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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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they're both a school for white children. but so yes i say so what commissioner of baseball card she he actually lots of whom i know who knew jack would longest long to select the single doctor said to. me and no not me nixon's lot of these elite and the. miami fans were the few. if might actually. who gave me. their little slam dunk last year all cheer. this is a young for the packers should keep with the on see who will he see actually it and then for us government goals over this record all pizzey by the
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scandal. didn't. shoot. and refracted are going down for a little while have been fun we demand that all. should have good size by ok on scene and worry about that by a fanatic man dawns on her at the end vice versa to be as swat the sky now come out that are mad at this need out of me a man dismissal roid t.v. or did the deal. in going that are that it not only resolve the fight the more me and the assistant. work near other going to actors but west itself and it's a great mark. and i think a lot of the means and. if it lack. did you say every day was beside. a. chain with firm friends at age seven and
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went to the same school in an area spent set aside for people of mixed race. day to go to church when they. were. forty years father runs a children's home in a rough part and transfer to. the area is one of gangsters and drugs and as luck to balance that goes on in. a lot of gunshots. when you drive to the shop to make sure your doors are locked. you've got the feel of being hijacked and women ever feel being free and i mean it's not just in poor communities it's all over even in sandton people get tired. ok tell me if you're going to look like a load of what you're going to do with me and buy me
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a. bad guy. that seventy percent of them are hung upon. this. throughout the day. because of the way today's life is but now i believe that the guy next to you guys be. i hate the guy. i like the person that he needs to all the polls i like him but i believe. that's. what do you think about his job. just like the play in the swing look i saw some of these. kids i'm coughing i don't like just drop the money not on the township with a gun in your hand shooting school i mean. no no no no i think your police was nice feet wide open discourse nice break but i personally
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think. they should have taken him to paint. because i mean after that. things has been from bad to worse. with the high crime rate but it was not high. school and that when people you know in life boats can imprison and get out. they just took things aboard instead of going crazy. when they were seven tessanne in a bun year were good friends living near each other in johannesburg. why do you think people fight in this country adham a frankfurt and i think. people are looking to block off roads but here to buckle anyways looking to put security guards at the front of roads looking to punish sede open gardens looking at spikes electric fences on their walls or can make their
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will six foot what's let your friends above while i know that you know what i think we've actually become paranoid. crowd then like other people it's just this kind of . pain is not being believed i think that again most people think it's black people do it and i think that's really wrong and ok i must admit they are. majority of people up that people but i think that's she to the potus to closer to the yup because they don't have an education if you don't even have an education you can't get a proper job just to survive him you going to crime you know that was the was schools are changing slowly in south africa. at film school the language instruction is afrikaans an option few black parents choose for their children but.
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there are more black students at longest government school in durban which teaches an english way where. the line of lunch ally pans monkeys kind of quantum the kind of schools of the best. since i started school in the ninety's. when they were going to school with white people and say. never if it can happen and i mean i've never been to unpick school and that's and civil now and how do you find the white kids. found or do you think about the by. five year old when i was told. i hate. that i'm not really like. you not. quite. right and that is perhaps something which is really meant to our country and that is the issue of racism because if you did not belong to
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a certain race people want to believe didn't you basically were considered inferior because remember what the final solution was all about yes. here's a seat that you knew. says children here but did a good. fellow in one thousand nine hundred nine longest suburban school is better resourced than ever before but little. has changed in the township speeds since we were first there in one thousand nine hundred two then there's one other i know this is circle seven living and going to school and so where to. eat. eat eat there. eat there.
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that's it fair. that you get it. because we really see. until we can make it better to now go big to fit on our dining kilmainham something you have loved in the city to live in one way or no way. now fourteen separate stores struggling for an education and somewhere to. better. coordinate. the one the peace. corps. got when i did just in. the. city. by no. one understood. to shift what you want to know. but like you were nowhere but it's we've
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got a very. good. game if you plan to salute the schools in playing. am schuman a dangerous. sport on a daily and i just. don't get. him into the team bus or neck and neck more turns to get is sure. they can call it issue in kuwait a tough one nine zero nine over the weekend true show had been both a one night up with which i. can see something only akin to the
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one i control here in the kitchen he took it into a social. not. the under and i described lived in cape town and there were seven. families. but they have both moved to the eastern cape yonder has his own way of dealing with conflict. ok when i'm not. been schooled. in the two one who fled to. mama. had. no money and.
