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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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nineteen sixty seven term president reza lim as the capital based on the two state solution and the arab peace initiative and the lows lucian's of the international legitimacy. when it comes to drizzle and and when it comes to the christian and muslim shrines there in journalism and the violations against our muslim and close friends and tourism we need to make sure that based on that hashem a jordan responsibility i'd like to say and confirm that jordan will continue its historical role in protecting and defending these trying at it from here to stress our support. to. that helps the palestinian refugees in order to continue its main
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services to millions of refugees in the region and. to it's quite important to stress that. of examining the positive developments in iraq and the success in forming the government and we. look forward to working. very hard with our brothers in iraq to translate our mutual relations into chances and the programs on the ground and i gazed on. duty our duty to support our brothers in iraq. and maintain and preserve the victories and to continue the development path for iraq to restore its important role in the arab world and three syria when it comes to syria we
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have stressed says the start of the crisis firm support that. no way in syria other than a political solution to give them segments of the country the unity of the people and to pave the way for safe in terms of the displaced people to their country as the syrian displaced people have been holstered by golden half of the international community and we have our bread and water with us in this post people on a new do that until they or until they go back safe to their countries we need to stress that so people will sing contras that toast syrians is vital to enable these countries to continue the responsibilities towards the syrian displaced people. when it comes to the occupied golan heights.
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position is always saying that the golan heights are syrian all coupon lands according to the international legitimacy and they are all gents the brother and sisters our arab societies have been suffering from terrorism those people who are against everything on track to destroy our societies and to distort our identity and our islamic as an arab image islam is the religion of tolerance is is their religion of mercy islam is their religion their is a game is to killing and this is what happened to dash but threat is still there and we need to face and confront this dark thought that will hit us i don't need to work against them on all domains and all feeds your
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majesty is your highness's rexton says dear old gents the guests. the experience the different the last. few years prove the challenges. over there they cross the border no country in the vigilant you can be able to defend its interests and to confront the foreign intervention and to enjoy its wealth without. brotherly and sisterly countries arab countries this must be a positive turning point in order to get joint vision and unified. vision in order to invest in the chances and to face the common challenge that can not be faced individually it must be paid collectively some piece of europe on you. to love what i care too
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much of. it. i that was a king of jordan king abdullah addressing their leaders of arab league summit which is underway in tunisia capital tunis presided by tenacious leader. a subsea who delivered his remarks just a while ago after the saudi king king solomon who is handing over the leadership the presidency of the arab leader to tunisia as we heard from the jordanian king the palestinian issue top of the agenda at this summit the jordanian king saying this is a front first priority for arab leaders it must be dealt with he said they can be no security no welfare in the region unless there is a palestinian state based on the one nine hundred sixty seven borders and the two state solution and speaking right now is the egyptian president abdel fattah el-sisi let's listen in. and emirs of the arab sisterly countries mr.
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secretary general of the arab league these are pouring you all the. luck at the very beginning to express my thanks. to present the sipsey to the government and people often easier for the great hospitality for hosting us for the appropriation and as for the thirtieth arab summit i'd like to express my sincere hope that this summit will be successful and this summit as you all know comes at a time where the arab nation is facing a lot of challenges and the crisis is here and there and everywhere and we need all to work hard to face these problems and some of the problem is that we inherit from the era where we were all working to liberate our countries during the
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forty's and the arab israeli conflict is part of this also and we all agree here that no solution to this. last just a comprehensive solution that will give the palestinian people their rights in its independent country and its rhythm as the capital and the golan heights must be returned back to syria in order to have the arab territories that are about to part territories liberated and to put an end to this part of this era that goes for seventy years and that has taken a lot of resources we need to work hard to rebuild this. part of the world and we have to work hard in order to complete the liberation of our alternative was also there are challenges during the last decade of the crisis that
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has been spread in more than one out of country from syria to lead yemen and other arab countries. to carry the rights of sectarianism and and rifts and terrorism he. that might be a threat to the sorted and national country of the solid national entity that will be hit to the arabs want to work and this is for the sake of interest of foreign powers that want to create rifts between us and to destruct us these challenges as leaders to our countries these challenges will lead us to be up to our responsibility of the decisions that we will take and will have at the size of impact not only on our presence but also on the future of the generations that might help us accounts and history also might
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help us accountable and we need to have a certain methodology and approach to take our countries in both willing to be a better future got forbidden to the other way we need to select properly and we need to be wise and we need to put their interests of the arab nation and the above all other end first your majesty's your highness's your excellence is the unfairness against the palestinian people will be a big point of shame on the international community and we need to face all the ways that aim at hitting the palestinian issue the arabs have chosen peace the arabs have peace initiative the arab have extended their hands towards achieving that beast still.
