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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 88  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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of course everything is allow a lot to do that and they share also some common ideology like this share this ideology of supremacy they share this on the olive cheer of as was mentioned before the question of women's rights of the right and so on so there is some coming growled so i would say that if the i did that terry movement now tries to distant itself from attacks like chris church that the tactical this that and they have technical differences but the ideology there are various that many similarities and michael bumble and how much has mainstream politics in europe played a part in fueling these movements because in the past they were often dismissed as as as kind of fringe groups with very small numbers and not really a threat but we're seeing a lot of this a lot of this narrative now being taken up by some mainstream parties fear of
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immigration and so on. that's not a. i mean that's something that's happened quite a lot in the last few years how do we explain that. well. it seems that there are some far right parties which take the topic of migration forward there are political agenda they are also in government in some countries like in austria in hungary in poland but what we shouldn't forget while we are sitting here are people are dying in the mediterranean sea and it's the politics of the european union who is responsible for this mass killing and if all the major parties if the european union if the far right all then tell you that migration might be a problem and that you have to set up the border said the fences and have to accept
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that people are dying in the sea then it's clear that those who are the most radical in that position will also gain some ground and legal sense he is there are you see a common thread here in in a lot of these movements in some of the rhetoric that we've heard from mainstream politicians like viktor orban for example one get hungary's prime minister he built a fence against the migrants in twenty fifteen and began calling himself a defender of of christian you europe there was this you know frenzied opposition to muslim immigration real or imaginary ads and this has been. something that's united along a lot of these populist right parties in germany and poland sweden italy throughout europe. yeah i think that the rhetoric here is extremely similar and what's concerning is if you look at the rhetoric and if you look at the tone and the
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language being used in some of these manifestos speeches and even political campaigns there's not much difference and if you were to without knowing which which. words came from which speech it would be very difficult to determine whether it was a politician's speech or a manifesto from a terrorist there's a incident that comes to mind where there was due to speak last march in the u.k. and he was detained by british border authorities and tommy robinson gave his speech instead and if you read the text of that speech it is almost identical in the words the phrasing and the tone to both the christ church shooters manifesto to a manifesto written by a terror group in the united states that was prevented from bombing muslim community in kansas and the the language that we see coming out of political
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leaders in hungary poland and even the united states. cynthia when we talk about trying to combat the rise of these. groups i mean in austria the government is talking about banning banning them altogether but is that is that really the solution especially when it brings up issues of free speech and so on i mean have we got every got this backwards does there need to be a greater effort to to to promote understanding. in or race yeah absolutely great question i think that you know what we know from banning in germany has the best is the best example of banning policies and i completely empathize and understand why the vans have been put in place on various symbols but you know you'll have schools that banned the number eighty eight because it stands for the eighth letter of the alphabet for age for al hitler and they don't want kids to display it and and kids start wearing t. shirts that say eighty seven plus one or hundred minus twelve i mean the banning
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creates its own kind of coding that then gets around the bands and i think we're going to see that with the facebook banning right now is that they're not going to be able to ban and monitor. coded content so i think you know i'm not saying that we shouldn't ban or we shouldn't be monitoring and surveilling and relying on intelligence but that there's no world in which that's enough and i think that what we have to be looking for are much deeper preventative solutions that that that acknowledge what both emily and michael were just saying which is that this is not just a problem of the french that that it's not just a problem that the extreme that's gone more mainstream but it's a problem that the mainstream has moved toward the extreme and so we have to address that within the mainstream by reasserting what it means to live in an inclusive democracy and helping all young people but also across the life span understand how we are going to live together in a time of significantly change diversity. emily got a sense when you look at what happened with the with the alleged shooter in new
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zealand this was a young man who claimed to have developed his own violent beliefs all by himself he went on the internet he traveled through europe he bought the weapons him self he hone his skills in a suburban shooting range no one there suspected that he was preparing a massacre so i guess my question is how do you how do you start i mean he wasn't on anyone's radar so how are you going to stop. something like this happening again . well i think that you we have to look at the modes of how these people are radicalized we know where these communities are we know the groups that they're chatting in we know the types of behaviors that they're embracing and it is difficult to to identify that the that shooter before because you don't know who it's going to be and that's sort of the whole point that's the this idea of leaderless resistance or stochastic terrorism that has been promoted by the far