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war. alph. their land on one piece elian and his. wife and i mean we aren't buying guns. and are not. and you. know you. want to. start over with. in one thousand nine hundred series. of a sports accountancy waiter and it's seen
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a lot of violence. to a police as a last as a way to be when you are not profiled can mean doing the right point he sat well for a way please. find another place muslims are pushing. the topic of and getting what ends up being when i shall have a shine to me how i would much rather load up my life back. one hundred syrians all put a. ring in. the menu by now. without the will of. god will i want one to. know from inside the brain no problem.
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at fourteen violence is still part of timber sealers life. men are being really left almost impossible to. messed up is about this and i am so happy tanya mr barlow move on i finally get to call you up your powers them while our mess was going to keep her as a class. that i want to miss mina will pass on cause i'm. going to last. and. take off the javelin. leading up to that fourteen over which is a prefect at a school with some charter how. can she already have views about thomas mucha brothers servants. and guys. and your faculties when
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i come i guess. i'm just having. played. by now. and i don't game to miss him in some and i mean this him back i manly was my back i was a dealer has already risen that somebody is playing games a big deal cause i won't. work that way that you think south africa's changed the things we said changed but it has changed in many ways that that things that have better and that things that are as you see i think at this dean snake. people are stealing now and things that i am necessary to just being just to have the word i stole something you see and i don't think he's right i think people should like work for
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them so spread i don't blame them but i do blame them but i don't blame them that way cause the government should give some people like to it. at seven which i was exceptionally houseproud. when you returned we asked her what she would do if she was president of the country. band of ins and change first of all i would make sure that the towns act. i can see and i'm told it's dirty you see so i hated to when you work you have to close. your nose so that you can catch the smell so i had was the answer i think every weekend people should clean so they can be king or like a king place and no place that don't go places the by point a face and a space want to edit. out into never wasn't bush and all up i want to speak english only see no closer and you go no where with class i see english is the main
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language you see and you may can you may go back to said i told you so when i gave you only the would. like to speak english like that and how the people in the state speak it you see it like a man puts up with you in everything and i just take it like that. thank you very much goes and i hope you win the competition as well i want to finish studying i want to go to a university or to south africa and i want to be old and i want to work for six years you see have my house have a cafe have a cellphone had a computer and. then i can get married but i don't think i'll get married. april on al-jazeera nato leaders will gather to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the alliance in washington d.c. madam husain engages in rigorous debates cutting through the headlines on up front
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twenty five years on from the genocide that killed nearly a million people rwanda has rebuilt but how far of its people have been reconciled the emmy award winning show phone lines is back with more investigative journalism and in-depth stories israel is to hold an early election on the ninth of april but with the corruption scandal looming will benjamin netanyahu extend his ten years as prime minister april on al-jazeera. even the problem for yorktown that they really don't have a health question mark over him but he does have a corruption question mark over him join me many are some up front of my guest from around the world take the hot seat and we debate the week's top stories i don't think issues fear on al-jazeera. a city defined by military occupation there's never been an arab state here at the
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capitol of jerusalem everyone is welcome but this depĂ´t structure that meant there is because on a project that's what we refuse it was one of the founders of the settlement with this and the story of jerusalem through the eyes of its own people segregation occupation this could mean nation injustice this is apartheid in the twenty first century jerusalem a rock and a hard place on al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera three female activists in saudi arabia have been granted temporary release after spending ten months in prison they've been freed after the second hearing of their trial which is still continuing there among eleven women arrested in may last year for their human rights work and having contacts with foreign journalists and diplomats there
