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thing to do if you want basically any kind of breaks in the future relationship between the britain and the e.u. is undecided but the problem is no one wants to compromise you've got the brick city is on one side to say they don't want to sort of soft bricks it they'd rather kind of go down in flames see no cracks at all they were quite say that but that's what they're doing the sabotaging backs it for the sake of an imaginary purebreds that of their dreams i mean while on the remain a side you get people are still holding out for the people's vote over a way of stopping blacks altogether and as a result the compromise is the least popular thing in the world and then you know does the e.u. and the other party in this whole thing what do you think they would accept this sort of separation of now the withdrawal agreement and a political victory i mean it's probably a clever political maneuvering do you have that put forward today here but in the end well would do you require well i wouldn't go so far as to say clever but it certainly it's a way of allowing parliament to debate again despite the fact that the speaker her
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who's in charge of all this before parliament said he wouldn't house have it back but you cannot separate the withdrawal agreement and the political declaration fully the withdrawal agreement refers to the political declaration the like siamese twins and so even if to resume a gets the support of parliament on today's vote it doesn't actually move us forward it just gives the impression that she's not as paralyzed as she actually is but the you know what will happen next week all that we coughed up other than will still be in the european union is completely unknown thank you very much polly and as polly said really the big question now is will to reason may get in the numbers that is really not set in stone be has clearly said that it will not back this agreement labor has also said that it cannot back this agree to vote because it was stupid little declare ration to be part of it this is otherwise you're jumping in the are known so certainly a lot of questions today really didn't mean question the main focus will be on the
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numbers and we will be looking at all of those developments with you here on our just here throughout the day i meet in london thank you very much for that. the head of the chinese tech giant huawei has defended the company's commitment to security after facing further accusations of failing to repair flaws in technology the us has accused the company of being a security threat and led a campaign to blacklist since despite that the company's profits rose while most twenty five percent last year while sales exceeded one hundred billion dollars while way has denied his technology can be used by the chinese government for spying adrian brown has more from beijing while way in many ways symbolizes all that china has achieved in the past thirty years in many ways it is the crown jewels of the corporate sector here in china and that success has certainly been borne out by these latest figures showing that sales surged to more than one
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hundred billion dollars in twenty eighteen this in spite of that campaign being led by the trump administration which has been demonizing wall way for a number of years the century saying the firm is in the pocket of the chinese government something walk away continues to deny but while way is banned from being used by u.s. government employees for that reason why our way is now suing the u.s. government and official report from the british government has once again accused war way of poor software and saying that while away has also failed to repair flaws that might make it vulnerable to cyber attack now the reason why this is important is because the u.k. government has to rule shortly on whether wall way will be able to provide five g. equipment to the company's next generation of networks but significantly this report made no mention no reference to while away making equipment that
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enables the chinese government to spy on individuals or companies. and to more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including a year in protest span a stimulus in gaza prepares to mark a significant anniversary last. a national remembrance for those killed in the new zealand mosque attacks and sports even when he's on his knees tiger can still produce the magic have the details later. for us four days after the disputed election in the come or a silence at least three gunmen have been killed in a shoot out with the military it happened near the capital moroni local reports say the men were a group of soldiers accused of attempting a cool separately presidential candidate mohammad has been arrested mohammed who
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last sunday's election accuses the government of rigging the results he and other opposition presidential candidates earlier announce their plan to unseat president assad. our correspondent who has just returned from the camorra story just now on the sets you returned not because you wanted to return but because you were asked to leave we'll talk about that in just a moment but for bring us up to speed with the latest developments on the ground how tense is the situation right now after this election verdict turns folly comes from the results of elections lot of them accrue more news from the beginning from the judicial. court. some of the most prominent of spins for the presidential slot. to have an election you know some of the polling stations went ground sucked by supporters of the opposition groups. you saw bottle books and spanks off with primark peoples for the president as
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a loose money. this continued throughout the election day the been people. held in unusual for example where the. motions were really high and more than the other two islands. it took the electoral commission about forty eight hours to announce the results and they did the counting on their own. the electricity was being timed off some minute time so these are the things that raised suspicion so once the results were announced and as early as monday was said to one the election a position created this transitional authority which they said would be led by sweeney here former commandant of the military. and he was arrested hours later that's when things started getting worse and the gunshots outside the military station and supporters took into the streets instability though is nothing new