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right groups since the late one nine hundred seventy s. the idea here is that rather than having a commander or a cell or any sort of directed attack that the rhetoric is clear in what is necessary in their in their eyes for what types of violence what types of public activism needs to be done to spread their message and so there doesn't need to be a group you know selmer didn't i i have no reason to believe that he told tara to go and shoot up a mosque. but the rhetoric is clear and if you again read their words that they're saying they're elevating that that temperature of violence they're trying to form oppositional groups they're looking at muslims as an oppositional group they're looking at as an oppositional group and it becomes clear to these to these people when you immerse yourself in that culture. some percentage of them are going to
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decide to act out violently and so in order to identify and stop those threats we have to figure out a way to lower that temperature. michael bond villain how much of a role has social media played. in fueling all of this i mean we have this announcement from facebook. that they were going to shut down all of these white nationalist groups and that's that's obviously something to be to be commended but the internet is is such a vast platform there's nothing to stop these groups from just going somewhere else . to to to have all of their discussions and so on so i mean it's an endless battle isn't it well of course that play some role like the group i did the terrorist movement they might have like two hundred activists in austria but they went first trial because they understood how social media works and of course others helped them like current austrian wife child kristen stalker from the freedom party she
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shared her contributions spider i did to tarion movement facebook helping to make them strong but on the other ahead and this is lot of social media phenomenon alone like trauma not isn't also an artist in the night and so it is they had no facebook and no twitter and still they were able to rise so same before it was mentioned before this question of the lol of right wing terrorism there is some social base for them there is some base in society for them and that what gives them the possibility to gain successes and to get stronger and cynthia when you look at the rise of these. white extremist groups in the u.s. it's not something that just popped up in the last couple years it's it's clearly something when you look at the numbers it's clearly something that's been on the rise for quite some time yet we're only here batting it were only hearing about now
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in in the last couple years why is that i mean is there a sense that the government just kind of took its eye off the ball in this. well i think that we know that these groups have been around obviously for some time there were traditional groups the k.k.k. the arion brotherhood in prisons we had the patriot militia that started after the vietnam war but those who were always regarded as french they had an aesthetic kind of appearance that made them come across as quite french and very clearly not part of the mainstream and i think what we've seen over the last couple of years is the . that these groups have both expanded their base and they also have cleaned up their static in a way that makes it difficult for people to recognize them and recognize their ideas are as violent and as extremist as they are and i think this gets back to that question of whether ideas can be violent and i think we're seeing that even groups that that a spouse nonviolence you know are expressing violent ideas that if followed through
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to their logical conclusion have to result in violence and so that's i think where we're seeing a broadening of the base and more visibility and of course an amplification over social media and and those and the more violent acts that have occurred over the past few years so so there's a whole range of things happening but it is moved out of fringe groups into more mainstream broader base you know unquestionably there's no doubt about that. how incumbent is it upon the authorities to to do more to promote tomorrow promote awareness of these groups i'm not just talking about from a security point of view i'm talking about getting getting the wider public at large to be to be more aware of this. well i think that it's the place to start with that is with education and with improving access and knowledge to people of different cultures people of different backgrounds we see that that helps when
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young people grow up in environments where they have greater access to a variety of cultural experiences and so i think that that's super important to start with that there is certainly some degree to which law enforcement needs to or could play a role and they have largely been neglectful of white nationalist groups and white supremacist violence particularly in the u.s. and western europe over time but i think that part of what we need to do is is to look at this idea of regulation verses. sort of leading people to come to these values on their own and if we. creep if we keep building a society where our schools are segregated where there is class divisions in terms of who has access to what types of experience and education that's really going to
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continue to breed this sort of hate based movements you know we don't see that the people who are populating these these groups and these these activist circles they're not be what most people think they're not lower class generally they're middle class they're white and they have access to good education what they're not what they don't have access to is a wide range of cultural experiences and that is sort of brief leading to this shock that they have now that they're starting to see things like immigration into europe or into the americas all right we're going to leave it there thanks very much to all three of you michael bumba lots emily go sense cynthia miller ages thanks very much for being on inside story and thank you as always for watching remember you can see the program again any time just go to our website at www dot com and for more discussion there's a facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j.