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are reports the others will be released on sunday that women say they've been sexually harassed given electric shocks and flogged by prison guards saudi arabia's government denies that the women have been mistreated the united nations investigator is calling for the eleven suspects in the murder of the saudi journalist to be put on public trial the special proper term on extrajudicial executions i have says the closed door hearings that have been taking place in saudi arabia fall short of international standards she also called on the saudis to release the names of the defendants at least one thousand people have died in a large fire in a twenty two story building in validations capital dhaka the navy and their force were drafted in to help firefighters tackle the blaze more than one hundred people were rescued using ladders and helicopters some managed to jump from the roof to a neighboring building. at least eighteen people have been killed in somalia after
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a car bomb exploded in the capital mogadishu it went off outside a crowded restaurant in the what very district the al shabaab armed group which is linked to al qaeda is claiming responsibility has been fighting the government for more than a decade. the explosion happened in between restaurants some people were having lunch at the restaurant all the victims were civilians there was no government official or soldiers with the explosion happened eighteen bodies and twelve injured people being carried from the. as the number of deaths from the ebola virus rises in the democratic republic of congo a study has found that many people there do not believe the virus even exists where than six hundred people have died from since august but researchers found that one in four people interviewed in the east of the country don't think bola is real well those are the headlines at fourteen up south africa continues next that talking
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about race relationships fear and gold in the new south africa thanks for watching but i. feel. we. were at. the a.
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cuts are going to tell us what i'm going to do i can tell. you. and i'll tell you it was. for teens an age of exploration and a time for hanging out with friends. of some races that stuff it was like this very fertile girl that i love that was that you know i wanted to be on something interesting that ok let it go and felt i could share that i was like yes i was just going to do it since i don't know would you don't know how to craft an executive like well if i like it that's the good as it was. i know what challenge your life
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is not final if you get that i just look at all include what it's like to. a random and and the minded took a class in they're going to london and london is to skin the iraqis time for. him again you know so you know i can demand my internet. back its i wanted his new card number one in mobile. and says. the thing of sleeping with boys. that's a most disgusting thing. personally i'm a virgin but i know lots of people that aren't and that even younger than me. and i think most people today rushed too much into it you know kids today don't know what they doing they just fall in love with a guy in the into bed and mean blah blah blah and in the end up being pregnant and
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then they've got to drop school or drop work whatever they're doing and if i got a situation where the baby. not saying anything bad about sitting with a baby but when your whole life plans get ruined as well you know it's also not very cheap to maintain a baby as well it's actually expensive. party at seven had life of comfort and seem to understand how the world works. how does a person or group. like to fly if they live in a poor house plan to keep their money and by now they're mad when they buy
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cheap like to get a new house then when they get the new house that other people paid them in big get rich rich rich or the making bad. my father told me i must complain everybody is pretty much like god can a car crash. or i should show you that shows your friend of the think you're here for the connected with and they're us ok because she gave me too much of food and then
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she told my mother in her mind that i must. play too much on the current through to my work. and i can play too much my thing you know go in the pool our friend tells my mother in her mind but i mustn't go too much. now tom is your family a very strict hindu family. not what is what with a straight what's the difference to your family in a strict and do things. like that what is a strict in the family do. shout too much. but. see. you know. the. i actually like praying because i know it helps me because i. well to be honest with you very very honest
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i used to only pray when it's exams. no i used to only pray when his exams a nice to tell god you know how to me and if i come out first i promise i will bring a whole i will go and buy a whole tray of fruits and so over to you i used to do that and i must admit i never used to come out first but i used to come out sick and in there it. heavy handed. and pet. at seven patrick went to a private boy's school in cape town. there. his best friend is robert. carr.
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i personally believe in god but i mean anyone encourages psych written the bible and just published it made up of the stories you know and like dahlan theory of evolution and like if saying. if. there is a god right why would different people how serious about a ring i asked him to do is god important. is really important i believe it's only person you can trust in this world in your parents in today's left god in your parents' own people you can trust i pray every night before i go to bed i believe that you can talk to god anytime of the days listen to you all the time even if you like about my life like. like you asking what i pass or just talk to most anything you like to even if your bathroom you in the toilet any time.