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not new and in the kemar as it has been going on for a while now just how serious is this this time around how bad is the situation it is very serious because the bin this is a country that's prone to coups the been more than twenty coups for all of them successful since one thousand seventy five when the can to go to its independence and when the instability got so much the african union mediated and in that mediation process in two thousand and one they came up with a tissue of presidents a system where the three months will take time five year terms to two to two to rule now but it was going out of the window after that referendum held by money last year and that is where the major concern is about the country going back to its lowest possibly frame ahmed covering this story hasn't been easy for you not at all there's been a lot of obstacles thrown away we could not get into some of the polling stations
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we could not get into the tallying center and then immediately when the results were announced police about ten of them from different organizations immigration police national security diligence as well as the regular police came to all tell took away our camera of forms and then told us they will come again the next morning to take us through to the airport which they did and then the last into an aircraft thank you very much for that mohammed john john here in the studio with us . last saturday marks the one year anniversary of what palestinians in gaza call the great march of return that's a series of weekly protests calling for palestinian refugees to be allowed to return to their ancestor. there is heightened tension in the region an egyptian delegation has been in israel and gaza trying to negotiate a deal after rockets were fired from gaza and israel attacked hamas targets for
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more let's go to john john in gaza city it is egypt delegation first of all still in gaza and what are you hearing from hamas about the discussions there. funny the egyptian delegation is still here which many people we've spoken with in gaza consider to be a very positive sign the atmosphere today has been relatively calm we've spoken to a hamas official in the past hour who confirms that talks are ongoing with this egyptian delegation but this official also explained that things are a little bit more complicated than the way they are being reported in the local media this official saying that while the response that the egyptian delegation brought back from israeli officials to hamas has demands was positive the problem is that there's no concrete timetable for meeting those demands those demands are being described to us as following how modest is asking for among other things easing on fishing restrictions here easing on bringing in goods to try to expand
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the economy and the hamas official is saying that in essence while the israeli officials have reacted positively according to the egyptian delegation there is no guarantee on when these demands would be met if there is any other group that would be able to apply pressure on israel to make sure that they stand by these agreements that they are making in principle that complicates to waste and we know that one of the points of contention in these talks is that israel is asking for hamas to ensure that when this great march of return first year anniversary happens on saturday tomorrow that the demonstrators stand at least three hundred meters away from the fence to israel now is how much the saying official that we've spoken with rather is saying that the response thus far has been until they know when the demands they have made will be met they cannot ensure that the demonstrators will stand three hundred meters away from the fence so that adds a little bit more volatility into the mix even though it's
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a relatively calm day today even though yesterday was a relatively calm day even though the fact that this is different allegation that was here went to tel aviv and now is back in gaza that is really added to try to deal at. skule the situation back to the matter is people are quite concerned about what is going to happen during this great march return first year anniversary tomorrow because hamas officials as well as the committee that is organizing the protest is asking for a huge turnout and that's something that could mean that things get out of control very quick mama june in gaza city thank you very much for that let's speak some more about this not even for a house who's an associate professor in conflict resolution at the doha institute for graduate studies thank you for being with us thank you as you heard mohammed say that hamas calling on people to go out and protest tomorrow on the one year anniversary of the so-called great of a great much of a time protests how tense you expect the next few days to be there was already an escalation earlier this week are we heading into very dangerous territory or well i
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mean it is going to be serious because this is going to be the first anniversary of the get started a year ago so you know given the situation on the block because. it is expected to be serious however i'm not sure the with of that is going to reach very dangerous stages with talking about an open war like what we were expecting last week because the logic of context in my view i think is does not make it and this is a forum now to escape it on both sides because you know there's likely elections are that's taking place next week so netanyahu while he is interested in showing some seriousness in the ring with the protests he's not definitively interested in also having or starting a war with this woman you know until the election is over will egypt succeed in reaching some kind of truce between hamas and israel well sukses here is very