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inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter i handle is at a.j. inside story for me has i'm sick and the whole team here by foot. early years of forty five their football fans who don't think about doping really had that lead explaining when rail madrid a club worth five hundred million euros expresses a position on something the world anti-doping agency has to take notice you'll get
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over it. in part two of this series al-jazeera continues to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports doping the endless chase on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be pushes you know this that it shouldn't be but it is but the good because you have a lot of people that if i did own political issue. with the people who believe to tell the real stories i'll just mend it is to do the work in depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. they said what do you think of waterboarding i said i think we absolutely need it we should have it and if we can't we should have people in power investigates the private companies and rule us towns and magically complicit in the illegal use of torture under
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interrogation the sun will rise once a day and then sets not if you're in the hands of the cia you can make the sun shine or not rendition you visited part one on al jazeera i mean this was different whether someone is going for someone's favorite. tree i think it's how you approach a vigil and that's what it is a certain way of doing a conscious. story and fly out. i'm. about to do. somebody like. and i am fully back to bill with a look at our main stories here on al-jazeera hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take on an anti-government protest across town ceria for the six week
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these are pictures from algae is where thousands of people have already gathered after initially calling for president abdelaziz bouteflika to resign demonstrators are now demanding the removal of the entire political leadership at least three hundred people have been arrested amnesty international has called on authorities to stop prosecuting peaceful protesters and i had has more from neighboring tunisia there are calls for mass protests across the country we've seen many human rights activists political parties opposition figures and also trade unions saying that they side with the protesters an indication that we might see a huge number today compared to the last few fridays and people say that they are determined to continue the fight what is quite interesting about the slogans that we've hear heard so far particularly in the capital algiers you say you see people saying that. president has to go but they don't seem to be really impressed with
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the move by the army about article one two they say this is just could be a letter by the army to decoy the the pro-democracy sentiment from or from from the perspective of the protesters in a they say all the establishment has to go president government and the parliament and they are now floating the idea over the family that would take over for an interim period something similar to what happened. in two thousand and eleven when the established a constituent assembly took over after president zelaya video where ali was evicted of power. british politicians are due to vote for a third time on the prime minister's break sit deal parliament must approve teresa mayes agreement in order to ensure the departure is delayed until may twenty second if not the u.k. could crash out of the e.u. in two weeks without a deal the vote only covers the main withdrawal agreements not the political
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decoration about future relations between the two m.p.'s are debating the issue right now as you can see on these live pictures from the house of commons four days after the disputed election in the indian ocean a nation of camorra say at least three gunmen have been killed in a shootout with the military close to the capital morrone local reports say the men were a group of soldiers accused of attempting a coup separately presidential candidate mohammed has been arrested mohammed who last sunday's election accuses the government of rigging the results the head of the chinese tech giant huawei has defended the company's commitment to security after facing further accusations of failing to repair flaws in technology the us has accused the company of being a security threat and led a campaign to blacklist states. i think the u.s. is the most powerful country in the world it's been the leader in many demeans and the government has the attitude of a loser i hope it can adjust its own attitude if we say that while we would do
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something inappropriate such as spying that could put the survival of the company in jeopardy i don't think that should be allowed by the more than one thousand shareholders or four way arab foreign ministers are meeting in tunis to finalize the agenda of a sunday set league summit topics are expected to be widely covered including donald trump's proclamation recognizing israel's sovereignty over the occupied golan heights as well as syria's return to the arab league. abiah has released three prominent female activists from jail being held there among eleven women arrested last may for their human rights work and having contacts with foreign journalists and diplomats the women say their feet and sexually harassed by prison guards. and thailand's election commission has withdrawn its unofficial vote count from the election as allegations of cheating and voting irregularities are increasing the preliminary results show. a pro-military party allied with the
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ruling one with just under eight and a half million votes however some parties rejected the figure sunday's election in thailand was the first fold since before the military ceased power five years ago you're up to date with the headlines coming up next on al-jazeera it's fourteen up to south africa to stay with this. south africa nine hundred ninety nine traveling across the country to meet fourteen year old. about their lives.
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in one thousand nine hundred two he visited them when they were seven. the. project was in its death throes and it was virtual civil war in the run up to the first free election. in one thousand nine hundred two vellum lived in the north and transfer all part of a very conservative community. continue to spoil. the good you know sister. ms clinton but it. school. and school. so does not use the photos the next.
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say it's a good deal of cerny sure why bother with me in it when. i think that if you see. this in my. life oh my it's a clue sneak around to al gadhafi for about stormy's would do it skewed toward me simonton me visit offical to follow up on their number vent quickly did not appear to have. if you think. when we met longer age seven he lived in durban and went to a school which had formerly been for whites only and he was one of just a few back children. there.
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he see if you all black and you're married to a white place he'll call on. you let you lost girl wish roots. or she's a wife she'd like to live like people you see as good but why does she do what you want to do. if i did that. i wonder where the black challenge like you and me and the stand alone which i speak when i met home that's. so do you think that i think she was she would be the one. who tells you wish was as cool as i know english that's so you think you end up marrying a white person who may be. but you know i think. that that. that was there is no fixed. doctor would.
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be a bit. of a slim chance. but we will be watching sinlessness no steven spielberg's example and we saw terms of normalizing our society and the fact that we have a legacy of white privilege to get around the. left and it's time to take its course some of the black people in parliament are least trying to push push the system a too far lou trying to process laws that they have to me like i said among the black people and the right beside in this one which i think the rock. i think they should play for the national team if the goodness if they're not in the state from the. mekon. force they'll step in because they'll do that in the knesset
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up you know start a living. hell beginning no. i think it's just a little going to happen. when we met resistance at age seven they were both at a school for black children on. the test test. but c.s.s. a second mission you're a sponge hot sheet he actually did that so much nine more when you shot with longest long says slack a single doctor said. me and the next and it's a lot of this is really i mean i. could buy any funds for this you need maybe from later on by the middle of a nasty. look believe me. a little slumdog last year.


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