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made plans so when she. died it was. but now i think it's happened to. this last song just. so raise your breath. they always became more. we knew about culture and before we knew about the white man call a new hitler something that should come first. so. i to speak my belief system but i also do believe in god we go to church do you believe in god. and what you think god. he does lots of things.
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please. do it. to me is his name no question he kind. of course and john. lake is a fan and c.f. an antique now says history. of. the night team i feel competitive as is and is known as kids infinity and my two little tickle in a so someone inflammatory. when it says the daughter of a zoo the chief. i want to put that on with the challenge. and the live eight seconds. so why should i believe that there were shall movie the shining. chapter sham shining while
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the new gun shows. how. the war. was. at fourteen she goes to a school that includes christian education in the curriculum she's wrestling with her cultural identity. if these nights when they used to call me when i do something for the answers does i am forced to coffee it's not because i want to it's because i'm forced to do it if it was my way doesn't count. my family believes in them strong. but who don't. eat soup for. forty. should need it. in the
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studio to give us. a sudden. welcome us federal family like the monthly fee for team benita does help at a father's shop. we asked if there was any possibility of her becoming a chief oh. no not me my pravda woman. it's like it's the way women are allowed to take over only main out the happy. yeah but. it depends on what the father sees in with the literally people believe. that the whole generation believes that's all you mean by low to take over so no woman can take who do you think that's right no no don't give her love to be chief. ok we kind of have to decide we're going to be ok
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this is all. it's no good. could actually we have this but you see if this isn't fit you know you can lose it is having a party tonight seven she and her best friend teenie were going steady but since then their relationship has been well from. i can't go out with the guy it's not been offering for a week that i mean not take to me we've been friends for either and i hope it stays that way but i don't know if. you might want to kill us again. i hope that was a yes you know i believe he's been i was you know i'm looking right now we have a subsidy you can bet all her both ok with me with me on end except what you need to know about this is that he thinks he. needs to be able to see us be
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with you yet. because we have seen these trains together you know i think iraqis. know that's just a joke. now i don't know i don't know he he's mad at me i don't know why but he's mad at me because i don't know why actually i don't want to actually i did cuba can tell you that the extent of the world is no. longer in the middle and upper we can never fling them up so i think this will cause. but that's a lesson for and that means for most when they document everything. and then. life was a lot simpler back when they were seven. what
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you want to do when you're growing up that i know. that reassures cheney. thanks chad. i might do you know like my sisters. do computer science. back up i knew i would say that.
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past. my dad said there should be advocates why do you think. it would work. when you save them and i asked you which ones to first answer was i wanted to be an advocate talking for. no there was first on a soccer player well now and dare i press. with. this and. i want to start my own band but i don't my friend actually she sold it john's unfortunate step time for them but i want to start my band when i want to get that off the ground. i went. into them. i want them to message in the song you know the ones.
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they can see. girls. personally i like something i like the climates i like the beach friends i like i like we can do a like i like i like alex africa the only thing about it is we don't win the koreans and i want to have a choice and i don't have much future exactly do you think you know where this fits you at that is actually does share what may or special change no future for you do you think is going to say join us. maybe you might because you know the giving. women and african people they giving them they can they get access choice and jumps. instead of. summits like. you know when you worry about it if it is you know.
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if this is going to happen you know what he doing in this country safer my kind of all to see could with the. sick and they didn't kind of police who done it and the book. and when scott. a book came down. after the death of films father they left the farm and have settled on the outskirts of johannesburg. and took a plot by fellow still to. be astonished got a few to stop on this to fix some wanted offical plan missed my doctors my e. i have both glossy if.