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little of so i'm not sure i mean we can talk about a temporary thing i mean three months is probably to continue in the proposal nothing long last but nothing. you know nothing you know can stay in for long as there is no longer true is there is no long term stability in does because that is a very serious and look at that is why it is and is in control i like of the goods and the fisherman movement in the sea and all of us so as long as the blue kids there is there will always be tension now whether it's you're going to be there for a couple of there's that's a possibility for i had one last question before we go i mean coming back to the great march of return protests one year tomorrow had they achieved anything for palestinians in gaza well one that we should ask the question whether they would have achieved something if they didn't do the you know these protests the answer is nor in both cases however you know with some with some differences with these
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protests letting the world know about their what they're going through also in terms of you know reaching out to the international community and allowing their voices to be had the answer is yes now with a change really something on the ground not much so i think here that they should is about continuing you know this progress until israel listens because otherwise again the alternative is not is not promising and not giving them anything so in this case they at least lead the world to hear about the suffering. of the bookit as always very good to talk to you thank you so much brain for hats for joining us on the thank you than a few moments we'll have the weather with kevin and still ahead on the news hour as saudi arabia free some female activists but with conditions we'll explain roger federer on fire dancing into the semifinal of the miami herald ben jealous here
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with the details. we're going to start this hour here across the eastern part mediterranean watching this very closely because as this weather scenario plays out we're going to be seeing some very heavy rain not only across the areas of the west in the vine but also in parts of iran i'm going to show you then just a few moments are right now we have an oops area of low pressure that is spinning bring some very heavy rain across cypress creek turkey as well as many locations such as jordan israel as well as into syria egypt is also getting some very heavy rain with the system but what i'm mostly concerned about is what is going to be happening in the next few days because this air of low pressure is going to be deepening and also bring some very heavy rain across much of the region now it's going to be as we go from saturday and into sunday that the storm really starts to
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increase in intensity as well as the widespread rain we're going to be seeing with the storm if you remember in the early part of the week we saw some very heavy rain across parts of iran that rain led to some deadly flooding over forty people died in iran and as you can see here by the time we get to sunday we are looking at more heavy rain across parts of western iran by the time we get to the five day period which is further than this probably and one day or tuesday in parts of iran we could be seeing anywhere between one hundred to two hundred more millimeters of rain falling on already saturated soil so we think that flooding is going to be a major concern as we begin next week. the weather sponsored. a time off change in discovery denting city baby in. the sea of time to forge an identity not seeing anything vanish by accident the baby to me your whole life
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plans to truly king one thousand nine hundred ninety south africa up to revisits the children of apartheid to seventy as they grow and develop with a country to fourteen up south africa part two on our just zero. zero zero s. . where everyone.
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welcome back you're watching the news are on al-jazeera i would need for the bad people are reminder of our top stories thousands of people are massing across on jerry as nationwide on thai government protest center the six week demonstrators are calling for the resignation of president up to defeat and the removal of the entire political leadership british politicians are due to vote for a third time on the prime minister's breck sit deal if teresa mayes agreement is approved the departure will be delayed until may twenty second if not the u.k. faces crashing out of the e.u. in two weeks time and. at least three gunmen have been killed in a shootout with the military on the camorra silence just after a disputed election on sunday one of the presidential candidates has been arrested after announcing a plan to unseat president as early as tomorrow. now as we mentioned earlier in the
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program arab foreign ministers are meeting in tunisia to finalize the agenda for sunday's arab league summit they're widely expected to focus on donald trump's truck proclamation recognizing israel sovereignty over the occupied golan heights and syria's return to the arab league and speak tomorrow on bashar about this he's a senior political analyst joins us now on the news hour a lot of issues on the table at this hour. marwan how much of a unified position are you expecting first of all from arab leaders on the issue of the golan heights. i think rhetorical or speaking in terms of putting words in the communique there probably will be in agreement or in both the question of jerusalem and the question of syria the question for us is twofold one how will this be formulated is there going to be a regret expressing regret rejection condemnation or and that's the second part is will it be taking anything any action meaning there's one thing to say well we
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regret the decision of the united states to etc etc another thing to say we condemn it and we are putting a bust of the war we are taking it to the united nations or we are going to lobby the international community against the american this is not would be a horrible thing which some countries would want to do because they don't want to anger the champ administration salut lee not and not only that i think we've been hearing various chatter if you will such as yesterday from the iraqi minister of state affair of foreign state affairs about the need to get in go to get involved in with the a.o.s. with israel you know choosing this timing to talk about dialogue and why the arabs not israel the arabs will rule. wrong about not having open communication with this row throughout the years that this was the problem this is of course regrettable but it also paves the way and this is again something to be looking at is preparing