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is willing to achieve peace and to get all of the legitimate rights according to the international legitimacy and to get rid of the. ways that want to create thrifts in this regard and now we have to be fair enough to our region and to the world and we have to fair all kinds and shapes of responsibilities. of terrorism and all shapes and kinds of extremism and we need to put high on the agenda the ethics that we all know about how terrorism is the threat now to the national state of the national country in our region we have to work hard we need not to waste time we have to get the riot approach to fire terrorism according to the resolutions of the arab league and
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on top of this the decision to develop the arab organization to fire terrorism adopted in the last hour of some of. these these will never be successful with our movement to renew the religious discourse to reflect the real tolerance of our religion and away from any thoughts that again is completely against our religion or that and never never does violence your excellences your highness's your magisters the arab blood is shed in some other countries sometimes by arab hands and sometimes by militias and terrorist that out of law and i fully aided the regional powers. i think it is the right time to
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stop the arab share of blood and bloodshed it's the right time to solve these problems it's the right time to stop. hating our countries and hitting our resources. within egypt's president abdel fattah el-sisi speaking at the opening of the thirtieth summit in tunisia the palestinian issue top of the gender for this summit all the leaders surprise in their king abdullah of jordan egypt resident abdel fattah el-sisi the king of saudi arabia all those who have spoken so far have emphasized that the palestinian issue is a first priority for leaders in the region egypt's president saying there the unfairness against the palestinian people will be a big point of shame on the international community let's bring in iran contra is covering this summit for us in iran we've heard some strong language from all the
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leaders who've spoken so far on the issue of israel palestine what are we expecting the final communique to say on this. we're expecting the final communique to certainly take a look at three very key issues the fact that the u.s. recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel the communiques more than likely to say that they recognize occupied east jerusalem as being arab territory and the capital of any future palestinian state also they're going to be talking about the golan heights they going to keep their language that they've used for many years that the gun lights is occupied territory and they're also going to say that the palestinian issue needs to be resolved in these rallies and the palestinians need to come together however we have been hearing language like that in many arab summit over the last thirty years and still the israeli palestinian conflict still continues so there is skepticism from many people that you here who are reacting to
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all of this particular on social media saying we've heard all of this before but certainly given the fact that every single leader who has spoken so far has mentioned the palestine issue is key for this summit they'll have to come up with some sort of strong language whether that strong diplomatic or whether it's definitive we don't know that communique likely to be issued in the next five or six how's this going to be a closed door meeting they'll take place between all of the leaders and their representatives and then that final communique will be decided upon but it's very interesting. i'll see see hasn't mentioned in his speech the fact that the egyptian mediation is going on between us and israel right now we've been hearing from our correspondent in gaza about the israeli. gyptian that mediation sore between israel and hamas and there's a little hope in gaza itself that some sort of deal may will get done in the coming
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hours but it wasn't mentioned. and the other thing is iran with this summit and with the arab league itself i mean they may try to present a unified a united front at this summit but they are clearly divisions on a number of other issues among the leaders who are attending this summit. absolutely and chief among those is the. saudi story led blockade of cats all that's a big issue that's likely hopefully the kuwaiti will troy and mediate some sort of talks between various representatives of the u.a.e. saudi arabia and cats so it's one of those kind of side issues that the arab summit allows a space to be able to be discussed we're also taking a look at syria as well syria's very controversial everybody's talking about political solution to the conflict in syria but the syrians on here in the absolute
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to put their agenda forward and their points of view forward they've been suspended but their members has been suspended for the last eight years so there are a number of divisions of also saudi arabia's role in the war in yemen is a very controversial issue that's been discussed as well and libya as well so there is this arab summit is coming with the background of a number of divisions within the arab league itself also with a number of these crisis that they are oblique says all being discussed but whether there will be any decisions other than this communique which is simply a reiteration of the positions is unlikely thank you for that iran can live for us in tunis as we watched the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas speaking at the arab league summit the palestinian issue top of the agenda of this thirtieth arab league meeting with all the leaders there saying that this issue has to be resolved they can be no security in the region and less palestinians have rights and their states