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i get. voted down gets smy to a. haitian blogs and. beautician why do you want to do titian. i just. read the out good. things. down sorry. i'm going to go to hollywood because i want to see an acting career. i think the industry is really crappy i mean it's cause we're just starting out man i'll give you. i don't need all the materialistic i want garbage and everything i just want to act like to wake up and just say i'm happy yeah i just yeah be appear to be i'm living in a heart beat i'm living in a mansion i just like to make him say i'm sure you happy with who i am what i do
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exactly and this has. gotten to one of them where they. can be. so numb from my pain not. it is very telling me i will become a lawyer because they've noticed that i always fight for my rights and of going to become out and i'm not shy i'm not shy to do anything so. like to i'd like to fight for people i'd like the unheard to be hurt just because i'm a person of color i'm not going to go into a place and then they say well because you are you getting the job fine and finished with i don't think that's going to happen job's not going to get on the corner and i'm going to get it and i don't actually think i want to stay i don't.
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have children i don't want to bring my children up in a society with have to be scared of getting i just have to be scared of getting killed they have to have. security gates and everything to try protect themselves because of the country they're living in and i can't. right now i can't picture what the future is going to be like because the way it is now i don't think we're going in your head. i'm not sure but the way things are now i don't think. if i can go. to get out of school. i do it. in england and england and i could watch every single day. off like a child child like in his current standing and toys that cold to hack
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it's just like the source unless. you. want to enjoy. going to movies. for your own because. i knew his own salary for yourself gave him to feed babies i don't have children and it has been going to be in my house and i'm going to work that's all i want to make money and get rich that's all i wanted i don't want to get married because i hate.
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the house has a cost me of a concept a succesful. could do need my christmas so many year more to come in and let go of it and eventually over to going to. memento my terminal with him was. the best selling leaning woman to. my tower for. moments as they read some other than that well you know where we ended so situations out when santa had to learn okies. katie from the get preceded and then go to trial if you discard the whole planet into a go fearless or give it to a social console in the nick of time like this two or twelve words he was like you were twenty given him who.
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the sun. shining you on the sun comes. out the summer. you come out. i am. not the. i am i am. i am i am i am in seven years time will be returning to find out about our twenty one year old. well they have embraced the changing south africa. taking part in its growth
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the. lives become impatient. it's. the kidding me and i think people just. thinking it's going to happen we simply not but i mean it's quite happened that way takes time. it's all about networking actually first two weeks i'd wake up in the morning open the door and scout for wall good night and you park thank you for those exact plan that's such a mist that. you swallow this so that i let him pull. it
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was there was some rather heavy rain in the full cost voiced in parts of australia particularly. you can see the moments still want to see showers into eastern areas of town before much of a still straight it does look. come down into the south of this cold front that will sweep its way through and it will have quite an impact for the southeast the core of victoria in particular seeing temperatures forming a whitewash up to make the most of that twenty nine that we have in melbourne on friday because it will barely be fifteen degrees to sas that west of whether we speak of. new south wales up towards sydney pushing up into that eastern side of queensland much of the interior will be fine and bright twenty six celsius in alice springs i started to will have a little here while the weather will be down towards the southwest perth getting up to thirty one degrees celsius not so bad meanwhile into new zealand some more
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coming back in here over the next couple days you can see how the the clouds tending to drift in a general southerly direction a warm gyrations twenty two celsius that o'loghlin that's not say better ninety in christ and his temperature is all hovering on the side of twenty degrees as we go on through saturday should be lost if on a dry for sas day chance of wanted to show us towards the west coast. in twenty sixty one the one east revealed that girls from me in march some as young as fifteen were trafficked to singapore to work as maines it's illegal and costing lives so why does it still continue when law abiding singapore one the one east onal dizzier a prominent saudi journalist committed to freedom of expression silenced in taki by his own government in the most horrific way. al-jazeera world investigates the