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the way for the so-called deal of the century whereby the united states is having a new initiative apparently one that does not include the palestinian state does not include pulling out the settlers does not include one hundred sixty seven borders or the return of refugees which basically means dissolving the palestinian issue into nothing and many states have softened their position to syria's bashar assad is there a integration of syria and assad into the into that. something that could happen in the foreseeable future well certainly we had the united arab emirates opening its embassy in damascus as a way to pay for that we've had some consultations i think the egyptians the iraqis the iraqis and others perhaps the saudis want to start the process of bringing back syria to they are appalled some people thought that this would happen by the by the summit in tunis apparently not but this will continue i think the focus on the
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syria returning by the way also evades the question of yemen because there certainly will not be agreement in yemen where saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are leading the war there and they will not allow the summit to come up with anything you know calling for an end to the war newman these countries that make up the arab league they disagree on so many issues when you when we talk about yemen you talk about yemen of course the gulf crisis a lot of these countries are in opposing sides you wonder what is the point of this arab league summit is does the arab league matter still today well certainly in terms of the arab world in today's you know conflicts and so on we are living the summit of the decline. but it's not the fault of the arab league and this has to be made clear the arab league is a solution is not a problem the problem with the arab league is the members not the institution just like the united nations the united nations succeeds when its members commit to its charter the arab league would succeed if it's when its members commit to its
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charter unfortunately the problem in the arab world to the is not this institution it is it's leaderless right very interesting about this as always thank you so much for joining us on the news hour. three prominent human activists in saudi arabia have been released from jail they spent ten months in prison and went where freed after the second hearing of their child which is still going on they are among eleven women activists who say they've been abused behind bars for promoting human rights culture lopez hey on reports. a taste of freedom that may be short lived the saudi activist are among eleven women who were arrested in may for campaigning for human rights they've been temporarily released after their second court hearing but their trial is not over. the woman were arrested two months before the saudi government lifted its decades long ban on women driving it was part of a sweeping crackdown on activists who are promoting change the accusations are accusations of being in contact with diplomats with the media with international
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organizations including amnesty international for conducting human rights work for calling for. greater women's rights and the ends of the guardianship says that the women say they were tortured and sexually harassed in prison the accuse interrogators of subjecting them to electric shocks and whippings the saudi government denies the mistreatment human rights groups say the country's leadership is sending a dangerous message to dissidents these women have not been given access to lawyers they have not been able to see their families there has been a chilling effect all around saudi arabia on activism and women's rights the provisional release of the activists comes amid international criticism over the country's human rights record adding to the scrutiny is a murderer saudi journalist. and high profile cases of young woman who fled to saudi arabia seeking asylum abroad while the saudi government is accused of using
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the court system to silence its critics the freedom of these activists and several others who's on the line katia lopez will yun al-jazeera. a u.n. investigators say assad's arabia's secret hearings for suspects accused of involvement in the murder of journalists are a violation of international law especially roberts who are an extrajudicial executions agnes column r. is calling on riyadh to try the eleven suspects in public and release their names she's denounced the kingdom for what she says is a lack of transparency sharing tendre says a u.n. representative for amnesty international she says saudi arabia is trying to treat the trial as an internal matter. this is a trial that they are you know that's taking place in saudi arabia they've invited various representatives from france from the u.k. from russia from china from the u.s. to observe this trial and they are following international standards here is the un
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special rapporteur coming out with this statement today saying that it is fully below international standards that this is not an internal affair when you decide to monitor a journalist on foreign territory in a foreign consulate and so it's a very strong statement by the u.n. let's hope that it doesn't fall completely deaf is the saudi arabia saying that we've identified these eleven people and this is a fair trial that we've invited some foreigners to even it so that if they have nothing to be afraid of then why not actually open it up why not allow for human rights observers for the u.n. themselves to come and to come in and observe for journalists the last time time again to the trial why don't they let them in as well so you know you can't have it both ways you can't stand there and say we are following our judicial process we have nothing to hide why don't fight these people who are to blame but then also