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will continue to monitor developments in tunis and bring in all the latest lines when we have them meanwhile the two main border crossings into gaza are open again for the first time in six days israel lifted restrictions on sunday morning after a weekend of mass protests along the fence dividing gaza and israel for palestinian protesters were killed and two hundred forty others injured during the demonstrations mama june has more from gaza. the fact that the mobile salamon areas crossings have been reopened clearly an indication that those egyptian led mediation efforts between hamas other palestinian factions and israel are on a positive track there is a mood of cautious optimism in gaza just days ago people were concerned that gaza might be on the verge of an all out war once more with israel now things have really calmed down so much so that many in gaza believe there will be an
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announcement in the in the coming hours that a final deal has been reached many people expect that later in the day fishermen in gaza will once again be able to go back into the sea and resume fishing that they will be able to the coast of gaza and resume fishing among other things the situation here far less tense as i mentioned than it was just days ago and one of the reasons for that is because of what happened on saturday that was the first anniversary of the great march of return protests on saturday there were indeed flare ups but the situation remained far less chaotic than people had feared it might become so much so that in fact there was a remarkable statement issued by the spokesman for israel's army in which he actually praised how much for the restraint that was shown on saturday how mas islamic jihad and other groups actually had volunteers out at those protest site to try to defuse the situation and to try to ensure that demonstrators did not
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approach the fence with israel. in other news turkish president typewriter one has offered his condolences after two people were killed at a polling station in my province types of voting in local elections which are being seen as a major test of president on schooling are already voting is also under way in ukraine in the first round of the presidential election thirty nine candidates are in the running including the incumbent petro poroshenko and former prime minister yulia timoshenko but it's comedian wrote emir is a lenski who is leading in opinion polls. corruption candidates. has won slovakia's presidential election making her the country's first female leader the liberal lawyer who has no previous political experience beat the governing party candidate in a runoff vote. for europe and told supporters she saw her victory as a signal for change. i accept this result with great humbleness and sense of great
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responsibility i think all of you for being here with me and i promise you that i will be with you let's look for things that connect us let's place to work for a better slovakia all the fights fought for personal gains let's invite other people in pursuit of ideas and values that connected us through the election. and saudi arabia is being accused of hacking the phone of jeff bezos the owner of the shopping website amazon and the washington post bezos hired private investigators after his phone messages were nice to the national enquirer news paper his detectives said he was targeted by the saudis as they prodded the killing of washington post journalist. saudi misses a previously denied any link to the national enquirer is reporting those are the headlines on al-jazeera plenty more coming up at the top of the hour including the latest from the arab league summit to stay with us.
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and i mean you know. they did a good thing you will that it was never the. issue of the way we get a little bit you know of the summer. but to me out there was never a man of my nose. would sadden me i'm one of those and it was never.
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welcome oh. whoa whoa whoa she was going to hold the deal with him also that the. issue must. yes you. know what the law. i'll be like was the king. i'm gonna love him and. you know it's and i'm. going now what's going to come. i'm just telling him i thought that i was put special so i thought oh no honey show put him shining like an ocean in my. hawking place. and. i said i'm
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a little. bit. silly it's me i've been working in the field of human rights here in israel palestine for about twenty three years it can be in the courts it can be civil disobedience and. it can be accompanying farmers or shepherds to protect them from settlers. the settlers are a very very group some of them are not violent at all although they often nevertheless turn a blind eye when others are being violent. but some of them are more violence and some of them are very violent the most violent perhaps are the so-called hilltop youth.
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you missed out on when second act with local how the second at an. end but he leapt at the idea. i didn't hold could have been out the. minority in michigan no i didn't i mean a j h o mina short thought moore middleton and i wish i could show the series into three one a bitch of a job i'm not psychic you know government commerce and kind of government almost see it. when more see it sent it out and been romani able then ko-ko with about it i'm. definitely such a god human terms that. i mean today we have a very right wing government which supports the settlers doesn't matter to them whether the israelis are acting legally or illegally peacefully or violently.