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death of jamal. which resonates to the highest levels of the saudi government with startling evidence about the disposal of his body. jamal khashoggi the silencing of a journalist on al-jazeera. to a certain. al-jazeera. everyone i'm from this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. saudi arabia temporarily releases three female activists who spent
5:49 am
ten months in prison. at least nineteen for a high rise office building catches fire in the bangladeshi capital. but as whalers opposition leader one quite oh is bought in from holding public office the fifty years. the british wonder woman with the gene mutation which means she's impervious to pay. and in sport it's that job he'd always dreamed of doing after mark will run of form only get our soldier is confirmed as majesty united's manager on a permanent basis. we begin in saudi arabia where three female activists have been granted temporary release off to spending ten months in prison they've been freed after the second
5:50 am
hearing of their trial which is still continuing there among eleven women arrested in may last year for their human rights work and having contacts with foreign journalists and diplomats there are reports the others will be released on sunday women say they've been sexually harassed given electric shocks on floor by prison guards saudi arabia's government denies the women have been mistreated. well from all the story let's speak now to yasmeen hassan she's the executive director of equality now that's an organization that addresses violence and discrimination against women around the world she joins us live from new york good to have you with us on the program first of all why do you think these three women have been released at this time is it down to international pressure on saudi arabia well i would imagine so we have been the international community and women's rights groups from all over the world have been tireless lee advocating for these women for the past and months since they were detained and disappeared very recently just
5:51 am
about two days ago we released a letter signed by over one hundred muslim women's rights organizations and advocates calling upon muslim states to intercede here so we have tried every bit of pressure at the human rights council of the european parliament with the state department and now we really need muslim countries to act on behalf of these women so i think all this pressure adds up i think the world has been watching this what she expects might happen to them now they've been released temporarily they are still technically going ahead with the trial and of course there are what is eight all the women still being held in prison or similar charges what do you think might happen to them now. well we are hoping that the international pressure on this and the international press on this will have an effect on what happens to these women going forward we are delighted that they are not going before the specialist court on terrorism charges but they're still going before
5:52 am
a criminal court and this move has been very fast and we don't know quite what to make of it these women have not been given access to lawyers they have not been able to see their families there has been a chilling effect all around saudi arabia on activism and women's rights so we are watching with bated breath but we are going to continue with the activism on their behalf to shine a light on their cases and we hope that that will have a positive effect on their on their cases i have of course and realized lucian going forward i mean we are calling apologies i didn't mean to interrupt but obviously ling for them to be unconditionally sorry that's ok it's because of the time delay between here and new york i was going to say to you the reports are if it reports that they have been tortured while being in prison how. do you hear these sorts of reports all female prisoners being treated this way in saudi arabia . you know it's very hard to get any information out of saudi arabia but if you
5:53 am
recall recently they have a businessmen who were detained in the five star hotel by the crown prince and those men were tortured also they i have to believe that there is no rule of law in saudi arabia and it's and you know we have no codified law as to speak off and so it is people are not supposed to be tortured in prison anywhere a prison is a and you're supposed to have a trial and a punishment that then needs to be carried out these women were held without trial this has been a long period and so everything that's been happening to them is extrajudicial and it is illegal and immoral. and you know be a very very very concerned because on one hand saudi arabia was seen as becoming more liberal and giving women dried including to drive and at the same with that but the other hand they took away the freedom of these eight women whose only crime is that they are standing up for women's rights that's it and they have been told that they are conspiring by with foreign agents and that they are a threat to the security of the nation this is a farce and it is actually very chilling to muslim women around the world you know
5:54 am
as muslim women we are all concerned because saudi arabia plays a huge role in what happens in all our countries and what happens in the islamic world and it's a big you know step backward for all of us really good to get your thoughts such yasmeen hassan joining us there from new york thank you thank you well the united nations investigator is calling for the eleven suspects in the murder of the saudi journalist. to be puts all the public trial the special ruffle to own extrajudicial executions agnes cullum all says the closed door hearings in saudi arabia fall short of international standards she also cooled on the saudis to release the names of the defendants was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul last october. a senior official in the united arab emirates says arab countries should be more open to israel on wall gag i asked the minister of state