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not allow any sort of transparency you know the fact is that when this trial you know comes to its end side you're right you will expect that this whole matter goes to bed because they you know how their trial and they and they have their proceedings there's no way that the international community will accept this and if indeed there has been no transparency in the trial and that's what we really have to remember here meanwhile germany has extended a ban on sports to solder for another six months no new contracts will be approved between now and the end of september a temporary ban was put in place in november after jamal khashoggi was made it was due to a spider this month. returning now to one of our top stories and the u.k.'s debate on breck said friday was supposed to be the day that britain left the e.u. but. has been pushed some remain as help the delay by some time many feel differently and the hayward has been to boston in lincolnshire in the east of
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england where three quarters of voters wanted to leave the e.u. it may look for a date but competition is still at the heart of this game while the politicians in westminster trying to score points against one another here it's all about playing fair with leave and remain voters bowling side by side in a town which overwhelmingly voted to exit the e.u. . governments. at the time. how do you feel. i should now. be. crucified. back in the twenty sixteen referendum boston poll the highest proportion
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of lead voters anywhere in the u.k. just over seventy five percent of people who voted said they wanted to leave the european union. thousands of people from eastern europe have made this corner of england which have been relatively untouched historically by immigration the home drawn by the author of plentiful work in the fields in fact for his which pew local people want to do. pull gleason is a local councilor and voted to remain in the referendum but. been hurt by the failure. to react. quickly enough to an influx of new workers those workers could have come from anywhere they happen to come from eastern europe and they have been exploited in the exploitation is forced up rents and forced down wages so we are in the bottom five in the country for wages we have some of the highest rents in the middle and at length e.u.
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stock hope people who come to live here from outside the u.k. and say uncertainty surrounding bricks it is unsettling if you know what to expect we can prepare for it or if we don't know what to expect and nobody else knows what to expect then the people are going certain and some people do tend to leave some people stay just want to see how it's going to go and some who are really worried back in the bowling hole there's no call for a rematch or second referendum there is consensus that somehow the politicians must do more to try to navigate their way out of this political crisis and he would al-jazeera boston. thailand's election commission has withdrawn is unofficial vote count from the election as allegations of cheating and voting irregularities are increasing the preliminary results showed palang prachi a pro military party are allied with the ruling gente one with just under eight and
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a half million votes however some parties rejected the figure sunday's election in thailand was the first vote since before the military seize power five years ago when he has the latest from bangkok. there were many complaints of discrepancies on election day both from voters and election monitors as well and it seems some of those concerns are only growing now that the election commission is finalizing the results remembering these are still provisional results the final official results won't be known until the ninth of may so what we saw unfold on thursday was a surprise media conference called by the election commission to announce the final provisional results for the popular vote but it seems that there were some pretty major problems within the figures that they released and so once they found out about these discrepancies they withdrew those results give you a couple of examples the voter turnout was just over thirty eight million people but the number of ballots cast was more than forty million so all of
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a sudden there are more than two million ballots cast by a seemingly mystery group of voters and the turnout lips significantly if we look at the numbers from sunday election day to that media conference on thursday an extra four and a half million voters were found so clearly many people are asking questions of the election commission why there are so many problems emerging emerging why there are so many discrepancies in these numbers the election commission is only really saying that it will investigate in the meantime the political parties are being left to try to form coalitions trying to do deals with like minded parties those agreements will really amount to nothing until the final official results are known on may the ninth police in the philippines have again arrested the chief executive of the news website rappler the government says maria ressa broke laws requiring all media be completely filipino o.
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and denies her site receives foreign funding supporters of ressa say the address is an attack on free speech to mean alynda and has more from manila. maria ressa was arrested this morning shortly after she landed from san francisco where it was met by police the warrant was issued yesterday it was one of the many cases that maria and several members of rappler of the local news outlets is facing in different courts across manila she is able to post bail and in a few hours she should be released already she has released a statement basically through her lawyers saying that she has no intention of invading a rests or moving to a different country to avoid prosecution she said that she will face these cases in court fairly and squarely in the hopes the truth will prevail in the end but there are critics media experts who believe that the cases filed against her and rappler has a stronger broader impact on how journalists operate in the field across the country and where the new.


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