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the people that live out here. more that's the same population that attacked us very violently in april. two thousand and seventeen. the hilltop youth are young nero do wells who kind of drop out of every system they see themselves as being extremely religious so that the messiah will come and we god's kingdom here but they don't even respect the rabbis of the settlements who they are is a natural outgrowth of what we've created here. most of the other settlers and the police and the army they are. this own they all reject they all criticize the hilltop youth and it's very in some ways comfortable for them to say well we're not them but they maybe we're becoming.
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the. shadows. when amish you know you have a when you must loss. when they're on offense going to give up when he was there but then i think or show the other day. in the essay. and he doing the glow of the office a thing with asean the whole thing and i think i'm thinking that a. little i mustn't put him there and my name there and i think if well but i'm going to show they're going to show you have been assured us i would i mean that's what they think we are going to thing we give up as a way not separate ok and as a. sikh within among us for this offense and if i give up.
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is shaming him going by vain and fighting about it but i'm with him so i don't put him in office though them what's actually name was say all of us are saying. and name calling the a lot because they're very. odd is a ition dinged a really kind of a and with the novel that the people who support some of these terrible actions can go to the bible they can go to the thomas they can find support for their their values as well. but what these people have done is they've elevated. about any other value the land of israel. killing is not always forbidding the going to jewish tradition murder is and how do you draw that line
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but of course. it is murder when you throw a fire bomb into someone's home. she met.
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the week of the omanis well i think some of you who. is seventeen of them but i don't know them well i there is nothing to fear no you. will a lot of them and. a senator that the deadline the thing that i think did it can feel even bit more do that will come over to the inside and with a bit i'm going to look i'm going to get on with. the i did because i've been done. with it is that i'm not in the truth they only. just know dude and if you do not ken you. can side to the business. and then there's some in the state with walker and then this if.
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you don't. know. the name. then. can the pub do what i can and there you are as you know my who most often mean no shift you know at the him or the gullible chef and any. i don't. know how i got out i don't know.
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who made the call of the many fish about him a lot of them up first and then the. name of the vessel is he a lot lower how. long . they didn't really do. the fare from home and we're going live at the pool in the middle of the home. of a show. or movie opening who are literally in the home of the home of the. i was typical american in the eighty's that i have at the sea
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a rabbi kahane came to our campus and he made me think that the something else i could do in my life other than just go to work and make money in something else that was a single fellow at twenty seven years old and now i'm with eight children and with meaning in my life and i'm sure if i stayed america i would not have this kind of life rather god saw the problem and he that the for the problem and he had to give an answer the answer for him was to expel the arabs from israel. to two thousand years of living under the gentiles we said thank you but no thanks we've come back to a country so now we've come back and we have a people inside us who want it who can turn it into palestine through the market see with little babies and not bullets and who can protest that it's democracy so there's a big contradiction between democracy and zionism because zionism says it's going to be a jewish state no matter what. so and so you'd go out and do something against an arab i can't say it's wrong i can't i can't blame them so if my girls went out and
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did something like that. i'm not going to condemn them there i taught them that they should self-sacrifice for the people and for their country so that they doing it and i'm proud of it. i wanted it to happen to me. and she went on she's not running my name. and she home vikki from. that it's me find me you see my. emails to make any money on top of it don't want me don't it don't mean not because they don't come to someone. in the end money made them into fine feelings and stuff to get out of the money at
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southdown. any mission it only showed me how much i mean hamas. and the toughness i'm now long moment in that they can bend it is that shalt not kill you shall not kill the other hand it says and in the talmud if one comes to slay you slay him first so it's not like you never kill you don't kill if you go these are the kill but if one comes against you it's a it's a commandment to kill him first and now we have a plan we have an enemy and we have to get back to being the original jew of the bible like david was that knows when to kill and when not to kill. my daughter riley got married the one who made the sure he was one of the fellows from doing so at the wedding there was
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a lot of what they call hilltop you know because my son was with the help of youth friends of the guy and introduced him he's the guy who was a suspect so we had a lot of filter pieces in the middle of the wedding and some built up kids it took a sign i happen to be one of the babies that would bring. it. to. cut i don't cry for. i don't cry to for what happened recently.
