years old they don't have fire exit or sprinkler system some of them do. coping with fire for the
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last one decade up in many major incident just a month ago seventy people died in old dhaka in an explosion at a chemical when i was within residential and commercial zone many areas are residential with semi commercial areas but their office building the highly congested situation is quite grim here that this operation is going to continue we'll report to you more as time goes. on a main border crossing between gaza and israel has opened four days after being shot down the erez crossing is one of gaza's lifelines and israel closed it after a house north of tel aviv was hit by a rocket and then israeli jets attacked hamas targets. in gaza city first as a result of that opening he could get in the report and there what's it been like since you've arrived. welcome all i can tell you that the atmosphere here is one of relative calm but deepening tension.


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