5:55 am
for foreign affairs said they were wrong when they decided not to have formal relations with israel to syria senior political analysts most of the sharia has more on his comments a number of arab countries have been opening up publicly or clandestinely towards israel and we have been waiting for a like syria and saudi arabia not to cough it up as you know and just say that it is now with the minister of state for foreign affairs in the united arab emirates have done exactly that and why is he doing that now well because it's just a few weeks ago president trump's son and low judge bushnell was in the area in order to sell his deal of a century or you know it's now we all know that this is the trap of the century than the deal of the century and yet a number of arab leaders feel they must appease the united states they must accept american dick that in order to. save their own regimes in order to
5:56 am
empower their own and their likes in the region that's why now president sisi of egypt is going to the united states by the middle of april in order to discuss the defense the u.a.e. and saudi arabia are on board for the century and what is the deal of the century well we know it's more of the same so-called economics of peace no palestinian state no right of return no is jerusalem as capital of a protestant said that does not exist anyway no wonder it turned to the one thousand nine hundred seven war there's no dismantle of the settlements so basically the din of the century is. the occupation under a new name and the arab countries like the u.a.e. despite all of that want to normalize relations. egyptian mediators have been shuttling between israel and hamas trying to draw up a new cease fire plan between the two sides this as a key border crossing between gaza and israel reopened four days after it was shot
5:57 am
following a surge in violence the arrows crossing is one of girls lifelines the only pedestrian routes to and from israel the israeli government closed its borders on monday after a rocket hit a house north of tel aviv and is ready jets attack hamas targets on the strip are a force that has more now from gaza. well after the latest escalation earlier in the week another relatively calm day in gaza but the next two days friday and particularly saturday could well be a lot more tense saturday is the first anniversary of the great march of return the massive border protests that have taken so much attention during the course of the last twelve months i have seen so much bloodshed more than six and a half thousand people injured by israeli sniper fire more than two hundred fifty palestinians killed during the course of those protests and hamas is calling on a major mobilization of people to go and protest again on saturdays a month that anniversary at the same time as there's been a big mobilization of israeli forces on the other side the prime minister benjamin
5:58 am
netanyahu was visiting those troops today saying that he had mobilized extra forces to ensure that israel could carry out a broader military operation if so required but said that would only take place if or other options had been exhausted and those other options really center on the progress being made or otherwise of egyptian media's who are now mediators rather who are now back inside gaza having been inside israel earlier on day trying to come to some kind of long term truce between hamas and israel as they have been for many months now the speculation is about some kind of a deal involving easing of import restrictions into gaza easing of fishing restrictions job creation in alliance with the united nations but the israeli government the israeli prime minister in particular is under a good deal of pressure given that he's just a couple of weeks away from an election to project strength rather than give hamas too much already he's been criticized for not having done enough in response to
5:59 am
a rocket launch earlier this week and so there is a big military presence on the israeli side and we're expecting a big protest on the gaza side on saturday so that does make for a very volatile mix. at least nineteen people have died in a large fire in a tower block in bangladesh's capital dhaka authorizing teams of put it out with the help of the navy and air forces believe some people may still be trapped inside for him how much. as crews battle to bring the fire that engulfed this high rise building in dhaka on to control the many in the commercial area of the city it was a ready to meet. some felt trying to escape others climb down any way they could that money governor clearly got the only army up because we noticed that in the beginning there was fire on one floor only in floor six or seven it was possible to stop the fire on that floor if steps were taken quickly
6:00 am
with a guy jumping off a maybe a like the seven of the eighth floor eighty ninth floor there was like a lot of a small pile and that was probably suffocating them so he literally just jumped off watching from the pack streets below crowds gathered desperate for news of those trapped inside a smoke rose to each of the towers nineteen close and connecting building. the bangladeshi navy and air force join the rescue effort and lifting some who managed to make it to the rooftop that prison if it with more than fighting equipment we can gauge opcodes budget was started building but. beyond that we kind of was more than eighteen million people live in dhaka it's one of the world's most densely populated cities the city has struggled to enforce fire safety codes especially in older buildings. last month more than seventy people were killed in.


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