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well look at your mother a lot of the visitors will fit in the last of the head at the moment only you know for the only source of income for us as william who we have a movie seeking has been kind of the minority in this belief and i have been. a plumber lucky unlimited thousand member again and i really i have had in good call my high in that and. i mean i mean almost given them before well in the east but the novel. i think. you.
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know can open for any. can get me in it i mean i get the more i thought decision whether. this horn and the lead domino means any humans on one. level of pain all of that even even though many hundreds. of them call in a palestinian youth convicting of throwing stones. can get a longer sentence than israeli convicted of. murdering about. she just might have been doing. just that for them by him now you know standing on me let me play like that and i guess it doesn't have a w d m thing. and the shit they are fresh is you know i have a big don't make not to lose
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a long time friend is. your name i think king of the woman on a pile of money when i'm high in the theme my fault i'm game. i'm out of the employ of the norm now to say i wish we knew how close. we live. according to my question and it's of a question i have lots of around us i work in wrestler thought i'm so chill not. as . generation i lost five matches a high last of them so long a c'mon boys mascaras there thing was much more than i did then the more benefit i initiate of the now i know this is i think of it as issue the issue i am this on
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the ship it is shooting shoot this stuff never leave them must look mushroom until the they also know they live in those issues you know you. because i'm not in i'm sure who's not going to gloat and i'm sure at least for good to go i mean for them the shot of a lamb she hoped let me know with the harsh venom she hollered. all . this. week. old simple man who was legitimately i was one of the folks there that i did more. as over when it come up the only way i could. severely disadvantaged children a spouse is up to three and if it's such any ship with. them like any watch of
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thomas lives i'm ok one problem is holding hostages out. i thought of those as those awful on the emotion of the not the mushy go at the mushroom again moment that an image is not good as a fellow the other mccarthy said democrat yeah you know i have got a clue that this is the motional good. guess they've done with the thought of the. dove and it is doing is going to last through do them both on the end of it and i see no listing indicated when if she doesn't wish it was then she must have ended up with a nuclear embedded in the consciousness of the jewish people is two thousand years of oppression for two thousand years. we crave power. we crave to return to our homeland. we prayed day after day to
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return to our homeland and finally we got what we asked for. the torah is telling us. someday you're going to have a state. and is warning us you must be different and other than to go there because of a. psychologist tell us that if you are beaten as a child you are more likely to beat your own children i don't know there's been anybody in history that's been beaten as much as the jewish people so it is nothing for us to repeat others what was done to us but the torah according to her is saying no you have to define human nature to be different it's not easy. perhaps we have to have understanding how difficult that is but as a rabbi that's right i think our task is. that you. know. these people can
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be extremely violent and of course the palestinians are alone it's even worse. we don't recognize international law as apply in the occupied territories so these people are protected they neither have the protections of being part of the democracy that makes the decisions here nor do they have the protection of international law designed to protect an occupied people and they are therefore totally dependent on arbonne if essence and our goodwill and our sense of morals. the very existence of settlements is a violation of the individual and collective rights of some on the collective the
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palestinian one and therefore it is violent. the more extreme you are the more violent you are we know that the more nationalistic extreme you are all the more militia like you become this is one level the other level is the reason a deep not so hidden quite overt philosophical trend within religious mysie on exeunt ism that promotes violence. israel is not a normal country with the only country in the west who has a permanent conflict with its region a permanent conflict with the western democracy and a permanent conflict from within and in situations like this that the political system fails people outside of the political system the off broadway of
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politics becomes more extreme an activist in trying to force the system. so all of the sudden every idiot at the top of the here thanks a flag. stick it down and all of the sudden that's a no border of the country so you do not have a governmental top down strategy you have huge kids bottom up tactics and documentation of all of the tactics becomes of fortunately the national strategy so that insignificant in numbers the insignificant ideologically the insignificant even as a crime gang that a very significant by dictating the government a defacto policy which is rolled. under
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the many. newcomers in the sanctions has not come up come up and i mean this is something. it's not. going to end until in the commission again look at what the have only. become of miss anything just. insane one.
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here in this to me. a three year investigation into the pro-gun lobby i've been in florida has moved into a lot of really. reveal secrets the one best city out there i mean people out they get a map and connections some don't want exposed many in legacy media love the last shoot. mess with my al-jazeera investigations how to sell
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a massacre on al-jazeera. zero. zero zero am fully back to go this is the news hour live from our headquarters in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a test of strength for turkey's president type at zero on the local elections set to give a sign of his national standing. every new push for a palestinian state by leaders at the arab league summit says israel reopened two
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main crossings into gaza also this hour ukraine's president hopes to retain power in sunday's election by fighting off the challenges of a former prime minister and a comedian. and i'm we're hard in here with all of your sport there's no fourth match play title for tiger this year as woods is knocked out of the w g c event and . thank you for joining as the first polls are closing in turkey's local elections that are being seen as a major test for president type add on and his ruling ak party these are live pictures from diyarbakir the mainly kurdish region the ak party has dominated turkish politics for nearly two decades but an economic recession has led to rising food prices and high unemployment and that could see the party lose control of mejor seats in the capital ankara and other big cities like istanbul. who
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has our report from istanbul. for the first time in turkey's political history reject a pair john the president holds local election rallies across the country the president's campaigning is an indication of how important these elections are to him and his party they are seen by many as a popularity test after that party's seventeen years at the helm and it's a state of economy that is presenting president add ons biggest challenge and could turn motors away from him. because the ruling party believes they can win by polarization and avoiding real problems but taking it survival to the country's future may risk the president's credibility of the ruling party currently governs forty nine out of eighty one provincial municipalities the party formed people's alliance with the nationalist movement party in the last two elections and nominated joined candidates then the girl they complain about high food prices so
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what if there are no onions in my cooking what i can't live without is our flag our country or the sound of the call to prayer turkey's main opposition party c.h.p. and the conservative good party have united under the nation's alliance umbrella the people's alliance divides there are those who have them and those against the even call upon man's terrorist m i n n i kissed if i don't support your pro kurdish party h d p currently is the third largest faction in parliament it has in the field of candidates and assemble on caret and is mic instead is concentrating its efforts in the stronghold in the southeast of the country and it supports the opposition candidates in the west i believe kurdish votes in big cities like istanbul anchor on is near have the potential to be a game changer however with still follow what the popular trend is. the people's alliance how waged a severe campaign by accusing candidates of having links to the people making
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kurdish fighters group which truth can its western allies consider a terrorist organization prisons are dons acquired is facing perhaps the greatest challenge in seventeen years the economy the continuing recession threatens the support base especially in big cities like a stumble and uncle sam is local elections will real the president's standing among fifty seven million turks eligible to vote. else's era stumble live now to a child who's also in istanbul for his jamal the polls have started to close in some areas all eyes of course on what happens in istanbul and ankara. indeed i mean istanbul is probably more in foursomes in the sense that it is the most cosmopolitan city in key usually whoever holds on or maintains power and if somebody has a good reflection as to their ability to hold on to their country that really the
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rates in istanbul may be a little bit closer than what's the act part you would have liked however there are two concerns in sums of being able to maintain their grip over here what's more interesting is the capital ankara even though it is the capital usually more important than other countries here it's more ceremonial in the sense that it is an administrative capital so even if they where it's your news anchor it's important to know that the ak party for large parts of their governing of chalky over the past seventeen years didn't actually have the mayorship so they only really wanted to in the last local elections five years ago prior to that it was under the c.h.p. and therefore that is something just to bear in mind obviously i said i mentioned in the report there are real concerns here in terms of the strong down of the economy and of. other issues the pew vultures are aren't too happy about with the way in which the government has been operating but the act party will say that it
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has been able to not only maintain stability over the past seventeen years that it's been around but also has grown the economy and other things but the feeling amongst many of the vultures is that there needs to be some sort of a change that cycle has found itself in iraq and that unless some sort of a wake up call at least is given. continues. accomplishes slumber that has. brought the markets you know to true to a whole. we lost you there for a second but hopefully you're back on with us let's talk about the political party alliances that we've seen on both sides and this move by the opposition to come together a rare move this strategy by opposition parties who don't necessarily usually support each other will that change the outcome you think. well actually it's not it's not that rare for they had done it before if you remember the presidential elections not the last ones the ones before where you had
9:55 pm
all of the different political parties rally around committed in a small group who was the former chair we've seen it in some other instances as well when it has been like popular referendums and so forth and actually a lot of independent observers would say probably do this strong one of the strongest points of the party is the weakness of the opposition the fact that there isn't one single opposition party that has been able to produce a charismatic figure like the one somebody who is politically astute as he is unable to connect with the people will and so forth their inability to find somebody who can come but in terms of his persona in terms of his votes or attraction not what's makes them have to come together that's as you say even though they don't agree on many things what they agree on is that they're trying to get rid of. the party and that's what brings them together and that may be some sort of negative electioneering so far in the previous elections that sarkozy electorate has rejected that some probably in these elections it won't be enough in
9:56 pm
order to sway voters away from the party probably the our party's popularity may reduce likely in terms of the voter turnout in terms of the results that will come out however they would still be according to all polls that have been conducted are still expected to be the largest party who will win the most amount of seats in the councils and the mayor of ships even if they were to lose one or two here and there thank you for that live for us in istanbul of course we'll be speaking to you throughout the day and evening in zero one said the results of those local elections start to trickle in thank you jim out at center of the world news now and the two main border crossings into gaza are open again for the first time in six days is valid restrictions on sunday morning after a weekend of massive protests along the fence dividing gaza and israel for palestinian protesters were killed and two hundred forty others injured. during the demonstrations joan is in gaza for us joins us now live on the news hour mohammad they'd been concerns that saturday's demonstrations would escalate tensions tell us
9:57 pm
first about the mood in gaza today after yesterday's protests. fully it's quite calm here today and there is a mood of cautious optimism and as you mentioned one of the big reasons for that is because the first anniversary of the great march of return protests which happened yesterday and which we attended they were not nearly as chaotic as some people feared they would be one of the reasons for that was because there were volunteers at the site along the border along gaza's border with israel that kept demonstrators from running toward the fence from getting too close which was which had been one of israel's demands going into the weekend something that they really wanted to see now there were flare ups throughout the day yesterday as you mentioned there were protesters who were killed as well and there were hundreds were wounded but the day wasn't nearly as bloody or violent as some had feared it
9:58 pm
might be and in fact there was an extraordinary statement that came out several hours ago from the spokesman of israel's army in which he actually praised how must for showing restraint yesterday yesterday you had volunteers from hamas and islamic jihad who were there who were really trying to deescalate the situation at a time when people were really afraid it might get explosive folly they've been many reports in recent days of a deal between hamas and israel being in the works a deal negotiated brokered by egypt we were hoping that the egyptian president at the arab league summit would mention that but he didn't what more are you hearing about this deal and what would it mean for the people of gaza. i can tell you fully that right now there is a sense of anticipation here in gaza that there will be a deal reached and announced in the coming hours but it is still complicated what
9:59 pm
we know so far is that this egyptian delegation that's been mediating that they have left gaza today they are in tel aviv we are told they have taken how masses demands and they are presenting them to israeli officials now and a lot will depend on what the response from the israelis will be when we've spoken to hamas officials the last few days they've been noncommittal about the status of the negotiations a lot of outlets associated affiliated with hamas here have said that things are looking good and they expect a deal will be reached how much hasn't been hasn't been a certain when they respond to these questions but they have said that the ball is in israel's court that they are at a crossroads they have said that they believe a deal can be reached but that they want to see some type of timetable that israeli officials will add here to if this tentative deal is actually reached ali thank you very much for that reporting there live from gaza. well our leaders say stability
10:00 pm
in the middle east hinges on the creation of a palestinian state they have been attending the thirtieth arab league summit intonations capital tunis the summit is being held against a backdrop of division war and unrest across the region with conflicts in yemen syria and libya also on the agenda tenacious president. has called upon arab leaders to send a message on the importance of establishing a palestinian state one of these. will reiterate how attitude that this arab land is occupied land in palestine with the rich ignition of the international community we need to consecrate the policy and we are against the violation of the land therefore we need to do everything we can to put into the occupation and reach peace and stability a regional and.


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